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Since I started The Kai Monastery in March 1997, and in particular, since the exchanging of e-mail addresses among Monastery visitors, there has been a virtual explosion of Lone Wolf material on the internet. Rumbold couldn't make head nor tail of this stuff; he just throws up his hands, mumbling all the while about right-handed magic, so I have taken it upon myself to document some of what is out there. This is not a complete list, there's a lot more out there than just this. I recommend browsing the webring (links below) to get a fuller idea.

The Aon Project

In late 1999, Joe Dever made the most astounding offer. He gave permission to the Lone Wolf online community to transcribe his books and make downloadable copies available from a central site. The copies would not be for redistribution, but they would be freely available from the site. Needless to say, everyone is very excited about this and work has already begun. You can find out more at The Aon Project website.

The Kai Wisdom Mailing List

Kaiwisdom, the online mailing list for discussing Lone Wolf and Magnamund, came online October 24 1997. There are now well over 100 subscribers! If you want to join the mailing list, send mail to and type the word "subscribe" in the body of the message, without the quotes. Leave the rest of the message blank. You will then be automatically subscribed to the list and a welcome message will be sent to you. Once you are subscribed, you can post messages to the list by sending them to: The list is a thriving place for discussing all aspects of the Lone Wolf books, as well as sharing advice on acquiring the books. Some of the biggest Lone Wolf fans on the Internet are already a part of it, so check it out. A big thanks goes to Chris Dingle without whom there quite simply would be no mailing list at all. (Honourable mention goes to Rob Hastings, the first subscriber to the list. Way to go Rob!)

Rising Sun

Rising Sun is an e-zine dedicated to Lone Wolf and Magnamund. The volunteer staff is made up of your fellow fans from around the 'net, and each issue is packed with fun and fascinating material. In their archives you can find backissues.

The Lone Wolf ERPG site

Robert Ekblad is the current contact for the Lone Wolf E-mail Role-playing Game. For details, you can reach him at: There is also a web site at: The ERPG is conducted mainly through a mailing list on ONElist (which is currently merging with eGroups). Currently, you can use the following e-mail addresses to reach the ERPG:

The story takes place after the defeat of the Darklords and each player takes the role of one of the new order Kai Lords, or Ladies. (Some people are playing other types of characters instead/as well.) There are 40 people involved and new people are joining all the time. They are all really big Lone Wolf fans and they're telling some great stories about the new order of the Kai.

Desert Lynx's Oasis

At, Jonathan Blake hosts one of the most extensive Lone Wolf sites now available, with a ton of information about Magnamund. The Magnamund Tome, brought to you by Kai Lord Dusty Shelf, can be found at the Oasis. There is also a Giak Lexicon, and tons of other material, including an extensive list of links.

The City of Varetta This is another extensive site, which includes several maps of Magnamund, along with an interview with Joe Dever that appeared in a magazine several years ago. You can find it in the "Halls of Learning" section.

Magnamund Companion II

On the Secrets of the Kai website you can find the Magnamund Companion II, an ongoing project to document some of the new developments in Magnamund since the original Magnamund Companion was created.

Robert Hastings' Action Charts and Grandmaster Disciplines

Robert Hastings has collected together some useful info that you can download from his site. There's a series of Lone Wolf Action Charts at They were created using MS Excel. Note that they are in a compressed PC file format, and you will need an unzip utility to view them. You can also find a collection of all the improved discipline information for the Grandmaster series at: .

The World of Magnamund Webring

A webring is a collection of related sites that all link to each other. You work your way around the ring by going from site to site in sequence. You can also go the ring homepage to get a list of all the sites in the ring. Click on the dagger pointing right to go to the next site in the ring, or on the dagger pointing left to go to the previous site. Click on the globe in the center to go to the ring homepage. You can also use the text links below the image if you prefer.

World of Magnamund Webring
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