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Magnamund Trivia with Rumbold

Once upon a time, Lone Wolf invited Rumbold the Sage, a colleague of Gwynian of Varetta, to be the Monastery Librarian. Rumbold eagerly accepted and soon arrived to tend to the Monastery's extensive book collection.

However, as frequent visitors to the Monastery know, Rumbold's penchant for trivia about the travels of the last of the Kai Lords far exceeds his interest in the volumes stacked on the library's shelves. Despite the silent austerity of the parchment and paper surroundings, Rumbold could often be heard chattering to a visitor, challenging them to answer some small query about Lone Wolf's adventures. This intellectual sport was Rumbold's favorite amusement and he chuckled quietly as he listened to answers, which he hoped were wrong. When the correct answer was given he was always a little sour, but he always returned with a new conundrum.

Always, that is, until Lone Wolf caught drift of what was really happening in the Monastery Library. Because of Rumbold's neglect of his duties, Lone Wolf released him as librarian. However, the Supreme Master realizes the sage's conundrums amused the other residents and guests of the Monastery. So he has collected a record of Rumbold's queries that will remain posted in the Library until further notice.

NOTE: To read the answers to the questions, use your mouse to swipe the space after the word "Answer". The answer text is white and so is invisible against the white background, but will appear when selected.

What is the special purpose for which the Lencians build ice-boats, and where are they used? Answer: Jason Valasek replied correctly that the Lencian's build ice-boats to withstand the pack ice around the Ixian coastline and thereby successfully navigate the Tozaz sea.
Where in Magnamund can one find "a pyramid of jet-black stone which rises to a needle-sharp peak more than ten thousand feet above the streets of the city"? Answer: Andrew Drummer answered "Kaag", to question 45. Indeed, Lone Wolf visited this Darkland city-fortress to rescue his old friend Banedon, and that's when he saw the jet black pyramid.
What shape is the harbour in the Stornland city of Rhem? Answer: Frederic Collard was quick, and knew that Rhem, the city with twin towers on its cathedral, has a harbour shaped like a "fer a cheval," or horseshoe in English.
Which Stornland city has a cathedral with two towers? Answer: Timothy Picou answered that Rhem is the Stornland city which has a cathedral with two towers. Many people thought is was Tekaro, but as Lone Wolf observes while sailing the river Storn in book 6, and again when he returns to Rhem in book 18, the slender twin towers of the city's cathedral overshadow the quay.
For whom is "minding other people's business" what they do best? Answer: Luke Goaman-Dodson made his first appearance in the answer list by knowing that minding other people's business in what Alyss does best.
What is known in Sommerlund as "Sleeptooth"? Answer: Rob Hastings was first among many who knew that Gallowbrush is the name for a thorny briar commonly known in Sommerlund as "Sleeptooth", for it's sleep inducing properties. Jean-François Besner gets an honourable mention for giving us the French translation for Gallowbrush: Brosse à Potence.
President Kadharian rules which Stornland nation? Answer: Lars Jamtnas, along with a few others, knew that President Kadharian rules the nation of Magador. Several other people thought it was Anari.
Which famous resident of Varetta lives on Brass street? Answer: Thorkildsn, of AOL, beat the others to the punch with the knowledge that Gwynian the Sage is the famous resident of Brass street in Varetta.
When does Lone Wolf encounter Lavas during his adventures? Answer: Sean-Robert Shaw recounted the four times Lone Wolf encountered Lavas on his adventures: when transported to the Plane of Darkness while trying to prevent Vashna's resurection (book 16), when transported to the Plane of Darkness while battling the Demonlord Tagazin (book 17), when on the Plane of Darkness while trying to save the Monastery (book 18), and when on the Plane of Darkness to retrieve the Moonstone (book 20).
Which nationality in Magnamund uses a salute where the hand is drawn diagonally across the chest? Answer: Mark Laird remembered that the Eruans may kill Lone Wolf, if he doesn't salute them correctly, by moving his hand diagonally across his chest. Several people pointed to an illustration of the Kai masters in book 19, where they are shown with their hands on their chests, but that's a little bit different.
What three related excavations took place during the Age of the Black Moon? Answer: Aaron Quaderer was the first of only two who knew that the three related excavations that took place during the Age of the Black Moon, took place in Durenor, in the Hammerdal mountains. Yes, the three tunnels leading to the capital of Durenor, Tarnalin, Calencut and Weldon were all excavated at that time.
Where is the Great North Road? Answer: Jason Valasek has been to Talestria, or at least knows it well, because he knew that the Great North Road is the main highway between Phoena and Tharro. Lone Wolf has opportunity to travel this road on his quest for the Lorestone of Ohrido.
Who is Kolanis, and what is his profession? Answer: Markus Tan is back, and says that Kolanis is a bogus shopkeeper in Holmgard who, together with his son, tries to rob a certain Kai Initiate on his way to see the King.
What is the highest point in the city of Darke? Answer: Chris Rivett strikes again, this time knowing that the Palace Tower, where Lone Wolf defeats Warlord Magnaarn, is the highest point in the city of Darke.
What is a mantlet? Answer: Robert Hastings answered correctly that a Mantlet is a large shield on wheels, like the one used in book 4 by a wizard in the battle of Ruanon.
Where is the Skull-Tor and how did Lone Wolf come across it? Answer: Chris Rivett, and others, knew that the Skull-Tor is the main stronghold of Duadon, but Chris was the first to explain that Lone Wolf first came across it while imprisoned there on his return journey to Sommerlund after defeating the Deathlord of Ixia.
What game can you win by moving an ornate keystone to the opposite side of the board? Answer: Mark Laird, after many attempts, was finally the first to answer that Samor is the game where you can win by moving an ornate keystone to the opposite side of the board.
Who was the Chief Druid of Malis Mound? Answer: Aaron Quaderer knew the Chief Druid of Malis Mound was Gardor Vezh. Lone Wolf encountered him along with other villans of Sommerlund in the city of Haagadar on the Daziarn plane.
What is the significance of the word Lohn? Answer: Andrew Drummer explained that "Lohn" was the password used by Barraka's troops to enter the sunken temple of Maaken. (Others pointed out it's a town in Vassagonia.)
What colour is the wood of the toa tree and what city has that tree as its emblem? Answer: Ludik Bohucky was the first of few who knew that toa wood is orange, and that the tree is the emblem of Casiorn. Lone Wolf sees a caravan with the "toa-tree emblem of Casiorn" outside Quarlen on his way to Varetta.
Following the demise of Nyxator, all the cities of Magnamund were destroyed but one. Which one? Answer: Mark Laird finally came through with quesiton twenty-seven (after weeks of being second or third). Zaaryx, the ancient city below Tahou, was the only city to survive the Age of Chaos which followed the demise of Nyxator.
Who says, "I claim no great understanding of the arcane"? Answer: Aaron Quaderer remembered that Cyrilus the magician claims no great understanding of the arcane. Lone Wolf meets the man in Quarlen on his travels to Varetta.
Who is Tavig and what country is he from? Answer: Markus Tan quickly chimed in that Tavig is a tunnel-runner from Slovia who Lone Wolf meets in Kazan-Oud.
What sort of armour is standard issue in the army of Palmyrion? Answer: Rick Grotzky, who has been aching to get a question for weeks, gleefully explained that Captain Cearmaine of Palmyrion was observed in book 13 wearing ring mail armour as were the horsemen at the outpost of Stonewatch.
What is a theurgist and where does Lone Wolf find one? Answer: Jeff Li is on a roll, stating that a theurgist is an apprentice magician. Lone Wolf meets one named Banedon at the ruins of the forest temple Raumas, on his flight from the destroyed Monastery to Holmgard.
What is the scourge of Guakor, and when did Lone Wolf come across Answer: Aaron Quaderer wasted no time in detailing the scourge of Guakor, which is the fire-breathing Zhenga of the plain of Guakor in the Daziarn. Lone Wolf must face this beast while he is stranded on the Daziarn before his triumphant return to Magnamund. Honourable mention goes to Jeff Li, who pointed out that Rumbold had initially spelled Guakor incorrectly! (Boy was Rumbold steamed.)
Who are the Patar? Answer: Jeff Li knew that the Patar were a race entrusted by the Elder Magi to guard one of their temples of herbcraft and lore. But the Patar betrayed that trust by letting the Cener Druids plunder the temple's secrets. This directly resulted in the Great Plague which decimated the Elder Magi. The Patar and Cenerese rose to power, but only until the Herbalish overthrew the evil Cenerese-Patar alliance. In shame following this defeat, the Patar pledged to the Herbalish that they would forever devote themselves to the healing arts. The descendants of the Patar are known as the Redeemers.
Besides the ruins of the Kai Monastery, where on his adventures can Lone Wolf discover a regular helmet? Answer: Corey Elliott has been through Castle Death enough to know that the snake nest in book 7 is the only other place in all the adventures that Lone Wolf can acquire a regular helmet.
What is Calacena and where does the last of the Kai Lords first come across it? Answer: Robert Ekblad explained that Calacena is a pink fungus which causes hallucinations. Lone Wolf first discovered it in the mines of the Maaken mountains while searching for Captain D'Val and his missing company of cavalry.
Who is or was Hul Garrulen? Answer: Markus Tan returned with the correct answer after a brief absence. Hul Garrulen was the third Baron of Tyso. Lone Wolf comes across his final resting place while tracking Wolf's Bane through the catacombs underneath the city.
It smells really bad, but only at first. It comes from the cold, but keeps you warm. What is it? Answer: Jonathan Blake came in first, ahead of just about everyone else, with the answer to Rumbold's sixteenth riddle. Baknar oil smells awful but provides excellent insulation against the icy winds of Kalte (or anywhere else for that matter).
Adamas, Lord Constable of Garthen, has a brother. What is his name, and how did Lone Wolf come to meet him? Answer: Rick Grotzky seems to know the books quite well since he also answered the question about Adamas' brother correctly, and first. Nathor is the brother of the late Lord Adamas. Lone Wolf meets Nathor on his way back to Sommerlund after defeating the Deathlord of Ixia.
What is the name of the bridge where King Ulnar's son died? Answer: Rick Grotzky was the first of many who knew the name of the bridge where King Ulnar's son died. Alema.
It costs three gold crowns to pass through the Denka Gate, "unless your brother is the gatekeeper," Lone Wolf was told. Where is the Denka Gate? Answer: Markus Tan came through again with the correct answer to question thirteen. The Denka gate is in Lyris on the road between Quarlen and Varetta.
Where in Magnamund is the city Gamir? Answer: Markus Tan knew that Gamir was the original name of the city of Darke, before the Drakkarim conquered Northern Lencia.
At one time, Lone Wolf's life depended on the phrase, "Sommerlund is burning." When was that, and why was the phrase so important? Answer: Mattias Jansson was the first to correctly identify the phrase, "Sommerlund is burning." That is what Lone Wolf had to say to the Slavemaster of Aarnak to identify himself and gain the Slavemaster's help in entering Helgedad. Upon successfully completing that mission, the last of the Kai had gained the rank of Grand Master and had vaquished the Darklords from Magnamund. Alex Butts and Matt Stobbe also gave correct answers within a few hours of Mattias.
What is the Saadi-tas-Ouda? Answer: Edmund Daryl Chan got question ten. The Saadi-tas-Ouda is the Square of the Dead, in Barrakeesh, capital of Vassagonia. The square has spikes all across it on top of which are placed the severed heads of traitors and criminals. Lone Wolf found the head of the Vassagonian emissary to Sommerlund on a pike when he was first in Vassagonia. Markus Tan also had a lively and descriptive answer, and Francesco in Italy made an excellent guess based on his knowledge of the Vassagonian and Dessi languages.
The crystal Korlinium has several uses in Magnamund. What are the two to which it was put in aid of Lone Wolf's Magnakai adventures? Answer: Benjamin Johnson answered question nine. Korlinium in the spire of the Temple of Ohrido was used as a beacon by which to find the Lorestone of the same name, and a scabbard made with the crystal was used to shield the powers of the Sommerswerd from the Darklords when Lone Wolf infiltrated their domain.
At one point during the years of the Magnakai Quest, The Lord Constable of Garthan, Adamas, led an army against the Darklords. What happened to this army when it reached the Agna-kor-Kuzim? Answer: Matt Stobbe became the first person to get two questions right when he knew that Lord Adamas's army split up when it reached the Agna-kor-Kuzim, the Road of Slaves. The Dwarven army of Bor went west along the Blackshroud trail to siege the city of Blackshroud while the rest of the army proceeded to the Darklord city-fortress of Torgar.
What is a tokmor? Answer: Rumbold didn't even hear any attempts at a response. This made him feel at once triumphant, and a bit lonely. A tokmor is a magician's head dress, like Lone Wolf observed on Vonotar during the battle with the Deathhulks at the entrance to the Holmgulf.
In the capital of Sommerlund, what is the significance of a crow? Answer: Jeff Botts was first to the mark on Rumbold's sixth question. In Holmgard, the crow is a bird of ill omen.
What distinguishes the realm of Naar from the other realms on the Plane of Darkness? (Aside from the obvious, like the fact that Naar is there!) Answer: Matt Stobbe got the fifth question right. Naar's fortress is the focus of the differences. It is the only stronghold which requires a visitor to have three magic items, and it also has no exit.
Somewhere in northern Magnamund is a moat with two miles of farmland around it. Where is this moat and what is the name of the land around? Answer: Pascal Roduit answered the fourth question. The moat is around the city of Tahou and the farmland surrounding it is called the Tahou flats.
Lone Wolf first came across Vordaks when he fled from the ruined monastery to Holmgard in the year MS 5050. Ten years later, he came across some Vordaks again. What was different about the way these Vordaks perished compared to the earlier ones? Answer: Andrew Drummer was the first to answer Rumbold's next question. The Vordaks in book eight simply died and did not disolve, leaving behind gems like the Vordaks in book one.
An old Kai Master was once envoy to Port Bax some years prior to the massacre of the Kai. What was his name? Answer: Markus Tan correctly answered Rumbold's second query. Wise Hawk was the name of the old Kai Master who was once envoy to Port Bax.
What was the name of the Sommlending envoy to Port Bax in the years prior to the massacre of the Kai? Answer: TJ correctly answered Rumbold's first query. Lord-Lieutenant Rhygar was the Sommlending envoy in Port Bax in the years prior to the massacre of the Kai.

Magnamund Mapquest Standings

One of Rumbold's other passtimes was the game of Magnamund Mapquest. All the players would put some crowns into the pot, then Rumbold would call out a geographic landmark from one of the maps of Lone Wolf's adventures, and the first people to shout back the name of a city Lone Wolf had visited on the same map would get some of the crowns. Rumbold played several rounds of this game with Monastery residents and guests. Here are the standings from those games, showing the number of crowns each player won. The top ten players are lightheartedly called by a Kai Rank in honour of their skill.

Kai Rank:Name:Crowns:
Lars Jamtnas
Rick Grotzky
Frederic Collard
Gavin Gallot
James Mark
Timothy Picou
Andrew Drummer
Ludik Bohucky
Sam Julian
Edward Bemand
Mark Laird

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