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Durenor -- Sommerlund's Closest Ally

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Durenor is Sommerlund's closest ally. First settled in MS 2829, the Durenese quickly pushed back outlaws and bandits who had fled there from Vassagonia and elsewhere. The capital city of Hammerdal was constructed during the second wave of expansion in MS 3434.

The Durenese are known throughout Magnamund as expert weaponsmiths and shipbuilders. They chiefly export iron ore and precious metals and gems, along with fish, timber and the bounty of their agriculture industry. The local currency is the gold crown. The population is approximately 100,000 people.

In the year MS 3799, the Sommlending and Durenese armies defeated the army of Darklord Vashna at the battle of Moytura Pass and then at the battle of Maakengorge, where Vashna was slain during combat with Ulnar I of Sommerlund. Ulnar I later died of his wounds.

Durenor has been routinely raided by the Ice Barbarians of Kalte, however, these invasion have always been turned back. Lord-lieutenant Rhygar, the Sommlending consul in Port Bax, twice defeated the Ice Barbarians prior to his demise in MS 5050 while aiding Lone Wolf's quest for the Sommerswerd.

King Alin IV is the ruler of Durenor. Upon the return of the Seal of Hammerdal in MS 5050, he gave Lone Wolf the Sommerswerd and ordered his fleet to set sail for Holmgard to raise the Darklord siege. Later, Durenor again aided Sommerlund in the great struggle against the Darklords when they were lead by Darklord Gnagg and bent on domination of all Northern Magnamund. Without the aid of the Durenese, Sommerlund would likely have fallen before the triumphant return of Lone Wolf from the Daziarn Plane.

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