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Alberta Métis Settlements



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  1. Commentaries:

  2. Background documents:

  3. Key Individuals:

  4. Agreements:

  5. Legislation:

  6. Court:

  7. Decisions:

  8. Orders-in-Council and Resolutions of the Legislature:

  9. Interviews:  Thelma Chalifoux

  10. Reports and Commissions:

  11. Considerations as you read through these pages

    Consider territorial isolation as it relates to the Settlements.

    Economic, educational and general welfare: are these still issues for people on the Settlements?

    Consider the governance structure of the Settlements.

    Is Settlements' governance like other local governance in Alberta?

    Could the Settlements operate without specific legislation?

    Consider the financial relationships between the Settlements and government.

    Consider the  policy and legislative relationships.

    Consider Métis identity both individual and collective in the context of the Alberta Settlements.

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