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Alberta Mtis Settlements



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The 12 Alberta Mtis Settlements

Peavine (Big Prairie)

Buffalo Lake (Caslan/Goodfish Lake/Beaver River

Cold Lake (rescinded 1956

East Prairie 

Elizabeth (Dion supervisor 1939; Brady supervisor 1943)

Fishing Lake 

Gift Lake (Utikuma Lake) ; 

Kikino (Goodfish Lake/Beaver River

Marlboro (rescinded 1941)

Paddle Prairie (Keg River

Touchwood Lake/Siebert (rescinded 1940

Wolf Lake (rescinded 1960 by OC 192/60)(Supervisor Jim Brady 1941-42 suggests "having the area closed out"  Feb 2, 1942 letter to Tomkins Glenbow: Brady Fonds)

(Sources of names: Metis Land Rights in Alberta, 1981:189; Alberta Orders-in-Council, 1938-39; Alberta Bureau of Public Welfare: FB-SF #614 pages 20-30 dated 31/1/41 and 3/2/41)

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