My World of Music

by Tony Copple

When I was about 11, my father decided I needed education in music, and wrote a paper for me that introduced me to the names of Bach, Beethoven and Louis Armstrong, plus many others. He also arranged for me to have piano lessons for a couple of years. Today, music is my #1 passtime. I revere musicians and composers from Bob Dylan to John Rutter. I created the Ottawa Beatles Site and play guitar and mandolin.

Find out if your child has an interest in music and foster it. Don't risk her/his becoming a musical agnostic. Music could be his/her greatest pleasure in life.

In the beginning were Ruby Murray, Elvis, Lonnie Donegan.
Then came THE Beatles who really got my attention.

Photos - Xuemei Daisy Geng
Come to my birthday party!

I love good examples of all sorts of music from baroque to grunge, from Michael Franti to Denyce Graves, from Nick Drake and Richard Thompson to John Newlands, from Thelonius Monk to Philip Glass, from Rachmaninoff via the Cascades to Nirvana, and contemporary Christian music from Keith Green to Delirious?    And every year that passes I love them all more. I suspect that Martin Smith of Delirious? may be the the most important songwriter since Lennon and Kurt Cobain (who died 5 Apr 1994). In my view Brian Wilson is one of the greatest American composers. Feel free to browse some of my collection. My wife Laurie-Ann has kindly combined her large record collection with mine, and I'm enjoying discovering new gems. Our tastes overlap in many categories. I don't like death metal or most rap.

I play guitar and mandolin (electric and acoustic) and keyboard, and enjoy making music tremendously, having learned piano accordion which taught me harmony, and transfered that knowledge to the guitar and keyboards. I accompany Laurie-Ann (who sings like an angel) for Christian activities like the Alpha Course, and we play in a band called Kenosis. In 2003 I started feeling the urge to actually write songs, which had been a log time dream. The first effort became the theme for Laurie-Ann's radio show "Window of Opportunity". Download the mp3 here of a version produced at Christmas 2003 by James Copple, featuring L-A on vocals and me on guitars. I wrote several more songs in 2003, many with words by inmates in Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre, where I run an Alpha course. On 31 Oct 08 Laurie-Ann and I performed for an Arts Night in Ottawa: see Kenbits Part 1 | Part 2. This was our most ambitious performance to date. All the tunes were mine and therefore SOCAN!

Music has the power to sooth, to stimulate, to change one's state, to comfort, to make you cry, to make you laugh. It is surely something vital to us! For me, it is a part of my soul, and I owe a debt to musicians that I can never repay. As Michael Franti sings: "everyone deserves music".

From my large collection I have learned that some artists and composers never disappoint me. I enjoy everything they ever did. I am not a good critic of these musicians; I love them too much.

When Laurie-Ann or I need to buy music we may visit:

We both like to go to concerts, and fortunately live about a mile from Scotiabank Place in Kanata where world-class artistes perform frequently.

Stereo sound has always fascinated me as an engineer and greatly increased the pleasure of listening.

Notice: Do you have any pop 78 rpm discs but your player long since died? I have started a service to transcribe them to tape.

SOCAN - the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada
SOCAN membership is free for music creators. If you start your own publishing company, then you pay a one-time fee of $50 (and perhaps more, if you have to do a Nuans name search for the company). Consequently, any Canadian who creates music, should be encouraged to join SOCAN. I registered with SOCAN in 2004, and by mid 2005 had earned royalties of $44.68 for my song "Window of Opportunity" played weekly on Window of Opportunity on CKCU 93.1 FM in Ottawa. Visit Socan Central MySpace site.

Listen to CDs on the Web
Jango - on-line 'radio station'
Music Boulevard - release your music to the world.

YouTube Concerts and very special videos Note: I am gradually replacing links that have been taken down.
Pink Floyd's final concert with Waters, Gilmore, Mason, Wright, 7 Nov 2016
WCR at IG Apex Vancouver 20 Sep 2015 WCR
Imagine, by Elias's Children - Lucas Haneman and Marco Vezina 2014
Muse Austin City Limits 2013
Like a Rolling Stone 2013 & The making of
The Songs of Nick Drake concert 18 Nov 2012. Playlist and musicians
Coldplay - Toronto 2006
Sting - Winter's Night Live in Durham (Includes Laila Biali)
Brian Wilson - Beautiful Dreamer - the 'Smile' story
Brian Wilson - Smile live - from RFH 2005
Paul McCartney: Chaos and Creation at Abbey Road - 28 Jul 2005. One talented musician promos his new album, and delves in Beatles history. Shown on BBC 2 and PBS (US).
Tom Petty etc incl Prince - 'While my guitar gently weeps' from 2004 Rock'n'Roll Hall of fame.
The Concert for George (Harrison) - 29 Nov 2002 (under construction)
Paul McCartney at the Cavern with Dave Gilmour, Ian Paice, Mick Green, Pete Wingfield, Chris Hall - 14 Dec 1999
The Children - reunion at the Ottawa Folk Festival 1997 (we were there) with David Whiffen, Bruce Cockburn, etc.
Rolling Stones 'At the Max' 1991
Olivia Newton-John, Andy Gibb, Abba 1978 ABC special (true stereo)
Van Morrison - Cyprus Avenue 1970
The Jeff Beck story
The Shadows at Sixty BBC4, 20.05.01
The Beatles live in Blackpool, 1965


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Rock / Classical blends

  • Matthew Bellamy of Muse
  • Bryce Dessner of The National
  • Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead

    Songs with tunes by me written recently
    The Cross - D Burgess, 2017
    Thank you - R Cesar, 2016
    What is the difference between this man and me - Peter Wake, 2015

    Serious study, and the music business

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