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...Last updated September 2019.

1. Taylor's Polynomials

This was a web serial that I both wrote and illustrated. It was based on the personification of mathematical equations, including characters like Lyn(ear), Para(bola), (Square) Root and so forth. It began in July 2011, updating twice weekly (Wednesdays and Sundays), and included song parodies and the occasional video. In January 2014 I cut back to only Sunday updates, and it ended in May 2014 (with Series 6), in large part because despite me constantly shouting about it for 3 years - and even doing a complete deconstruction for people back in September 2013 - it was only getting about 30 hits per update. I decided I needed a break, and shifted focus to other writing efforts. Then it came back as a webcomic, still at that above link with this expanded cast, and ran until the birth of my daughter in June 2018.

2. Anime Fanfiction

We all start with fanfic, right? A lot of mine was Sailor Moon related, as I was able to write more in the late 90s, when it was first popular. (Now with "Sailor Moon Crystal", here we go again?) A lot of my fanfic is also in multiple parts, though I also submitted shorter works to the Anime North Fanfiction Contest, eventually winning and then becoming a judge myself (in 2005). I also judged the AC-Cubed contest (in Ottawa) in 2006 and 2007. Not everything is online; send me email, let me know if there is something you would like to see.

3. Fanfiction Parody Mashups

Because comedy deserves it's own category.

4. Original Fiction

I have produced some original works, Time Trippers being the one I am most proud of (see below). Here is a rundown of my main projects; a few shorter entries are online:

5. 18A-Rated Fiction

Oops, yes, been there. Not for violence, merely short tales involving (not very explicit) implied or direct sexual content. The only particularly noteworthy (read: completed) items seem to involve yuri, yet I feel compelled to mention Cherry's Jubilee, a story whose genesis was a doodle in 2001. Featuring Cherry Blossom, Glen Forest, Berri Patches and Peaches N. Creme, it continues to resurface in my mind - primarily due to Peaches - whenever I'm in the mood to write this sort of thing. Even spawning the adventures of Nectarine and Chorizo as a sequel. At any rate, here's the short list, you'll need to email me if you want the texts. And I'll need to know who you are to respond.

6. Creativity Subsection

This section is for published items and other miscellaneous.

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