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Defend your rights to a fair and sustainable future
Our planet is in trouble. Government has no plan. Unaffordable life. Debt. It’s time to take back your life. Our Union of Canadians defends your rights to a fair future Our life Company acts to create fair sustainable businesses
It’s your life. Your future. A crisis is coming but we have a plan. We are now entering the greatest crisis humanity has ever faced, sustainability. It’s not just global warming. Our oceans are running out of fish. Farms and forests are worn thin. From low wages to high house prices, how are you going to make it? We can predict the usual course of human history but refuse to go that route. If you have the drive and spirit to do something, join us. We promise, this is not business as usual.
One Find the best ways to care for people and our life-sustaining ecosystems Join our Union of Canadians contribute ideas and take action Parents have primary rights to determine our future, not banks, not big business and not a government that refuses to act in care as a union of the people.
Two real alternatives to business as usual
Two Gather and use our best ideas, tools and tech for fair-life sustainability Join our Sustainable Life Company as an equal-rights co-owner Take charge of your life and invest in your children by building fair and sustainable lives and businesses, acting on the best life ideas from our Union of Canadians.
Shelterlife Inc. Protecting your right to personal and planetary life security.
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