Other Game

Grouse / Partridge season - September 15 to December 31.

Duck season - Sept. 18/2021 to Jan. next year.
beginning the third Saturday of September for a period of 106 days

Canada Geese season - September 1 to December 16.

Mourning Doves season - September 1 to November 30.

Migratory Game Bird Hunting Permit

Permis de chasse aux oiseaux migrateurs considérés comme gibier

Migratory Birds Regulations

Règlement sur les oiseaux migrateurs

Migratory Birds Hunting Regulations

Règlement de chasse aux oiseaux migrateurs

Hunting regulations summary for migratory birds

Abrégé du Règlement de chasse aux oiseaux migrateurs

Hare / Rabbit season - September 15 to March 31 next year.

Deer season - October 1 to December 31.

Coyote, Bush Wolf & Red Fox season - all year.
In WMA 64A to hunt Coyote you only need a Small Game licence.

While you are here, on the day/s you have booked your hunt,
try your luck at Coyote hunting at NO additional cost.

To transport a fur bearing animal (or any part)
out of Ontario, you will need an export permit.

These can be purchased at a local Service Ontario office

or other designated retailers like Canadian Tire Proshop.

You will be hunting in Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) 64A.

MNRF Hunting Regulations Summary

Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) Hunting
English - 1800-667-1940

WMU 64A  Kemptville office -  1613-258-8204

MRNF Résumé des règlements de la chasse

Ministère des Richesses naturelles et des Forêtss (MRNF) La chasse
Français - 1800-667-1840

A Non-Resident Hunting Outdoors card is required.

License and tags are the responsibility of the hunter
and must be paid for prior to the hunt.

Hunting licence fees for non-residents of Ontario

Please contact us with your questions.

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(We've gotten many rejections).

You will find us to be honest and easy to work with.

A unique experience you will return to,
for those life-time memories.

Our clients become our friends as
we look forward to next year's adventures!

Until then, good luck and good hunting!

Thanks to our clients from
Michigan, Pennsylvania, Vermont, New York,
Wisconsin, Connecticut, Florida, Quebec and locals.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Hunting Disclaimer

As you are participating in a dangerous and
lethal sport, the participants waive all rights to
remuneration for any injuries, losses or
damage to themselves or thier property while
(or participating in this dangerous activity) on our lands.

We will not be held liable for personal injuries
or damage to belongings and/or vehicles under any circumstances.