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Ruanon -- the southern province of Sommerlund

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Ruanon is the southern province of Sommerlund, overseen by baron Oren Vanalund. The provincial capital, also called Ruanon, is nestled in the forest between the mountains of the Maaken range. Ruanon is most famous for its mines which supply many riches to the kingdom of Sommerlund. The regular shipment of ore from the Maaken range sometimes makes rich pickings for bandits on Raider's Road, the highway leading north to Holmgard. In the year MS 5054 the province was attacked by a renegade Vassagonian noble named Barraka. After the regular shipment of ore failed to arrive at the capital, the King disptached a troop of his cavalry, and when they failed to report back, Lone Wolf led an expedition which eventually recaptured the territory.

Ruanon borders the Maakengorge to the south, beyond which is the wartorn Stornlands. Ruanon borders Vassagonia to the southeast where the city-state of Casiorn is located. The land of Cloeasia is to the east, beyond the town of Eshnar.

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