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Dedicated to Saving This Generation of Canadian Kids
Founding Episodes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Episode 1. Welcome video. Welcome page. Welcome pdf. March 15, 2022. Introducing UC News, operating under the authority of the Canadian Constitution Act (1982), under the direction of the Supreme Court of Canada, following top Ministry directives. Focused on parental Charter defence of the rights to life of this generation of young Canadians. With directives and authorities to act locally and nationally. About UC News Canada, inviting reporters. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Episode 2. Hours Bank video 1. Hours Bank page. Hours Bank pdf. HoursBank.ca startup website for organizers. March 16, 2022. Introducing the Hours Bank as a new pillar of Canadian Social Security, operating as Constitutional Activity under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Authorized to secure the caring social structure of our lives across the generations under Supreme Court direction. HoursBank.ca Help someone in need. Bank your hours. Receive help later in life. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Episode 3. Quinte West City Hall Crime video 1.City Hall Crime page. QWCH Criminal Investigation pdf. March 17, 2022. A major 176 page criminal investigation, a class-action Charter lawsuit open to all Quinte West residents harmed by the Mayour and council in their actions against humanity. Authorized to direct City Hall back to its proper legal function in service of citizens: Generational Hate Crimes Committed by Human Rights Abuses, Criminal Negligence, Reckless Endangerment, Criminal Code Violations, Rejection of Law, Sedition and Treason --------------------------------------------------------------------- Episode 4. Ccats response to City Hall video 1. Canadian Charter Action Team Ccats page. Ccats Invitation pdf. March 18, 2022. As workers at highest level of authority, we are fed up with the refusal of this local Mayor and council to obey Canada’s top laws. We come to the aid of all residents distressed by these illegal and callous actions taken against their lives and freedoms. Ccats National Call for Charter Clarification --------------------------------------------------------------------- Episode 5. Company of Canadians video 1. Calling All Canadians to Join page. Call for Organizers pdf. March 19, 2022. Our planet is dying. Our lives are in trouble. The future of our kids is at stake. We need to act at the scale of world war to save them. So we formed a Company capable of that.
Help someone in need. Bank your hours. Receive help later in life. Startup website for organizers.
DIY Initiative 1. Canada-wide food security. Growing food, our real social security net.
Canadian Charter Action Team Ccats National Call for Charter Clarification
Acting Mayor and Council Needed Urgently pdf
City Hall Crisis Emergency Response:
National Sustainability Crisis Response Creating a Company all Canadians can join: