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Alberta Métis Settlements


All pages are presumed correct; however, they are not necessarily complete

NOTE: where the word "Half-breed" is used in this site/documents

it is the term used at the time by government

 officials or members of the MAA, including J.F.Dion



  2. The Alberta Métis Letters - book - released Feb. 14, 2008



  1. Introduction: What are the Settlements

  2. Timeline

  3. Commentary

  4. Micro events, archive-based

  5. Student: secondary curriculum, post-secondary social science
  6. Student research: opinion, documents, newspaper, etc.

  7. Individuals and related organizations

  8. Government relations including hunting, trapping and fishing

  9. Court cases and legislation

  10. Orders- in-Council
  11. The Settlements

  12. Presidents and Councilors 

  13. Supporting media

  14. Ombudsman

  15. Settlements Appeal Tribunal

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