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** Recommendation **
Hang anything you intend to hunt with outside
for at least one day to dissipate unwanted scents

* Pre-register your guns with both Canadian & US customs.

* Hunting license valid in your State or Province & tags

* Gun & shells / Bow & Bolts
* Archery or Shotgun only, 10 or 12 gauge ammunition

Bring what you think you will need.

* One pair each of comfortable
water proof hiking boots, rubber boots,
light shoes / boots for around camp

* Camouflage Gear
* Rain gear
* Gloves (2 pairs)
* Coat & pants (wool or similar quiet material)
* Cap & Face masks
* Calling Device

* Sleeping bag
* Towel, Face cloth & Soap
* Pots/pans, etc
* Several pairs of socks
* Long johns (insulated underwear)
(light weight for Spring or early Fall)

* Compass - GPS
* Day pack
* Flashlight
* Chapstick & Insect repellent
* Lighte or Waterproof matches
* Camp Stool / chair
* Binoculars & Extra eye glasses
* FRS Radio or Cell phone
* Camera, Batteries & Film or Memory card
* Personal gear (Drinks, snacks, etc.)

* Meat bags

*Small Generator (for electricity if wanted)
*20 lb BBQ propane (refill to operate the Fridge & Stove)

* ATV (not a necessity but nice to have)

We are only 11 miles (18 km) from town
- food, gas, Wal-Mart etc.

Thank you for visiting our website and
looking forward to hearing from you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Hunting Disclaimer

As you are participating in a dangerous and
lethal sport, the participants waive all rights to
remuneration for any injuries, losses or
damage to themselves or thier property while
(or participating in this dangerous activity) on our lands.

We will not be held liable for personal injuries
or damage to belongings and/or vehicles under any circumstances.