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Alberta Métis Settlements



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A Form of Aboriginal Local Government


Alberta Grade 12 Social Studies



Get to know the Settlements and their ways of operating.


This page is intended to help you learn about the structure and processes of this unique Alberta form of local government. It is also intended to help you analyse and critique those elements.  The Settlements are, in fact, unique in Canada. 

  1. Considerations as you read through these pages

    Consider territorial isolation as it relates to the Settlements.

    Economic, educational and general welfare: are these still issues for people on the Settlements?

    Consider the governance structure of the Settlements.

    Is Settlements' governance like other local governance in Alberta?

    Could the Settlements operate without specific legislation?

    Consider the financial relationships between the Settlements and government.

    Consider the  policy and legislative relationships.

    Consider Métis identity both individual and collective in the context of the Alberta Settlements.

  2. Watch ACCESS video: "the Métis Settlements" (Future link)

  3. Read about the basics of the Settlements: Introduction - what are the Settlements

  4. See the 1.28 million acres - MAP of Alberta and the Settlements

  5. Read about The Métis Settlements Act and the Relationship between the Settlements and the Alberta Government: The Act. Paper discussion

  6. Follow a timeline that describes the historical development of the Settlements: timeline 1763 to 2005

  7. Watch a video of a hand game

  8. Hear an interview with and Read about Thelma Chalifoux - a member of the Métis Nation of Alberta Association and former Senator (Canada)

  9. Hear a presentation by a former chief policy advisor with Alberta Aboriginal Affairs - topic aboriginal relations and self-government with the Alberta Government

  10. Learn about Métis aboriginal rights: read about aboriginal rights issues for the Métis in Alberta.

  11. Read about hunting, fishing and trapping rights:  the Powley Case and the resulting Interim Harvesting Agreement between Alberta and the Settlements General Council. 

  12. View some of the early personalities involved in the development of the Settlements: organizations and individuals

  13. Read about the structure of the Settlements local form of Government

  14. What is an ethnic government?

  15. Are the Settlements a local form of government?

  16. Explore international forms of ethnic and aboriginal government

  17. Topics to explore. Essay topics and what others have written: go to this page.

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