Adrian Hope - Kikino Metis Settlement - 1978 at the Alberta Vocational College in Grouard

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Adrian Hope was president of the Metis Association of Alberta from 1960 to 1967, following Joseph Dion's tenure as president from 1932-40 (and his uncertain tenure from about 1939 to 1960. Malcolm Norris was elected the Chairman for a provisions executive council in 1940) when the Metis association was first organized as L'association des Metis d'Alberta et les Territoires du Nord-Ouest in St Albert on December 28, 1932 by Dion and with significant help from other Metis activists and the Department of Lands and Mines.  Hope was president when the association first registered in 1961 in an attempt to represent the collective interests of the Colonies in Northern Alberta. The association has been known by various names such as L'Association des Métis d'Alberta et des Territoires de Nord-Ouest, l'association des Métis d'Alberta, The Metis Brotherhood, or the Half-breed Association of Northern Alberta.

Hope first joined the association on November 2, 1933 as Adrian Cuthbert Hope for $0.25. In the 1940 convention, Hope was elected to the association council under the name, A. M. Hope. He is known as Adrian Montrose Hope in some circles. (sources Dobbin, 1981; Lusty, 1977; and an accounting receipt in a letter Norris to Brady, November 3, 1933 in the Glenbow collection.) 

 "Hope was a well-known Canadian who raised the Metis profile in part by virtue of his own fame. Called the Canadian Kid, Hope was a world champion cowboy, appearing in movies and travelling extensively. During his time in office, Hope lobbied for better education resources for his people, as well as roadways and transportation infrastructure to facilitate Metis advancement. He also advocated for the existence of a national council of Metis Nations" (Source: "Home » Culture » Metis Nation of Alberta.", NICHE Publishing Inc.- January 4, 2005)


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