Climbing to the Lighthouse

With a bit less of a hectic schedule on our second trip, we had time to explore a bit more of the island. Beside the Lodge there was a log concrete stairway (beside the papaya trees) that took us to the top of the hill (pant, wheeze.)


The first time we climbed to the top, we arrived at a small farm closely planted with squash. We turned to the right along a fairly clear path and after walking under some truly enormous mango trees, ended up in a pasture. We followed various paths for about half an hour until we figured out that we were following the meanderings of a cow. The lighthouse was visible through the trees, but we just couldn't seem to get there. I had to content myself with taking pictures of butterflies.



We gave up after a while and went back to the Lodge to ask for directions. We should have pushed our way through the farm and followed the line of the electrical wires. On our final morning on the island, we tried again, this time successfully. The new lighthouse is fenced off from the public and is a rather sterile-looking, functional item. The old lighthouse has a bit more character, but is suffering a bit from its accessibility. There were a couple of huts nearby, but no-one in attendance. At the top of the island, the view over to the mainland was great, though a bit hazy. We were lucky that morning to have so few clouds - even though we had perfect weather on Apo, we saw a lot of thunderstorms over the mountains of Negros.

Climbing back down the stairs, we were happy to discover that even the locals find it an exhausting climb. This group had stopped for a rest before making the final push to the top.

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