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Flight from the Dark
Fire on the Water
The Caverns of Kalte
The Chasm of Doom
Shadow on the Sand
The Kingdoms of Terror
Castle Death
The Jungle of Horrors
The Cauldron of Fear
The Dungeons of Torgar
The Prisoners of Time
The Masters of Darkness
The Plague Lords of Ruel
The Captives of Kaag
The Darke Crusade
The Legacy of Vashna
The Deathlord of Ixia
Dawn of the Dragons
Wolf's Bane
The Curse of Naar
Lone Wolf ordered the construction of the Vault of the Sun once he had recovered the seven Lorestones of Nyxator and the Darklords had been vanquished from the face of Magnamund. The Vault is a magnificent room of granite and gold 100 feet below the Tower of the Sun at the Kai Monastery. Here, surrounded by the Lorestones, Lone Wolf studies and pursues the wisdom of Kai.

In this section of the Monastery, you will discover details of the various adventures of the Kai Supreme Master. However, before you follow all the links on this page, I warn you, some may contain information that you would rather learn by reading the books yourself. This kind of information is often called "spoilers" since it tends to spoil the experience for those who have yet to see the show / watch the movie / read the book. I urge you to use discretion; the world of Magnamund and Lone Wolf was meant to be discovered, not revealed. Hopefully soon, anyone will be able to read the adventures of the last of the Kai Lords through The Aon Project.

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