Blue Skies Music Festival
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In the summer of 1974, Oskar Graf, maker of fine guitars, asked a few musical friends for tea on his meadow in Clarendon, Ontario. They sang and danced. They came again the next year. From such small beginnings, this has now become one of the longest running music festivals in Canada, and is unique and magical. We have attended several recent festivals, and this simple page of our photos may give you a feel for the atmosphere of peace and creativity that about 2000 people enjoy every August holiday weekend. Blue Skies sells tickets by lottery to about a third of those who would like to come.

Every few years there's a blue moon over Blue Skies (2001, 2004).

In addition to the music, there are some 60 workshops in subjects ranging from songwriting to the globalization of trade. Attenders are encouraged to volunteer as helpers. Kids are in heaven. No dogs. The 30 year anniversary video "The Ballad of Blue Skies" is wonderful. Ticket request forms are sent to the Mailing List. To get on the Mailing List, write to Blue Skies Mailing List, RR4, 3 Aylmer Rd., Quyon, QC., J0X 2V0.