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Welcome to the Home Page of Michael Kostiuk. I am a Geographer, Teacher, Realtor and an International Consultant based in Ottawa, Canada. I am a Canadian of Irish and Ukrainian heritage. I have listed some papers and presentations as well as links on this page that you may find useful or the at the very least entertaining. I hope you enjoy your visit. If you have any questions or suggestions please free to contact me via e-mail at:

michael @ michaelkostiuk. com

Information about the Surname Kostiuk

The origins of the Ukrainian surname Kostiuk lie in a patronym, that is to say, it is derived from the personal name of the father of the initial bearer. In this instance, this surname derives from the personal name "Kosty, Kost", and the Ukrainian diminutive suffix "uk". Thus, the surname Kostiuk can be interpreted as "son or descendent of Kosty or Kost". The name Kosty or Kost is a pet form of the male given name Konstanty, which is rendered in English as "Constantine", a derivation of the Latin name "Contantinus", from "constans, constantis" meaning steadfast, faithful". The name was popular in continental Europe as having been borne by the first Christian ruler of the Roman Empire, Constantine the Great (280-337), in whose honour Byzantium was renamed Constantinople. Among the vary numerous variants of this surname are Kosty, Kosciuszko, Kosciuszkiewicz, Kosciuszkowicz, Koskiewicz, Kostka and Kostecki. More information is located in the "Kostiuk" section on the upper right section of this home page.

Please Note: This is my Geography page on the National Capital Freenet.

My regular home page is at: www.michaelkostiuk.com

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