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Alberta Métis Settlements



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Courts, land, claims, legislation and rights

  1. Dominion Lands Act (1879 42 Victoria, C.31)

  2. Manitoba Act (1870 33 Victoria, C.3)

  3. Natural Resources Transfer Agreement (1930)

  4. Constitution Act (1982)

  5. Métis Population Betterment Act C6 Nov. 22 1938

  6. Métis Population Betterment Act C329, RSA 1942

  7. Métis Settlements Accord Implementation Act, RSA 2000 cM-15   

  8. The Constitution of Alberta Amendment Act 1990

  9. Métis Settlements Land Protection Act. RSA 2000 cM-16

  10. Métis Settlements Act, RSA 2000 cM-14

    • April 2004  proposed amendments: full text  Bill 30 

    • Some amendments noted in rewritten legislation on Alberta Queen's Printer site - but, according to one source, have not received royal proclamation as of Feb. 2005



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