Tony’s South Africa Daily Journal - 2020

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On 10 November 2017, Laurie-Ann and Tony Copple set off from Canada for a three year mission to the townships of South Africa. This daily journal begins at a guest house in Cape Town prior to their arrival in Worcester, Western Cape.
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Thu Dec 31 - New Year's Eve
I got up early enough to add Messenger to Bella's phone. I picked up laundry that had been at Hippo for 2 days. Now we have towels again! Then I went to Bella's to bring her here for her 'working day.' She was looking a lot happier than last night, which was the last time she ate, so we went straight to OK so she could have a pie (her choice). Then we went to Hoogstraat Vleismark and bought two gammon steaks, one for our New Year's Eve, and one for Bella and her family. When we arrived home, I presented her with the Mobicel Star, and said she could check it out for a while. L-A was working on the egg sandwiches and carrot soup that she had planned for lunch. Soon we were all tucking in and agreeing they were both delicious. It was good to see Bella with food in her. I asked her if Cathy was receiving baby grants for the four children she was looking after, and the answer was only two of them. This helps explain why they had eaten everything we have them a week ago, and had several days to go before any money came in. After lunch she got started on the first of 3 household tasks: defrosting and cleaning the fridge. Then, while I went to One-up for bulk foods, she cleaned the floors. She helped carry the food up from the parking lot. Then she began on anti-cockroach work in our drawers: taking everything out; cleaning; and spraying with pesticide. By 5 pm I had demonstrated Spotify on her laptop, and she had given her phone a detailed run-over. We wanted the phone to charge for 16 hours, so when I took her home she left it here. I promised to bring it to her early tomorrow morning. I took her home via Pick n Pay to get a few more items for their New Years Eve dinner tonight. I had spent a lot of time over the last few days setting up Bella's phone. I had wondered if I should recommend to other missionaries not to involve themselves in activity relating to cell-phones, their loss and their maintenance. The family phone in a township house is a crucial lifeline, and it is amazing how skilled the teenagers become in using them. They also share them around, setting up multiple Facebook and Messenger accounts on any one phone. They seldom have covers or screen protectors, so most of the screens are cracked, partly because they carry the phone in their hands. Then when a phone is broken or stolen, the functioning of the family takes a huge hit, and they attempt to borrow a phone from the neighbours. The fundamental problem is a chronic disability to appreciate the value of something like a phone. This is not just in a South African township; it happens in Canada where parents will give a toddler their phone to keep them quiet. I received a reply from Louisa Loots, who had sent us a donation via Iris even though she doesn't know us, and it turns out she is with Iris and is in Cape Town right now! L-A and I opened a bottle of Du Toitskloof Brut to see in the new year, although we finished it 2 hours before midnight, watching 'First Man.' Ramaphosa will be lighting a candle somewhere in Cape Town at midnight. In the incredibly unlikely event one of our friends reads this tonight, we wish you a heck of a better year in 2021, which I believe will need God's specific favour. Around 11 pm we received our one and only New Year call - from Lottie! TKOG. It's hard to remember a call from Avian Park which wasn't an 'I need.' But Lottie just wanted to wish us. First Man ended at 11:50 (rather underwhelming) so we switched to SABC, but there was no candle-lighting by Cyril being broadcast. Having finished the bubly, we toasted the new year with Muscadel Rooi.

Wed Dec 30
Chantelle phoned with toothache, and I was persuaded to take her the Oragel, which gave some relief to 3 back teeth. Later I bought her a bottle of a similar product from Quenets. I searched on line for comments on the Star, finding one that suggested its modified version of Android wasn't up to the job. So I returned to Ackermans and asked them to swith it for a Glo. While this was going on another customer bought a Star. Unfortunately they couldn't get the touch screen on the Glo to work properly, and in the end gave me back my money. Armed with this I went to Ackermans in the mall, and bought a Star from them. Since Vodacom had no customers at that time, I took the new phone in and asked them to check the security update. The same thing happened as had happened twice before. However, this time the sales assistant Ben (who remembered me from selling me Anthonica's Glo last June) suggested that the problem maybe that Google had not yet been given the verification code for this phone, and also assured me that the security update was not the system software, but a subsidiary file associated with buying apps from the play store. I took Lottie's phone back to the nice man at Cell Repair, and he suggested the phone needed air time! Back home I added air time - and it worked! If that was the problem all along, I really have been slow. I took Lottie her phone. Katerina replied to my change to the redemption request to say it wasn't possible at this stage, but I would be able to reinvest in the new year, so this should solve the problem nicely. Bella's family had finished the food I bought them on Christmas Eve, so I got together some emergency rations. Jamelia also needed food, plus garlic and ginger to make a cure for a sore throat. I also delivered these. Bella seemed very down when I saw her briefly; Jamelia not so bad. Later, with some very useful help from L-A, I installed the phone, ready for when Bella comes tomorrow. I finally went to bed about 12:30, which is amazing given my recent lethargy. It had been a good day.

Tue Dec 29
I took Lottie's phone into Cell Repair Centre, and my friend there played around with it, and then showed me he could make a call successfully. No charge. Then I went to Ackermans, and swapped Bella's phone for another Mobicel Star, but when I got it home, the identical 'fault' came up when I tried to install the security update. When I tried Lottie's phone, the same problem was back. Poulin replied to my message from several days ago with the great news that my second contribution to the new windows was only ~$11,000, not ~$27,000! Their spreadsheet had listed the full amount of the special assessment, ignoring what we had already paid - in my case about $16,000. This still left me with a potential problem of reinvesting the money not now required, since I am not in the country.

Mon Dec 28
On waking I checked my weight, as was able to read the scale without the glasses that are now of no further use. I was up almost a Kg in a week. I am feeling better each day. Lottie called asking for chicken and a pineapple. I needed to get water for L-A so after breakfast drove to Q-Square. I was very pleased that PC Partz was open till 5 and I spoke to them about the phone problem. They were very ready to have a go at it. Then I drove to Build-It to get Lottie a padlock, and then to Pick n Pay for the other things she wanted. I delivered them and collected her phone to see why it wasn't working for her. Back home I realized I must be absolutely sure Bella's Google account was set up properly on the lap top, and found it wasn't. I set up a new Google account for her, and this time it worked, and it also worked on her phone! I wouldn't need PC Partz after all. I spent the afternoon doing more work on the two devices, but was stumped by the phone security update, which hadn't installed since I bought it. I noticed that the phone thought it was a Glo, since the installed security software had clearly been taken from the Glo family. Suddently this was the #1 problem and I decided to try and return the phone to Ackermans during its first week. It was a quarter to 5 but I was able to get there by 5 to 5. A very helpful check-out girl convinced herself that I spoke truth and decided to exchange the phone. She started by putting Bella's sim card into the new phone. All went well with the process until she needed to use data, and there was none on the card. After discussion we agreed I could come in tomorrow after their 8 am opening, with 500 MB on the sim card, and she would complete the swap. I felt Ackermans had behaved very well in the circumstances. Why they don't provide their own staff with wifi to install phones is another question. L-A had a few hours horizontal - still is - so doesn't yet know any of this. Another interesting thing about today: I have spent must of it with my 1 1/2 eyes reading computer and cell-phone screens. I took a look at Lottie's phone and found that a facility called 'conditional divert enabled' had been turned on somehow, so that every call made turned off after a second. I had noticed this when Lottie had tried to call me recntly. Chantelle kept bugging L-A for me to bring her a pie. I called her mother, who was at work, and asked her if she would be bringing Chantelle something to eat when she got home, and she said she would.

Sun Dec 27
I didn't know if there was a service at WCC this morning, but I got up and drove down anyway. There wasn't. It tuned out later from WhatsApp that some other English-only speakers were also unsure and that the schedule had been posted in Afrikaans. While taking a break in the Christmas season is unusual for Anglicans, I am actually perfectly happy that Johan and his dedicated team do so. With Christmas in the sun, it is their one chance to have a lie in, or go to the beach (currently closed). It also gave me extra time today to work on Bella's Mobicel Star. I proved to myself that the Microsoft account and the Google account on her Excite laptop were operational, and that I knew the passwords, but I could not get her new cell-phone to accept her Gmail, and I certainly didn't want to let it attempt to change the password. These processes are incredibly finicky, and the password rules have become so anal, that it is hard to imagine a non-professional setting up an existing email on a phone. If all else fails I may take the two devices to PC Partz to get the phone working, but I have a few more ideas to try before that. Meantine I am keeping Bella from her phone. I ruminate over whether getting communications working for our girls qualifies as missionary work. After lunch we watched S1 Ep 1 of 'Years and Years.' The writers of this political drama are less familiar with politics than, say, the writers of 'The Crown.' The inclusion of Trump and possible actions he could take in his dying presidency, and the setting in the near future, does have one wanting to know what will happen next. Scary indeed. It seems to be a world where the hoi polloi have taken over, with zero adminiatration experience, rather like post-Apartheid SA, and traditionally educated civil servants and politicians have given up to watch as the rats take over the ship. We will see how it pans out, and whether there is some real insight here as to possible outcomes of popularism, a scourge of our times. In early evening Jamelia sent a crie-de-coeur to L-A that they had run out of food on Christmas eve. We had a choice: ignore her, leaving them in a similar state to hundreds of Avian Park families, or take them something they could eat immediately. L-A mentioned pizza and it seemed exactly in line with what the Holy Sirit was saying to me. I was just in time to order two large ones and a Sprite from Romans, and L-A let Jamelia know I would deliver it by 8:15. I did, but in the house I saw strangers and no kids. Her grandmother (trustworthy) said Jamelia was at church - good news if true, but more likely a Jamelia story. The strangers were relatives who had come to sleep-over, bringing no food but expecting to be fed. Faced with this dilemma, I can imagine Jamelia's mother pressurizing her to appeal to us, at dinner time on Sunday night. I left the pizza saying they must keep some for her, but as I drove off I noticed several young people converging on the house.

Sat Dec 26
At 10 I was at Chantelle's, but it turned out someone else had already taken Lottie home. However, Chantelle asked if I would take her to OVD. so I did. There was a group of about 12 OVD kids very ready to welcome her near #44. Laurie-Ann spent most of the morning and afternoon continuing to prepare tonight's meal, with a little help from me. How very labour intensive it is to cook a real meal for 4. How restaurants do it all the time for many more is a mystery to me. Finally it was 5:15 - time to go and collect our guests. As soon as I got to OVD and had installed Lottie in the front seat, Chantelle asked if we would take her cousin Anastasie to Avian Park. With our meal almost ready to serve I refused. But when we got home, and had walked Lottie up the front stairs, it turned out that my plan to cook two trays of vegetables in the oven one above the other had not worked; the potatoes in the lower pan had hardly cooked. So while L-A re-cooked that tray, and with Lottie installed in an arm chair, I drove Chantelle back to OVD. We collected Anastasie and drove her to Avian Park. During the drive back to our home, Chantelle told me that listening to music on her phone was her favourite pastime. I opened the door to the balcony and took Lottie out to survey Worcester. Serving the meal hot was a challenge for me, starting with the turkey which had to be microwaved. I was surprized when the food temperature on the plates turned out just fine. There wasn't a whole lot of conversation as the food was consumed. Chantelle asked for more turkey and got a wing. Lottie wanted to take half of hers home for tomorrow with some extra meat, so I wrapped it in foil for her. Both of them ate their Christmas pudding and hard sauce. Most of the food was new to them, and they did well to eat it. They had Appletizer to wash it down - we had all three types available. I took them home about 8:45. Chantelle persuaded me to buy a dessert for her parents' anniversary tomorrow. When we reached her house she was begging me for R2, but I refused, explaining that she must shake off the habit, when someone gives her something, of always asking for something else, like money. I think she and Lottie had enjoyed their evening. Back home I washed up about half of the plates before I decided to leave the pans till tomorrow. I noticed an ad for a British TV series called 'Years and Years,' now available on Showmax, that was creating quite a stir. Two days later I heard it mentioned in the France 24 debate.

Fri Dec 25 Christmas day
My phone rang at 6:45. Normally I would have rolled over and ignored it, particuarly on Christmas Day, but because I was taking Claire to church at 8:15 I answered it in case it was she. It wasn't; it was Chantelle, asking me to bring Lottie to their house in Avian Park for the day. I was still half asleep but I agreed, but she didn't know what time would be best. I had another half hour resting, then got up and worked on Bella's phone. The Mobicel Star appeared to have been a good choice and I made progress with the accounts. I had cereal, and at 8 drove to pick up Claire, who was in her Sunday best as the choir director (and an alto) in the mother church. She needed to be there early and since the service would run 9 - 9:45, I dropped her and returned home to help L-A with her morning routine. I was back in the church by 9:15, easily finding a socially isolated seat and relaxing in the reverent atmosphere. The pastor was young, white, and fairly vigourous as he delivered his sermon. Then he gave some announcements, including welcoming Canadians. I looked around for any evidence. We then sang Silent Night with the first verse in English, accompanied on the fine organ. I shot some video. After the service, Claire introduced me to the dominee, and it became clear that I was the subject of his announcement about Canadians. I took her home and she told me that a large beer truck had arrived near her house yesterday, and sold out in minutes. I drove to OVD and collected Lottie and took her to Chanelle's. We were invited for the fourth year to Christmas lunch with Andre and Janey, and this time Heather was joining us, so we collected her from home. I took my last two bottles of CBC which went down well with Andre (even though he prefers beer with lemonade). The conversation flowed well and after an hour or so we started lunch - cold gammon, tongue and corned beef. Dessert was peppermint crisp which Janey had made, followed by coffee and some smashed mince pies she had also made. We left about 3:30, needing to get started on our turkey for tomorrow. The rest of our day was hard work, finally ending at 11 with a carved turkey. My bed seemed like paradise. Chantelle sent a message to L-A asking if I would take Lottie home at 10 am.

Thu Dec 24
I spent half the day thinking that Christmas Eve was tomorrow. I had found some negative comment on line about the Mobicel Astro. My first destination was Ackermans to try and buy Bella a phone. There was a very long line up outside Ackermans. It turned out some people had received Christmas bonuses, and wanted to spend them on children’s clothes, Ackermans’ speciality. I gave up waiting and drove to Bella’s and took her to the mall. I asked if she had the list from yesterday and she said she could remember the missing items. So I sent her into Pick n Pay with a trolley while I went to Ackermans. Ackermans only had the Mobicel Star, which I hadn’t checked on line, so I didn’t buy it. I returned to Pick n Pay via a 15 minute line-up. She had bought everything she needed expect spices, and I suggested we go to Saffran. I was shocked when I saw the quantities she had bought, more than R600 with including 5 gallons of ice cream and lots of meat to stock their freezer. Her estimate of how much food the family desperately needed was R610 worth but I had now bought them about R1,350 worth. Unless they were bringing the street it, this was clearly a lot more than 2 days needs. We went on to Saffraan, which it was high time Bella was introduced to, and she found her spices. At her home the children carried in all the food to the freezer and fridge. At home I checked out the Mobicel Star, and decided it may have been a replacement for the Astro with 8GB instead of 4. Claire Slinger called and asked if I would drive her to the Mother Church at 8:15 tomorrow. I decided to return to Ackermans in the High street, but I parked outside Munik’s. I went in and had a chance to wish Charl and his mother, and yes, they had got the Startrek clock going. They refused to take any money. It was great to see them. The queue outside Ackermans was mercifully started. Inside, the Astro was no longer there, but they had the Star, so I bought it, and a sim card. I drove straight to Bella’s, where I saw Johanna. I gave her the new sim card, and she gave me Bella’s original sim. Back home I still had another two shopping runs and I was getting very tired. L-A cooked some great fish pie for supper. She got an email from Phil Dooley, saying that the Christmas Spectacular was being broadcast on SABC 2 at 7. We watched this abridged version, and were glad we had seen the full version without ads yesterday.

Wed Dec 23
Jamelia called wanting to know ‘Is Tony busy,’ which turned out to be a request for me to go to Tygerberg and bring back her sister Nona and nephew Isiah. That would have been hard at short notice – except that we were going to Cape Gate anyway. So we said ‘yes.’ L-A drove, in view of my eyes receovering from cataract surgery, and we picked up Bella at 10:15. She would be our guest for The Hillsong Christmas Spectacular 2020. Soon we were en-route for our first stop, Cape Gate Oncology. When L-A went in for her 3-monthly port flush. I took over driving and went with Bella to the Cape Gate Dis-chem. I let Bella choose some toiletries, which she did with gusto, as I found the panado and other meds for L-A. After picking up L-A we returned to the mall, parked twice, and got ourselves gradually to the Ster-Kinekor. Bella revealed she had had no food yet that day, so we got pies, which was all we had before the movie. Getting into the cinema was complicated by collecting our quotas of drinks, pop-corn and sweets, but made easier by the fact that we were the only patrons. That also helped as we walked into the dark theatre and took our back row seats. This was Bella’s first time in a cinema. Then the show began, and the challenges of getting in from the car were instantly forgotten by the magical presentation of Christmas music. As every number ended I was always hoping there would be many more. I was particularly impressed by a homily by Phil Dooley, where he reminded us that the shepherds who had the privilege of seeing the baby first were considered too insignificant to be counted in the Roman census. We left the cinema well satisfied and I thanked staff for showing such a great film. We had lunch at Simply Asia, than drove to Makro, a supermarket. We had promised Bella that we would buy her family Christmas provisions. Before getting out of the car I called Nona to say we were behind schedule, but the call wouldn’t connect. Bella and I then spent the next hour working through her list in this massive store where funding every item was a challenge. It was also over air-conditioned. Eventually we called it a day, planning to finish the shopping tomorrow in Worcester. Back in the car I called Nona again, and this time got through. She was already home in Worcester, having been offered a lift. I don’t think it crossed her mind to contact us and say our help wasn’t needed. Luckily we hadn’t wasted any time driving on to Tygerberg. We drove home, stopping at the Engen Wimpy for coffee and muffins. I re-emailed Mobicel asking for guidance between the choice of the Glo, the Astro, the Star, and the Rio.

Tue Dec 22
Bella had asked if I would pick up Leroy at 9 and take him to collect Johanna and the twins at Worcester Hospital. We called her from my phone when we arrived and she said she was waiting for medicines for the twin girls. An hour later we were still waiting. Then Leroy’s father arrived to take her home (once she was ready) so I was free to go home and get L-A’s breakfast so she could take her meds. I went for a short shop, discovering Daly Bread was closed till 5 January, but managing to buy walmuts and poppy seeds. We were at Joan’s for 2pm, and as L-A’s hair was washed, she cut me. She has become a friend of the family and we both enjoy time spent with her. We had some time after that and went to McDonalds for an ice cap and a strawberry shake respectively. I went to Ackermans and there were 5 Mobicel phones in the right price bracket: Glo, Star, and two Rios. I didn’t buy because I didn’t have my proof of residence and we would need a new sim card for Johanna. Also, I would like to hear back from Mobicel to help me make the right choice. We drove to Avian Park to give Triena Browers $200 towards funeral costs for her husband – Marsha’s father – who died unexpectedly from a heart attack last Saturday. We prayed with them, and I gave Triena a print out from Ramaphosa’s recent ban on post-fureral gatherings.

Mon Dec 21
[I resumed witing this journal directly.] At about 3:45 I was awoken by stomach pain, worse than I can ever remember, and a different pain from normal. After trying to sleep for 5 minutes, I got up and sat in an arm chair, trying to find a least bad position. Concerns about my eye diminished as I considered the possibility there might be something seriously wrong, and whether I must somehow get to a hospital. I didn't want to eat, but the idea of having a brandy somehow to soothe the stomach came into my mind. I sipped it down. Five minutes later the pain had completely gone! It was now about 4:15 and I briefly fell asleep in the chair before going back to bed, where I slept soundly till 8:30. I ask myself did I pray for this release, and I think not; I was too busy planning how to deal with the problem. But maybe somebody prayed. That's why I gave the times. When I got up I checked my weight, which had gone up 100g since the last time I weighed myself a few weeks ago. Maybe I’m just starting to win the battle on the TB weight loss. In fact, I felt stronger today. We had several important actions to be done today, if possible. The first was to attempt to pay Bella’s debt for a textbook that was stolen from her at school. I picked her and her brother up at home at 10 am, and drove them to Esselen Park Secondary School to find the gate padlocked. It seemed my only option was going to be contacting someone on the staff by phone. I wrote down the name of the principal, Mr Beukes. As we drove back to Bella’s, I was disturbed when she suggested a new plan; where instead of our buying her a phone, we would spend that money on food for their family this Christmas. I explained that the phone would be vital to her for university, and vital to friends and family needing to reach her, and that we would be buying it for her. I said that she and her grandmother must make a written list of all the food that they would need for Christmas, and that we would help them get it. The state of Bella’s anxiety and depression is illustrated by the fact that she would sacrifice a phone so that her family could eat. I asked what was different from previous years. She said that her grandfather was not working, and couldn’t find work. Laurie-Ann had written out a long list of groceries, and with some trepidation, I drove to the mall, and started working through it. My eyes were just about good enough to handle the challenge of both driving and reading the shopping list. But it took a couple of hours, due to the crowds. I arrived home with chicken pies about mid-afternoon and we enjoyed them. Earlier I had spoken to Christo van Dyk’s office, for the third or fourth time, but this time his assistant had actually e-mailed us the electrochocardiogram report that Christian Gildenhuys requested for L-A’s plastic surgery. (L-A forwarded the report). And then the best news of the day for me was a reply from Marius van Dyk, to say that he expected the kind of experience I was having with my left eye. So I thanked him for setting my mind at rest. I also told him that I could actually read the date on my watch for the first time in months! Note that this is without the use of my prescription glasses. I called Salon Joan and arranged successive appointments for us tomorrow at 2. I went for an hour’s rest, after which we had a late dinner, followed by our nightly Psalms study (Psalm 84). Laurie-Ann is a wonderful spiritual director for me, and helped me understand several important concepts in the psalm, and then we went on to discuss the Mary Magdalene movie; and Mary’s explanation to the other mystified apostles of the nature of the kingdom of God as being a kingdom potentially within each of us. We also prayed at some lengths for the girls, especially Bella and Chantelle.

Sun Dec 20
We had decided last night that neither of us had the energy to go to WCC. I was awoken by the church bell of Verenigende Gereformeerde Kerk Worcester in Suider-Afrika (VGK) at 9 am. I instantly decided this was my chance to sample this Dutch Reformed Church, situated just across the High Street from us. At about 9:25 am, I walked in, and the service didn’t start until nearly 10. So the original bell must have been to wake people up. Before anything started, there was background music, which sounded like pre-rock n roll pop music. At 10, the fine organ burst into life and the service proceeded with about 50 people all spacially distanced, wearing masks. The pastor was the only speaker and the service consisted of two Christmas carol in Afrikaans. his sermon, and various prayers. I found it good to be worshipping there, despite not being able to follow the service. Back home, we had brunch, and we both enjoyed the 11:30 Hillsong online service on our big screen. We recognized several of the worship team from Somerset West, including Jess and the main guitarist. The speaker was Robert Fergusson, Hillsong Global Teaching pastor on the subject of “no worries,” which dealt with anxiety and the present state of the world. In the afternoon, we watched Mary Magdalene (2018 movie). We found it a reverent and relevant picture of a misunderstood female apostle and saint. Then we had a Skype call to Steve on the occasion of Carol’s birthday. She would have been 87. We had a fairly relaxing day. I had a couple of brandies before dinner. My jeft eye was not improving, and a dark floater shadow had appeared over about 15% of the field of view. I sent an addendum to my earlier email to Dr van Dyk with a status report.

Sat Dec 19
We got up a little later, and the phone rang. It was Johan Fourie. They were in Worcester to go shopping, and they wondered if they could see us in 15 minutes. We were very happy about this, because we had asked them to bless our apartment. They rang me from downstairs and I went down to let them in. They brought a Christmas gift of wine, rusks and home-preserved pears. We had a great chat with some prayer for about half an hour. We asked them to bless each of the main rooms, and they also prayed for us, and particularly our health. We decided to do a selfie (for our newsletter.) Johan did the honours because he has long arms. They mentioned a selfie stick and on impulse we gave them ours, which we’re unlikely to use much more. L-A also offered to give them the drawing she did (once it’s coloured in) that represents Iris Western Cape. They were delighted and said they would frame it and hang it in the ministry room. Jamelia had messaged earlier to ask if we would pay for some clothes for a dance competition in Cape Town. She had a chance of winning R500. We told her that she would have to find her way to our apartment. She messaged from downstairs and I went down. We walked to Mr. Price via Q-Square, and I immediately got in the long queue, while Jamelia searched for the skirt, top and accessories that she needed for the competition. While the bill wasn’t cheap, about R330, I was impressed that Jamelia knew exactly what she wanted and didn’t ask for additional things. I gave her R20 for her taxi home, and walked on to Ackermans to see if they might have a suitable phone for Bella. They have a new Mobicel, the Star, at R430. It looks like it may be the successor to the Glo, so I will check it out online. I got a couple of pharmacy items from Quenets, and walked home, luckily with my dark glasses. Laurie-Ann meantime had started cooking the evening meal as a special treat for me, and we really enjoyed it. It was Hungarian chicken paprikash, and lescos with added Russians. In the evening, we watched a film on Netflix called Holiday in the Wild, which was made in Africa (likely South Africa). We also received a message from Marsha Brouwers, who we had seen Friday evening sitting on a street corner. Marsha’s dad died of a heart attack this morning. L-A was initially told by Bella. Bella said that she wanted to do something for her, but all she could do was to just be with her. L-A told her that was the VERY best thing to do. Marsha in the meantime asked for money towards funeral expenses.

Fri Dec 18
My eye was stuck closed, as happens with conjunctivitis. I fetched Laurie-Ann's sponge, and washed it with warm water. Water should not get into the eye before the third day, which it now was. I think what had happened was that all of the drops that I had put in yesterday had gunged up. The warm water released them and my eye opened. I made us scrambled eggs. L-A drove the car out of the back gate while I directed traffic. We picked up Bella at 11ish to bring her back to the apartment to do some cleaning for us. We had promised her that we will buy her a new phone, if she would do some housework for us. Laurie-Ann showed her the Mobicel-Glo and she seemed very happy if she could have a phone like that. So now we have to try and find one! L-A made egg sandwiches and we three had a very pleasant lunch. Then Bella and I started on washing windows. I had thought that Bella could do most of the work on her own, but it turns out that Bella suffers from vertigo. She wasn't able to stand on our two step ladder in order to reach nearer the tops of the windows. So I washed the top parts, and Bella took over for the rest. These windows are quite tall, a feature of the Hoog Straat, so it was actually quite strenuous, at least for me. After finishing the outsides, we cleaned the insides. The next job for Bella, was to sweep and mop our kitchen and living room floor. She took every trouble to do a good job, while I emailed a letter to Dr. Marius van Dyk, telling him the current situation with the left eye, and asking whether he had seen this reaction before. Bella's third job was to clean the oven, which wasn’t in a bad state. Lottie called for power and food. Bella and I walked down the street to Pick n Pay and bought provisions for four people. Laurie-Ann started chopping vegetables at 3:30, and in fact cooked the whole meal by 5:20. Bella wanted to go home by 6, so she could cook for her family. We had her home by 6:30. We all enjoyed the paela meal very much, with Bella having a second helping. Shortly after 6, we took the provisions down to the car, and we drove to Bella's, Chantelle's, and then to Lottie's, with Laurie-Ann in the driver's seat again. I had forgotten my anti-glare glasses, and found the trip quite hard. We sw two of the girls along the street, with periodic calls of "Tony" or "Yalla" as we passed. When we got home I realized that my nose wasn’t running nearly so often. Texa was working!

Thu Dec 17
I had again dreamt several times about taking off my eye patch, but when morning arrived, I was reluctant to actually do it. I didn't know what to expect. Eventually I got up, walked to the bathroom and pulled off the patch and bandage. I put my right hand over my right eye, and looked out of my left.I could see objects, dim and blurred. In front of the objects, it was as if a muslin cloth separated me from what I could see. Also, there were about 75 floaters which were not blurred in my field of view, looking for all the world like cockroaches. This was not good! I put in the first of the eye drops and found it quite soothing. We were supposed to go to Paarl to see Este, but she messaged that she was sick and didn't want to pass it on. This had given us a problem, since we had promised to take Chantelle to Spice Route. We weren't able to reach Chantelle, because at the moment she doesn't have a phone. In the afternoon, I took our black garbage bag downstairs, and when I got back up, L-A's iPad was ringing. It was James, plus the whole family, as Sagan went to school. I probably looked a bit frightening to Sagan with my eye patch. James was making pirate noises. After the call I walked to Pick n Pay to do some urgent shopping. Over supper, I mentioned that the most annoying aspect of my health at the moment was a continual runny nose, which I had had to some degree since arriving in Worcester. She suggested her medication Texa allergy. I had always prided myself on having no allergies. In the evening, we watched the second half of ‘Diana in her own words.’

Wed Dec 16
I deliberately slept in until after 1 pm, because I wanted this day to go as fast as possible. I noticed when I brushed my teeth that I had short displays of coloured patterns when I closed my left eye. And a little later, these turned into a bunch of small black floaters that reminded me of the bugs that share our house. Hopefully this is a temporary effect of this treatment. My left eye felt a little sore, as if I wanted to rub it, which I mustn’t do, and it stayed like that for the rest of the day. I hadn’t had that problem with my right eye on day two. We had lunch, and I listened to some CKCU radio. Then I re-bandaged Laurie-Ann’s legs, as she read to me from a novel called The Collaborator by Diane Armstrong. This was about a Hungarian Jewish hero who helped save the lives of 1.600 Jews from the Nazis. This passes the time so well when I am bandaging, that this time I carried on listening for half an hour after the bandaging was done. I took a rest about 4 pm, and at 5 pm, walked up the High Street to FNB to draw out some rands, primarily to get us through the tunnel tomorrow. I was wearing dark glasses and a new smart mask that Advanced Health had given me, when they saw my original mask. After getting the money, I decided to go next door to McDonalds, for a caramel dipped cone. When I finished that, I had a strawberry shake, my alltime favourite McDonalds drink. I walked home facing the sun and the dark glasses were essential. Before coming in for the night, I took our garbage downstairs. Then I went across the road to Europa Fisheries and brought back Hake and chips. The iPad rang, and it was James and family (!) taking Sagan to school. It was the first time that we chatted with all of them in a long time. After supper, I really wasn’t feeling too well. We listened to a couple of programmes on Springbok radio, and at 8 pm watched the news, followed by the first half of “Diana in her own Words.” Now, I’ve just dictated that to Laurie-Ann, bless her and I want to go to bed, because I can’t wait to take off my eyepatch in the morning. Hopefully those floaters will have floated away.

Tue Dec 15
[Dictated to L-A until further notice] As I walked to Advanced Health Centre, I had two uppermost thoughts: would I pass the temperature test, and would the surgery still be on, in view of Ramaphosa’s family chat the night before that is basically cancelling Christmas. Neither of these turned out to be a problem. Soon I was chatting with Valencia and getting registered in the day surgery. This time I was taken directly to a ward, and onto a bed. There was one other person. I stayed there for nearly three hours, as two other people turned up and all of them went into surgery before I did. Not that I had a problem with that. I had a chance to ask Dr. Marius if he could give me a little bit more anesthetic, explaining that the light show that I saw with the right eye was no fun. But he explained that the optic nerve was the final place for the anesthetic to reach. About one in four of his patients experience visual sensations, but not pain. He did give me an extra boost, but sometime after the numbing had started, I could still see the ceiling through my left eye when I put my hand over my right eye, albeit like through a glass darkly. They wheeled me into the theatre, and he got started. This time the light show started immediately, very much in full colour. I wish I had a movie of it. Because he had explained about the optic nerve, I had no problem. In fact, I quite enjoyed it. What worried me after a while was that this eye was taking much longer than the other one, and he wasn’t saying anything. At one point where I did feel a twinge of pain, he said, “it’s just a short time longer.” But the final 15 seconds were more painful than anything else. After he’d finished, he then asked me if I had injured the eye. I said that I didn’t remember doing so. But he said there were some broken sinews to the lens and there had been a hemmorage at some time in the past. Later, I wondered if this stemmed from my skiing accident, about 1983 in Scotland. Dr. Marius told me that I shouldn’t expect clear vision when I would take my patch off on Thursday, and that this eye will take weeks longer to heal than the other one. I was his last patient before he went on holiday. When they wheeled me back to the ward, I enjoyed my coffee and toasted sandwich. I stayed in bed for 15 minutes, getting my energy back. Walking out into the daylight, it seemed so bright that I had to shut both my eyes to walk across to the street. Then I was very, very careful on the walk home. The rest of the day, I didn’t do much – listened to a George Sinclair sermon, watched the news twice, and enjoyed having L-A’s company.

Mon Dec 14
The car was booked in for a basic service and brake work, so I was up by 7:30, and passed it to Brian around 8. On my way home I bought fruit, juice and some other groceries at Pick n Pay. I had a leisurely day, finishing a few important computer projects, since tomorrow this could be more difficult. Our girls seemed to have realised that they weren't going to get much attention from me this week, but Lottie called on her new phone to see how I was. I collected the car and a bill for R5,213 (mainly for the brakes) about 2:30. Dr van Dyk asked that I should pay his bill in full before tomorrow's surgery, which I was able to do because the large wire transfer arrived. The time of my surgery has been brought forward to 9:30. After the right eye experience I am not so relaxed about the left eye, but many are praying so all will be well. During the day I watched half the documentary 'Amy' on Netflix - not the kind of thing I normally can spare time for. I won't be adding more to this journal till the surgery is complete and I can focus on the computer screen with the new lenses and without glesses. That may not be for a few days.

Sun Dec 13
I dreamed several times that I took off my eye patch, but when I actually got up it was still in place - a good thing. Quite early I went to the bathroom and removed the tape holding in the eye patch. I could see light! But it sure wasn't in any kind of focus. I got up and shaved carefully, not risking any water going in the eye. I got dressed and spent a few minutes checking the long and short distance focus. After breakfast we packed our plastic plates and juice boxes for the church lunch and went down the back stairs. I wore my glasses; my left eye needed to be able to focus. There is little traffic in Worcester at that time on a Sunday morning, and we were safely parked in a disabled spot five minutes later. We were almost the first to arrive. L-A hadn't wanted me to do any camera work for the livescreen broadcast, but no-one else in our team had turned up by 9:10 so I operated the wide angle camera. This is always in focus, and only required occasional adjustments to direction and zoom which was no problem for me. When the time came for the sermon, I left the settings where they could stay throughout and went next to L-A in translation row. The lunch was already being prepared when we had arrived, and a very efficient team transferred the church into an indoor-outdoor restaurant. Our cell group was together on a couple of long tables. I collected our food - rice and meat - and returned to the table. The group was soon tucking in. The whole thing was a social success without breaking too many Covid rules. There were even ice cream lollies at the end. I had a nice chat with Hilda, Gisela's sister, who is the first patient in the new medical centre that had been the venue for our cell group for the last three years. Back home I fould I was able to type on this computer, though I have concerns about whether I will still be able to when both lenses have been replaced.

Sat Dec 12
On this day I could not remove my right eye patch, so it was going to be relatively quiet. For a start I would not able to visit Claire's market in Avian Park. So instead I slept in till 12:30, and had another 2 hours at tea time. My eye had been uncomfortable yesterday, as if there was conjunctivitis in there, but today it was OK. I didn't venture out, not wanting to scare the natives any more than I had yesterday.

Fri Dec 11
Friday morning was a mixture of satisfaction that the day was here to start fixing my eyesight, and apprehension about the process. I completed the application forms for Advanced Health, where L-A had undergone port insertion surgery on 28 August 2019. About 10 am I got a call from Dr Van Dyk to say that everything was ready, and that my negative Covid test result had reached him the previous day. I had convinced Laurie-Ann that the best way of getting to Advanced Health was on foot, rather than leaving her with the problem of bringing the car to collect me afterwards. It was a 10 - 15 minutes walk, and I started out at 12:30 via our front door. Worcester is a pleasant place to walk in, but also a town where there are more and more desperate people who have run out of money, so I kept my wits about me in case anyone showed more than a passing interest. At this stage of the game I wasn't going to risk anything spoiling the plan. On my arrival I was checked for temperature and sanitised before reaching recepion. There were 3 others there, all for eye surgery. I handed in my forms, and soon a nurse appeared who clearly knew of me, or at least my name. It was Vanecia Marais, who had struck up a friendship with Laurie-Ann during the port insertion surgery, and had asked to be kept informed of her progress, which I had done for a while. After about half an hour we were taken to another room where pre-op paperwork was completed, and blood pressure and temperature recorded. One of the patients was there to have a foreign object removed from his eye. Soon a man joined us with a patch over an eye having had cataract surgery. He seemed cheerful enough as they brought him coffee and a toasted sandwich!

I have just walked home after the operation, and am writing this with my left eye and my glasses jammed over the eye patch as a test to see if I can do it. I was there from 1 till 4, most of which was pre-op prepatation, eye drops, blood pressure. Finally it was my turn and I was wheeled into another room on a gurney, where I was alone for a while and able to sneak in a selfie. Quite soon came the local anaesthetic needle Dr Marais had told me about. It was long, but not very painful. He said it would all be downhill from there on. Eventually I was wheeled into the theatre where I got off the gurney and onto an operating bed. Coverings were put over my right eye, and finally a blue sheet with a hole in it was put over my head. The work was to be done through the hole. Once he got started, I seemed to have continuous sensation in my right eye, and light, though that may have been visible through the left eye. It just seemed to be through the right. The sensation only briefly was actually painful and I grunted; the rest of the time it was just unpleasant. I swear that at one point he said "Just 10 minutes more," and then "Everything that could go wrong was going wrong," but maybe I dropped off to sleep and dreamed it, because at the end he said everything was just fine. He was firm in saying I must keep the eye patch on till Sunday morning, and on that day I must take an eye drop 4 times a day. I was wheeled back to where I had started for another blood pressure measurement and a cup of coffee and a toasted cheese and tomato sandwich which went down very well.
Written the following Monday. Fairly soon I went to bed for several hours, during which time my dear wife cooked a special meal based on the pork tenderloin I have found in Woolworths a few days ago, so that when I woke up I didn't need to think about cooking. One of the girls phoned for help, but unerstood that I was out of action for a while. After dinner I was able to watch a session of Bethel's 'Open Heaven' that we have been enjoying this past week. Wearing glasses isn't easy, as mentioned above, but there was enough focus to follow the program.

Thu Dec 10
To Paarl to see Este who is making L-A exercise more and more. Back home I had now worked out everything Lottie would need to know about the LG Stylo phone, and disable the initial screen lock. I also found the code for her to dial for a sighted friend to see how mauch air time she had left. I had written all the vital information on one side of a sheet of paper. I called Chantelle and arranged to pick her up in Avian Park and take her to Lottie's. When she saw the phone she indicated she was familiar with the layout. We went into Lottie's house and I gave her the phone. It turned out that she also was instantly familiar with the layout. She had memorised my number so I invited her to call me, and while she did so I made a video. She was so happy she burst into tears at one point, and laughed in joy as she heard my phone ringing. As I drove Chantelle home via OK for pies, I invited her to come to us for Boxing Day. I took Janey to the mall in the afternoon, and did our shopping as well. I found Lennon 'Turlington' at Dis=Chem, and sweetened condensed milk at Pick n Pay. At one point I was worried that the sorbet I had bought in Woolworths might melt, and I had lost touch with Janey. My phone was out of power, but I managed to get it going plugged into the cigar lighter, with the car idling, and re-established contact. Janey didn't pick up, so I left a voicemail saying I would be back after putting the sorbet in the freezer, but just as I was about to drive off, she turned up. At home I tried the Turlington, which tasted awful, immedietely telling me why the condensed milk was necessary. I took the potion 3 times a day till it was finished. By the time I went to bed I hadn't heard from the Covid testing unit whether I was in the clear to go for the cateract surgery tomorrow.

Wed Dec 9
Pathcare would open at 8:15 so I had some porridge and was there by 7:55 - to find a gaggle of 8 people in the line-up. Pathcare opened early, at 8:05. By 8:45 I was number 1 in line, looking back at those after me, and soon was having the swab poked up my nose and making me feel as if I would have a massive nose bleed. But I didn't. The nurse kindly marked my case as 'priority' when she heard I was having surgery in two days. Soon I was on my way to Pelikaan St to pick up Jamelia, Nona and Isaiah and get on our way. I was still feeling some of the effects of the eye drops from yesterday, so distant objects were blurred. When we arrived, the three of us went to G4 ward. Nona seemed comfortable to be there and knew her way around. Jamelia and I returned to the car. I then said a prayer for a successful operation. I had intended to pray before we had arrived, but forgot. In the afternoon I joined the Riverside kids and the Avian Park kids, as did Kevin, Ronel and Mazvita. I played a verse of 6 carols, teaching them about the first Christmas, and Kevin translated into Afrikaans. Kevin used sea shells as visual aids, showing how they were generally the same, but very different; indeed unique if you looked closely - just like humans. I told the story of Lottie's phone, and the fact that Chantelle had told me the perpetrator had smashed the sim card. The problem was, this was not true. Chantelle had lost some of my trust as a result. I suggested to the kids that they stay away form lying if they would like to be trusted. We had 11 in the blue and white container in Avian Park, and it was the best venue I have used for leading kids in praise singing. Ronel gave out wrapped presents for everyone in both locations. Anthonica phoned to say she was mugged outside the mini-mall by a man in his late 20's; he thrust his hand in her pocket and stole the R50 note I gave her yesterday. Chantelle phoned to ask for food for dinner tonight. All the food I had taken her yesterday had been eaten by the 6 people in her house. I explained that I have no cash in FNB having paid for my cataract operations, until the wire transfer I did yesterday comes through in 5 business days. Bella contacted L-A saying she had a problem, and she had no phone. I called her back to a friend's phone but the quality was abysmal. Still, she was able to tell me that one of her text books had been stolen, presumably by another learner, and if she didn't return it to the school, she would be charged R230. I asked why she wasn't using Johanna's phone, and she said it had been stolen out of her pocket when she was in a shop. It seems to me that the Worcester phone-stealing gangs are in overdrive during this desperate time. We must all be very wary when we leave our homes.

Tue Dec 8
This morning I weighed 61.3 Kg, or 135.17 Lb, my lowest ever weight since childhood. The TB journey involves weight loss, and loss of appetite, and I am not sure which is the cause and which the effect. Bella called and asked me to drive her to school at 12:30 for an exam this afternoon. Before that however, Claire had asked me to take her to the hospital at 9:30. She had tried to reach me with this request by WhatsApp messages, and of course I hadn't seen them, so eventually she called. Good move on her part! As we drove on the main road we passed a cyclist, also riding on the left, but Claire exclaimed that he should have been on the other side of the road. I interrupted to disagree, realising that if she thought that, it explains why so many cyclists ride on the wrong side of the road. She told me that a friend had experienced faster TB recovery (specifically weight gain and better appetite) after taking Lennon's 'Turlington' with sweetened condensed milk. I dropped her at the day clinic, and invited her to call me if or when she wanted a ride home. L-A told me that Jamelia had left several messages asking me to call her. I went to Jamelia's and asked her what she had wanted to talk to me about. She said that Tygerberg hospital had called her sister Nona and told her she must come to Tygerberg with baby Isaiah tomorrow, Wednesday. She wanted to leave at 7:00 am. At 12:30 I picked up Bella and Joy and took them to school for a 3-hour exam. I hadn't done that drive since February. Claire hadn't called by 2:30, so I assumend she found a lift. But then she did call and asked if I could collect her from the Durban Street Shell station. I was there in 15 minutes and she filled the back seat with bags of clothes she had been given for the children. I dropped her with them at the blue and white container, and she started sorting them out. At 4:15 I arrived at the consulting rooms of Dr Marais van Dyk, othalmologist. His receptionist gave him the referral letter from Rejeanne at Van Wyk and Le Roux. He assessed my situation and made measurements with his equipment. He does hundreds of cataract operations in the course of a year, replacing the natural lens with a prosthetic, and he does the two eyes a few days apart. He gave me a quotation of R36,500, of which R18,500 was his fee and he doesn't accept credit cards. Then he said he had one opening before January, this coming Friday and next Tuesday. But he reminded me that before the Advanced Surgical Centre would allow me in, they would need the results of a Covid test. With the resurge of Covid, the tests were taking longer, so it would be very tight. I felt at peace when I decided to go for it, and trust that the Covid result would be through in time. The alternative, waiting till January didn't appeal to me - I wanted to see well as soon as possible. Waiting perhaps 18 months for it to be done in Canada would condemn me to that much time reading with magnifying glasses, and actually not reading very much at all except on the computer, which was not a problem. Driving away with the dilated pupils was uncomfortable but not dangerous. I drove to Bella's school and three girls were waiting, and seemed in good spirits. The exam had gone well for them. I took them to Avian Park. Then I drove to Anthonica's house, and after a discussion about some activity coming up, gave her a R50 note. I went home and that evening paid the R750 consulting fee by EFT. I then calculated how much we would need in our FNB bank account to cover Dr van Dyk's fees for both eyes, and set up a wire transfer on XE Transfer. It took most of our Simplii money. Until it arrives we'll have very little cash to cover any requests that can't be paid by credit card. I took some food down to Chantelle, including staples (enough for several daya) and pies. I had decided that although Dr Marais suggested I could go to a Pathcare near Tygerberg, I would far prefer to go to the Worcester Pathcare. So I called Jamelia and established that we could leave Worcester around 9 - the surgery wouldn't be done tomorrow. I was pleased to see John Lennon's death-day was referenced on the France-24 News.

Mon Dec 7
Jan called and asked that I meet her at FNB to be resent as a signing officer. It gave us an opportunity to chat as we were waiting. Next stop was Pep Cell, where I bought the phone for Lottie I had seen a couple of days ago for R155, including a Cel C sim. The store inserted the sim, and also set the date and time (unless that had been done in the factory). At about 12:20 Chantelle called - she was with Lottie outside our gate and wanted transport. When I got down and picked them up the most pressing need turned out to be food so I got them pies at OK. Chantelle had been with Lottie to report the assault last night to the police. The police told her to go to the hospital within 3 days to establish the seriousness of the assault, and if she needed medical treatment. She was in pain in her jaw but there was no cut. Since I had to be at the optician by 1:15, she suggested dropping her and Lottie at Lottie's house and she would find another way to get to the hospital. It was good to see Rejeanne again at Van Wyk and Le Roux opticians. She showed me first that I would see a little more clearly with a new prescription, but then she showed me photos of by pupils on her cell phone, clearly showing the cloudy surfaces. It was clear the cateracts needed attention, and she explained that after surgery, my prescription would change, so I shouldn't buy new lenses now. She gave me an introductory letter for Dr Marius van Dyk, Opthalmologist and eye surgeon. I called him at about 2:30 and got an appointment for tomorrow at 4:30. I also called Dr Christo van Dyk's office and explained Laurie-Ann's request for a report on the ECG he did on 29 Aug 2019 which Dr Gildenhuys had requested. Then I called Lottie Williams old number, and spoke with the new owner of the phone that was stolen from her. Her name was Janice. When I explained that the phone was stolen from a blind lady with all her connections on the sim card, not only did she readily agree to give it back to me at no charge, she said I could come round right away. They lived on Parker St, south of Durban, and it was easy to find. Soon I had the sim in my hand, and she had even taken it out of the phone for me. We heard the great news that the municipality has now reduced the cost of electrical connection to R92,000. Sounds to me as if they are making up the rules as they go along, but this is very good. This was final proof that Chantelle had lied in her version of what had happened. I never was able to elicit a logical reason from her about why she would have made up the story. I spent some time familiarizing myself with Lottie's phone. She may only need to use it for voice communications, but it has hugh additional capabilities, irrelevant to Lottie, but for a typical user, learning how to use them would take more than intuition, surely. The manual was very inadequate, not having any information about customer service, but I found a Telkom site on line which had good info about the Stylo E18 Prime, for that's what it was. I later discovered that Stylo is a subsidiary of LG, and I emailed LG to see if they would answer emailed queries.

Sun Dec 6
I went to church but L-A didn't. I took two copies of 'Legacy,' giving one to Tendai. Nik and Gisela were not there. I went to the front and asked Craig if I could watch what her was doing on camera 3, and hold his cable. We had a nice chat but I sensed he didn't really want me hovering around. He mentioned that in New York he had seen a radio link that could make the cables unnecessary for about $400. I spent 15 minutes on the wide angle camera before passing it over to Caroline. Joan invited Pieter-Louis and Sumé to the front and even though I didn't understand the Afrikaans, it looked to me as if they were leaving WCC. Johan's sermon was in English, but I still went and stayed in translation row. Towards the end of the service a group of men went to the front and said they wanted to support Johan in persuading more people to come to church despite the social distancing restrictions. I sensed this being fairly close to saying that they should disregard the rules in this instance. When people were asked to come to the front in solidarity with the first group, I stayed in my seat. As people were leaving the sanctuary, I spoke to both Pieter-Louis and Sumé and wished them well. They will be pastoring the Living Waters church in Paarl, so it's a step up the ladder for them, and well deserved. Sumé is very pregnant. At 7 I tried to tune into the GIG Zoom, but there was nothing there. Maybe it is off for Christmas. About 9 Chantelle called to say she had been punched in the face by her sister's boyfriend. She asked me for the number for the police so she could report it. She was having difficulty speaking. I recommended keeping the police number on her phone.

Sat Dec 5
There was an entertaining school parade along the high street with a brass band advertising (I think) a school sports day. I filmed it from our balcony. I drove down to see Lottie to ask if she was still without a phone. She was. Interestingly, when I called her previous number the phone rang, suggesting the sim was intact, and I even spoke to the new owner offering to buy back the sim, but he was in a room full of people talking so I couldn't get him to understand what I wanted. I then asked advice on buying cheap basic phones at Cell Repair, but his cheapest phone was R1000+. He recommended Pep, where there was a half hour queue, this being normal in Worcester on a Saturday morning, perhaps because it is the only chance for farm workers to shop. The queue at Pep Cell was shorter, and I got in after 10 minutes, and they had a phone for R155. To buy it I would been proof of (my) residence and and my ID, so I went home to print a copy of the relavent passport pages. If they need to see the original passport, we are sunk because it is at the Immigration Department. I started work on my e-mail backlog, and condensing my do lists into a smaller number. At about 1, I went out for urgent groceries, and some lunch for us. After the lunch I drove again to Pep Cell but they had closed at 2, like many of the shops. They have a bustling Saturday morning, and then the streets empty for the afternoon, presumably to allow the shop staff some time off. For the rest of the day I continued with administration tasks, and made a start on my letter of agreement to GNCM Board for the duties Richard spelt out on 30 November. As I did these things it occurred to me that I had been shying off doind such work for several weeks, just not feeling like background tasks. Looking back this now seemed to me to be a TB symptom, and thank goodness, in the last few days I have felt more up to it, getting some key actions completed at last.

Fri Dec 4
There were more attenders at early morning prayers at Carlo's than there have been since lock down. Only Marius is still missing. I brought Godfrey. I asked for prayer for our medical visa situation. Chantelle wanted me to take her to town, but first I had promised to drive Janey round the three fabric stores at 10:30. After taking her home I suggested we had another Nu Skin teach in, and I gave them an overview of the product families and why they excell in comparison with stor-bought products. I left them ny copy of the printed catalog, on loan. I called Chantelle and told her I would be arriving in 15 minutes. She asked me for R50 on loan to add to the R140 I had lent her to buy biltong and sell at a profit. I would dearly love her to learn some elements of buying and selling. Then I drove her down town. She didn't ask for food or to be picked up later. I called Solutions Banking Mastercard on the iPad, telling them that for the last 2 months my auto payments of the amount necessary to avoid interest had resulted in immediate reversals and an interest charge, suggesting there was insufficient headroom in the account. Since the agent was unable to qualify the extent of headroom missing, I asked him to cancel the automatic payment for the time being. The problem with auto payments is they don't take account of any interim payments made, in which case the auto payment will be reversed unless there is plenty of headroom. The agent did however reverse the last two months interest, saving us about $90.

Thu Dec 3
To Paarl for 9. Este gave L-A a major work-out, and was pleased to hear the report of the visit to Dr Gildenhuys. Waiting in the car I read a few pages of 'The Kingdom Way of Life,' and with the sun shining on the page I could read it without difficulty. L-A wants me to investigate further having at least one cateract operation here. There is no doubt that in poor light, reading a book or newsprint is a strain. The concern is that if I leave it till Canada, I may have to wait a long time, by when the problem could have seriously worsened. After Este and Nibbly Bits, we re-visited Goede Hoop butcher having been so pleased with their meat two weeks ago, and bought beef, chicken sosates and wors. Red meat is 20% - 30% more expensive than a year ago. Then we re-visited Laborie winery and bought 7 bottles of wine. We got back to Worcester in time to pick up Claire Slingers from her hairdresser, and then collect a pair of trousers that Alta had offered to give me, probably because they were size 32, pretty rare in this land of overweightness. Clair asked us to stop at Shopright on Durban where she bought sliced bread at R7 and other items for the Avian Park lunch she had planned today. We dropped her at the blue and white container where her ladies were cooking. We then drove home via the homes of our girls to encourage them to get the free hot food.

Wed Dec 2
We got up at 6 so that we would be at Panorama Oncology in good time to see Dr Christian Gildenhuys at 9. He is the plastic surgeon recommended by Arnold Smith to patch up L-A's skin-fold under her left arm that I am currently batheing and putting on ointment every morning, something we don't want to have to do for the rest of one of our lives. He saw us both and he educated us in rebalancing after mastectomy and bariatric surgery. In Dubai he had experienced large numbers of bariatric surgeries - surgeons performing three a day - and was quite keen on the benefits, and recommended a colleague to perform one on L-A. However, we hadn't come for bariatric surgery. Finally he described the procedure for the skin fold surgery, and we set a date: 12 January, assuming we accept his quotation. We probably will because he will waive his personal fee out of the kindness of his heart. He did not charge for the consultation. After it we had coffee and delicious cookies in a coffee shop within the facility. I ordered a couple more cookies to take home. I went to Riverview for the penultimate kids ministry of the year there, with Ronel and Mazvita. After that we drove on to Avian Park and prepared to minister in the blue and white container. Ronel waited outside the school, but none of the teens turned up, and we have no idea why. Clair Slingers was there organizing a soup kitchen for the next day. We watched the final episode of season 4 of The Crown. It portrays Charles as a serious villain, which gave rise to pleas from the cast and others for a disclaimer at the start that this is a work of fiction. However, i suspect the damage is done and Charles' reputation (and chances of ever being king) will suffer even more.

Tue Dec 1
Last night I had watched half of a doumentary: 'The Jeff Beck story.' This morning I watched the rest, and also 'The Shadows at Sixty,' and added both to my music page where I am building a small library of great music videos. The Beck film was an eye opener, and I listened afterwards to his excellent 2010 album 'Emotion and Commotion' on Spotify. How wonderful it is to be able to play any recorded music I wish at the touch of a computer key. Jeff Beck is definitely one of the greatest electric guitarists, originally inspired by Les Paul. However, he was not very comfortable at expressing himself verbally, and I wondered if that was the reason that at one stage in his music career he would destroy high quality Marshal amplifiers after a gig, in frustration. This is similar to the emotions that we see in Africa when people burn down schools and other public property when they feel powerless to fight for 'their rights' in any other way. Bella asked if I would drive her downtown for shopping, and though we didn't see her message until after lunch, I agreed. First I called Anthonica to see if she had made any progress putting me in touch with the organizers of the camp she wanted to go on at the weekend, the veracity of which was in doubt in my mind. She told me that most of the money her mother was now earning was paying off debt, and begged me to buy her a cheeseburger. I drove to McDonalds, and got one for her and one for Bella. Bella had one of her brothers with her, so they shared it, hungrily. I dropped her on the High Street and went to buy Traxa; her grandmother had finished the Traxa that had previouly been Laurie-Ann's. When I got back to the High Street, it turned out that Bella was picking up shoes and other items that were on lay-by, but had forgotten her ID, so we drove back to get it. This time when I parked illegally for them to get out, two traffic officers told me I couldn't park there. This was the first time I had seen any parking enforcement in Worcester. After getting the shoes, we went to Europa Fisheries so Bella could buy tonight's supper, and then to Boxer. At no point did she ask me to pay for anything. On my way home I stopped in 'Build it' to buy masking tape to secure L-A's bandages, and someone tapped me on the shoulder. It was Mpho and Mandisa. He seemed his happy self, but was quite thin, the side effect of his meds according to Mandisa. Apparently he had recognized our car outside the store. It was really nice to see Mpho and chat with him briefly. En route for home I saw a stack of fans in Pick n Pay for R345. We knew we would need one when the weather heats up, and it crossed my mind that so would lots of others, so better to buy now than wait until we really needed one, when they could be far less available. My driver's licence expires on 15 February 2021, my 80th birthday. Today I read the rules for renewing one's licence on line. I found this statement on a site explaining the rules for driving over 80: Driver’s Licence expiration dates and temporary drivers’ licences are extended for drivers who had a valid licence on March 1, 2020. This extension will be in place until further notice." This could be an excellent solution in my situation. I also read a
Service Ontario book to educate us 80 year olds in how still to drive.

Mon Nov 30
Our original visas run out today - will we be aliens? There was another donation this morning, for $200. I wondered if there was a spiritual connection with the loaf I had given to the beggar on Saturday. I called Dr Hofmeyr's surgery to confirm they were expecting Bella at noon, and contacted her on Messenger. It had taken a while to get this appointment and I didn't want anything to go wrong. I had 90 minutes before picking her up. I called Janey and said I would love to pick up the pear crumble, and we could discuss Nu Skin. When I arrived they were both all ears to hear more so I outlined the marketing plan, Velocity, which is significantly different from when I was active previously. In explaining it I brought out key aspects of network marketing Nu Skin-style. We began by agreeing that there are plenty of people with money in this country, as evidenced by the ~4 SUV showrooms in the high street. We just have to find them. If they are looking for superior product quality we have something to offer them. As Janey packaged up our crumble, she said they were ready to sign up as brand affiliates, and Andre asked if they could do it in the name of their company Eyehear, and I said yes. Thet were keen on keeping their business separate from other aspects of their lives. I drove from there to collect Bella and had her at the dentist's by 10 to noon. Bella asked if I could get her some bread and something to put on it, from which I knew their pantry was bare. Since Chantelle's pantry was also bare, I got bread and pilchards from Pick n Pay Local and then went home for staples for Chantelle from our own store. I was back at the surgery by 12:30, and Bella was waiting for me. She said her teeth now fitted perfectly. I asked at the accounts window, but there was no charge. I took her home. I received a copy of an email sent by Richard to the GNCM board, putting some meat on the discussion he and I had had on Zoom on 27 November and giving me actions and the future responsibility for GNCM when the charitable designation is removed (and passed to Church of the Messiah).

Sun Nov 29
L-A hadn't lost last night's determination, so we busied ourselves getting ready for church, she in green, and I in dark colours suitable for filming duties. She also took the satchell of colouring books and her drawing pad and pencils. Kenneth was on the roving camera, which meant Carlo took the selector screen, Tandai and I were on the wide-angle camera and a girl I hadn't met before, Rissong (?) was on the telephoto camera. I was on for the first half of the worship, and then Tendai. After the worship, Tendai went to watch Carlo at the selector screen. Rissong noticed that her battery would run out around 10 am, so she and I agreed that I would then take over for the close ups. Two things went wrong with this plan; she carried on with cluse ups, and her battery lasted longer than indicated. Carlo was confused by 2 cameras on close up and came down and put mine back on wider angle. Despite these issues, most viewers would have not noticed any problems, and when Rissong's camera finally expired, I was the solo long distance camera. Johan preached on strength in weakness, looking at the biblical precedents for anointed people (like David) still feeling weak at times. Yet we are all annointed as children of the King, and we should expect times when we feel weak, yet we are still annointed and that is where strength comes from. Here's the podcast - well worth re-visiting. After the service, L-A was able to thank Alta for her expert work on the kaftan, and gave her a colouring book. With Holy Spirit help she might bring it to the attention of potential customers. We drove to the final cell group meeting in 174 Stockenstrom St., since Nik and Gisela have sold it to become a medical clinic. He has now wound down his commercial activity, but is still with the municipal council after 5 years. He feels the time may be right for a major change, perhaps returning to Switzerland for a few years. There was no discussion on where we might meet in 2 weeks time. We could offer our house, but the difficulties of letting people in the front door would make it inefficient. Someone mentioned how hard it is for people to find an income in South Africa, so I took the opportunity to say that I had a could of copies of 'Legacy' to give away to people who would appreciate its significance, and I would like to give to Nik & Gisela, and to Tendai if they would be prepared to read it.

Sat Nov 28
Both Bella and Athonica sent desperate messages for food, which we'll quote in the next newsletter. As I entered Pick n Pay Local, a beggar at the door asked for bread. Thsi is common at that door and normally I ignore it, but today I would buy 3 loaves and suddenly it would be easy to buy a fourth; I felt as if it was the most natural thing in the world. I also bought 5 cans of pilchards for a special price, R90. On leaving the store I gave a loaf to the beggar. He looked at me in surprize. I told him that Jesus told me to get it for him and gave him a warm smile. TKG. I drove the groceries to Avian Park and delivered to the girls. Laurie-Ann made hungarian apricot jam, lekvar, and cornbread. I finished thanking the last of the kind people who had unexpectedly contributed through Iris this month, including, outstandingly, Alison and Dave Stortz. Our recent newsletter has brought in $3,931, if we include Iris, badly needed since I was only able to pay the minimum on the TD Visa twice in the last 3 months. It wasn't as if the newsletter was designed as an appeal, but our dear supporters read something in it that made them fee they wanted to help. L-A decided tonight that she was definitely going to church tomorrow, dare I say it, to show off her new green kaftan! Janey called to say she had a couple of slices of peach crumble for us.

Fri Nov 27
A busy day for me started with prayer group at 5:45. If I hadn't gone and taken Godfrey, Louis could have gone right back to bed. Instead I was able to give a praise report on Cathy's recovery, and ask for prayer for the Breede Valley Municipality as they are approached by Jan and others on the matter of the extortionate electricity connection charge for the new multi-container facility now being contructed on Jan's land. At 9:45 I took Janey to El Tabita to be fitted for several items of clothing by Alta Human, and collected L-A's new kaftan. As soon as I saw the green kaftan hanging up I knew it was the right choice. Alta only charged R110 but I gave her R120 and said to keep the change. I then took Janey to have her nails done in the Institute for the Deaf, and while she was there took L-A's urine sample to Dr Eric. He tested it on the spot and then wrote her a prescription for Ciploxx instead of the penicillin she had previously. I picked up Janey and took her on another errand and then to her home. She mentioned that Andre was warming up strongly to the idea of Nu Skin. When I got home L-A reminded me she had promised I would take Cathy to Worcester hospital, so I got down to Pelikaan fast. I had actually been expecting to take Johanna to the hospital, so was surprised when Cathy and Bella got into the car to visit Joanna and the twins in the hospital. I was pleasantly surprised to see Cathy up and about, and putting L-A's walking stick to very good use. Bella told me that Johanna and the twind had been brought back to Worcester from Tygerberg in an ambulance. When I got them to the hospital main entrance, I didn't drive off immediately, which was good because they soon returned to the car. Visiting time had been reduced to 3pm - 3:30, and only one visitor was allowed. This presumably was in response to a resurgence of Covid in Western Cape. I took them home again and recommended to Bella that she not visit the hospital except in emergency. At 2:30 Richard and I had a Zoom call when he told me of the decisions made by the GNCM board yesterday at his home. It has been decided to wind up the GNCM charity from early next year. The charity framework will be passed on to George Sinclair at his request. The money in the GNCM bank account has risen to more than $8,000. It is proposed that the web site continues (of course) as a resource library of the wealth of programs that exist in the podcasts, possibly using an automated method of selecting a new podcast for each week. We would stop adding new material in January. Richard asked me to give him a list of web site maintenance costs totalling $2,000, which would be sent direct to me. A further $4,000 would be transferred to is for ministry work, via Iris. The rest ($2,000) would be donated to Mary Sherwood or a similar missionary ministry. Lottie called at about 3:30 from a friend's phone and asked if I could bring her a number of staple foods. I was due to pick up Chantelle about 3:30 but decided to combine this with helping Lottie. I collected sugar, rice and potatoes from our own store, and went to Pick n Pay for a couple of additional items. Then I drove down to pick up Chantelle. I explained that we were first going to OVD to give food to Lottie. Lottie wasn't home but I called her on the number she had called from earlier, and she said she would come home. When she got there she took 10 minutes to undo the chain that she uses as security on her door. Eventually Chantelle completed the job. I carried the groceries in and she told me more about her stolen phone. Chantelle filled in more information as I brought her to our home. A cousin of Lottie's in the OVD community had delivered a used washing machine to her house. She was sitting on the bed with her phone beside her. She felt his hand, although she didn't know that he had picked up her phone. When he had gone she realised the phone was gone also. Heartbroken, Lottie went to the police and reported the theft. The man sold the phone to someone he knew for R20, and used the money to to buy mandrax. The new owner identified Lottie from the phone, and knew her - everyone knows her in that community. According to Chantelle, the thief then returned to the man he had sold the phone to, and wishing to eliminate any way in which he could be traced, destroyed the phone and the sim. The man who had bought the phone, now destroyed, visited Lottie and told her what had happened to her phone. The sim card had contained all of Lottie's contacts, the only way she was able to be in touch with them. If true, this crime against a blind woman represents a serious incidence of GBV. When Chantelle arrived at Da Vinci I took her straight out to see the view from the balcony. Then she settle down with the Mozambican phone and a headphones, watching videos of My Fathers House showing mailbox clubs singing Willie & Die Wengspan songs, including I don't wanna be a rock star that she filmed a year ago, which now has 280 hits. She went onto the balcony and danced to YouTubes, and I took photos. Waterblommetjiebredies lamb stew had been cooking in the crock pot for several hours. We sat down to eat at about 6:30. Although the waterblommetjiebredies are harvested from ponds half a mile from Chantelle's house, and she knew about them, she had never tasted them before. They are a delicacy unique to Western Cape, found in dams and marshes. We had bought this batch on a drive back home via Rawsonville near the long bridge south of Worcester which spans the Breede river. For dessert, L-A had her regular sorbet, and Chantelle and I had the first milk tart I had brought since the beginning of lock down when L-A stopped drinking cow's milk. After supper I spent half an hour going through with Chantelle the four home economics tips that I have shared with the Riverview kids the last four weeks. I took her home about 8:30. Whe we got there she made a strong pitch for me to give her R50, but she only got R10 since I have given her a lot recently.

Thu Nov 26
Chantelle asked me to brng her 2 pies. Both her parents were out working, apparently leaving her without food. A grass fire was being put out on the Malmok corner, and I had to drive through thick white smoke. Her yellow bike was by her gate and it had no brakes. Apparently, when she had ridden it in the past, to stop it she just got off quickly. She said the repair shop could add brakes for R50. I didn't think that possible and gave her R100. She is still promising to return the R140 I had advanced her to buy biltong and sell in small amounts at a profit. I invited her to come to us for tomorrow afternoon and dinner. She enthusiatically accepted. Instead of refilling our water bottles at Body Fuel Express, I decided to buy 2 new pastic bottles, filled, for R30. My motive was mainly hygeine; the previous bottled had been in use 3 years. I am still feeling better than I did a week ago, maybe related to realizing the correct dosage for my TB pills was 4 a day, at my weight, not 3. Lottie called me to tell me that her phone had been stolen. i was preoccupied at the time of the call and didn't immediately appreciate the full significance.

Wed Nov 25
We both slept in and felt the better for extra rest. When I finally arose and looked in the bathroom mirror I saw a healthy new 1 cm diameter scar exactly where the boils had been. I had promised to take some money for school fees to Chantelle. When I arrived at her house she told me that she owned one of the yellow bicycles from WCC but a year or more ago it had suffered a bent pedal and wheel. She knew a repair shop that could fix it for R50. I was doubtful but I decided to give her the money. Later in the day she called to say they had quoted her R150, so I gave her the rest. If this would save my driving her between Avian Park and OVD fairly regularly, it would be worth it. I went shopping, returning only by 1, barely enough time for lunch before Riverview. At 2:10 it crossed my mind to see if Ronel had sent any messages about this afternoon's ministry - she had, suggesting I pick her up at 2:15. I made it by 2:20. Mazvita was away, involved in a wedding. After the music, Ronel continued with the course on friendship for which she had downloaded some excellent visual aids from Pinterest, and printed and laminated them. After the session we drove on to Avian Park. Ronel had arranged with Jan that we could use one of the newly arrived containers instead of being on the pavement outside the primary school. We drove to pick up the key from Claire Slingers, leader of the Avian Park Umbrella Group. We then inspected the container, finding it quite pleasant inside and not too hot. We drove back to the primary school, but no kids turned up. At 4:15 we gave up waiting and took the key back to Clair. She came out to the car and got in for a chat. She had been recuperating for 6 weeks after medical procedures. She said there was a meeting at 5 today between the Umbrella group and Shopright to discuss the massive charge the municipality had announced to connect electricity (see below last Sunday). I asked if she was going to the meeting, and she said she wasn't strong enough to walk there. I said I would pick her up at 4:45. I took Ronel home, and returned. The meeting was on Jan's land where 4 containers were being welded together to make into a Shoprite on Jan's land that she would earn rent from. Clair got out and the meeting took place. The electricity connection charge is potentially a big problem dor Shoprite, and Jan had considered halting any more construction work until it was all sorted out. On the way back to Claire's home she told me she was planning an advertsing campaign and a rally/march to protest the situation to BVM. I got to WCG by 6:25 expecting an on-line services training, but the church gate was shut, so I knew something had changed. Leonie saw me from inside and opened the gate. There was a prayer meeting in full swing which had already split into small groups. I waited on the sidelines for a while but eventually went to the group that Kenneth was in, and he explained that this prayer meeting for everyone involved in the music of the church had started at 5:30, as promulgated by WhatsApp - which I hadn't seen. I apologized for my lack of diligence in not checking WhatsApp. Just before it all came to an end, I did ask for prayer for the impasse about the electricity connecting in Avial Park, and Kenneth obliged.

Tue Nov 24
Today I made sure of taking my Celebrex, and soon I was feeling an approximation of my old self. For a while I have known I must revisit the TD1 form that I completed for Iris. There were two concerns: firstly that I had failed to indicate other income in additional to Iris donations, and so insufficient tax was being withheld by Iris. Secondly, all our income was being allocated to me rather than shared between us. A year ago I had pointed out my concerns to Janis at Iris, discovering in the process that she didn't want missionaries talking directly to the firm that did the tax returns, but also demonstrating that her knowledge of such matters was limited. However when I checked our current pay slips for more than $2,500, the money had been split approximately equally between us. So something had been changed. Whether it is worth trying to update the TD1 at this stage is questionable. Since we will have plenty of medical expenses in 2020, leaving the level of withholding tax as it is should be OK and we will have a rebate. So I decided to save myself, and Iris, and their tax advisers a lot of time and effort, and do nothing. I checked the analytics on my New Nu Skin introductory video to find that only one of the 9 people I had sent personalized introductory messages had clicked the video link. My philosophy with this exercise was to gauge the overal potential by the interest shown as a result of my introductory messages. If I had just a few people asking for more information, it would have been worth while to work with them, and even possibly to contact the others a second time, but with zero interest it is clearly not resonating. So I sent a message to Joan letting her know this status, in case she has any suggestions even at this late stage. For our Hillsong cell group Zoom call, one of the scriptures I selected for homework about thankfulness was Thes 5:18: 'Give thanks in all circumstances...' A testimony I gave of God's faithfulness was that L-A is cancer free, and we are not bankrupt thanks to $63,261 in donations (= R735,000). Shortly after I spoke I went to the stove to turn on our potatoes for dinner and smashed my forehead on the sharp corner of the cooker hood. (Bosch should re-design it. A few days later I emailed their customer service suggesting rounded corners on future designs). I went back to the computer and on screen I saw lots of blood on my forehead. I grabbed paper towel and went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up. After a few minutes I rejoined the discussion. At the end I re-examined the wound and noticed it was slap on top of some never-ending small boils (HS?) that I have battled for months. Here's where I should Give thanks in all circumstances. It is possible that the new wound may have dislodged the boils.

Mon Nov 23
Still enjoying a warm feeling after yesterday, I again skipped Celebrex, but it turned out to be a bad idea. After breakfast L-A received desperate messages from Bella and Jamelia that their families were hungry and had no food. I packaged up bulk supplies (which took 45 minutes) and then bought two loaves and a carton of milk and some mince and took them to Pelikaan. There was noone in Jamelia's house except her bedridden grandfather, but I did see Bella. I asked if she had seen any improvement in Cathy's condition in the last few days and, she said yes, she thought so. This was tremendourly encouraging, not least because L-A and I had been doing some serious praying about her. I am very concerned about what to do if she deteriorates this week. It seems to me we would have to take her to emergency. Whereas if she gets through this week she could gradually get better naturally. I bought 10 Kg potatoes from the stall outside Pick n Pay for R70, wondering why I had paid R110 from the bulk store across from 1-Up a few weeks ago, although they had been huge potatoes. Laurie-Ann gave a whoop of joy from the studio after reading our pay check from Iris - amounting to $2,500, significantly more than usual, this would nicely wipe out the Simplii overdraft I had incurred two days ago. Chantelle sent a stream of messages to L-A so I called her. She said she needed R100 for school fees by tomorrow. I said she should use some of the R1,400 I had given her to buy (and sell) biltong. She insisted that she wanted to pay that back to me at the end of the week. Perhaps naively I agreen to give her R100 tomorrow. I had been feeling bad all day: tight-chestedness, fatigue, nausea and lack of appetite. Because I wanted to prove whether it was from skipping Celebrex, I put up with it, but will return to it tomorrow morning. The only thing I felt I could enjoy doung was watch 'The Crown' tonight, when we will see the first episode of Season 4. Even posting our photos from the trip to Betty's Bay was a chore. I helped L-A with the supper, meat balls made with mince from Goede Hoop butcher in Paarl, but only took a small portion. After TV, and reading psalm 61, I turned in and was soon asleep, oblivious of the fact that L-A stayed up till after 1 working on her art.

Sun Nov 22
Chantelle rang at 7:45 but I ignored it. The Hillsong service would start at 10:30. This was our first time driving to Somerset West since the start of lock down last March. Chantelle called a few more times just before we left. Then she rang again as we turned onto the N1 and now that we wouldn't be able to take her food I answered it. Yes, she asked for some breakfast and when I said we were en-route for Hillsong she of course asked if she could come. We pressed on, enjoying the reunion with these roads, and enjoying some classic popular songs on Heart FM. I wasn't sure if this was just their Sunday mornbing show, but I decided to listen more in the future. We were able to park in our normal disabled spot and were just in time to get coffees. Stephanie's husband introduced himself mentioning that he hadn't been to Canada; actually he hadn't ever flown anywhere. The chairs in the sanctuary were laid out for social distancing. Soon we both felt a tap on the shoulders; Faan and Naomi had arrived. This was called a 'Watch party.' After an introduction by pastor Jeugen, there was praise and worship on screen from Hillsong SA central, and then a good sermon by Lucinda expanding the story of the loaves and fishes. We chatted with Faan and Naomi for quite while. At one point I mentioned to Faan that Worcester badly needs a bus service. He said that if someone set one up it would run for a while until it became necessary to increase the fares due to inflation, at which point the people would torch the bus(es). He also mentioned that in the townships there are feeder taxis which can be unroadworthy that supply the taxis on the main routes. We had lunch at Ocean Basket. My appetite was limited so I had a calamari starter followed by some prawn sushi. It was sufficient. L-A had hake and chips. We then set off for the slow route home, starting south through Gordon's Bay, and along a beautiful coast road circumnavigating Sir Lowry's Pass to Betty's Bay. There we saw a sign - 'Penguins' - so decided to explore the town. We pulled into a beach area, and I went walkabout with the Fuji camera. It wasn't long before I saw penguins. a whole colony of the small South African variety. There were few tourists and the weather was delightful. We drove on a short distance and found a coffee and wine bar called Gnocci's where we were served coffee and pumpkin fritters by a vivacious girl called Ashley. Chantelle called and I told her we wouldn't be home till nearly 8. She asked if we could bring her a Big Mac. It sounded as if she had eaten nothing all day. The drive home along the N2 and R43 was a joy in lovely light and pleasant roads. When we arrived in Worcester we went to McDonald's buying supper for ourselves as well as Chantelle. After eating ours we drove to her house and delivered. There appeared to be 5 ot 6 in her house so I don't know how much of it Chantelle ate. The following WhatsApp was posted by Jan on the MFH group: 'I'd appreciate your prayers for another situation with the municipality. They quoted us R66 000 to connect the electricity. We asked weeks ago for a new quote, but it only arrived after the foundations had been laid. Now they want R300 000 to connect electricity. The previous quote was "a mistake." We are objecting strongly. Neither water nor electricity is connected, and workers are using a generator for power. Yet the municipality has just started charging me for both water and power usage for both blocks. Total amount about R1 000 on top of rates. Another battle to fight.'

Sat Nov 21
This morning I skipped Celebrex without any issues. After breakfast and Laurie-Ann's getting up routine (skin-fold washing, saline and Banogon cream, MLD massage) I connected the iPod to the Blackstar amplifier and decided it would be adequate for this evening. I transferred $2,500 to Solutions banking to pay off my Mastercard at month end, then paid $1,500 off L-A's Visa, eben though this used up our $1,000 overdraft. I took some pies to Chantelle, and she asked my if I would fund her R1,400 to buy biltong that she could sell at a profit tomorrow. I agreed, if she would then return my original $1,400. She insisted she would. I liked this because it teaches a litte about buying, selling and profit, but in the past whe I have tried it I have never received back my investment, because it was used to ward off starvation. We managed to remember everything for Heather's 60th birthday braai, which started at 4, except the Ferraro Rocher chocolate egg I had bought for her birthday present. I was qute ready to go back for it but she insited I bring it another day. There were already about 6 guests, and a few more popped in from time to time, one in a Canada T-shirt although he hadn't never been there. It turned out that all the guests apart from us were people living in her building, and many if not all were members of Worcester Christian Church. On man handled all the braai-ing. At the time we started eating I turned on the music, and for the next 3 hours the iPod delivered a non-repeating selection of appropriate music. We had brought wors, and Heather and some friends had provided excellent salad for everyone. We had come with Windhoek beer and Hunters Gold for us. I chatted quite a lot with a friendly momen called Dalene, who was home schooling her children. It all turned out quite well and ran on till about 9.

Fri Nov 20
I picked up Godfrey on the corner of Fairburn and Church at 5:35, We were joined at the prayer group by Louis, Sean and Hilton, so we had the largest number since the re-start. I solicted prayer for Cathy explaining her pivotal role in enabling Bella to get to university. I called Dr Hofmeyr's office enquiring on behalf of Bella, and they gave me an appointment for noon on 30 November. Anthonica called asking for R60 for shoes, which she was going to Cape Town with her aunt to buy. It sounded suspicious, and I argued that since I now had two witnesses that she had been drunk on the weekend her relatives from OVD stayed over, why would she feel the need to be truthful about this? For just R60 it wasn't worth a fight so at 10 to 11 I was there with her money. As I turned back towards Malmok Street, a white sedan squeeled its wkeels as it turned from Maniken onto Malmok, and then almost immediately stopped, allowing me to draw up beside it. There were two young men inside and I rolled down my window, and asked them why they felt the need to screech their tires and over-rev their engine. One of them smiled broadly and lifting his hands in the air with pride said it 'made them feel so good.' I explained that it was wearing out their tires and engine, and no-one who cared about their car would ever do it. I added that if they were engineers they would understand. They said they were engineers! I had made my point, and learned a little of the motivation of so many young men who treat their cars in this way. At 11 I was at Bella's. I confirmed her dental appointment, and gave her a box of MyPain that L-A didn't think she would use, and then took her to the Avian Park shoemaker for a quote to repair her school shoes. It would be R90, so I gave Bella R100 and took her home. She would collect the shoes later. Bella told me her grandmother's wounds were worse and her pain more acute than it had been. I called Dr Gina and left a message. She didn't call back, but she did leave a prescription for more ADCD Amoxyclav Bd. About 3:30 I bought some Ferraro Rocher chocolate for Carica and some more for Heather. Unfortunately Carica had already left the pharmacy when I got there to collect Cathy's prescription, and was going to be away till Tuesday. So I left the chocs in a bag for her as a late unexpected present when she returned. I drove down to Cathy's house, to find she was alone. I gave her the repeat medication. Heather had asked if we could bring some music for the Braai tomorrow. It came to me that the playlist I had designed for Doxa might be about right. I knew it was possible to get it onto the iPod but had forgotten how. I almost gave up, but a 'how to' video on YouTube reminded me of something. I discovered that the boys at PC Partz had loaded iTunes onto my main computer. When I ran it, using L-A's ID, and plugged in the iPod, I noticed an upload icon. I uploaded the Doxa subdirestory to iTunes, and synched. It all went onto the iPod, and tests suggested the shuffled songs would be fine for braai-ing.

Thu Nov 19
Up early so we could make Paarl for 9am. While I waited in the car listening to Justice Raymond Zondo's reasons why he wouldn't recluse himself as Zuma had asked, my phone rang and it was Postnet saying they had a parcel for me. L-A was feeling extra off-colour today and Este suggested she bought some cranberry juice. After L-A's treatment with Este we went to Goede Hoop butcher and bought wors for Saturday's Braai at Heather's, lamb for waterblommetjiebredies, and some minced beef. It is indeed a fine butcher's shop, but among their large selection of sauces they didn't sell mint sauce. On our way home I managed to buy Swiss Chard at Pick n Pay for tonight's dinner, and cranberry juice, and at Postnet was surprized to collect 5 copies of 'Legacy' by Jasper Cloete. He had long ago promised these in exchange for my heavily annotated copy that I used for the audio recording. Apparently Postnet had advised me they were in with a single text message weeks ago. Now I will have an interesting task deciding how to distribute them. I should take a couple back to Canada. Laurie-Ann has notices some new symptoms so I took her to see Dr. Eric at 3pm. She was in with him for quite a while which I remember because I tried to doze on a hard chair, keeping on waking up. Eventually I made a major effort and walked over the the more comfortable chair. Eric did a number of tests, eliminating several possibilities and finally settled on a bladder infection. I went next door and bought two medications, one of which is Cranberry pills. Bella came for supper, which was sukuma wiki, which she helped prepare. We had a chance to hear how it was going as she nursed Cathy. The only part not going well was that the pain level was not decreasing. None of the prescriptions from Gina Eloff had been pain meds. We decided to get her some Panado. L-A told Bella about her Christian walk.

Wed Nov 18
Ronel sent out a WhatsApp saying that if it was raining at 2pm the children's ministries in Riverview and Avian Park would be cancelled. But it wasn't raining, and it was actually brightening a little, so we went to both ministries. My subject today for home economics was about cell phones and the inefficiency for answering every text as it arrived. On my way to Avian Park Promary School, I passed through some youth throwing stones at each other. At one point they ran across the road and one of them dropped a cell phone, which I promptly ran over; one more lesson on the foolishness of keeping a cell phone in the hand. It was a very dull day so we didn't need the folding gazebo. Ronel is still using a teaching exercise for both groups based on friendship, which requires a series of questions to be answered by the class. The questions are so broad that I find them extremely hard to answer. Despite this the children have been attentive and receptive to learning what they can, so maybe I am the one with a problem. At 6:15 I turned up at church where Kenneth told me he had cancelled the class with a WhatsApp message. However, I was able to tell him that I wouldn't be in church with the on-line team this Sunday since we would be going to Hillsong.

Tue Nov 17
I spent way too much time thinking about what I would most like to discuss with Joanna on the way to Tygerberg. Before driving to Pelikaan Street however, I went to Daly Bread for ciabata, which I dropped at home, and then to Hippo laundry to give Magda our recent washing. Once Johanna was in the car and we were on our way I soon realized that what I had taken for lack of interest or thanks on her part was just that her English was not good after the first sentence. I asked if she would like a coffee, and we drove into Du Toitskloof resort, but soon found out that they were still closed for Covid. So we drove on. Once at Tygerberg, I accompanied her to G2 ward, discovering she knew her way around quite well. On the way home I pulled into the Engen station for a snack lunch and coffee. Shortly after I say a single figure hich-hiking in a place where it wouldn't be dangerous to stop. It turned out to be a woman in her mid twenties going to Worcester. I motioned her to get in the back. We hardly spoke until I asked her where in Worcester she was going and she named our home location. She offered me some money but I declined. It was only as she walked away that I saw she was smartly dressed. We had invited Bella for the afternoon so first I went to Fairbairn and collected the rest of Cathy's prescriptions, and then drove to get Bella. I realized that the bandages I had just bought had no clips or other way to secure the tops round Cathy's legs. Bella and I stopped at Build It and I bought some more of the light masking tape that we use on L-A's bandages. Once home, Bella got stuck into her homework. I went out to get a food parcel for Chantelle. Back home, L-A slept till about 5 to 7 when she got up for our Hillsong Zoom group, which I had completely forgotten. Bella was going to cook tuna spaghetti and I was going to cook for the three of us, so there was no way I would take part in the Zoom. Even then we had a challenge for 2 cooks cooking for 7 using one set of utensils. We kept calm and it all worked out, although there was one power overload. But when I turned everything off the power returned and stayed back. We three had venison meat balls and a nice chat with Bella, coaching her in looking after Cathy. Around 9 we put their family food into plastic boxes, and I drove Bella home. She would first feed everyone, and then dress Cathy's legs with the ointment and bandages. Apparently it all went well. It had been another big day.

Mon Nov 16
I woke to the alarm at 5 and put on a sweater and sandals over my pyjamas. I reminded myself of the name of Tersia's father, Adam Heskwa, who had died, or may not have died. The three were ready when I got there. I asked Anthonica to tell me who they were. The older was Tersia's sister, and the younger was her daughter. As we drove, I asked Tersia's sister who was Adam Heskwa. She said he was the father of Tersia and her. I said: "How is he?" She said "He died." Further questions revealed he had died in Worcester hospital but the funeral was in Port Elizabeth, backing up Tersia's story. Tersia's sister then said, regretfully, that she hadn't been able to affort to go to the funeral. I took them to OVD, and then took Anthonica home again. Finally I returned to bed and slept till 8:30. Around 9 I phoned Alta Human, the dressmaker recommended by Heather and arranged that we would meet her at her house on Sipress Avenue sortly after 5 that evening. I drove down to get Cathy at about 1:30. One of Bella's cousins told me that Johanna had not gone back to Tygerberg with the church, and asked if I could take her tomorrow. Not being able to remember my schedule I said she should ask Bella to call me. However, right from the start I felt that I should to this rather than leave her in the lurch. I got Cathy into the front of the car without too much difficulty. We were in Dr Gina's waiting room by 1:45 - and waited for an hour with Cathy groaning softly in pain most of the time. Eventually Gina called us in and I explained the background and then returned to the waiting room. 40 minutes later I was called back in. Cathy had Celulitis and Lymphodema, not HS. She could drink milk. Gina had given her a large antibiotic injection. She outlined the treatment for the next week: oral antibiotics, bathing the sores, adding ointment and then bandaging both legs. When we left the sugery I went to Fairbairn and collected the pills but not the bandages - they would be available on Tuesday. Then we drove to Da Vinci and I collected L-A's first walking stick which she had bought in Seahouses and lent it to Cathy, who was very grateful. I took her home talling the family that she must lie down with her legs raised. I coudn't find Cypress Avenue or Cyprus Avenue on Google Maps, forgetting that in Afrikaans there is no letter 'C.' But it was perfectly visible when I spelt it the Afrikaans Way. The iteresting post-script to this was that when we rolled up, the street sign said Cypres. As we told this story to the delighful Alta, she told us that there signs on the two ends of the street were spelt differently, and perhaps that gave them rarity value because vandals had stolen them. Alta Human is a special child of God, and she bonded immediately with Laurie-Ann, embarking on a testimony beginning with her time in the Dutch Reformed Church. I mentioned that there is a need for girls to be taught sewing, and she told us that for a time she employed coloured girls and taught them the trade. Unfortunately they banded against her because they hadn't received the same Christmes bonuses that other girl had received, so they left. Noweday she has just one, from Zimbabwe, who is loyal and appreciates Alta's mentorship. We finally got to discuss the Kaftan she will make for L-A, and we left her two of L-A's dresses as patterns, and the green material we had bought from Demtex a week ago. Back home I called Bella and confirmed that I would take Johanna back to the hospital, leaving at about 10:30.

Sun Nov 15
I arrived in good time to be ready to help with the on-line broadcasting. Tendai was already there so I ran through with him everything I had learned from Carlo and practised last Sunday. Caroline turned up at 9:15 so I didn't have much time to coach her. Carlo hadn't appeared and the service was underway, and his camera was at wide angle. I attempted to zoom in but didn't know where the zoom rocker was on his camera. Luckily he turned up and took over. During the worship I coached tendai and Caroline. She turned out to be quite adept at filming. When the sermon, by Kenneth started, Tendai and I retreated to Translation row. The sermon was on body language, and using all aspects of the body in our worship. ack home I listened to CKCU overnighters, and OMH. I wondered how Johanna's trip back to Tygerberg with her church was going. Around 7 we heard from Bella that they had called an ambulance for her grandmother Cathy at 4 pm, but it hadn't arrived. She couldn't walk. I said I would come down. I first went to Anthonica's and showed her the phone. Soon she had the password keyed in, and the phone was working fine. She was ecstatic (so was I). She was going to school tomorrow and had no food. I have her R40. At that moment Chantelle arrived at my window, and she ended up with R50. I drove to Bella's and was soon surrounded by most of the extended family. They were unable to get Cathy off the bed - she is a very large woman. Bella then told me that the problem was large boils that had broken out all over her legs and were so painful she could hardly move. Immediately I thought of Hidradentis Suppurative, HS. I suggested to Bella that this was what L-A had had, and that Cathy come off cow's milk immediately. However, she should call the ambulance early and often tomorrow morning. The only way Cathy would get off the bed would be with the help of para-medics; strong ones. Bella than told me that Johanna was back in Tygerberg hospital after delivering the twins here in Worcester, but they were not gaining weight. The doctors wanted to move them to another establishment where they could be watched carefully. This raised another problem; she would need to bring her own blankets and other items. Bella asked if I would drive her and other family members to Tygerberg tomorrow to take the blankets. I was due to take Bella to the dentist for 3:30, but we could be back well before that. When I got home, L-A reminded me that she had ordered De Villiers chocolate which would arrive tomorrow, but I would have to be here to meet the courier at the gate. I called Bella and asked if we could go to Tygerberg on Wednesday instead. After all the excitement we needed to do something normal and we enjoyed another episode of 'The Crown.' This took us to 11pm, and I had a PNG Zoom at 11:30. I had decided to stay up for it. Carl was to announce his retirement. It was a good call, with many voicing their appreciation for Carl. He hadn't just been a prison chaplain for me; he had been my IG client and friend, and many of his family. I am sure we will stay in touch after his retirement next March. About 8pm Chantelle called me asking for 2 cheeseburgers; one for tonight and one for school tomorrow. After protesting I agreed, delaying our supper, and drove to McDonalds and then on to Avian Park. Back home we had a very late supper (gammon and chicken and the last of the pumpkin pie). I checked WhatsApp and saw that Anthonica had been trying to reach me all day. I called her. Relatives had stayed with them for the weekend including her 14 year old cousin. This girl needed to be back in OVD by 6am tomorrow, and Anthonica asked if I would take them both, and then return to Avian Park with her. I was somewhat gobsmacked by the request, but for some reason agreed to be at their house for 5:30am.

Sat Nov 14
I woke many times in the morning, always feeling too tired to actually get out of bed (since I didn't have to). Finally I did so and it was 1:30 pm. I have never slept on this long before. I am learning that some things are different when you are 79 with TB. It is necessary to sit down, or preferably lie down, during the day for a while. You can do some things just because others can do them. Chantelle had been repeatedly messaging L-A asking for me to bring something and eventually, at the end of her tether, L-A had replied, "Do you want to kill him?" I didn't do much in the afternoon other than working on this journal. We had a Harvest Family Network Zoom call starting at 7. This one had no guest speaker, which meant individuals were invited to share ways in which they felt God had touched them recently. I chose to tell the knub of George Sinclair's GNiTM recent piece "The need for justice" culminating in the final verse in Judges: "In those days Israel had no king; all the people did whatever seemed right in their own eyes," which explained the wretched acts in the previous chapters. Without the Chritian faith, morality becomes entirely subjective and self-serving. Laurie-Ann shared the story of Cathy's apparent HS outbreak and how we are able to offer advice and medicines. Stories from others where exceedingly significant. For dinner we had more gammon and chicken and it was pretty late before we got to 'The Crown.'

Fri Nov 13
Early morning prayer was clearly not happening at Carlo's house when I arrived at 5:45, so I went on to Hooggelegen, where Vion let me in immediately with no questions asked. Louis, Sean and I enjoyed the Lord's ear and each other's company. Louis would share Rolland's belief that the doings of this world are of interest to God primarily insofar as they can prepare our eligibility for the next, which is his focus, bringing us untold joy. Interestingly, Rolland's talk on this at the recent on-line Iris conference arrived in our inboxes today, although I have been unable to figure out how to share it. . I took some food down to Lottie, and some gravol and ibu-profin to Anthonica who was complaining about somach pain and headache. L-A (with a little help from me) spent hours during the day preparing tonight's dinner with Andre and Janey. I had bought a gammon from Checkers which we cooked from scratch with various sweet additives and we also had sweet potato and carrots also prpared gourmet style. They arrived around 6:45 after the 10 minute walk from their house and this time I was ready to let them in the front door. We chatted over beer and wine for a bit as the final vegetable were steamed. Everyone agreed the food was delicious as we put the world to rights in our conversation. Rui phoned several times from Pemba but I'm afraid we didn't answer and I turned off the phone. They left about 11, not feeling they needed a car for safety but I watched from our balcony as they made their way up a deserted Adderley Street. I finished the washing up before we went to bed - I was exhausted after the long and busy day.

Thu Nov 12
We were off to Cape Town, earlier than yesterday, for Esté's, and then Cate Gate for the final Herceptin injections. At Cape Gate, I wanted to come in for her meeting with chief oncologist Hanlie Du Toit; having been at the very first meeting. Hanlie is optimistic for L-A's complete recovery, but said that the next two years will show whether this is a fact. One thing we know is true is that she is the best, and we thank God that L-A had been in her expert care. I wasn't allowed into the chemo room but she was invited to ring the bell for the second time, marking the end of her formal treatment here. After Cape Gate we went on to Plattekloof Village where we got more Vitamnin C Ascorbate for L-A, and Gravila for me, as recommended by Frank Neal (see below). Then we had a rather enjoyable lunch at Ocean Basket.

Wed Nov 11
I had forgotten to ask Bella for her sister Johanna's phone number, and at 9 this morning I would be leaving Avian Park to take blankets and other things to her - if she could be found in the maze that is Tygerberg hospital. I had messaged Bella for the phone number, but she hadn't responded. As I arrived at her house, and knowing that she had gone to school much earlier, I was heartened to see her grandmother Cathy coming out of the house to see me, holding the phone. This is the lady who was unable to get out of bed for the pain of boils two days before. The only explanation must be the ointment and plasters and painkillers we had supplied, and coming off milk. By the way, we are aware that prescribing medicines if you are not a doctor or a pharmacist is a no-no, and can cause serious repercussions on the mission field. But in this case we were faced with a little-understood condition among doctors that we knew only too well. I asked Cathy for Johanna's number, but Cathy indicated that there was a password lock that Bella had put on the phone, and no-one knew the password. The phone was useable only for telephone calls. Leroy turned up, so I asked him for his girlfriend's number and he had no idea. He said it was on Bella's phone. I drove a few houses away to where the two ladies who were coming with me lived, and 4 children piled into the car. They turned out to be Johanna's children, all by one father, Leroy, which is almost unheard of. The two women arrived, and one got into the front seat, and mercifully she had Johanna's number on a piece of paper. I also received a message from Bella saying her sister's name is Johanna Arendse. I told the ladies that the cildren would not be allowed in the hospital to see their mother, and this caused great disappointment, but in the end, only the youngest came with us. Soon we were on our way, with me offering a silent prayer for the reliability of the car. We drove to Tygerberg uneventfully, and I parked where I have parked before. The ladies had evidently been here before. Leaving the young girl in the locked car, and carrying the blankets and clothes, the three of us followed a short route to the hospital entrance, which has no signposting or banners to indicate that it is the way in. After Covid testing, and a phone request to G2 ward to confirm Johanna Arendse was on G2 ward, the ladies went on, but I was not allowed, so I returned to the car. I waited about 90 minutes with the young girl. I tried phoning Johanna several time, being immediately passed to voicemail. L-A texted to say that Bella would be taking an exam tomorrow afternoon and wouldn't be able to make her dental appointment. I called the surgery, but they are so booked up they weren't able to give me a new one; instead they will call me if a cancellation comes up. I was dozing when not two, but 3 ladies returned; Johanna was with them and she got into the front. It was a good thing we didn't have 3 more children in the back seat. It turned out the babies were well enough and would be looked after on the ward, but the doctors were OK with the mother spending some time with her family until Sunday. She told me her church would arrange to take her back on Sunday. As we began the return trip I queried a few things with her such as why the father of her children doesn't know her phone number, and why her phone was switched to voicemail, but all I got in response were laughs and giggles. My watch showed that we had just enough time to get to Worcester before I would be with the Riverview kids, so I didn't dawdle, and we arrived at 2pm. As we approached, and knowing that Johanna wouldn't thank me I devised a gentle way to suggest to her that thanking people who help you is a wise plan. I thanked her profusely for the honour of having been able to help her out. Then I recommended that when her church delivered her back to Tygerberg on Sunday, she should thank them. My objective was with humour and love to teach her the value and necessity of being grateful and thanking people. This doesn't come naturally to township folk who have been given homes and grants so that they have a feeling of entitlement to such things that the rest of us worked for all our lives. I got home at 2:15 and ate a pancake (no time for coffee), grabbed the guitar and amp and was at Riverview by 2:30. I was very grateful to L-A for having been relatively self-sufficient. Ronel and Mazvita were there, but not Bennie and Bonnie who it turned out had been re-assigned to other ministries by YWAM. The music went according to plan. Ronel gave a lesson on friendship, giving out coloured woollen threads to those who got the right answers to her questions. While the kids were having their snack I gave them another home economics teach-in, this time on tracking expenditure. Some of them insisted that they were already doing this, but I have my doubts. We then went on the Avian Park primary school. Last week no-one had shown up, but today there were more than a dozen already. With Ronel's experience we soon had the gazebo up. I set up the guitar and decided to start off with The Jerusalema, so I plugged in my phone. They recognized it instantly, but the dance they knew had to start at the beginning although they tried hard to get going. So I started again and this time they were set up in formation performing to passers by and having a good time. We went on to 'I don't wanna be a rock star,' which they confirned they had learned from Pastor Folla, and then a few more of the reguar repertoire, all of which they sang along with. When I got home I was totally zonked and just needed to get into bed. Tiredness is lapping at my heals these days, but if I push myself it becomes fatigue; in a different class. I slept 90 minutes before needing to prepare our supper. What I had completely forgotten was the Wednesday night training session at church for the on-line services production.

Tue Nov 10
Since I wasn't going to be driving to Tygerberg today, I decided to skip Celebrex for a second successive day, a day wich would be dominated by the need to facilitate the arrival of some De Villiers chocolate. If it didn't come today, delaying the Tygerberg drive would have been in vain. But De Villiers were very efficient, sending through the waybill. Around midday my phone rang, and it was the courier, phoning from across the street. I think he must have been used to delivering to people who could only be called, and without a door to knock on. He was friendly and cheerful and told me he would never give up on a delivery without phone contact to the recipient. I picked up Bella shortly after 3 and brought her to Dr Hoffmeyr. While I waited in the reception, he was with her for some time in his deltal surgery. When they came out he told me that because of the delay between the original examination and the the fitting, her mouth had time to change. He was sending the plate back to the lab for adjustment. We arranged a next meeting for Thursday afternoon. I then brought Bella back to our house for the next few hours where she did schoolwork using her computer. The teaching material had been supplied to her on an SD memory card which slotted into a port on her computer, but the data had been too much for her phone. Earlier I had ordered hake and chips from Ocean Fisheries, to be ready for 6:30. Anthonica called begging for food, so I took her bread and a pie. Then I picked up the hake, which had been made into 6 pieces, and returned home. There were way more chips than we needed. For dessert Bella and I shared a delicious Woolworth's trifle as L-A ate her regular sorbet. Making the assumption that cathy had HS, we gave Bella the remaining Traxa ointment that L-A no longer needed, and the colloidal silver spray, plus gauze and plaster. I took Bella home; she would now feed her family at home so we have her the left-over chips from our fish dinner. I planned to pick up some pies for her to take for them but clean forgot as we drove to Avian Park and she didn't remind me. Later we heard she had other items she was able to add to the chips for them.

Mon Nov 9 3rd anniversary of our arrival in SA
I decided to skip Celebrex again today, without noticing a difference. I called Dr Gina Eloff's office and got an appointment for Cathy at 2pm today. Our first appointment was at Pathcare for the results of L-A's TB skin test. It was negative, suggesting she had not been exposed to TB. That doesn't mean she doesn't have it. The next step will depend on Eric's recommendation. Then we dropped off L-A's plaid shawl at the dry cleaners, and then to Arnold Smith's offices. He examined the skin-fold under L-A's left arm, and told her the options. He also discussed her chemo port, and whether to remove it. He didn't see this as urgent. We went into Demtex to find material for L-A's kaftan. Quite soon we found some green material, not cotton, that L-A felt was 'her colour.' Instead of the painful process of searching the rest of the store, I urged that we buy the green, and we did. even though it transpired that she was expecting to find cotton or an African print. Actually I think the one we got will be quite striking. We went home via Daly Bread, and Nibbly Bits where there were no smashed mince pies today. While we were out and about Anthonica had called with the bad news that her phone had had contact with water. After dropping L-A I drove to her house. The phone had been on a bedside table, near a glass of water. In her sleep she had knocked the water over and some had wet the phone, which she didn't discover till morning, and water was difinitely inside the phone. She had put it into a rice bowl. I lectured her on treating her phone with a lot more care. I took her to get a breakfast sandwich, and then I took her phone home. When I took the back off I saw no sign of water ingress. I put it on a plate in the oven at 100° for 5 minutes, and after that buried it in rice for a few hours. I adapted the WhatsApp I had sent to Lynn and updated my siblings with recent events here. For an hour I watched the final episode of 'I know this much is true,' the new TV film of Wally Lamb's book whch I had read in audio format in 2006. The film is even better than the 6 stars I had given the book. I took Anthonica's phone out of the rice and plugged it in. The screen lit up! I wasn't able to get past the password screen that Anthonica must have activated. I didn't know if this was due to the water ingress or the normal operation of the phone.

Sun Nov 8
I got up earlier than usual; a good thing I did because I soon realized I hadn't uploaded GNiTM. I had it done in 20 minutes and was still able to be in church by 5 to 9, before Carlo. I was very keen to watch Carlo operating the cameras on the platform, but he suggested I operate the wide angle camera and he operate the telephoto camera. This I had not expected but was very happy to do. Craig was not there today; for the last few weeks he used his camera onstage to capture close-ups of the musicians. I kept my camera fairly static, or with very slow moves, while Carlo was zoomed into the faces of the singers and of the preacher, Johan Truter. I soon got the hang of it. With the current church technology you cannot know if your feed is being selected for broadcast to the YouTube channel, until you view it later, which only shows the sermon. I was relieved that I had been able to stand beside the camera for the full duration of the service without undue fatigue. When it was finished I sought out Mazvita, and attempted to transfer the two videos of the Jerusalema from Riverview last Wednesday to my phone from her i-Pad using Bluetooth, but failed, even though the devices could 'see' each other. While I was doing this. Heather introduced me to Alta Human, who is a seamstress. She is happy to make a kaftan for Laurie-Ann. The first thing to do, she said, was to buy material from Demtex, or a similar fabric store. Chantelle then showed up with a couple of friends. She had walked to church at our suggestion and joined the youth service. I took her and her friend home via Macdolalds drive-thru.

Sat Nov 7
We had a restful start to the day and I walked across the road to Xtreme Fast Food & Take Aways, and bought baked beans. It was extremely windy. Dr Eric had suggested to us that CW on local number plates means continuous winds. Then I cooked sausages, eggs, beans, tomatoes and fried potatoes for us both. Anthonica had left a 'Call me' and it was a couple of weeks since I had spoken to her, since telling her monther we wouldn't be helping her out for a while after she had lied about her father dying. I called and said I would take her for breakfast at 11:15. After our breakfast, which was less appetizing than I had hoped due to the poor quality of the Pick n Pay sausages, I drove to Manikin St and picked up Anthonica. On the way to town I told her the sory of the goose that was killed for its golden eggs. I don't know if she recognized the analogy. She still insisted her mother had gone to PE for the funeral, which had been moved to Wednesday because Covid meant there would have been too many funerals on the Saturday. At the MacDonalds drive thru I got her 2 Big Mac meals with all the trimmings. I don't think she had been starving, and her mother has been picking fruit. My purpose was not so much to get to the truth but to show that we care for her even though we believe they lied an may have been stealing from us for a while using ficticious situations. When I got home I soaked L-A's legs and then moisturized them. Over supper we listened to Tubular Bells 2. I wondered if Mike Oldfield's music shouldn't be reclassified as classical, filed next to Philip Glass. The Crown dealt with The Duke of Winsor's treachery to Britain during the war years, and the way the young queen dealt with him as he sought to infiltrate himself back into the British government. This episode also showed how she initiated a relationship with Billy Graham, to the concern of many at the time, and rather than going to the seniour British churchmen who reported to her. It's been ages since I communicated with Lynn, though L-A keeps in touch. I wrote her a long WhatsApp, covering health and ministry.

Fri Nov 6
I dreamed that 20 or so nutritional supplements referred to in the enlarged prostate video were all available from Nu Skin. I was ready to rise by 5:15 for the prayer group at Carlo's, after which I picked up Janey and took her to Lanner House pre-school for 7:15. She is sitting in for the teacher who's job she thought she was getting, but who then decided not to leave. Jan came round at 10 for us to witness her signature on the grant application to BVM. At 1 I picked up Janey from school and we both then shopped in the mall for port sausages and other items. I didn't have a list, and found myself buying some blue brie which I have never put on a list, and I love. Maybe shopping lists are not the only way to happiness. On the way home we were discussing why the poor stay poor in SA. She told me that once she had shown some local coloureds how to set up a vegetable garden, but been rejected because they didn't want to use any ideas that had come from whites, having been brainwashed that whites wer responsible for all the ills in the the country. She also told me that in a school classroom, where someone had left an ungrammatical sentence on the blackboard, she had corrected it. Her supervisor had become very angry at this and had re-instateded the original words, saying that he wasn't going to be corrected by a junior. Chantelle called asking for 2 pies, biltong and a doughnut, and since hers was the first call for days, I was generous and actually found some biltong in OK Foods. I also bought baked beans for us, but forgot to extract them from the saki (plastic bag) so Chantelle got them. She volunteered that she had seen Tersia's father walking in Worcester. I asked her to get a photo of him if she saw him again. I finished watching the Protastream video (link yesterday) to find it is only available (for free shipment) in US, and costs $69 per bottle. I then looked up comments on line about Uromax, which contains Tamsulosin, and seems to be effective, but has side effects some of which I am experiencing. Key however is that the recommended dose is one tablet after breakfast, and I have been taking 2 tablets without food daily for a while, exacerbating the side effects, and giving me a tough time today particularly. What I have been blaming on Tramacet and Celebrex may have been Uromax.

Thu Nov 5
Normally a busy day, today wasn't, since Esté went to see her mother in George. Since not much would be going on, I skipped Celebrex, as suggested by Dr Eric. I replied to Mobicel that I really wasn't looking to send back the computer; rather I was asking for dialogue with an engineer who was familiar with the machine, or could dial in to it and sort things out remotely. At some stage I had the idea to try an access the diagnostics for the keyboard on the Mobicel laptop. Using the on-screen keyboard to log in, I was able to navigate to the devices and then to the keyboard without having to use the keyboard. I clicked the relevant trouble shooting link, let it do its stuff and then rebooted. When it came up, the keyboard was working! So this was indeed an instance of something locking out the keyboard which I had now been able to override. It wasn't a hardware problem. I was very grateful that we woudn't need to send the machine away, and that Bella's learning process could continue. The US election was not yet resolved and Trunp was threatening legal action for no good reason. He has an unshakable belief that he will win at all costs, and sadly this has translated to his followers, none more enthusiastically than various prophets and evangelical leaders, some known to us. I drove down to Bella's to give her a printout of the file she had created on Monday, and confirm the computer is now working, and also to give her the date and time of her dental appointment. An article came onto my YouTube feed suggesting thousands of patients with enlarged prostates were being prescribed very expensive drugs when there are nutritional solutions used by the Japanese for centuries that work much better and certainly more cheaply. Frank Neal investigated the BPH and DHT-triggered inflamation fields, and designed Prostastream, which has helped thousands. As far as I can see we would have to wait till we return to Canada to get some, although one of the ingredients, Graviola, comes from South Africa. I haden't noticed any negative effect from skipping Celebrex today.

Wed Nov 4
I took Janey to the Mall, where we both needed Dis-Chem and Checkers. While out I received a call from Dr Louis Van Zyl's office that I hadn't paid my bill for his services when he drained my back in Mediclinic. I had only a very vague memory of ever hearing from his office. After taking Janey home I went to 37 Russell Street to pay. When I was admitted I was checked for temperature, and given hand sanitizer, after which I was asked to wash my hands. Because this was unusual, when the assistant gestured to me there the washroom was, I was confused, and thought she was sending me to the accounts department. So I ignored the washroom and opened the door next to it. It turned out to be Dr Van Zyl's office, and he was alone. I apologized, and he remembered me and asked how I was. Then he volunteered that the testing of my pleural fluid had come back negative for TB, but since this was unusual and he had no better explanation for the water on my lung, he decided to recommend TB treatment anyway. In my mind that leaves a possibility that I don't have TB at all. but some other condition that was not tested for. Anyway, I paid my bill. By the time I got home. L-A had received the result of her Covid test - negative. We were happy about that, and not surprized. This means that her recent symptoms have been caused by allergies. At 2:20 I arrived in Riverview, before anyone else. I had been practising The Jerusalema played through my phone plus guitar rhythm added, so after 'I reaise a Halleluja' I set it going. Soon the kids were all lined up in a Jerusalema square dance, having a great time. On a roll I then played along with 'This little light of mine' by Listener Kids, and they also knew actions. When I was done, Mazvita took the stage with a series of rather obstruce questions that she had got from a book. I certainly couldn't answer all of then. I added some explanation to clarify the questions. After about 15 minutes she was done. I took the opportunity to talk to them about do lists and buy lists. After refreshments, Bonnie and Bennie went on to another ministry, and Mazvita and I drove to Avian Park Primary School. We had brought with us a large and heavy box which only fitted into the car diagonally across the passenger seat. It turned out that Mella has been leading this ministry right outside the primary school gates, where there is no shade. The box contained a folding metal gazebo-like structure which provided shade. We arrived 15 minutes earlier than schedule, so we waited in the car for people to show up. When no-one had done so with 5 minutes to go I suggested we hoist the gazebo and turn on some kourtjies on the car stereo, in an effort to attract customers. Four teen boys were passing and kindly helped us get the gazebo up. Still no customers. The wind was getting up, and I could see it could even lift the gazebo into the air and drop it on someone. After 15 more minutes we decided to give up, and started trying to put the structure back in its box. We managed to fold it, but used the wrong technique for closing the box, and never did close it completely. It was however possible to put it back in the car, so we did, and then drove back to Mella's, still not knowing why no girls had come. Mazvita will send a report to Mella, who may have some ideas. Mobicel replied to my message yesterday with a form that would facilitate returning Bella's computer to them; not at all what I wished to do. Each day I tried a few ideas to solve the problem of the locked keyboard. I called Dr Hofmeyer's office and arranged for Bella to see him again next Tuesday.

Tue Nov 3 US Election.
We both met with Dr Eric at 2:30. L-A wanted to know if she could have a TB skin test so that if by chance she has the disease we would know now and not shortly before returning to Canada. He arranged that, and also gave her a prescription for a second Covid test since she has some symptoms. I wanted to report on the the fact that on a couple of occasions when I forgot my Tramacet/Celebrex meds I had pain in my chest and lower lung area. He did his thing with his fingers on my back to tell where the fluid level was, and also listened with his stethoscope, and said I was on the right track for recovery. He wrote me more prescriptions for Tramacet, Celebrex and Uromax. He suggested that periodically I skip Celebrex for a few days until I notice discomfort. We went on to Fairbairn and collected the prescriptions for both of us. Then we drove to Pathcare and L-A went in alone for her Covid test. I hadn't been able to reolve the locked keyboard on Bella's computer, but in the process of trying had discovered an on-sreen keyboard, which at least allowed me to key in her PIN. I emailed Mobicel asking what help they could offer.

Mon Nov 2
I dropped Janey at the Mall to do her main weekly shopping and picked her up 90 minutes later. Bella came about 2:30, the raincheck from Saturday. She first spent some time on homework, creating a document and making manuscript notes. We had supper together, L-A finishing the red beans and rice, and Bella and I finishing the breaded chicken cutlets. Bella had taken out her dental plate to eat. It turned out it was uncomfortable, and that she was only wearing it for school. I sugggested taking her back to Dr Hofmeyr to make further adjustments to her plate and she keenly agreed. Dessert was apple crumble. Bella told us some great news: her sister Johanna had given birth to 2 healthy twins in Worcester Hospital. We were thrilled. After supper I asked if I should print her document. I connected the printer to her computer but had difficulty getting it to print. I rebooted, but then was inable to type in her PIN. It was as if the keyboard had been disabled. I told her I would work on the problem and took her home. In the car she said her ouma and the two others living in her house had no food. The grant was due the next day. Would I get pies for them? So we stopped at OK for 3 pies.

Sun Nov 1
First order of business: pump up the power. It was down to about R20, and we were originally told that electricity is cheaper when bought at the beginning of the month. Since we seem to have been getting fewer and fewer units for our rands, it made sense if possible to wait till now. The meter is in a very difficult place to use it, so I want to minimize the number of times I have to so I bought R500 worth, but that translated into only about 200 units (KWH). I checked out
SA electricity prices, which suggested I should have received 246 units. I guess the difference is the profit to PEC, the company that has a contract for managing the power in this buiding. It is they who should be dealing with the fact that the light fail when we run the cooker without switching off the geyser, but so far we have heared nothing from them. I walked to church, and it took just 10 minutes, though I was struggling with the effort by the time I got there. Christine Reurink lead worship this morning on piano, and Phil Adewumi was a singer. Johan announced that far from being a tough time financially for the church, it had been the best year ever. We had heard a few weeks ago that part of this was due to one massive donation. After our personal good financial news this week, we were definitely back on R100 for the church. I was less than relaxed for the worship, needing to sit for the final song. Then Christine gave the testimony of how she got her name. She was born in poverty in the Philippines and both parents decided to give her up for adoption. The order of nuns which looked after her dedicated he life to the service of Jesus, naming her Christine. When a couple from the Netherlands came to adopt her, they had planned a Dutch name for her but the nuns persuaded them to keep the name Christine. Thus began her childhood in The Netherlands. Chris Martins also gave a testimony, announcing that hsi factory had manufactured thousands of face masks and that he had paid full wages and bonuses throughout. Johan's sermon was inspired by the church's financial blessings, showing that God always wants the best for us. We listened to Over my Head as it went out, and Dave played the 10 minute clip I had recorded. Interestingly the voice quality from me was superior to him; indicating that our SM58 mic and the Marantz are better than whatever he is using in his home for producing programs. L-A decided to prepare her own piece and send it so he might use it next Sunday. Jamelia messaged L-A to say that her sister Nona's visit to a Cape Town hospital had been postponed from tomorrow to Wednesday, but could I take them to Worcester Hosital tomorrow at 1 to collect more stomach bags for baby Isiah.

Sat Oct 31
While driving Chantelle along Grey Street she noticed Henry's father walking along the street with a friend. I stopped and asked them if they knew of Tersia's going to a funeral in Port Elizabeth. No, they hadn't heard anything about that. They seemed to know she hadn't been at home. The possibility is coming into my mind that she used the R200 I had given her to go and drink somewhere for a few days. I took food to Chantelle, including 3 pies that she said she would eat for her next 3 meals. At 2pm I was at Bella's to bring her to our place for the rest of the day as arranged with L-A, but she told me her ouma was ill and she, Bella, had been told she must do the household chores. She said she could be ready by 5. I went shopping and then home till 5. I returned to Bella's, but there was no sign of her. Cathy was up and looking perfectly healthy. They didn't know where Bella was. Her young brother said he knew, and I drove him to a house five minutes away, and we waited. According to her brother she was there to wash her hair. Eventually someone came out and said she wasn't there. I dropped her brother home and went home myself. Both of us rested, with the possibility Bella might call. It was unlike her to stand us up. We heard later that evening from her that a friend had asked her to 'do' her hair, but it had taken far longer than expected, and she was till at it at 5. Having hair styled or treated is of major importance to African women and girls. We replied that she was welcome here any time to familiarize herself with her computer. I received a text from Tesia: "Chantel is tolding a lai." Well, it is no longer just Chantelle. I edited down the audio clip for 'Over my Head' to 10 minutes and sent it to Dave. He plans to use it tomorrow morning. You Tube came up with Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells, a retrospective by Mike today; fascinating.

Fri Oct 30
Today revisited Simon's Town, the home of the South African Navy. We had a meal here in 2016 on our tour to Cape Point with Faisal, and remembered it as a special place; the home of the SA navy. We didn't leave home till early afternoon and it was a couple of hours trip, so we arrived about 3. It was a lovely day and we drove up and down the main street looking for (a) lunch and (b) beaded Cala Lilies. L-A had set her heart on them, having bought a beaded protea from a roadside seller in Somerset West a year or so earlier. We stopped near a sreet vendor and was close enough for her to walk to a display of beaded flowers. The lady picked out three and a small protea (for R400) and from that moment Laurie-Ann was going to have enjoyed her day whatever else happened. After checking out a waffle shop and a pub, the Lord Nelson, which didn't sell food, we settled on The Salty Sea Dog fish and chips restaurant. This turned out to be very pleasant, the best hake in the tastiest batter I have had; L-A had King Fish, also excellent. Dessert was apple pie and (ice) cream and we didn't share! After the meal we found our way to the road that wound up the mountain behind town for spectacular views of False Bay with the naval ships in the foreground. Then we returned to sea level for half an hour on Long Beach before the drive home. We were driving at the same time as 'Beyond the Headline' on SAFM, which much to my surprise and disappointment turned out to Bongi Gwala's final radio broadcast. Phone-in callers seemed as surprized as I, and there was no clue given about why this beloved broadcaster would be hanging up his boots. There was a lot of love expressed by listeners and colleagues. Conceivably he has been diagnosed with serious illness. Maybe he has been asked to lead a government department; he had far more talent to so do than some of the encumbants. Over the next week I searched for clues, finding nothing. It is as if Bonge vanished into the air(waves). I recorded a CKCU Funding Drive message that Shelley-Ann could use in 'Welcome to my World,' and she soon replied that she really liked it. At the same time I recorded a rather long and rambling message for 'Over my Head.'

Thu Oct 29
It was raining a bit, but despite this Laurie-Ann decided she would try and get down the back stairs. It was slow going but she made it. and soon we were en-route for Paarl. Esté says she is pleased with L-A's strength returning. We had received a couple more donations overnight. However we had insufficient in the FNB account to pay the house and car insurance on Monday, so I trnasferred R6,000, the new increased limit and put R1,000 into FNB. Later, we also received the balance of our 2-months deposit for Hooggelegen less maintenance costs, so now our short term finances have shifted dramatically ove a couple of days.

Wed Oct 28
By this morning we had received $1,000 in response to my appeal in just two $500 gifts. This was magnificent and heartwarming. I was able to send $2,000 by e-transfer to Solutions Banking, more than enough to pay the minimum on the Mastercard and avoid interest. Chantelle sent me a message saying 'Anthonica and her mother are still at home - they don't go.' So when I drove in to pick up the girls for sewing lessons I drove past 33 Manikin - but it was locked shut; very unusual when they are around. Anthonica called on WhatsApp to say that she hadn't been allowed on the bus because of Covid restrictions, but her mother had gone on to PE after giving Anthonica R20 from my R200 to get home on a taxi. I don't know what to believe. Chantelle called and asked if I would take her and her ouma to the day clinic to get meds. I arrived at 11. They wanted R50 for the meds and another R50 for a taxi home. I argued that I buy food for the girls, not meds for adults, but in the end I have them my last R100 bill. Chantelle re-confirmed that she had seen Tersia as well as Anthonica yesterday morning in Avian Park. I called Worcester Hospital and asked of they had had a patient, Adam Heskwa, who had died last Sunday. I spoke to three people in all and none recognized the name, but they said they would need his date of birth or ID for them to access the hopital database. In the afternoon I took food down to Anthonica. I wondered out loud if her mother was hiding in the house, and she invited me to take a look. There was no mother, but Henry's father and one other (Henry? I wasn't sure) were in there. Anthonica said they were there to to protect her from intruders. I wasn't too sure about these particular guards. But where was Tersia? Port Elizabeth? I stil wasn't sure. By tea time, we had received a further $1,000, making $2,000 from 7 donors since last night. Not only was this a major stress reducer, it even seemed to help some chest pain I'd had much of the day. I felt like cake, and walked across the road to the Barnyard Deli and bought 3 small cakes, which proved delicious. I was feeling like doing things, so I mopped the kitchen floor, then mended the chair that had broken under Heather when she was here for Thanksgiving, and then recorded a funding-drive piece for Welcome to my World on CKCU, followed by an unfinished attempt to record something for Over my Head.

Tue Oct 27
Picked up Henrietta and Susan at Avian Park Primary School at 9:45. Estélle was going separately this morning. Henrietta has a place at UWC and Bella at CPUT, so sadly they won't be able to support one another, though they are friends. Had some time before 11 when I would take Jamelia and her sister and child to the hospital, so after some grocery shopping in Pick n Pay, drove to the Mall to get veggie cheese. While there I changed a R20 note into R2 coins. At about 10:45 L-A texted a list of groceries Bella needed. It is approaching month-end and they have obviously run out of cash. I bought the stuff and got down to her house, and then Jamelia's. Jamelia's sister and the baby with the stomach bag got in. He looks a picture of health, so hopefully when he goes for an operation next Monday they will judge he is well enough this time. At the main gate the guard wanted more details on paper about me and he also wanted to look in my trunk. While I filled in the form I lent him the trunk key and challenged him to open it. He succeeded. I dropped my passengers at the main entrance and said I would return in an hour, since they had no phone. I went home and we had coffee. Before 12:30 I was back and they were waiting by the entrance. Jamelia showed me an appointment card for the baby and mother to take a hospital bus to Cape Town at 6 am on Monday. I agreed to pick them up at 5:50am. Jamelia asked if I would buy R30 flip flops for her and Britney at Jet, as I had done a few months before, an indication that cheap flip flops don't last long particularly if they are your only shoes. I told Jamelia I had bought school shoes for Britney, and she tried to sell them to Chantelle and probably never went to school in them. I reminded Jamelia of my suggestion that she be a mentor for Britney and steer her away from wrongdoing. I parked the car and asked if Jamelia wanted to come with me to choose the colours. She said she was too tired. It made no difference to the choice; I got the only size 3s they had at R30, and I had to search the complete stock of about 250 pairs. When I got back to the car, Jamelia said she was hungry. I drove to OK foods to get 2 pies. Before getting out of the car I thought to check the small draw where I had put the 10 R2 coins about half an hour before. There were only 5 coins left. No-one other than Jamelia and her sister and child had been in the car, and I had not given any coins to parking attendants. I accused Jamelia of taking the money and she immediately denied it - but there was no other explanation. Both of them would have been privy to the theft from someone who had helped them both out this morning, and would be doing so again on Monday at significant inconvenience. I said to Jamelia that this was the kind of thing Britney does, and I had hoped she, Jamela, would help to stop. But instead, Britney had taught her to do wrong. This 'dog biting the hand that feeds it' is a seriously self-destructive aspect of the coloured community, and possibly the blacks, though I haven't seen that personally. I drove them home without pies or conversation. Maybe they learned a lesson through temporary hunger. They don't consider the consequences of their actions, but this had been an opportunity for a teaching moment with no great sacrifice made. I drafted a preamble for our recent newsletter asking friends and supporters to help us at this particular time. Paying off my Mastercard next Monday will be very tight, and we have little in the FNB account to provide cash in a hurry. I sent a draft to L-A, and she suggested a couple of minor improvements before I sent it around 11pm. Then I wound on L-A's leg bandages before settling into bed some time after midnight.

Mon Oct 26
I seemed to spend much of the night dreaming that we wouldn't be able to pay my MasterCard minimum (for no interest) by 2 Nov. One I was up I re-checked the various statements and found that taing into account funds expected to be credited by 2 Nov we would be OK, though I would have to use $200 of my Simplii overdraft protection. I resolved to send an appeal to my lsits of people who don't get newsletters. L-A was planning to finaish a Heath update today so maybe I would use that as the vehicle. Anthonica called and I asked when and where the funeral would be. She told me it would be on Saturday in Port Elizabeth. She asked if I would pay for their bus tickets. I hedged, certainly not being willing at that time to say what Chantelle had told me. Instead I asked her to get me an image of the death cerificate. She said it would take till Friday. I said I was paying nothing without seeing it. At 11 I picked up Heather and took her again to the Traffic Department. She told me that Hamish had a court date for Tuesday morning and has asked her to come with him and pay half the fines. This she wasn't at all keen on. She had to line up for more than half an hour but finally saw a clerk, who advised her that she wasn't required at the court; it was entirely Hamish's problem. Because the ticket had been issued to him for the failure to produce a licence, the traffic cop had assumend it was his car and he was liable for the worn tyres. The ticket also listed the fine for the worn tires as R300. (I had the idea it was R1,000, which is why I made the effort to write the mitigation letter.) So what Heather planned to do was WhatsApp Hamish and tell him she would reimburse him R300 if he paid the fines. She doesn't have R300 but believes she can get it. L-A sent me the draft health update which for once I edited immediately. Anthonica called about 4 to say she had posted her oupa's name and his death cerificate to WhatsApp. I took a look, and there it was: Adam Heskwa, died from lung cancer. They hadn't lied, but Chantelle had; or at the very least jumped to the wrong conclusion. So, after speaking with L-A, I took them the R200, plus something for tonight's meal. The bus leaves at 5am in the morning. My recommendations to them were not to borrow anything from family members, and to rememeber that as soon as they were out of Worcester their air time would get used up far faster, and to keep the phone strictly for energencies. I wished them safe travel, though the safety record of long-distance taxis in SA is not good. I saw Chantelle a few minutes later and at first she stuck to her story, but when I told her the funeral was in Port Elizabeth and they were leaving early in the morning, she accepted she was wrong. I asked her to let me know if she saw them still here tomorrow morning. In the evening we had an Iris Western Cape Zoom call, set up by Maggie in UK, primarily to say goodbye to the Sidlauskases who fly out Friday. It was spirited and enjoyable including some prayers over then from Johan and Marie.

Sun Oct 25
I slept through my alarm, but there was still time to get to church, and I am glad I did because it was the first of the WCG on-line live services. I only gave R50 because of our current situation; it has always been R100 in the past. I took a few shots of cameramen at work. After the service I spoke with Heather about strategy for her legal problem. I will take her again to the Traffic Department tomorrow afternoon and try and make some progress. We had just finished lunch when L-A thought was a knock on our door. We had never had one before, but I took a look - and was concerned to see Tersia standing there. She must have slipped in the gate when a car drove out, and Athonica must have told her how to find us. After several false starts trying to explain why she was there, it tuned out her father had died that morning. I let her in and sat her on the couch, while 'Over My Head' played onthe radio, and I let her collect herself. After a while L-A returned to her studio and I sat down to talk to Tersia. It turned out that she wanted R350 to give to her dead father's wife to pay towards the funeral. I told he immediately that I didn't do that, and followed it up with some tough talking on the African custom for even the poorest of the poor being expected to entertain large groups of relatives who arrive out of the blue for free food, often landing the bereaved family in some serious debt. After an hour I decided to get on with other computer tasks and let her collect herself. After another 30 minutes I packed up some bulk food items and took her home. She didn't let up with the pressure and in the end I have her R50 for taxi fares. After leaving, I drove the few yards to Chantelle outside her house. Chantelle immediately told me that Tersia's father and his wife had been at their house the previuos night, and had cooked up a plan to convince me to give R3,500 by saying he had died. My only thoughs at this stage were relief that it had only cost me R50. Chantelle asked me for R30 and to take her to OVD. As we drove there she told me why. One of her sisters had stolen the family phone (the one I have provided data and air time for) and taken it to OVD, threatening to throw it away rather than give it back. Chantelle's mother had asked her to go to OVD and try and get it back. So we drove there but her sister refused. I suggested we take her mother to OVD and see if she would have more authority. We drove to 3 Avian Park homes before finding her mom. Avian Park people sometimes spend more time visiting than being at home. She was happy with the idea and we drove back to OVD. The two of them walked to where the sister was, and 5 minutes later reappeared with the phone. Mission accomplished, and Chantelle's fragile relationship with her mother strengthened. As I drove home I wondered how I would discover the truth about the death of Tersia's father. The first thing I did when I got home was to phone Hennie, Chantelle's father. He had heard nothing about the death of his ex-wife's father. I sent Athonica a WhatsApp asking what was the full name of her grandfather.

Sat Oct 24
I was at Anthonica's by 9:30 to take her and cousin Deane(?) downtown, but they weren't ready till 9:55. The drive was a continual demand by Anthonica for cash for them to buy food, which I resisted having delivered lots to her yesterday. Worcester was really jumping this morning with a largish funeral outside the police station and that part of Adderey coned off. I dropped them at Bravo, almost having to force them out of the car since I didn't give in to Anthonica's demands for money. At 11:15, Athonica called and asked again for as little as R10, so I met them outside our back gate and gave her R11 in change from the car. She called again about 11:35, saying they were ready, but I said we would stick to the original plan, and reminded them that they weren't the only ones trying to get things done. I read more of my Dartmouth term-mates' reports. It is strange that I can put a face from 60 years ago to almost every one of them, even though for most I was only with them for two terms at Dartmouth before going up to Cambridge. In early afternoon I remembered that I had forgotten to take the vitamin D now on two successive mornings, and had been feeling somewhat unrelaxed, so I took one now - and felt a little better quite soon! Tersia called in the afternoon, admitting another one of her neighbours was coming after her for a loan repayment of R150. I had been about to buy them some chicken, but I put it back in the rack and when I saw her a little later gave her 2 cans of tuna for their evening meal, since I gave the R150. When I asked when she was getting her first pay check, there seemed to be some doubt about the answer; very worrysome.

Fri Oct 23
I woke up feeling that driving someone I knew nothing of to Tygerberg - who may have even been a gangster - through mountain passes was foolhardy. But L-A felt there was no risk since his daughter would be a reverse chaperone. She then changed her mind, but by now I was feeling OK about it. I turned on the water to shave, and it was cold. I went to the breaker board in the kitchen and saw that I had forgotten to turn the geyser switch back on last night after using the stove. Worse, the switch wouldn't turn on. I turned off the main breaker and played around with the earth leakage breaker, not knowing what I was doing, and soon there was no power on anything. I decided that the most useful thing I should do at this point was to shave cold and get some clothes on. Once I was dressed I managed to turn on the main breaker, and now we had lights and the stove, but no wall sockets, so no coffee or internet. We had breakfast, and then I called 'Maintenance' at Grondbeurs. They said we could expect a call from an electrician. Within 15 minutes we had 2 electricians and quite rapidly they got the plugs working. Apparently the earth leakage breaker was not fully on. They went away to get a replacement for the geyser breaker, returning about about an our later with said part. We were back in business electrically. I drove to Bella's and she went to see LeRoy. In speaking with Johanna it turned out they had decided it was quite possible that he, not being the husband, might not be allowed to see her. So I was off the hook. After lunch however, Bella called to say that Johanna would be discharged this afternoon, and could I go with her to bring her home. So I would get the Tygerberg drive after all. I wasn't feeling too great, but I had forgotten the Vitamin D this morning. Before Tygerberg however I had a date with Heather. I picked her up and took her to the Traffic Department in connection with an incident a couple of weeks before. She has no money, but she has a car that needed servicing. She asked a mechanic she knew called Hamish to do the work, even though as I found out later he had in the past put out malicious fake news about her on social media. He agreed to do the work and charged her R200, and needed to go to Midas to buy spares. He says she begged him to drive her car even though he didn't have his licence with him. She says she was OK with his driving and had no idea he didn't have his licence with him; had she known she would definitely have driven. She says the car was fully driveable. He says it was making a grinding noise and that was the reason a policeman spoke with him while she was in ABSA getting her R200 for him. The policeman asked for his licence and didn't get it. He then started to check out the condition of the car and noticed it had 2 worn tires. She had told me she was going to get the tyres changed when lock down started in March and all the garages closed. In the summons from the traffic department they charged R500 for not having his licence with him, and R1,000 for the bald tyres. They asked him to report to the Traffic Department yesterday, which he failed to do with the excuse he was too busy with work. If he had done, and presented his licence, they would have waived the R500 fine. This afternoon they both spoke with a clerk and with a manager, but when the issue of disagreement over why Heather wasn't driving the car came up, the manager said this may have to go to court to be resolved. But he also said Hamish should report back on Monday - and maybe the license issue will then be dealt with. Heather had asked me to to write a letter recommending why the R1,000 fine should be waived or reduced, and I did so, playing on the lock down angle. After returning Heather to her home I drove to Avial Park and picked up Bella. Driving to Tygerberg was straightforward, but finding Johanna was a challenge. She told is she was in F2 ward, which we found, but by then she decided to levae the building and wait at the bus stop. We only found this out when she finally answered a call from me and told me she was at the bus stop. How she expected us to figure that I don't know. Once in the car I asked about the unborn twins, and she told me they we doing fine. I wondered if this was an answer to my short prayer when we were here last time. She and Bella chatted on the way home. She is 10 (?) years older than Bella. When we reached their home there was quite a reception committee, including LeRoy, who thanked me sincerely.

Thu Oct 22
I took a Vitamin D tablem at breakfast. We went to Esté's for therapy. After a Nibbly Bits coffee we went on to Cape Gate for the penultimate Herceptin shot. Then we drove to Woolworths in Somerset West for lunch sandwiches. Finally we drove to Strand and looked for 156 Beach Road with Nami and Faan have an appartment on the 10th floor with a great view of the ocean. We spent a couple of hours with them for one of which Tharienna joined us, since she lives in the same apartment building. The conversation was full throughout and from now on we will derive additional pleasure from our Tuesday evening Zooms which they facilitate. We messaged Bella to tell Leroy that I would take him to Tygerberg tomorrow. The driving didn't seem to have tired me. On our way home, L-A had a yearning for fish. We coudn't spot any fish restaurants in Strand that weren't on Beach Road, but evenually we went to John Dory's in Paarl Mall. I had remained remarkable energetic all day and wondered if it was vitamin D.

Wed Oct 21
Bella introduced me to LeRoy, her sister Johanna's boyfried and father of her child and hopefully the forthcomig twins. He asked me if I would drive him and their daughter on Friday to see her at Tygerberg. She was expected to have a weekend pass. I said I would think about it and let him know. At 6 I was at Worcester Christian Church to attend an information session on streaming the Sunday services. Lock down had demonstrated that there were many hundreds ready to tune in to the re-recorded music and sermons during lock down, and the church saw a need, so had decided to broadcast all services. Kenneth ran the session - very well - spending half the time on motivating and half on practicalities. There were about 7 of us learners, and they will need more if each team would only be on once a month. Although we won't be here after May, I thought I could make a contribution to the effort, and could also learn new skills that might even be useful in future churches. Richard Zoomed me about 7:15. First he said that TB woud make me tired - true. Then he recommended 5,000 - 9,000 IU of Vitamin D per day. When I mentioned this to L-A it turned out she had plenty of it from Metagenics. Then we discussed the future of GNiTM. He said the bandwidth we wer using had falled dramatically since the beginning of lock down. He had been talking to Sandy and the two of them felt that now might be a good time to call it a day, leaving a 'library site' as our legacy, which I would be happy to maintain. He will brig these ideas to the board.

Tue Oct 20
I did our monthly credit-card-paying-plan and for the first time there may not be enough money to pay the amount on my Mastercard to avoid interest. I coonsidered what to do abut this, and remembered that Dave (Kemp) had ivided me to submut an invoice for the cost of Internet storage to accommodate the GNiTM archive. It came out at about $200 for a year, about half my total NCF bill. I sent Dave a message and her replied rapidly that he would arrange for the money to be sent to me for the year ending April 2020. I took in our laudry to Hippo, and Postnetted our passports to Melanie. Anthonica called after lunch saying she and her mother had headaches and asked for R20 for a drink (Neocitron? that they have found helpful). I also took her some Tylenol and Ibu Profin. I bought a bag of bulk rice. After carrying it up the back stairs I needed to lie on the couch for 20 minutes, wondering if my TB symptoms were worsening. I went out about 4:10 after video chatting with James, picked up the laundry, and then went to Woolworths for ready-to-eat dinners. When I got back to the house I didn't want to climb the back stairs twice so I held everything in my arms. Near the top I tripped over my sandals and banged my head on the wall before recovering. This time it took even longer to recover on the couch.

Mon Oct 19
I took Anthonica to buy shoes and jeans, and enough food for the rest of the week if they don't gorge on it, which is what must have happend with the previous batch. Then I went to OVD where some persons unknows had broken two of Lottie's windows. Lottie is the oldest resident, and blind, and one would have though she would have been spared such self-destructive behaviour. I took Chantelle to the glass shop and got the pre-cut OVD panes. Judging by the large stock near the door, broken windows in OVD is good business. Chantelle is doing a good job helping Lottie.

I was invited along with 50 others to send a report to my term-mates who joined the Royal Navy in 1958. Here's what I wrote.
I've had the great pleasure of reading about some of you already since I've never mastered the art of replying to emails or texts immediately. Laurie-Ann and I haven't caught Covid-19 yet, maybe because we followed orders and didn't assume we knew better than experts, something I may have picked up around 1958. However we have been enjoying the adventure of our lives. In 2016 after I retired (at 75), and though Laurie-Ann was disabled with arthritis and lymphedema, we headed off to Pemba, Mozambique, 200 miles from where I had been in 1965 on Beira Patrol (I still have recordings from programs I put out on the SRE), for missionary training with Iris (Heidi and Rolland Baker). Pemba is now a semi-war zone, with refugees streaming in for fear of ISIS atrocities. In November 2017 we began a 3 year mission in the townships of South Africa. Here the people aren't as utterly poor as in Pemba, and neither are they as gentle. Murder, GBV, rape, gangsterism, theft from your own family, are the norm, and we met perpetrators in a local large prison where we led groups of them through the Alpha course until lock down. Our main focus recently has been the welfare of 6 teenage girls (and their families) in Avian Park township who we had trained as Bible teachers for children. My 4th career has turned out to be a source of huge joy, zero boredom or spare time, and close friendships, including with families who are not just low on funds, but during 6 month's lock down they haven't worked or received any much-touted government food parcels. No money or food in the house. Relatives dying is frequent - not from Covid. Every week is an adventure as I lead them in worshipping the Lord and we show them amongst other experiences what a husband and wife relationship should be like (the fathers tend to skip town after conception). South Africa is a beautiful country with some of the best meat, fruit, restaurants, weather, talk-radio/free speech, wine, health professionals and plumbing in the world. It is also a place where when things are really bad they will make them worse, eg by smashing each others window's, or getting pregnant, or taking drugs and getting drunk or in the case of government members organizing corruption schemes on a massive scale with impunity - although the impunity seems to be lessening under President Cyril Ramphosa, a good man.
In August 2019 Laurie-Ann was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer, and since then has completed chemo, mastectomy and radiation. She is 20 years younger than 1. We believe her to be free of cancer now, but the radiation worsened her lymphedema and I am her nurse for this with massage and compression therapy. A chest X-ray that I had in September as required for extending our visas because of Covid showed that there was something seriously wrong with my lungs, which has turned out to be TB. TB is rife here, way more prevalent than Covid. I am on a 6-month course of Rifafour tablets which should deal with it. If I had been back in Canada I doubt it would have been diagnosed yet. The cancer convalescence and the TB has hopefully qualified us for 6 month medical visas so we will likely be here till May.
Our travel insurance company, Allianz has been, frankly, terrible in terms of general communication and settling claims, and most of the cost of the cancer has been met by friends and supporters in Canada. Our debt is building but it's not yet crippling. Without those many kind souls we would have lost our Canadian house by now and have a bleak future. All part of the adventure, yet we haven't been anxious because of the prayers of many and the blessings of a good God who watches over us day and night.
A final point - at 79 I have lost none of my appetite for music, in fact the opposite is true. We digitized our complete collections and played them 24/7 on our Internet radio station for the first 2 months of Lock down. I still consider the Beatles as being almost as great and important as Bach, and still remember buying 'Help' on 6 Aug 1965 in Liverpool when HMS Berwick paid a visit.
Good wishes for safety to all
- Tony

Sun Oct 18
Laurie-Ann had a hard day and wasn't up to coming to church or cell group. I brought Jamelia to church. I told her she must make a choice between coming into church, or joining the teens' church from the beginning. She had wanted to come primarily to dance, so she came into the main church, but didn't dance because there were no other liturgical dancers today. After the praise and worship she left and went to the teens' church, breaking the rules. After the service I took her to get a pie, even though she hadn't asked. I talked to her about Britney, though she is no longer spending time at Jamelia's. I suggested that Britney needs halp from a friend, so that when she is tempted to steal or use alcohol or drugs, Jamelia would remind her it was wrong. My hidden motivation was to make Jamelia less influenced by Britney. Jamelia told me that Britney's mother Veronica had had a baby, but not with Christopher breeze, who is in jail. I can'r think of anyone who needs a baby less. I went home briefly to get lunch for L-A and then went to cell group. I mentioned Veronica's baby. Gisela felt we should all rejoice over God's gift of a child. I wasn't so sure but said nothing.

Sat Oct 17
We picked up Bella at 4pm. This was the long awaited day when we would give her (access to her) new Mobicel Excite Laptop. This she would need for the Cape Peninsular University of Technology. CPUT. when she starts in January. I had spent several hours setting it up. She was wearing the smock-dress I had bought her for her matric dance which had taken place on Thursday, though there hadn't been any dancing due to social distancing, and she wasn't there with a partner. Still, she had really enjoyed it. We drove with her to Starpark. Bella hadn't eaten Chinese food before. L-A suggested spring rolls as appetizer, though I didn't want a share; I wasn't very hungry. Bella likes noodles and pork so I suggested pork chow mein. Once I had shown her how to eat noodles (or spaghetti) with a spoon and fork she was well away and relly enjoyed her food. L-A had Thai red curry and I had pork sizzling. Bella told us that she knows Henrietta, one of Mellas's girls going to university next year. She also told us that her scholarship pays for board as well as tuition. We drove to our house and parked outside the front. Inside I handed her the Mobicel box and she opened it, wide eyed as she saw it was a laptop computer. We had desserts and coffee, and then I sat with her and worked through my initial training list for the computer. She seemed to follow me. We told her that to prevent any possibility of someone stealing it in the township, she should keep it here, and come here any time she needed to use it. This also solves the wifi problem. She was fine with this arrangement. It also means I can train her to quite a high level by the time she goes to university.

Fri Oct 16
When I woke for my painkillers at about 3:30 I judged that Anthonica would be unlikely to attempt to retrieve her phone now, so I took it to the studio and put it on charge. I went to the prayer group arriving 6:40 and chatted with Louis; Hilton came about 6. We prayed for retraint among farmers as 2 men accused of a recent murder of a farm superintendent faced a court hearing in Senekal as white farmers tried to march armed (but were stopped) and the EFF tried to drum up sympathy for the pressures that result in blacks killing white farmers. when I got home, Anthonica had searched for and found her phone, but not the headphones which were in our bedroom. A while later when I served her breakfast including the bacon from Herman, I had to take her phone out of her hand to stop her using it constantly as she ate. The provision of free wifi is so compelling for her. She took a bath (a Radox bath) after breakfast, and then relaxed on the balcony in the sun. She spotted Bella and Joy walking down the street. I printed her work, some in two columns. I took her home about 11, and then went shopping. In the afternoon there was a call from Tersia who attempted to tell me something but was overcome by tears. Anthonica then explained that her aunt up the street had demanded back R250 that Tersia had borrowed 3 weeks ago. The aunt had already entered their house and pushed them around but had now gone, threatening to bring reinforcements. I said I would come down, but I wanted to see the aunt. 15 minutes later the aunt came towards the house and I asked her how much was owed. She confirmed it was R250, so I gave her the money. I asked how long it had been since she lent it, and she said 3 months. This is the same Tersia I have known for years; completely incapable of repaying any debt. I told her aunt that Teria owed me at least ten times the amount. I suggested that she shouldn't lend money again to Tersia, because by doing so, Tersia then would not reduce her efforts to find any work. While Tersia and Anthonica may by now have eaten much of the R650 worth of food, I knew that Anthonica at least had eaten well on Thursday night and Friday morning, so I didn't intend to buy them more food today.

Thu Oct 15
I had booked the car into MMJ so set my alarm for 7. Even after my shower I was ready to leave by 7:35 so I drove the short distance earlier than I expected. On my way back I noticed a coffee station in the Barnyard Deli with an image of Hugo Naude, and yes, it is a satellite of Café Hugo. We must go there for coffee; even possibly walk there. The car was ready by 12:30 and the cost wasn't frightening to replace the second battery which powers the dashboard instruments. I went on to the mall for some urgent shopping, including corned beef for tonight's meal. Now, what South Africans call corned beef is not what I call corned beef (bully beef in a can). Martin Smith provided the praise and worship for today's on-line Iris get-together. It was seriously engaging to watch him in an intimate worship context, singing with his wife Anna (?), and an excellent prelude to today's speaker Francis Chan who brillianly illustrated the love of God, and near the end apologized for his attitudes earlier in his life towards charismatics and their being misguided (understatement). For us this resonated with RT Kendal's teaching in 2016 in Pemba, and I aso think with Heidi, who made a brief appearance and apologised for the antipathy by charismatics toward non-charismatics. Francis now appears to inhabit the perfect space between Word and Spirit. I attempted to sound-record Martin Smith's music but it seems that the AR Wizzard does not identify sound on a Zoom event as 'computer sound.' I drove down to Avian Park, and brought Anthonica back here to do a bunch of revision for her forthcoming school exams. She had somehow managed to persuade me that the only way to get through it would be to stay the night. She mentioned that today was Bella's matric dance. I was very saddened to see that Anthonica had cracked the screen of her Mobicel (the one we had given her). To give her a hard time over it was probably going to be redundant; few people love their phones as much as Anthonica. She had been holding it in her hand when she dropped it. She got into her homework right away and kept at it. I started roasting the corned beef at about 5:30. It would take till 8. About half way through the cooking, Anthonica announced that she didn't like beef, and asked if I would get her a pie instead. For a South African not to like beef is quite a stretch! I told her this beef wouldn't be like any beef she had tried before. I was half expecting the power to go out while cooking, so when I was getting the poptatioes to boil I turned off the oven for a few minutes. Despite actions like this, the power did go off when we still had 20 minutes of cooking to do. This time, I immediately turned off everything, and the power returned after 5 minutes and stayed on. Heather's diagnosis had been correct: this system crashes out after a period when the oven has been on and the stove tops are on. When the mashed potatoes and sautéd cabbage and onion etc. were ready I just put a small slice of beef on Anthonica's plate - and she liked it, and had more! We also liked it, and I don't think I have had it before except at Christmas lunches with the Van Deventers. It tastes more like gammon than beef. The joint cost R123 but will do us for several more meals. For dessert Anthonica had sorbet and blueberries, both new to her. After dinner and clean up, L-A and I watched the final episode of Mars. I had suggested that Athonica watch it too, but it wasn't nearly such an attraction to her as listening to music on her cracked phone using Sennheisers and free access to YouTube. Since it would be an early rising for me tomorrow I went to bed around 10:15, by when Anthonica was asleep on the couch, and without her phone or headphones since I removed them from her and hid them so she would get some sleep.

Wed Oct 14
We left at 9:16 for the weekly MLD and physio in Paarl, buying a whack of cookies and rusks at Nibbly Bits before the drive home. Chantelle + Lottie called asking for R100 so they could run a soup kitchen for OVD children tomorrow. I took the money, and then got another R1,000 cash from FNB. Then I went to see Tersia and Anthonica who had wanted me to pay R165 on their house taxes. I saw thw bill, and the fact that they owe R4,000+, but the minimum payment was R165. If this is paid they receive R50 worth of power, free, as an incentive. I gave Tersia the money. Anthonica then begged me to let her stay at our house tomorrow afternoon and night so she could really prepare for her exams. I said I would have to check L-A was OK with this. It was Rverview kids club, and there were a couple from YWAM, Ben and Bonnie. Bonnie is Iris, from Maputo. This was Mella's last time before her return to Texas for several months. The music went very well, with a bunch of the kids round me singing from the words on the sheet. Ronel brought the message, but it was very short, much to Mella's surprize. She asked Ronel to ask them questions on what she had just taught. Then we had a second praise and worship session, before refreshments, but we still finished early. I will have to take more of a leadership role while Mella is away. Shortly after I had arrived home, Bella messaged L-A to say none of them had eaten for a day (since the pies I got them) and would I bring some bread. I took potatoes and onions and other things from our bulk store, collected bread, jam and coffee from OK and took it down. I asked Bella to get into the back seat and I explained a couple of facts of life to her. First, when you need an urgent response, call, don't text. Second, don't expect instant response from someone when you ask them to help you; they have lives too, so call them a day before you need help. These things are counter-culture to coloured South Africans. L-A said Anthonica could stay tomorrow night, so I called her and told her. I am still not sure why staying overnight was so crucial to Anthonica. Jamed called on video and we discussed the sorry state of the once-great America.

Tue Oct 13
I went to Radiology to pay the bill for the treatment of my lungs, R5,820. While talking medical expenses, I have received R14,064 rebated from Mediclinic on the R20,000 they charged up front, a net billing of $5,935. So the total cost of my lung hospitalization was R11,755, equivalent to $CAD 935. At 4:00 L-A saw a message from Bella asking us to take 4 members of her family to Tygerberg Hospital, because her sister was there pregnant with twins and there were serious complications. Mercifully, I was able to drop everything and take them. In the car were Cathy and Bella, another ouma and Bella's cousin(?) I got a few more details; there was insufficient nourishment for both twins through the placentae, so one was very unlikely to survive, and the mother was faced with making the awful choice of which one to abort. One was a boy, the other a girl. Nearer the hospital I led them in prayer, asking the Lord to protect the lives of both the unorn babies. We had some difficulty finding the right entrance at Tygerberg; there is no local signage. The two oumas and the two teenages went in, but after 10 minutes the teens came back - only 2 visotors were allowed. They came back after about 40 minutes, and we got on the road home. I aked what the situation was with the future babies, and apparently the doctrs intended to wait a few days and see how the kidneys developed before a decision to abort one of them would be taken. I had planned to go back via Rawsonville but in the dark I couldn't see the turn-off, so I stayed on the N1. When we got to Worcester I asked the ladies if they would like a pie, and there was instant agreement. So I got 4 pies at OK and was thanked profusely. The trip to Tygerberg and the toll fees hadn't engendered any expressions of thanks! For dinner, L-A fashioned the chard we were given in Robertson into sukuma wiki, spiced up with backon bits, and very delicious.

Mon Oct 12
The car showed an engine light with an image of a car battery with the slogan - take car to workshop. I checked the on-line manual which suggested a fault on the battery, but when I opened the trunk and tested the battery it appeared very healthy. I bought a roasted chicken at Checkers that we would have for Thanksgiving tonight. In the afternoon we prepared roasted vegatables - lots of them. L-A also made pumpkin pie - her second in a week. Around 5:45 I picked up Heather. She was most impressed by our new home. I put the ckicken in the oven with the pan on the bottom of the oven, which doesn't have heating elements there. I figured it would need about 25 minutes to warm up. There were now two elements heating on the stove top, and the oven. When the chicken had been in for 20 minutes, we lost all power on the house, and we had done on two previous Saturdays - but this was Monday. This was not good in the middle of a dinner party! The meter read about R90 available, but I still thought our best course was to buy more power, which I managed to do on my phone. By now we had candles on. After a couple of periods when the power returned for a few seconds, the lights stayed off despite buying more, so we set about eating dinner by candlelight. As I carved the chicken I realized that parts of it were not fully cooked, although the leg I served to Heather was done the best. The breast I served to l-A was the least done; it was edible but rare. Checkers had sold us a bird that they hadn't properly cooked; parts of it had been completely uncooked. The reast vegetables were a little overdone, but we were pretty hungry by now. Heather seemed to enjoy her food, and mine was OK. Unfortuntely Heather's chair broke while she was sitting on it, but fortunately she realized something was wrong before she would have fallen. Heather mentioned that she had experienced something similar to our power problem and it had been caused by the stove taking more power than the meter was making availanle; it was an overload. Although this didn't at first seem likely to me, since none of the ciruit breakers had tripped, I had to admit it was a possibility. After the chicken we had the pumpkin pie and it was excellent. It had cream and less evaporated milk than the first one. The rest of our evening was pleasant and the lights came on after about 40 minutes of darkness. Darkness in da Vinci isn't so dark because of the steet lamps and car lights shining through our windows.

Sun Oct 11
Laurie-Ann decided to keep as much strength as she could for our trip to the Sidlauskases, and stayed home when I went to church. It was a full as on a typical Sunday before lock down. I invited Heather McComb to Thanksgiving dinner with us tomorrow. As we prepared to drive to Robertson, I was relieved when an engine light that had been on when I went to church, didn't come on when I started the car this time. This good news distracted me from what I really should have been thinking about as I helped L-A get comfortable in the car. We had reached the R60 when something prompted me to check for the walker - it wasn't in the back seat. I had left it on the sidewalk when we drove off. We drove fast back to Adderley with L-A in constant and passionate prayer, and as we turned into the street, saw a man taking it from the sidewalk in front of Da Vinci and then crossing the road towards the grass of Church Square. I drove to where he was, got out, and thanked him very much for safeguarding the walker. He was probably stealing it with no safeguarding in mind, but we were just so relieved to have got back in time. This incident is a reminder of how dependent L-A has become on the walker. She uses it all the time moving round the house. Her mobility was quite severely compromised as one of the side effects of chemo. We started again on the journey to Mike and Carolynn's in the beautiful foothills north of Robertson, arriving at the same time as Marie and Johan. The next few hours were very pleasant. Mike and family are soon returning to Michigan having been unable to secure visa extensions for (at least) one of the four children: Lucas, Amelia, James and Titus. This was their goodbye lunch. We had a great conversation about South Africa's current challenges. Johan sees a need for some kind of community group to challenge local corruption, with like-minded Christians. The concern is that good people in polics and activism often end up dead as they are the enemies of corrupt politicians and drug lords, so Johan sees the need for people without any public profile to organize such efforts, working under the radar. We enjoyed eating parts of Herman, a pig they had slaughtered from their farm. We got to take more of Herman home with us in the form of bacon, as well as some spinach or chard from the farm. Back home, I was catching up on my 'do' list and checked 3 emails from the CRA on 'My Account.' One was my NoA, a second advised me that I had received $242, half my annual GST rebate, and the second told me we had qualified for the Trillium benefit, amounting to $205, which was also waiting in our bank account. $447 was a nice and totally unexpected piece of income. We had qualified because our income in 2019 was much lower than previously. At supper preparation time I also wanted to join the Sunday night GIG Zoom, so I set it up on the TV screen, used the Blackstar for sound, and was able to participate as I sautéed vegetables.

Sat Oct 10
I sent R1000 by EFT to Andre, which I had promised when I eventually sell the HP laser printer he gave me, but better for them to have it now. I felt like some more of the excellent bacon from the Barnyard Deli. The atmosphere in our area - Adderley and Hoog Straat - is very special on a Saturday morning. I also bought mushrooms and egs from the deli, and chicken pasta lunches. After the Beatles music from last night I think we both dreamed Beatle dreams, and I played 'Help' as I cooked breakfast, and then yesterday's really excellent live show hosted by Sean Lennon. In the last week we had very few requests for food from Avian Park; I am not sure why. Today I thought it would be helpful to take food parcels of staples to the 4 main families. I had everything except bread which I bought at Shoprite, plus 3 small cheese Doritos. As I arrived home I saw a homeless girl of about 11 underneath our balcony on the sidewalk. I had noticed a family sleeping here yesterday. I took one of the packets of Doritos and gave it to her, receiving a very grateful smile. A passer-by was chatting to her. It is rare to see a homeless child on the streets. The townships accommodate thousands of them. I made up 4 food parcels from our bulk supplies plus the bread. I saw Jamelia and Chantelle personally, and delivered the other two to Bella's family and Tersia. Maybe the result of this will be a few more days without frequent emergency calls.

Fri Oct 9 John Lennon's 80th Birthday
For the first time in six months I attended the early-morning prayer group, in Louis Linde's house in Hooggelegen. It was raining. There were just Sean, Louis and I, and we had some good conversation and prayer about the state of the world. Afterwards I wandered over to #48 and crept around the back. The onion seedlings were doing just fine, although so were many small weeds. On the way home I heard some comments from an educationalist about how hard it was for schoolchildren without free wifi to continue school assignments. I got home with plenty of time to make a good start on the day, deciding to work on my Thought for the Day about why I believe in the truth of Christianity. I have posted it though I may amend/extend it as inspiration comes in the next few days/months/years. L-A slept in to 10. She messaged Janey to say I would pick her up at 11:15 to come round for coffee. We chatted as we ate Nibbly Bits scones and Opstal peach jam with coffee. They were our second and third guests here. Anthonica called and persuaded me to let her come over at 2 to continue her homework. I collected her and 5 pies from OK. She ate one on the way, and when we arrived she got right down to her work and we ate the other pies. A and J stayed till 4, and Athonica had finished by then, so we walked down the front stairs together before A & J walked home and I drove Anthonica via OK for dinner pies for her and Tersia. In the evening we watched a Lennon birthday special consisting of many international Beatles tribute bands.

Thu Oct 8
Up early for L-A's weekly MLD treatment in Paarl with Esté. I wasn't feeling too strong today, and it persisted. (Later I realized that I hadn't woken in the early morning to take my anti-inflamatories). On our way back we bought some red wine in Laborie winery in Paarl, a wonderful historic place dating back to 1700. Then back towards Worcester to get some pinotage from Du Toitskloof. Seeing that the weather was fair we decided to go up the Slanghoek valley, where L-A had never been but always hankered after. It did not disappoint. One more winery, Slanghoek Winery, to boost further our supply of reds. We had leisurely lunch in the Opstal Wines restaurant. The final leg was through continuous beautiful vistas to the R43 junction, and then back to Worcester. By now I was too tired to take the wine out of the trunk till I had slept a couple of hours. Diane Blenkiron skyped L-A in the evening, the first time in our new home.

Wed Oct 7
This was my 4th (and last for the time being) straight day having Lynca bacon, eggs and Koo baked beans for breakfast. After breakfast I did more guitar practice and picked about 8 songs to play this afternoon. We were expecting Andre and Janey for coffee at 11:30, so I walked to the Barnyard Deli across thr street and bought a small cake, and thanked one of the owners, Anele for introducing me to Lynca bacon. She volunteered that it didn't exude white watery liquid when frying, exactly my impression. Janey phoned about 11:45 to say they were leaving. Every few minutes I went out onto the balcony, and around noon, I saw them - walking away! I shouted but they couldn't hear. I phoned but it just rang. I went down to the front door and ran down Adderley, but by the time I got to their gate they were just in sight going back in. It turned out Janey had forgotten her phone, and had expected me to be waiting in the street for them, while I was expecting them to call when they arrived. L-A rearranged the date for Friday at the same time, and she and I had some cake and coffee. At 2:15 I left for Riverview - just a straight run down Adderley - arriving 2:30. About 15 kids were already listening to Mella, and Mazvita and Ronel were also there. There was a spontaneous cheer as I entered. I suspected that this had been orchestrated in advance by Mella, but she said later that wasn't the case. I told the kids I was very happy to be back after 6 months, and that it felt as if it were yesterday I had been here last. My fingers worked just fine and they all sang well; I am sure the Lord enjoyed it as much as I did. Mella spoke about the line we shouldn't cross that is a boundary between good and evil. Mazvita and Ronel gave out food and drink. I was glad to have been there. I went home via the mall were I bought batteries at Game before discovering I should have bought them at Dis-Chem which has a much larger selection. I was tired when I got home. This had been something my body had got un-used to after 6 months, and it needed to rest for an hour or so. However, I am back in a kid's club! At 11pm Tersia called saying that Henry's father had been coughing blood and had gone to the hospital. She wanted to know if I would take her and a friend there, and bring them back later in the night. I said "No," adding that she souldn't go either. This was a man who's son had abused her, and he, the father, had accused Tersia of causing the problems. Anthonica called a few minutes later with the same request, that I also turned down. Part of my decision was that going into Avian Park late at night, after curfew, could land me in all sorts of trouble in the recent heighening of tensions. If it were Anthonica who was sick, or even possibly her mother, I may have gone.

Tue Oct 6
Got up at 9, very pleasant. Yesterday Dianne had recommended I take things more easily, so I was following her suggestion. Dr Eric's office called to say I could pick up the revised letter for immigration, and when I did, I also asked him about the results from the PSA test he arranged three weeks ago; was my iron returning or getting worse? He said he would find the Pathcare analysis and get back to me. Anthonica called about 2, asking if she could do homework here again. She was our only visitor so far. I said yes and picked her up. She managed quite well on my computer, producing some good text about masks. I gave her a ham sandwich and got two pies for her and her mother when I took her home about 5. As I reached her house she asked for bread. We drove back to the mini mart, as several police vans came the other way - there appeared to have been a shooting and small crowds were gathering. After she bought bread, I dropped her home with a couple of Tylenol tablet for her mother, who still suffers headaches after Henry's attack a few weeks ago. Henry has stayed a way since then. Tersia hasn't yet been grape picking, probably because the weather may have delayed the start. Chantelle came over and persuaded me to give her R100 to buy 2 pairs of jeans. I was impressed at the shoes she had bought with my R60 last week. While Anthonica had been on my computer I worked on an outline of a piece for my 'Thought for the Month' blog on why I believe in the truth of Christianity. I want to produce something to counter the ignorance of followers of Hawkins and Hitchens et al. that would seem logical to analyticals. I got out my guitar, the amplifier (which needed 6 new AAs) and a selection of kids' praise songs and worked to rebuild the myelin round the relevant electrical connecting fibres in my brain that control my guitar-playing fingers. Around 5, L-A's computer buzzed and it was James on FaceBook Live as he drove to work in Vegas. We had a great chat, not least about his Tesla, which was actually doing all the driving, after having been plugged into his home power supply for the night. I had no idea he owned a Tesla.

Mon Oct 5
I got up an hour or so before L-A, which is good because I was able to deal with email before being involved with helping her, and also because it meant she was resting without too much pain. Melanie had send back the medical letters from Dr Eric and Dr Hannetjie with minor requested changes, so I sent these back to them. I was disturbed to see that the last time I had updated my devotions on line was 8 July. I knew it was a while, during which time I'd hardly had a moment. I emailed Grondbeurs about our flaky power after finding the telephone number on the meter was not in service. We had the list of what Reliability Screening required to process our Canadian security check, so at about 2:30 we left for the SAPS security office where we had obtained our clearances for prison ministry. There were no parking spots to I had to leave the car with L-A some distance away before walking to relevant office. Unusually, there was noone lined up, so I was able to speak to the lady immediately. After confirming that she could indeed produce our fingerprints - and that it would be free - I asked if she would be closing the office in a few minutes. She said yes, but then added I could bring L-A round now. I explained she was disabled and it would take 10 or 15 minutes to bring her, but she said that would be OK. So I went back for L-A and had her in there by about 3:05. The lady was friendly and efficient, even singing along with a radio hit. By 3:25 we had the sheets with both our prints. TKOG. We had arrived at the perfect time. Next stop to Pathcare to pay for the analysis of my pleural fluid. Then we drove to the mall and combined getting the passport photos from Superfoto with coffee and a bran muffin at Dulcie next door. Finally on this trip out I bought some Hunter's Gold for L-A. Melanie had replied to us that she could work with our copies of the Canadian security clearances form 2017, so I emailed them. I watched the second half of Paul McCartney at the Cavern. By bedtime I wasn't feeling pretty exhausted. This was new to me after the last few months. Maybe I am beng healed.

Sun Oct 4
We joined the first service in WCC with the worship team back playing live. There were two dressed-in-white dancers adding to the general sense of wellbeing at the return of normality, and I took pictures and L-A drew. After the service we joined a well-attended cell meeting, including Jan, Mella, Tendai and son, Lovejoy without Mazvita. Jan expressed concern that I was still regularly in Avian Park alone, considering recent tensions there. Mella announced she was booked on a flight home in 2 weeks, and that Lovejoy and Mazvita would be house sitting, and supervising Teachers of the Nations. After that L-A suggested we have Chinese lunch at Starpark - it was good. Mella called me in the afternoon asking if we would like to join a camping trip with Kevin (no, L-A not yet mobile enough) and if I would like to come back to the Riverview kids' ministry from this Wednesday at 2:30 (yes, why not?) In the evening I noticed a video on YouTube that deserved to checked out - Paul McCartney at the Cavern, with a backing band including David Gilmour and Ian Paice. Filmed in 1999, it is a terrific example of what Rock'n'Roll can be in the hands of experts. Watch here.

Sat Oct 3
We had a lovely lie-in, not having early engagements. Since both of us these days have mobility issues, it's great to lie in bed except when, in L-A's case, her position in bed is causing pain. I am having some bunnion pain, but it responds well to Voltaren. I took a walk around the small stores in the High Street near us and bought bacon from a very nice deli and baked beans from a small grocery. I also spoke with the lady selling corn on Church Square and told her she was selling animal food and passing it off as human food. I don't know if she understood me; she asked if I was accusing her of being an animal! I cooked the bacon and beans with eggs to find that the bacon was much nicer that what I have bought in Pick n Pay and Checkers. It wasn't full of water that would come out in the pan, and cause the bacon to stick to the pan. I made up food parcels requested by Bella and Anthonica yesterday and delivered them, adding bread, milk and porridge oats to the bulk supplies in our living room. I finally unpacked the last of the bags brought from Hooggelegen, and brought the Calla lillies into the house from outside the front door where I had dosed them with bug spray. Laurie-Ann prepared a meal of venison meat balls with roast vegetables and I supervised the final stages of cooking. When they were just about done, the lights went out, and then flickered on and went out again, as they had a week ago. The meter was now at R70, not R30, so the problem wasn't related to a wrong meter calibration. We were expecting a FaceBook live call from James at 8pm, so L-A tried to reach him without success on her phone using Messenger. We decided to eat our meal even if partially by candlelight. I called James very briefly using phone data and told him we had power problems and wouldn't be able to do the call. I decided to add R50 of power to the meter, using Powertime and my phone on data, and was successful. The lights didn't come on immediately, but after 5 minutes they came on and stayed on. So we messaged James again, and suggested doing the call at 9. This happened, and I was able to update him on my TB status. He was looking very relaxed. He mentioned that he calls Penny every day, and that he is one of only two officers qualified to do the military work in Las Vegas, and is pretty busy. Later I emailed my siblings with my TB status.

Fri Oct 2
We had sequential harcuts with Joan starting at 10am. She made L-A look classic, but not curly, which is L-A's goal. At 11 I saw Dr Eric. I said I had seen the 'after' X-Ray, and that I had been more than a week on Rifafour. He said that the remaining fluid should drain away into the urine as a result of the treatment, unless my symptoms reversed their current decline, and I was getting more breathless and fatigued. I asked him if I may have infected Laurie-Ann, and he said it was possible, but there wasn't anything to be done unless she started showing symptoms. Most importantly, he wrote a letter for Immigration to say that my treatment would be 6 months and I shouldn't travel internationally. Now we had the necessary medical letters for both of us, and I emailed them to Melanie. I communicated with Reliability Screening in Ottawa, who had done our security checks for our visas, and asked if it is possible to get a police security check on line. Quite soon they replied and told us how to do it. In answer to another question they said the reason our previous fingerprints were invalid is that all such data is deleted after 1 year for privacy reasons (presumably except for people with police records). In the evening we watched the 2020 Prison Ministry Conference, an on-line event in conjunction with Alpha UK. It was moderated by Paul Cowley, and included world class experts Nikki Marfleet, Kameel Khan, Gav Cutler and a few others. There are solid Christian leaders at the top of their professions in British prisons. Nikki's talk was based on Look up, Words matter, Stay with it. Kameel mentioned briefly the harm being done by (Group 4) commercial prisons (mentioned in The Killers' 'Land of the Free.') This conference showed that lock down was allowing huge audiences to events previously restricted to smalled numbers of people physically present, encouraging higher calibre people to take part, attracting the larger numbers.

Thu Oct 1
Laurie-Ann had arranged her visits this week with with Esté and Cape Gate Oncology to be sequential. She was going to give her award-winning piece of art 'Sintra' to Cape Gate Oncology for saving her life. It was a close-to-rain day so I was very careful to put the framed piece into the car trunk when there were no actual raindrops that might get through some protective material. She had a good session with Esté, who left the donning of the compression garments for me to do later. At Cape Gate some of the staff seemed to be waiting for this day when they would see 'Sintra' in person. I went in with her, carrying the piece, and took a
couple of photos of the last time she would own it. Hannetjie Koetze wrote an update to a previous letter from Hanlie Du Toit recommending L-A not travel internationally until her convalescence was complete. After her herceptin injection and port flush, we drove on to Canal Walk in Century City to buy CBD gummies from the Vape Shop. I was pleasantly surprised to discover the price had come down from around R1,000 to R650, so I bought two, since they aren't available any closer to us. Leaving the store I asked directions for the washrooms, but later, leaving the washrooms, I forgot which direction I had come from and walked around a small part of Canal Walk for half an hour, eventually finding Gate 1. I then looked for the car where I had left it, but didn't find it, forgetting we had then moved to a disabled spot. By now I was getting pretty frustrated with my brain, frankly wondering if TB could have mental side effects. In my defence, Canal Walk is a huge and confusing mall with few direction signs or maps on display. I dislike it a lot! On the way home, since we weren't in a great hurry, we took a detour off the N1 to try and find a better vantage point from which to photograph Stephen mountain. There were large clouds above the mountains, so the view I eventually found wasn't what I'd hoped, but it was better than a previous effort when we actually stopped on the N1. We foud some Calla lillies and brought them home, but I left them in water outside our front door, sprayed with bug repellant for a few days, not wanting to introduce country bugs to our home. After dropping off L-A, I went to 1-Up, and replaced our stock of bulk foods for the girls and families - R687. Chantelle had asked if I would give her R60 to buy day shoes. I had already bought school shoes and slippers, but it turned out her mother was wearing her school shoes on non-school days. Chantelle told me that Britney had tried to sell the school shoes I had bought her to Chantelle for R100, suggesting she has given up on school again. I was sceptical that R60 would purchase anything better than slippers, but I drove down anyway and it was a small price to make her happy. Anthonica came over and told me the washing powder I had given her was actually maize meal and had turned her clothes yellow! Oops. I drove to the Avian Park market stall and bought OMO and took it back to her. I offered to bleach her shirt, but she first wants to see if she can wash out the yellow hue with real washing powder. Melanie emailed that in addition to the medical letters, she would need updated police security checks.

Wed Sep 30
Melanie replied to my email recommending medical visas for both of us, since we both should stay here up to 6 months. These visas require none of the medical reports or X-Rays, nor the letters from sponsors, and her price is less. This is an unexpected good solution! I went to Radiology and collected the X-Ray disks from after my pleural drainage. I picked up Anthonica about 1:45 to take her to Worcester library for her homework, but their computers were down. So I decided she could be our first visitor to Da Vinci, and do her homework here. While she did it, I went to the mall for more shopping. I got most of the stuff L-A wanted including the ingredients for pumpkin pie. But when it came to an aluminium foil round baking dish, Checkers couldn't help. I called L-A and she was adamant that she wanted a round foil baking dish. I suggested buying a milk tart and re-using the foil dish, but I realised soon that milk tarts are all in plastic containers. So, having spent some hours shopping today, and sick of it, I went home with another idea. We had several used foil containers that were oblong. I could adapt one or more of them. L-A would just have to accept an oblong pumpkin pie instead of a round one. I tried to convince her it would taste the same, but I don't think she believed it. I had brought some dinner for Anthonica and Tersia, and I took A home with it. I also gave her a ziplock bag with some washing powder in it so her school shirt and other clothes could be washed. Tonight we watched one more 'Mars' episode before Showmax took it off their schedule. Finally I got to look at the X-Ray from after the pleural drainage. It showed that they had only drained half the fluid, leaving the left lung with 1/3 obscured by fluid. I didn't know if this was bad news or good, but I did know I need to see Dr Eric to discuss.

Tue Sep 29
We needed to congratulate ourselves on completing the house move, and get some more wine, so we drove to Robertson for lunch at Four Cousins. The drive was spectacular, through acres of mauve, yellow, orange and red fynbos flowers. We have never seen so many on the R60 before. As we sat down to our lunch I had that holiday feeling. The food was great. I really didn't need to guild the lily with malva pudding and an ocean of custard, and I paid for it for the next few hours. L-A chose 5 bottles of Van Loveren wine, including their Columbar that she hadn't been aware of. On the return drive we stopped to take photos of the flowers. I bought food for Anthonica and Chantelle in the afternoon. They are closer now as the crow flies. In the evening Anthonica called again, asking for toilet paper. She was sore from using newspaper (not that they buy newspapers). I took pity on her, with a roll from our toilet, and gave her a chat about using 'Do' lists and 'Buy' lists rather than suddenly discovering you are out of some commodity. I emailed our immigration lawyer Melanie to apologise for taking so long to reply, and explaining that we had moved house in the last week, and our sponsor Johan's father had died, and that I am a presumed TB case.

Mon Sep 28
As L-A was getting up, and calling me every so often, I decided to have another go at the walkie-talkies, which I could usefully do in the bedroom. Within a few seconds I remembered that the clip on the back has another small clip, which when sprung allows the clip to slide off. I often find that I can do something in the morning I couldn't do the night before. In a few minutes I had 3 AA's in each battery, and we tested. They worked perfectly. It was high time to tell my siblings and James about the TB, so I hitch hiked onto the current conversation about Phil's far more serious issues. "Same heading (Health Updates) - different person - me. We were out of communications for a few days as we moved to our new home in Worcester (pics on FB), so that is part of the reason you are only hearing this news now. The other part is that the diagnosis was only recently confirmed*. I have TB, the infectious kind. We are not publicizing this except to a few close friends & family. Wearing a mask when I'm out all the time will hopefully have prevented my spreading it further - thank you Covid! I am 5 days into a 6 month course of Ritafour e-275 tablets (not expensive), and in a couple of days will no longer be infectious. This was diagnosed after a 'massive pleural effusion' - 3 litres of fluid taken from the protective sack around my left lung, which was causing breathlessness and fatigue for the last few months. I am feeling better after losing that! I was diagnosed after a chest X-Ray for our visa extensions that looked like half my left lung was missing - it wasn't. I have to tell you, I never thought missionary work was medically so risky, as it has proved for both of us! Here's the lung X-Ray. Fascinating. *Here's something intriguing. The diagnosis was made on the basis that they could find no evidence for the other conditions that cause pleural effusions (water on the lung), such as malignancy, so they assume it must be TB, by a process of elimination. TB is rife here - there is a large TB hospital in Worcester - and coming from Canada I have no antibodies. So I may have caught it here. But without a positive proof of TB, it occurs to me I may have something else, which may cure itself. The several other health conditions I have had here are no longer bothering me. Why not this? Another implication of this is what will be the attitude of the immigration authorities when I can't provide a signature from a radiologist that the chest X-Ray shows I am free of TB. Will they refuse a visa extension? Will they want me to stay here longer or leave sooner. I don't know. I have had no serious illness in my life other than arthritis leading to one hip replacement. So I can hardly feel hard done by. And I don't."

Sun Sep 27
This was Worcester Christian Church's first semi-return to normal, with just the one service at 9:15, and Johan preaching, and translation row in operation, though only 4 sitting there. It isn't easy for me to hear L-A from her office or the bedroom when I am in the living room, so I had the idea to flash up the Cobra walkie-talkies. The problem arose when I tried to get the backs off to put batteries in. However I tried to do it the backs stayed resolutely in place. I set up our two Dixon low quality speakers in the corners of the living room and connected them to the Pyle amplifier. I hadn't listened to them often in stereo mode in my office in Hooggelegen, wiring instead a mono signal to the Leak Mini Sandwich in the living room. Here in Da Vinci my office area is in the same room as the music and the wider stereo separation compensates for the lo-fi of the Dixon's, giving an acceptible sound stage. The result of this was that we listened to a lot more music in Da Vinci, and after a while, being less busy, I got on with editing the remaining digitized audio files.

Sat Sep 26
I didn't know what time to expect Breedenet so I got up at 7:30. Two engineers arrived about 9:30, and got busy reprogramming our router. They had some problems at first and had to go back to their office, but then returned, and soon asked me what ID and password I wanted. I kept it as it had been, and soon we had the exact same service up and runnning. It was excellent to have got this done despite the weekend. I took a walk to visit the Saturday traders on Church Square, and bought what I thought were sweet corn. Later when I cooked them they turned out to be animal feed; not pleasant to eat. Bella's family needed food, perhaps because one or more of the grants they are on has fallen back to pre-lock down levels. Jamelia's family also were hungry. Our bulk store is now in the living room in Da Vinci, and they both got rice and sugar from it. I went to a vegetable wholesaler on Napier Street and bought 10 Kg of large potatoes, some of them going to those families. I went to Builder's Express and bought a mini wrench, Pollyfilla, and some dark yellow paint and a small paintbrush. Lovejoy was going to get the Breedenet dish off the Hooggelegen chimney at 6. He arrived with Mazvita and Eliora their 3-year old daughter. We parked by the gate in front of the hall, and Lovejoy and Cosmos got the long ladder from the garbage area, and then Lovejoy carried it to #48 with a little steerage from me. Mazvita and Eliora walked with us. When we got to the house, Lovejoy went up the ladder with his and my spanners and other tools. The first thing was to cut the cable. I had seen it was a multicore cable when I cut the other end, and therefore wouldn't help Lovejoy when he made his installation. There were three bolts holding the dish on its aluminium pipe, and he loosened the fist two soon enough. The third took some coaxing with different spanners, but he got it off, and brought it down. It was getting dark, and I then noticed the light was on inside the living room, using up the power we had left for the new lady. Mazvita took Eliora back to their car. Stage 2 was to fill the holes. I had mixed the Pollyfilla and he went up with our kitchen slicer and plugged the holes. He came down and we waited 10 minutes for the plaster to semi-solidify. He told me he had refused to give a bribe to the driving examiner yesterday and as a result had failed his driving test. He went up the ladder again with the yellow paint and finished the job. By now it was too dark to see how well it was finished, but I doubt anyone would notice anything unless specifically looking. Lovejoy carried the ladder back and I brought the dish and the tools. He asked me about our car and how much I wanted for it when we left, and I said we would advertise it at R65,000 but he could have it for R60,000. I doubt if this will happen, but it's possible. When we got home, I took food to Anthonica and Tersia, and 7 Equate painkiller tablets for Tersia, since she was still suffering from being gashed on the forehead with a cup by Henry. I told her only to take 2 at a time to avoid severe stomach pain. In the evening L-A and I watched the final episode of 'Pearson,' realizing after a while we had alredy seen it, but it has been so long since we had time in an evening to watch TV. Tonight, happy the move had gone well, we also watched 20 minutes of 'On the Basis of Sex,' a movie about the life of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who died 2 weeks ago as a sitting US supreme court judge. She pioneered equal rights for women in the US in the seventies, setting a precedent with one case where a man had been refused tax relief for caring for his disabled mother, since in those days, caring for a relative was considered women's work, so only women could claim tax relief. After that, hundreds of other discrimatory laws became the targets of other lawsuits. Anthonica called about 10 saying her mother must get to hospital because of severe stomach pain. I asked her how many of the pills she had taken - 6. I told Athonica not to worry; her mother would be OK, and it served her right for flatly disobeying what I had said.

Fri Sep 25
I worked on the inventory list of Da Vinci and made comments on about 4 deficiencies and signed it. I was to rendezvous at Hooggelegen with Lizzie at 9am to hand back the keys. I got there at 8:30 because I had about 30 minutes gardening to do to have the front looking fully cared for. At 8:40 a van drew up with about 5 cleaning ladies and all the gear. Soon they were chamfering up every square inch of surface. The boss lady had removed one of the blinds and brought it to the counter top and was deep cleaning every plastic slat. Other ladies were standing on the counter getting into the far corners of every kitchen cupboard. We still were without wifi, with a weekend coming up. I called Breedenet again, and this time got through to reception. I asked for a ticket to be raised, and was pleasantly suprized when a lady called Tasha got back to me and took the details. She asked me to reboot the router, but it made no difference - she couldn't see it on her computer. She said that an engineer would come here tomorrow morning. This was good news. By 9 I had cleared most of the remaining weeds as Lizzie showed up. She started on her comprehensive check list and I accompanied her and answered the odd questions. At one point she noticed a blind missing. I realized it was the one that was being cleaned in the kitchen. I told Lizzie there could still be the occasional rather sick cockroach walking around, but mercifully I didn't see any. There were a fair number of dead ones in the carpets, but they would soon be sucked into industrial vaccuum cleaners. I showed Lizzie the back garden strip which had been a geranium with elephanitis, but now contained seeds and seedlings of onions, lettuce and the Checkers Tiny Garden. The torquiose curtain might just cover our very tall new bedroom window - and after 2 nights with street lanps on our faces, we needed a curtain. There was a very old black cast iron curtain rail on two supports way higher than I could reach even on a chair. But trigonometry could help. I laid the curtain on the bed, and drew an imaginary hypoteneuse from the curtain rail to the end of the bed, which coincided with the bottom of the curtain. The hypoteneuse was close to 45° by eye. This meant that the curtain was tall enough to reach down to the window sill, and it was clearly a little wider than the window. The problem was: how to get it up without a ladder? There was a long brass hollow rod in the corner of the room. It was clear to me that the brass rod would be better to suspend our curtain from. I first used the brass rod to lift the black cast iron rod off its supports and allow it to fall to the bed. Then I slotted the brass rod into a fold in the top of the curtain, the existence of which had been shown me by an assistant in Sheet Street. Then I used the black rod to hoist the brass rod and curtain onto the supports, with help from duct tape to keep the two rods in contact. It all worked, and soon we had bedroom privacy.

Thu Sep 24 - Heritage Day in SA
First thing I unpacked the trunks and some of the suitcases. I had packed semi-randomly, so putting things in their right places took time. At 11 I drove (back) to Hooggelegen to meet Lovejoy, but his brother Tendai hadn't come with him to get the Breedenet dish off the braai chimney. At least Lovejoy had a chance to size up the job. We set a new time: 6pm on Saturday. By then of course I would have surrendered the keys, so he wouldn't be able to take the full cable - just a few meters. I took (to our new) home the torquoise curtain from our bedroom, the buckets, and some books and papers I had left in one of the office cupboards. I found a few live beetles and their eggs, particularly on the power bar we had used for the TV. I also transplanted the Checkers Tiny Garden seedlings into the back yard garden strip.

Wed Sep 23
With Trek & Stoor due to arrive with their truck at 8am, I set my alarm for 5:45. There was lots to do, even though what wasn't done this morning here could be done tomorrow. My target was to get L-A to Da Vinci in time for me to return before truck. The car trunk was pretty full and I knew I would have time to unload it simultaneously with unloading L-A. Janey had lent her cooler, aka chillybin, so one thing to do once we'd eaten was empty the fridge. Another thing was to transport the TV. We left around 7, and by 7:20 L-A was installed in what would become her office, with her Kindle/iPad. I was back in Hooggelegen by 7:55, relieved that they weren't there. In fact they weren't there until about 8:20 - 7 men. They got right down to work. Everything they had to lift was all ready for them, excepe the bed, and phase one was taking everything outside so they could assess where in the truck things could best go. They wrapped the bed and mattress comprehensively in polythene. We were readu to leave at about 9. The drive is only 10 minutes and they went slowly. After one pass round the block they decided that the closest they could get was about 2 car-lengths from the gate. For this reason, they lifted everything over the fence before taking stuff up, except the fridge which they brought up asap so that we would be able to use it asap. In all, they did a very professional job and were polite nad friendly. They completed it by 11. I then brought everything from my trunk upstairs. By the time it was all it I was very tired. I drove to Fairbairn to collect my TB meds, and then bought hake and chips from Europa Fisheries, which is almost across the street. It was good to eat and sit down - and take my first TB pill. It is called Rifafour e-275: Initial phase treatment of tuberculosis, made by Sanofi-Aventis, a South African company. I will take them three times a day for 6 months. I had collected the first 6 weeks amount at a cost of about $45 - a lot less than I had expected. It had been the hardest day for me of our time in South Africa so far.

I am writing this the following evening. I have come back to Hooggelegen because we don't yet have wifi in Da Vinci, but Breedenet have yet to turn it off here. The house is empty, but I am about to upload this journal. I have just uploaded the podcasts for Sunday's Good News in the Morning, in case we still have no wifi in time for that, and I have put data and air time on our phones. The journal will be our final upload of thousands done over the last nearly 3 years from Hooggelegen Retirement Village. As soon as it has gone I will cut the cable to the router, and take it home, prior to giving it to Lovejoy on Saturday at 6, when we will unscrew the Breedenet antenna which he is buying from us. At that time I will no longer have the keys so we cannot enter the house to remove the cable from the antenna. Maybe in years to come, someone will find it and make use of it again.

Tue Sep 22
Dr Eric responded to my email last night by calling back around 8:30. He had spoken with Dr Louis Van Zyl. The tests on the fluid had ruled out everything except TB; he put the probability of TB as 97%. My thoughts were slightly different; diagnosis without clear evidence of a TB presence allows for the possibility of another cause that hasn't yet been considered - or even the body healing itself or being healed divinely. Be that as it may, he will prescribe anti-TB medicine which I will be on for 6 months. I will continue to be contagious for a week after starting the course; however, mask wearing should have prevented my infecting others. Our first visit to Esté Mellet in Paarl for several weeks, now the radiation is done. On the way home I collected the TB prescription and took it to Fairbairn Pharmacy. It will be ready tomorrow. The balance of the day was taken up with packing everything other than furniture and appliances and taking much of it to Da Vinci. Tersia called at 7:30pm to say that the R200 hadn't been enough - another R150 was needed. I think this was related to unemployment insurance. After supper I took it down to them and sat Tersia in the back seat for an enforced listening session on how she was going to manage her earnings when they start. Chantelle was back with her mother as I stopped to speak with her. Apparently her OVD aunt won't let her stay. The atmosphere here in #38 Manikin is toxic, and I felt bad for Chantelle. I asked if I could speak to her mother, but she was in the bathroom. I spoke to one of her sisters, saying they were treating Chantelle unfairly - why? Of course there were no answers and I got angry with her - not a good idea since I had no specifics. We don't have to have everything packed before Trek & Stoor arrive at 8am tomorrow; I still have the keys till Friday morning.

Mon Sep 21 Level 1 of Lock down
I phoned Dr Louis Van Zyl's office, and was assured that he would call me today. He didn't, so in the evening I sent a status email to Eric Van Dyk. I was getting breathless, but not so bad as in the past, and I certainly was exerting myself with two trips to Da Vinci to take more bulky but light items. During the day and evening I took food to Jamelia's family, gave R100 to Lottie who will go to the hospital tomorrow with her friend Maxine, took a Roman's pizza to Chantelle at OVD where she is living off the courtesy of an aunt. Tersia called about 8 pm begging me for R200 to take to 'labour' as a pre-requisite of allowing her to work picking grapes from the beginning of October. I wasn't feeling very sympathetic, partly because she had only asked now and the money was needed tomorrow morning. It almost sounded like a bribe. So I told her "No." Anthonica called a few minutes later on Whatsapp and in a very cool and calm way explained the details and conviced me it was genuine. I certainly want Tersia to be working asap, and we do have the cash, so I drove down and gave it to Anthonica and congratulated her on her skill and persistence. Farrel came over while I was gardening (making it nice for the new lady) and we had a nice chat, and he said the removal team will arrive at 8 am on Wednesday.

Sun Sep 20
Laurie-Ann was strong enough to come to Cell Group followed by church! In church we heard Johan teach in English for the first time since lock down, and what a teaching. He considered the 7 covennts in the Bible, beginning with the one between God and Adam, and ending with Jesus' new covenant, the one Christians follow. He explained how all the others were replaced by the new one, which only works because of the finished work of Jesus on the Cross. Chantelle begged me to take her from OVD to Avian Park to collect her school clothes, and bring her back to OVD. On the journey she told me that her mother had thrown her father out of the house. Her mother bore her 2 older sisters with different fathers (or maybe father) before meeting Chantelle's father Moses. He and Chantelle had a good relationship, but her mother Maria favoured her sisters, to the extend of eating separately from Chantelle and Moses. Apparently Maria also objected to a financial allowance Moses gave to Chantelle. With her father gone, Chantelle wanted to move over semi-permanently to OVD where her aunt is in #44. Moses mother is Lottie (also in OVD). During the day I had got strong feelings towards launching the New Nu Skin campaign, for which I had recorded a video and initial intro email several weeks ago. I had sent one to Janey just before we went to Mossell Bay. She had recently volunteered that they would like to know more. So I constructed a Intro letter 2, with a link to Nu Skin SA, and a 'Join' button.

Sat Sep 19
I woke in the night (as I usually do several times) with severe pain in my left foot that had me hobbling to the toilet. Soon I realized that I had caused the problem by wearing sandals for the trip up the back stairs of Da Vinci. I took my pain meds about 7am, and when I finally rose about 8:30, the foot was far less of a problem. After putting on my heavier shoes (which take the same orthotics), the pain had gone completely. This was quite a relief a few days before house move. Lottie called asking for some chicken and other things we have in our bulk store, so I said I would come down later. Then, after our breakfast, Jamelia called with an emergency situation. He sister Nona was in serious pain and sick. She suffers from high blood pressure, and had a stroke near the time of the birth of one of her two children. They are the rasta kids, and one of them is Ryden who L-A had drawn. On the way to the hospital with her mother accompanying, Nona was violently sick out of the car window. It must have been very hard for her to make it to the window, because when she arrived she couldn't stand unaided, and her mother found a wheel chair. I hung around for a while, but they must have let her mother in, for she didn't appear, so I left the hospital. I picked up chicken at Pick n Pay and took it with the other things she needed to Lottie, who was still waiting for a bed to free up in the hospice. I had tried once before to sponsor Laurie-Ann as a brand affiliate in Nu Skin Canada, and it hadn't worked. Today I tried again, and got it right. I hadn't wanted to open up the floodgates until I could tell people how to join. The On-line systeme has been well thought out indeed.

Fri Sep 18
Last night some drama occured. Athonica called us about 11 pm to say her mother was bleeding from the head and had a broken arm, the head injury caused by a stone thrown at her in the street. She had no air time, so Tony called for an ambulance. The lady who took the call was extremely helpful and efficient; not what he expected. She said she would call Anthonica as soon as they had an ETA for the ambulance. An hour later, no call and no ambulance. (Neither police nor ambulances are comfortable driving in the townships at night.) Tony told Anthonica to call him in half an hour if the ambulance still hadn’t arrived, and he would take Tersia to the hospital. Half an hour later Tony was on his way, and when he arrived there was a fight going on in the house between Tersia, Anthonica, Tersia’s niece Naomi and Henry. Henry the live-in boy friend didn’t want Tersia to go to hospital. He had been the cause of the injury, having hit Tersia on the head with a mug and then pushed her against the wall, injuring her elbow. If she told the doctor this story, he could be arrested. However, as I entered the house I was still believing Anthonica's story of a stone throwing. No-one wanted actually to accuse Henry to his face of gender-based violence. I heard later that he had told the women he would kill them if they told the police. South Africa is one of the worst countries for gender-based violence, exactly what this was. My presence countered any influence Henry was having and soon Tersia, Jamelia and Naomi were in my back seat, and as we drove to the hospital some, but not all of the details of the story started emerging. I took them to the Emergency department, where Tersia when in for treatment, but they wouldn't allow anyone else in. I took Anthonica and Naomi back to Naomi’s house, and then went home and back to bed. At 2:30 am Anthonica called to say I could collect her mother from the hospital. By then Naomi had found that Henry had left Tersia’s house and gone to his father’s house next door. So I drove to the hospital and then took Tersia back to her own house, and during the drive she told me the above details, and I told her what she must do is report the violence and obtain a court order for Henry to stay away from her. It is doing this that defeats so many abused women, and often it is the fear of a physical attack from the perpetrator. She asked me to come in with her - she had heard that Henry had invited himself back. He was lying in bed watching TV. I asked him why he had attacked Tersia last night and he told a different story which included his bringing a jar of wine into the house and sharing it with her. I don't think he was lying, but she and Anthonica had told me she hadn't touched a drop since lock down started. So maybe this was the first time and she had got courage to insult him and stand up for herself. I said to her, "Do you want Henry in your house, or do you want him to leave and not return?" and she shocked me by saying she didn't know. This is how GBV ploriferates in the township; the women, even when seriously abused, sometimes prefer that to living alone. Henry insisted that she had never asked him to leave before. Pushed a bit by me she then did tell him she wanted him to go, but it wasn't very convincing. I didn't think I could add any value to the discussion so I left. The main concern in my mind was the effect this must have on Anthonica, who had behaved in a mature manner throughout, making decisions and keeping calm. The man from Pest Elite was due at 8am to conduct a follow-up fumigation, and he was on time. I had got up at 6. I had totally forgotten about our early morning prayer group in all the excitement, but even I had planned to be there, I think I would not have gone. The work to eliminate the last of the warrior beetles seemed to go well, and I paid by EFT while he was here. Dr Hofmeyr's receptionist called to see if he could see Chantelle at 11 instead of 4. I said yes, and then set about figuring out how to reach her without her phone. I called Anthonica, who had slept very little last night and asked her to walk to Chantelle's, and if she was there, let me talk to her. Soon I was talking to Chantelle, and she said she would be ready for 10:30. I went into the dental surgery with her and took photos. Dr Hofmeyr first took a look at all her teeth and said he was going to fix a small cavity. Pretty amazing that that should be her only problem apart from the chip on her fron tooth. Soon he was working on that. Everything went smoothly. The bill was still R600 (the same amount we paid Eric for the last joint consultancy with him). Outside the surgery I photographed her new perfect look. Jamelia called to say that Amedja had invited her to dance before a church audience tomorrow, but she needed R15 entrance fee, and a new pair of jeans. She has been far the cheapest of the four main girls. We went to Mr Price and she found a stylish pair for R200, twice what I had in mind, but I paid up happily, since she had what she really liked. She looked good in them when I saw her tomorrow and took a photo. It was now about 4:15, and I drove round to 46 Malmok Street, the next after Manniken, to join a dedication service for Marco's and Ren's next home in Avian Park. There are 6 or 7 there to change the atmosphere after its recent use as a drug centre, including Jan Van Rooyen and Jan. I took photos and a video. It was getting dark when I finally got round to taking a trunk load of larger items to Da Vinci, though they'd been in the trunk for some hours. I decide to go the back route. It was hard work getting everything up the steep back stairs, and I was foolishly wearing sandals. I spent quite a while yesterday and today editing L-A's September newsletter. We had hoped to be able to give a diagnosis of my lung situation. Up till now we hadn't communcated the fact that I had even been in Mediclinic, not wanting to alarm people without telling the full story. But we couldn't hold up the newsletter any longer, so I wrote up the story so far. The finished Newsletter went out this evening.

Thu Sep 17
One week ago - big needle in my back. Since then I have felt a whole lot better - but there has neen no word from the doctor who supervised the procedure. This morning was much nicer, a lie in. I really enjoy and benefit from an hour or more extra rest in the morning. The big scheduled event of today was to take Bella to buy a prom dress. Her school Matric dance is coming soon and she had asked if we would help with the dress. She wanted to get it at Ackermans, though when we arrived they told us such dresses weren't their speciality. They also told us she could rent formal wear in Worcester, but she really wanted something she could wear multiple times. She wasn't deterred and spent a while looking at the displays. I spotted a couple of dresses that I though would suit her, one a 'little black dress,' but neither my recommendations or the dresses appealed to her. Then she looked at a pair of women's grey plaid smock, and paired it up with an orange short sleeved sweater. I actually told her (before she had made up her mind) that if I was at a dance and saw someone wearing it, I wouldn't be asking her to dance! My mind was focussed on being at least a little feminine. However, since she was clearly happy I criticized no more and paid. One of the items on France 24 this evening was a debate on 'Cuties,' the film that deplores the sexualization of children in society today. After winning prizes in Europe, Netflix put it out with a poster showing scantily-clad children dancing, and this has caused a furore from people who haven't seen the film. From what I sense of the decision-makers at Netflix, they probably thought they could capture the paedophile segment of the public, a major market. However, I then thought back to the way I had semi-suggested to Bella that she buy a dress that would make her look feminine and attractive. I wonder if Bella is younger and wiser and has no wish to attract people; rather she just wants to enjoy the school dance. Anyway it made me think again. We watched a film of the tribute concert to Kate McGarrigle in 2011 at Massey Hall in Toronto, another gift from Andrew van Berkel. It is so good to see the glorious songs being really appreciated. I was much moved.

Wed Sep 16
The final radiation - really. We should have taken Sintra with us, because they are excited about it and want it. While L-A was inside I got diesel for the car, but leaving some space in the tank, and cash for my wallet from FNB. To mark one of my last days here, I had an expensive (R29) coffee and a florentine in the Limnos café, and took one with me for L-A. Both were worth the money. When we got home I added the diesel to the car from a jerry can that we had filled from a can with a leak on the Namibia drive. After soup I filled two more suitcases and put them in the trunk, and then put two unopened boxes of colouring books in the car, and also the brake hydraulic pump from Jo'burg that didn't work. It is on our 'for sale' list. I drove to PathCare and paid a bill related to my hospital visit. Then I drove to Adderley and parked by the front gate. It turned out to be less tiring getting the suitcases and boxes into unit 6 than if I had parked at the back, and no risk of damaging the car and the gate. I did 15 minutes gardening; my plan is to clear the weeds in the front garden by the time we leave. I am also watching the seedlings from the Checkers 'Tiny Garden' rewards as they peep through the soil on the kitchen window ledge. Ramaphosa spoke at 7 pm on SABC 2 announcing a relaxation to lock down level 1 at midnight this Sunday 20 September. Of particular interest to us was the fact that limited international travel will be allowed including via Cape Town. A Covid test must have been given within 72 hours of departure. Ramaphosa asked all cell phone owners to download the new Covid Alert SA app. - See info. So I downloaded it to L-A's Mobicel. I obviously can't get it on my Blackberry, but one of us is protected! Once again, Ramaphosa showed better leadership in the face of the pandemic than most other country leaders, and certainly could give lessons to Boris and The Donald. I worked a bit more getting the documents ready for the visa extension. Before I turned in we read and discussed two psalms since we missed a day. Estimates vary of up to a month that L-A will recover from the onslaught on her body from 16 radiations. She has become progressively more tired and weak as she reached the end. I suspect she'll recover in 10 days because of the wellness supplements she continues to take each morning.

Tue Sep 15
An earlier start than yesterday to Cape Gate. En route L-A received a reply from Hanlie to say that today and tomorrow would be the last two radiations, and that she, Hanlie would like to meet with L-A today. This happened and it brought closure to her whole treatment in a way, removing the slight confusion of yesterday. Hanlie gave here a letter to assist with the visa extention, showing that it would be potentially dangerous for her health to leave the country too soon. L-A wants to donate Sintra to Hanlie/Cape Gate Oncology in thanks for the excellence of the cancer treatment. We decided to visit Spice Route on the way home since it was a beautiful day and we had the time. Neither De Villiers chocolate factory not their ice cream and coffee parlour were open, and we were told that they were weekends only at the moment. La Grapperia restaurant was however open, and we haven't been there before. L-A had meat loaf and I had a rather salty spinach and feta pizza, washed down with a draught CBC, which I did enjoy. I took a few photos. Back home I packed two suitases with breakables from the kitchen wrapped in clothes. Our move to Da Vinci starts today! Trek & Stoor will move the furniture on Wednesday 23rd, but by then I want to have moved everything I can easily take in the car. From then to month end we will still have access to Hooggelegen. I drove to Cell Repair Centre, only to be told that the touch screen sent from Cape Town was the wrong one, but he was going there personally at the weekend and would bring back the right one. I asked if he could put back the cracked one now, and he said he doubted if it would still work. This worries me, leaving the possibility that Chantelle ends up without a phone. I drove to her house with bad news and good news. She wanted the bad news first, so she heard that the phone wouldn't be ready till next Monday. Then I told her she was booked in to see Dr Hofmeyr on Friday to have her front tooth capped. This brought a wide smile, and the fact that she wouldn't have a phone for a week became less of a problem. I drove to Da Vinci, to the rear entrance. I pushed a button on a blue unit on the key ring and the gate opened. I was interruped for a few second by something, and then started to drive forward. I was a foot from the gate when it started to close and I held my breath as it passed in from of the car - without hitting it. I opened the gate again and drove in. I am going to have to get used to a gate that closes after about 20 seconds whether or not one is through. I parked in slot 6 and got the two suitcases out of the trunk. I took them up the rear stairs one at a time and into the apartment. I didn't unpack them, and I may not need to before we move in ourselves. I had been home about 15 minutes when my WhatsApp buzzed and it was Anthonica asking when I would be there with her food, which she had called about last night. I got a detailed list of about 9 items, 4 of which I had in our bulk store. I bought the missing things at Pick n Pay and delived to her door. I give pretty good service - for free! I arrived home needing a rest and sent my alarm for an hour. As I was woken, L-A realized she was exhaused and started a nap at anout 6:55. At 7:45 I realized we had forgotten our connect group at 7. This is not like L-A at all, but when I went to tell her it didn't phase her. I WhatsApped Naomi and Faan explaining how L-A was exhausted after radiation, but saying that by this time next week she should be much improved. She got up about 8:30 and we had soup. The we watched the rest of 'Sing me the songs that say I love you,' very emotional for the McGarrigle clan, and for me. Kate and Anna have been recognized internationally for superb songwriting that has influenced other great singers and songwriters, but even now seem not to be fully appreciated by Canadians. L-A's theory is that unlike Gordon Lightfoot who bended folk and country music (country music being Canada's favourite genre except in our house), Kate and Anna were/are not country, and it's hard to say what they are. Their first album won rock album of the year in UK!

Mon Sep 14
To Cape Gate for radiation, but L-A unsure if there is one more after this or two. The radiation department seems to think 2, but Hanlie had suggested 1, making a total of 15. At about 10 to 3 I went to Grondeurs to pick up the keys for Da Vinci, but the person I saw knew nothing about it. So I drove round to the apartment to see if Lizzie (Liezl) was waiting for me; she wasn't. Then my phone rang and it was Lizzie to say she would be there shortly. After arriving she said she needed to pick something up related to the final inspection, so while she did that I went to Cell Repair Centre. Chantelle's phone was not ready. There had been a technical problem, and they didn't for sure if a replacement touch screen would work 100%. They said I should come back tomorrow. Back at Da Vinci, Lizzie showed me how the keys worked, then took me to review the inspection results. Everything was in pretty good order. The place was very empty. Since Chantelle didn't have her phone, I drove down to tell her that it would be another day, hopefully. Marsha's sister walked by, very pregnant, saying that Marsha had been trying to get in touch with me. With Chatelle in the back bound for OVD I stopped at Marsha's but there was no sign of her. At OVD I gave Chantelle R20 for chips and a taxi fare, and she gave Lottie some Flora and jam she had asked me for. At home I checked Messenger, and Marsha had asked me for power, so I sent her the token numbers on Messenger. We received more McGarrigle family goodies from Andrew, and after supper watched the first half of a film called 'Sing me the songs that say I love you,' made in 2011 after Kate died, and showing lots of background video and home movies and peformance of her songs by artist friends and family members. L-A e-mailed Sonja at Cape Gate asking for some clarity from Hanlie about how many more radiation session she would need.

Sun Sep 13
The day started with a torrent of rain, but around 9 it stopped and the sun came out. This sequence continued much of the day. I called Anthonica who confirmed she hadn't had anything to eat, and I told her I would bring her a good breakfast. She asked for something for later in the day. I made up bags of sugar (from the bulk purchase yeaterday) and maize meal, added a box of milk and spaghetti, some bread and a few other things, drove to Pick n Pay and bought instant porridge, and then to Macdonalds for a sausage mcmuffin plus hash brown and coffee, and took them to Anthonica's, getting her into the back seat to eat and drink. At that moment Chantelle walked by, and I gave her the Wikipedia article on Nelson Mandela. She took the opportunity to ask me if tomorrow, after I collected her phone and brought it here, would I take her to OVD. Anthonica really enjoyed her breakfast. When I asked her to answer me truthfully about when her mother last drank wine, she was very firm on saying it hadn't been since the beginning of lock down. I reminded her that the child grant was designed for the child's welfare, not the mother's. So do I believe Tersia or Hennie? Anthonica tips the balance in favour of Tersia, but that leaves Hennie as the liar, looking for reasons for failing to find any income to help his daughter, and therefore spending it elsewhere. We watched a service from Christian Fellowship Church in East Belfast (L-A had been there decades ago). In the afternoon I watched the Blackburn Hamlet service, during which prayer was said for L-A and me! I spent the afternoon on our visa extention application, and in the evening we watched a SA movie on Showmax: 'Farewell Ella Bella.'

Sat Sep 12
My phone rang at 7:15, it was Chantelle asking if I could help her with homework; she had to write about Mandela. I went back to bed and she called again about 8 and I ignored it. She called at 9 and asked if I would take her and a cousin back to Avian Park. The phone call said it was from Chantelle, but her phone was in the shop. She told be she had put the sim card into her cousin's phone. Then I realised I could hear her clearly. So the problem I had been having hearing her was not that she mumbled, but that her phone audio had deteriorated. I wanted to buy some more bulk rice and sugar so I agreed, but when I arrived at OVD she wanted to take two cousins in their late teens and I said 'No.' I wasn't taking more than 2 in the car and they were perfectly capable of walking. I drove Chantelle back home without them. I also saw Anthonica, Bella, Jamelia, and Britney. I spent much of the day setting up the Mobicel laptop, using the quite helpful verbal instructions but fighting with the Microsoft account. In the end I used L-A's tel number for it instead of messaging Bella for verifications sent to her phone. GMail went on quite easily. I also loaded up the complete Alpha Film Series on to her videos. I am very impressed by the laptop design. However, since the last time I set up a laptop, Microsoft have introduced the microsoft account which allows your information to be accessible from different devices, but must also prvent security breaches. I can't imagine what it is like for a first-timer laptop buyer to get things running. Anthonia called in the evening, pitifully asking if I could bring her some breakfast on my way to or from church. I said 'No.' Then I remembered that Tersia had accused her ex-husband Hennie of neglecting his daughter Anthonica but driving every day to De Dorns to visit his girlfriend. Was this true. I called Hennie and asked how come her wasn't helping Anthonica financially in any way. He expressed extreme remorce and said it hur him to the core, but the only income he had was as an unnoficial taxi. He sounded genuine and I did not accuse him of putting his grifriend before Anthonica. He accused Tersia of continuing to drink, and using Athonica's child benefit to buy wine. This aounded plausible to me, so I decided to question Anthonica about it. I have discovered in life that accusing someone without evidence is a way to make a bad situation worse.

Fri Sep 11
I had a restful night although I woke several times, but not from any discomfort. I was dozing about 5:30 when a nurse came in and offered me a warm drink - I asked for rooibos tea. She came back and took my blood pressure, something that seems to be done for all the patients every hour or so in the day. I turned on the TV but wasn't able to find any news - just endless sports reruns(?). I dozed till 8, then had a shower and got dressed, and then I listened to the BBC World Service 5-minute bulletin. About 8:30 Louis Linde came to see me, after the first early morning prayer group since lock down. I had seen the notice of this yesterday on WhatsApp and told them why I wouldn't be with them. A very nice breakfast arrived, porridge followed by scambled egg and bacon, and then Dr Van Zyl came about 9:45. After hearing that I was feeling fine he confirmed I could go home. He said he will keep in touch by phone, with the results from Pathcare. He has no problem with my driving L-A to Cape Gate on Monday and/or Tuesday. I called my driver, Laurie-Ann, who had got through the night reasonable well. She hopes to be here before 11 after she has had her shake and meds. It was great to see a dusty Mercedes turning into Mediclinic, though I couldn't persuade the driver to stay behind the wheel. We went to Q-Square for Tena pads and Daly bread, and I thought, let's have lunch at Café Hugo. Godfrey was there and served us. We had only been once before. It really is the most delighful spot in Worcester, with the feel of a restaurant in a university town. We both enjoyed our food and coffee, and I even had a word with the owner Dion reminding him I had interviewed his wife Cindy for CWCP. We also chatted with a Zimbabwean waiter, who told us he didn't feel safe in South Africa compared with Zimbabwe. The theft laws are so strict that nobody steals. You can leave a purse in a public place with impunity. They have a '3 strikes and you are in' rule - that's in jail. The other day a South African accused of raping a senior was let out on R2,000 bail and is walking the streets. That's a tenth of my deposit for my procedure in Mediclinic. We went on to Nibbly Bits and stocked up with rusks and fruit tarts a-plenty. We had been home when Chantelle called and I couldn't understand a word she was saying, partly because she mumbles when she's asking for something and partly because her phone is of poor quality. Anthonica had told ne their food cupboard was bare, so I assumed Chantelle's wasn't overflowing and made up bags of our bulk staples for them. After giving the food I took Chantelle to town so she could buy toiletries with R50 I gave her, and she helped me out buying slippers and PJs for Lottie. Then we went to Cell Repair Centre with her phone with very cracked glass. They didn't have a phone cover of the right size. A customer told me she could take me to a cell repairer who had one but I told her I was very happy with this store, which went down well with the assistant. The assistant then said they could replace the cracked glass for R180, much less than I had expected, and it would be ready on Monday. I decided to go ahead. They took out the sim card and Chantelle took it in a small polythene bag. I left her in town with R10 for a return taxi fare, though the weather was fine for walking, and drove to Lottie's. As I gave her the bag from Pep she told me she was going into the hospice because of a problem with her right lung. I felt an extra bond with her. Maybe I will visit her there if they would let me in. Then I went back into Avian Park to Anthonica's who persuaded me to buy her jeans for a bithday party with school friends she had been invited to. The line up outside Mr Price was long, so we went to Jet. She must have tried on 5 pairs (all of which then had to be quarantined for a day) before, as we were leaving, she saw a very attractive pair on display, without rips in the knees (a pet peeve of mine), and when she tried them on, they fitted! I got her some flip flops because she can't find the pink boots I bought her a month ago. Maybe the thief had taken them when he broke into their house a week ago. Anthonica then told me that the burglary had been conducted remotely from inside the jail. This is a community where family members will steal from one another regardless of consequences to family relationships.

Thu Sep 10
Following on the story from Monday, I was to be admitted to Mediclinic at 8am. L-A would drive me, and she hasn't driven since way before cancer. I didn't know how long I would be there, so I guessed it might be 1-3 days, not requiring a change of clothing other than night clothes. I was more concerned about the possible need for communications and finding information so I took my main computer, my Blackberry, the Mozambican phone for WhatsApp web, the back up of the red disk for entertainment an Alibi Max and a Bar One chocolate bars. After our regular breakfast, they all went in L-A's rucksack (we had given mine to one of the kids). L-A drove faultlessly and dropped me right at the main door. She watched my intial form-filling and then went home. The admissions clerk was a charming and efficient lady and her guess was that she should bill me for a 3-day stay, so I paid R20,000 on MasterCard and gave her my FNB account number in case of a refund. Then I was escorted to room A27, not dissimilar to a small hotel room and better equipped. A cheese omelet and coffee arrived - very nice. No-one had said I should get into bed so I didn't; instead I sent a status e-mail to L-A from my phone, and then flashed up the computer. A nurse came in and asked me to choose my meals for the next 2 days. Another nurse took notes on my medical history. Then Dr Louis Van Zyl came in, introduced himself, and told me the plan. He mentioned that 70% of patients with pleural effusion are found to have TB, and later when I asked him for more information, he said it was the infectious variety of TB. He told me I would be going for a 'tap.' this tuned out to be a needle in the fluid to drain it. The fluid would then be analysed to determine the cause. Soon I was in a wheel chair on the way to Worcester Radiology (where I had had the X-Ray). They started with X-Ray and ultrasound, and then a local anaesthetic injection. When that needle went in I jumped slightly forward with a spasm of pain. A second needle had the same effect even though I now expected it. I wasn't pacified much when the surgeon said that the next needle would be making the puncture to draw the fluid, and would hurt rather more than the first two. But mercifully, it didn't - the numbing had been 100% effective, or maybe a prayer had arrived in Heaven at that moment. As the draining started I was sitting on the bed with feet on the floor. About 3 minutes later I could feel faintness coming on, and I told them I thought I would pass out in a short time. They then let me lie down on my side on the bed and the faintness passed as the draining continued. The time was now abut 11 am. Another X-Ray was taken of my chest after they finished draining; I struggled to stand while the machine took the pictures. Continuing this story with an e-mail I sent to L-A at about 3 pm: "I am getting stronger now, but after they drained 3 litres of fluid, I was finding it hard to breathe; I could only breathe in a small amount of air each breath and then there was pain in my chest, about a 5, and I couldn't breathe in any more. They stopped at that point even though they could see more liquid with the ultra-sound. That was all about 11 am. I have been sleeping since then until now when I was able to get out of bed and get my phone out of the security cupboard. Dr Eric visited about 1 pm. You are the other light of my life in case you didn't know. I felt the power of prayer throughout so I wasn't scared. Blessings. Tyl." One of the staff brought me a cup of tea and I ate it with the Alibi chocolate bar, which I think is currently my favourite chocolate (made in Poland). After continuing to rest and doze in a perfectly pleasant way, I got up around 5, partly because the Mozambique phone, still in the rucksack in the security cupboard had rung about 5 times. It was Anthonica, and I WhatsApped back to ask what was up, and she replied to say they had no food and could I bring some. Supper of pork casserole arrived a little later. I had asked them not to bring lunch, so I was peckish by now. Dr Louis returned and said that the fluid was being analysed. He said that the ultrasound had revealed some strange nodules on the lung wall, and he said that a CT Scan could reveal what they were. I suggested that we first see what the report on the fluid analysis will say, and he agreed. I think he was just protecting himself from any later investigation about why I hadn't taken him up on the scan. He didn't press the point. Then he said that most of the fluid had been extracted, but they needed to watch for possible replenishment. I could go home tomorrow morning, and further work would not need me to be as an in patient. Lottie called and told me she was going into hospital on Monday, and could I buy her some slippers and pyjamas. I tried the TV - it has a service called Hisense, with about 25 channels including about 15 sports channels, and another 10 DSTV-style including E-TV, but no specific news channels. I watched the first half of a very energetic rugby game between Ulster and Edinburgh. After lying around much of the day I stayed up till about 11 answering Quora questions on audio engineering.

Wed Sep 9
We got up gradually because the herception jab wasn't till 12:30. I joked that when the radiation trips were done, we should still make these drives to see some of the best nature (God) has to offer. On the way home we got supplies of goat's milk, sorbet and strawberries to keep L-A going for a few days. I knew there was a slow leak in the driver's side rear tire but it had lasted out fine so far. I went to Tiger Wheel & Tyre and they fixed the tire. Then to Janey's. She had cooked us a pasta dinner and also had some flour she couldn't use, so I brought them home, and we had the dinner quite early for us, about 6:10. The Mobicel laptop arrived in the afternoon and I could feel the quality before turning it on, which we didn't do until it has been on charge overnight (and won't do tomorrow because I'll be in Mediclinic). At 8 we tuned into the on-line premier of 'Meeting the Beatles in India,' a film by Paul Saltzman. He had just happened to turn up at the Ashram when the Beatles were there. It paints a lovely portrait of them away from the public eye, showing light on why they are even more significant after 50 years. Thinking about tomorrow's procedure in the hospital, I couldn't get the memory out of my mind of mum's second husband Tom, who I took to hospital with stomach pain in the morning, flew back to Canada, called her to see how he was, and heard he had never woken up after they examined his stomach, riddled with cancer. I found the contact details for our financial planner Carlos Rios, and our lawyer, both of whom have copies of our wills, and put them on a computer file where I keep things and names I need to remember but can't (it's a large file), and aked her to put it on her computer. I hoped she wouldn't need the information.

Tue Sep 8
We had a pleasant lie-in since we weren't going to Cape Gate and I felt wonderful after a shower on a morning warmer than recently. After breakfast I prepared chicken stew ingredients under L-A's tutelage and set them going in the crockpot. In the early afternoon I went shopping to stock our fridge and pantry with easy to prepare meals for L-A should I be in Mediclinic more than a day. I also showed her how to send power and airtime to us or the kids using Powertime. I tried for the third time to pay my Pathcare bill for my PSA test last Friday but the one lady there who does the accounts was at lunch, so Karen gave me a bill with their bank acount details and I paid by EFT when I got home. We accepted a quote of R2,875 to move our stuff to Adderley Street, partly because it had turned out that the company is the one our neighbour Farrell works for, but also because the price is very reasonable. Chantelle had tried to call me earlier to say that Lottie was ill and needed to be taken to hospital, but in the end a neighbour had driven her. She had breathing problems. Anthonica called to say she needed help with a school project, decribing key features of Women's Month. The library had been shut. So I did some research and plagiarized on line items and added some thoughts of my own, and took it to her to translate into Afrikaans, but not verbatim or they'll smell a rat. When I delivered it she told me she needed pictures as well, so I did another trip and brought her three. As I was preparing rice for supper Chantelle called asking if I would take her to OVD so she would have a shorter walk to school tomorrow morning. I declined. We watched, and were educted and enthralled by the third segment of the Pete Seeger 90th Birthday Party. I sent Andrew 6 more albums, now I am getting an idea of his music tastes.

Mon Sep 7
I had been quite looking forward to today's drive to Cape Gate. But even before we left Dr Eric called me personally to say he wanted to get me admitted to Mediclinic. I replied that I had been breathless for months so a few more days while L-A finished her radiation surely wouldn't be foolhardy; could we wait till Friday? After L-A had had her radiation, and met with Hanlie, and she also saw Marianna as was able to switch the heceptin jab to Wednesday from Thursday, which would allow me to go into Mediclinic a day earlier than I had told Eric. She was with Marzaan for the fitting of the new velcro-based compression garments for her legs to replace the bandages, and I went up and joined them. The new garments weren't cheap, but they do seem good. I video'd Marzaan putting on the right one, and then as she watched I put on the left one. She also showed how to put on the armlets and gauntlets that we had had for a while but had difficulty in putting on. As soon as we arrived home I called Dr Eric's assistant to say I could be admitted Thursday morning. Chantelle was expecting me when I reached her house to take her to buy glass for the main shattered windows in her house, and she had the money. Once we had the glass, she asked for school shoes. I had given her R120 for school shoes a week ago, but her story was that the ones she bought at Pep turned out to be too small, so her mother had sold them to a cousin for R120 which she then spent on food. This time Chantelle wanted to go to Ackerman's instead of Pep, to get better quality. I said "No; I'm only paying R120," at which point she got out a R100 note for me and I agreed. I suspect the windows had not exhausted what her mother had given her. I made her try one on in the store. She didn't even ask for a pie on the way home. My phone rang and it was Dr Eric's assistant to say they had arranged Thursday at 8am, and if I collected a requisition from her I would need a Covid-19 test. So I got the requisition and went to Pathcare, just as L-A had done before her mastectomy. So I knew the process wasn't pleasant. Neither did the nurse hide that fact. But she was well practised and I figured I could handle something that thousands of others were handling world-wide. It wasn't too bad. I paid my R850. and went home. Later in the L-A found an e-mail from Cape Gate saying the radiation machine had a fault and her session tomorrow was postponed. After what we had done to free up Thursday, we aren't sure how things will pan out for her final radiation now. We ended the day watching Part 2 of Pete Seeger's Clearwater concert. One of the visa extension requirements was an updated letter from God With Us ministries saying that they had invited us to extend our stay here, and describing in outline the mission work we had been up to. I updated the letters Johan and Marie had written nearly 3 years ago, and WhatsApped them to them to edit if necessary, sign and return.

Sun Sep 6
We both got up in time to go to cell group at 9, but at 8:40 L-A started multiple sneezing, probably allergic, and didn't think she should join the group and possibly sneeze. There were 9 of us there today, as shown in these photos, and after watching a sermon by Johan, most of us went to the church for the English service, where Johan Truter preached on meakness. I went for prayer afterwards with Arno Pienaar and shared our current medical issues with him and the Holy Spirit. While I was away from the house, WeTransfer was bringing over the video of Pete Seeger's 90th birthday concert at Madison Square Gardens. We had listened to an audio version he had sent last week which was interesting but not memorable - it lacked a lot of editing. Chantelle called at 1:45 demanding I bring food by 1pm. Since it was possible, I did, but explained to her when I got there that she can't treat me like a servant or slave to do her instant bidding. I delivered food bags mainly from our bult supply to Athonica and Chantelle, both of whom didn't want to go to school tomorrow without breakfast. Whether they will still have any food left by tomorrow is in doubt. Chantelle managed to persuade me to fork out R50 to pay a neighbour to repair their TV. It wasn't easy for her, not least because repairing colour TVs is quite a skill and most faults can't be fixed for R50. During our roasted paprika chicken and vegetables dinner, we watched the first half of the Pete Seeger Clearwater concert, and this was a whole different experience from the audio we had heard last week. Some of our favourites like the McGarrigle clan, Brice Cockburn, and Dar Williams were part of this wonderful 2009 concert.

Sat Sep 5
I drove to Pathcare for a PSA test. On the way there Lottie called with a shopping list, and I retuned home briefly to get some of our bulk supplies for her. I next drove to Worcester Radiology for the X-Ray disks and reports. Laurie-Ann got her clean bill of chest health and a signed form for the Department Immigration. My report states "The mediatinum is deviated to the right due to a massive left-sided pleural effusion ... Aspirate to evaluate the underlying lung." There was no signed form for Immigration. I am sure Dr Eric will elaborate for me next week. My immediate goal is that nothing get in the way of driving L-A to Cape Gate on Monday - Thursday. I went to Boxer supermarket for Lottie's things, and then delivered to her. Then I went to Jamelia's with some bulk items I had forgotten last week. I had with me a copy of L-A's latest drawing of Jamelia's young rasta cousin Ryden looking into a rear-view mirror on the Mercedes. He is clearly identifiable. He doesn't speak English yet (actually he doesn'tspeak much at all) but I am sure he knew it was he, and was very happy about it. When it was shown to other members of the family it was an instant hit - much joy all round. I just managed to prepare dinner (the third and last portion of goulash) before load-shedding at 6 pm, It was still light enough to eat without candles. Then I finished the back yard gardenning before sleeping out the rest of the power cut. Later that evening I found the full description of my medical condition, containing X-Rays identical to mine. It appears I am about to embark on quite a journey.

Fri Sep 4
No radiation today; an opportunity for catching up on several days of e-mails and particularly our visa extentions. Among other things we need medical and radiological certificates, presumably to prove we wouldn't be a burden on the SA medical services. L-A had a lie-in, and then got up without my help; a good sign. Anthonica called to ask if I would come down and talk with her mother Tersia. It turned out someone had broken into their house when they were out last night, and stolen their TV, Tersia's ID, and other stuff. Tersia asked if I would fund her R150 for a new ID. She had ready reported the thefts; it was friends of her nephew who had been inside their house recently. He had then told friends of his that there was stuff to be stolen. Chantelle wanted me to drive her to OVD at 10am, and also wants me to fund 10KG bags of rice and sugar for her mother to sell in small batches. Naturally she wanted these things now: 'Everything Now' (- Arcade Fire). I declined, but will give some thought to helping them, since at least they are trying to generate some income. I started collecting the pre-requisites for our visa extentions. At 3pm we saw Eric van Dijk with medical forms for him to complete saying that we were in good states medically, except for ... ... He was pleased to hear Laurie-Ann's status. He was unruffled by my fatigue when I skip Tramacet and Celebrex occasionally. The breathlessness, caused by my low iron was not a major concern but he gave me a prescription for a PSA blood test. He also gave us requisitions for chest X-Rays to see if we had tuberculosis. We went across the road to Worcester Radiology to make an appointment, but they were able to deal with us right then. L-A had been here many times, but it was my debut beyond the waiting room. I stood with my front against a vertical surface. The nurse asked me to breathe in, and then out. Then she called out from the control area, asking if I had had lung surgery, or if I was missing a lung. I said 'No.' When she came and asked me to stand with my side against the vertical surface I asked her if she had seen something strange on the X-Ray. After the side shot I went to the control area and looked at my lungs. Lungs are black on an X-Ray. The right lung on the screen appeared to be missing from half way down. It just vanished. Nothing black there at all, or even a shadow. This was surreal. Suddenly all the breathing difficulties for months made sense - I was working on 70% lung capacity. The nurse wasn't going to say anything other than my doctor would diagnose the problem. I called Eric's office and gave a heads up to the nursing assistant. The X-Ray disk would be ready for pick-up from Radiology at 9 am tomorrow. I would be there. After dinner and bandaging we watched the second half of Phil Ochs 'There but for fortune.' Sad that a man who valued friendship so much, and had a wide circle of friends, ended so alone. Does a powerful song like 'I'm not marching anymore' really affect events, or are the masters of war immune to popular movements? Do the millions of on line articles fashioned with passion, some of which attract readers, change the way governments act? Is the newscaster who says there is outrage about a criminal act, and this is actually heard by someone in government with the power to act, achieving anything at all when that government person decides to ignore the call and does absolutely nothing about it. Perhaps thoughts like these were tormenting Phil Ochs when he strung himself up. Nobody could have done more with God-given talents than he. Does anyone today credit him and hundreds of other anti-war activists with shortening the Vietnam war by even a day? I like to think they made a difference, in the same way that a drop of food colouring in a bucket of water is visible, but it doesn't really change the water.

Thu Sep 3
The weather is warming at last, and it was beautiful for today's Cape Gate run. L-A's radiation was longer than ever before, about 30 seconds. Her next one is on Monday, and she should be finished on Wednesday. Load shedding was scheduled from noon - 2:30, and 8 - 10:30 pm. I did 20 minutes gardening after a noon soup and ciabatta. Chantelle had booked me to pay for some slippers at 2:30, but she was available earlier so we did it during load shedding. I asked about the family pizza night yesterday, and apparently it went off well and they loved the pizza. She got a full slice of the BBQ chicken pizza. I took her straight to the large Pep, and when the girl at the door asked her age I said she was old enough to come in the store, and she let us in. She found some slippers and decided on two identical pairs so that if one shoe broke she would have more options. Smart! She also got socks. She asked for a R25 Romans Pizza which she bought from a new stall on Church Square. Then she reminded me of her broken stove, and we went to Wellsave and I bought a third 2-hob burner. I went to Boxer for chicken and bread for Jamelia, and found all the Boxer-brand bread (R7.60) to be unsliced. I investigated and discovered a slicer and used it, making a bit of a mess of the white loaf which was too large for the slicer. Then I drove to the mall and got a full rebate on a CBD oil that I had bought there a few days ago which turned out to be low strength. Then home to get some food staples for Jamelia, and a peanut butter sandwich and a few other things for Anthonica. I delivered these. L-A had prepared and cooked chicken paprikash for our supper. We ate it about 7:30 watching France 24 (which I am enjoying more and more). At 8 pm we had candles lit and I had Pink Dell set up to write this journal piece, but the power stayed on! At 8:30 we decided there wouldn't be load shedding tonight. But at 9 the lighs went out. I am going to bed for a while; I may or may not do anything further today.

Wed Sep 2
There was a tremendous thunderstorm with lightning in the night, making the house creak with the strong winds. Obviously I made sure of taking my pain meds after yesterday's fatigue. In future I should skip them maybe once a week, but certainly not every other day. I washed Lauri-Ann's hair (in the kitchen sink) for the first time, her right hand being out of action. This was even a sensual experience, certainly not unpleasant. On our return from Cape Gate we parked at Q-Square, and I bought more CBD oil from Quenets, some ciabatta, and a goodly supply of cookies plus some fruit mince pies from Nibbly Bits. Anthonica had told me that the size 28 trousers were far too large. I unbandaged L-A's legs, and as I did so realized that the answer to Athonica's trowser problem was De Jager's, a more upscale clothing store than Pep which also stocks school uniforms. I drove to Pep and returned the size 28, and got my money back. The asistant at De Jagers, Melan, immediately found me trousers one size above 12, which was 68 (go figure!). I asked if it would be possible to bring Anthonica into the store, and she said of course, and that she could try them on! They were more expensive - R300 as against R130 - but enough was enough with this project. So I fetched Anthonica. She tried on 3 sizes, and with Melan's expert guidance picked the size 70. The legs needed shortening, and Melan called a colleague who made the adjustment in the store at no additional charge. I had asked Melan if they also had a cheap raincoat, since Anthonica didn't have one. Melan had got out an attractive school sport jacket for another customer which was shower-proof, and she gave it to Athonica for free. I don't know why. Anthonica's guardian angel? TKOG. What a change from Pep. Professionalisam, stock availability, cutting to size and a free jacket! We got our money's worth. I checked WhatsApp ans saw a plea from Jamelia for food. I replied that I would bring some tomorrow. I was home, trying to catch up with tasks at 6, and load shedding looming again at 8, when Chantelle called, begging me to bring food for her and the other 4 in her family. Although her parents work, no-one was getting paid till next week. I told Chantelle that she can't expect me to jump to her bidding instantly, with load shedding coming and our own supper to cook. I immediately relented and said I would get something for them. I called Roman's Pizza and ordered a double large. I picked it up 15 minutes later and took it to Chantelle's, together with potatoes, onions and maize meal from our store. I asked if I could come in and make temporary fixes to two of her broken windows, and she really didn't want me in at that time. She admitted her brother who had broken the windows and her sister who had previously broken them were at home. As I drove off I saw two men walk across the street into Chantelle's house, and I wondered just how large a pizza slice Chantelle would get. I know for a fact none of those who ate as a result of Chantelle's skill and efforts will thank her (or me). We had been listening to some very old American folk songs Andrew had sent me, including several that Lonnie Donegan had revived in the 60s. While I bandaged L-A's legs we listened to Mok's version of the Beach Boy's 'Smile.' I thought Andrew van Berkel would be interested to hear the Lonnie Donegan Showcase, which includes several of those old classics, so I WeTransfered it to him, plus Mok's 'Smile' for good measure. Andrew had also sent us the excellent 2010 documentary on Phil Ochs, and we watched the first half this evening. I didn't even know Phil was married and had a daughter. What an amazing man. I never heard of him in the UK in the 1980's.

Tue Sep 1
Our morning routine was the same as yesterday - except I had taken no meds. By the time L-A was in the radiation centre I didn't feel like making the effort to get a coffee from the stall a few meters away. So I dozed. By this time next month we will be in 6 Da Vinci Apartments, and much planning will go into the move. Right now, so little of my time is 'spare,' some of that planning may not happen till after radiation, but certain things can't wait, like booking a mover. We were surprized at 2pm when the lights went out. L-A checked the Eskom app which showed that yes, it was load shedding, unannounced. I was so tired by now (but no leg pain) that I was happy to go to bed. L-A joined me after a while. I got up at 4:30 when we had power back but she stayed. I did some gardening for 20 minutes but that was all I could manage. I went out to Faibairn Pharmacy for some meds for both of us. I told Carica that I got no leg pain when I skipped Tramacet and Celebrex, but I had some extreme fatigue. She suggested I try 'Betavit' mineral and vitamin supplement, probably akin to Overdrive. So I bought a packet and took one, and it gave me a little more energy. The first thing L-A did when she got up for supper (after 4 hours in bed) was check the Eskom app, discovering that there would be more load shedding today starting at 8! I cooked some chicken and roast veg in time for 8 and we ate it by candle light. Then I turned in and slept with interruptions until the next morning. L-A came to bed around 10:30 having worked on her battery-powered computer since 8. I am increasingly worried about Laurie-Ann's overall health. She is getting more pain recently that can be attributed to cancer, but the tendonitis in her right arm and wrist is the most debilitating current problem. I got two wrist supports from Dis-Chem, and the second, based on velcro, is showing some small benefits. Her mobility, such as getting in and out of bed, is the worst it has ever been, requiring my help, but some of that is due to the wrist. She needs lots of rest, but wakes in pain from almost any bed posture. She is taking less pain medication than in the past, since the original cancer pain levels have significantly fallen. It's all cause for concern and the subject of much prayer.

Mon Aug 31
We set alarms for 6:45, because radiation was set for 9:30 (and would be for the next few days). My body was very grateful for Tramacet and Celebrex again and I felt good today, even after the short sleep last night. Tersia called and said that Panado wasn't cutting it for Anthonica, and asked if I could get her something stronger. At Cape gate while L-A was radiated I went to Dis-Chem in the mall, but they were unwilling to recommend anything, suggesting instead taking her back to the hospital. There were two sales staff at the Vape shop for the first time since lock down, but they had no gummies. Meantime L-A was with Hannetjie Koetze getting good advice. In the afternoon I took Tersia to Quenets. I certainly wasn't ready to prescribe anything, and Tersia reminded me that the hospital had at first recommended a stronger medication, but she would have had to pay for it. The staff at Quenets were more helpful when talking face to face with the mother, and we got her Hyospasmol, for stomach spasm relief. I was reminded that here the pharmacists are very valuable once the public hospitals have decided that radical treatment is not warrented. We also got more pads for Anthonica. I also bought 3 CV forms for Tersia to make job applications. She told me that she has some professional qualifications but had lost the certificates when they moved into Avian Park. The size 12 trousers I had bought Anthonica were too small, so we took them back to Pep for a refund, and asked for a size 13. But there is no such size; the measure switches to a different scale, and I was told the next one would be a size 28, so I bought a pair for her, knowing I could return it. Pep's policy of not letting teens into their store during Covid must have frustrated many parents by now. Anthonica later confirmed that the Hyospasmol had worked really well; she was feeling much better. I felt good today, and decided to skip my pain meds again tomorrow. At 10pm I joined a Zoom meeting with Ottawa PNG - some I knew and others I didn't. I gave a report from South Africa, mentioning that the initial excess death stats for Covid had appeared very low, but actually what had happened was the alcohol ban had reduced traffic and GBV (Gender-based violence) deaths almost as much as the increase in Covid deaths.

Sun Aug 30
e I deliberately skipped my Tramacet and Celebrex this morning to see what would happen, since I didn't expect it to be physically a heavy day. he Our first calendar item was a Zoom call with Annalee, wife of Jeugen, pastors at Hillsong Somerset West, at 11:00. There was a number of connect group leaders on the call, but not Faan and Naomi. It was a 'haven't been with you for too long' chat. The second half had us in smaller goups on Zoom, an interesting twist to the technology I haven't seen before. L-A had a chance to introduce us and what we have been up to. Involved in this I forgot that I had said I would take Anthonica home from the creche at 11:30 - but the sun was shining today, and I had said I would only come for her if it was raining. After a soup lunch I decided to have an hour's rest. At about 4 Chantelle messaged L-A to ask if I would take her back to Avian Park. My first reaction was 'no way,' but I had just got up from a nap and really felt I needed to go out. But then - I could not find my keys. I had driven the car home last night about 5:30, so I had them then. I would have brought the two keys into the house in my hand or RH trowser pocket. I would then put them on the counter top - the only place they are kept. The problem was - is - they aren't there. I searched methodically, firstly the placed I might possibly have put them down absent-mindedly, and moving to other placed where it was extremely unlikely they would be - but they must be somewhere. I was getting quite tired - remember I hadn't taken my painkillers this morning. We need to eat so I cooked up butter chicken curry from Woolworths and we ate and prayed. It is now 8 pm and I have searched everywhere. I even asked Google 'Where are my car keys?' Chantelle is messed up because she can't get home and it's too dangerous to walk, and there are 8 people in #44 OVD, so no room for her. L-A is severely messed up because she has a radiation appointment at 9:15 tomorrow in Cape Gate. As I searched everywhere over and over, and even went through the recycling bag, I pondered the spiritual aspects of this situation. If Satan wants to slow us down, then causing me to lose the car keys would be a way. I was also painfully aware that this was the second time I had lost them. On Alpha I has learned in relation to who Jesus is that if all rational explanations for who he is (a liar or a deluded) have been disproved, then all that is left is that He is who He said He is. In the case of my keys, when I have looked in every every place I can think of, then I must start on placed that are totally unlikely, but still they are in the house. One of the suggestions from Google was to go through the garbage. I brought the black and full garbage bag into the kitchen, with another empty bag, and started transferring everything from the full one to the empty one. After 5 minutes I found the empty ice cream cups I had thrown away yesterday. When I picked them up I thought I heard a noise like a metallic chink. I wasn't sure which bag it came from, so I emptied the new bag and then put the stuff back in it. There were no keys. I continued on the original bag, checking every piece of paper or box or soup container carefully, because the trunk key is quite small. As time past I was getting closer to the bottom of the bag and soon could see its black surface. I was moving from left to right and there were few items left. And then, AND THEN, my fingers felt the metal of the ignition key, and I looked and saw nestled beside it the super important trunk key, vital these days for the main drivers' lock, since the automatic locking system has a mind of its own. I picked them up like a new baby and walked over to the couch to show Laurie-Ann.

I thought back on what had happened. If the devil had allowed me to throw out the keys with the ice cream cartons, God and his angels had then sent Anthonica (whom I had forgotten about), then Chantelle, and finally Tersia to ask me to come down, any one of which would have resulted in noticing the absence of the car keys. He had also prompted me to want to help Chantelle on a Sunday afternoon, and discover the keys were gone. I tried calling her but there was no answer, so I drove down anyway. Someone at #45 told me she had managed to get a lift to Avian Park. I was on my way back home about 8:30 when L-A called. Anthonica had messaged her to say she was very sick and asked me to take her to the hospital. The thought crossed my mind that it could be Covid-19. I drove to her house, seeing Chantelle had indeed got home, so I gave her some cardboad to fix her front windows. After Anthonica had collected her things, she and Tersia got in the car. They had their masks but I drove with windows open. She had had stomach pain since Thursday, the day I dropped her at the creche. From other questions I asked, Covid seemed unlikely, but I reminded them that if either of them had a fever, the hospital probably would not let them in, at least tonight. Anthonica had her phone but was out of air time. I told her I would call her every half hour. I took them to emergency and watched as they passed the temperature check. I then drove to the parking area. I haven't had much success in the past using Powertime on my phone, but I did have data, so I tried, and it worked, sending R35 airtime to Anthonica's phone. I appreciated that if Chantelle hadn't called, this SOS from Anthonica would have resulted in my knowing the keys were lost, though it wouldn't have helped Anthonica. God's plan (and a backup plan) had been perfect, giving me the hours needed to search and find the keys, plus get Anthonica to hospital. I settled down to listening to the Killers' 'Imploding the Mirage.' I am getting into it now after a few listens and it's making more and more musical sense. About 11 pm, Tersia called and asked if I could get sanitary pads for Anthonica, whose period had just started. I drove to OK, but it was after curfew and they were shut. I drove along back roads to the other OK and the gate was shut - I haven't seen that before. I called L-A and she said she had some spare Tena pads that were too small for her (I remembered packing them for emergency use when we came from Canada.) I went home, got them and another sweater against the cold, and delivered them to Tersia at the emergency department door. Back in the parking lot I continued passing the time with music on my phone played through the Bluetooth to the car radio. It was about 12:30 am when Tersia called and said they were ready. I picked them up. Most of the time had been waiting while the results of a serious car accident were dealt with (lots of blood). When the doctor finally saw Anthonica, he said it probably was something she had eaten, but wasn't life threatening, and gave her Panado. I took them home and was back in Hooggelegen by 1. One final thought about God's plan: had we not given her the Mobicel phone tonight would have been a lot harder for them.

Sat Aug 29
In the night when we woke for L-A's meds it was near freezing. After MLD and breakfast, I drove down to OVD - no Chantelle. Then to Avian Park, and she wasn't there. Then I recalled that Britney had got a message to L-A via Jamelia saying that she still needed school shoes. I found her at her aunt's house and took her to town to buy new shoes - rather than try again on a Saturday to have her old one repaired, which would probably cost R100, and I had already been defrauded of R50. I dropped her outside the Durban Street Pep, telling her to wait there if they wouldn't let her in, and had to go a block away to park the car. When I had done so, there she was having ignored my instruction to stay at Pep. (If she hadn't found me, I would have effectively lost her, a serious situation.) We walked back after I admonished her gently. She waited outside this time as I asked an assistant for size 3 school shoes. I took them to the door, where Britney immediately recognized them as boy's shoes. I went back with the same assistant and got girl's, which Britney was happy with. I paid (only) R120. I went outside with them and asked her to try one on, but she said she would do so in the car. On the way back to the car I went into Pick n Pay and got her a pie, and a small Ricoffee for Bella. Back in the car Britney gobbled the pie, far too busy to try on the shoe. She told me her mother's 'stove' had broken two days before so they couldn't cook anything, even if they had anything. I took her back to her aunt's and told her I would bring a food parcel. She then told me the shoes were too small! I was sharp with her, reminding her she hadn't tried them on when I had asked and we were still near the store. I went back to the store, and as I walked in the same assistant said "Too small?" I guess she has seen the situation before; teens assuming they are the same size as when they last bought shoes. Within 3 minutes I had size 4 shoes; same price. Then I went to Wellsave to buy a stove top and the same thing happened as when I had got Anthonica's - the credit card machine didn't work in this Chinese store. I had no cash, so I went to FNB and drew out R1,000. It was now 2:30 and Wellsave would close at 3 (on a Saturday). I hadn't actually eyeballed the broken stove at Britney's home; maybe I could fix it? But if I didn't buy a new one withing 20 minutes, they wouldn't be able to cook any food I planned to give them until Monday at the earliest. I decided to buy the stove with cash but be extra sure to keep the receipt, and that's exactly what I did. I went home, had some lunch, and made up a food staples selection for Britney and Veronica from the bulk bags I had bought yesterday. I was back in Pelikaan later to give the coffee to Bella. Cathy and the younger kids were gathered around a small log fire on their front path, keeping warm on this coldest day I could remember in SA. I motioned Bella to join them and took a
photo. Then I went on to Britney's aunt's a few houses along, picked her up and took her to her home on Manikin. It turned out the old stove had been thrown out already. Interestingly, the place where the stove went was completely clean, unlike Anthonica's had been. Veronica was out at a friend's and had no idea we were about to leave her food for a week (if care was taken). Britney took the one perishable item, fresh chicken meat and I drove her back to her aunt's. I was almost home when my phone rang and it was Chantelle. I had been trying to call her for 2 days. She was now at OVD. I turned the car round. When I got there there were a bunch of people at #44. I asked her if she should take thr food in there, since I had hoped her mother would get some, however she was keen to have it all there. Part of me is happy whichever hungry people get fed even if I don't know them, but the downside is if they cook it up and eat it all tonight she'll probably ask for more for herself and her mom by tomorrow. However, I certainly didn't want it in my trunk any longer. On the way home I was struck by the beauty of the extra snow on the mountains, and a red sky, particularly when viewing from the High Street across Church Square. I stopped to take pictures. When I finally arrived home, after more pictures on our hill, I noticed the ice cream cups from Stillbaai were on the back shelf. I retrieved them, grabbed the two car keys and went inside the house. I was very weary and thinking about cooking supper. I took the still sticky ice cream cones and threw them in the large garbage bag in the garage. It was to prove to be a bullet that we only just dodged with some help from our angelic friends. Around 10 I remembered GNITM, put everything (bandaging L-A's legs) and got back to radio production. Luckily, yesterday I had recorded two of Brian Wilkie's recent lock down sermons. So at least all I had to do was edit the one I wanted for tomorrow, and then do the production work I do every Saturday, but earlier in the day. I finished around 11:30, and decided to do the leg bandaging tonight anyway.

Fri Aug 28
Back to rediation routine. We were at Cape Gate by 10:15, and L-A was done by 10:45. During that time I checked out the Beach Boys 'I love you' CD on Google and found it was a Music for Pleasure compilation. The cover songs were taken mainly from 'Beach Boys Party,' one of the only BB albums I had never bought, which even has 3 Beatles covers. Influenced by having seen Nik's bags of food at cell group last Sunday, I decided to buy bulk staples for our girls and their families. Though it was raining quite hard I drove to a cash and carry on Napier. Vegetables and fruit are in a store on the left hand side, which doesn't take credit cards, and all other bulk foods are in a much larger store on the RHS which does. I got large bags of maize meal, sugar and rice, and many other items. At check out someone asked if it was all for me, and I said it was for starving families in Avian Park, and they were pleased to hear that, and someone wheeled out everything on a trolley and packed my trunk, all in the rain. Then I went across the street and used my remaining cash on potatoes and onions. Finally I went to the Durban Pick n Pay for chicken. Back home we lunched on leek and potato soup. I then brought in the food. I had to take a rest on a chair after every walk to the car. I set the bags in a rough circle and over the next 90 minutes divided the bulk items into three, with a lot left over. The maize meal, sugar and rice went into labelled small bags which we had found in the house when we arrived. Around 3pm I drove down, first to Jamelia's, giving her stuff to an ouma. On my way to Anthonica's I saw Jamelia and told her. Chantelle's house with its 3 broken windows was locked. I called Anthonica and she turned out to be at the creche downtown where I have taken her in the past. I drove there, brought her home via OK for a pie, left the food in the 'care' of her mother, and then took her back to the creche where she is at a small birthday party, and will stay there till Sunday. She asked if I would take her home on Sunday around 11:30. I said I would if it were raining at that time; otherwise she must walk. I hope there will still be food for her next week. She has been going to school this week and gets a meal there. Then I drove to OVD but found no sign of Chantelle. She will have no air time and therefore unable to call me, but she didn't answer when I called her. So I took her food back home and left it in the trunk. L-A had been asleep since before I had brought home the bulk food, and was still resting. I woke her gently and got the instructions for paella, which I started on. We ate at 8. The continuing rain had temporarily disabled our TV dish antenna, but I was able to get France 24 live feed on line. which you can't do, unfortunately, with the BBC World News. I went to bed shortly after 10, exhausted. I think I had forgotten to take my daytime Ferrimed, but I had cerainly worked very hard today.

Thu Aug 27
We had a small breakfast - Janey's excellent Kelloggs granola - before final packing and left Nautica about 10:45. First stop The Merchant, where L-A and I had coffee and almond croissants and Andre and Janey had full breakfasts. On The drive home we stopped (again) at AlCare House of Aloes, where L-A (again) replenished her stock. Then we stopped at the same coffee shop in Riversdale that we had on the outward trip. Andre has a cousin who runs 'Odds and Ends' in Stillbaai (after quite an illustrious career) and we dropped in on them. I bought two toilet brush sets, a CD of Welsh male voice choirs, and an intriguing (to me) Beach Boys CD call 'I love you,' with covers I haven't heard before. As we were leaving Stillbaai we stopped at a classy ice cream shop where they had sorbet, so even L-A joined in. Accompanied by 1000 Welsh mail voices we drove on to Robertson where we had dinner at Bourbon Street restaurant, before our final leg home. It had been a most enjoyable and successful little holiday.

Wed Aug 26
Andre had the rest of the braai meat for breakfast. Then leaving L-A drawing, he, Janey and I went to the lighthouse, which was closed, so we consoled ourselves with pictures. Then we drove past Delfino's near the Point where we saw one surfer. On our way to the Post Office Tree we stopped for remarkably good fish and chips, also getting some for L-A. The Post Office Tree and the Diaz museum were also closed, so we returned to base. In the afternoon I accompanied Janey and L-A to a nearby beach which Janey and I combed for a while, I with the SLR camera. Having a talk with Andre about his stance on faith had been on my agenda since we started this trip, and that evening the opportunity presented itself. I asked him a series of questions, and we identified his barrier as not being able to accept that there is only one way to heaven, and also not wishing to offer control of his life to anyone, not even the God he says he believes exists. It was nevertheless a good discussion, and he agreed on that.

Tue Aug 25
Falling asleep with the magical view of the Bay - and the differnet and mysterious views before and after sunrise had been memorable, particularly for me, with my bed closest to the floor to ceiling window. Janey was up with the sunrise taking pictures from the balcony. L-A and I rendezvous'd with Gerroux and Lise-Mari at The Merchant Café. They had been married a year and were clearly very happy about that. Over coffee and almond croissants we had some enjoyable conversation. He is a salesmaan, a connector, and natural communicator. Photos were taken. We lunched in the apartment with Andre and Janey on Butternut soup. Janey and I went grocery shopping at the Checkers I had found too late last night. We all rested from about 4 to 5. One of the girls asked for airtime, but Powertime said I had reached my monthly limit. Luckily we had pumped up our phones at home. The evening was Braai night. There was a small but good round braai on the balcony. I prepared roast vegetables and set them cooking in the oven. Janey was braai-cook for lamb, woers and chicken kebabs. Andre checked throughout that the process was good by his acute sense of smell. The result was one of the best braai'd dinners I can remember, washed down with beer and wine.

Mon Aug 24
No Monday morning feeling today! Thank the Lord L-A's arm pain wasn't as bad as yesterday. We worked hard to get ready for the trip to Mossel Bay and were on our way by 9:45. I hoped Andre and Janey wouldn't have large suitcases because we had already used up 80% of the space. We just managed it, because I had used our smallest suitcase for the kitchen stuff, and they put the cooler and a bag on the rear seat between them. We picked up a loaf of ciabatta, which proved a good decision. Soon we were on our 3 1/2 hour scenic journey, stopping for lunch at the Tredici classy and very Italian restaurant in Swellendam, and at AlCare House of Aloes, where L-A replenished her stock. We arrived at Nautica appartments around 4. There were no problems getting into our 6th floor apartment. I was first in the room, and looked towards the main window - and was stunned! Instantly I was back in the Belair Beach Hotel in St Maarten 15 years ago. Ahead of me a beautiful bay and tourquise water. Back to today and the view was similar and sense of wonder was just as strong. What a lovely place to be for the next few days! We took the room with the view of the sea, with two walls made of window glass. Andre and Janey had their room, also with en-suite washing room. I took a drive to try and buy some soup for supper, and found a Checkers on the GPS, but it had shut aready, so I took back pies from a petrol station. The TV had Open View, the first time we have seen one in a hotel or guest house, and we watched the news on France 24. When we turned in for bed we left the blinds open, and the lights from all round the bay wafted us into dreamland. Last time we were in Mossel Bay, in 2018, and dining at a beach restaurant, Lise-Mari had come by chance to the same restaurant. She had visited Iris' Pomegranate for a few days in 2016. She had become a FaceBook friend of L-A's who had tried to reach her in the last few days. Today she had got back to us and agreed to meet for coffee tomorrow.

Sun Aug 23
L-A was in some serious pain in her right arm when she woke and didn't think she could come to cell group as we had planned. I figured she would be in as much pain lying in bed as if she got up, so she did. Bella sent a message to L-A asking if I would buy her 2 Kg of uncooked chicken that her ouma could cook up with maizemeal. When we had eaten breakfast L-A was still too sore to hold her walker, so I went alone to cell group. This was the first cell since the start of lock down and I was keen to see people, but only the Wullshlegers and Mella were there. Lovejoy and family came 10 minutes later. We watched Johan preach on line, saying that as great as social media had been during lock down it was no substitute for church with everyone. I chatted with Nik at some length about his spat with the council. At the moment Nik holds the cards, because the council don't want publicity for the fact that Trans Hex is being built on polluted land, yet they want to censure him for a radio interview 2 years ago in which they say he raised this issue. I asked Mella if I could come to her house that afternoon and buy her new book 'Makak makes music,' in which the characters are all South African animals, and these characters are also for sale, as cloth dolls, made by Topsy Turvy. After the cell group, I bought the chicken at Pick n Pay and drove down to Avial Park and gave it to Cathy. At 1:30 I went to Mella's, and had no difficulty parting with R600 for two books and two animals, autographed for Kennedy and Sagan respectively. About 2pm, Anthonica and Tersia called begging for food for a few days when we would be away. Anthonica also needed pens, a ruler and eraser for school. I spoke at some length to Tersia about the fact that relying on would come to an end, and it was vital that she found work. I even mentioned that the worst trajedy for their family would be if Anthonica got pregnant. Chantelle had also heard we would be away and asked for polony and bread. I collected everything they needed and was joining the check-out when I realized I had left my wallet at home. I was back in 15 minutes before the store closed at 3. Anthonica told me that the woman I had given R50 to for the repair of Britney's shoe had taken the money, and the shoemaker gave the still-broken shoe back. There was nothing I had time to do about that. I drove to OVD with the food for Chantelle. She greeted me with the news that her brother (who doesn't live with them) had broken all 6 windows in their house after her sister had refused to let him in. Her mother had called the police and her brother had been apprehended and locked up (Chantelle said he was in jail, but I doubt that so soon). We had paid for four of these windows after her sister had previously broken them. No Chantelle, I am not going to be paying for your windows again. Both her parents are working (and they are her birth parents, most unusual in this community). Chantelle then asked me for school shoes. The shops are now closed and school starts tomorrow. I declined. At home we were still being bugged by bugs, but most of them are pretty sleepy, so we hope there won't be a resurgence, after we had paid R750 to Pest Elite. We spent a while packing and listing the things we will be taking to Mossel Bay tomorrow for a holiday from hungry children and parents. It's a break we really need.

Sat Aug 22
Anthonica had asked me to take her to town to get school trousers, since she was going to be back in school on Monday after 5 months. Also their 2-hob stove had broken. I drove her to a store on Adderley that had the stove and bought it for R150. We then went to Pep on Durban where she wasn't allowed in because of Covid, so I went in and found what she said she wanted, size 12, and bought them, R89. I asked her what she would like to eat, and she said 'anything.' she was so hungry (though I had fed her last night). I went through McDonalds drive thru and bought her a cheeseburger, chips and a Fanta. She asked if I would get something for their supper, so I picked up two pies at OK, and gave her a cream donut, then back to her house. Jamelia messaged L-A saying that Britney had asked for warm food. I feel we should show Britney some love, but wasn't sure where I should take it. Then Anthonica called to say that the trousers were too small. On a Saturday afternoon before the Monday return to school, this needed urgent attention. So I checked how much cash was in the compartment in the car - about R6 - since I planned to take Britney for food, and went down to Anthonica, who insisted on coming with me. She told me she needed pens for school, and thinking the ones I had given Jamelia might be OK, drove to her house, and she indeed gave me back three pens, which later proved not to be what Anthonica needed. Britney was there, so I asked her if she would like me to get her a McDonald's cheeseburger and fries, at which she said no, she wanted a Big Mac. I expressed my feeling that obviously she wasn't hungry (or not as hungry as Anthonica had been earlier). Anthonica and I then drove to the Pep Store where we had bought her trousers to find it closed. Stores in Worcester close early on Saturdays and earlier on Sundays if indeed they open at all. So we drove to the mall Pep, where a friendly assistant told me she would have exchanged the trousers - but she was unable to find Anthonica's revised size. While in the mall I went to the Checkers hot food counter and asked for 3 roast chicken breasts, two for us and one for Britney, and I also got her some roasted vegatables. This needed to be the end of the line for my involvement with Anthonica's trousers purchase, and I reminded her that her problem had been leaving it until 2 days before school started. She countered that she had only found out three days before that the schools were returning, hearing the anouncement on radio. So I suggested she wore the white jeans she was wearing now (which I had bought her 18 months before) and just explain to the school her situation, and try and get back to the store where we had bought them. She would have to take her mother with her, since I would be in Mossel Bay, and they wouldn't let her in alone. I left her the receipt. As we drove back to town I checked the compartment in the car where I keep change, and there was just over R2. I asked Anthonica to give me back the R4, but she refused to admit she had taken it, yet no-one else had been in the car. The trap had been laid for Britney, but had caught Anthonica. I told her she was telling a lie as well as haven taken my money. I think she was so embarassed since she knows well how much we have given her and her family, yet in this community they learn young how to steel, even within a family. I dopped of Anthonica, whose words in leaving were to ask me for some more cash! I drove to Britney's up the road. She took the food in, then came out chewing the chicken and with a broken shoe that she said she would need for school on Monday. We drove to the shoemaker who had done good work for the girls before. He wasn't in, but a lady who said she worked with him said we could leave the shoe there. Since I had no plans to return here, I gave her R50 which she took and said she would give to him. Britney could pick up the shoe tomorrow. I dropped Britney home (she refused to get out at the end of the street) and went home myself.

Fri Aug 21
I dreamed that I had a meal with 'my friend' Bob Dylan, like we were old buddies, and then watched him perform at a house concert. He played steel guitar style as on 'Nashville Skyline,' very tasteful. Interestingly I had a similar dream about being with him some years ago. I felt much better than yesterday, in energy and attitude, even though during the night I had spent 15 minutes unbandaging L-A's left leg and other help, since she had woken up in pain. At 1:50 I arrived at Jamelias for the first Mailbox Club since March. I had a batch of oranges for Jamelia's mailbox children, and chopped in half there were enough for all of them plus family members. None of then had brought masks, although most of them had one! They couldn't get the hang of keeping their distance from me. It was warm enough for us to do it in the front yard, and I started with a talk on germs, transmission of illnesses, and social distancing. Then I led worship songs they all knew, and clapped along with. Then I started in an unusual way, telling them about the physical world, and then the spiritual world. This allowed me to introduce God, his angels, Satan, and his demons. I mentioned witchdoctors and sangomas as working in the dark side of the spiritual world, in contrast to God's world of love, and the guardian angels he had given everyone. At that point the oranges were handed out and clearly appreciated. One of the boys, Seano, is somewhat unpredictable; Jamelia says he is mad. More likely he has FAS. So he kept me on my toes. After the oranges I started what I had planned as the main focus, the story of Joseph. Beginning with Jacob's children, then Joseph and the coat of many colours, I brought the story to them up to the point of the brothers coming to Egypt for food, and meeting Joseph, getting their food AND the money they had use to buy it, but not recognizing Joseph. By now they were restless, so I stopped, had a couple more songs, and prayer time. As they left each one got two colour drawing pens. Then I took Jamelia to buy some boots, socks and a wig. Around 6 Athonica called and persuaded me to take her tomorrow to buy some school trousers and a new cooking range, since theirs had broken. Then she asked me to bring them some food for tonight, including for Tersia's sister who was visiting. As I drove down I decided to get hake parcels at the cheaper of the two fish and chip shops we have used. I was accosted outside the shop by a very hungry-looking girl. I bought fish for Jamelia, the same for us, and a large chips for the hungry girl and her friend. They told me they knew Jesus, so I reminded them he loved them so much. That evening Laurie-Ann looked for a netbook for Bella. Holy Spirit had suggested it. We found a Chinese TDD-10.1 Netbook PC, 10.1 inch, 1GB+8GB, Android 5.1 ATM7059 Quad Core 1.6GHz, BT, WiFi, SD, RJ45(Pink) available on SA's Zasttra for about $130. I send a message to see if it had a USB port, but we will probably buy it for her. It could prove indispensible at university.

Thu Aug 20
About 2pm I bought staple foods for Jamelia/Britney, and to Chantelle, and delivered them. I was back in good time for Pest Elite, though their operative didn't come till about 4:45, so I had time for finishing touches cleaning the surfaces. He had a pressurized bottle of their bug-killer, and he sprayed inside all the cupboards and the carpets in the bedroom and office. He spent a lot of time on the refrigerator and when he had finished there were about 60 beetle bodies on the floor in front of the fridge. He recommended leaving them there till tomorrow in case others appeared. He suggested opening windows, and it wasn't too cold to do so. I took R200 to Bella, for her matriculant jersey. I was only able to pay $400 on L-A's visa after calculating how much we must pay on my Mastercard to avoid interest payments. The will leave about $13,000 debt on the visa, but we have avoided all interest payments on my Mastercard for years, yet it provides significant loyalty benefits in the form of investments in our mutual funds. Even though there was no load shedding today, thank God, for me it had been very tiring, and I realized it was because of the preparation work yesterday for Pest-Elite. I went to bed quite early.

Wed Aug 19
I sent in the report to Jan for Hada. How much easier it was (for me) to list priorities that it would have been if we had all just discussed it verbally. I thought of several things that didn't come up during the recent Zoom meeting. Roger Jones responded that he really liked the 'Rock' video, and would be adding it to the site, but no time this week. We watched the podcast of last night's 5-Day Worship Intensive, which focused on Todd White. He had his dreadlocks wound above his head in a sort of bun, so looked rather different. He chose the opportunity to give his detailed testimony, which we (and maybe many others) had not heard, so the story had exceptional impact. He had been the lowest of the low in lifestyle, making life a misery for his wife and daughter for 7 years, ripping off drug dealers, and having no thoughts for others. Up to the age 34, no-one had ever told him that Jesus loved him, or suggested there was a God, something that he now uses as an incentive for others when sharing the Gospel. When salvation happened it was accompanied by miracles that even Todd had to take account of. L-A and I discussed why God would pick such an outsider to be his evangelist, and decided that it was because it made his testimony that much more powerful. He had no credibility with anyone except one pastor, Dan. So when he started telling people of the new Todd, it was a very hard sell. But clearly the Holy Spirit had indeed picked him for good reason as his subsequent life has demonstrated, not least in the series of evangelism films by Darren Wilson. We were a little better organized for tonight's load shedding, also at 8, but by then I needed to start clearing all food, utensils, plates, cutlery etc. from the kitchen cupboards as requested by Pest Elite, who will be coming tomorrow after 4. Doing this was quite energetic, particularly cleaning all the cupboards, not at all easy for me. I transferred the monthly newsletter drafted by L-A onto the green memory stick so I could work on them using Pink Dell, which has amazing battery life. When the light finally went out about 8:10 we soon had the candles lit and I worked on Pink Dell, making headway with editing the newsletter. Since I don't touch type (Laurie-Ann does) I had a candle standing on the edge of the keyboard so I could see the keys.

Tue Aug 18
The first day of level 2 of lock down in South Africa. I rose at 6:20 just as in the first three months of 2020. I was at Bella's by 5 to 7. She was well covered in rain gear and her mask. It was really nice to see her although I could hardly see her! She very tentatively asked if we might also take her close friend Joy. I had expected this and already decided that it would be OK, but not OK to fill the car with other passengers. I didn't need to worry because the others whom I took before are not yet back in school. We picked up Joy on the way. Bella confirmed that with limited numbers in her classes due to social distancing she was getting some excellent teaching, all preparing her for university within the coming year. We drove to Cape Gate for L-A's radiation, as we will every day this week, so I won't be reporting more on those trips. I also won't be reporting on bandaging and unbandaging Laurie-Ann's legs as lymphodema treatment every other day, or that every so often we do an emergency unbandaging because of discomfort or pain. And I won't take up your time reading about the MLD massage I do every morning on her stomach, neck, underarm(s) and legs. However, these things are a significant part of our day. At just after 8pm when I was in the middle of writing a report for My Father's House with suggestions for her 5 year budget requests from Hada, the lights went out and my computer abruply stopped. The second replacement computer battery from Computer Mania had long since given up the ghost after working for about 10 weeks. We usually know when load shedding is scheduled but for some reason tonight we hadn't expected it. So by the light of cellphone flashlights I found the candle and a lighter. I decided to go to bed early, while L-A continued on her computer which has a good battery. One casualty of load shedding tonight was Todd White on the 5-Day Worship Intensive, but we will be able to watch the podcast.

Mon Aug 17
We woke at 6 to be at Cape Gate by 8. The radiation went according to plan,and we were back in Worcester by 10. Before going home we went to Q-Square for a ciabata from Daly Bread. At home I made a hair appointment at Salon Joan for l-A at 2pm. Jamelia messaged L-A asking if I visit her to talk about a get-together for her Mailbox Club children. I bought some bread and body lotion for Anthonica on the way to the salon, where I left L-A with Joan. The last time she was here was to be shaved. I dropped off the bread and lotion at Anthonica's and then went to Jamelia's. I readily agreed to coming down on Friday at 2 to be with the kids. Jamelia also persuaded me to take her to buy shoes after the time with the children. Back to Salon Joan - and in her words, I had a new woman. She had turned something unruly into a classic hair display and I loved it and took photos. I know L-A wants her curls back but along the way we have experienced sever new women! Roger Jones responded to my message, suggesting I send him the video of 'Rock,' and he would upload it. This sounded like an excellent idea with potential for many more to watch it. I asked him for his e-mail and he asked for mine. At 6:30 I Net-filed our Canadian income tax returns, and you know I have been working on them for months, in fact since 25 April. Anyway, it's done and we should receive a handsome rebate that will more than pay current medical bills! This is a big deal folks. Outside it was now pouring some serious rain, and Bella asked L-A if I might be able to drive her to school tomorrow since the forecast called for 70% chance of rain. The video quality on the prophetic worship conference was just fine tonight, and Rick Pino opened my eyes as to the purpose and practice of prophetic worship (this is not music worship). Before going to bed I set up WeTransfer to send Rock to Roger Jones at Christian Music Ministries. We watched President Cyril Ramaphosa's announcement of relaxing lock down from level 3 to level 2 starting midnight on Monday. One of the provisions allows what we want to do nest week, stay in a guest house in Mossel Bay with Andre and Janey to be legal.

Sun Aug 16
The video of the live version of 'Rock' had uploaded to YouTube, but was immediately blocked for copyright infringement. I could upload it to Vimeo, but felt I should not do so without Roger Jones' permission, so I asked for it via Messenger. L-A came with me to church! By God-incidence, Pam Hugo's sermon at WCG this morning resonated with George Sinclair's that we had heard yesterday, illustrating the same vital truths, this time from the lives of David and Jehoshaphat. Chris Maartens told Laurie-Ann that 'Colouring with Jesus' had become a part of his daily life, bolstering him through the pandemic, and bringing him closer to Jesus. Chris has bought two copies so far. Nicoleta, from UFile, e-mailed in answer to last question: "The medical expenses are non-refundable credits. They can be used only if they can reduce the federal taxable income to $0." She then showed from my actual tax return that this was happening. In a flash this made perfect sense to me, explaining why our tax refund appeared to have a maximum, however many medical expenses were included. Of course I should have known it, but I was always weak on income tax. So I deleted expenses starting in December 2019, then November, until removing one more expense slightly reduced the rebate. I set that date, 22 October, to be the end of the 12 month period of submitted medical expenses. I will include the deleted expenses in the 2020 return. I was so happy to have broken the back of the tax retun problem, I did 15 minutes weeding in the back yard. I want to leave the garden in good shape for the next tenant. At 8pm we started watching a 5-day, 1 1/2 hours each evening on-line conference on prophetic worship. On this first night there were serious Internet problems, halting the broadcast every few minutes, so I didn't learn much.

Sat Aug 15
We slept in till after 10 - probably a reaction to several early starts this last week, and the expectancy of more next week. With Holy Spirit help I felt we should get food for Anthonica. L-A had mentioned singing in 'Rock' ten years ago, so I played the official CD as we had brunch. I realised the video version, where I had combined the St. Paul's audio recording with my visuals, was not up on our home movies page. In fact I couldn't find it until I checked the video archive on the black back-up disk, and was relieved. So I rendered the four video files into a single file using the Windows 10 video editor, which took several hours, during which time I went out, bought food staples for Anthonica, got medicines for us, filled the car with both diesel and tire air and dropped down to Anthonica's. I suggested she made the food last a lot longer this time. When I arrived home, a Harvest Family Network Zoom was in full swing. I took the opportunity to bring Kobus Theron's book 'The Kingdom Way of Life' to the more than 15 participants around the world, since many of them had, in effect, been describing the realities of the Kingdom of Heaven, here on Earth. After that, with great difficulty, we jointly managed to get her new compression armsleeves and gauntlets on. I uploaded tomorrow's Good News in the Morning, 'True to Yourself,' which we listened to in awe (in my case). I wrote about it on Facebook: 'Another masterful sermon from George Sinclair, Church of the Messiah, Ottawa - 'True to yourself' - shows the foolishness (even fatality) of following today's mantra of doing what seems right in your own eyes (Judges 17:6) - rather than following God's plan for you. Here's the link. This will podcast tomorrow on Good News in the Morning, Keep this link for weekly sermons and 10 years of archived sermons by Ottawa pastors.' Andrew van Berkel was grateful for receiving 'Love, lust and loathing,' and he sent us a selection of contemporary folkish music - about 25 songs - that we listened to a couple of times over the next two days. There were only 3 artists we had ever heard of among them. Every song was excellent. I started thinking about sending hime some music that he might never have heard. In the late evening, we, with great difficulty took off L-A's new compression armsleeves, and wound on her leg compression bandages. I hope we'll get better at the armsleeves as the days turn into weeks and the weeks turn into years. I set the 'Rock' video to upload to YouTube overnight.

Fri Aug 14
Laurie-Ann woke about 2 am in pain from the new armsleevs and gauntlets, and knew she shouldn't have slept in them. I took them off - no mean task. The rest of the nght was restful for us both. The phone rang about 8:30. Anthonica wanted to know why I had only sent her R9 of airtime yesterday. Investigations showed that I had sent R35 of air time but her mother must have used up R26. I reinforced the need for Anthonica to closely guard her phone, and sent her another R20 worth. Radiation today wasn't until 1pm (the time changes every day). At 10 am I joined a My Father's House Zoom board meeting to discuss the funding request to Hada for the next 5 years. Only Kevin, Marco, Jan and I were on the meeeting. Jan set the scene, we had some discussion, and at the end she asked us all to send her our list of priorities, now that we had the general picture of what we were trying to achieve. The assumption was that the building would be up and operational on her land in the not-too-distant future. She still awaits planning permission - from the same council that is censuring Nik. We had an early lunch and got on our way to Cape Gate. While L-A was being irradiated, I was in the mall getting food for Lottie and Anthonica. We drove home via Rawsonville so that L-A could briefly see Anthonica and Lottie when we handed them the food. I had hake and wedges for Anthonica and boerwors. We discovered later that she and Tersia ate them all immediately, so there was nothing kept for supper, and I refused to go out again, not least because curfew would begin in 9 minutes. In the evening I drafted a cover message for the NuSkin intro video and sent it to Joan for suggestions. I also uploaded the video to Vimeo. Laurie-Ann worked diligently cleaning up the digitized version of her latest drawing, showing the road into the mountains on the way to Cape Town.

Thu Aug 13
I rose at 7 and put on Tape A16 and had my shower. I need music for these early routines! I got L-A up at about 7:35 and as yeaterday, it took an hour for her unbandaging and MLD. We had breakfast about 8:30 by when John Peel's favourite British latter-day punk was playing on A18. As we drove through the mountains I asked L-A to take another movie shot as we passed the 'Three Sisters' to replace the file I had deleted. We reached Cape Gate at 10 and L-A went in, first to meet with the prosthetic specialist Marzanne and be measured for velcro bindings to replace the bandages, and put on new compression armsleeves and gauntlets, and after that to go downstairs for her first radiation (more correctly radio therapy). While this was happening I went to McDonald's in the mall for breakfast, and also to the Vape Shop to try and get gummies, but it was still unmanned. Everything on Laurie-Ann's side went well; Hanlie even came to see her as she prepared for radiation, which was supervised by Tessa. She was given her schedule of the 16 sessions on every weekday (with a break if we make it to Mossel Bay). She was done by noon and we drove home. I prepared spicy Thai soup (very nice, from Pick n Pay). I drove to Chantelle's in Avian Park for 2, picked her up and went to the glass shop where I paid R190 (not R320) for two more windows. Five minutes earlier the first load shedding for weeks had started, so their credit card machine wasn't working and I had to pay cash after all, but at least it was less than she had wanted me to send her mother by EFT. On the way home I bought lunch and dinner for her and Anthonica. Both Chantelle's parents are now back working, so hopefully her needs will reduce. She showed me her sleeping area, and the new floor covering (tapyt) they had bought. She wants me to drive two of her young cousins to OVD tomorrow, but that could be dangerous. They could be carriers. When I got home there was still an hour of load shedding to go, so we both spent it in bed - L-A more than an hour. UFile got back to me on my problem of seemingly maxed out the number of medical expenses, but I didn't like Nicoleta's diagnosis. By now I felt knew more about it than she did, so I very diplomatically replied that she was on the wrong track, and I quoted figures from my tax return to prove it. We ended the day in opposite fashion to how it began, with my bandaging up L-A's legs. I played a 'made for me' Spotify playlist; the first time I have listened to one. I was really quite impressed. About a third of the artists I had never heard of. The theme seemed to be female jazz singers and piano players, so Laila and Nora Jones were represented. There was only one Spotify ad in 45 minutes. I will play more of their playlists in the future. L-A decided to go to bed without taking off her new compression armsleeves and gauntlets.

Wed Aug 12
It took more than an hour this morning for us to prepare L-A for Esté's tender care in Paarl. As usual we enjoyed the beautiful drive. Esté confirmed we should not have left the bandages on her legs for more than 2 days. This was L-A's last session with her for a month, while she undergoes daily radiation. We always have a coffee and cookie at Nibly Bits after the therapy, so today I bought enough of their excellent cookies to last a good way into the month. When we arrived home, both Chantelle and Anthonica were begging for me to take them more food, and Chantelle wants me to pay for the two other broken windown in their house - R320. I negotiated her down to picking her up at 2pm to buy the windows which I would pay for on MasterCard rather than using any of my FNB account which we need for the house move. U-File replied to my help message yesterday, explaining that 'Max-back' had allocated some but not all of L-A's medical expenses to me. I was able to clear the problem preventing Net-Filing; I had failed to add in my insurance commissions T4A into the T2125. There was no reply yet from Grondbeurs confirming we will have a month-to-month contract. it is possible they are busy negotiating with the owner, who may not like this. I had never satisfactorily set up the ring tones on the Mobicel phone, and every time she received a text (SMS), it rang like a telephone twice. This finally bugged me enough to re-set the ring tones. There were audio files in several places on the phone, and the notification software seemed to be picking up the wrong files, including Nik's statement on 5 Augus about his board of enquiry. In the middle of trying to untangle this, something more urgent cropped up, and I didn't finish. We had an enjoyable Zoom with Neesa for an hour, swapping exploits. I am going to connect her with Maggie snce they are both in Stroud. A Torontonian called Andrew van Berkel e-mailed me to say he had found our music collection on line when searching for Enoch Kent's CD 'Love, lust and loathing,' and notice I was willing to share our music. I sent him the album by WeTransfer. We watched the final episode of the first series of 'Pearson,' recommended. An hour later Laurie-Ann yelled - her phone had started playing Nik's statment about his hearing, and it ran 10 minutes, all because someone had texted her. It was getting late and we had an early start tomorrow but clearly this must be fixed. I managed to find and delete the offending audio file (but don't ask me now where it was). A little later the phone made a different sound when receiving a text, but I want to change it to a ding. By the way, Nik's supporters at the council hearing had made their sympathies known to the extent that the chairperson wanted to exclude them from the room, but this proved too hard to enforce, so the process was put on hold until they could figure out a way through the impass. One of the fundermental problems in my view is having municipal councils elected on party lines, so much energy is spent ensuring re-election rather than providing service to residents. That may be OK for federal government, but it is surely not the best way for municipal government, particularly in a proportional representation system.

Tue Aug 11
Chantelle called about 9:30 asking for food for the family and things I couldn't distinguish from her voice on the phone. I asked her to SMS me, and there was a word I had never heard, 'tapyt.' T didn't know if it was her poor spelling (they all have pretty poor spelling) or a new word to me. She wanted me to give her R100 so her mother could buy it, whatever it was. There were 5 staples she needed: chicken, macaroni, spaghetti, sugar and coffee. She also wanted putty for her windows. I started at FNB and drew out R400, then to the window shop for the putty. In the Durban Street Pick n Pay I got the food, adding rice and a couple of cans of baked beans that a previous customer had left at the check out. (People have a certain amount of cash on them, and when they get to check out, it isn't enough, so they leave item lying around there. This is normal behaviour here, and L-A tells me it is also normal in Canada where she worked in Price Chopper for 11 years.) When I arrived at her house Chantelle explained the tapyt. It is floor covering like linoleum. She is sleeping on the ground, with the roll-up bed and blanket we have given her, but the ground is concrete and cold. The tapyt (probably not the correct spelling) will help her sleep better. Though I don't like giving cash in case it is misused, in this case I decided to comply. Chantelle is unusually grateful for what we do for her and her family. Grondbeurs sent us an email asking for 2 months security deposit R14,550 was payable immendiatlely, and the first month's rent of R6,850 would be required before we move in on 1 October. I wanted to be sure that our contract would be month-to-month, with no more than 1 month notice, so I replied asking for confirmation, and also laid out the constraints we are under as far as extending the visas and medical. I certainly don't want to sned that much money and then find they have a different understanding. I spent a lot of time struggling with challenges with medical expenses on the tax return, eventually sending a message to the help desk. I paid u-File, $36.10, so I could access the draft tax return. Their price has doubled over the years. When I have reminded her recently of her sister's angry act in breaking the windows, she has told me twice that since I prayed in their house she has really repented.

Mon Aug 10
No Monday morning feelings these days. Walking past the fridge I noticed some cockroaches on a green carrier bag we keep beside it. I decided to see if anything was going on under the fridge. I pulled it out, and was greeted by the sight of some sort of cockroach colony against the back wall, probably the source of all the cochroaches that have invaded us for the past few months. I killed them all with Doom, also squirting the fridge compressor and other components, and brushed up everything into the dustpan and into the garbage. Despite this, we should go ahead with the exercise arranged with Pest Elite. Chantelle called and asked if I would help get her and her stuff back to Avian Park, plus her cousin. She told me that at the funeral on Saturday she hadn't entered the house where the ceremony took place, but had watched from the next house. L-A was just getting up so I prepared her breakfast, then drove to Avian Park eating an apple for my breakfast. Chantelle didn't bug me for additionals and extras, and her cousin seemed a nice girl. I gave Chantelle some change to buy Eno for a sore stomach. I shopped for a few items in Q-Square; shops were open despite this being a public holiday for International Womens' Day. I even bought CBD oil for L-A at about 60% of the price we have been paying in the Vape Store. Back home we had coffee and freshly baked Daly bread. I had bought an envelope to send Kevin's book 'Truth in Love' to Lise as promised. While I still had it, the thought came to my mind that societies of the prevention of cruelty to animals should surely have an issue with the Halaal slaughtering rules which are described in the book. I send an e-mail to the Ontario SPCA and then posted it to my Thought for the Month blog. I received an answer for one of the many people to whom I had e-mailed our appeal on Saturday. It was a lady (Lisa) whom I had met fairly briefly in prison networking group meetings in Ottawa some years ago. I had never e-mailed her until now, and had hardly spoken to her. This situation was similar on her side, so much so that she said in her message: "I would love to help with Laurie Ann’s radiation treatments. My husband is also happy to contribute, but he wants me to make sure that this email is actually from you. Haha! Can you tell me where we served together here in Ottawa and what we were doing there? Don’t you love trivia?? I’ll definitely e-transfer you funds after I hear back from you!". Our experience with fundraising has convinced us of the role the Holy Spirit takes in motivating people to give. A few hours later $2,000 appeared in my bank account via e-Transfer. There is no way Lisa was moved to this act of great generosity by reading the appeal when she hardly remembered my name, and would never have heard of Laurie-Ann. People don't do that. But a person of prayer, knowing the sound of the voice of God, from experience, will be so motivated. It has happened to me, quite often actually. What God is doing, I believe, is signalling that he is with us in these times of stress. And if he is with us now, he won't leave us. We have no worries, about money, about health, about getting home to Canada.

Sun Aug 9
The wind howled all night and the garden got just the rain I want to enable be to continue weeding. L-A slept very well (so therefore so did I) and in the morning preferred to stay sleeping instead of coming to church in the mini-storm. There were only half as many there; it was led excellently by the Truters. Chris came over to me and bought a second colouring book for a young relative. Erica preached on 'strengthening yourself in the Lord. This is an active thing, and a prime example was David, who strengthened himself before slaying Goliath, and in a number of other points in his life. The Hebrew word is hazzak. Erica told the story of her third pregnancy when her doctors all advised termination, but she strengthened herself because the Lord told her the baby would be fine, and so he was, despite every medical indication to the contrary. I spoke to them afterwards and told them of our situation a year ago when we were advised she must return immediately to Canada for chemotherapy, but we both sensed otherwise from the Lord. We believe that had she gone back then she may not have survived. Instead, she is doing better than expected and we are not bankrupt. TKOG. Before the start of the service Anthonica had called me and asked that I call her back after it. This resulted in my taking her some food and pads. She was with Chantelle - they are friends again - who asked me for R100 for food and got R90. When I got home I did the daily MLD therapy for L-A and then removed her leg bandages for the first time since Tuesday when Esté had bound her so expertly. Underneath the impressions of the bubble wrap on her legs looked almost inhuman which gave rise to some alien jokes - but her skin recovered after a few hours. The treatment is certainly having an effect. However, we probably shouldn't have left the bandages on that long - Esté recommended just a couple of days. I had bought sausage rolls for our lunch, and Tersia and Anthonica's dinner. As we ate ours - quite nice - I played some Coldplay from Spotify, a band I haven't listened to much, so Spotify is a great way to check them out. One of their songs, 'Something just like this' has had 1.3 billion plays! Another very popular one, 'Fix you,' bears a distinct resemblance in the first part of the tune to Pixies' 'Where is my mind.' Thank you CKCU presenters for educating me in your music selections. I always wanted a large music collection so that I decide what's good rather than follow the crowd. We received a large donation from a friend JV as a result of yesterday's e-mailout which boyed us up. He hasn't been following us as far as I know, but said he wants to in the future. After dinner L-A had a Radox soak for her legs, followed by moisturizing, and they are certainly looking better than this morning. While doing this I found the Kiffness on YouTuve, and just let it run. After them, it ran to Nelson Mandela, and then Barack Obama. In other words, we had a feast of oratory from wise leaders. How the world misses them!

Sat Aug 8
I was producing tomorrow's GNiTM and my left ear seemed a lot deafer than usual. That's not quite accurate - when I have switched the earbuds left to right, the audio image switches, suggesting one of the ear buds is deteriorating, rather than my ears. Then I had an idea and looked inside the earbuds - the parts that go into the ear. I noticed that one of them was full of wax, and the other about 1/4 full. I cleared the wax with a bent paper clip - and bingo - when I put them back in my ears the sound was perfect stereo! Why hadn't I tohought of this months ago? At noon Mouse's funeral would start and I prayed for the participants, particularly those I know. At about 12:20 Chantelle texted me to say she was there with Anthonica. I replied that they must keep socially distanced, and take photos. Anthonica called about 3, and I asked her how it had gone, and she said it was sad. I started preparing my NuSkin promo, listing the points Joan makes in hers, and then drawing up a similar structure for mine. I did a practice run using Zoom for making the video. When I was editing it I realized I needed one more shot which I'll do tomorrow under similar light conditions. In the evening L-A preferrd to draw rather than our nightly TV episode, so I keyed in the rest of L-A's medical expenses and about a quarter of mine. It is interesting to see the rebate increasing as I do this. The wind came up in early evening. I didn't leave the house all day. I sent appeal letters to a couple of hundred e-mails, knowing that many would reject - but some might respond.

Fri Aug 7
The phone rang around 10 and it was Grondbeurs. They had communicated with the owner of Da Vinci, who had agreed that we move in there on 1st October. He will lose a month's rent, but I imagine he felt that agreeing a contract now was worth it. He didn't know that we and Laurie-Ann's inner circle of prayer warriors had been praying for just this outcome. TKOG! This was tremendous news for us, removing a major worry from the last few days. We are both looking forward to living there. I called Breedenet to get a feel for the value of Paolo Cavalanti's wifi antenna and router, but I didn't have accurate information and they strongly recommended taking our present dish with us, saying the antenna we had seen there was out of date, and with poor performance. But when I then called Paulo, he told me that his wifi performance was excellent, and then explained that what I had thought was an inside antenna was actually a router, and that there was a Breedenet dish on the roof owned by the Da Vinci owner. I asking him what he would accept for us to take over the wifi set up, and he said R1500. I agreed. We will pay him roughly what Lovejoy will pay us. I asked him to send us photos of any of his curtains and other goods that he would like to sell, and among these he included a photo of the router, which was when I realised my mistake, thinking it was an internal antenna. I added a comment to a Quora post (which I have since posted on Thought for the Month) asking why Covid has recently exploded in South Africa but not in other African countries. I discovered that the ratio of deaths to total cases here was only 1.78%, while the US was 3.26%, Canada 7.56%, Mexico 10.92%, and UK a massive 13.7%. The current surge in SA cases will lead to a surge in deaths, but the figures do suggest that SA's doctors and medical services are doing well, and that the hard lock down has been effective. My answer was also a chance to highlight funeral culture here, though for all I know that is similar elsewhere on the continent. It is on my mind because Tersia begged me last night to pay R450 for a 15 seater taxi to take her relatives to the funeral of her mother Mouse on Saturday. I at first refused, but she called me back, asking for R200, which I agreed to. Her mother had no funeral cover. Chantelle asked for R50 for her ouma to run a soup pot for the children, and later upped it to R100 to pay towards Lottie's friend visiting from Wellington. I took her the money at 11:45. Then I went to Anthonica's and gave Tersia the R200 for the taxi. She confirmed others had contributed the rest. She also had received some money support from people going to the funeral tomorrow. I then took Anthonica to her uncle's place in Somerset Park, just the other side of the tracks from Hooggelegen. Clearly this part of the family was the other side of the tracks from sister Tersia. Anthonica stayed till 4:30, but at 3:30 called me to ask me to pick up food for her supper tonight. She had asked her uncle but he said he had no money! When I picked her up I had planned to challenge him and ask him to settle Tersia's debt to me, but unfortunately he had gone out. I bought pies, Fanta and a Kit Cat as an unusual treat for Tersia and Anthonica's dinner. Back home I finished replacing the broken light bulbs. I had put this off because I had some vertigo when replacing the bulb in my offie, which would have been dangerous without Laurie-Ann's help. I moved the two trunks into the bathroom, and removed the light fitting globe without difficulty, only to find that it was a single bulb fitting, and that bulb was fine. The only benefit of the excercise was to clean the globe. Then came the hard part, replacing the globe. After several tries I finally managed it. The good news was that since a new bulb wasn't needed in the bathroom, I still had a new bulb available for the bedroom. I lifted a trunk onto the bed, and although this wasn't a steady platform, was able to replace the bulb fairly quickly. Boyed with the success of finishing that job, I did 20 minutes weeding in the back yard, followed by answering Quora questions.

Thu Aug 6
In my shower this morning I noticed that the growth in my groin mentioned on 21 June had completely disappeared, thanks to the 10 day treatment with Taro-Mupirocin ointment, prescribed by Laurie-Ann who had used it for boils a year ago. TKOG. I am still working on removing two warts with colloidal silver, but it's a slow process. I haven't been playing guitar enough to keep my fingers from being agile on the frets. It's the myelin. So I have been practising the harder songs like 'No longer slaves' recently, and at least spending a little while playing and singing. In my original lock down daily plan we had a praise and worship time, and we should return to it. We received a quotation from Pest Elite to get rid of the cockroaches for about R750. They will give us a day's notice before coming. We agreed.

Wed Aug 5
In my mind this was an important day and a challenge, when we would return Sandy's car. After 5 months of her kindness, I deperately wanted it to be back with her without a scratch and in excellent condition. Kevin phoned about 9am to suggest that instead of driving our Mercedes, he should drive his. His main reason was that if there were an accident it would be a lot easier to sort out insurance-wise if he was driving his own car. I had always thought this would be a better idea but didn't want to be the one suggesting it. So we agreed to rendezvous at Sandy's house in Somerset West. He would be going ahead of us to spend an hour with a friend near there. At 10, we left in the Toyota. It was a lovely day and it was the first time we had driven this route since before lock down. Garmin took us right to the door, and immediately I saw Lily on a balcony and waved. She came down and opened the large steel gate, and told us where to park. I called Kevin to confirm he should now come. We double checked for any of our belongings in the car, and I removed the negative terminal from the car battery as Sandy had requested. I took a couple of photos of the yard, with Lily, the dogs and the car, so that I could send them to Sandy. Kevin arrived and we got into his car, said goodbye to Lily and drove to Lise's, 5 minutes away. It was a great reunion with Lise, and the first time we had been in her lovely house. She prepared some gourmet ham and cheese sandwiches and coffee. Her two dogs, Jack and Franklin made close friends with us immediately. Kevin and Lise seemed to bond very easily; maybe they'll stay in touch. We ended up discussing some of the finer points of eschatology. Lise was happy that the return of the car hadn't meant our return to Canada. Our drive home to Worcester allowed the continuation of some good Christian discussion. Kevin then went on to some ministry at Changemakers, and we relaxed at home. With L-A's blow-by-blow guidance I made a large jambalaya, which we enjoyed a lot. After dinner I transferred the photos from my Blackberry to the green stick, then going through them to achive and delete the bad ones. When attempting to delete one of them, the whole subdirectory was deleted. I still don't know how this happened, and I searched diligently in case it had just been moved. In the end I just accepted the loss of video of the Three Sisters and 8 recent photos including those I had planned to send to Sandy. Nik put out a long statement on the church cell to say that tomorrow he would face a hearing by the BVM council censoring him for giving an interview to a radio station two years ago in which he advised caution before finalizing the decision to proceed with the Trans Hex town ship development. After 'Pearson' I sent a thank you WhatsApp to Sandy: "Dear Sandy, I am happy to report that the Runx is now safely parked in your front yard. Lily was kind and friendly - as were your dogs. I did disconnect the battery negative cable, locked the car and gave the key to Lily. As far as I am aware there is no damage to the car and when it was serviced they cleaned it inside and out - a delightful SA custom. We then spent some very pleasant reunion time with Lise. For the rest of our lives I doubt if we will encounter such a kindness as you extended to two strangers. You will have a special place in our memories. We have been able to continue in a reduced ministry throughout lock down as a result of your car. May God bless you. - Laurie-Ann and Tony"

Tue Aug 4
To Paarl for L-A to see Esté for MLD, which is getting more extensive, plus new exercises which are strenuous. As we were drinking coffee outside Nibbly Bits, Grondbeurs rang to 'make sure we share the same understanding for the upcoming change of accommodation," namely that if we want to leave Hooggelegen before 30 September we must pay rent until then (so the owner isn't out of pocket). But Attie had not mentioned this; he had just said that we must leave by 30 September. For the last few months we have been on a month-to-month contract, and though we were still on it. We can't afford to pay rent twice for September, much as we like Da Vinci. When we got home I spoke to Attie and told him this. He will confer with his colleagues. Worst case situation, we would stay here till end of September and risk that someone else would take Da Vinci. We could perhaps offer to pay a large downpayment for Da Vinci a month early to show good faith. L-A and I have been praying for favour with the parties involved. OK had traditional pancakes without filling, so I bought two for R5. After our gourmet braised oxtail main course main dinner course, we ate the pancakes with lemon juice and sugar and they were nearly indistinguishable from my mother's pancakes circa 1953. I set up a wire transfer from Simplii to FNB with enough to cover a need for deposits on Da Vinci, and got a really good rate: /15.5. A few months ago it was /11. The low Rand has been a financial lifesaver for us, allowing our $Cads to go a long way here.

Mon Aug 3
I called Crystale at Grondbeurs and asked when would we be able to to see the Da Vinci appartment. She apologised for not getting back to us sooner but she had been ill for a couple od days. At 3pm she and a colleague met us beside the appartment building, and we went in, and up one flight of stairs. Laurie-Ann managed the stairs just fine, and that had been a primary concern. The current occupiers turned out to be YWAM missionaries. His name was Paolo and he was carrying around their cute baby. His wife recognized Laurie-Ann from a single YWAM event they had both attended in February 2018! The apartment was just what we were looking for, the only negative being no central air conditioning or heating. It was spacious, and the balcony afforded great views of Church Square. They had a Breedenet wifi set up, and he said we could make an offer for his antenna and router, and other furniture etc. We told them we would like to move there. They would be moving out before the end of this month, August.

Sun Aug 2
Although L-A had planned on attending Worcester Christian Church this morning, in the event she didn't feel up to it. Pam Hugo preached on Who am I (and what must I do). I WhatsApped Kevin rather than calling since if he wasn't keen on helping out I didn't want him feeling bad. But he replied that he would be very happy to help get the Runx back to Somerset West, and next week would be good. Around 4pm I went downtown to buy food for Jamelia and Chantelle, but the normal stores were closed. There was a 'supermarket' open on the High Street and I was able to get most things there, and a couple of items at OK. Jamelia wasn't home, but her mother was effusive in her thanks (not common in the culture). I couldn't find Chantelle. It wasn't perishable, so will take it tomorrow. Back home I WhatsApped Jan, updating her on what we were doing to help our 4 families. My motivation was to test whether she would say that we shouldn't allow them to become so dependent on us, but she replied: "Hi Tony, there is certainly a lot of hunger in the townships, but it's improving. Many of the women are returning to work as cleaners, and to their other jobs. Rens's mother started last week. We've never seen any government food parcels. All those families should be receiving whatever SASSA support they always received, which has never stopped. We have just received R4000 for food, most of which will go to soup kitchens as they reach more people, but there may be some for food parcels. I have not received any money from churches in Australia since February. We have had sporadic support from Switzerland, Holland and England. The BVM has given money for the NPO Umbrella to run soup kitchens, and they have 10 running in Avian Park." Brian Britton hadn't liked the posting of either the video about hydroxycloroquin, or my reply, and had posted that he would be communicating with both the protagonists. He had sent me a WhatsApp, which mentioned that he knew of many in Brazil who had seen effective results from hydroxycloroquin. I replied, suitably apologetically, that he was the first intelligent person I had heard of with a positive view (oblique Trump reference). He replied that all was OK. My post is still there. In the evening I bound L-A's legs with the bandages, sitting in front of the TV. I noticed an interesting McCartney video I hadn't heard of before, Chaos and Creativity in Abbey Road and we really enjoyed it as I bound round and round. Then we had our nightly reading and studing of a psalm (Ps 21 tonight) before going to bed.

Sat Aug 1
The day after the car was fixed felt good. Now we must plan how to get the Runx back to Sandy. Two people came to mind who could help - Kevin and Lise. I would start with Kevin, but Lise would figure in the answer. I took emergency food to Chantelle and Anthonica. I was on the Harvest Family Network Whatsapp, and someone had posted a video promoting the use of hydroxycloroquin. Wether or not this medication could in the future be found to be beneficial, at present the WHO and other reputable medical sources have established after trials there is no benefit for Covid patients. I posted on the Harvest site that spreading information that does not coincide with official recommendations is irresponsible and is the sort of action that had led to recent worldwide surges, as gullible people spread this and other consiracy theories. I included a link to my
masks piece.

Fri Jul 31
It's 8:06 am and I have just set up Pink Dell in Mercedes-Benz Paarl coffee/waiting area, while the installation of a recirculating valve has begun that they believe will solve the acceleration problem that has dogged us since before our Namibia holiday. I was greeted by name by Marissa, the very professional and friendly service advisor. I had coffee, and a ginger biscuit I had brought with me. It is very nice here. The quality of Mercedes as a company is reflected in the place, the staff, the quality of the free wifi, the kind of customers, the coffee lady; even the toilets. I feel moderately confident that this work will make the car saleable, because after last Tuesday's near miss on the way home, it isn't right now. When Marissa had called last Monday, I had said that they should also change the glow plugs, as quoted. But last night as I dozed before sleeping I had the idea to research glow plugs in the morning. When I did this, Wikipedia told me that glow plugs were needed particularly in earlier diesel engines to warm up the air in the cylinders before starting the car in cold weather. I had never had a problem starting the car. So this morning I asked Marissa not to have the glow plugs replaced, as an economy measure. From today, when starting the car, I would wait 20 seconds between the first turn of the ignition key, and the final part of the turn, giving the glow plugs time to do their job. I had been typing away editing our 6-month report to Iris till about 10:30, when Marissa came over and interrupted me to say that the car was ready! I told her that it it really was fixed I would be extremely elated, have lived so long with the problem, missing how the car could really operate. She seemed pretty confident. I packed up the computer and paid the bill: R14,697 ($1,175). As soon as I was on the highway and able to go above 60 KPH I knew things were better, and shortly on a straight level stretch I took her to 140 KPH without putting my foot down; it was proven. She ran up the incline to the tunnel at 120, no sweat. I was indeed elated. It wasn't till I turned right from the N1 to Worcester that I watched the indicator cancelling; something I had never witnessed in this car. It was great to open the front door and bring the news to L-A. The car is now in better condition that ever since we had bought it, with the potential for at least doubling the kilometrage. We had soup for lunch watching BBC News in the daytime which we haven't done for months. Later in the afternoon I did some work in the back garden; it was a beautiful day. The exertion made me very breathless very quickly and I actually lay down on the ground for a while before doing more.

Thu Jul 30
L-A's leg compression bandages survived the night again and the sandals fitted even better than yesterday, as even her feet became less swolen. During breakfast we listened to the new Michelle Obama podcast, this one a chat with her husband about community service, which had brought them together in Chicago. Are the Obamas possibly looking at a return to the White House? We left around 9:45 on the three-weekly Herceptin run to Cape Gate, in the Toyota. I reflected on the fact that Debby's gift yesterday, generous though it was, would only cover 75% of today's shot. Then I reflected on how we were really being cushioned by angels since our financial assets hadn't collapsed altogether by now, and the only money withdrawn from our vital long-term investment was for the Poulin windows. John Whelan had told me this week that he had noticed new windows being installed in our building. While L-A was inside the oncology centre, I felt too tired to read and dozed until she awoke me. We stopped at Checkers in Cape Gate mall and I bought soups and bananas, and - sticky toffee pudding!. I needed to eat something for the return trip, and a banana would suffice. Once home, and having eaten (soup), I went to bed for a couple of hours. It would be an early start tomorrow. I went to the mall for refils of L-A's nutritionals at Dis-Chem meds and food at Pick n Pay, getting back shortly after the start of Doc Maclean's livestream. He entertained us and others around the world for an hour with his storytelling and guitar. Immediately following we ate curry and watched the news, which tonight featured significant excerpts from John Lewis's funeral in Atlanta, incuding a powerful eulogy by Obama. He contrasted the voting restrictions that Trump was trying to apply in rejecting postal ballots, and even delaying the federal election, with Lewis's life's work in universal suffrage. Clinton and Bush also spoke, although we didn't see them. Trump was absent, a very good thing. A week before this, for me John Lewis had been the exceptional pianist with the Modern Jazz Quartet, not a great innovative politician. What a serious gap in my education!

Wed Jul 29at man
We got up early and by 8 I was unwrapping L-A's bandaged legs. Even to me there was improvement, with less swelling, and the skin surface improving. But the really good news was that when we put the orthotics back in her sandals, the six straps still fitted, they weren't to long. This was providential because when I had instructed Fareed, I hadn't realised that she would want to wear the sandals both with bandages on, and with bandages off. It was the orthotics that made this possible. Fareed hadn't even see the orthotics, but the additional lengths he had added to the straps were correct! TKOG. After a rushed start we drove to Paarl in the Toyota to avoid any possibility of car problems. We were 5 minutes late at Esté's. L-A had 2 hours therapy with her; excellent value. At the end when Esté had bandaged her legs, she put on her sandals and all six straps fitted! We were home by noon. After working for a while I felt up to replacing the bulbs in the office ceiling light. It was a little precarious as I stood on the table and handed things to L-A, and back again. After that success I felt stimulated to tackle the partly blocked drain in the bathroom. As in the kitchen, this proved to be possible without any tools, thanks to superior South African plumbing. I soon had all the gunge out. Putting the u-bend back proved more tricky as I couldn't for the first few tries stop it leaking. Then I studied the pieces more closely and got it right. No leak. We received a large donation! Possibly because of my email yesterday. It really encoraged us. Thank you DG. Esté had recommeded L-A walk round the room every hour, and I am her witness that she did so.

Tue Jul 28
During breakfast we listened to the final chapter of Father Cyril Axelrod's wonderful autobiography, 'And the journey begins.' I must write a glowing review, and call Andre and thank him so much for is recommendation. Today we drove to Cape Gate Mediclinic, just across the road from the Oncology Centre. It was a planning session for L-A's upcoming radiation therapy. We arrived in the Mercedes well before the 11:30 start because finding places within medical facilities can take a little while. But the preliminaries all went well, starting with an extra size wheelchair available at the entrance. Within 10 minutes we were both screened and booked in, just a few minutes away from the entrance. Although there was a notice saying that only the patient should come in, no-one had tried to stop me as I pushed the wheel chair. We then waited half an hour, because, as Tessa, who would conduct L-A's scans came to tell us, there had been an emergency that took precedence. The CAT scan took about 20 minutes, and we were on our way. Tessa had given L-A several very small tattoos that would be used by the radiation therapists to position the radiation breams. We then drove on to Plattekloof Village to see if Wellness Warehouse had any Gaia Organics pure sodium ascorbate vitamin C powder. They didn't, but they ordered some. We are almost out of this, and L-A should have been taking more of it, but she hasn't been drinking very much water, and we put the powder into her green drinking bottle. By now we both felt like a restaurant meal, and Simply Asia was open, with Thai food. We were welcomed by the staff who really need more customers; the restaurant industry is in severe slump due to social distancing. They gave us both a first class Phuket Noodle dish. It was so good, and so nice to be in a restaurant. Driving home however was not so good. The Mercedes was having a bad acceleration day. By the time we were approaching the tunnel it was down to 10 KPH. I had been turning it off every so often as a re-boot, but without result. We stopped. In my mind we were stalled on Piekennaarskloof Pass 9 December 2019. I had visions of having to call AA and all that that would entail. I turned the ignition. It started. I put it in drive - and it ran a little faster, and soon we were nearing the tunnel. We prayed there and then that the work Mercedes in Paarl would be doing would solve this problem that had dogged the car and us for months. Having delivered L-A home, I got into the Toyota and drove to Rocksole, where the slogan is 'We doctor shoes, heel them, attend teir dyeing and save their soles.' The shoes were ready and I could see he had sone a professional job - and it was still R80. At home I put them on L-A's bandaged feet - and was able to get 5 of the six velcro straps to join, with her orthotics removed. This was very good work by Fareed. For the last few days I have forwarded our latest newsletter to around 40 people who are not on any of our lists. Today I sent it off to the the much larger list that I have used several times before, and added a new pre-appeal: "As some of you may know. Laurie-Ann and I are stranded in South Africa. Here's our latest newsletter so you can find out more about this adventure, which is going on a little longer than planned, and with some excitement! Please forgive me if I included you in a previous mailing. Caution, this message contains an appeal. Today L-A had a CAT scan prior to starting radiation therapy within 2 or 3 weeks. I must admit to some periodic flashes of worry, bearing in mind each day I am bandaging her legs and chest for quite serious lymphodema, and she can't walk unaided more than a few yards. Covid is sweeping South Africa and I don't even want to consider our situation if we got it, without travel insurance - long story some of you know; we certainly started out with it with huge premiums for me. Yet strangely, we are not stressed, because we see that our challenges so far have all been overcome; we must assume with the power of an ever-working and loving God. Blessings - Tony ps: we are very active on FaceBook and Twitter and our mission website below if by chance you'ld like to tag along with us. We are encouraged by every like or share!" When the gmail rejects arrived, I removed them from the list, or in one case, Carlos R, noticed that '' has changed to '' This is probably because of the name change to IG Wealth Management. I gave L-A's legs a Radox bath in the green bucket, and then cut her toenails and moisturized her legs. We watched an excellent Zoom presentation hosted by Shaila Visser.

Mon Jul 27
Today I delivered food and stuff to Anthonica, Chantelle, and Bella, and of course air time, data and power to several homes. I am beginning to worry that our families are getting too dependent on us. For the last couple of weeks I sense that Anthonica and mother Tersia have had no other source of food. By giving to them I reduce the urgency for Tersia to look for work, but we can't let Anthonia starve. There is a daily soup session at OVD run by a school principal and Chantelle told me he feeds anyone; not just the learners who aren't allowed to go to his school. I drove to Rocksole Shoe Repairs and took in L-A's sandals, and explained to Fareed that we wanted the velcro straps extended by about 5cm each to allow L-A to wear the sandals over her bandaged feet. He seemed confident and gave me an estimate for R80. Chantelle had said that 'I must deliver food' for her at 1700 today but when I came by she wasn't there. Having just delivered lots of food to Anthonica, I decided to leave Chantelle's 2 pies and a loaf with Anthonica. The next day Chantelle told me Anthonica had taken a bite out of one of the pies. Marissa at Mercedes-Benz in Paarl called to say they had received the missing part for the car's acceleration problem, and when would I like to bring it in. The only day was Friday. Then I asked her also to arrange to fix the indicator cancelling, and change the glow plugs, but not to do any of the other work they had quoted at this stage. The reason we hadn't replaced missing lightbulbs in ceiling fittings in our house before now was that we have no ladder, and I would have had to borrow one from a neighbour - not too easy in lock down. But yesterday I looked at our stacked steamer trunks and realized that they could be my ladder. So while we had lots of daylight I carried the trunks into the kitchen area, and was able to reach the light fitting. I don't like heights these days and was only too well aware that if I fell that would be serious, and not just for me. But I didn't fall and I did replace the bulbs. Then I went to the dining room area and, standing on our long table, replaced the one failed bulb. There was a second when I felt dizzy, and had I come crashing down, I would have landed on L-A and smashed her computer on the way. But I didn't. Laurie-Ann added the script of my GIG Zoom talk from last night to our blog, dated 27 July 2020. I got to the stage with the income tax that I could run a test result, so I did this before keying in our significant medical expenses, and was very relieved to see we should have a rebate of nearly $3,000, and possibly more than $3,000 with the medical expenses. TKOG. This would help with our current medical deficit. Even more important, I now don't have to rush to compete the taxes, because the CRA owes us - but I do want to rush because we need the emoney! However, I also got an error message about CNIL saying that unless it was fixed I could not netfile.

Sun Jul 26
L-A had gone to bed with her leg compression bandages on, but by 4 am the compression had become painful, so I unwound her. As I was doing it I had visions of needing to do this every day for weeks. After the demands on us by the kids yesterday, which would presumably increase, I was feeling that things were getting bad. When we went back to bed, L-A slept well till morning, but I dwelt on these matters. What if our financial situation slipped? Yesterday I had talked to L-A about reducing our help to the girls and their families because it was getting expensive and time consuming. But there was an optimistic development that came into my troubled mind and made it less troubled. Maybe Joan Lajeunesse's suggestion could be a game changer financially, and not just for us. Network marketing is immune to lockdowns as long as couriers are still delivering. And Joan was not assuming I am ready to work all day long on NuSkin, but that I identify some people here with the need and tenacity to join NuSkin, which could greatly help them, particularly during lock down. Then I thought about the potential that Zoom offerred in building a NuSkin business, greatly facilitating the learning curve. I did eventually fall asleep, and got up feeling quite optimistic, which stayed with me for the whole day. Laurie-Ann couldn't come to church with her bandaged feet, but I was able to, and glad I went. The videos of praise and worship that have been made by the church are really good. Then Pam Kinghorn delivered a first class sermon focussing on the fact that there is always so much more for us to learn about God as we study the word and listen to his voice. She mentioned the book This present darkness by Frank Peretti, mentioning the importance of understanding the spiritual world, which is greater than the natural world, something I can resonate with. My lack of belief in any spiritual world was by reason for being an atheist for 15 years. I spoke to her and thanked her for her message, and then prayed for her. After church as I drove home there were three people huddled on the sidewalk and I stopped to see if they were OK. No-one was ill but something was wrong and I aske if I could pray for them, which I did. Then I noticed the girl was smoking, and one of the young men said it was dagga. They were high. I gave them a quick talk on the dangers of drugs. I went to Pick n Pay and bought fruit, vegetables, sugar and coffee for Jamelia, something I had decided not to to yesterday, but today I was seeing things differently. I also bought a 5-pack of fluescent light bulbs at an excellent price, about R130. I drove down and after giving her the food asked her to get in the car for a few minutes. I told her about the importance of planning ahead; not waiting till things are dire and then demanding help instantly. I questioned her about school and smoking and she assured me she hadn't quit school, and wasn't smoking because it aggravated her kidney problems. I then prayed for her. I actually believe her, and that means Chantelle was wrongly gossipping. I felt I should get more traction for my piece Who is most to blame for the acceleration of Coronavirus? on my recent 'Thought for the Month,' which I had also posted it to Facebook, but only as a link. So I updated it with current death statistics and reposted it to Facebook, but this time put the full text into the post instead of a link. For much of the afternoon I prepared for the Zoom GIG presentation in the evening, running through it many times. At 6 I started cooking and we ate at 6:45. I ate too fast and experienced a strange choking sensation, which I had barely managed to control by 7 when the Zoom started. We had a number of technical problems, my shared screen powerpoint being poor quality and my audio file of the financial planning session with David and Sylvia being too quiet (although both were fine from my end), so Jasper used the files I had sent him. There were therefore delays as we switched files. Despite that I was able to give the full thrust of the message. When I was done I had a couple of questions which I found strange and hard to answer. So I have mixed feelings about the result. I'd been too busy to bandage L-A's legs until now, so I did so, and this this time she was to sleep through the night with the bandages on.

Sat Jul 25
I had said to Chantelle that I would buy her and her ouma some shoes, now that the day of the OVD funeral is past. So I called her and agreed to be down at 11. Jamelia messaged to ask if I would bring more food down today, something I had no intention of. I was pleased to see she had her mask as we drove to the Stockenstrom Pep. She spent a while searching and ended up with identical shoes for her and her ouma, plus furry slippers for her, and some socks. She hadn't been pushy and had selected reasonably priced items. I returned the shoes that L-A couldn't wear. After dropping her home I went to the mall and bought two discounted Annique shakes, chocolate and chai, at a price that made Chantelle's purchases seem insignificant. I took home some pies from Point of Sale, where I had never shopped before, and we both enjoyed them for lunch. After lunch I wrapped L-A with her chest bandages. We had two more donations - they are coming in steadily. L-A thanked most of our donors, and got working on the Health Update - which she finished by anout 9pm. Around 5:30 Chantelle called and asked if I would drive her and her mother back to Avian Park. I expressed surprize; the weather was fine, but they said it was too dangerous to walk via Riverview. Reluctantly I took them home, plus a child and some goods, explaining how vulnerable we are to Covid, and that it would be a financial disaster if we caught it and had to pay for any significant treatment, very likely in our conditions. At OVD kids were playing semi-organized ball games with no regard for social distancing. While I enjoy helping them out, we have to guard against their becoming too reliant on my help - and food from us. They had walked over to OVD in the morning, so it's a stretch to say it was dangerous. One thing I have tried to teach them is not to leave things always till the last minute, which feels to me almost like blackmail when they expect me to drop everything and help them out. Shortly after I got home, Tersia called me on WhatsApp to say she had spent the R300 I had lent her on Tuesday, and would I buy them food. She was so persistant that after saying "Not this time." I powered down the phone. Shortly after, Jamelia sent a message asking where I was. I imagined her outside her house with 10 children all expecting to be fed, though we had not agreed to bring anything. We ignored the message. Had I accepted all today's requests I would have gone to Avial Park 4 times. As it was I was so behind with today's work we decided not to have our normal 45 minutes TV break this evening. I was feeling pretty tired, but there were several urgent things yet to do including producing tomorrow's 'Good News in the Morning,' and practising for tomorrow's GIG Zoom presentation. Joan Lajeuness send a message just to me with a suggestion that the South African Nu Skin market may be moving into momentum, and wondering if we could work together on this. As I was about to cook tonight's supper, the one remaining bulb in our kitchen light fitting failed. I cooked by the light of the cooker bulb. Time to replace it and other missing bulbs.

Fri Jul 24
We were in good time for Esté as usual. I waited outside her office most of the time, reading 'Truth in love.' but near the end she brought me in to assist a little as she bandaged both of L-A's legs. She told us that, contrary to the written instructions she had provided, L-A should wear the leg compression bandages day and night, and during the day she should either wear the compression bra or the chest compression bandages. Esté would like her to do that during the night also, but accepts that if she has to take them off in order to be able to sleep, then so be it, at lease for the time being. 'Baby steps.' I photographed the legs while Esté went home for her credit card machine. When she returned she had some trouble getting on line, but finally managed it and accepted our money. Around this time each month I ensure there will be enough room in our line of credit to pay off my Mastercard at the end of the month. Usually this involves transferring cash from our bank account. That allows me to know how much is then available to pay off Laurie-Ann's Visa. Since the beginning we have always paid my Mastercard in full, so there have been no interest payments, but quite high rewards used to buy investments in the All-in-One. With the medical bills and the recent Mercedes repair, the balance on the Visa is now around $11,000, but this month we are only paying $400, which is above the minimum payment. Now we have launched our appeal for L-A's radiation, $8000, we hope to be able to bring this down significantly. My overall hope is not to have to liquidate long term investments when world markets are significantly depressed as a result of the Coronavirus. When I checked a month ago our invetsments had lost 30%. I had attempted three times to put back our rental car in Ottawa 2 more months from 10 August, but the on-line system hit a problem. Tonight I phoned budget, and soke to two reps who figured out that the problem was that the credit card we had booked on had since been renewed. Their only option is then to cancel, and rebook. The good news was thet they will refund us not only the pre-paid amount of $764, but also the $50 cancellation charge. This was an excellent result, helping reduce the Visa balance, and we can make a new booking when we know our return date.

Thu Jul 23
I decided to go back to 2 Tramacet for today and see how things go. Chantelle told ne that the funeral of the oldest OVD resident wasn't till tomorrow, but they would not be going. She wants me to buy shoes both for her and Lottie. I am not keen to do that today in case they change their minds and attend the funeral. I drove down to OVD and Chantelle had no face mask, so I used that as a reason not to take her shopping for shoes; she didn't seem too perturbed. I did however go to Pep to see if I could find large slippers for L-A that she could wear over her bandaged legs. I found some sandals that might be suitable at a discounted price of R29, and I bought them. I bandaged up L-A's left leg with the odema kit. The videos I had taken of Esté doing this job were very helpful. Unfortunatley the sandals from Pep Store wouldn't fit. We hadn't yet received a date for the start of Laurie-Ann's radiation, so today she checked the correspondence and found they needed to be paid first (since we aren't on Medical Aid). She got in touch with Estée in the financial department at Cape Gate Oncology. The full amount was ~R80,000 (divide by 20 to convert to $Cad at the present Rand rate), and the radiation is normally paid for by EFT. Estée knows that for us, credit card payment is quicker, easier and cheaper, since for that kind of money we would need to arrange a special wire transfer. So she figures out a way for us to give her the Visa number over the phone, and because we were paying up front, got a 10% discount. That was a significant saving, and also we get more than a month free credit courtesy of Visa. The initial scan was set for 11am on 28 July at the X-Ray department in Cape Gate Mediclinic, and the radiation will follow on after that, but we don't yet have a schedule. I googled Budget Reservation Extentions and cancelled the Budget car rental for our originally planned week in UK on our return home. This was not pre-paid so will not generate a rebate. I attempted to postpone our Ottawa rental but the Budget web-site wasn't cooperating today. I wound the compression bandages round L-A's chest, which now seemed relatively easy after the 5 bandages on her leg. Bella asked for data to do a school project, and later said they had no food; "Could Tony help them with provisions for a couple of days?" We got more details of what they would need for 4 days and I went down to Pick n Pay and then delivered it.

Wed Jul 22
After a tough day yesterday, I took 3 Tramacet instead of 2 during the night, and it made a big difference. All day I felt content and resilient. I spent some hours on our income tax, solving an issue that had been holding me up claiming $300 spent mending a fitting in the Poulin bathroom in November 2018. Then I completed the T2125 for my 4 months of IG pension before it ceased, and the claim for interest on the leveraged investment. I had bought some beef for goulash, and made Rogan Gosh from a packet again. I didn't put all the spice in this time, and I thought the result was great, but it was still too hot for L-A and I finished hers. I'll enjoy this for the next 2 days at least. At 7 we were due to have a Zoom meeting with Neesa. This was my first ever Zoom as host, and I had some teething troubles getting started. But after playing around for 5 minutes I tried starting by clicking my Zoom icon, and it all came together. She was very relaxed with a summer tan and we chatted about a variety of things for the alloted free 40 minutes. We'll do it again next week. We retired about 11 and both slept really well; certainly compared with last night.

Tue Jul 21
L-A had an appointment with her MLD specialist Esté at 10. We drove in the Mercedes. It was good to have the total kilometers displayed now, and the car ran well. When we arrived I remembered the Mercedes service engineer had explained that the ingnition key had an infra-red transmitter as well as a radio transmitter. This explained what I had thought was an intermittent fault. When I pointed it at the driver's side lock, it locked all the doors, exactly as in the past. Maybe this would be satisfactory to a future owner. I asked Esté's permission to come into her consulting room to learn more about putting on L-A's chest compression bandage. One she got started I helped with a number of other tasks, particularly the MLD massage that encourages the lymph system fluids to flow upwards in their purpose within the immune system. Esté then bandaged L-A's right leg where the long term lymphodema has taken root. She suggested I video the process. It was a series of four bandages to apply pressure, and no possibility of wearing a shoe. I will be carrying this out at home for a couple of weeks or more. We purchased the Mobiderm bandaging kit, although we couldn't pay for it today because the battery was flat in Esté's credit card machine. On the way home I went to Dis-chem, and Woolworths where I bought several of their healthy ready-made soups, and we enjoyed one of them for lunch. By now, after thinking about it and giving Holy Spirit every chance to influence me one way or another, I (and He?) had decided it would be right to trust Tersia and lend her R300 till the end of the month. Another option might have been to lend her less and lose less if she didn't repay me. But the difference between R200 and R300 was less than $10, and I figured it would give her a much needed boost in confidence if she borrowed, and then paid back, particularly if she would need more help later. Anthonica had called twice in the morning and I had ignored her, but now I called and said I would come down shortly with pies and the money for her mother. She asked if I would bring ingredients for her to bake a cake for Tersia's birthday today. Then I called Joan and made an appointment at 3:15 for my first haircut since lock down. I drove to Pick n Pay for the cake ingredients, then to Anthonica's and got to Salon Joan about 3:20. It was very pleasant to be in her company. She was of course wearing a mask but asked me to remove mine so she could actually amputate my long flowing locks. I was tired when I arrived home, and fell asleep in the car before getting out. I exerted myself to go inside and L-A was already asleep, so I joined her for an hour. At 6 I got up and started on the supper, which needed to be eaten before our 7 pm connect group Zoom. L-A got up about 6:40 and was eating by 6:45, and we were ready in time. After supper was the first time I turned on this computer today, one more indication of the busy-ness of our lives at present. Somehow I must make time to complete the income tax return - it's nearly August, and I don't even know yet whether we will have to pay. L-A slept with the compression bandages round her right leg and chest, and had a awful night, unable to get comfortable, and so I didn't sleep well either.

Mon Jul 20
I rose at 6:15 and was on my way to Mercedes in Paarl by 6:45, with a rucksack containg Pink Dell, food, and enough do lists to keep me busy. While driving to Paarl and listening to the excellent Steven Grootes on SAFM Sunrise, a report on the major issue of whether to open schools happened to mention that in the Western Cape, schools had continued to provide food for their pupils despite being locked down. I wondered if Anthonica was aware of this. I gave my list of the prioritized faults on the car to a service agent, and settled down in the customer area with Pink Dell. I obtained the wifi codes, which worked (this was better than in Cape Gate oncology). I started on this journal, which was two days behind, and they had been busy days. Jasper Cloete called to give me some comments on my proposed talk for next Sunday, his main point being Apartheid was only partly blameworthy - the rot had set in before Apartheid. I'm not sure I agree, but he lived through it so I will adjust my talk. I do accept that it has become common to blame all today's bad stuff on Apartheid, so if I did that I could lose soem of the listeners. I had a happy few hours in the resting area on Pink Dell, and a lot earlier than I had expected, about noon, the service engineer reported what he'd found. The computer reports were extremely detailed, showing many faults that had been rectified already (I think) and a number that needed fixing. The main problem - insufficient acceleration particularly at speed - requires parts from Johannesburg, and the quoted price is R10,343. I said that I wish to go ahead, so I will be bringing the car back here next week. Other work that I had asked to be quoted was somewhat more than that, but I will now be deciding what really must be done. Tersia called and thanked me profusely for the R100 I had let her keep, and then launched into another appeal for a R300 loan until the end of the month when she would receive funds from her aunt. I indicated this was a lot for us to come up with and reminded her how difficult it would be to repay that much. I said we would pray about it. I did a Zoom test with L-A, preparatory for a chat with Neesa on Wednesday, and also for Sunday's GIG Zoom. Then I scheduled the Zoom with Neesa.

Sun Jul 19
I got up at 8 to catch up with this journal and other computer tasks. Around 8:30 I suddenly remembered Good News in the Morning. Panic flash till I remembered we are 8 hours ahead, but Richard won't be pleased. He likes to prepare the blog on the Saturday, not the Sunday morning. Today's program was Brian Wilkie, and I am using his lock down sermons which I record from his YouTube channel. So the first thing to do was to find and play in real time his sermon from two weeks ago, Called 'The contagious blessing of God,' recording it with the AR Wizzard. Brian makes some neat points triggered by the contagious Coronavirus, and saying that contagious is sometimes good, and particulaly in the spread of the Gospel. I managed to get the new program uploaded by 10.10am, allowing me to serve L-A's breakfast and get to church by 10:30. Marius led the service, starting by reminding people that I had colouring books for sale. Mella turned up with flags and worshipped with them during the musical praise. Marius spoke about 'seeking Him first, and then all we require will be added to His gifts for us.' There were about 40 congregants, about 10 more than last week. Sadly no-one came to me to buy any colouring books. Donations started coming through following the newsletter. This is so heartwarming. Anthonica called to ask if her mother could borrow R100 for the next few days, I spoke direct to Tersia explaining it was foolish for me to expect her to repay the money, since at that time in the future there would be much more pressing needs (in her mind) to fulfil than the repayment of a loan to me. Anthonica also asked if I would bring R20 for her and when I asked what for, she said toiletries. I said what toiletries, and she gave me a list, which included roll-on. This was intriguing since we had given her an expensive Simply Bee roll on within the last few weeks (L-A had bought two, but the first one still had plenty left.) I went to OK and bought most of the items on her list, about R100 worth. I then went down to their house and gave her the toiletries. Under questioning she admitted not to have used much of the Simply Bee roll-on since it was so special she wanted to keep it. Well, that was fair enough. I gave Tersia R100 and asked that she would give me the receipts for what she bought. Laurie-Ann prepared a list of all the nutritional supplements she was using. I sent this to Hannetjie via Sonja, and followed it with another e-mail including links to two of the scientific papers he had provided to us. This is my message for Hannetjie: 'The following links are a small sampling of why radiation, on mere speculation of potential residual cancer stem cells, (but no evidence), would be foolhardy of doctors to apply; especially given that neither chemo or radiation will eliminate them. and The curcumin and other nutritionals DO have a record of eliminating cancer stem cells - and of helping to improve the immune system in the process. - Tony.' For dinner tonight we had the third and last serving of chicken paprikash. It had been very good. I prepared fpr my visit to Mercedes in Paarl early tomorrow morning, cutting sandwiches and loading various files onto the green stick so I could work on Pink Dell.

Sat Jul 18
In the old days Saturday mornings were rushed as I went to Brandvlei, sometimes picking up Soraya at YWAM on the way. But in these new days, on the face of it, we should have plenty of time to relax - but that isn't happening. There are requests from the girls daily for airtime, data, power and food. The power requests sometimes are for aunts and a certian blind grandmother. Lottie called this morning and I tried to explain to her that I would need to send her a stream of 20 numbers to pump up her meter, and she didn't seem to be following me, so I just asked her to have Chantelle call me. Shortly she did and I dictated the numbers to her as she keyed them into the meter. Our monthly wire transfer had arrived from Simplii, so I drove down to FNB and drew out R600 in cash. L-A sent out the newsletters for which I had spent some time adding my parts. This was an important one because it included our appeal for radiation costs. We both are only too keenly aware that you can't expect the same people to help over and over, and for this reason we suggested that people who had already given should not feel obligated. As usual it was amazing how many people opened the newsletter almost immediately, which we can tell from Mailchimp analytics. L-A was still getting birthday messages, and replying to them all. In the evening we watched the first of three installments of Wally Lambs's 'I know this much is true,' which I had read as an audiobook, a harrowing tale of mental illness, where the same actor, Mark Ruffalo, plays both of the twin brother main characters.

Fri Jul 17 - Laurie-Ann's 59th birthday
We had a leisurely getting up, and a light breakfast. The Glo had been beeping fairly often - maybe birthday messages I turned off the notifications for WhatsApp and Facebook. I'm not sure why the default is to have notifications on; it's really innefficient to go and check every time a message of any kind comes in. I sent the birthday girl a Jacquie Lawson but delivered it to my own Facebook by mistake. Later when I noticed, I shared it to L-A's FB and hid it from my timeline. Many others were sending birthday greetings and during the day L-A replied to most of them individually. Carica phoned so say she had flowers but wouldn't be able to bring them here this morning, so I drove to the pharmacy - 6 beautiful red proteas. I got home shortly before we needed to leave for our lunch at Nuy on the Hill. It was a pleasant short drive - in the Merc of course. After rigourous health checks we were seated close to the picture window and ordered non-alcoholic beer and sparkling grape juice. L-A looked lovely in the pashmina that used to belong to my mother, and got compliments on her hair from people who saw in on Facebook. There were two other groups in the dining room. We (particularly L-A) enjoyed our lunches. When we left I mentioned to the staff that I had been fortunate to buy wine here a few days ago before the unexpected ban on alcohol sales. This was a 'two special meals in one day' day. Around 5 L-A prepared chicken paprikash and I did the easy parts, scissoring the chicken breasts and boiling the egg noodles. We broke open the Nuy Muscat sparkling wine and drank half of it with our meal. Although it was lovely to celebrate her birthday, she had been sore much of the day, and I'd been limping. Since we had both had similar symptoms We later put this down to the weather/humidity in the last couple of days that sometimes can aggravate arthritis. I e-mailed Richard thanking him for his comprehensive information and giving him the reasons why we had decided to stay with the plan for radiation.

Thu Jul 16
My alarm woke me at 8 after I had slept 10 hours, but I was still tired. I took my painkillers (which I normally take before 6 am) and rolled over. I got up about 8:45, feeling a little more energetic. Anthonica called about 9:30 and asked if I would take her mother at noon to the Pep store where she had bought the phone which had been stolen. I continued working on the newsletter. Before it could be sent we must resolve the matter of L-A's radiation, since the newsletter talks about a new fundraising effort to pay for radiation, MLD and compression therapy. So I e-mailed Sonja Lord at Cape Gate requesting a conversation with Hannetjie Koetze. I picked up Tersia at noon, telling Anthonica there was no need for her to come. It turned out the police had visited about Tersia's stolen phone, and they might have been able to trace it given a code on the original receipt. Tersia didn't have that. When we got to Pep she went in, but was told they didn't have it either and the chance of tracing the phone was zero. There is probably a long established stolen phone reselling organization in Worcester, and thieves receive a small sum for stolen phones, and other crooks sell the phones to buyers at attractive discounts. This provides a living for those in the illegal supply chain. It is very common for people to carry phones in their hands, inviting theft, and after buying a new phone will not spend another R60 on a plastic cover that will protect the glass if the phone hits the deck. Many phones therefore have cracked glass, and many are stolen, sometimes at gunpoint. Tersia thanked me very much for all our help in the crisis, and then asked if I would please get them some food for tonight's dinner, so I went to the cheap fishery store and got two snoek parcels, the same as a couple of days ago. I explaind to Tersia that we can't continue to feed the family, and she gave me the news that Henry's job application had been successful - he would start as a cleaner in mediclinic in August. This was extremely good news. When I got home I read a message from Sonja saying she would ask Hannetjie to call us, which she soon did. The gist of our conversation was this. 1. We would like to ask your opinion of whether what we are about to tell you should be brought to Dr Hanlie's attention. 2. L-A has been on a powerful nutritional supplement program since the start of her treatment. This includes Original Glutathione Formula (OGF). We believe this has contributed to her recovery so far. We have been recommended these nutritionals by a reputable source in Ottawa who is in the forefront of such expertise - Richard Bendall. 3. Richard is very uncomfortable with her having radiation and thinks it would be detrimental. Cancer stem cells resist radiation. He recommends continuing her nutritional approach instead of radiation, or at least delaying the radiation and seeing how things progress. He has sent us some published scientific papers that support his recommendations. Unlike radiation, circumin and other nutritionals have been shown to eliminate cancer stem cells. 4. We would therefore like to consider delaying radiation for two months (we will have returned then from a short vacation in Mossel Bay) during which time we will see how L-A's health changes. 5. However, if Hanlie remains adamant that L-A start radiation almost immediately we will accept that recommendation, primarily because she has been right there for L-A on this journey so far, and she has all the medical data available on this specific patient, rather than just a population of patients.

Hannetjie's response: first she reminded us that she is a medical doctor with a background in natural healing with nutritional and other approaches, and is a junior oncologist. Laurie-Ann has come to love her and has received major benefit from her consultations. She said that inflammatory breast cancer is rare, and very sneaky. It can appear to have gone, but small cells may still be there and can spread very rapidly. This is why Hanlie had made the recommendation to start radiation without delay. While a purely nutritional approach can work well with many cancers, the treatment for inflammatory breast cancer is still being developed. Because of this, every technique must be used to the full if the cancer cells are to be destroyed, including radiation. Having said all that, she showed interest in the nutritional routine that Laurie-Ann was following and asked if we could sent it to her.

Our response to this took account of the fact that clearly the oncology team was right on top of the case and had come to the decision for radiation for good reasons. Also Hannetjie, assistant oncologist, has a nutrition background and is not unfamiliar with the nutritional approach to cancer. I responded to Hannetjie that she had answered our concerns and there was no need to pass them on to Hanlie. Keeping credibility with her is in our best interest. This response of Hannetjie ties in with L-A's report on what Hanlie had said at their last meeting (see 9 July below). After this decision, Laurie-Ann was able to complete the July newsletter (since we now knew radiation was going ahead) and she Mailchimped it out.

The idea came to me that instead of taking the Mercedes back to Brian at MMJ and asking him to solve the acceleration problem yet again, I should instead take it to Mercedes in Paarl. I now had a feel for the places, and they had had a hand in the hydraulic pump saga. So I phoned and made an appointment for early on Monday morning. I would have to stay there while the work was done. I now got down to repeating the transfer of L-A's WhatsApp account from Priv to Glo. I asked Google for the instructions. This told me exactly what to do. But first I needed to reinstall L-A's WhatsApp account on Priv. I deleted WhatsApp on Glo, then installed it on Priv, which had all her contact information. Soon all her WhatsApp contacts were showing on Priv exactly as they had before. Then, following the instruction, I backed up her WhatsApp account to her Google drive. This took about 20 minutes; it was the first time it had been done. There were 431MB. Then I installed WhatsApp on the Glo, and it took me right to downloading her chats from her Google drive, followed by her media. This took about 35 minutes, and it all came through without a hitch. The names of her WhatsApp contacts only showed up if they were on the Glo contacts, but their photos and phone numbers were there. The process of getting the names was something I have done with all the contacts on my WhatsApp on the Mozambique phone. Go to contacts and add them, plus the phone number. Then the name reappears on WhatsApp. All of this may sound mumbo jumbo to North Amrricans where WhatsApp is not used nearly so much as in the rest od the world (though it was invented there), primarily because local phone calls are free in North America (a wonderful thing indeed) and they don't have the need to buy air time and data because people pay their bills (unlike SA) so everyone is on a contract and pays at the end of the month instead of in advance as most do here. Now the Glo had her WhatsApp and I turned off her notifications so it doesn't sound an audio alert every time she gets a message. I finally turned in at 1am after completing this post. Wed Jul 15
I picked up Anthonica and Tersia at 7, and was happy that they both had masks on and there was no conversation in the car. We drove to the Worcester Hospital clinic, where many were already waiting. Anthonica said she would phone when they were done. I drove home. There was a nice slot of time to catch up with things before L-A awoke. When she did I washed her stiches area, then put saline solution on, applied Supiroban to the lymphodema skin on her legs, helped with socks, trousers and shoes, then wound round her chest with a series of elastic compression bandages. This is our regular morning routine. I augmented and edited the July newsletter to our supporters, which L-A had drafted. Anthonica called about 9 am, and I picked them up and took them home via OK Foods to get them pies. Since you can't eat with a mask on, I gave them the pies when we reached their house. At 5pm L-A joined a Zoom Bible study with the St. Paul's Kanata congregation, including Richard Bendall. At the conclusion, Richard messaged us inviting us to join a Zoom chat with him. He had heard that Laurie-Ann's next phase was radiation and he wanted us to understand that this may not be the best way ahead. The latest reseach has not shown good results with radiation of cancer stem cells, though it certainly zaps non-cancer stem cells. He was very persuasive that her best course was to continue with the nutritional products he had recommended, and take no sugar, and at least delay radiation, giving the targeted nutrition a chance to get to work. Our Zoom was truncated by our wifi suddenly stopping (very unusual with Breedenet), and Richard watched as we both disappeared. I felt that we (I) should have a talk with Hannetjie Koetze at Cape Gate following the discussion with Richard. It would be foolish to question the wisdom and experience of Hanlie Du Toit without very good cause, but Richard had reminded us that the cancer industry is not well attuned to nutritional solutions. The Eskom app said that loadshedding would start her at 10 pm, so we were both in bed by then - but it didn't start! However, it is no bad thing to get an early night and I slept soundly.

Tue Jul 14
Before L-A got up I had a good opportunity to load WhatsApp on her phone, and then WhatsApp Web on her computer which she hasn't used before. I persuaded her to stay longer in bed so I could complete the job. What I didn't notice at the time was that only WhatsApp groups came up. I even noticed that my account wasn't there, but failed to realize that there were no individual accounts there, and that even in the groups the chats were missing. I made some jelly for Anthonica; something that she could eat without hurting her throat, and put it in the fridge to set. 2pm load shedding caught me completely off guard when my computer instantly stopped as I was editing our latest newsletter. The heady days of battery backup had ceased a couple of months ago when the third replacement battery from Computer Mania finally died and I didn't bother to take that one back. Normally we check the Eskom app to see when load shedding is scheduled. Pink Dell has excellent battery life so I plugged the Priv and the Glo into it and attempted to transfer files. But for some reason I can't drag and drop them although the little 'manual' says it can be done. I swept the floor for the first time in a month. Load shedding will mean more house and garden work gets done. Anthonica had persuaded me to take them more food and specifically asked for a 'parcel.' By this she meant fish and chips. I didn't think the fish and chip vendors would be operating during load shedding so I went to OK and got some sausage rolls that could be eaten on arrival, and quite a lot more. I drove down to Durban Street and found to my surprize that the cheap fish and chip joint was operating with a generator. I bought two parcels of snoek and chips. For a total R60 this would give Anthonica and Tersia a satisfying and filling dinner, followed by the jelly. When I arrived, Britney was walking into their house. While I am OK with Britney getting some of the food I didn't want them sharing it with the neighbouhood and then calmly asking me for more tomorrow. So I warned Anthonica that she must make it last for a couple of days at least and that I wouldn't be bringing more. I also warned her not to waste air time by phoning all her friends, and to have short conversations whenever she was on the phone. Back home I took a break from the newsletter editing to set up this month's wire transfer, adding a significant amount for spending money so that we don't incur R50 fees when I transfer to ATM from Simplii. There are no fees on XE money transfers. Then I orderd 2 CBD oils and gummies from the Vape Shop, a total R2950. The strategy here is to help L-A reduce her use of opioids, which has risen recently, due to pain from lymphodemia and her knees. Anthonica messaged L-A about 8pm, asking that I take her to the clinic tomorrow at 7 since her throat is not getting better. I was fine with this, happy they were taking action.

Mon Jul 13
I took a look at Anthonica's broken slippers and realized that they could not be mended again with superglue. Since they were her only shoes, we decided we should buy her new ones. After breakfast I took the Glo, still with its back off to the Stockenstrom Cell Repair shop. I asked the technician if it was spossible to insert the nano sim card into the Glo which used the medium size card. He smiled and got to work, doing exactly what I was about to do last night when I decided discretion should be the better part of valour. Soon he had the Priv sim mounted on the Glo card, and clicked the back on. He wasn't wanting any money for solving what for us and all L-A's friends would have been a serious nuisance. I then went to the other counter and bought a R60 pink protection case, and when paying the technician I insisted on paying R80, the price of Chantelle's cover. I was so delighted about their service. Delivered food to Anthonica, and then took her shopping for shoes. She was wearing a pair of plimsoles borrowed from a friend. Teckies (trainers) in Teckie Town turned out to be ~R700 minimum. We left. We ended up in Pep were she found a pair of pink booties she liked. Because of Covid she couldn't try them on, so paying R150 was a bit of a risk (but she told me later that they fitted). Then she said that she needed jeans for the winter. In Going Under Clothing after a long search I paid R115 for jeans and socks. Again, she couldn't try on the jeans. On the way home I got her a pie. Anthonica called about 7 saying someone threw a rock through their living room window! It was a stormy night and water was blowing in. She asked me if I could bring sellotape. I didn't think that would work very well but I do have masking tape and stiff cardboard, so I took them. This was the first night of a country-wide curfew and veto of all alcohol sales announced by Ramaphosa yesterday. When alcohol had been banned in Level 1, hospital admissions and deaths related to drunkenness had plunged, and the government believed they now must return to that to free up hospital resources for Covid patients. I drove down hoping that it was still before the curfew (it was). I parked down the street on the other side, just in case whoever broke the window might want to break windows of anyone repairing the damage. It was an easy job and I'd brought the right things. When I entered the house I asked everyone to put on their masks. After 15 minutes I was done. Anthonica still had a sore thoat and asked if I would take her to get something to sooth it. We went via several township stores, all closed, so continued on to OK, where one of Henry's relatives was working there and he assisted her looking. Eventually we found Strepsils behind the check-outs. When I dropped her off there was group of youths near her house who thought they also deserved financial help but I disappointed them. I don't believe I was in any danger, though whites keep clear of Avian Park particularly at night, because the locals recognize the car and me and know I only come to help people. But there is no doubt that hunger is getting to be serious in Avian Park, where many people never have any spare things like masking tape, candles, money or food.

Sun Jul 12
Since load shedding would start at 8 we were up at 7:30 to have a light breakfast with coffee. For the first since the start of lock down we went to church! There is an English service at 10:30, following the 9:15 Afrikaans service, which today was to be led by Johan Truter. I took photos from the gallery and the floor showing everyone obeying the distancing rules. Leonie spotted L-A and asked if she had colouring books with her. We had brought a few. She placed one on the lectern and Johan gave a great sales pitch during his announcements. Then he delivered an excellent sermon. After Johan's sermon everyone left quite quickly, but Chris Maartens bought a colouring book, bless him. We went home for coffee and scones. We really want her new Mobicel to have the same number as her Priv. This necessitated getting out the Priv sim card and inserting it in the Mobicel, both of which would be a challenge but one that we were up to. I searched the house for the special Priv sim card extraction tool, without success, so tried several needle-like items. Eventually I did it easily enough with a paperclip. I was at a loss to see how to get the back off the Mobicel, even though I had seen it done both in Vodacom and Ackermans. I watched a video on replacing sim cards. The video suggested opening the back of the phone using my thumb nail to prize it, starting at one corner where there is a groove. I had to get extra leverage with a screwdriver, but then managed the rest of the job with my thumbnail. Now I was looking at the place which the sim card slides into, and it was obvious that the nano size sim card from the Priv was too small for the Glo, but I had learned a bit from the video and thought it might be possible to exchange the actual sim within the card border from the Glo with the Priv sim. However I decided against trying to do this today my self since I planned to visit the cell phone repair shop on Stockenstom tomorrow for a phone cover, so I could ask them if it were possible to make the switch.

Sat Jul 11
We both slept in a little, which made a change for me after the last two days, and I was relieved that the discomfort I had gone to sleep with had gone (I did pray specifically for that so why should it surprize me). Laurie-Ann's legs seemed visibly improved after last night's treatment. We had some pork chipolates for breakfast, and L-A was having a hard time with her Priv. I had her check using the Mobicel as someone who far prefers real keys to virtual keys on screen. She was able to type a text without difficulty, after which I drove back to Vodacom with the Mobicel and after a wait was again with Ben. It didn't take him long to discover the phone number. I told him I really liked the phone and was interested in buying another one (for Laurie-Ann, who is really struggling with a sick Priv.) But I added I wasn't interested in another 6 week lead time. Then he told me that the problem was that Ackermans and Pep got priority for sales. So after leaving him I went to Ackermans a couple of minutes down the mall, and wouldn't you know, they had a Glo on display. I decided to buy it, since even if it couldn't be unlocked from Vodacom, L-A needed a reliable phone asap. I was pleasantly surprized that the staff at Ackermans went through a set-up process similar to Vodacom. When it came to inserting a sim card however, they too needed my passport as proof of ID. When I said I planned to use L-A's Priv sim, they said they wouldn't need my passport, so I paid my R399, and went home to surprize L-A. However, I wasn't about to start on her new phone. Anthonica's was the priority and I told her I planned to be at her house with it and other things at 4pm. She had a sore throat and asked if I could brong something for it. I had asked her for her date of birth, and with this and the phone number I was able to complete the Mobicel registration, set up a Gmail account, download Facebook Lite and finally WhatsApp. I cropped a photo from Flickr for her WhatsApp and added myself to her WhatsApp contacts. Around 3:40 I decided to stop seeking perfection and packed up the phone with the last phone cover that Heather McComb had made for us 18 months ago. I wrote out the details she would need on a sheet of paper ending with a threat that if she lost or broke the phone I wouldn't be liable. I said she should keep the phone in its cover, hanging from her neck, and never, never lend it. I got to Shoprite on Russell just before closing time and bought a replacement for her broken lightbulb. Interestingly all the bulbs with the right sockets were 75 Watt equivalent fluorescents, and her previous one was rated as 20 Watts, so the house should be brighter. I also bought more staple foods - rice, maize, polony. On my way to her house I stopped by Bella's and gave her two bras that were no longer useful to L-A, but were the same size as ouma Cathy's. There will me more to come. Bella wrapped a scarf firmly round her face when she came to the car window. Anthonica was thrilled that she finally was holding the long awaited phone in her hand - and I snapped her happy moment. She was also happy to get the other food items, the light bulb, some body spray and half a packet of Fisherman's Friend. Neither of us knew quite how essential the phone would prove over the next few days, her mother's phone having been stolen. She asked if I could glue her slippers together again since they had broken again after I glued them the other day. I took them home. After dinner for our nighly TV show we returned to 'Burden of Proof,' season 2 of which had recently shown up on Showmax.

Fri Jul 10
We have been so blessed by Sandy Hammond for the loan of her car for 3 months and she has refused to let us pay for its licence or insurance, but this morning I took it for an oil change and general check-up at Audensberg Toyota (without asking her permission) and it needed one headlight bulb - its only fault. While it was in the shop I called Vodacom, and they actually had Anthonica's Mobicel Glo phone. We've been waiting about 6 weeks. Anthonica was again starving so I didn't wait till I had the phone to take some food to her and family. The one light bulb in her house had broken so I took it so I could get one the same. She told me that a relative of Henry, her mother's boyfriend, had been in their house and had walked off with her mother's phone, which was Anthonica's only way of contacting us. So her phone will be the communications lifeline for the family now. Stealing from friends and relatives is part of the culture in the very poor communities, where life is all about where the next meal is coming from. The really bad news that load shedding was coming back to Worcester today at 4pm meant we had to plan carefully. The car was back by 2:30, and I went to Vodacom and watched Ben go through the initial set-up. However, he needed to seem ID, and not just my driver's licence. I went home to get my passport. By 3:40 he didn't have the phone number but said it should come through by SMS. I phoned L-A and asked her to put the kettle on before 4. I paid the R399 bill (about $33) for this full-function smartphone made in South Africa, and went home via Woolworth's where I got three goat's milks, sorbet, frozen berries, hake schnitzels and a number of other goodies. The power was off by the time I got home and we had cups'a'soup, and then I went for a rest. I got up about 5:30 and cooked spaghetti for the rest of our bolognaise from last night. After dinner and the news, then came the final episode in the final series (9) of Suits. It was a hearwarming cliff unhanging event, which L-A watched with her left leg in a Radox bath, the poor man's Herbal Mineral Bath (NuSkin). After the show I washed and moisturized the lymphodemia on her legs. That completed, I started work on Anthonica's Mobicel Glo, discovering that it is a fine cell phone indeed, with a design quality belying its low price. It has all the bells and whistles, but what it didn't have that night was a phone number. There had been no SMS from Vodacom. Without the number I couldn't complete her Google profile or load any applications. I turned in that night feeling extra breathless and with a pain in my right shoulder that I get from time to time.

Thu Jul 9
We got up at 6 in order to be at Paarl for L-A's second appointment with Esté this week. When I turned on the ignition in the Mercedes, the engine light came on, solid. Drat!. One more reason why Brian would be soon doing more work on the car. I moved the GPS and disability sticker back into the Toyota. As we appoached the mountain pass we saw a red glow near a peak. I theorised it could be the first rays of sunrise, but it wasn't. As we got closer we saw the truth. it was a wild fire that didn't just blaze at 1000 feet, it stretched in 'waterfalls of fire' all the way down to below our road elevation. We were concerned for Du Kloof resort, but that was several kilometers from this blazing fynbos, and probably noone would be hurt, which was our immediate prayer. At 80 Main St I was able to park right outside the front door this early, and spent an hour listening to SAFM. Inside, in addition to massage, Esté diagnosed the extreme roughness on L-A's lower leg as as being lymphodemia, and she's had it for several years. It is the same condition though different symptoms as she has recently developed under her left arm subsequent to the surgery. L-A came out tightly bandaged around her chest. We u-turned and pulled into Nibbly Bits for their great coffee and ginger biscuits before getting on our way to Cape Gate Oncology. Here L-A would have 4 separate meetings beginning with Hanlie Du Toit the head oncologist, who gave her the news that she would be needing radiation. This was a surprise, and Dr. du Toit was firm that this is a necessary next step. It was to her a MUST DO, since any remaining cancer cells would be microscopic. Time to get them now (just when we considered L-A cancer-free!) We had both harboured the hope that this may not be necessary since everything else had gone do well. Hanlie wanted to see the scars and stitches so took off the bandage so recently put on by Esté. Marzanne, MLD & prosthetics specialist then replaced the bandage and supplied her prosthetic. The fouth visit was for her three-weekly herceptin shot. While all this was in progress I was in the nearby mall. I got a coffee and two muffins one of which I ate, legally, removing my maske to take bites. The Vape Store had the CBD oil that we wanted, but the stall was unattended so I couldn't buy any. In Dis-Chem I managed to get a couple of items that weren't available in the Worcester store. Our return drive was through torrential rain, but the good result of that was there was no sign of this morning's wild fires as we headed out of the mountains. We stopped at OK for meat pies before returning to #48. After enjoying the pies I went to bed for a couple of hours, pretty exhausted after the early start and the hard driving home. After an hour L-A joined me and stayed there while I cooked spaghetti bolognaise for our supper, listening to sermons by Arnold Mayorga and George Sinclair from lock down services. As a almost a throwaway remark in George's talk he said something that expanded my view of the Bible. As a book that recounted the triumphs and the deep failures of human nature, one of its key purposes was to reinforce the need for a saviour. Later in the evening I added that to my recent Thought for the Month.. Then I got my ideas down about who is really to blame for the acceleration of the virus, and the answer is primarily us, the people, failing to put into practice the simple precautions we have known since Day 1. Until now I have avoided publicizing on line my own thoughts about the virus, not wishing to add to the confusion. But now I felt compelled to comment on the behavious of westerners and particularly Americans. Second in line for blame (but not first) are politicians grappling badly with the choice between saving lives and saving livelihoods. Trump's failure to lead by example dents even my inclination to see him as a latter day Cyrus. I took a lot of troble with this exercise and when it was ready added it to Thought for the month, and then posted to Facebook and Twitter.

Wed Jul 8
I did some work on the tax return, specifically the property rental section. Drove to Nuy to get wine - and brandy. The car ran normally; it had regained its acceleration. Later in town the problem returned, but I stopped and turned off the ignition, and started again and the acceleration was OK again. Coronavirus is accelerating mainly in the US and South America. Arizona is currently the US top hotspot. When their lock down ended misguided Arizonians took to the streets and parties in celebration, triggering an immediate spike. I got to thinking about this irresponsible behaviour. During supper we listed more to the Cyril Axelrod story 'And The Journey Begins' which Andre had sent us from Springbok radio - excellent and insightful. Watched Ringo's 80th birthday bash on YouTube. It had been live the previous evening, and the whole show was excellent entertainment with many tributes for Ringo. When it ended a series of Ringo-related YouTubes followed which we also watched and enjoyed.

Tue Jul 7
It seemed strange not to turn on CWCP Radio when I got up. There was a call from Topsy Turvy Creations to say the rollup bed we had ordered for Chantelle was ready for collection. Ronel had left a WhatsApp asking if I could help her out tomorrow afternoon. We drove the Mercedes to Paarl! Just west of the tunnel there were several trucks and police vehicles surrounded by groups of people. Later on the news I heard it was part of nationwide action by South African truck drivers aginst foreign drivers who it was alleged were reay to work for less and for longer. In this location at least, the police had talked the drivers out of blockading the road. otherwise we might never have got through this morning. L-A was in with Esté for 2 hours while I remained in the car listening to a Jonathan Griffiths GNiTM and music on my phone and reading a chapter of 'Truth and Love.' We then drove to the Spice Route, but everything was shut - still it was nice to see the place. On the way home I was relieved to see the truck drivers were gone. Approahing the tunnel, the car lost some acceleration. The old problem was still there, though up to that point it had run just fine. However, the kilomenters run display was not working so I should take it in to have the computer reset and talk to Brian about the acceleration. I drove to Mella's to collect Chantelle's bed. I spoke with Ronel who asked if I would go into Riverview with her for childrens' ministry tomorrow because her regular helper may not be able to go. I sadly told her that I wouldn't do it. We have to minimize our risk mainly because of the cancer but also because we have no travel insurance. I took Chantelle's bed home and laid it on the floor; it was long enough for me so will be fine for her. After lunch I drove down to find her - she was in OVD - and gave it to her. She had her phone with her and I remembered I had suggested getting a plastic cover to protect it. I took it to Cellphone Repair Centre next to the bottled water company and bought an excellent cover for R80. I then went to a fast food place on Grey Street and bought four samosas. A young girl at OVD went and found Chantelle for me and I gave her the phone cover and two samosas. The other two came home with me for our lunch. An idea came into my mind: while we normally seek expertise in any area for experts, why do some people try and learn about Christianity from people who try to destoy Christianity, avowed atheists? And they would never try and learn from church sermons or evangelists or prophets. I put my ideas into a new Thought for the Month.

Mon Jul 6
I woke at 7, and prepared to drive the Mercedes to MMJ. I figured I might get very tired and breathless walking back from MMJ so I took the small stool, and also my earbuds so I could listen to music to take my mind off it. Driving down wasn't dangerous; I took back roads and started braking long before I normally would, and got there in good time. Brian was at his desk as I gave him the keys. I saw Willem outside but Brian had hinted there wasn't a spare vehicle around to take me home, so we just had a pleasant chat. Walking home was measurably more difficult on my lungs than the last time I had done it a couple of months ago, and it was nice to sit on the stool at several places on the way, generally allowing me to gaze out on green spaces. I listened to music and talk on my phone and that was also helpful. Once I reached the top of our hill it became a lot easier. L-A was still sleeping when I arrived but soon got up, and I cooked her a veggie-cheese ommelet, and myself bacon and eggs. CWCP radio was nearing the end of the additional items I had added over the last two days to get us to Monday, 30 days after we started the repeat of Lock Down Show 1. My Facebook announcement last night had attracted 4 listeners, more than we had ever had! I decided to record an 'end announcement' just for them, and added it to the schedule. At 1:30 the 2 months broadcast ended. A new broadcast will take quite a time to schedule, and I am not sure when I will get to it. At about 2:30 the phone rang and my first instinct was to expect it to be Chantelle asking for food or money, but it was Brian from MMJ. He asked if he should have Willem drive it our home. I of course was ecstatic, and I ignored his deadpan and told him we were so delighted. I gave Willem R50 as a tip for the several times he has saved me the walk, and was always to encouraging, and he was delighted. Inside I thanked Brian again and paid the bill for the installation of the pump. It was so good to get behind the wheel again and drive home, with only one place when I tried to depress a non-existent clutch. Nothing could dampen my spirits for the rest of the day. We had faced a stong possibility of just getting scrap value for the car, but now we could well get a price that would at least pay for all the repairs. Even more satisfying to me was that this great piece of motor engineering was all set for its future life, and certainly wouldn't need any more SBC hydraulic brake pumps.

Sun Jul 5
No calls from the girls today - should I be worried? We reached Ruth Fazals' 'Awakening' on CWCP, and I had the idea to let her know how much we like it, so left a note on her Facebook timeline with a link to CWCP. Of course that meant I shouldn't end the month's programing today. There are actually 2 days till the month is done, but I will need to do some scheduling today and possibly tomorrow. Our Sunday services were HTB and Hillsong, the latter having a guest speaker Robert Ferguson who spoke encouragingly on how losses experienced through lock down can be regained. I was able to get the property taxes and condo fees for 2019 from Service Ontario and a printout in a paper file. In the late afternoon while L-A was resting my collection of 'Pause for thought' from the BBC (Terry Wogan show) came up and I took a seat in the living room and just listened. The Coronavirus situation on the 8pm World Service news is very worrying. Masks have become politicised in the US and Brazil, where people are refusing to protect themselves, following the misguided leadership of Trump and Bolsinaro. Trump is in serious difficulty in the polls for the November election and is liable to show even poorer judgement than he has done since the crisis started. I posted a notice on Facebook (and CWCP Facebook) that we were going to take a break from broadcasting to catch up with other work (eg tax return), and that if anyone had never sampled the program, they had better do so now. I went to bed with enough material scheduled to take us through the night.

Sat Jul 4
After yesterday morning I needed to play some catch-up so rose with my 8am alarm. I was brushing my teeth when the phone rang. After washing I called back - it was Anthonica, very hungry. I explained again that she needs to call a day ahead of when she'll need help, so that I can plan multiple requests, but I am also trying to get the girls to plan, and act before they are desperate. I told her I might come down later but I was very busy. I was busy with responding to Annemarie Cross of The Christian Entrepreneur's Podcast in connection with her possibly interviewing me. In fact I wrote her quite a screed inviting her to pick from a number of subjects to discuss, but then I must have hit a bad combination of keys by accident and lost everything I had just typed. I took it as a sign that I shouldn't make her work so hard, but pick the subject I felt was most suitable. I sent her a much shorter reply. About 11:30 Athonica called again and I decided to reward her persistance. I got her a bag of breakfasty things at OK downtown and took them to her. Chantelle had been pestering L-A all morning for food, every time she saw she was on FaceBook. For the first time L-A decided to block her. Chantelle called me to say her Ouma Lottie wanted to give me R120. I didn't want it to happen like last time, when two days later she called and asked for it back, so gave my condition that this was a gift and I wouldn't give it back, and further that Chantelle could not use it as an excuse to ask me for R50. So with some misgivings I went down. Chantelle asked me for the R20 and I gave it to her. I still can't figure out Lottie's motivation. Maybe, as a blind person, she wants to be able to call on people to shop for her. That is probably what will happen, despite her insistance that it was just a thank you to me for shopping favours done in the past. It's a Zoom world and we have participated in many Zoom meetings. This afternoon I tried hosting a Zoom with just L-A as the one participant. I had previously set up a Zoom account so I clicked on it and followed the prompts to set up a meeting. I invited L-A. Soon we were chatting away, and immediately my previous questions about how the system decides whose picture comes up large were answered. The only thing that I couldn't do was share-screen an application. L-A left the meeting to talk with M.A. and I watched a couple of videos on sharing zoom meetings. As usually happens with me, such help vids skip over my particular issue and describe things with which I have no issue! What I didn't know was how to select a file from my computer to share. Finally, more by intuition than clear direction, I realised one must first open the file one wants to share, and then minimize it. Minimizing it was what I hadn't grasped. Once I did that, I think everything will be fine when L-A is again free for us to do another trial.

Fri Jul 3
Slept in till 10. Wow, the life of a locked down missionary! Chantelle reminded me she had been asking for R50 for several days, so that her mother could go shopping. I decided to take some potatoes and bread and other staples and drove them down to OVD. South Africa's active Covid cases are now 87,874, 7th highest in the world. Deaths are 2,952, but percentage deaths only 1.69%, lower than more than half the other countries. So the disease is moving very fast here, and the fastest in Western Cape. If these trends continue, travelling out of South Africa may become problematic, other countries reluctant to accept people from here without quarantine. There is an increasing chance of our being forced to stay here longer. We listened to the Springbok Radio podcast Andre had sent me about the 1945 crash of a bomber into the Empire State Building. Fascinating stuff, showing that even a war hero could suffer a laps of judgement.

Thu Jul 2
This was not a day I had been looking forward to, a day when we would part with a lot of money without a guarantee of value. But as we discussed it driving to Paarl, both of us felt peace about it; that ever since the $2,000 completely unexpected donation from BD, and words L-A received that it should be used for the car, it looked as if Holy Spirit was with us. It was a much nicer day than our last visit to Esté Mellet, though the sunshine over Worcester gave way to clouds west of the tunnel. L-A went in and I then parked the car outside the back door exit and listened to an hour of 'Aspects of Love' on CWCP. She finally came out after 90 minutes, very confident of Esté's skills. We went across the road for a Nibbly Bits coffee and ginger cookies and then struck out towards Century City. Garmin took us right to the impressive building and we parked near the parts department. When I entered a friendly voice said 'Hi Mr Tony;' Eugene had guessed it was I and invited me to take a comfortable seat for a few minutes. I had brought in the pump Naz had sold me, but Eugene explained they only dealt with new parts. I asked if he had seen my letter, and he had. We talked about my request for buying it back for 90% of the price, but he wasn't too responsive. He was convinced that this was the right part. And then he he said he had a very special sweetener. Instead of R52,000, it would only be R36,530! I was gobsmacked. As he walked out to the car with me he told me that he and his wife felt that God had put it on his heart to do something special for us. TKOG. I was able to introduce him briefly to L-A. We felt so good on the drive home. This was one more spiritual confirmation. When I take the car in to Brian on Monday I will be very confident of a good result, and soon we'll be able to return the Toyota to Sandy. We celebrated by buying hake and chips from Ocean Fisheries on our way home; the first time since lock down. Then we both slept for several hours. After a light supper and another terrifying episode of Suits, L-A mentioned that Esté recommended sterilizing nail clippers before using them on L-A's toes. She was considering buying a steriliser. This seemed a little extreme to me unless there were other things that must be sterilized as well. I asked Wikihow about sterilizing and found that for the nail clippers, putting them in the microwave for a minute of so would be satisfactory. Another 'first' for the day, specially for those readers following the 'no underpants' cure for strange growths, today I wore some for the first time since starting the treatment, which has certainly been beneficial. As I write this, after midnight, there has been no pain all day.

Wed Jul 1 - Canada Day
I posted on Facebook my film of Canada Day 2011, with Wills & Kate, and a link to the virtual Canada Day for 2020. I have no idea how many watched it because the counter on YouTube remained on 3760 throughout, even when I played the whole video on my Blackberry. Eugene at Mercedes called me back and confirmed that he had the right part, although Mercedes had improved the pump twice, changing the part number. He seemed to know his business, and I said that we would like to buy it, and that we could come tomorrow afternoon (since I was taking L-A to see Esté Mell in Paarl in the morning). Anthonica had asked for glue a few days a go and I took her gluestick. What she needed was superglue to mend some slippers. I found some in Bidvest Waltons yesterday; at R65 more expensive than I expected. So instead of giving it to her I decided to try and mend the slippers myself and keep the glue for future home repairs. I drove to her house and parked until she appeared from down the street. The slipper was much worse than I had expected, wool-covered fabric ripped completely out of one side. I concentrated on the fabric, carefully glueing a small section at a time. It took 15 minutes, but at the end it looked like new and it was ready to wear. I haven't worked with superglue before, always using epoxy resin, but I will certainly use it again, and this experience was well worth R65. When I got home and checked Messenger on my phone my finger wouldn't operate the gestures, having some glue stuck on it, but it came off soon. In the early evening we watched some of the virtual Canada Day visuals including the fireworks. Then we watched the first episode of Season 9 of Suits which is back on Showmax. After that I wrote a letter to Eugene at Mercedes with the objective of getting him to agree that if his brake pump wouldn't work in our car he would buy it back for 90% of the R52,000 price. I e-mailed the letter to him. For some reason I couldn't print it. Here's a part of it: "Dear Mr Jansen I am very interested in buying from you an SBC Hydraulic Brake pump. You have quoted me R52,000, which is probably more than I will be able to sell my 2004 Mercedes E270 for before we leave for Canada when international flights resume. Financially this makes no sense. The only reason I want to do it is because I cannot bear to see a magnificent piece of engineering, with plenty of kilometers left to run, be scrapped for the want of one component. As soon as the car is repaired I will be putting it up for sale for R60,000, and hoping to get R55,000. I paid R80,000 for it 2 years ago ... However, should this unit not match up with my car for any reason, I cannot risk the total loss of R52,000. My wife is in recovery from cancer and all our funds go to her continuing medical expenses following chemotherapy and mastectomy."

Tue Jun 30
Chantelle messaged asking if I would pay R50 for her mothers taxi fare to work, and having spent a lot on her family recently I didn't respond, not wanting to set a precedent. I worked on our tax return for several hours, completing the T-forms and getting into the T2125 and the rental propery income section. We finished the Matapa for an early supper before our Zoom connect group with Faan and Naomi, Niccie, Matt and wife, and Tharienna. We watched 'gallery view' for the first time. Naomi spoke about eaglets being pushed out of the nest at exactly the right time and how the mother then flew under the eaglet in case of difficulty; this is the way Holy Spirit operates with us, taking us out of our comfort zones at the right time to start the work of the Kingdom. After the news we watched the movie 'The Children Act,' human nature drama indeed. Brian at MMJ had given me 10 days ago the contact details for Eugene Jansen, parts manager at Mercedes-Benz Century City, and I had spoken to him about the hydraulic brake pump we are looking for, and then sent him an e-mail of the details of the car. I hadn't heard from him, so today I called him and it turned out I had used an incorrect e-mail address. I re-sent my message.

Mon Jun 29
Although we had a plan set up where I would meet first with Jamelia and then Chantelle, by 8:30 Chantelle was messaging Laurie-Ann to see if I could collect her 2 hours earlier. After dialog with both of us, I put it in plain words: stick to the plan we made yesterday; this was a new concept for her! I stopped at Shoprite to get some food for Jamelia, and was at her house by 11. As we drove to the hospital, she told me the disturbing news, later confirmed by Chantelle, that one of Bella's younger relatives in the house had been taken into hospital with Covid-19. At the hospital, before anything else happened she went for a temperature screening. She then went off to the place where she expected to collect her medications following her visit here a week ago. Unfortunately they told her to come back in a week. As we drove home I asked what was the cause of the stomach pains that had taken her to hospital this time, and she said it was a kidney problem. I dropped off some food items for Anthonica, who is being very understanding about the phone she's now been waiting 3 weeks for. Across the street, Chantelle plus her sister and mother were in #38. Chantelle got in, and I asked her to wait inside and I went to the front door of the house with some hand sanitizer ready in case, but only used it on my own hands. I asked if I could pray for them, and they were fine with that. So I blessed the house, and I invited Holy Spirit to fill it with his love, and to keep away any evil spirits of hate that may in the past have prompted Chantelle's sister to break the windows. There was a good atmosphere there as I thanked them and left. On the way to the glass shop we went to Pep for a pair of slippers for Chantelle (R60, the same as the Chinese store). The glass store has an employee who lived in a township and knows all the standard sizes for windows in the identical houses. So Chantelle was able to describe exactly what she needed (eg, windows for the front room and the bathroom), and I was able to pay the R320 for the ready cut glass. Chantelle decided that what she would really like then were two small pizza's from Debonair's, not far. I was pleasantly surprized they were selling to walk-in customers - it had been home delivery only at level 4 - but as Chantelle had mentioned, that didn't work well in the townships because no one ever had money to pay when the order arrived. So this was a treat for her. She ate one of them in the car and took the other home for her family. On the way we talked about her smart phone, which her mother had given her a few weeks before. She would like to have WhatsApp on it but didn't have the data to download it. We stopped at Shoprite for some bread and polony, but the line was too long and the pizza was getting cool. So I offered to take her phone home and load WhatsApp using our wifi, and get her food at OK near us which has no queues. At home after cabbage soup lunch cooked overnight in our trusty crockpot, I started work on Chantelle's Eike phone. I soon discovered that I couldn't find the period (.) key, so I wasn't able to revive her attempt at setting up GMail. The phone was slowish and jerky, but I found an app that promised to delete many megabytes of unnecessary files. I was able to click on Google play, but it gave a Google Play server error, ao I typed that into Google on my laptop and it came up with a fix that worked. I was at last making progress. Now I was able to download WhatsApp, and it took a while. Then came a pleasant surprize. To check I really was the recipient, instead of sending an e-mail, which wouldn't have worked, it sent a text, which was received and automatically used to confirm the download was kosher. I then sent a WhatsApp to it from my Mozambique phone, setting up an easy way for us to communicate worldwide. By now it was after 6. I drove to her house where she wasn't, but her sister was and I gave her the phone and the food in a hopefully illustrative expression of a new trust in her since our prayer earlier. Back home I suddenly had an urge to check my calendar to discover I should have joined an Ottawa Prison Networking Groop Zoom 20 minutes before. It was in full swing but they didn't make me feel bad. I now had to cook supper and be on a Zoom call, which I just managed. L-A had been 'taking a nap' since about 4, and woke up at 8:15 ten minutes before the meal was ready and I left the Zoom call, having given those present a feel for prison ministry in South Africa. We watched the final episode in the 3rd season of Victoria. I finished writing this journal at about 1am, and of course L-A stayed up almost as long digitally touching up her latest drawing, 'Girls, come and see,' for which I had modelled Jesus.

Sun Jun 28
We slept in a little rather than going for the early service again at Hillsong. Jamelia and Chantelle soon saw we were on Facebook and we arranged things with them for tomorrow. Chantelle has asked me to help them buy replacement windows after her sister had broken the previous ones when their mother refused to give her money to support her boyfriend's drig habit. We watched HTB, and Hillsong. I checked Messenger for news from Rui and listened to three voice notes. He will be getting a death certificate. It sounded like there had been a funeral, and people had come, all expecting to be fed and that is what the money I sent recently (3000 Mets, but 2,565 Mets actually arrived) had gone towards. So now they have nothing. I asked him what he now needed, but reminded him that our priority is our girls in the township. In the afternoon, L-A watched Kingdom Culture, where Shawn Boltz guested, and I dropped in on Eternal Hope and Britannia Baptist. Our 'thank you' video was posted to Eternal Hope's Facebool. Following step by step instructions from L-A, I made Matapa, containing lots of kale, for dinner, and together we made cabbage soup for tomorrow.

Sat Jun 27
A gale with rain had howled all night, and was a lot worse
in Cape Town, and although I planned to take some food to Anthonica and Jamelia I didn't feel like going out in this. In any case there was something more urgent. The Pink Dell, broadcasting all day and all night had somehow lost the station IDs from the playlist. It is a mystery to me how this occured, but I did have a solution. The IDs were still present and correct on the playlist on my main computer, so I set about doing some maintenance on that playlist, replacing 'unknown album' and unknown singles with the correct names. This took a while but I ended with a clean playlist, which I then used for Pink Dell after globally replacing all the E:\ with F:\. After that and reloading the playlist on Pink Dell, we had a good stream going out, and our listener able to tell what station she was on. It has turned out essential to have a duplicate backup system. Both of us listen to CWCP as our main source of daily culture, and I think L-A enjoys it almost as much as I. After lunch I braved the still unfriendly weather and drove to Pick n Pay with some beef and mutton meat cubes we had at home for Jamelia so she could make broth. There was a 15 minute queue to get in, and a 20 minute queue for the check outs after which I had some emergency food for Anthonica and Jamelia. Anthonica wasn't home when I got quite went knocking on her door, but the young man I had left her toiletries with was in. I wasn't going to trust him with her food so I said I'd be back. It was good to see Jamelia briefly and she got a litte more than just the meat cubes. Back to Anthonica's where I parked outside listening to CWCP via my phone, Bluetooth, and the car radio. Nice hearing it in stereo, sibce we just have the one Leak Mini Sandwich speaker in our home. Anthonica arrived after a while, very happy to see me. I asked her what she ate first from the food I'd brought on Wednesday and she said the spaghetti. Around 5 it was till very blowy and Chantelle rang asking if I would take her home from OVD. If it had been a nice warm evening I would have declined, but I decided to accept her kind offer. Knowing she would also ask for food and cash I took our last hot cross bun, buttered, and she was satisfied, saving me another shopping trip. I modelled a laughing Jesus for a new piece L-A is planning, with Him surrounded by dancing children. Various body parts of mine are visible in several of her pieces, and this may become my main claim to legacy. I have a Messenger app on my Blackberry Q10 but haven't explored it much, but the girls use it a lot because (my impression is) the phone companies offer a free version of Facebook in text mode (no pictures), and Messenger. So from about now we encouraged them to use Messenger to me, rather than always bugging l-A; asking her to ask me to bring something for them. I can also use the free Facebook-in-text mode on my Q10, even though Blackberry stopped supporting regular Facebook (and WhatsApp) in 2016. I remember feeling very close to L-A as I edited (slightly) her descriptions of the pieces for her next colouring book and we listened to Don Maclean.

Fri Jun 26
I haven't set my alarm for 6:45 since before lock down, but today we needed to be on our way for Laurie-Ann to have an appointment with Esté Mellet, physiotherapist and manual lymph drainage (MLD) specialist. It was stormy in Worcerter and up to the Three Sisters, but then lightened. There were many thin waterfalls coming down the mountains. We arrived in Main Street, Paarl, in a rain squall and since we were 30 minutes early, waited till the rain stopped before entering the premises. But after a short while the receptionist handed a phone to l-A to hear from Esté's lips that she had been called away to George on a family emergency. She had sent us a message but on the journey we don't check every beep. We rebooked for next Thursday, and drove across the road to Nibly Bits where I was able to bring out to the car two coffee, a large bag of honey oat rusks, and we felt the trip hadn't been wasted at all. Bella asked for R150 so her family could have a special meal on Sunday. I went shopping in OK for Chantelle and Athonica, and then to the mall for goat's milk, and withdrew R800 from FNB. I went first to Bella's and gave her R150. Anthonica wasn't home but I gave someone in the house a bag of toiletries for her. Then on to OVD where I had to look around for a while before Chantelle came out for her bag of food goodies. Before seeing what was in it she asked me for money, and when I quizzed her, said it was to buy chips. Now I had anticipated this and included 6 bags of chips in her bag, so she didn't get the money. It is very common when giving the teens something for them to ask for R10 to buy something else. I don't yet understand the psychology of this. Back home after coffee I dialoged with uFile, sending them the photo ID in my passport. I received a call from Openview TV in response to a message I sent them yesterday asking for a local installer to get in touch. Our Openview stopped working two months ago. This man, Isaac, was very helpful, asking me to use the 'help' button on the Openview remote (which I hadn't noticed) and then showing that the unit was very probably working perfectly, since the screen was reporting zero power from the antenna, which meant that the fault was probably in the dish or the cable. So around 4 I searched on line for TV installers, coming up with one in Cape Town. He called associates with Spicetech Satellite in Worcester who called me. They said they would come today. We were expecting a neighbour whose daughter was baking vetkoeks to make some money in lockdown, but she didn't materialize till we had given up on her, and I had started to roast vegetables for an alternative dinner. So when she did bring our dinner we decide to have the roast vegetables with it, which included the very last of our frozen waterblommetjiebredies. About five minutes before the dinner would have been ready there was a knock at the door and two men from Spicetech Satellite were there. I showed then the Openview screen and took them round the side of the house to the dish. They had a ladder and soon had shown with their instruments that the node on the dish was not producing any signal. He brought it down and showed me holes where water had got in. Half an hour later our Openview was running! They didn't have a credit card machine, so we drove down to FNB where I got cash from Simpli, and paid them R2,163. They were happy and I was happy, and after L-A and I had enjoyed our vetkoeks and roast waterblommetjiebredie, we watched the BBC News on Openview for the first time in months. And I didn't have to stop CWCP to do it. UFile e-mailed to say they had fixed the problem and I could log in with a new password, which I did, with some relief. Rui tried to call me but the line was awful. I rendered the video we made thanking Eternal Hope for thir generosity and sent off the YouTube link to Dave.

Thu Jun 25
An early call from Anthonica had me breaking yesterday's new rule already. She needed sanitary pads, so I also got her R274 of food, enough to sustain her but not enough for the family to start a business selling the food so they could buy other things. However that is going to be my only trip our today, I was pleased to see that one of the main roads in Avial Park has completed it's resurfacing. I cleared the drain in the right hand kitchen sink. An excellent example of SA plumbing, I was able to do the job without any tools. There were some of L-A's pre-cancer locks down there! Chantelle asked for power for her aunt, which I sent, and food, which I didn't. Her aunt is working and Chantelle stayed with her last night. I really feel for Chantelle in this situation, but I told her I was not happy that she lied to me yesterday. The manager at Vodacom actually called to say there had been 'an issue' with the order for Anthonica's phone, but he said it should arrive tomorrow, or failing that, Monday. I am unable to access my uFile account to complete my tax return, and today I communicated with uFile about this. I sent information to prove my identity and hope that will do the trick, and soon.

Wed Jun 24
This was a beck and call day - I seemed to be at the beck and call of needy people who all wanted something now. The first was Chantelle who had said originally that she wanted new shoes, but that resolved down to R100. I picked up oranges on the way - incredibly cheap right now, R15 for 16. Chantelle started by asking if I would take her downtown. I gave her 6 and R100, then crossed the road to give a very dejected Anthonica some oranges. I dropped Chantelle in Durban street. I hadn't been back home long with my coffee when Jamelia messaged L-A to say she had stomach pain (again) and would be going to hospital, and could Tony get her some slippers, yoghurt, and fruit. Not knowing when she would be going to hospital I went down soon after, and was able to get some nice size 3 slippers at the Chinese shop for R60. Jamelia didn't come out when I reached her house, she was indeed ill, so I gave the stuff to her grandmother. Chantelle phoned to ask if I would pick her up again in Avian Park and take her to her ouma's in OVD who had phoned to ask for urgent help. Chantelle asled me for R20 for the taxi fare home. When we were still 2 minutes away from OVD, Chantelle asked to get out; I assumed she wanted to visit someone on the way to her ouma's. I hadn't been back home long when Lottie called, saying she would be going to the hospital tomorrow to get meds, and please would I bring her bread, sugar and polony. If it had been one of the girls I would have said "No, I'm done with errands for the day." But it was easier with Lottie jsu to get the stuff, which I did. When I arrived I asked her where was Chantelle, who had told me Lottie needed her there. She hadn't been there. I realized this had been a ploy by Chantelle to get a lift and R20. Well, next time she needs a lift it may be unavailable from me. As I went home I wondered how I could organize my relationship with the girls and their families so that I don't get a sequence of requests throughout the day for immediate help. Perhaps if I tell them I will never do something for them that day that requires my driving somewhere, and maybe not the next day. This may teach them to plan ahead.

I received an e-mail from Dave Atkins referring to an article by Rex Murphy that suggested the world was being manipulated by cyberthugs and that saying something we think and believe has now put us in danger. After reading it there was a link to a new Jordan Peterson article condemming the top staff at Brock University for destroying the career of Tomas Hudlicky for speaking truth. This was my comment back to Dave. 'Hi Dave, thanks. It took me longer than 5 mins because I read the whole of, and tweeted, Jordan Peterson's article in support of Thomas Hudlicky, the emminent scientist thrown to the wolves by the cowardly management of Brock U/V. It seems to me that a just society ensures that every minority group is offered equal opportunity for advancement. But a society that insists on advancement of someone of different race just because they are of a different race exhibits true racism. This has led for example to a government, civil service, and state-owned enterprizes in South Africa where being black and a member of the ruling party, ANC, is all that matters and is way more important than competence. In this situation, the blacks who found themselves with responsibilities for which they had no capability, and where all the competent people had been removed, were easy targets for corruptability, Now many of them are very rich but the economy is poised for disaster, particularly in the wake of Covid-19, and the real losers are the poorest of the poor - the people we have the privilege of ministering to and helping a little. President Cyril Ramaphosa is a good man, and ethical, but is proving unable to deal with the remaining rot in his party, though he did get rid of many at the beginning of his term."

Today I finally finished editing the digital files of our cassette tapes, so that I can include them in the next Lock Down show. Next task - the remaining unedited LPs. Rui sent a sad message to say that his baby Louina had died. That would have been at 2 days old. No further details. We were shocked.

Tue Jun 23
The pain from the growth had gone again by morning. What I thought might be happening was that it was being aggravated by my underpants rubbing on it all day. So, as an experiment today I left them off. My appointment with Rejeanne Dippenaar turned out more than interesting. First I insisted that I would pay for her time and skill since she didn't charge for the 6 January appointment when she discovered the cataracts. First she showed me photos just taken showing what appeared to be significantly larger cataracts. But then she re-measured my prescription and at the end announced that my eyes had improved since January, exactly as I had sensed! I mentioned that I had experienced conjunctivitis since coming to Africa in 2016, and she recommended Optive Plus tear enhancing eye drops. Then she said she didn't think I need to worry about cataract surgery for the next few months at least! TKOG. Those prayers from many people had been answered. She also cleaned my glasses changing the nose guards. I went shopping in Dis-Chem, but was then stopped in my tracks to see Pick n Pay closed till further notice. They must have had a Covid case or cases there. So I went to Checkers. Marc Jarrett WhatsApped me with several invitations to WhatsApp groups he has started and I joined 'Music to my ears,' and 'Christian Networkers.' I found the visa renewal department of immigration on line, and followed the prompts. I wasn't necessarily going to renew but wanted to know how to go about it in case bad things happened an we were unable to leave the country before November. I had to stop the process when they needed my employer's (Johan's) ID. So I WhatApped him. I rang RCI hoping to find out if I had banked our week - which is actually this week. It turned out they were on Pacific time so were fast asleep. We had our second weekly on-line connect group Zoom with Naiomi and Faan. The 'speaker' tonight was Thariena Benson, reminding us of the far finer things in the Kingdom than in the secular world. I spoke with Jan Buchanan. Bella had told us the children who had come to her Mailbox Club were asking if they could come back. Jan had recently had news from Jan van Rooyen that Covid is now spreading in Avian Park and she felt that we couldn't take the risk of classes for children who won't socially distance themselves. I was concerned more about risk to Cathy, which could destroy Bella's opportunity for university next year if Cathy. who is high risk due to age, were to die. I couldn't reach Bella on the phone so later that evening L-A messaged her, and she fully understood. I checked the Christian Networkers WhatsApp where earlier someone had asked if anyone had tried the Alpha course, so I responded. In response to my response two others said they had experienced Alpha, so this gave me a chance to promote Alpha on-line and I gave the link for HTB's courses. I completed the spreadsheet of the accounts for My Father's House and e-mailed it to Jan, with a treasurer's statement. After dinner, and Victoria, and the news, I got through to RCI to hear that I had indeed banked this week at Calabogie, so they wouldn't have been wondering what had happened to us. I am sure you thousands of readers are wondering how my day was without underpants. Well, the experiment was a success. When I went to bed and put more cream on the growth, it was painful, but it had been hardly noticeable throughout the day. I can use this cream for a week, so I will judge at the end of the week whether I need to see Dr. Eric, and if not, I will start writing a book on the no-underpants cure. Heck, it might even work for women.

Mon Jun 22
By morning the pain from the lump in my groin had reduced considerably! In fact there was no pain until I got dressed. I decided to continue self-medication before bothering the doctor. The Taro-Mupirocin had been obtained in Canada, and L-A realized it was prescribed by Dr Sanduhu in the Etobicoke walk-in clinic. That was 4 July 2019. I took L-A to see Arnold Smith, now back from holiday. He was reasonable happy with the progress so far, saying that the area of the incision should be cleaned regularly with saline solution, and that it was too soon to move to liposuction, or to know if it would be necessary. He also gave her an Oxynorm prescription. So we went to Fairbairn Pharmacy. They will get the saline solution from the hospital and deliver to us when the Oxynorm arrives. I can pay next time I am in. Back home Anthonica called, still expecting I was going to bring a ton of food. I quizzed her about how she could preserve so much meat without a refrigerator, and how they could cook it without a proper stove, and she said they would cook it next door at her uncle's (?). I then told her I was worried that her mother wanted to sell the food they wanted me to give them; this would account for why they had used up what I brought last week so quickly. She didn't refute this as strongly as I would have expected if it were untrue, and I could hear Tersia's voice in the background. Then Anthonica said she was already walking to town and wanted me to meet her there to get food, but I could tell by the ambiance on the phone and the sound of a baby that she was inside a room, and almost certainly still home with her mother. There is just too much evidence that she is lying. I terminated the call. A little later we were talking to Chantelle. The hospital had decided she wouldn't need an elbow operation. She had walked with her mother to OVD. I agreed to bring pies and take them both home in the car as long as they had masks. I drove to OK for the pies, and added a couple of muffins. Then I picked them up at OVD. Both did have masks! Chantelle's I had given her. They sat in the back and we drove via Shopright on Durban where Chantelle went in to get something for others in their house. I carefully quizzed Chantelle whether she thought Tersia might be selling food I had given them, but she hadn't heard anything. I asked her to keep this to herself. I gave them the pies after delivering them to Manikin. Rui Vasco messaged to say that his wife (I didn'tknow he had one; he's never mentioned her) had a baby yesterday on Rui's birthday, and sent photos. I congratulated him, restraining myself from saying how could he have had a baby when they were so dirt poor. But this is nature, ensuring the species even in really bad times. I engaged in the penultimate Virtual Trade Fair session when Marc Jarrett talked about his use of 99 WhatsApp groups for the ultimate networking experience in the search for business. At one point Trevor Nel, Fourways Chamber of Commerce chair asked Marc to engage with me to demonstrate how to start a relationship. After the show I sent Marc a WhatsApp asking to be introduced into some of his WhatsApp groups. Now that Burden of Truth Season 2 is finished on Showmax we started watching 'Victoria,' Season 3. By the time I went to bed the pain from the growth at the top of my leg was as bad as last night, and that gave me an idea as I put on the anti-fungal.

Sun Jun 21 Fathers' Day
Anthonica was on Messenger early asking for breakfast - this after I had delivered her R280 worth of food for supper last night. It's possible she and her parents were so hungry they ate the lot! She had also wanted toiletries. We had breakfast, then I drove to OVD to give Chantelle R50, then to OK Foods to get a breakfast sandwich and some spray for Anthonica. I drove to Manikin Street, where she was walking down the street. When she saw the 'spray' she laughed; I had bought air freshioner! One of my pet peeves is bottles that don't actually say what the product is, but just say how good it is. I decided to bless Anthonica by fixing the problem. I returned to OK, and asked a cashier if I could return the air freshioner. She went one better and came up with a body spray from behind the cash counter, clearly there (rather than in the main shelves) to stop shoplifting. Spray, though cheap, is something most females here use. It was cheaper than the air frehioner. So I went back again to Avian Park and gave it to a smiling Anthonica. At 10:30 we watched HTB on-line, high class as usual. Nicky on line has none of the style or robes of a typical anglican priest, but his sheer sincerity when speaking to or about God shines through, and like Hillsong has gathered some amazing lay leadership who are very comfortable speaking to the world, and they come from different races. Tody he interviewed an entrepreneur in Cybersecurity (who happened to be black) who is on the leadership team at HTB. Jamelia messaged me about 5 to say she was not feeling well, and would I bring her some tea, milk, hot chocolate powder and sugar. I took some of our milk and sugar, and bought the rest at OK and took it down. She was wearing the sleepware I had given her. Meantime Anthonica was giving L-A a long list of food that she wanted me to take to her family tomorrow! I called her and explained that I had given her food twice in three days; R860-worth in the last month, and we don't have the means to provide all their food. In the end we replied to her message saying she must wait a week. What had happened here was that I had come across as a very soft touch, so they (Tersia and Henry) decided to push their luck, and stop figuring out how to earn some money. Another less palatable possibility was that the parents figured they would sell some of the food. I have no proof; it does however fit with my experience of them. In the evening we attempted to video call James & family for father's day but it kept on ringing. We tried twice later with same result. We watched the final episode of 'Burden of Truth' series 2; it had been excellent. This morning I had noticed a painful lump in my groin at the top of the right leg. By tonight it was more painful. I should try and see Dr. Eric tomorrow and ask for a diagnosis. Hopefully it just needs an antibiotic. Before I went to bed, L-A suggested I try some Taro-Mupirocin ointment that was prescribed for her boils. We prayed that it would be effective (and other prayers). Today was

Sat Jun 20
Before the trade show opened I put up one of the nice photos of the Mercedes whn we first bought it, and then altered the text to say that I would taake responsibility for sending the Fourways Chamber of commerce 10% of the sale price if the car eventually sold - when it has been repaired. I joined the 9am Zoom group at the trade fair, which was a review of how things went yesterday. There were about 12 attenders, including Jasper, Gavin and Ivan, all of whom, except me, seemed to have contributed to the planning of the event these past three months. People were very pleased with yesterday - referring to the speakers. When the time came for me to have my say I gave feedback about the stalls and my experience setting up three. Jamelia messaged that she really needed warm sleepware - and I felt this would be better than chocolate. I drove to Fairbairn Pharmacy to replenish our meds and say "Hi" to Carica. As I had come through the gates Cosmos handed me a packet which was L-A's new Visa, couriered from Ottawa. The afternoon was generally taken up with the trade fair, but we saw no sales. I received a message from Patricia Taylor in Kanata wishing us well after all these years. Someone in St Paul's had forwarded her L-A's latest health update. Patricia warned me not to tale cataracts lightly. I thought about it, and before risking $4,000 I made an appointment to go back to Rejeanne Dippenaar at the local optitians and see whether the cateracts were growing, since I have noticed that far from deteriorating, my sight has been marginally improving. I no longer have to use a magnifying glass to read 'Truth in love.' Chantelle messaged L-A to say she was going to hospital on Monday for her elbow operation, and asked for R50 for food there. Then I went to PeP and managed to find Jamelia warm sleepware which she could walk outside in, as they are prone to do. I dleivered it ans checked it was the right size. I felt proud of my clothes shopping skills, normally non-existant. At 6 Anthonica called and asked for food for the family. I got enough for them for a couple of days at OK Foods, cost R280, including hot pies, and took it down to her. She asked for another R20 for toiletries. L-A activated the Visa with the help of an agent since she doesn't have a Canadian number. During supper we listened to Bob Dylan's very fine new album on Spotify, 'Rough and Rowdy Ways.' The arrangements were different from anything he's done before except for one track that uses guitars. To have this creativity at hs age (~mine) is remarkable. I love the album.

Fri Jun 19
L-A woke about 6 in some pain in her shoulders from limited sleeping positions, but instead of panado she decided to get up and work at her computer, which had the same result. She returned to bed about 8:30 and slept till 11:30. She is very experienced in pain management and does anything that can be done to reduce the drug intake. The Virtual Trade Fair opened at 8 am and I was at my desk by then making some further improvements to the two stalls already live, and then starting on a third, which will offer for sale some of the items we must sell before leaving the country, so it's called 'Leaving the country sale.' I believe it didn't ask me for a password at the initial set up so I got one by the lost password routine, which did the trick but then immediately shut me out of all three stalls for half an hour, like yesterday. I joined the opening Zoom session just to get the flavour, and left when it looked like they were about to ask participant's views. At that stage I had none. Brian called from MMJ to say he had sourced the brake punp with the right number in Cape Town, but it was at a hefty price: R52,000 and there would be at least R5,500 installation cost. That's nearly $Cdn 5,000, so we would need a buyer ready to pay R36,000 to break even, after taking into account Dave's $2,000. Maybe the virtual trade fair will provide such a buyer. Plan B would be to try for $2,000 + scrap value. We are praying in some of the money to pay for the part. We heard from Jamelia's FB that she is 16 today, and decided I should go down tomorrow and give her some chocolate. Anthonica is not bugging me even though she's been waiting for her phone for nearly two weeks. By 5:30 I had the three stalls to the point where they were functional. I built a list of the e-mails of every South African who had ever given me there's, about 100, and then messaged them bcc to give them the flavour of the event and encourage some to at least visit and at best set up a stall. We had more goulash, then the news and Burden of Truth on the iPad.

Thu Jun 18 - Our Anniversary
I got up just enough before L-A to post a Jacquie Lawson to her FaceBook for our 21st anniversary today. Then when she got up she sent a loving message to me before seeing mine. Johan Fourie called asking for scans of the Prayer Postcards for Police which he wants to introduce to Robertson police. Barrie D sent us a large donation out of the blue. The timing was angelic. Here's my thank you message to him.
"This is quite a surprise! And very generous of you. It's also intriguing for a reason you couldn't have known of, but Holy Spirit does. Our ministry Mercedes had served us faithfully for two years until this February, when the SBC hydraulic brake pump failed. This controls the power braking and anti locking, but without it we were down to manual braking, very dangerous in this car. A new unit would cost about the value of the car and would have to come from Germany. We scoured the parts organizations and found one in Johannesburg with one with a similar but not identical part number. We ordered it and it arrived 2 days before lock down, just enough time for our mechanic to discover it wouldn't work. It had been 20% of the new price. We mentioned our dilemma on Facebook, and one of our Facebook friends shared it, and one of her friends, a missionary in Botswana, but based here, offered to lend us her Toyota Runx. We have used it ever since and although we have never met her, she refuses even to let us pay the insurance and licence. The service shops opened again for business 3 weeks ago. Today I was one the phone with the service manager of a major Mercedes centre in Paarl about 40 mins drive away, and he introduced me to a Mercedes specialist in Cape Town, but the news they both had for me was not good. We would have to find the exact part number. The chances of this for a 2004 car are not high. This car, E270, was not widely sold in South Africa. But you have changed things. With your money we should buy a new brake pump. We should have time for it to come from Germany before we leave here, and then we can sell the car instead of scrapping it. When Laurie-Ann first saw your message this morning she immediately said to me. "this is for the car." That was before I worked it out as described above. So I have asked our local mechanic to quote me for sourcing it and installing it. Then we can return the Runx. I was despondent this morning thinking we must sell the car for scrap value. Then you showed up. Many blessings to you and Stephanie."
We cooked a Hungarian goulash in the morning so it would be ready for our dinner. We said "Happy anniversary" to each other about 20 times during the day. I spent most of the time programming our booths on the Virtual Trade Fair. I didn't find it very intuitive, but once I got the hang of it, it wasn't hard, just time-consuming. Here's The Colouring Bookstore. Here's Audiobook Recording Services. Dinner was very nice, and accompanied by a bottle of Nuy Muscat sparkling wine. We had a problem with the TV, not wanting to play from the computer. I hope it was finger trouble, but I couldn't fix it tonight.

Wed Jun 17
I went out three times, not good. I took Lottie R100, and Bella some toiletries. In Avian Park I took some video to use with a film we made thanking St Paul's for their generosity. I rendered the film and had it ready to load to YouTube first thing tomorrow. I made a start on the Virtual Trade Fair programming, managing to set up two embryo stalls, and then to have the program lock me out of both.

Tue Jun 16
Lottie called (her English is improving) to suggest that she hadn't expected the R50, but Chantelle had. I said she should work it out with Chantelle. Then she asked if I would lend her R100 till the end of the month. I will take her R100 and make it plain it is a gift and I don't do loans, and certainly not as if I was a bank where she can save, and take from. Bella has asked us for toiletries and L-A managed to extract a list from her with some explanations. Today is a holiday, so not only won't I be doing that today, but neither can I call Mercedes. Jan sent me over a year of FNB bank statement for My Father's House, which in the past 2 years I have turned into multi-level Excel sheets. Jasper called to say they had no recording of Sunday's zoom, and that I could set up different stores as long as they have different contact e-mails. I decided that the first thing to do was promote the mall so I drafted a WhatsApp with a link to it on Worcester 1 GIG. This I then forwarded to mny other WhatsApps, including some foreign. I then spent some hours trying to program a booth in the virtual mall. I created a booth, but cannot locate the description I wrote for it, even though I definitely saved it, and it needs more work. Either there are still bugs (which would cause problems for many including the people I promoted it to), or I am missing something, which is a lot more likely. There are no help files. At 6:30 we had fish dinner in time to join our first Zoom call with a Hillsong connect group, run by Naiomi and Faan Schoeman. There were about 11 of us, and after introductions, a woman called Niccie gave a short teaching about the sadness and lack of self worth many are experiencing during lock down, yet in Psalms it is clear from David that we must not let external problems in the world dent our trust and joy in the real world of the Lord. I filed all the MFH bank statements in an appropriate subdirectory, and reminded myself of the process I had followed in past years. Liam Murta had sent us monthly rent yesterday, but actually it was for the previous month. Back in January he had missed a payment when his company had their payroll problem. Today I judged it was the right time to remind him, so I sent a schedule of his payments. I also told we planned to be returning in November, and that we would like to move back into the condo. This wasn't exactly true since we hope to be home a couple of months before that, and stayong with Marta, but for his point of view it comes to the same thing. I also told him the window installation for our unit would not be till 2021, after they have left. I was relieved and pleased when he replied and agreed with me about the arrears and that he would be making it up.

Mon Jun 15
Chantelle had sent a message saying Lottie wanted to 'borrow' R50. It feels as if she's using me as a bank! I took her the 50, and then did some efficient grocery shopping at Woolworths, including three bottles of goat's milk. On my way back to the car my phone rang; I placed my three bags on the tarmac, and was told by Chantelle that the R50 was meant to be for her, not her ouma. I told her it wasn't my problem; she could sort it. L-A had the evidence of what she had actually asked for. We had a once-every-three-weeks Herceptin run to CapeGate, and saw no roadblocks. The light on the mountains was crystal clear and with a reddish hue, according to L-A. After oncology we went to Wellness Warehouse and replenished L-A's supplements, plus some of the non-proprietory ingredients in OGF. L-A can reduce the number of OGF capsules daily if she adds these items, and then the OGF might just last until Canada. We heard the news that Marco was positive for Covid-19, the first person we have known to catch it. He had been quite ill with symptoms. I registered as a vendor on the virtual trade fair; not sure if they will allow one registration for 2 or more booths. I e-mailed Jasper about this, and also asked him to e-mail me the presentation.

Sun Jun 14
We were up early (8!) and joined the 8:30 Hillsong-on-the-Line service, their 12th anniversary. Pastor Phil's recounting of the 12 years showed just how glorious it had been. I find the quality of the individuals doing the presenting is very unusual and it points to leadership and training, and the Holy Ghost! Dave K e-mailed me to say the GNCM board had approved his becoming a regular GNiTM speaker, and I had to explain this wasn't going to happen, subsequent to the GNCM decision several years ago to separate speakers from the board, meaning he would have to step down if he became a regular speaker. At 7 I joined the weekly GIG Zoom and heard about a remarkable initiative to launch a virtual trade fair event next Friday - Monday. I should alert the Worcester GIG fraternity because this event in itself is a chance to make money selling products and services. We can have a virtual booth selling 'Colouring for Jesus;' I can offer audiobook recording services, and maybe even sell some of our stuff before leaving South Africa.

Sat Jun 13
Woke up at 10 to 10! I was feeling good, mainly, I think, because of doubling my iron pills this last week. Not so breathless and more energy. The sound was CD quality. We had a fairly leisurely day. I had two replies from the Foobar section of 'Hydrogenaudio' telling me how to turn a Foobar playlist into a TXT file. With this info I was ready to post our playlist, after making a few final improvements to lock down show 1. We both enjoyed the Goodluck live stream on our individual computers - which turned out to be a replacement for last Saturday's show when there were some techical problems. Tonight ran smoothly from start to finish. Their performance was top notch and so full of raw energy, remarkable since the only audience they could see were the Zoom subscribers (who paid more). Some technical experts worked extremely hard to get this show on the road - world class, and one of the first bands to be doing it. There were as many as 340 watchers.

Fri Jun 12
Took L-A to see Dr Botha for 9:45 (in absence of Arnold Smith) for lymph drainage. He advised against, unless lymph area both hard and sore. The condition is called lymphodemia, and quite common after mastectomy. Too many drainages could increase infection risk. So she wasn't drained today. From there to Worcester Radiology to pay the bill for mastectomy and ultrasound: R1237.70. This and Dr Botha's bill went on my Mastercard since L-A's visa is out of commission till the new one arrives. On the way home I bought a mask for Chantelle; nice red one with lining. They are improving. At 11 I was outside Chantelle's house, and before starting the conversation gave her her new mask which she managed to put on with her good arm. Her elbow operation has been brought forward to Monday and I gave her R220 for her to buy warm night clothes and shoes for hospital. She won't have to pay for the operation. She told me she had fed many children yesterday with soup from the ingredients I had bought her - so many kids she had to slice up the apples so everyone got a bite. I actually spent a couple of hours on income tax! Today's job was to line up all the T-forms that had come to us from IG, Iris and Lynn, and eliminate duplicates. I couldn't find the T4A from IG and went back searching my e-mail. Eventually I found it was part of a .pdf document, the second of two T4As the first of with was my insurance income. That was a relief! Lottie had asked for some pork, porridge and sugar, so I got them from the Pick n Pay on Adderley and ran them down to her. I also shot a movie clip of her outside her house that might be useable for the film for St. Paul's. We joined forces (brains L-A, brawn T) making a fish pie based on a recipe that my mother had once told L-A. It was nery nice and we ate in watching a new Darren Wilson film, Finger of God 2, which is available free on line until Sunday. There were some powerful examples of evangelists being used by the Holy Spirit in healings, both physical and spiritual. Went to bed around 11, really quite tired. There was an e-mail from 'Howler' inviting me to join another Goodluck live performance tomorrow at 7 pm.

Thu Jun 11
Rained all day. Not enough light to film a talk by L-A that would be shown to the St. Paul's congregation. I spent some hours editing improvements into the audio files from the lock down 1 playlist as we listened.

Wed Jun 10
We woke up to the sound of a storm lashing our balcony, but I still planned to deliver the food to Jamelia this morning. I figured the supermarkets would not be crowded in the rain. At breakfast Chantelle messaged us asking for food and sending a photo of her bare pantry. Both her parents had gone to work - which is good. She also said something about being in the rain (?) which prompted L-A to say we should give her the Kenyan Airways umbrella. So I put on a cap and was at Pick n Pay by about 9:45, buying food for J and C. I stopped first at Jamelia's. She thought she would have children there about 3:30 and I told her I would come down to take photos. Then I dropped off Chantelle's food and the umbrella. Then on to the mall to do our grocery shopping. We had R90 points at Dis-Chem which I cashed in to reduce the cost of Sedatif, Spectrum 'senior' and stevia. Back home I was feeling tired after the shopping as I worked on some audio editing - not too strenuous. Anthonica called to ask if she could have food; she said she was starving. This word actually means they haven't eaten a meal in 24 hours (not 41 days). I got together a bag of food from our pantry to save going shopping again. I went to Anthonica's about 3:15, and Chantelle saw me and asked if I could provide ingredients for her to cook soup for her mailbox club kids. Word must have reached her from Jamelia. I agreed, and went on to Jamelia's house. There was no sign of her mailbox club children. She said she thought she would be serving them in another hour. I went to get a bottled water refil but was just too late. Then I decided to get the soup ingredients for Chantelle today instead of tomorrow. By the time I had them it was 4:15 so I returned to her with them, and then to Jamelia's. No sign of her, or children, but her ouma was there who quizzed me about the soup mix Jamelia had asked for. I had bought two packets of - accoording to the labels - soup mix, but apparently not what they had expected, so no cooking had taken place. I think I was at fault, but I wasn't going to go back to Pick n Pay at this atage and risk getting the wrong thing twice so I said she should get some from an Avial Park store. I don't know what will happen about feeding their children. However Jamelia will probably get in touch tomorrow. When I got home Tersia, Anthonika's mother called to say that Chantelle had asked her to cook the soup. She was just checking that I really had provided the ingredients. I wonder what she'll do about the wrong kind of soup mix. I finally got home about 5:15, feeling I'd spent the whole day shopping and doing erands. I just hope I didn't pick up the virus in the process. At 9:30 I realized I had forgotten to watch the Shopify-Investors presentation on starting an on-line business, which was on from 7pm, and which I had signed up for.

Tue Jun 9
During breakfast we listened to the documentaries that Andre had sent me on the 1918 pandemic which killed 40 million, many more than were killed in the war, and infected half the world's population, yet is hardly remembered today. I have indluded it in the playlist for Lock down 1. There were some aspects that were eery echoes of today's pandemic. Now that I have less of a load from braodcasting, I drafted a new daily routine to make sure I don't ignore key tasks. I still haven't got back to out tax returns, but have been busy all day. Jamelia called and asked for ingredients to make soup for her mailbox club, but wasn't very specific exactly what was soup mix. This time I though I would try and photograph it for our newsletter, or possibly video it for inserting into a movie for St. Paul's. After our evening routine of supper - BBC World News - Burden of Truth, L-A suggested we might read a psalm a day and discuss its relevance for us and the world today. Psalm 1 sounded alive with vigour and energy in a way I hadn't felt it on prevuious readings. We have been referencing some things recently to George Floyd, whose funeral was today in Houston, being broadcast almost complete on BBC World News; very unusual.

Mon Jun 8
We again got up a little earlier because L-A had a lymph drainage at 10. I was politely excluded from Arnold Smith offices, possibly reflecting a higher Covid-19 alert level in Worcester. L-A lost a large cupful of fluid and obtained Arnold's OK if she wants to to see a drainage specialist lady who also gives massage therapy. Chantelle called to ask for R100 towards expenses at the hospital. This was not the cost of setting her arm, which would have been free; more like incidentals such as painkillers. She told me that she had walked into a cyclist, and when she tried to get up off the street saw her arm bone had come through her skin. At hospital they told her she may require an operation. I drove down and told her she was a brave girl. She was still smiling after all the trauma. I gave her the R100. I spent a fair amount of the day working on our June newsletter which L-A had drafted. I wanted to give our friends back home a picture of what life was like for us in lock down: not so bad. We called TD Bank and asked them to courier L-A's new Aeroplan Visa; the present one expires 30 June. They had already mailed one to our Canadian address, and they therefore had to cancel that one, and the one we have here before sending out another. Hopefully my Solutions Banking Mastercard will be reliably sufficient for our needs till the new card arrives. The last time we did this, 2 years ago, we had major issues achieving what we just did in 10 minutes.

Sun Jun 7
We got up a little earlier than usual to attend the 8:30am virtual service at Hillsong On-the-line. Following the gruesome killing of George Floyd in the US two weeks ago, Pastor Phil had met with three key church members, a white (Phil) a coloured and a black couple, and filmed a discussion about racism. South Africans have plenty of experience in this. It was called Brave Spaces. WCG is transitioning back into having small services, with the slight lifting of lockdown in phase 3. We were invited to attend an English language service (wow!) at 9:45 on June 7th, which was to be held in the largest Sunday School room, which they call the Hall Groot (great hall). The church has been having live YouTube church videos with three songs, an Afrikaans sermon and sharing. English translation on line was not feasible so the English service was to make up for that. In the event, when we arrived, Hall Groot was locked and there was a spacially distanced line-up for the main church. Tony was ready to go in but L-A didn’t feel comfortable with doing so. We went home and visited Holy Trinity Brompton church on-line and watched Nicky and Pippa Gumbel preach on the subject of world racialism, in the light of the killing of George Floyd. 24 hours later Dr Arnold Smith told her it was good that she hadn’t taken any risk and gone into the service. And instead we had been virtually at HTB; great joy! Holy Spirit watching over us again. At about noon CWCP radio had been broadcasting for a month. Since we had only had one listener other than ourselves, I decided we would rebroadcast that first month, allowing me breathing space to edit the remainder of our digitized audio files, and create a new playlist to start a month from now. Chantelle left a message to say she had had an accident and broken her arm, and was taken to hospital. L-A watched the virtual service from St. Paul's. Later she had a dialogue with John Bridges which sprouted an idea for us to film a thank you video to be shown there.

Sat Jun 6
At breakfast I told Laurie-Ann about my visit to Vodacom. She felt we could afford to get the phone for Anthonica, thanks to Lottie. Maybe this was a TKOG for Anthonica. I called her, mainly to check she hadn't already found another way to buy a phone. She was very happy. I said it should be here by Tuesday, though that may be optimistic. I deliberately didn't mention the gift; the last thing I wanted Chantelle to know was that we spent her ouma's gift on something for Anthonica. Then I called Vodacom and placed the order. When I'd hung up, L-A remembered we still had one of Heather's phone protectors and it should fit the Mobicel snugly. The reason we thought it appropriate to make this happen for Anthonica was that her school provides on-line learning to students while schools are closed for lock down. Education is Anthonica's chance to escape from the Township. A smart phone is a pre-requisite.

Fri Jun 5
Mid morning Chantelle rang to say that Lottie wanted to give us back R200 because we had been generous to her. We have heard this before and it was so unexpected I had said that Lottie really should keep her money because she will need it. But as Chantelle and Lottie spoke to me this time I realized they were very serious. I felt that to refuse now might seem disrespectful. So I decided to go down and see them. At the Hooggelegen gate Cosmos have me a bag of lemons that Carica had brought for us. There were about 15, and we use maybe one lemon a month, in a good month. But we have seen the girls eat them straight with salt on. So I kept four and gave the rest to Chantelle. As she took them, and before Lottie knew I was there, Chantelle asked to borrow R50. Since I was about to receive R200, which wouldn't have happened unless Chantelle had introduced me to her ouma, I handed over the 50, curious to see if she would return it. I stayed in the car with my mask on and Lottie came over and gave me a 200 in a small polythene bag. She assured me she was praying daily for L-A and me. We had some urgent groceries to pick up, and I decided to go the mall at about 4 when the crowds should be less, but that was when we were in Level 4. Today there was a queue outside Pick n Pay stretching back to the mall entrance. So I about turned and drove to the other end of the mall and Checkers, where there was no queue. Go figure! I got everything we needed there except veggie cheese, so I returned to Pick n Pay for it, and now there was no queue. Coming out I went into Vodacom and asked about the Mobicel Glo. The assistant Ben Steyn confirmed the price, R399, and that he could order one for next week delivery. I now had R200 in my wallet that I had no reason to expect; maybe Anthonica's star was rising. I took Ben's business card.

Thu Jun 4
When we woke up, L-A showed me where the lump was in her right breast, and I could easily feel it. After breakfast, I called Dr. Arnold Smith's office, hearing that Elsabe was no longer employed there. I explained our concern, with the result that she was able to get an appointment with Dr Smith in about an hour's time, 10:45. This time I went in with her and Arnold examined her. His initial reaction was that this was not serious; not cancer. However, in view of her history he arranged a mammogram for 3pm that day. So L-A went out twice today, her first time in lock down. I waited in the Worcester Radiology reception for quite a while while she was mammogrammed for the third time in a year. I read a chapter of 'Truth in Love' by Kevin Daly, which is getting to the heart of the matter of the inconsistences and anomalies within the Muslim faith. Back home I paid the municipal tax bill of $2,386. There was an MSM News ad on my screen got a live on-line show this Saturday by Goodluck, with 15% of proceeds going to food for hungry township children. I ordered my R120 ticket. I finally was able to get to the last batch of speakers at the NextNormal conference at about 5 pm, and with a break for dinner and TV, I didn't finish till nearly 1 am. But I did finish, having watched every speaker. It had been a really good conference, proving by its existence the fact that in the next normal we are all far more likely to stay where we are rather than fly half way round the world.

Wed Jun 3
Laurie-Ann's left underarm was swollen significantly as we went to Arnold Smith's office. She went in alone and I drove to get petrol, and then to FNB. I asked a receptionist if she would take my passport to Sim, and have a copy made. She was kind enough to do that, so hopefully Jacques Petit's $50 is now starting a long journey into our FNB account, for which the cheque itself will have to go to Canada and back (more that we are able to do!) As I got back to the surgery, L-A was about to emerge. Arnold and his nurse had drained her underarm bulge, extracting a large volume of fluid, and giving her great relief. She understood him to say that he would be going on holiday shortly so she should ask for Dr. Botha in emergency. The purchase of alcohol having been legal under level 3 lock down for two days, we then drove to Nuy on the Hill and I bought a bunch of bottles of L-A's favourite wines. Then on to Le Roux and Fourie, where I bought another bunch of bottles of L-A's favourites. We had heard that the Fouries were offering special deals, and one of the bottles was free. We returned home, looking forward to dinner with Columbar tonight. I started work on Manville's phone and the first thing that occurred was it needed his Google ID and password. I didn't even know his phone number, which had recently changed. I asked Bella if she WhatsApped with him, and she hadn't, but she did tell me his sister's name was Emma. I found Emma on his contacts and called her, and she put me on to Manville. He had never downloaded an app in his life, had no e-mail, and it took him a while to discover his phone number. I told him I may not he able to help him without a Google ID. He said he had bought the phone from someone who he didn't know. It was probably stolen (it is a good phone). Once I had the phone number I was able to set up a Google ID for him on my laptop (which may not have been such a good idea,) decide on a Gmail address, and make up a password for it. Then I was able to get to the Playstore on his phone knowing his new Gmail and password, and download WhatsApp. I set it up with a photo and tested it from my WhatsApp. Part of the testing I did was to see if he could listen to CWCP Radio, and I found that there was a problem. I can listen on our Blackberries, but his ZTE Android just wouldn't play it, although ir could play other Internet sound files. Finally I replaced his weird font for English and gave him a sensible ring tone rather than a complete song by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. I e-mailed John Clark at Galcom and asked him if he was aware of any possible problem listening to the Galcom streamer on a cell phone. I watched 12 more speakers from the Next Normal conference, including Nicky Gumbel, who was one of the best speakers. Even though this conference was designed for pastors, I am finding it a most edifying peek into the life of church leadership. I called Anthonica and said the phone was great, and would her mother contribute to the cost? She had totally refused. Anthonica had accepted the fact that she wasn't going to get a smart phone. We were quite preparing to go to bed, when Laurie-Ann told me she had noticed a lump in her right breast, and asked whether we shouldn't make an appointment to see Dr Botha next week, and also inform Dr Hanlie at Cape Gate. I really wasn't very helpful, preferring to deal with this tomorrow.

Tue Jun 2
Jamelia asked if we might bring some staple food for her mailbox club children who were getting really hungry. Manville messaged L-A and asked if I would be able to load WhatsApp onto his phone. He and I exchanged texts, and eventually I agreed to pick up the phone. Then Chantelle called and asked if I would give her ouma R60 for taxi fares to the hospital so she could get meds. About 11 I went on this multi-purpose mission, starting with Pick n Pay to get the potatoes, rice etc for Jamelia. Then on to FNB where I spoke to the receptionist, and said I would like to see Charl. He told me to wait in line in the foyer. After a short time Charl came out and said that I could indeed have the bank process the cheque. I waited a further 20 minutes, and then inside for another 20. When finally I was in front of a consultant, Sim, the first thing he asked for was my passport, which of course I hadn't brought. But he went ahead, filling 3 pages of forms, which took another 20 minutes. Finally he had me add my signatures, and said I should come back with my passport to be photographed. The fact that the bank already has a photograph of my passport made no difference. I left the bank and drove to OVD. Chantelle (who had called me twice when I was in the bank) was waiting outside Lottie's door, and I gave her the R60. Then to Avian Park, first collecting Manville's phone, then delivering the food to Jamelia's house, and finally giving Bella R20. At 3pm I joined a 3-day on-line conference called The Next Normal, looking at how pastors (in North America) should be managing during and after the lock down. Two speakers, though not today, were Nicky Gumbel and Shaila Visser. On this first day there were 12 talks, taking a total of 2 hours. It was fascinating stuff. I received a spec of the Mobicel Glo and it was spectacular - almost everthing one could ask for in a general purpose smart phone. Mobicel is South Africa's home grown cellphone manufacturer. I called Hennie, Anthonica's father, told him the story and asked him to fund R250 of the R400 price tag. After some argy bargy he convinced me he had nothing and was living off the charity of his wife whom he is in divorce proceedings with. This in itself sounds suspicious. He said he would speak to Tersia and try and persuade her to come up with R250.

Mon Jun 1
Woke up to the seriously bad news that Trump had fled to his bunker in the White House in the face of riots in Washington and multiple other US cities triggered by the police killing of African-American George Floyd, a video of which had gone viral. I watched a Washington Post reconstruction of the Floyd killing, then
Trevor Noah's insightful analysis joining the dots between a racist action by a white woman, Amy Cooper, the Floyd killing, and the riots. I posted the three key videos to Twitter. America seems to be self destructing, no different from South African gangsters burning schools when they are frustrated. Trump's personality has no room for compassion, no capability for understanding the underdog, and no capacity for admitting errors of judgement. He didn't cause the riots, but he could have curbed them with some humanity. The Chinese are capitalizing on the riots, pointing out US criticism of Hong Kong clamp downs on their citizenry as Beijing consolidates control over Hong Kong and sucks it into the communist black hole. There were reports that in South Africa, queues had started forming last evening to buy liquor today, the start of level 3 lock down. I wonder of some South Africans who had gone without alcohol for a couple of months might actually have decided to stay away from it for good, or at least not line up for hours to get some. I pray that there won't be a spike in domestic violence. Chantelle and Lottie called. Chantelle asked if I would come down to see them because Lottie wanted to give me R200 in thanks for our recent food parcels. This sounded suspicious - probably a major ulterior motive - but I assured her Lottie should keep the money, even spend it on the funeral. I also explained that I must minimise social contacts particularly for Laurie-Ann's sake as high risk for Covid-19. Lottie has been scrupulous in thanking us; very counter-culture. I just missed FNB before their 3:30 closing time to see if they would be able to accept Jacques' $50 cheque. I paid another Pathcare account. I went to the Pep Store on Russell and found one of the phones that Anthonica would like - Mobicel Glo for R399. I will do some checking on line before any further steps. I managed to get goat's milk at Woolworth's, and ingredients for jambalaya. I started preparing and cooking the jambalaya as soon as I was home, and we ate it watching the 8pm bad news from the States. I e-mailed Mobicel and asked for details on the 'Glo' phone. Laurie-Ann's day was a little less uncomfortable than yesterday, thank the Lord.

Sun May 31
This is the National Day of Prayer, called for by president Cyril Ramaphosa, and I wondered to what extent the churches would respond to it since they are allowed up to 50 congregants. I was only able to find one on-line acknowledgement, a liturgy from the Anglican church. L-A woke in a lot of pain, needing painkillers and Voltaren on her shoulders. I was very concerned that the recovery after surgery might be being reversed. I helped get her feet about 6" higher, on pillows and clothes, which necessitated support under her knees. Then I put an ice pack on one of her feet. She has had significant relief from ice and from Voltaren recently. She stayed there till the start of Hillsong 'Church on the Line,' which we then enjoyed and I posted to FB. L-A created a great piece of art based on a photograph she took of her father modelling an angel in 1992! She added two real children from Vinkrivier. I recorded Brian Wilkie' sermon from last Sunday for use next Sunday, and will need to get today's sermon for the following week. Burden of truth hard to hear We talked about this morning's pain that L-A had worked through. I admitted that I had worried that her cancer convalescence wasn't progressing, but she remined me that the problem was not directly related to cancer recovery. There is an indirect connection, in that she cannot sleep on her front, but just on her back and for short periods on her side. After a night on her back she gets severe muscle pain in her shoulders; hence the need for Voltaren. But the pain is not coming from any residual cancer. I was mightily relieved, having had the situation on my mind.

Sat May 30
Anthonica called at breakfast to ask if I had news of her potential phone. She said it could be bought at Pep-Cell. Lottie called and asked if I could bring her pork. She must have enjoyed the pork steaks I took the other day. I drove to Pep-Cell. There were two staff in the small shop. After looking at their selection of phones I asked for a recommendation for a smart phone that was reliable. To my surprize they recommended I go to Ackerman's (not even the regular Pep store). They said all their stock of smart phones were second hand that had been returned after failures, and then refurbished. They said that the cheap phones, under R1,000 typically lasted a few weeks before failing, and then were away several months being repaired. I thanked them for their honesty, and wondered if they were just being honest, or didn't want hassle from a white professional-looking person should one of their phones certainly fail. I then checked a few more stores, and came away with a consensus that buying a cheap smart phone from a company other than the big names was not smart. There were line-ups outside all the down town stores this Saturday morning, so I went to OK Drostdy and found a pack of 6 pork steaks for R93, which i drove down to Lottie. I think she was surprized that I had answered her request so soon. Back home I explained the phone situation to Anthonica. She said I should have gone to Pep on Durban, not the Pep-Cell. I explaind that buying a cheap smart phone was false economy. In the end I agreed to check out the Durban Street Pep store on Monday. I spent several hours writing a piece for my 'Thought for the Month' blog about my lifelong love of music, and music on radio, titled What's wrong with Radio?.

Fri May 29
Anthonica called asking if we would buy her a smart phone so she could join in the distance learning program from her school. She said she can buy a smart phone for $400. Last time I checked they were about R1,000, so she could buy a phone which may not work well. I said I would check out her school web site and suggested she founf out the make/model of phone her school friends have. She told me it was a Vodacom Techno SC7S. For my devolional time this morning, I listened to Dave K's Ascension Day service last Sunday - excellent - and posted it to Copples in Western Cape FaceBook. Dave mentions us in his sermon. Chantelle messaged L-A to say her ouma Lottie's sister had died and they were asking for money for taxi fares for her and Chantelle, and new shoes for Lottie, to attend the funeral. I replied that while we have provided food for people who were starving, we would not be providing funeral costs. Funerals are limited to 50 people, so she may not get in. Lottie is high risk; if she caught Covid-19 she could well die. My advice was that she not attend the funeral. About 2:30 I went to FNB and told the attendant I wanted to deposit a foreign cheque. Instead of asking me to go to the end of the line, he let me jump the queue and wait inside where there were six socially distanced chairs. Then he went into the back office and spoke about my need to a manager there, Charl, who came out and spoke to me. Charl took the details and said her would see if it could be done, and I should come back on Moanday. He was primarily concerned that the cheque was written to Tony Copple, not Anthony Copple, and also about staledating.

Thu May 28
Each day it is a little easier for my sweetheart to get up in the morning, though she still needs help to dress. She has a new swelling under her left arm and don't know if it is bad, but it isn't hurting. I spent a lot of the day editing digitized audio file of cassettes. I need some of these to be included before the first month of The Lock Down Sessions is complete on 7 June. I went to Yvonne Fisher's physiotherapy to pay again the bill from L-A's operation. Apparently their card machine malfuntioned the first time I paid a week ago. Then to the mall primarily to draw out R1,000 for ready cash. But when I inserted my FNB card, there was an error message. Same at the other ATM. So drove back down town to FNB, only to have the same experience. I spoke to a lady attendant and she immediately diagnosed the fault: my card was dirty. She went somewhere to clean it. Whan I tried again, all was well. Lesson learned. In the afternoon I attempted to use the Simplii app on L-A's Priv to deposit the $50 cheque from Jacques Petit, and got as far as photographing the front and back of the cheque, but then got an error message. After supper I worked on the playlist of the Lock Down show for the next 3 or 4 days. This is taking more and more concentration not to duplicate any tunes. It's much more efficient doing it at my desk with a mouse than beside the TV using the touch pad, but we do have to go off air. Even though there is never more than one occasional listener, it means that any would-be listener would be disappointed if she/he tries to tune in.

Wed May 27
Chantelle called asking for power for her aunt, and R15 airtime for herself. I did the airtime immediately and mis-keyed; she got R150 instead of R50. I must be extra careful when sending airtime; there is no way to cancel once it's gone. She also asked if we could give her ouma Lottie the R50 taxi fares to the hospital and back so she could get medications. Lottie also needs some bread, sugar and meat. I need to draw our some cash from FNB, so I checked the account, paid an additional R49 for the rent, and Breedenet. There was R1,600 in the account so we can used R1,000 of that for cash on hand rather than an ATM withdrawal. However between us we did have the R50 for Lottie in small bills. I drove to Pick n Pay for the groceries for Lottie, and then delivered them. There were several adults with her; I wondered if they would help her, or if they all had designs on the food. Not that it matters; they are all hungry. I gave her the taxi money. Next stop the mall, where I got some nice looking Woolworth's meals, but no goat milk or soy; I got almond milk. L-A was a little more comfortable than she had been yesterday. I asked if she thought the CBD shot had been helpful and she wasn't sure. However, she had fallen asleep soon after taking it and slept reasonably normally for her. I had realised yesterday that I had not included any Chris de Burgh in our Lock Down playlist so far. His second album, Spanish Train and other stories, has a special place in my heart having picked up the cassette in a second hand music store in Norwich market about 1982 as my introduction to him. It needed to be near the beginning of the playlist. I did the work on my main computer, dragging and dropping it and previous and subsequent sets into the middle of the first long sequence of pop singles. This exercise was partly just to check the dragging and dropping would really work. We missed lunch mainly because L-A was sleeping, but we had an excellent roast chicken dinner. This was the day the Space-X rocket was going to lift astronaughts from American soil for the first time in 9 years, and we were watching, but it was delayed because of poor weather. It was also the day Twitter labelled one of Trump's tweets 'check the facts,' and he treatened to close them down, something he doesn't have the power to do; nor should he want to. Is he losing it? When I was cooking dinner, Chantelle called, asking me to drive her home from OVD. I declined. Over the last few months the world's stock markets took a massive dive due to the Covid-19 pandemic. They have now been recovering since April, but are only about half way back to pre-Covid levels so far. This was irrelevant to us unless we had needed to redeem large amounts to pay for L-A's treatments. Thanks to the supreme generosity of families and friends, the only redemption we have made so far from long term investments (essential for our future) was $20,000 for the Poulin new windows. Tonight I checked our current net worth, something I had put off, and discovered we were $37,000 down on February 2020's figure. To the extent that we can avoid redemptions, we should recover, over time.

Tue May 26
It was cold when we woke. I got up at 8 and spent a while fiddling with the heating system, evenually getting it switched from AC to heat. Interestingly we heard from Lynn in Ottawa that this was the day she did the opposite switch. For the first time since lock down began I took our washing to Magda at Hippo Washeteria, which had opened last week. L-A was quite unwell with the pain, struggling until I got her down to Arnold Smith's. I stayed in the car, collecting our laundry. He said there were two options: to reinstate the drain box as before, or to suck out fluid with a needle. They decided on the latter. Although the needle had to go in twice, she was OK with it. It did the trick. For the rest of the day she had some discomfort from the injection, the pressure had gone. He approved of the prosthetic items she had heard about from Marzaan. He presribed an antibiotic to stop the fluid flow, which we picked up from Carica shortly after. L-A's cousin Brian had offered to set up a Skype call between L-A and her Dad, Steve, and for a while we waited for the Skype ring. When it didn't come, she called Steve who told her Brian had just left. He had assumed there would be wifi. He e-mailed later to re-set to Thursday. Laurie-Ann didn't have a very comfortable evening; she watched some Stargate get her mind off it. Before she went to sleep I persuaded her to try a CBD Recovery shot that I had found in Dis-Chem.

Mon May 25
We drove to Cape Gate, and although there was one police stop, they waved us on. As expected, I wasn't allowed into the oncology centre. L-A had several appointments, first with Hannetjie Koetze, then her herceptin shot, and then with a lady, Marzaan, specializing in prostheses. Caron gave her some small pillows, that proved very helpful. In our way home (in quite a severe storm) I suggested we stop off at Mercedes in Paarl, at the very least to find out if they were open, and if not, when they would be. Well, they were definitely open, and I spoke with a service rep called Jacolene Slabber who suggested I e-mail her with details of the car and its problem. On our arrival home I called Arnold Smith's office and made an appointment for L-A to see him at 2:30 on Tuesday. We got home about 2 and fortified ourselves with excellent Woolworth's butternut soup. Laurie-Ann was in increasing pain in her breast from the build-up of fluid that could no longer be drained. I e-mailed Jacolene with the details of the car. I changed our Budget car rentals in UK and Canada from June to August.

Sun May 24
Laurie-Ann wasn't in a pool of fluid when she woke up; she was completely dry! TKOG. We can't be sure but it seems the flow has stopped, even though yesterday it was 130 ML. Furthermore she had slept a little better without the tube in her shoulder. We watched Hillsong and Lucinda gave a very good talk. I called Mella and thanked her for the donation. Her British Airways flight on 4 June was cancelled, and she has cancelled her Canadian trip. She wants to be back in South Africa by September, but is worried how much time she'll have at home if more flights are cancelled. A message yesterday from 'Canadians Abroad' stated, "All special flights organized by the High Commission of Canada have departed and there are no plans to coordinate further special flights. As international commercial air travel is only scheduled to resume in Level 1, Canadians planning to return to Canada in the coming months are strongly encouraged to take advantage of these remaining flight options or should make arrangements to remain in South Africa until commercial flights resume. While the High Commission is not in a position to speculate when commercial flights might resume, Canadians should be aware that it could be several months." In the afternoon I surfed a few ACNA and ANiC virtual services. Trump had stated that US churches were all encouraged to open today, but these churches either didn't hear the news or weren't able to react in time, or disagreed with the president. At 7 I joined the weekly GIG Zoom, where some talented young people gave powerful testimonies of the value they recognized in the GIG concept. It had become very windy and by the time we went to bed it was pouring.

Sat May 23
We had breakfast listening to Sarah Brightman's 'Classics;' one great operatic tune after another, but I was thinking that her crown may be taken by Jackie Evancho. At 2 pm we dialled in to the Zoom call with Richard. It was great to see him with his beautiful garden out the window, and looking exceptionally healthy for an 80 year old. He ran over the key ingredients in the products that we can't buy here, like Soulera. He had given me one bottle (worth about $50) when I visited him on our home visit last year. Richard's cancer had been somewhat worse than Laurie-Ann's when he started investigating alternatives to chemotherapy and came up with his strict dietry and supplements regime, based on OGF - Original Glutathione Formula - and he had gven me about 8 bottles because of the trace of cancer in my prostate. Laurie-Ann has been taking that OGF every day since her diagnosis, thanks to this gift from Richard - TKOG - and she still has half a bottle left. L-A went for a rest before the end of the call. She needs breaks two or three times a day. I talked with Richard about GNCM, and he also shared that he has a large and active Soulera downline. We talked about bringing Dave in as a regular GNiTM speaker, following his debut after Easter. I sent three more thank yous to our Iris donors. We were about to watch the 8 pm BBC news when L-A shouted that her tube had come out of her shoulder. We sat down and looked at our options at this time on a Saturday night with the country under curfew. We didn't know how serious it was. I called Mediclinic and got through to the surgical ward where Laurie-Ann had been. After hearing the situation, they said it could wait till Monday, or we could bring her into emergency right away. I felt we needed to eliminate any possibility of harm, so we should get down there asap. We were there in 10 minutes, having seen almost no traffic and certainly no police on the way, and she saw a nurse immediately. I waited in the car. They said there was a choice: a small operation in the theatre to reinsert the tube, which would have to be done in a sterile a way to avoid any risk of infection, or a simpler common sense approach of hooking a plastic envelope over the hole in her shoulder so that any fluid would go into the envelope. This would keep her going until Monday when we could arrange a visit to Arnold Smith, after going to Cape Gate. She chose this option. There was no charge. When we got home I noticed two things; the plastic envelope would never catch any serious flow since it wasn't attached to her shoulder; it was just hanging down from sticking plaster. The other thing I noticed was that there was no flow of liqid from the hole in her shoulder. Maybe, without the suction from the drain box, no fluid would come. We watched the news and the first episode of a new law series: 'Burdon of proof,' a CBC production. We went to bed with the possibility she would wake up in a pool of fluid.

Fri May 22
As I have done every morning for a week now, I emptied the drain box. To do this I first tightened a clip around the plastic tube to stop more fluid lowing into the box. I measured the amount of fluid: 140 ML and noted it down. Then I closed the box. We needed bread so I would have to go out again today, and I first went to Saffran, expecting them still to be closed for Ramadam, but they weren't. It was nice to see the owner after nearly 2 months. There was a semi-socially-distanced queue outside Pick n Pay so I went to Checkers to get bread and the rest of my short list. Richard had replied to my e-mail about L-A's miraculous lack of cancer, saying her would like to have a Zoom call tomorrow to discuss natural product priorities to permanently eliminate any potentially remaining cancer stem cells and return Lauri-Ann's immune system to normal. I said 2pm our time would work well, and then I thanked him warmly for his donation. Around lunch time Laurie-Ann complained of a pain in her chest that she hadn't had before. We examined the drain box and saw it was empty. We looked at the clip on the tube and realized I had forgotten to loosen it, preventing fluid flow from her chest. 15 minutes after loosening it, her pain had reduced, and 30 minutes after that she was back to normal. This was all a major shock to me, the cause of the problem. I resolved to double check every nursing procedure I had been entrusted with from then on. In the evening we watched the final episode of Sanditon, appreciating the fine acting and story greatly. Jane Austen wrote 24,000 words before she died, which was largely covered in the first episode, and Andrew Davies completed it. Plans for a second series were shelved because of a low viewing audience. Then we watched a fine movie, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, also with fine acting. Both films handled romantic aspects with delicacy and understated power. The writers and directors of fine literature and movies must be depressed by the tastes of today's public that shuns quality for special effects, near porn and LGBT content.

Thu May 21
Wherever L-A goes, the drain box goes too. Except when it doesn't. This morning she rose from her chair in front of her breakfast place and forgot about the drain tube. About two feet on her way to her washroom, it reminded her with a tug at her shoulder, where the tube goes in. 15 minutes later she felt fluid leaking out and saw it on her green shirt. I got some gauze and sticking plaster and surrounded the tube where it entered her skin, holding it in place with the plaster. I didn't think it would be a lon-lasting solution. We planned to make red beans and rice in a day or so, and needed more garlic and herb spice, so I drove down town, but found Saffran closed for Ramadan. I went back to the mall and Woolworths where I got the beans and some more of their excellent ready-made meals, but they still didn't have haddock pie, one of our favourites. There was a sign near Anniques saying that one could still buy product from the owner from her home. We received the monthly financial letter from Iris with the good news of a $1274 pay packet from Iris, $500 of which was from Richard, and $100 from Mella! At bed time I took a look at L-A's drain tube, and was surprized to see that the gauze wasn't soaked, and that that we could leave the dressing as it was.

Wed May 20
As I returned from dreamland I had a good idea for the CWCP Lock Down Show. I should continue this show for exactly a month and then start another. Then again after 2 months. This has the advantages of not having too long a playlist, and allows for changes in focus. Next month's show should bring in continuity station IDs bu L-A; in fact she can have some slots this month. We should introduce another genre, folk, which so far has come up in the pop genre. As we progress towards the end of the reel-to-reel tapes we should add in more LPs and CDs. We were both let in to Dr. Smith's office after a temperature check. Mine was 35.5°. Soon we were both in his rooms with him and a nurse. She removed the original bandage from L-A's shoulder, and then a line of sticking plaster. Dr Smith was happy with how it looked so far. As the nurse put on a new bandage I watched carefully so I would be able to repeat this process in 5 days time at home. We then went into Arnold Smith's room and he told us that the post-op tests on L-A's previous left breast and lymph nodes were well withing the margin of cercern in the breast, and there was absolutely no trace of cancer in the lymph nodes! So, no stage 4. He said this was extremely unusual, calling it a miracle. TKOG. He said she should come back in a week to see if the draining needed to be continued. L-A mentioned the blue wart on her leg, and he said he could remove it right now. So they went off to another room and I returned to the waiting room and paid the R6,681 bill for his professional services in the hospital. I worked on the IMC tax problem. I have to admit that I failed to check a box on my personal tax credit returns, resulting in all my tax credits (age, pension) being used by Iris in their calculations of withholding tax, to the extend they withheld almost nome. I would have noticed this a year ago if they had continued sending us payslips. Lynnette had said in a recent e-mail that income was split once there was more than $500 a month. From the 2019 pay reports they had sent recently I could see this had happened very approximately. Why wasn't it exactly? And finally, when it was less than $500, they had reported it as my income. It would have been far better to report it as L-A's, or to split the income regardless of how much there was. I replied to an e-mail from Janis yesterday along these lines. I e-mailed Dianne, Neesa, Phil and James with the good news about L-A's cancer freedom, and forwared the same message to Richard Bendall. L-A was in some pain from the wart extraction, needing extra painkillers. She was busy letting specific people know of the cancer status.

Tue May 19
I had decided to rise at my 8am alarm, but had slept pretty well, not waking between 4 and 8 sufficiently to remember my pain pills, and I didn't remember them at 8am. I emptied L-A's drain box, and there was only half as much fluid as yesterday, 100 ML. At about 10, Anthonica called to ask when I would be able to bring them food, and I said by lunch time. Marie had posted a video on on the Iris Western Cape WhatsApp: DOCTOR WHO PREDICTED COVID-19 ANSWERS ALL, with Dr Zack Bush. Because of Marie I listened to it all while I made breakfast, and L-A listened to a fair amount including the powerful ending. It described the underworld of thousands of viruses, all part of creation since pre-history. It makes an interesting companion to the piece by Dr Will Bulsiewicz - see 1 April below - also posted by Marie. The most disturbing part was to hear that viruses are continually traversing the earth, blowing in the wind. Being landed on by moisture from another infected human is not the only way to contract the illness. Dr Bush had predicted Wuhan as a likely location for a new virus to emerge based on the high air pollution levels, and showed that such environmental factors account for world hotspots. I left at about 11:45 and spent about R485 on staples at Pick n Pay for the Kees famiy. I drove to their house where the door was open but no-one around. After 5 minutes Anthonica emerged from a neighbour's. I opened the trunk and she asked it it was all for them, then took it all in. Tersia showed her face at the door and gave me a brief smile before I left. L-A had received a call from Cape Gate saying we must not come tomorrow for herceptin because a visitor to the Centre had turned out to be Covid positive. Her appointment was switched to next Monday. L-A then called Dr Smith's office and re-set tomorrow's re-bandaging to 11 am. I was feeling unwell and then realized I had missed taking my pain pills. I took them now, with the result that at midnight I still had energy. I was checking my e-mail at 6 and there was an announcement of a Zoom meeting at 7 for Alpha South Africa to speak with Paul Cowley about his new book, 'Thief, prisoner, soldier, priest.' I registered, and at 7 joined the participants. I put the sound onto our living room speaker so L-A could listen too, and I could make the dinner. It was an excellent interview, including parts of Paul's story I had never heared before. After dinner I washed L-A's legs and feet. I was cutting her toenails when I drew blood - quite a lot. We soldiered on, moisturizing. Then we watched an exciting episode of Sanditon. Iris had sent our pay statements for 2019, and I saw immediately there was something amiss with my withholding tax. I had some e-mail correspondence with IMC, and it appeared I filled in my personal tax credit return wrongly. I'll check this out tomorrow.

Mon May 18
This morning I managed to empty L-A's fluid drain box without spilling any, and the volume had reduced to 200 ML. We are still eating and enjoying Wilna's eggs boiled for breakfast. Medical bill are arriving. I paid $10,000 off L-A's TD Visa with the money from donations, leaving a balance of around $7,500. L-A received bills from Pathcare which I printed. After lunch I set out on a bill-settling trip. I started with Pathcare, paying several from the hospitalization and R850 for the Covid-19 test. Then to Mediclinic to pay for the extra day. They kept me waiting a while but I was able to settle up with them and get a ~R2000 discount for prompt paying. Next, to Yvonne Fisher Physiotherapists to pay their R800 for Bronwen. Then I went to see Carica in Fairbairn Pharmacy and got L-A's checking out prescription from Mediclinic, and some Celebrex and Tramacet for me. Then I drove to Dis-chem for voltaren, and I took the opportunity to ask if they had hydroxychloroquine, as recommended by Dolores Cahill and President Trump. They were out of stock - and it was sold on prescription. As I was about to serve dinner, Anthonica called to say they had no food and would I bring them some. I spoke to her and her mother Tersia saying they can't expect me to drop everything, postpone dinner and go shopping for food for them. I said I will bring them food tomorrow, and they need to plan ahead, which is not something many of the township folk are good at. Maybe they will learn from going hungry tonight. We had Woolworth's butter chicken for an early dinner, so L-A could join in 'Touching Hearts' on-line. Unfortunately the bandwidth at Ronel's home was inadequate for the video presentation, and although this affected both the picture and the sound, it was the latter which was the problem. L-A watched it anyway, able to get some sense of meaning from the Afrikaans subtitles. I worked on re-editing the A0 - ALP10 mono pop albums, the defficiencies of which had been apparent when they were broadcast a couple of weeks before. L-A spent some time on her co-operative on-line cancer help groups, learning other ways of handling the pain from the surrounding area of what were the lymph nodes before they had been removed. Manville messaged L-A about 11pm asking for power - they were in the dark. My first inclination was to suggest they went to bed, but I relented and sent him R40 of power, for which he was very grateful. This may have been a case of just running out during curfew rather than having no money to buy electricity, so hopefully he won't be asking again.

Sun May 17
My first night and morning with L-A post-op went quite well. It is hard for her to find a sleeping position that isn't painful. In the morning I helped her dress, and she had some breakfast - Wilna's boiled eggs. At around 9:30 I attempted to emptly her fluid drain box from her lymph nodes. It was my first time, and the box opened unexpectedly, showering the surroundings with blood and water. After cleaning up the mess I poured the liquid into our measuring glass; there were 350 ML. When it gets down below 50 ML in a day the draining will no longer be necessary. Today reminded me of the Mazda ad: zoom zoom. The first was with our cell group, hosted by Gisella, with Jan and us joining. We hadn't seen one another face-to-face in weeks. Jan said that with cases of the virus in Avian Park she wouldn't be going in any more. Gisella said that despite government announcements of food parcels, none had been delivered in Worcester yet. Nik was clearly disappointed by by lack of municiple action in Breede Valley to help people in severe difficulty. Our next connection was with Hillsong where Brian Houston preached, presumably world wide, covering among other subjects the Biblical basis for keeping fit. After our regular tuna sandwich for lunch, L-A watched the service from St. Paul's, and later I watched Arnold Mayorga at Blackburn Hamlet, and afterwards joind in a zoom coffee hour. Arnold had included a 'spiritual communion' in the service, where he and his helper ate and drank, and I had joined in with a cracker and Muscadel. I asked him if I had broken the rules. Essentially he said I had; ACNA/ANiC have issued guidelines that don't allow watchers to take the elements. In other denominations, like Hillsong, watchers are encouraged to join in a 'virtual communion,' as we have been doing. I asked the group who was controlling who's face shows up enlarged on the main Zoom screen, and no-one seemed to know, although someone must have been doing it. I sent a private message about it to Sydney and she said touch the face on the screen; she was talking phones. After trying a few things, I double clicked on the small face of someone who was speaking, and lo and behold, their face appeared enlarged. So I tried my own next time there was a break in the conversation, and I was in. The strange thing now was that noone else was bringing up the faces of people when they spoke, so I continued doing it for whomever was talking until the end of the meeting. So this had been helpful (to me).

Sat May 16
I was actually up when L-A made her morning call to me at 8:15. Dr Botha had seen her and they had talked about recuperation procedures after she comes home today. She won't need rebandaging till Wednesday so we will call Dr. Smith's office on Monday and see if they will let me in to watch a nurse do the procedure, after we get back from Cape Gate. L-A called at about 11:30, ready to be picked up. I was quite excited! It was terrific just to see her, looking well and happy, with a nurse and a porter to help with anything. Just being with her in the car made my day. We stopped at OK Foods and I was able to get fresh raspberries and a bottle of Van Loveren 'Ravishing Rose,' almost zero% alcohol. For some reason the word 'almost' gave a virtual aroma of hope, comfort and excitement. Our only alcohol for more than a month has been thimblefuls of red muscadel for Hillsong communions. She saw the proteas immediately in the big stone vase, and was delighted. After she'd settled on the couch and I had everything in from the car we had coffee and capuchino muffins, with Verdi's Rigoletto on CWCP, and I photographed the proteas, and then her beside them. That one announced her return on FaceBook. In our CWCP broadcast we reached a file of CCM I recorded from Over my Head some years before being involved. about 2000. I e-mailed Dave, Christine, Nick, and Lorne. Lorne actually listened for about an hour, and both Dave and Nick replied to my message. From 7 to about 11:30 we attended an on-line course, "Raising Up Online Media Influencers," put out by Darren Canning, with Sammy Robinson, both of who have massive on-line followings, and were willing to show how they had been achieved. We watched this on the TV as a monitor, so you couldn't see us on the insets of participants unless one of us sat in front of Pink Dell. Although Darren tends to ramble about virtually anything rather than following some kind of structure, we evenually got to the subject matter of the course thanks to Sammy. I wrote two pages of notes, and learned several actions that I should take to grow our base, particularly responding to likes with messages, and boosting Facebook posts, though Darren has found that main benefits of boosts occure with small ones - $10 - rather than much larger where diminishing returns set in. There were good tips on monetizing your channels and raising funds on-line. The fact is that there is plenty of money availanle when people are connected and motivated to help, as we found with the masectomy appeal. Near the end they had words of knowledge for partcipants, including us; Darren spoke over both of us.

Fri May 15
L-A woke me with a call about 8:30. She sounds in good spirits as she described the processes of changing bandages and drainage cups. She hadn't been able to reach the call button during the night, had got frustrated, needing voltarin for her shoulder, and as is her wont had started praying loudly in tongues. This achieved the objective of getting attention. I boiled one of Wilna's huge eggs for breakfast. It must have had the volume of two regular eggs, and twice the taste! Lottie Williams called me. Her english is better than I had thought. She gave the phone to Chantelle, who asked if I could send her power and bring her food. I said I would do both and wrote down her meter number. I flashed up Powertime and discovered I had sent her power before - to a different meter. I called Chantelle and challenged her, and she accused Anthonica of somehow diverting power from me to her meter. I don't know who is telling the truth here but I don't think it matters; they all need power and we can help. While Chantelle stayed on the line I bought R100 of power and dictated her the numbers. L-A called to say Dr. Smith had visited, and was suggesting she stayed a further day, and that since he was off tomorrow his colleague Dr. Botha would discharge her. Dave Kemp has sent another donation of $1,130 from his parishioners! Eternal Hope has been incredibly generous to us. In the afternoon I went to Pick n Pay downtown and bought groceries for Lottie, about R500 worth. I thought it would have been nearer R300, so maybe prices have risen. But somehow I didn't mind. People had given us more than we need at this time (but will surely need later) and I should give more than Lottie needs. She will share with the friends who are her eyes, and that's fine. I drove to her house in OVD and unloaded. A friend helped her take it inside. She was happy and will even find a chocolate treat. I then drove to the mall, Checkers entrance, and saw a long line waiting for checkers. I asked a doorkeeper if they had cut flowers, and he pointed out some bunches quite near the door. I started walking to the end of the queue, but he ran after me and drew my attention to the nearby kiosk which had proteas galore available. The lady offered me a special price before I said a word. She then selected the best 10 and wrapped them. This would really please L-A! At home I did the monthly wire transfer, adding quite a bit for contingencies. Jan Buchanan sent me a video link on Whatsapp on the Dave Cullen Show on YouTube, where on 11 May he interviewed Dolores Cahill, an Irish immunology specialist turned politician, and asked my opinion of it. She has very wide expeience in epidemiology, has worked for significant organizations and run her own companies. Her main focus now seems to be the Irish Freedon Party. It's about 45 minutes; I watched it all, making notes to respond to Jan. Here's what I wrote: "She's an anti-vaxxer. She's promoting herd immunity. She says hydroxychloroquine clears up the disease in a few days. If she's right, the rest of the world's expertise is wrong. Herd immunity is not being promoted at all - it is a dirty word. They are suggesting the problem is the media, but generally the media are reporting medical opinion. And yet some of her points have compelling logic. She could be promoting her own conspiracy theory or she could be right and the world's other experts could be wrong. Trump has been vilified for promoting hydroxychloroquine. Today he announced a massive effort to develop a vaccine by Christmas, apparently independently of the EU initiative. She says the chance of actually developing a working vaccine is zero. I would hate to be a senior politician trying to choose a policy. But - if she's right, Brazil's Bolsinaro has the right approach - yet the deaths there are huge. In the US, if she's right, there shouldn't be 86,000 deaths by now. And if she's right, she's on her own in the scientific community as far as I read what's happening. So, I'm not ready to share the video (yet), partly because I feel rather conflicted and I don't want to conflict others unless I'm certain of something." I sent the video to James for his opinion.

Thu May 14
I rose at 8 to a call from L-A who had a difficult night, being unable to sleep without shoulder pain. She can't sleep on her front, and gets restless on her back after some time, so will attempt to lie on her side, which causes this pain. (I have the same problem, but to a milder degree, with my bursitis, and nothing like as bad as it used to be). The nurses have been admiring her drain bag. On her second night the amount of fluid drained had been way less than the first night, maybe too good to be true(?) This is the factor that will determine whether she can come home tomorrow. Then I spent nearly two hours cleaning her washroom, and rationalizing her chest of drawers. I then enjoyed my 2-boiled egg breakfast, as I had for the last two days. CWCP reached the first appearance of a Good News in the Morning archive - the earliest program I have. I took an hour just to sit and listen to its power. CWCP has been running non-stop for 2 weeks and played about 3% of our collection, so far concentrating on audio files digitized from reel-to-reel tapes, of which I had about 200. I worried about Marsha's family without power or food and wondered if Marco would be able to deliver her a food parcel. Wilna, our police friend and mother of Liam called about 2 pm and said she had boxes for me if I could meet her outside the Hooggelegen gate in a few minutes. I didn't know what these boxes might contain. It turned out they were groceries - lots. There were 30 very very large eggs. She said the groceries were for us, but there was way more than we could get through. I separated them into three grocery bags, very ful, and some loose addititional vegetables, and 3 egg boxes, full. I kept 8 of the eggs and through out a few broken ones. I took the re-bagged groceries with me when I went down to get Bella. She got the first bag, and I walked the second one to Janelia's. As we drove to Dr Hofmeyr's I wondered if this really would be the day when Bella would come out with a brand new smile. We waited a while, I reading 'Truth in Love,' before they called her into the surgery. Half an hour later, she had teeth, and a very happy face! I took some photos, and then settled the bill. It was very close to what Dr Hofmeyr had quoted months ago when he started with the extractions. The grand total was R7,891. Outside the building I took more photos, and one was particularly pleasing. As we approached her home I told her it was not likely I'd be seeing her again, and wished her well in university, and then prayed for her. Her grandmother's face when she saw her new smile is imprinted on my memory, and she was literally jumping with joy. I then drove to Marsha's and gave them the third box. Marsha wasn't there but plenty of others who live in the house were, and excited. I asked her sister to have Bella to message me, and I would send power. As I drove home I thought how extraordinary that Wilna had appeared unexpectedly at exactly the right time that on one of my last drives into Avian Park I would be able to bring food for three families. Marsha did message me during the evening, so they would be able to cook something.

Wed May 13
I took the drain bag, and the very smart mask to Therden and Paula's house by 8:50 and gave it to Paula. Therden will give it to L-A this morning. L-A called me at about 8:30 as I was driving and she sounded better than yesterday; she had slept quite well. Most of the morning was spent sending thank you messages to our wonderful donors. We received 4 more donations! I brought Bella to her third dental appointment, which turned out not to complete the job; we'll be back tomorrow. As we drove back to Avian Park I mentioned that lock down had worked in her favour; under previous expectations she would have had to walk to the dentist every afternoon. Marsha found her way to Copples western Cape Facebook, asking for power and food. I said I would give her power if she would message me from her own Facebook messenger (so that I can provide her the electricity code number). We are Facebook friends, and her FaceBook, unlike most of them, is actually in her own name. At some stage during the day, L-A was moved to another ward - which had no other patients. The reason was that a new admission was brought into the ward where she had been, who had not been tested for Covid-19. Before retiring I posted a status report on L-A's progress so far onto a number of WhatsApps and groups. There was a dialogue going on between Laurie-Ann and Jan about Marsha needing food, and apparently Jan will arrange a food parcel. I supplied Marsha's address.

Tue May 12
It's 5:20 on the morning of the masectomy. L-A is dressed and just came out of the bedroom. She has everything she'll need in her rucksack. A13 S2 Ch1 is playing, and one of my all time favourite tunes came up: Andy Gibb's 'Something I ain't;' I have never listened to the words before but it's a variation on the thems of Goodluck's 'Be yourself.' Every so often she asks me to do something for her. I'm going to really miss that for 3 days. I'm not looking forward to the next 3 days at all. I have actually loved lock down and the two of us together 24 hours a day, and particularly with both enjoying CWCP's stream of gold. We need to get going in the next 5 minutes.
It's now 8:40, and Laurie-Ann is surely in the operating theatre, probably being anaesthetised by now. I'm praying that nothing unexpected will be found suggesting the cancer has spread, and that every cell is removed.
At 11:15 a call came through from a nurse to say that the surgery was complete and she is fine. Relief! That sounds as if all went as planned, what we have prayed for ... I have been working on my inbox; there were more donations this morning. Listening to CWCP all the time, the soundtrack of my life. Sadly, I am the only one listening most of the time. There has been another listener - just one - occasionally.
L-A sent an e-mail at 12:52, and a second, to me, at 1 pm. That's a good sign - to be back on line so soon.
She called me in the afternoon sounding quite groggy, but she thinks the Plan is on track. She wanted me to get a drain bag to her, which had arrived by courier today. I will get it to Dr Therden van Heerden, the head of Emergency at Mediclinic, who is a friend, and he will give it to her. He visited her earlier today, which was very encouraging because she can't have other visitors.
In other news, I took Bella to her next dental appointment with Dr Hofmeyr. There will be a third, and final(?) appointment with him tomorrow. I spent some hours on thank you messages to our very kind and generous donors.

Mon May 11
Spent the morning cleaning up some of the music files that are currently broadcasting. In 2017 when I digitized the A0 - A10 side ones I decided to create a large number of pseudo albums by individual artists rather than leaving them as they were on the original tapes. What I didn't do at the time was delete material that was now moved to another file. So as the selection played, for last night and all of today, there were duplicates, sudden breaks, and substandard section. I must do a thorough job rechecking all these files. I collected Bella from Avian Park, plus the copy of 'From the Guttermost to the Uttermost' that we's lent her, and was please to see she had the mask I had given her weeks ago. We drove to Dr. Hofmeyr's surgery to have the impression made for her denture. She seems in good spirits and has not been going hungry. She's also excited about her new teeth! Once she was in the waiting room, I drove to Laslappies to get a second mask for L-A for Mediclinic. There had them in several colours and I chose blue. She wouldn't take my R200 note because it had a small tear, so I paid the R30 with MasterCard, and drove to FNB. where I successfully deposited the damaged note, and then drew out another R200 worth from another machine. Bella was ready shortly after I got back; all had gone well. We have another appointment for tomorrow afternoon. I took her home and then went straight home. Around 5pm, Dave Kemp called on Zoom. He said that there was a further $1,500 that would be coming our way. When I mentioned that our target had been reached he strongly recommended we accept the money as insurance against unexpected needs going forward. I was persuaded. He said that liquor stores in Ontario had stayed open in the lock down on the grounds that dependent people would be messed up badly without it. A result of this was shelters for abused women had filled up. I told him that South Africa had banned liquor sales precisely to reduce family abuse. South Africa sonsumes a lot more alcohol than Canada per person. I cooked a roast chicken dinner with the trimmings for L-A; like a last supper before the knife. We watched the next episode of Sanditon and went to bed about 10:30. Throughout the day messages of comfort and hope and caring have come into Laurie-Ann's in-boxes and social media. So many people in the different subsets we are members of are making their love known to her. We can sense prayer from many in different countries. Some of the prayers are for me. This is a wonderful launching pad for what she'll be undertaking tomorrow morning at about 8 am.

Sun May 10
We watched 10 am Hillsong Church on the line, with a Mother's Day special. The communion was led by an engaging youth pastor in Johannesburg. They have totally nailed the technology, as the action switches between different locations and different parts of the service. I went shopping in the mall because we were out of some things, but since the Mall was quiet I got most things we'll (actually I'll, for most of it) need for the coming week.

Sat May 9
Spent much time processing continuing donations and thanking the larger donors. Eternal Hope sent us $2,000 that Dave had collected just from parishioners not familiar with money transfers - we may never know the names. He also sent $200 of his own. In addition to that he forwarded a version of Laurie-Ann's appeal e-mail to ANiC clergy in the 5 local churches, which resulted in significant gifts from two pastors.

Fri May 8
L-A had Mailchimped a new health update yesterday afternoon, which resulted in almost immediate responses. People read the word 'mastectomy' and started to give. Over the next two days more than 40 people sent us money including some major donations around the $1,000 mark and more. I couldn't keep up with the processing the gifts, by Paypal and e-Transfer. When I had gone to bed last night there were numbers of donations still sitting in my inbox. I continued on in the morning, and the donations were still coming in faster than I could accept them. What a good problem to have! Some were particularly touching, like Kathy's parents, and Kathy and James, (my sister) Dianne, and Bishop Rudolph and Lesline McEwan, who have run a black church in Ottawa for nearly 45 years. When Laurie-Ann meets someone, she always makes a warm impression on them, and even years later they will respond like this. The only reason I won't mention more is privacy, but I would like to shout their names from the rooftops - or at least on radio. We met the R7,000 target on Saturday morning, and the surplus will cover the remaining medical expenses. I suggested to two large donors that I not process their gifts once it was clear the target was met. We received a message from Canotek Self Storage that we need to pay them more money unless we would be picking up our goods by 5 May. The monthly rate is $180.80. So I paid for 2 months extension, which will take us to 5 July, and if we need to extend further we must do so by 5 June.

Thu May 7
We got to Pathcare for L-A's Covid-19 test about 9:30, to find that the tests were via a separate door. L-A managed to get there with the walker and a welcome from the nurses - not the same ones she knew well. I left her there and drove to Chantelle's house in Manikin St. This was the deepest I have been in the township during lock down. She came out immediately and I gave her the R100, and she asked for another R20 for the taxi. I also saw Anthonica, but didn't speak to her, wishing to keep risk to a minimum. There seemed little interest in social distancing in Avian Park. I saw the odd face mask. L-A phoned to say she was ready and I got back in 10 minutes. I recorded another station ID to precede Christian material. Then I re-did the program selection with Foobar on Pink Dell, which is newer and faster. Further, I added Christian material every cycle after jazz, the first one being the first Worcester Report. At 11:35 - CWCP 24/7 began. The sound quality was way better. The problem will be that if we want to use Pink Dell and the TV for watching the news and Showmax, the radio program will have to take a break. Well, so be it. It would be nice for CWCP to start in 24/7 mode today, a week after the last Worcester Report. I updated the Copples Western Cape Radio page to describe the new setup, mentioning the service might stop for a couple of hours during the SA evening. I made up a collage on Picassa showing the CWCP logo surrounded by John Coltrain, Kurt Cobain, Keith and Melody Green, Michael Jackson and a symphony orchestra. I advertized the new service on our Facebooks: "RADIO ALERT: FOR YOUR LOCKDOWN LISTENING! On 7 May 2020, at 10:30 am SA time, CWCP Radio switched to 24/7 format, playing through our very extensive music library. pop, rock, jazz, classical, folk, and Christian. Tune in here any time of day or night: (click on 'Listen live') This is your new go-to station for music to accompany your day. This music really has been, and still is the accompaniment of our lives." I put the radio ad and the collage on a number of WhatsApp groups, and I tweeted it. I was really enjoying listening to my music on our radio station. The sound quality is excellent. I haven't listened to some of these earlier 'tapes' in years, yet my memory cells retain enough of the music for it to be a delight for me. So I can listen all day without 'radio fatigue.' More important perhaps, Laurie-Ann seems to enjoy it too! We halted the radio stream from about 8:30 to watch the news, and then Sanditon, a Jane Austin series which proved quite entertaining. L-A then watched Stargate. We were back on air about 11:30. By midnight, we had had one listener for part of the time.

Wed May 6
I should have checked my e-mail before calling Elsabe at Dr. Arnold Smith's office. There is a date for Laurie-Ann's mastectomy - this Tuesday 12 May in Mediclinic. This is good. Mediclinic require her to have a Covid-19 test by tomorrow. Suddenly I'm looking at the world through different eyes. It's good things are happening fast. I don't think she would have had the surgery this soon in Ottawa. It has happened here partly because of the excellent Dr. Smith and her relationship with him and Hanlie Du Toit. I worked hard at editing the classical tapes, then the final batch of rock albums, and continuing with the medical expenses. Then I backed up the red disk with the black disk - only the modified or new files. I wrote out a program schedule, pop, then classical, then jazz, then back to pop, etc. I lined up enough programs for about 4 days playing time using Foobar 2000. I set up my second computer on a box in front of the modem with the black disk, turned on the Raspberry Pi and started broadcasting. The quality was sub standard, even allowing for the fact that these transcriptions had been from 50 year old tape. There was a blip in the playback timing every few seconds, which I was partly expecting because that computer is fairly old and slow. I let it run for a couple of hours, simultaneously doing a disk clean and defrag, noticing every so often some serious distortion. The sound was similar to a problem I have with the original digitizing, which now I have to live with, but it only comes up about once an hour on some tapes. This was happing for much longer, much more frequently. Clearly that computer is not up to the job, speedwise. I stopped the broadcast. Chantelle phoned to ask if we would give her R100 for a new phone. Something happened to the one she'd had access to before. I felt we should do this. She also mentioned her brother was having a 21st birthday party tomorrow.

Tue May 5
40th day of lock down for South Africa. Jesus was locked up in the desert for that long without food! In contrast we have eaten well, and had each other all the time, and weren't tempted. I woke up quite tired. Editing audio files and classifying medical expenses all day probably drains one. L-A was nauseous, and so was I this morning, so maybe there's something else going on, but it's not Covid. Chantelle messaged L-A asking if I would send power to her (blind) grandmother, and she provided the meter number. I sent her R70 worth. She sent another message asking if I would bring her family coffee and sugar. She also found her way on to WhatsApp and sent me a message. It's good when one of the girls uses WhatsApp - it can allow us to stay in touch in the future very easily. Darren Canning is advertizing an 'Impact Social Media Course' on 16 May for $50 which I decided to do, and signed up. Jiri Soukup sent a message that he has a new belle, Nellie, and when I asked for more info send me some photos. Good for him; she's perfect for him. He also said he would send us money towards the medical costs, which he indeed did. Around 4 pm I drove to the mall for groceries, and also got a food bag for Chantelle; more than she had asked for. The mall was far less busy than yesterday morning. I drove down to Avian Park to find business as usual. Children and young people in groups without a thought of social distancing. In Manikin Street I immediatley saw Chantelle, and I gestured to her to open the passenger door, and pick up the bag. I got on my way back to home. we had an excellent chicken tikka for dinner, and apple madiera for desert. L-A had discovered that the first season of 'For the People' would soon stop running in Showmax, so we watched two episodes. Then back to writing this and a few more audio file editings.

Mon May 4
Seeing the Doug Macleod video on Vimeo gave me some ideas. I also uploaded Richard Carr's opening at the same event in Alcorn Studios, now Gig Space. Then I made an audio file containing both the CKCU interviews with Doug in 2011. After posting the videos, and this audio, to Home Movies, I e-mailed the link to Doug, Richard, and Mario Pronovost. Then I sent the link of the audio file to Dylan Hunter at CKCU to see if he wants to use it for a lock down program. I needed a prescription and some pain meds urgently, so I went out on this first day of the slightly relaxed lock down, stage 4, and found many people out and about. I got my prescription from Dr. Eric's office, and then saw Carica for the pills. I drove to the mall for a few items, and it was as full as pre-lock down. I got into Dis-Chem fairly easily, but did not brave the long queues for Pick n Pay or Woolworth's. I will return tomorrow when the rush will have reduced. Much of the day was (a) edit an audio file of one of the reel-to-reel tapes, save it (takes 10 minutes, sometimes more) and while it's saving (b) log a few medical expenses so they can earn tax relief, then back to (a). Sometimes for (b) I would read a few more pages of Kevin's book, 'Truth in love,' and learn a little about ministering to Muslims. By late evening, I realized that I hadn't needed a magnifying glass to do either the reading or the logging, and a couple of weeks ago I would have. As far as I am aware, cateracts don't heal. So what is going on with my eyes?

Sun May 3
I was up by 8:30 editing classical audio files. We watched 'Church on the Line' from Hillsong at 11:30. In the afternoon I watched Dave's service. Whe it was done I e-mailed him about his appearance on Good News in the Morning without telling him. I needed to have something useful to do, other than computing, while audio files were being saved - 15 minutes or more for the longer ones. I realised I could start preparing the medical expenses for the tax return. It's grunge work but it doesn't need a computer. I also should back-up the red drive before using it or the red drive back-up drive for full time broadcasting. Laurie-Ann was having quite bad pain in her right breast. We hope and believe that it is referred pain, and not the cancer spreading. Over night I uploaded the film I made of Doug Macleod in Ottawa in 2011.

Sat May 2
Tim Whitehead gave me permission to run material that is not obviously Christian on CWCP radio. So, once I can prepare a few more station IDs, we can get started, with Pink Dell running continually. I was able to find the Alpha Canada webinar with Nicky on line, and post to Facebook. The part that really got me was when Nicky said his own sister had never attended Alpha, or listened to him speak. It upsets me when I hear about wives of authors who never read one of their husband's books, and similar cases that are the antithesis of encouragement. Well, this story had a happy ending. His sister joined an Alpha on-line. People will avoid doing something for a lifetime for fear of what their friends will think of them, but when the friends can't see, they'll drop their fears. Nicky believes this explains the unexpected success of Alpha on-line. I prepared six station ID's for the new CWCP project, and was even thinking of starting tonight. Then I realized that the red disk would have to run 24/7 to make it work, and there were still many digitized but unedited music files on the red disk awaiting my time to edit them, which I can't do if the disk is full time plugged in for radio transmissions. So I decided to (1) only broadcast in the first instance the music from the reel-to-reel tapes, and (2) to edit all the outstanding audio files of music from reel-to-reel tapes. I started immediately, and by midnight had completed all 12 of the jazz tapes. Laurie-Ann had mentioned that we could watch Showmax on the big TV fed from pink Dell. We watched an episode of 'For the People' on the TV, and it seemed to be better that the previous episodes, but maybe it was the bigger screen effect.

Fri May 1
I sent an e-mail to Miranda at Arnold Smith's office, asking again when we might hear something about the scheduling of the mastectomy - but by the end of the day had no reply. Lynn sent a further batch of tax forms by WhatsApp, and I went through them all, selecting the best when there were duplicates, but there was no T4A for my pension (AVP credit). So I e-mailed Katerina Gantcheva: "IG appears to have forgotten to issue me a T4A for my AVP credit that ended 15 April 2019." She forwarded it so I should hear something by early next week. Meantime I have plenty to progress on my tax return because Katerina was able to confirm we can claim out-of-country medical expenses. I drove to Dr Eric's office to collect my prescriptions (they had called me on Wednesday) but the office was closed, possibly for Worker's Day. I bought some sugar and took it down to Marsha's, where I was greeted like Santa. We watched the movie
Hiding in plain sight showing the plight of God-fearing people living rough with families in the US.

Thu April 30
By now we really expected to have heard from Arnold Smith, with a date and a quote for the mastectomy. At one point, showing her stress in this, Laurie-Ann even asked me if we should find another surgeon, after having praised Arnold Smith many times as someone she really respected. I knew she didn't mean it for a moment. Neesa e-mailed me saying she was worried that I hadn't joined the siblings e-mail conversation, and had gone to my blog to see if I was still alive! I replied just to her; told her about the mastectomy and that I hadn't wanted to post until I had information on the date and the cost. I now decided I shouldn't wait any longer. I replied-all, explaining my delay, and in quite a long message gave an overall status. We watched a webinar with Shaila Visser interviewing Nicky Gumbel about Alpha during lock down, and it turns out that a new concept of Alpha on-line, which Nicky admitted he thought would never fly has become a runaway success, with, for example, HTB starting new courses weekly, and Alpha USA starting courses daily! Bandwidth calculations suggest we have had the equivalent of 500 listeners to the full live Worcester Reports + podcast. However, very few listen to the full program, so lets say that meand 1000 listeners. This could be anything between 1000 all listening just once in the 2 years, or 10 listening to each show. I started a list of the 100 programs with guests, subject and hits. I didn't start using Bitly to count the hits until program 16, but the next 10 programs had an average of 10 listeners, higher than I had expected. I spent quite a lot of time on the final Worcester Report. Laurie-Ann's interview was good. We agreed to reprise the very first Ways to Grow in God, and I added other segments from the first program including the 38 genres of music. Laila's track 'Sugar' allowed me to mention the sugar addiction here, and we also played Alpha Waves in the main part of the show, which we ended with The Kiffness' 'A South African Blessing.' Then I added several more tracks from 'Out of Dust' where normally we would end with soaking. Here's the result.

Wed April 29
Washed two panties. (24 hours later when I edited this I rmembered, and went into the back yard to retrieve them from the washing line.) We left for Cape Gate at 10:30. L-A dutifully in the back seat and ready to put on her mask should another human (other than I) get within a metre of her. It is a real pleasure to get out, particuarly for L-A, and today the weather, and the mountain views were gorgeous. 'This is the day that the Lord has made,' indeed. There was one police stop, shortly before Okavango. I waved our Cape Gate pass and he waved us on. When L-A had gone into the oncology centre, I took a photo of us parked in a parking lot with the centre in the background. I later sent this to Sandy Hammond so she knows how immensely valuable to us is the gift of the loan of her car. I read some more of Kevin Daly's book, 'Truth in love,' as she went in for the herceptin injection. Half an hour later we were on our way home, with one stop just before the tunnel when I was asked for my driver's licence, and whether we had come from the hospital. I took food to Marsha's family, somewhat more than she had asked - but had forgotten sugar which she specifically did ask for. Pelikaan Street was deserted, and I gave the food to her sister since Marsha was of course elsewhere. I thought it would be good to feature Laila's latest album on tomorrow's Worcester Report, and we agrred about its quality so I bought it from iTunes. I advertized tomorrow's Worcester Report on FaceBook and several WhatsApp groups, and edited half of the interview with Laurie-Ann. I watched 'How to steal a country,' the history of state capture in SA by the Gupta family. Watch the trailer. What a crime this was by Jacob Zuma, who has never been punished and has plenty of supporters who believe him innocent! Thank heaven that Cyril Ramaphosa beat him, though not by much in the 2016 election, who then had the mammoth task of rebuilding trust in a government permeated by corrupt ministers. I can't imaging the chaos had Zuma presided over the Coronavirus crisis. It wasn't as if the Gupta's were experienced in State Capture, but they were natural masters at exploiting business opportunities in a way that put senior officials in their pockets. These officials were already being well paid, but they were all greedy, and though many had fought hard against Aparteid, they had no hesitation building wealth at the expense of the poorest. Today the Guptas are back in India enjoying their huge ill-gotten gains.

Tue April 28
I awoke with Ramaphosa's words still on my mind. I know we are in the first group, with the relatively pleasant living for lock down, which comes with responsibilities. There was one thing I could do, today. Lottie Williams, Chantelle's blind grandmother is alone and surely not eating much. I had last taken her food on 2 April. I hand washed three underpants (I refuse to say pairs of underpants; 3 pairs would surely be 6 pants!) and put them on the line in our back yard. I wonder how the ladies who work so hard in the Hippo Washeteria are faring. Magda, the owner can't have been paying them wages during a month of lock down. They would receive unemployment benefits if they were registered for UIF. Carica replied to my message on Sunday saying that there are no more refils of my meds available, so I e-mailed Dr Eric asking if he would prepare prescriptions. I have enough Celebrex for a week. Carica asked us to film interviews from us to the Legacy Relay chilfren and their parents with messages of encouragement for the lock down, so L-A did a good and detailed one, and I took an easier approach, singing them 'This is the Day,' and following with encouragement to have a routine, revise school work, and pray. Marsha sent L-A a FB message saying they had no food and asking if I might bring potatoes, rice and sugar. About 3:45 I drove to downtown Pick n Pay with several grocery bags, and purchased appropriate survival provisions for Lottie, and some treats like coffee. She was sitting in her doorway with a friend and was so pleased to hear me, since she wasn't expecting it. I attempted to give her the bags while maintaining social distancing! I was at least wearing my mask. Then I drove to the mall and bought our food for the next week, including a few things that we wouldn't normally afford from Woolworths as special treats. I was the last to leave Woolworths and the last to enter Dis-Chem at 5. At home I cooked spaghetti bolognese which I haven't done in a long time, but it was fine, and I had now learned how to do it for the future. We listened to Laila's new album, 'Out of Dust' as we ate and were both very impressed. After dinner I interviwed L-A about the colouring book for the final Worcester Report on Thursday.

Mon April 27 - Freedom Day in South Africa.
Worked on our tax return, starting with the T5008 forms which cover capital gains on iProfile and take a while to complete. I was keying in the Iris T4 data and noticed I had $3,000 more incolme that L-A. I queried ths with Janis, suggesting that if the income hadn't been split she should have Lynette the tax person redo and re-issue. I can't find my T4A, or T3s, so asked Janet, then Katerina for them, but she could only find what Janet had found previously. So I asked Lynn to photograph then and send them. Dave Kemp asked if I could trim his service on FaceBook live. I googled the problem and it came up with Downvids that will download FaceBook videos (and possibly any video you have a URL for). I then trimmed it with Windows 10 video editor and posted it on my FB where Dave can get it. It may also be possible for him to do the trimming in situ - see Trim Facebook videos. I listened to Cyril Ramaphosa's speech for Freedom Day, when he said “Some people have been able to endure the coronavirus lockdown in a comfortable home with a fully stocked fridge, with private medical care and online learning for their children." “For millions of others, this has been a month of misery for breadwinners not working, for families struggling to survive.”

Sun April 26
We watched Hillsong at 11:30 and sent a small donation - they are doing amazing work delivering food parcels to the poorest in Cape Town. The virtual service is now very professional. In the afternoon I toured virtual ANiC, ending up at Anchor Anglican Church, Fowey in Cornwall, England, part of The Anglican Mission in England, analogous to ANiC. I added several videos to 'Home Movies.' including 'A Festival of Faith' (Allen Churchill (and I)), and Cloudcroft 2015. We both felt we had too much to get on with in the evening to watch any Showmax.

Sat April 25
I felt tired and had a lie in until after 10; don't ever remember doing that before, but my body needed it and there was no huge reason why it couldn't have it. I produced Brian Wilkie's GNiTM. During breakfast we listened to Dee-Gay radio, coming from Rome, a Coronavirus hotspot. I had the idea to post my on-line radio page to FaceBook so others could tap into some excellent stations. I looked at another way to charge GNCM for a portion of my NCF web hosting bill. On the NCF stats pages I was able to total up the storage used by - 10.28 GB, and my total storage 17.26 GB. This would mean billing them $202, which was more reasonable than the bandwidth calculation. It had the merit of being based on the website since inception, not just activity in the past year. I constructed an invoice and sent it to Dave. I WhatsApped Carica asking if I have any refills left on my three meds, Tramacet, Celebrex and Uromax. I finally started on my 2019 tax return. I still had some IG pension income, so still must file a business income report for it, but there are very limited espenses to claim against it. We watched the rest of Liz and Dick after the third episode of 'We the People.' which we are beginning to get into. I don't think we would have understood much of it had we not been educated by 'The Good Wife,' and 'Suits.' I tweeted on GNCMdotca about Brian Wilkie's sermon from last Sunday being used on tomorrow's GNITM. When I went to bed I noticed I only have enough Tramacet for 5 days, and not many more days of Celebrex.

Fri April 24
I recorded Brian Wilkie's sermon from St. Andrews Christian Church Rockland YouTube channel last Sunday. It was excellent, focusing on immediately post Easter. He brings well known Biblical stories into sharp focus. I felt that we should put it out this Sunday, even though he has been the preacher for the past two weeks. I ran the idea past Richard and he agreed. During the day I produced the program and listened to samples on our speaker. It sounded fine, with an echo clearly from the church, thougth not inhibiting clarity. Attie from Grondbeurs phoned to say, in answer to my e-mail on Wednesday that we can stay here for May! It's a simple thing to say, but really good news, in view of Laurie-Ann's surgery. TKOG. I replied to Peter Dunn at the Ottawa Hospital and the other addressees including Dr Pitt and Arnold Smith, telling them of the need for the mastectomy here, and soon. I attached a copy of the PET scan report. I also commented that there are no cases of Coronavirus yet in Worcester, another reason for going ahead with it. He replied that he would reset the date for further contact with the Ottawa Hospital to early July, and said he had filed the PET scan report. I made an audio file of my talk on CWCP Radio, alone, and uploaded it, and then put a link to it at the top of my Faith Page, calling it Testimony 2020.
Dave Kemp had suggested I invoice GNCM for a portion of the funds I send to the National Capital Freenet in Ottawa which hosts my web site, and also the Good News in the Morning podcasts. To figure out the portion that GNiTM accounts for I went to the analysis pages on NCF. The first thing I noticed was a significant rise in bandwidth used by the podcasts since the beginning of this year. It is possible, even likely, that this was in response to Coronavirus, with people world wide turning back to God. I sent this e-mail to the GNCM preachers and board members to encourage them:

I was just studying the statistics on National Capital Freenet where all the podcasts are posted, 
and wanted to report the following.
At the current time the top 6 countries accessing are:
1. Russian Federation, by a significant margin Bandwidth used has been rising substantially. 2. USA Here are representative months since June 2019: 3. France June 2019 5.29 GB 4. China Aug 13.68 GB 5. Canada Dec 33.90 GB 6. Germany Jan 2020 75.24 GB Mar 63.86 GB When one person listens to the whole of one program, it would use about 20 MB. So 63 GB suggests 3000 listeners to one program a month, or 750 a week. This does not mean 750 tuning into the latest podcast; it could be (for example) 150 tuning into 5 different podcasts selected from all of them available. If someone reads the transcript on the blog, instead of listening, it uses way less bandwidth, meaning there are many more people who are either listening or reading. It is possible the surge since January is linked to Coronavirus; people seeking out God in times of trouble and having more time during lock down. For some reason the Easter program by Brian 2 weeks ago attracted a lot of attention, originally broadcast in 2015. Individual programs seldom show up on the stats. This coming Sunday I want to feature the sermon Brian preached last Sunday at St Andrew's which I pulled down from his website (unless you have a problem with my doing that, Brian). With this new source we don't need to go the archives for future programs. Blessings to all.

I analysed the bandwidth used by GNiTM podcasts over the past year - 355 GB - and the total bandwidth used on my websites - 450 GB. The difference included 15GB for CWCP Radio. I wasn't sure it this was the best way to determine the proporion of the $340 I had paid to NCF; it would mean billing them $265, which seemed a lot. Something else I read in the stats was that there are many more readers of this journal than I had expected, and also of my daily devotions. I had assumed both were going out into a black hole. L-A cooked red beans and rice, which were nourishing and nice for several suppers. We watched a second installment of 'We the People,' and then the 10 pm BBC World News, on Showmax, since the TV is still not working. We also watched half of a movie called Liz and Dick, about the love affair between Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. We called Steve, Laurie-Ann's dad, and I told him the news about the mastectomy. He is handling lock down very well, but sounded tired. Lock down does that to you, even when you aren't doing much.

Thu April 23
As I woke I had two subjects on my mind that were not included in my talk: firstly the fast that some of it was my conjecture rather than Biblical or the opinion of theologists, and secondly I hadn't talked about prayer. I got on with editing what I already had, and when complete the talk turned out to be about 18 minutes. There was a message in my inbox from Gary Bielert with a link to a song by Jackie Evancho who I had never heard of, but this recording of her at 11, called 'To Believe,' stopped me in my tracks. At breakfast we talked about including a repeat of an earlier 'Way to grow in God,' and the one I thought would fit well was on hope. She had done parts 1 and 2 of hope on successive shows. This could be fitted in because my talk was relatively short. I started writing out a script to add the additional subjects, and recorded them, edited, and added them in. Now there was about 25 minutes - fine. The song 'To believe' spoke both to my talk and to 'Ways' on hope, so I placed it between parts 1 and 2 of hope. By chance I noticed another Jackie Evancho track, recorded at her age 18 singing Nessum Dorma. This could come after Hope part 2. Soon the program was complete, after adding some light relief with The Kiffness. Arnold Smith phoned Laurie-Ann. He had spoken with Hanlie du Toit and the story had changed completely. Their recommendation was for a radical mastectomy (meaning lymph nodes as well) as soon as possible. The cancer is aggressive and we can't risk losing the benefits of the chemo and having to repeat it. Laurie-Ann asked him to make the appointment and send her the quotation. This plan takes advantage of the fact that in Worcester at present the hospitals have no Coronavirus patients, allowing her surgery to proceed. One doesn't know for how long this will be the case. So we both knew it is best for her. Nevertheless, it's all a bit scary for L-A. She is keeping very busy to stop her mind dwelling on it. On the 'My Father's House' WhatsApp, Jan told a bad story. Food parcels are being given out by several organizations in Avian Park, and a group had gathered at the library expecting food, but it never arrived. So they walked to the Shoprite truck and demanded free food. The police preserved order, but Shoprite drove off, and will not be returning. One more example of how the mindset of many here works against their own best interests. Clearly an attitude of entitlement had already emerged as food parcels began arriving. Jan, Kevin and Jan van Rooyen have been tireless bringing foot to the hungry in Avian Park, and working out the best way of doing it. I was a little nervous about tonight's CWCP. I had a lot invested in my talk, called 'The God I have come to love.' Testimonies reveal beliefs that some people, particularly relatives, find hard to take. What if L-A didn't like it or thought some of it was heretical? It went out without a hitch other than that again there were no other listeners. And she liked it! Immediately after the program I switched to SAFM to hear Ramaphosa's third lock down talk, when he announced an easing from what is now called level 5, to level 4, starting 1 May, when certain businesses can re-open, and (strangely) cigarettes can now be sold. There are lots of smokers here. We have not had a signal on Openview TV all day. For months it has had the odd few hours when reception was unviewable, but it always recovered. Either the Openview box has sprung a fault, or the signal from our dish has ope-circuited. We have watched TV 95% for BBC World Service News, rather important these days. At my request, Lynn sent photos of our tax receipts she has received in the mail. We also have the IG receipts from Janet a week or so ago. I will remind Carlos that I need to know whether we can claim medical expenses here against UK tax.

Wed April 22
We went to Arnold Smith's office on Riebeck St. As I knocked on the door, a nurse with a blue light thermometer scanned our foreheads. We had no fevers. Then she asked who was the patient, and then suggested I wait in the car. Laurie-Ann was with Arnold for 45 minutes. He did not necessarily see her recent pain as a reason to advance the date for mastectomy, but he would confer with Hanlie Du Toit. This seemed great news for us - the answer to our prayers for the last few nights?. He was a little concerned about her sore rib. He read the PET scan report but didn't want the disk. As we drove off and turned along Durban Street we saw for the first time a man spraying the pavements with disinfectant. In the space of an hour we had seen two of the activities that had been prominent in all news reports from China, but we haven't seen in Western countries. Around noon there was a knock on the door and a home carer asked me if I could help her lift the elderly lady who is our neighbour off the floor, where she had slipped to when trying to reach paper towels on a nearby table. We got her up and back onto the bed. I wore my mask, but they weren't masked. We had a cold cuts and salad lunch - the fridge is full of goodies since yesterday's shopping trip. I spent the afternoon re-recording my talk twice for the show, once because I forgot to plug in the microphone. My great fear with the Worcester Report interviews was that I would get home after a recording session and find the recording had not 'taken.' Well this had finally happened, but only to me. And by my third attempt I was getting better, with the right tone of voice, and two addional pages of script. As we ate dinner we watched the full version of the Sierra Leone GAT, bringing memories from almost exactly 10 years ago. After dinner we watched the first in a TV legal drama series called 'For the People.' I started carefully editing my talk, and by 11:30 had completed only the first 10 minutes!

Tue April 21
Finally, after hours and hours on this project, Travelling Light was up on Vimeo, and running just fine. I sent a message with a link to James and others including Hilary, asking her to send it on to Bruce, Sandy and Tessa. I'm proud of it. 39 years since I filmed it. We were out of most food after eating our lunch - tuna sandwich for L-A and saudage sandwich for me. I made a recording of the script I had written yesterday, plus a couple more pages written today. It was 18 minutes long, shorter than I had expected. Much denser than if I had just spoken without scripting. I sent a WhatsApp to Anthonica reminding her that if she wants help from the police - Wilna - she must first come up with the name of the boy who threatened her. I went shopping at the mall at 3pm to find it relatively deserted and no queues. I am not sure why. It was quite hard work but I got everything on my list by nearly 5 pm. We had heard a story about a man stopped by the police and asked where he was going, and he said shopping, and they asked to see his shopping list, and he couldn't priduce it so they charged him. On the radio there was talk that some authorities were advising against the use of face masks in public, because supplies must be reserved for front line health workers. This seems odd to me because the health workers need N95 professional masks, while the public can still benefit from home made or less rigourous masks like those we use. There is also a huge problem with shortages of personal protective equipment, PPE. The blue plastic coats are normally trashed after use, so thousands od new ones are needed daily. In some hospitals they have re-used them after vigourous washing, but this is frowned on, and I am not sure why. Surely re-used PPE is better than no PPE, and would immediately solve this problem. In the evening we listened to Ramaphosa announce a very large stimulus package, and I was pleased to hear it will really help the poor, adding to the social grants and the child grant. He sounded statesmanlike. Seems to have a good grip. Only 58 deaths so far, but if the lock down were fully lifted that could surge dramatically. He will announce lock down future plans on Thursday. I made a copy on disk of the PET scan for Arnold Smith when we see him tomorrow.

Mon April 20
No Monday morning feeling today, just a wish to see if the latest rendering of 'Travelling Light' was good to go. It wasn't. It was jerky, reminding me of the original attempts to get this movie off the ground more than a year ago. I wondered if the problem was more to do with my computer than the video file. I did a disk clean. It isn't necessary to defragment solid state drives, but I thought I would do it anyway. Imagine my surprise when I saw that defragging was set on a once a day schedule. PC Partz, what did you do to me? It's been unnecessarily defragging daily since they installed Windows 10 and the solid state drive. I de-activated defragging. While defragging is unnecessary with solid state disks which take zero time to move from one sector to another, the process of defragging is a big load on the computer, slowing down anything else it may be doing. Now if it was rendering video, that is also a big load, and it is entirely possible that the rendering would stop momentatily from time to time, producing a jerky result. Since it was now therefore necessary to repeat the rendering, I took the opportunity to improve several aspects of the sound that I had noted when I watched the recent version. Having done that, I set the video to produce, and went out of the room to reduce any temptation to multi-task on the machine. After we had breakfasted and watched news, I checked the new rendering. Perfect! And it included all the adjustments to the sound that I had identified yesterday. L-A e-mailed Sonya at Cape Gate about the new pain in her breast. There was a flurry of communication, and they made a decision that she should see Arnold Smith this week, before meeting with Hannetjie Koetze next week. They even made the appointment. Now that was done I got on with the important matter of my 'sermon' for Thursday's Worcester report. I would scrap the recording I made yesterday, and prepare something more like a script. The story needs to be in sequence. This took me until dinner cooking time, with breaks to watch more of the 'One World: Together At Home Special to Celebrate COVID-19 Workers'. I am very impressed with the concept behind this initiative. It focused on thanking health workers worldwide, allowing mainly young and relatively new acts to perform from their living rooms. While I was disappointed with the songs most of them chose to sing, I was pleasantly surprized by their personalities and eloquence. I was also impressed with the production of this 8-hour global concert. There were no technical defficiencies, and the sound and video quality is exceptional. In the week that Trump had announced the ending of funding for the WHO, this partly WHO initiative was showing that they were in touch with the world. A number of world leaders were featured briefly, but Mr Trump was, thankfully, absent. On the news earlier today he was patting himself on the back because the US had performed more Covid-19 tests than the next 8 nations combined. They also have more cases and deaths. The much vaunted US medical sustem has been tested and found wanting. We received an e-mail from Peter Dunn, New Patient Registration at The Ottawa hospital Cancer Centre, saying that medical reports I had sent from Arnold Smith and Hanlie Du Toit had been received unreadable. He also wanted to confirm the meeting with Dr. Pitt on 22 April! Laurie-Ann had informed Dr Pitt's secretary Judy Beck some time ago that we were stuck in South Africa, and had received an acknowledgement from Dr Pitt, but the new patient reservation with Peter Dunn that Judy would have made must have been left in place. I replied to Peter, explaining our situation, attaching the copies of the medical reports, and copying Judy Beck and Dr Pitt, and also a couple of other ccs on Peter's e-mail.

Sun April 19
The Sierra Leone GAT had uploaded successfully to Vimeo, so I added it to "Home Movies' and send the link to Dwight, Richard, L-A and Joseph Francis Williams. Joseph's rejected; he is no longer at I looked for links to on-line services in Worcester, but the best I found was not live; it was Kevin Shultz, youth pastor at Worcester Christian Church in a very upbeat youth service uploaded a couple of days ago, and all in Afrikaans. I FaceBooked it anyway because the general feel of it is so energetic and uplifting even if you don't understand the language. We watched Hillsong On the Line at 11:30, again not a live presentation, but an excellent service nevertheless including a sermon from Pastor Phil, and communion, something I haven't seen tried in any other virtual services. On the BBC World News earlier, mention was made of a massive on-line concert yesterday organized by Global Citizen. I was able to find it and post to FaceBook. In the afternoon L-A watched St. Paul's live, and John sent the church's best wishes to us, loud and clear, since L-A had told him she would be listening. I watched Jonathan Griffiths (The Met) in a sermon based on Hebrews with good advice on getting through the crisis by keeping our eyes fixed firmly on Jesus and not letting trivia get in the way of our Christian walk. I posted it to FB. Then I did a couple more adjustments to Travelling Light before uploading it to Vimeo. It's a good piece of work, and 38 years since it was filmed.

Sat April 18
I have several tasks I want to get on with once Travelling Light is up: our income tax returns, and the sermon I want to write and record for CWCP, and a guide for Laurie-Ann in the event she is left alone and needs to access web resources. Travelling Light has taken many hours, and this morning it took a couple more as I selected music for the last part of Lake Winnipesaukee, and Kanata with Phil and family. The original sound is not bad in many places, so I'm keeping some of the sound effects with the new music. There are a couple of tunes on the original that I don't know the names of, so I can't replace with better quality versions, but the pitch is stable so I'll keep them. I e-mailed Attie at Grondbeurs to ask if please, please could we stay another month here. I continued with progressive spring cleaning of the kitchen, dealing with hard to reach corner cupboards. I noticed fresh somethings on the counter - they are either beetle dung, or they'll hatch. Then I noticed many more near the kitchen waste bucket, so I cleaned out that cupboard. Laila Biali and Ben Wittman had played a concert from their Toronto home last night, which we forgot to watch then but I shared it to FaceBook and will watch it all, maybe tonight. Anthonica has contacted me on WhatsApp, the first of the girls to try that. It makes it easier to text her, but she tried to video call me, not understanding that it is using up gobbs of phone data. Today is (of course) asking me to come down to her house; she says it's urgent, but I tell her I can't come because of lock down. I call her back on my phone to find out what's going on. It turns out a teenage boy has threatened her with a knife, and she wants me to take her to the police station to report it. There are two problems with this in addition to my breaking lock down. She doesn't know the boy's name; just his nickname, and even if she does report it the police will not act on a threat. Anthonica was with me when I brought Britney to the police station after Christopher Breeze threatened her with a knife. Anthonica asked to speak to Laurie-Ann, who realized that we could ask Wilna to take a look at the situation, but Anthonica must first do her part and find out the boy's name. Continuing my discussion with her, I explained again it was dangerous for me to come into the township, but she then said that she and her family (and presumably many others if not all in Avian Park) had been tested for the virus, and she was negative. If true, this is most encouraging, that such testing had been done. However, knowing Anthonica, she may have been lying just to get me down there. Mid afternoon I progessed with weeding along the back garden, and after 15 minutes came in panting. I rested on the bed for the next half hour till my breathing was regular. I edited L-A's latest monthly newsletter. She does a wonderful job drafting the newsletter and then I edit and sometimes add stuff. Today I added that during lock down I am enjoying editing and posting our videos and movies, and that she is in a burst of creative energy with her art, producing a new drawing almost every day. Her latest drawing, Worship Party, has me in it on guitar! These activities are keeping both of us from boredom. For dinner I cooked turkey schnitzels, mashed potato and sautéd cabbage and onion and it was delicious. Turkey is rare here outside the Christmas season, but Woolworths had it. We also finished the Nuy brandy with ginger ale I had been surprized to find in Pick n Pay on Wednesday. I have decided to upload the full version of our Sierra Leone GAT film - there have only been highlight versions up before. I rendered it using the Windows 10 video editor which is fine for stringing clips together that don't need editing. We watched the final episode of 'Suits' available on Showmax, and then 'Travelling Light' on the big TV, and I noticed a few audio adjustments, which I then fixed and re-produced the film. Over night I uploaded the full 1-hour version of our GAT to Sierra Leone.

Fri April 17
I woke with the idea that for next week's Worcester Report, I should preach a sermon. It would be called 'The God I love.' It could be triggered by Genesis 1:2-3 that I had taught in MasterPeace Academy about 4 times. He would be the God of science (as well as everything else). And I realized that what God actually created was energy. In accordance with Einstein's discovering of the relation between mass and energy E = mc2, this energy can be converted into mass, the process of the big bang. I wrote down the structure of such a sermon, beginning with the big bank and ending with the Coronavirus, postulating the idea that Satan also has the power to create evil things that can kill us like viruses. The wire transfer arrived with enough to pay the rent and Breedenet Wifi. Liam had sent $1400 rent money yesterday. He is one month in arrears, but at least only one. I checked Solutions Banking after depositing it and I just need to move over $350 to cover the Mastercard. I drove to Fairbairn Pharmacy to get a refil of Nurika for L-A and snapped Carica in her professional face mask. All 3 ladies were there, on the front line. Then I went to Dis-Chem and replaced the Aveeno Dermexa body wash that I had bought by mistake yesterday with the Aveeno cream. At 3:30 Dave Kemp and I had a Zoom chat. He has come a long way in his technical skills! He told me the details of the GNCM board meeting on Wednesday, which I had tried to join in on Zoom but didn't have the code. Sandy had strongly recommended not giving up our charitable status because if there were a time in the future we wanted it back it would be almost impossible to get. The board felt they should continue another year. This implies the need for a new treasurer and secretary. When I saw the minutes, someone had suggested that I take over as treasurer. This sounds too much like work to me; even if its just one government report a year, I would still have to research it. I told Dave that I thought we should close GNCM dowm now while we can still get Michael Schimpf to do the paperwork for that. There is no further fundraising need; they ended up with $8,000, of which they voted to send $2,000 to us. Dave had done some significant corporate fundraising to bring in this money. But all we need cash for in the future is Internet costs. Dave invited me to invoice him for part of the money I send to NCF, since NCF hosts all the GNiTM podcasts. L-A is worried about a new pain in her breast. Is it an indication of Herceptin doing its job, or is it the beginning od a resurgence of the cancer? I suggested she live with it through the weekend to see if it eases or gets more acute, and if the latter, communicate with her oncologist. Coming out of that, in a worst case scenario, could be her recommendation that the mastectomy not be delayed further. That would mean she contacts Arnold Smith. I/we prayed a lot about this development.

Thu April 16
I dreamed about Bob Dylan, who had visited us, and I was chatting to. Then he went on a flight and was in a dreadful air crash, which he survived. This had me thinking about the fragility of life, and how with our current situation in lock down in SA that fragility is magnified. What would L-A do if I died from Covid-19 and she didn't? I must teach her more about our financial situation, our bank accounts and investments.

Home Movie 16 is now renamed 'From Dartmouth to Aviemore.' It uploaded during the night and this morning I added it to the Home Movies page, and then sent it to James, Hilary, and even Penny, though she doesn't read my messages, so I asked James to send it on to her. Here's the story of the film. This film was made about 1981. It starts with a family holiday in Dartmouth, then to a shooting holiday with the Bevan Jones's in Lawton. Then Barbados where Penny and I went courtesy of the Data General Million Dollar club. Hilary's (first) wedding to Jason comes next, then Sheringham beach with Mike and Mary Jennions, and finally ends with ski-ing in Aviemore, Scotland, focussing on Debbie. This was the holiday when I had an accident on a button lift, resulting in losing some teeth and having to wear a dental plate, which now has 8 artificial teeth on it. It was my last home movie to be digitized in about 2014, and the soundtrack turned out to be just the sound of the projector. I didn't take the time then to re-record the sound track partly because of technical problems and partly because the sound on the film was poor and patchy. I rediscoved the film in April 2020 in lock down in South Africa, when I had a little more time and was uploading many of the films onto the Home Movies page. Without any original sound, I added a music-only soundtrack, mainly from uncopyrighted material that YouTube provides, It was the second film I worked on using the trial version of PowerDirector 18, hence the watermark. I was unable to render the film in full-screen resolution, although this could be possible if I had used the paid version of PowerDirector 18. But something went wrong when I tried to reload the .pds file that I had created with all the music selections, so unless I was prepared to start again from scratch, what you have here is the best you're going to get, and the result is quite pleasant, and had never been seen by the people in the film until now.

I spent the afternoon preparing tonight's CWCP which will rebroadcast 'The Terrible Meek,' appropriate for this closeness to Holy Week, and rest of the show is given to Haley Mitchell's word of knowledge that South Africa will embrace new methods of doing business post Coronavirus, and become a world leader, plus Coronavirus/lock down songs. One of those songs is Lock down, by Adrienne McKinney, and I was able to reach her and send her the link, but she didn't listen live. I know that because there was no one listening live except us. People are all so busy in Lock down! I had e-mailed most of BHCC. As we listened to the program, we were struck with Haley Mitchell's exhortation that on this very day, 16 April, which had previously been the final day of lock down in SA, we should pray that the promises in her prophetic word would indeed come to pass, specifically new ways of doing business that would make SA a leader among nations.

Wed April 15
I was very tired when I finally got up. For the last two days I had taken Siderall instead of Ferrimed iron, just to finish the bottle, and it hadn't been strong enough in my condition. I took Ferrimed ths morning, but I was breathless all day. Home Movie 16 had uploaded during the night to YouTube, but YouTube's full screen facility didn't make it any larger than playing it locally last night. As I went through the finalizing of the video on YouTube, I attempted to add an 'end card' sequence. Although I followed the instructions from two YouTube contributors, I was unable to achieve what I had hoped for, instead making the end of the film useless. It is necessary to have a YouTube playlist for the end card process, and although I did create a playlist, it didn't play on the end card in any way I might have hoped for. So I will re-upload the video file tonight. I spent a lot of time on Travelling Light, and hope to finish it tomorrow. I am way past where I got to on the first attempt a year ago, and the quality is fine. I am getting better and better at the audio editing. I took our garbage to the gate (where they still have no recycle bags) on my way to the mall to buy food. I had to queue for Woolworths, but got some good stuff including fruit sorbet which pleased Laurie-Ann when she got to her desert at dinner time. This was the day we President Trump announced he planned to get America back to work soon. Although the number of new cases has plateaued, he could be risking a strong second wave. Yesterday he announced the stopping of funding to the WHO, and Bill Gates (who is a large WHO funder) responded strongly. Either the President's instincts are right, or America could spiral more out of control in the epidemic.

Tue April 14
I was writing this journal for yesterday, about Mr Rogers and Tom Junod, and I Googled the article Tom Junod wrote for Esquire. It is called Can you say ... Hero. I read the whole article. One can soon see how it caused quite a stir in the literary world, for its novel way of describing a man by his anecdotes, and even involving the interviewer's own story. Good Christian content too. I read a most encouraging news report - Lockdown has bought us time. The curve is flattening in SA earlier than we could have expected. My social media policy in regard to Coronavirus has been to tweet the major reports in the story, and to post to Facebook a small selection of the absolutely key news reports. I have not posted any personal opinions since such things could become fake news, and what is needed is truth and expert opinions. This is something Mr Trump does not seem to understand, since he tweets his personal opinions which are normally political and focused on his re-election in October. In my inbox was also an excellent set of tutorials for PowerDirector 18, including editing audio tracks. I don't know if this was sent in response to my e-mail, but it solved my problems. Soon I was well on my way to cleaning up the music track for Home Movie 16, and had it done by late afternoon. Using the free version of the software I wasn't able to produce a rendering of the video that filled the computer screen. This may have been that it worked out that the relatively low resolution would pixilate if it filled the screen. Or maybe I would need to buy the software when the trial is over. We watched it on the big TV screen after dinner, and enjoyed it; it was new to Laurie-Ann. Encouraged by this, in the evening I started working on 'Travelling Light,' which I had given up on about a year before because the computer I was using seemed to be too slow and the result was jerky. Tonight I was able to start over, with no jerkiness on this computer with its solid state memory and Windows 10, and everything is looking good.

Mon April 13
A bank holiday during lock down doesn't have quite the impact! For me, just being able to do things I love to do all day certainly made for a happy time. The Mozambique phone rang about 6 pm, and it was James and family on a FaceTime video call. I didn't think the phone had the capacity for this and it was the first time I have received a video call on it. They were getting an echo until I put in earbuds and turned down the phone volume. They were just getting breakfast, at their time 9 am, and for the next half hour I was a member of the family, and that included a tour of the house. Sagan is chattering away all the time clearly loving so much time with her parents. I took James on a tour of our house. They planned to call Penny after the call with me. I worked on Home Movie 16, which stars with a Bevan Jones family visit to Lawton for shooting. The original sound was lost during the great digitization of 2016, and it vas very spotty, so no great loss. My task now was to add a complete musical soundtrack. I used legal-for-moviemaking songs from YouTube' audio library. I was unable to figure out how to adjust the audio volume, or fade out, so I sent a 'help' e-mail to Cyberlink. We rented 'A beautiful day in the neighbourhood' from i-Tunes, the story of TV children's show host Mr Rogers' encounter with Esquire journalist Lloyd Voelker (in real life Tom Junod, who wrote the 1998 article "Can You Say... Hero?")

Easter Sun April 12, like no other Easter Sunday
I read on Foley Beach's social media that more people would take part in virtual services today than have ever before joined physical services on any day in history. In my explorations of the virtual church world I have noticed that the numbers of watchers has generally exceeded the numbers physical churches might have accommodated. But Easter is a day when many more often crowd into churches. Add to these the people who wouldn't want their friends to know they wanted to be in a church, and now they can do it in secret. That's a lot of people. We watched the Hillsong virtual Easter service, featuring Phil Dooley and Brian Houston. It felt good to be with the international Hillsong family. Boris Johnson released a video on his release from St Thomas's, thanking all the NHS people who he said had saved his life and mentioning specifically two, a New Zealander and a Portuguese who had monitored him minute by minute on his crucial night. It's a moving statement, brought tears to my eyes, and not what you would expect from a Prime Minister. He won over a lot of people. About 3:45 I began looking for some ACNA/ANIC churches to join virtually, and was able to watch George at Church of the Messiah, and Dave at Eternal Hope, but wasn't able to find Brian at St Andrew's in Rockland. The Internet seemed generally overloaded - perhaps by all those people joining services today. Virtual services are getting better produced each week. I was particularly impressed by Dave Kemp who used to be tech-averse. We received a most unexpected donation from Pat Boelsma at Christ Church Ashton. I thanked her: 'Dear Pat, We have received a $100 e-Transfer from you - and have both been touched to our hearts that you would have remembered us from our visit to CCA. Thank you Pat. We are locked down in South Africa and have little idea when flights will resume. We would have been back in the Ottawa area by now, but then Covid-19. We are in a safe place but not sure how long we can stay. In this uncertainly, just the fact that you cared enough to help us financially has boosted us on this Easter morning. God is indeed good. Here's a link to the photos we took on our home visit. It is possible you are in one of them.' I finished weeding the front garden and started on the back garden. This is a good time of year to be weeding. Since Cyberlink hadn't been able to tell me they could activate my PowerDirector 9, I decided to go for the free download and load onto my Windows 10 machine. I was able to find all the files created a few days ago on Pink Dell, and was happy when PowerDirector 18 (365) not only read them, but when the rendering was done, the result was excellent. My fears that a current version of PowerDirector would overload my laptop had proved groundless. Now with the free version that I have for 3 weeks, till 3 May, I can produce movies with a PowerDirector watermark, but it isn't a watermark that prevents enjoyment of the film. So for the moment I decided not to pay about $US 55 with the only visible difference of removing the watermark. There are only 2 or 3 films I expect to process in the near future, so if I can complete them in the 3 week period, it will have cost nothing. At 8 we watched King of Heaven, a production by Hillsong London, a hip-hop representation of the the passion, and very well done, with echoes of West Side Story and Roger Waters/Pink Floyd. L-A called Steve, as she does about once a week; he seems to be in a good space. I went to bed with the 'United in Christ' YWAM concert being uploaded overnight to YouTube and tomorrow I will e-mail the link to the stakeholders. I did some work on Home Video 16, which starts with James shooting with Taid, but the soundtrack was very patchy and I hadn't been able to preserve any of it in those busy days in 2017. So I decided to use a music only accompaniment. In doing initial work on this I was unable to change the volume of the music with the audio editor. I can't imagine that the editor doesn't have a volume and fade capability like WaveEditor; I just have to figure out how to do it.

Sat April 11
Moses called me from Towsrivier to tell me that Niklaas from the Hospice had died. I thanked Moses for his kindness; he just wanted me to know because Niklaas and I had become friends. He was a severe athsmatic. Cyberlink got back to me recommending (of course) that I buy the latest version of PowerDirector. What I may do is download it for a free trial. I replied that all I really want is to be able to activate my PoweDirector 9 again. I finished weeding the front garden. Next garden job - tackle the back garden. I managed to find an Easter broadcast by Brian Wilkie to upload for GNiTM tomorrow. At 7 pm a nurse from the hospice called me to let me know about Niklaas' death. I was touched that they would have taken the trouble.

Fri April 10
Good Friday turned out to be very good - like a holiday within a holiday, without having to drive miles to see sights! In the afternoon we watched a Good Friday message from Foley Beach, and then the virtual service from St. Pauls, which I shared on FaceBook, it was so good. I deleted Powerdirector in Pink Dell and then re-intalled it, praying that the serial code I had used to install it before would work, but my pryers went in vain. I send a message to Cyberlink customer service to see if they would help. I started work on James' masterpiece 'Venice 2004.' for which I have four VOB video files transferred from DVD. Yesterday when trying to convert a VOB file with Prism, a message said I would have to buy Prism. But today Prism converted all four files to .mp4. Laurie-Ann cooked Hungarian goolash for supper - so good.

Thu April 9
President Ramaphosa announced the extension of the lock down till the end of the month. We are OK with that. We also discussed that whenever lock down ends we would need a further month here to prepare to leave. Chantelle still hasn't received the R50 I sent on Tuesday, even though I have a 'send confirmation' from FNB. I wonder if the problem is her mother's phone, which we know is faulty, so she can't access the bank app properly. Since all stores will be shut for Good Friday and Easter Monday I went shopping at Checkers to carry us through. Many of the staff were now wearing visors. The USA death toll reached 20,000. South Africa's is under 20. I believe this speaks at least in part to the top level leadership in the two countries, but also in part to the lack of provision for hospital beds in the design of the US heath system. Heaven knows how the black poor there, who are dying the most, are paying for hospital treatment. Our CWCP radio presentation reprised the final Window of Opportunity on 28 July 2020, and I added a 'hidden track' (unannounced) at the end with the sound from the Kenbits version of the theme song, both verses, and then Laurie-Ann's solo version produced by James, which is still my favourite. Marsha messaged L-A asking for electricity, so we asked for her meter number. I was editing a YWAM concert video using PowerDirector on Pink Dell when it demanded activation, but failed to activate when I clicked. This can be caused by exceeding the number of computers running a copy of the software, so I deleted the copy on the Dell E6500, but it still wouldn't activate.

Wed April 8
I felt much better today, hardly noticing any breathing difficulties. I realized that it is good to be getting our video library on line; I may never again have both the time and the wifi available, and I enjoy doing it, and particularly discovering video I had forgotten about. This today included the two digitized reel to reel tapes that had been the recepticle of all our videos in Canada until about 2004. While I upload, L-A divides her time between art and Kindle reading. She has been drawing inspiration from Bainskloof when we went with Kevin and the kids. I love these landscapes. I started the Mercedes and let it run for half an hour to keep the battery in shape. I went on to the RCI site and took them up on their offer to cancel our week in May at Calabogie and use the transfer fee within 6 months to book another vacation.

Tue April 7
I didn't wake up to take my pain meds, though I took them after breakfast. But for whatever reason I felt ill much of the day, mainly with shortness of breath. When this happens my thoughts turn to the Coronavirus, but I have had this symptom since January, so there can't be a connection. Dr Eric told me it was because of anemia. Certainly, Ferrimed makes it less annoying. I set an upload going for the Lake District film using Pink Dell, and interestingly it was quite willing to upload the film, unlike my main computer yesterday. It took nearly 12 hours! I added it to 'Home Movies,' during which time neither of us could do any heavy Internet work on our machines. In future I'll do all such work overnight. Chantelle asked for another R100, and then a further R50 to enable her blind ouma Lottie to make soup for the OVD community. It takes as much as half a day for such EFTs to get through, during which time she rings an texts asking where the money is. There's something wrong with her (mother's) phone because whenever I try to answer, it cuts off, and if I try to ring her, nothing happens. In the lock down we are willing to be generous with air time and power, but now Chantelle can receive EFTs we can't respond to every request.

Mon April 6, anniversary of my parents wedding, and the 33rd anniv of my emmigration to Canada
I lazed in bed for an hour - not good. Got working on replacing some YouTubes in the Home Movies list that had switched themselves to about 25 x 9, which I believe to have been a YouTube quirk about 5 years ago. In several cases I was able to find the original video files and re-upload them. In the process of searching I noticed Laurie-Ann's Washington film from 2010, which is now on-line for the first time. I also identified about 14 videos never uploaded which should be - but not urgently. There is a wealth of video that will end up accessible to all instead of just us. I don't want Jamelia to think we are avoiding her so I sent a FaceBook message saying we would buy her air time and power if it would save her leaving the house. By early evening I had sent her both, making her and her family very happy. I couldn't find a sermon from Dave Kemp from yesterday, so I watched Arnold Mayorga's Palm Sunday sermon. He presents really well to the camera. I was still thinking about Will Hart's piece and knew I should call James today. I called him on Whatsapp and we had a good discussion ending with Sagan and Kathy adding their voices. James is still going into work, which must be considered vital. All three of them are doing well under the circumstances. They Facetime with Penny every day, who needed to be persuaded to let younger neighbours bring her groceries. Laurie-Ann has been working hard and fast on two A3 landscapes of Bainskloof and they are very good. Her muse is not letting up! About 2:30 I called Allianz to hear that my travel insurance expired two days ago at my request. So the question of claiming for cateract surgery was moot, because if I extended the cover, my eye condition would be pre-existing, and not covered. I strongly suspect that had I called a month ago they would have told me to wait until I was back in Canada. I took the opportunity to ask if a claim of coronavirus symptoms would have been met with a demand to return to Canada immediately - which would be impossible, and if not would I be covered for treatment here. She wasn't saying. The bottom line is quite frightening; if either of us does get infected we would presumably have to pay for treatment up front - and it wouldn't be cheap if we were serious cases. Today Boris Johnson went into intensive care. I used a conversion tool called Prism to turn VOB files (from digitizing DVDs) into .mp4, strung together the four segments from our 2011 Lake District film, and tried to upload the resulting 3.8 Gigabytes file. Vimeo refused to even start on this.

Sun April 5
Among the recommended MSM items of interest when I turned on my computer was a film made in 2017 about Akiane. Powerful story of her life so far. I watched it all. I posted the MasterPeace Academy Flickr album to the MasterPeace FaceBook. We watched Will Hart from the Both & More 2020 Iris conference, finding it quite compelling. We responded to him on Instagram. I cooked up the marinated biltong steak, plus roast vegetables and sweet corn, and we found it good. As we ate we watched the Sunday evening GIG webinar, and Jasper saw I was on, and mentioned me and the audio version of Legacy. Unfortunatly due to a techical problem with Zoom I was unable to respond live, so I e-mailed him a little later. In the evening we watched the movie Ms Potter, which meant more to us having visited Hilltop, her Lake District farm. As I write this we are waiting to seeing the Queen address the world in 5 minutes ... We watched this historic address, in which she recalled a radio broadcast in 1940 at her age 14 (with Margaret) to children evacuated out of London. Two years later I would be one of those. After the Queen's speech came the very worrying breaking news that Boris Johnson had been admitted to hospital with the virus.

Sat April 4
I awoke with the (good) idea to see if Allianz would cover me for cateract surgery. They wouldn't be able to insist I return home since that is impossible. I tried to call Allianz but it turned out their phone number for initiating a claim is not manned at weekends! Of course you have to navigate your way through layers of instructions before they tell you that. In my mind I firmed up on my intention to seek a meeting with a senior executive there and go through our bad experience with them. We listened to the final Window of Opportunity show, and I felt strongly that it was ripe for rebroadcasting on CWCP, perhaps this Thursday. We have mentioned more than a few times that we were on radio in Canada - why not give an example? We only have 3 listeners so far to Thursday's lock down show, and considering the promotion I gave it, I am confused and dissapointed. Have we reached a point where anything about CWCP causes a negative reaction? I decided to send the link to Dianne and Neesa and ask them frankly would they bother to listen, and if not, why not. After all, the progam does have Phil, L-A, and me making music. I did some gardening for 20 minutes, the first time in months. It's a good lock down activity. It is alson on my daily lock down routine. We watched 'Suits' on Showmax, as we do almost every day. I am really getting into it and enjoying it. We watched the MasterPeace Academy Flickr album, all 589 photos. What impressed us both were the irrepressible unique characters of every one of the children we had had the privilege to get to know. Our FNB account is growing - Lovejoy paid a R500 deposit on the Breedenet dish antenna, so we sent R200 to WCC for the last week's and tomorrow's givings. I put the other (biltong) steak I had bought into a cereal plate and covered it with olive oil and balsamic vinegar in an attempt to marinate it for dinner tomorrow. I sent the following e-mail to Dave Kemp suggesting he considers winding up GNCM. 'Hi Dave, I don't know if you have moved on this one yet, but I woke up with an idea. I think its time to wind up GNCM. The only reason not to is if we are receiving significant donations; I doubt that. The podcasts can continue as long as I feel like it; the blog as long as Richard feels like it. It is not dependent on GNCM charitable corp. If the company is wound up it is more difficult if not impossible to be sued for copyright infringement. I can't remember when Michael's resignation takes effect but if he is still operating, his last job could be to wind down the company. Independent of all that, I still think we should pay for some legal advice from a copyright lawyer. My friend Brooke Keneford is a patent lawyer. I will ask him for a referral to a copyright lawyer. My personal belief is that it isn't worth the effort for a music publisher to sue because one of their songs was played in 2007, or any other time. And if someone said sure, but it's morally wrong, I believe every single artist would thank us for using their music. Just to repeat, the only song played more than once is the theme by Brian Doerksen, and we do have written permission for that. There are thousands of internet radio stations and podcasters and they pay no licenses and I very much doubt they have copyright permission. Blessings - Tony

Fri April 3
In response to my FaceBook post about the arrival in Avian Park of the U-Save eKasi, Tersia Kees wrote: 'Hkm gee hule ni net di kos veniet vi di mense ni,' which being translated means 'Why don't they just give the food to the people?' to which I responded: 'In one sentence Tersia you have brilliantly explained why the attitude of the South African poor makes it so hard for them to improve themselves, -entitlement.' Her comment explains why at any time in Avian Park you will see able bodied men sitting at the side of the road, just passing the time until the next grant. If the government has given free housing and free money, surely the that money can be spent on drugs and alcohol, while groceries should surely be given out free. Coronavirus is out of control in some European countries and in the US. Trump's rhetoric is wearing thin. Unless the curves flatten in those countries in the next 2 weeks, I think deaths may be in the hundreds of thousands. Still single figure deaths in South Africa. I uploaded all photos that had been waiting a couple of weeks. I continued adding videos to the home music page. I posted our 'Discovering Worcester' Flickr album on FaceBook, suggesting it as good lock down activity. If it gets response I'll add other albums. We watched 'Discovering Worcester' with some music background and enjoyed it. I received a message from Bella saying they were OK and her teeth were fine, and I told her about the Shopright eKasi. L-A got a message from Chantelle, very grateful for the help yesterday. I thanked Joel for his very generous donation. For dinner we had a steak I had bought in Pick n Pay, plus roastable vegetables, but the steak was very tough.

Thursday April 2
This was the day we had planned to fly home, but it looks like we'll be staying in this home for a while. As I got up I realized that to get help for Chantelle's ouma (grandmother) I would probably need her name and address and tel no, so I texted Chantelle. Her name is Lottie Williams, address 90 OVD, Van Huysteen Avenue, tel 072 068 5677. Chantelle was still asking when I would be able to help her ouma, and also them. I WhatsApped both Nik and Wilna to see if I would be in trouble from the police if I delivered the food to OVD, and neither thought it would be a problem; it's a mercy mission and Nik had delivered a food parcel in Roodeval yesterday. Normally Chantelle would walk to her ouma's house, quite a long way, but not during lock down. Many times I have driven her. Please please would I help? Well, the townships are not exactly on board with such niceties as social distancing, and both ouma Lottie and I are in high risk categories, from age. My #1 responsibility is not to expose Laurie-Ann to risk. So, after telling Laurie-Ann I would be very very careful, I put on my mask, went to the supermarket and joined the socially distanced line-up to get in. It was then I checked my phone and read that Joel had sent us $1,000! HS said to me, if Joel has been as generous to us as that, surely I had it in me to be generous to Lottie. The result was that I bought her about twice the amount of food that I had previously intended. It will keep her going for a while, and there were even some treats in there like chocolate and hot cross buns. When I got to Lottie's house, she wasn't there and her neighbout Maxine offered to look after the food for her. But as I was getting the food out, she spotted Lottie returning to the house being led by a young girl. As she got close I told her it was me, with food for her. I hadn't seen her this close before; she's a handsome woman, and she was very happy to receive. As I left there were three children and an adult in her house with her, I hope helping her unpack and sort the food. While all this was happening, at 10:30 this morning a Shopright U-Save truck was being set up on Jan's land, the culmination of recent negotiations between My Father's House, particularly Jan and Kevin Daly, the Breede Valley Municipality, particlarly Nik, and the Avian Park Umbrella Group. I texted Chantelle to tell her about it, and reminded her the SASSA gant was paid last weekend. Soon I received a reply saying that most of her family's grant had been swallowed up by interest on a payday loan, leaving them with R100. I asked how much she needed. She replied R400 (less than I had expected). I said. 'How could I get her the money?' To my surprise, she answered, 'By EFT to their bank.' I asked for the bank name and account number. In the next two texts she gave me 3 different versions of the account number, but there was reason to believe that the final one was correct. I felt, again partly prompted by Joel's generosity, that we should send her the money, particularly since it could be done without my leaving home. At this point I asked L-A for her blessing on the transaction, and at first she felt that her earnings from the colouring book would be swallowed up. I reminded her that it doesn't matter which source money comes from; it's just the total which is significant, and the only other options would have been to replenish the FNB account for Canadian banks, taking time and costing money. I sent the EFT, praying (literally) that the account number was correct. I told Chantelle she could expect it and she replied it wasn't there yet. In fact it took a while, but by 8pm it had arrived. So now we have solved two serious issues for our friends, with the help of Joel, the Holy Spirit, and technology. I worked on the praise music we had recorded for CWCP and decided to add a second guitar track to one of the songs, Faithful One, as an experiment. I laid the microphone on the carpet in front of the Blackstar amplifier, and while playing the track on the speakers, added a slightly grungy harmony with the travel guitar. When I added it to the mix, and then panned it to the left, the result was gratifying. I did the mixdown and the program went out from the 7:30 preamble without problems. I had promoted this show more widely than usual, including on the Harvest Family Network. It included Phil on piano, a Johannesburg singer who is quite good, Angus Buchan, and Marie Fourie, and we two singing praises, but there was only one live listener! A third of the world is in lock down, looking for things to occupy them, but our friends, and even people included in the show were not motivated to click the link, except one - I wonder who. Please forgive me if I sound narked. This in not through lack of promotion, or poor quality programming. However, it doesn't bother me much. If we do four more programs we'll reach 100, which would be a good place to stop. My responsibility has always been to produce a good product and tell a few people. I don't have responsibily for them listening. But if one of my friends were on radio I would move heaven and earth to listen. Monitoring the broadcast as it went out I noticed that our singing needed some treble boost, but that the extra guitar on 'Faithful One' was great; better than I had hoped for. So after the show I recorded a guitar track for 'Blessed be your Name,' and used the Adobe Audition graphic equalizer on the complete sequence, making it more natural sounding. This went onto the podcast. It had been a busy night, but a good day. We turned in at 00:30 am.

Wed April 1
I left the house around 10am, my mask beside me. I went first to the mall and parked outside Woolworths, and put on my mask, only to find that entrance was cordoned off. I entered at Checkers, then walked back to the Game entrance an drew out R800 from our FNB account as ready cash for the next week or so; not that we'll be spending any. Lock down is saving us money. There were long queues for Checkers and Pick n Pay - but since people were spaced out they weren't as long as they looked. The mall was nearly empty; I took photos showing just a few people. I went into Dischem. This was my third hand sanitization; every store sanitizes on entry. I bought rusks and soy milk. In Woolworths I found many of the foods on my list, including 3 goat's milk and some nice looking meat. I didn't need to queue for Checkers. I drove to OK Foods where there were a few parking spots. People here were less security conscious, and there was no hand sanitization on entry, and few people in masks. I found the rest of my list, and drove home feeling it had been less challenging than I expected. Now we had enough to eat, and eat quite well. We sang praises and I captured a few more songs on the Marantz. I have been in touch with Dianne, Neesa and Phil in recent days, after suggesting we set up a WhatsApp group for us, but hit a snag early on when it turned out Neesa doesn't use a smartphone, and the plan wouldn't work with one excluded. I will look at other apps. In the process of the communicaton it turned out that Phil has recorded a new album of his piano music, called 'Phil plays Crazy,' and had sent me a copy by mail. I explained to him that it wouldn't get here for a couple of months and asked him to send it by WeTransfer. This he did, and I sampled every tune, so that I might play one on CWCP Radio. As I worked through them, they seemed to get better and better, and I picked the penultimate song for broadcasting: 'On my own.' (Les Miserables), which actually brought tears to my eyes. Phil is able to extract the very essence of a tune which is sometimes strangely missing when orchestrated and with vocals. There are several friends who bought colouring books and said they would pay by EFT, but we haven't yet seen the money. We sent friendly reminders - and they all came through, boosting the FNB account. I posted the notification of tomorrow's CWCP Radio show: 'This Thursday 2 April 2020 on CWCP Radio, The 'SA Lock Down Show,' with Angus Buchan, Marie Fourie, Dr Will Bulsiewicz. Music by Phil Copple, Lungstar Tida, and the Copples (we two). Tune in here: (click on 'Listen live') 8pm South Africa, 2pm EST Ottawa, Canada, or listen later on podcast - same link - anytime.' Lungstar Tida is a musician from Johannesburg who had sent his song 'Buya' to the station. I had L-A cut the bass which was far too prominent. I worked on producing the spoken word items, but the music will have to wait till tomorrow. Chantelle had been trying to reach us, and when I figured out which phone she was on I pumped up her air time. I sent her a text, and mercifully she answered it. Communicating with them by voice is so hit and miss, since the phone is her mother, Maria's. She is begging me to take food to her blind grandmother, which in normal times I would have done. But in lock down, the police could take action particularly against someone my age going into OVD township, and her ouma is the same age as me and in frail health. Somehow I must find a way. Chantelle also needs food, but I will start with her ouma. We received a $100 donation from Pat Boelsma, a lady in a Christ Church Ashton prayer group who I couldn't remember. For a week we received Christian message each day from her. Then we heard from her bother that she had died of cancer. She had been the most unlikely of supporters, having just spent an hour or two with Laurie-Ann. May her joy be extra great in Heaven! At 11 we joined a Zoom conference video call with about 15 people in the Harvest Family Network, which was set up a year ago by Brian Britton, and connects many missionaries. The technology really worked well as we all introduced ourselves and gave a little information about our situations and missions. Joel Bernard aked me what would be the best way to send us money.

Tue Mar 31
Last night I had a dream that a very large kitchen sink was overflowing but I couldn't turn off the taps, so I got into it as the only way to reach the drain plug, but was unable to do so. In the night I went to the toilet (as is normal for me, a least once) but this time felt really dizzy, holding on to the window bars to stop falling. The light on the toilet bowl caused a brilliant image in my eyes with razor-sharp edges that remained wherther my eyes were open or shut. I have never experienced this before, but I have never taken two Ferrimed in one day. So I won't do that again. The rest of today I had no more breathlessness than usual. I recorded our time of praise on the Marantz in case the quality would be good enough to include in the Worcester Report. This turned out to be so. A fun task I set myself today was to edit my
home movies page adding all significant videos from 2017 when I set this page up. The trigger was that I had told Louis Le Grange that I would send him a link to my historic videos. On a more dark note, he had met with business people from Germany in the week before the braii on 20 March, and that would be the only plausible way that we might have been infected. I would like to communicate with him, without asking him directly about his health, by sending him the Home Movies link. L-A went to lie down about 11 am and didn't get up till 6, havig missed lunch. That was a first. At 8pm we joined Iris Western Cape remotely in an hour's prayer time for the world and specifically all of us. While praying I had a secular thought, that I hadn't monitored the payment of my MasterCard at month's end. After our prayer, I checked Solutions Banking to see that the MasterCard bill had been paid on 30 March; it was somewhat less than in previous months. However, for a day and a half our account had exceeded our $155,000 limit by about $80. Last month a similar situation resulted in the card being temporarily suspended, and my negotiating with Solutions Banking, who forgave us and reversed several debits. We will find out if that will be necessary again when I try and use the credit card tomorrow, when finally I must go shopping, because we only have 3 slices of bread left.

Mon Mar 30
I have my alarm set to 7:30 now we aren't able to be active in the mission field, and then doze for up to half an hour until the excitement of a new day encourages me out of bed. By 9:30 we must decide whether we want to apply for seats on a Canadian rescue flight. We are slightly angry that they give such short notice. How can one leave a country so fast? Then an answer occurs to us: this is designed for tourists who are living out of suitcases in guest houses and hotels, who can relatively easily change plans to get back home, and for whom getting stuck in South Africa could be a disaster. We aren't in that situation. Staying in South Africa longer is not painful for us, not at all. The issues are that Laurie-Ann needs the next phase of her cancer recovery, and she would like to see her dad sooner rather than later. Our saftely level is high here, at least for the moment. How safe would it be to be with hundreds of others for a 2-day flight across the world, including several airports, and then a journey from Toronto to Ottawa. The virus has taken root in thousands who don't even know it, but not, we believe, in us. Our income continues here, but our expenses are lower. L-A had had a dream last night that she believes was a message she should stay. In my own prayers I have received no nudges or urges to get out of the country at all costs. We will have to pay for herceptin every 3 weeks - but that should extend the window during which she should have surgery, and there is no guarantee of early surgery now in locked-down Ottawa. We agree that we are not going to book seats on the rescue plane. We sing praises for about 20 minutes at around 10. One of my main tasks today is to thank three people who have recently given significant donations. We had not expected any of them; one was the largest donation we have ever had! While making supper I play one of Cat Stevens/Yussufs recent albums, 'Tell 'em I'm gone.' and find real gems. I had bought Roadsinger a couple of years ago, but there are four albums to explore made after his retun to music making in 2006. Later I read his Wikipedia page - what a gift of pleasure he has been to the world, and how much good he has done through humanitarian works. We left Spotify running for a couple of hours and it seemed to select all sorts of tracks that it thought I would like, and I did. Sean Waite posted an interview with Angus Buchan from two days ago that is so good I decided to feature it on Thursday's Worcester report. Then I listened to a word of encouragement by Marie Fourie and was most comforting. She has also posted a piece by Dr Will Bulsiewicz which suggested the virus can also present as diarhoea. I had diarhoea today. I will include both of these on Thursday's show, and possibly some praise and worship from us. I have been a little breathless for months, one of the symptoms of anemia, but today it has been worse than usual; even painful. I took a second Ferrimed about 8 pm as an experiment. I checked my temperature: 97.1°. Not a fever.

Sun Mar 29
I drew up a pencil chart of a daily routine for the next few weeks, including writing my book about redundancy, and daily praise. Then I went looking for the computer port in the Mercedes that was shown in James' video. It was there, but in a different place. I need to make sure the car battery doesn't flatten. It was good I had the tire repaired last week. L-A had a lie in, and when she got up listened to Nik's translation of Johan's sermon for WCG. We had hard boiled eggs on buttered bread for breakfast. Then I selected about 20 music sheets, tuned the guitar and led L-A in music to the Lord for about half an hour, followed by a prayer. I received an e-mail from Antonio Antomane confirming he could get the money to Rui. I turned on Paypal and saw Antonio's image still there and I sent $US 89.43 to him. Not much later Rui messaged me and thanked me for the 6,000 Mets he had received. The culture in Mozambque is for sharing everything, (unlike the South African poor where we have found people will steal from their mothers) so the money may benefit a few people. We spent half an hour in praise and worship, bust the two of us. I had selected about 35 pieces, not what I've been singing for the kids. With L-A's accompanying harmony we enjoyed offering about 10 of them to Jesus. In our afternoon, when the North American churches were having their morning services. I spent a pleasant time exploring the churches of ACNA and ANIC, my denomination. It was slightly eery - just the pastor and maybe one other on video in otherwise empty churches. In Faith Anglican Church, Embrun, Rev Arnold Mayorga brought it alive very well. This is his other parish, sister to my church BHCC, and I was pleased to see the camera orientation was correct this week. Then I listened to George Sinclair on this morning's Good News in the Morning, on the subject The presence of idols. It was a 50 minute sermon, long even by George's standards, but I lapped it all up. Where it scored technically over all the other FaceBook Lives and YouTubes from all the churches was that it was audio, not video, leaving all the visuals to the imagination. Frankly the visuals in FaceBook Live sermons are pretty boring; it's the words where the value is. Churches would be better off broadcasting in audio, as we do on The Worcester Reports, but for this they would need Raspberry Pi's or equivalents, more expensive than someone's cellphone. From a listener perspective I would recommend not watching the remote service, but just listening to the audio once you are tuned in. L-A received an e-mail from the Canadian government asking if we would like to book seats on a rescue flight to be leaving either Cape Town or Johanesburg or both in the next few days. They gave us till 9:30 tomorrow morning to reply. It would cost $5,000 each. For this to work for us, we must persuade Stacie Meubles to come and fetch all our furniture during the lockdown, and before we leave, which may be against the law. We must find someone to take on the responsibility of driving our trunks to Cape Town airport after we have successfully left SA. We would need to find a very trusty and kind person to continue the challenge of mending the Mercedes and then selling it. We would have to return our borrowed Toyota to Lise, for Sandy. We must plan for the possibility that we would be not allowed to board because of a fever, having by then burned our bridges. It would be very unlikely the flight would offer assistance to the disabled, and if not, the effort for L-A, and surviving such a long flight could mullify her cancer recovery progress. We would arrive in Toronto, not Ottawa and have to go into 2 weeks self isolation. Paying $10,000 to experience all these issues would seriously dent our financial situation, needing to redeem long term investments when they are way down in value due to the pandemic, and this alone could be the most detrimental to us in the long term.

Sat Mar 28
Two days ago we received the wire transfer from Simplii, so now I sent R9,000 to cover our April rent. We still have the regular payment order in place should we need to stay here for May, but if we don't, they need to know before 20 April. The number of deaths in SA has been revised down to 1; the other was found to have died of pulminory embolism, also a lung disease, but neither she nor her family tested positive for Coronavirus. On a lighter note, The Kiffness has been putting out a series of Coronavirus songs based on parodies of popular sonsgs like 'Africa' and 'Yesterday.' Chantelle called and then texted asking me to take her from Avian Park to OVD. This illustrates the kind of problem that must be happening throughout SA townships. Chantelle clearly dosn't know what a lockdown is, and is telling me I must take her to her grandmother urgently. I told her that if I go the police will stop me, and fine me, or worse. She doesn't understand. Even more worrying: her parents don't understand. I started thinking about the financial and food situation in the townships. Those who are on the SASSA grant will receive the same income under lockdown, and we are all permitted to leave home to buy food, maintaining social distancing. But of the minority who are self employed, some will spend what they earn every day, so if they can't earn they can't eat. I listened to a call on SAFM from a self-employed welder who was in exactly that position. Even if the government has set up emergency funding for such people, finding out how to access it is beyond the capability of many, such as street vendors. Chantelle's grandmother is blind; without Chantelle's help she must find new ways of coping with a difficult life. I watched an article called How the pandemic will end. That all got me thinking about my own siblings and how they were coping, and whether I should take the initiative to find a way that would bring us into closer communication during this crisis. I wrote a letter to them, the bottom line of which was that we have a WhatsApp group for us and spouses where we share experiences and give encouragement and support to one another. I e-mailed the letter to them. James sent a link to a YouTube suggesting that the Mercedes SBS hydraulic brake pump may have a counter that disabled it after a certain number of times it has operated, and that the counter can be re-set, solving the problem. I made a copy of L-A's PET Scan disk on the Toshiba back-up disk. André called and we chatted for half an hour, putting the world to rights. He had listened to the Worcester Report on Thursday and reassured me that my comments on South Africa had been done in a way not to offend. George Sinclair had responded to my request to post more of his sermons to Dropbox, and I prepared and posted tomorrow's Good News in the Morning.

Fri Mar 27
This is the day that under Plan A I would have delivered our steamer trunks to Lonrho Logistics in Cape Town for freight forwarding to Montreal. But now we are following Plan B, and beginning our second day in Lockdown. One thing I did yesterday was to list the activities we can do to fill our time in Lockdown so that we have a daily routine, necessary to fend off frustration or boredom. But there wasn't any spare time to start on that yesterday. I was fully occupied on essential actions from my do list, and boredom was way over the horizon. L-A was very tired, spending several hours sleeping, and she was worried about why she would have been so tired. But she has been working very hard for 2 days amending our web site with the changes of plan. And as I found from hitting the keyboard all day long, that is tiring. Boris Johnson tested positive for Covid-19. The first two deaths in SA from Covid-19 have been announced, and SA has the largest number of cases in Africa, more than 1,000. L-A sent this message to Cape Gate Oncology. 'Hi Sonja, hope you and all at Cape Gate are well. Dr Hanlie told us that should we be 'stuck' in South Africa and not be able to get our flights, that I would still remain under her care. Two sets of flights were cancelled, and we tried a third time but it was impossible. We were able to arrange with our landlords to stay in April, due to the lockdown, although we're not sure where we will stay after that. I reached out to my Canadian surgeon, who was happy about the PET scans, and told me that right now in Ottawa, they are only doing emergency surgery. My surgery would have waited for at least a few months anyway. He advised that I should continue the treatment plan that Dr H has in place during the delay - which is for me to continue herceptin injections, and I believe we would probably still be here to have my port flushed. I know the next herceptin injection would be likely around 10th of April, but that's still during lockdown. We should probably have the injections at Cape Gate since payment and the injection can be done together (although I really like the sister who works in oncology at Worcester Mediclinic). I'm OK to wait until after the lockdown, but will do with what Dr H and Sr Jeannette say. Kind regards, Laurie-Ann.' In reply to this we received a date Wed 8 April for the next injection, and Jeannette will send us a letter that we can show to police if stopped on the way proving that it is for emergency medical treatment. Rui Abdul Vasco had been messaging me from Mozambique and trying to call, and I thought I should take the call. He is starving in Pemba since the base stopped serving hundreds of meals because of Coronavirus. He needed 6,000 Metricals, only about $CAD 130 at the current exchange rate to keep him alive for a few weeks. He said that I could send it via Antonio Antomane's Paypal, as I did once before. I asked him to have Antonio e-mail me. Angus Buchan was interviewed on Tygerburg Radio 104 FM, having tested positive, and also his wife. I will broadcast the powerful interview on CWCP.

Thu Mar 26
Our last day of freedom. Lockdown begins at midnight. It's hard to see how township folk and the many children there are going to comply. Once someone comes from outside with the virus it will spread dramatically. I am really worried for our girls. There were reports today of mass exits from Jo'burg of people going home to their villages to be with their families. This presents huge problems for tracing contacts of people who test positive, and also means that people in remote villages without medical services could be infected unnecessarily. The government broadcast warnings not to do this, but to stay put. Cases are rising fast - about 850 so far - but no deaths. We have heard that there is a Covid-19 patient in Mediclinic, and that there are about 9 cases in the Cape Winelands region which we are part of. We will be broadcasting my talk here to our Iris group on 8 March on tonight's Worcester Report, so I edited about half of it, 20 minutes. L-A hasn't done a WTGIG so I will think of something for the balance of the show. We had been invited by Johan and Marie to have lunch with them at their home and we left here about 11:30, picking up our laundry on the way. If we had forgotten that, it would have been there till the end of the Lockdown, and that may have been a lot longer than the initial 3 weeks. It was great to be with Marie and Johan, who agreed to take a consignment of 20 colouring books to sell in the coffee shop and to future Father's House participants. God With Us Ministries will receive a tithe from sales, and they'll EFT the rest to our FNB account. Laurie-Ann also gave Marie a quantity of art paper. Marie gave us a lovely meal - chicken schnitzel and salad, served by candle light. That morning Johan had collected 30 bottles of a rose blended from Fourie wine with wine from a McGregor farm, and they gave us a bottle of this new creation. They have been so generous to us. Johan has a hard problem: one of his best farm workers had messaged that he was returning from Jo'burg, arriving during the Lockdown. Johan cannot afford to risk his bringing Covid-19 into the community of his other farm workers, and will have to tell him he cannot come in, at least till after a quarantine period. The farm workers will stay safe so long as someone from outside doesn't infect them. Johan wants to buy our Openview TV tuner when we finally leave, so hopefully we will see them again. Shortly after we got home, Brian called. He had installed the new hydraulic pump, but there was a problem. I said I would be there in half an hour, walking. These brake hydraulic pumps are software linked to the VIN. The second hand pump from Jo'burg would run only with the car it had been installed in, unless it could be reprogrammed for our VIN. It's hard to understand why Mercedes would have done this - the only thing it prevents is someone stealing your pump right out of your car. Brian had installed the new (old) pump, run the software, but with no result. So he put ours back in, and re-ran the software, like a reboot. But this is not as bleak as it may sound at first. Apart from the VIN reprogramming, the new (old) pump appears to be good. Though Brian doesn't have the sofware tools to switch the VIN programming to our car, the Mercedes agent in Paarl, who Brian knows, should be able to do this. I would need to drive it to Paarl, and wait while they did it. Brian said that after the Lockdown he would set this up for me. Driving to Paarl in a car without servo brakes doesn't thrill me, but I have managed to get it up and down the highest hill in Worcester. His bill for labour was reasonable, R1,477, which means we have spent R10,145 on the repair so far, which is a lot less than R38,000. I still have hope that we will get the Merc running again after the Lockdown. I drove it home. Chantelle had a Messenger dialogue with L-A, asking if we would fix her teeth also, as we are doing for Bella. We replied that if she had Bella's teeth, and Bella had hers, we would have fixed hers instead of Bella's, but we couldn't afford to get both done, just as Laurie-Ann needs dental treatment we can't afford, and we added that Chantelle should avoid jealousy if she wants to be happy, as L-A had taught them on our final Mailbox ministry. I finished editing the interview, and recorded the continuity talks, including my brief thoughts on the Lockdown. I decided to add some pop music, starting with the title track of Laila Biali's brand new recording 'Revival.' I included "I wanna wash my hands," and The Kiffness' 'Please stay home South Africa.' a spoof on Toto's 'Africa.' The show went out faultlessly with 4 listeners, and a 5th joining after the talk. All 5 were still listening into the soaking music, a first. I considered driving down town at midnight to see how the Lockdown started, and rejected the idea after a few nanosconds. As we would read on-line tomorrow, the police would have been ready for me it I had tried that one and I would probably be locked up by now, which is a lot worse than being locked down! Instead we watched 'Suits' and then retired.

Wed Mar 25
At 9 am the local agent for TimeFreight called to say we would receive the shipment of the hydraulic pump for the Mercedes in about 15 minutes, and the bill was R168 (half what I expected). I WhatsApp'd Brian, and when it arrived, put it in the back seat of the Mercedes and drove the car down to MMJ. Brian got working on it immediately, but Willem wasn't available to drive me home. I waited for a while drinking their excellent coffee, but eventually decided to walk home. It took me about 25 minutes, and when I arrived I was less breathless than I had expected to be, and compared with the lat time I had walked home a few months ago. Maybe my lungs are improving as a result of Ferrimed. I picked up Bella at 11:30. She asked if we could take her cousin + baby to town. I said 'yes,' then 'no' when a 5-year old also got in, thinking this was just for a ride. They all then got out. Then Bella explained that all of them were going to a relative's home for the lockdown; it wasn't just a shopping trip. By now they were walking back up the street, so I stopped beside them and they got back in. After taking them along Durban Street, Bella was at Dr Hofmeyr's surgery in good time. She asked if I could buy her some noodles. These are good if you don't have many teeth. Once she was in the dental chair I prayed that absolutely nothing would go wrong with this complex dentistry. I didn't want to imagine how I would feel if some technical issue left Bella in a worse situation, scarred for life. But if it were doable, then Dr Hofmeyr had my full confidence. I knew he would be mighty careful. I went to Pick n Pay for the noodles and other things. Then to Demtex where L-A had heard one could buy material to make a face mask; indeed their staff were wearing rather attractive cloth masks. They showed me the cloth, but also said that Laslapples just up the road at 49 Church Street had ready-made masks. I was soon there and bought two for R20 each. Back in the car I stopped a little further up the road and returned for another two for Bella and Cathy. What would be the point of providing new teeth for Bella if she were then to suffer and die from the virus. I got back about 12:45 and she was ready. Her mouth was full of bandages at this point so she wasn't saying much. I paid her bill so far: R 3,556. Dr Hofmeyr said that everything had gone exactly according to plan - TKOG. He had done some other work but not charged. He thanked me for helping Bella. I brought her home via Pick n Pay where I wore my new mask just to see if it was comfortable. It wasn't too hard to wear. At this time only the odd person in Worcester is wearing a mask. Bella ate the rest of the jelly from yesterday, this time with ice cream. I presented L-A with her new face mask and we took a selfie of the two of us wearing them. Bella was tired and spent a while sleeping on the couch before having some porridge. I took her home about 5:30, to be greeted by family members without much idea about social distancing, but always happy when Bella came home. On the drive I had told her what she had to do to protect herself and Cathy. The two young children must not mix with children from neighbouring homes. I also reminded her that if she lost her grandmother, she would then be the head of the family. She had figured this out for herself. I said we would buy their air time and power during the lockdown to reduce the need for them to leave the house. In fact we will do this for any of our girls, since we have their phone and power details stored on Powertime. A little later she asked for power and Anthonica asked for air time. Lovejoy, Mazvita and Eliora visited to look at our items for sale, and bought the mic stand that has been used every week for CWCP recordings. I originally bought it from Tellyfonics for use at the Avian Park Library when I would lead the My Father's House children in praise and worship. They also may buy the Breedenet satellite dish when we leave.

Tue Mar 24
Glenda Fredericks had invited prison volunteers to her office at 8am, although the exact reason was unclear. I interpreted it as a Covid-19 test, which I would like to have, just for the experience. There were about 5 volunteers who turned up, including Sean Waite. We chatted for half an hour, and then another officer arrived who told us that following the announcement of the lockdown last night, no-one would be holding programs until it was over. So they wouldn't be screening us for the virus. We drove back to Worcester. On my way home I stopped at Grondbeurs, our landlord, but there was a note on the door saying they were closed for Covid-19. When I got home I called and got a Grondbeurs phone answering service. I requested a call back. An hour later I requested a call back again, and soon I got one from Attie, one of the managers. I explained that the lockdown meant that Stacie Meubles would not be allowed to remove our furniture, but by the same token it would mean that the next tenant wouldn't be able to move in either. Attie said he would talk to the next tenant. he called back quite quickly and said that we would be able to stay, at least for April and probably longer if the lock down continued. This is a win win win situation. If he had said no we would have tried to move either to one of the cottages that the Fouries own, or to stay with Sonja. Then I called Breedenet and they quickly agreed to restore our Internet service for April. I was beginning to warm up to staying in South Africa a little longer. The left hand rear tire on the Mercedes had gone very flat. I gingerly reversed it down the driveway and parked in front of the flowerbed. I jacked up the car and got the wheel off, and put it in the trunk of the Toyota. Then I drove to Tiger Wheel & Tyre and had them take a nail out of it. Putting the wheel back on the car was not so easy; I would say it was a lousy design. Since we were going to have to keep paying the AA for several months, I decided to get my money's worth, and called them to send someone to put the wheel back on - and I watched how he did it for future reference, sitting with legs stretched under the wheel to lift it. I couldn't figure out how to track the hydraulic pump on its journey from Jo'burg, so I called TimeFreight and they said it was in Cape Town. They gave me the number of the Worcester agent who said I should expect it about 10 am tomorrow. This would only give Brian a day and a half to install it. Raptim Travel sent us a notice of a $100 cancellation charge that they had already taken from the TD Visa. This was our second cancellation charge in 2 weeks - the pleasures of dealing with the travel industry when airlines are cancelling flights and then cancelling more flights. But it didn't matter, because we have a roof over our heads for the duration of the lock down, and because of the news of the miraculous disappearance of Laurie-Ann's cancer, the urgency for the mastectomy is less, and we may not have to rearrange it here in Worcester. L-A messaged Dr Pitt's office in the Ottawa Hospital about the delay, and he replied that because of Coronavirus they were no longer doing cancer surgery unless in emergency. She will however need to continue herceptin injections at R10,832 (about $860) every three weeks. Our needs for additional financial support for medical expenses will continue. Computer Mania called to say that the battery for my laptop was in! This was exciting and as it turned out, in the nick of time. I was soon round there and the new owner was very happy to give me the battery after so long. I picked up Bella at 2:30 and brought her to Dr Hofmeyr's dental surgery for 3. This would be the first part of her treatment to change her looks radically for the better, and L-A and I were unanimous that we should do this for her. She was frightened that it would be painful, but I told her he is a great dentist and wouldn't hurt her. While she was being treated I went round to Gisela's home and delivered a colouring book and a postcard with our bank details on it. I also had time for some grocery shopping, and was back at the surgery at 4. Bella's mouth was still numb, and told me it hadn't been painful. The receptionist said that she needed to come back a second time so we set it for noon tomorrow. I brought Bella home for jelly and porridge, things she was able to eat with her now-sore gums. I hadn't made porridge since L-A stopped drinking cow's milk, but Patrick's method came back to me, and she seemed to enjoy it. We received a generous donation from a Kanata friend by PayPal. A few days ago we had had a similar one from an Ottawa friend. We feel so blessed! Then Pierre Coulomb e-mailed that BHCC wanted to send us more money, having just sent $500 in the last Raptim paycheck! They have been our most generous supporter. He wondered which was the best way to get the money to us. An hour later we received an e-Transfer for $700, approximately the amount for Bella's full dental treatment including the making of her plate, which would be done in a month or so. God's maths is amazing!

Mon Mar 23
Carica came at 8:45 and gave us each a 'flu shot. I had heard a radio discussion when a doctor recommended the 'flu shot because it would reduce false positives if one took a Coronavirus test. Carica had hoped to bring sanitizer, but didn't have it at that time. Later in the morning I went to the pharmacy and paid her the R200 for the 'flu shots, but she still had no hand sanitizer. She said it would be fine to mix dettol and water. SAFM said that President Ramaphosa would be speaking to the nation this evening. SA's Corinavirus infestions rose sharply today, but so far no deaths. Godfrey asked if could come over this evening to wish us goodbye. I wanted to start packing one of the trunks today, and L-A was working with Print-on-Demand to get 'Colouring with Jesus' up on Takealot. I e-mailed Glenda at Raptim Travel in our efforts to fly out on 31 March, or 1 April via Jo'burg. The Lufthansa flights were now cancelled, so that took out the Jo'burg route. Canada was suggesting people fly from Casablanca, but it turned out the $5,000 aid to Canadians abroad was a loan not a gift. Then Laurie-Ann called and showed me Colouring with Jesus was up on Takealot! I couldn't believe L-A had achieved this so quickly. So then we started scanning the agreements for both Takealot and Ingram, signing, and e-mailing in to Print on Demand. Ingram will enable the book to be sold world wide. The two agreements cost us about $170, but the potential is excellent, and the fact that all this marketing was achieved through on meeting and e-mail communications and a scanner is commendable. The whole world of book publishing has changed for the better. Naz WhatsApped to say that the hydraulic pump had been picked up bt TimeFreight at 4pm. I cooked pork ribs, mashed potatoes and sautéd onions and cabbage and Godfrey ate every morsel. While eating we watched Ramaphosa announce that SA would have a 21 day lockdown for the whole country from midnight this Thursday 26 Mar to midnight on 16 April. Our minds started racing. How could we get our furniture out on 30 March to Stacie Meubles? Where would we stay if we can't leave the country with airports in lockdown? I sent a message to Glenda at Raptim to say that the time has come to cancel our booking, and to resurrect it in the future. I e-mailed U-Bag to say that we wouldn't be sending our trunks on 27 March but would would be using their service evenually after the lockdown. We did a lot of thinking before turning in that night.

Sun Mar 22
Church today was at 44 Stockenstrom, Nik and Gisela's where our cell group meets every fortnight. WCG was closed down for at least the next few months. Although only about 10 came, it was a special time and some good memories were captured on cell phones. Pieter-Louis and Sume spoke on the subject of virus-free marriage, which was appropriate for an engaged couple who came. Carl Greyling also came. More and more, as people get together the talk is about the effects of Coronavirus, and also on the radio and the TV news it's as if there is no other news happening. Around 4:15 I tuned into the virtual service at Blackburn Hamlet Community Church, to watch Rev Arnold Mayorga, alone in those familiar surroundings, preach a good sermon. The only problem for watchers was that the orientation of the video was 90° to the right. I left a message pointing this out. It seems that most cellphone owners don't know that you must always take video with the phone vertically, not horizontally, or the result, when played back on anything other than a cellphone, will be rotated 90°. It is possible to edit a video with the wrong orientation to turn it the right way up, but then you get very tall thin video. This is seen often on TV newscasts, where they compensate by adding blurred areas to the left and right of the picture. If only the millions of cellphone users know this, the world's newscasts would be more watchable.

Sat Mar 21
First Saturday in ages I hadn't been going to Brandvlei prison to bring Alpha to the inmates. I watched the news at 8 and found a Coronavirus catastrophe in Italy, and the British implementing numbers of new restrictions. Our trip to UK was not looking promising. I had to go to Checkers in the morning for groceries, and since I would be very near Computer Mania, I took with me the notice of the replacement for the replacement of my Dell battery. I gave it to a man I hadn't seen before, and when he saw I had been waiting since January, he said, "Heads will roll for this." I asked him if he was the boss, and later discovered that he was the new boss, and clearly in spring-cleaning mode. He said he would find out what was going on, and call me by Wednesday at the latest. Then I read this on a WhatsApp from James: 'Dad, I don’t know if you’re apprised of the Coronavirus situation, but if not, you may need some info. Number 1: LA is immuno-compromised after chemotherapy. If she gets the virus it could likely kill her. You are also high-risk because of your age. You both need to treat this virus as deadly and avoid contact with people as much as possible. Number 2: A trip back to Canada via the UK is out. If you arrive in the UK and tell them you’re visiting your sister and have a cottage booked they will give you 1 option: find a comfy seat in the airport and wait for your plane to Canada. They don’t want you spreading the virus around the UK on your leisure travels and then presenting at an overburdened hospital requiring a ventilator that a UK resident needs. Number 3: It would be wrong to travel to see Neesa and risk giving her a virus that might kill her. She is also high-risk. I didn’t visit Mum last month for the same reason. Your best bet for surviving this is to stay in SA and self-isolate for 2-3 months. I spent much of the day on this journal catching up, since every minute has been filled this past week. Towards dusk I sent this to Raptim Travel: 'Hi Glenda, please delete my last reply, and replace with this: Yes we would like to book the routing via Jo'burg. It's a possibility Lufthansa could cancel LH 9541 to Frankfurt, if, as you hinted, all international flights are stopped for April, so if they did we would again cancel (We can't get stranded in Jo'burg). We have now abandoned all plans to stop off in England. We would like to fly on to Montreal - Ottawa after arriving Heathrow. HOWEVER, if there is any emergency rest room where Laurie-Ann could rest on a bed for half a day or a day in the airport we would like to do that. Laurie-Ann is disabled and requires wheelchair assistance, and tires very easily, and it is possible those people might have such a rest accommodation in Heathrow. Sitting on benches makes one more tired, not less. I can survive on airport benches, if there are any. We think it very unlikely they would let us out of the airport. If we don't go on Lufthansa on 1 April to Jo'burg, we must fly from Cape Town out of the country on 31 March. A day earlier would be impossible for us. If there is NO availability on 31 Mar, book us as soon as possible after that if flights are still scheduled, continuing on to Montreal asap (as described above). If none of these plans work out, because of country lockdown, then we will have no option but to stay put, probably for 3 months or more and we will isolate ourselves as best we can during those months. Arnold Mayorga, pastor at Blackburn Hamlet Community Church, e-mailed that at 10:00 am he would broadcast the sermon on Facebook Live. Here it was 4:30, so I watched for a while. The image was rotated 90° clockwise (they were using a cell phone in horizontal mode) but it was soft and clear. I posted a comment that I was watching and next time they should mount the phone vertically. A little later I had a WhatsApp from Pierre Coulomb, saying that he had seen I was watching the sermon, and that in addition to the $500 sent by the church in February, they wanted to send us another $500 and he asked the best way. I explained about the 11 April deadline at Iris and suggested e-Transfer or Paypal unless the corporate money couldn't be sent that way. Later still I got another WhatsApp from Pierre to say they were sending us $700 by e-Transfer. Now that is the exact amount to pay for Bella's dental treatment! I thanked Pierre.

Fri Mar 20
My alarm rang at 5:20, but the reason didn't spring to mind, for the first time ever. An hour later it hit me: early morning prayer group. I lept up, fast-dressed and drove to Carlo's. There were no cars there. So I drove back to Louis' - no cars there either. I went home and checked WhatsApp. Carlo had cancelled it late evening because he was sick with 'flu or similar. I felt less foolish than I would have been if he hadn't cancelled. But I might have sold colouring books to Riana and Marius. I drove L-A to Mediclinic for her herceptin injection that we had paid for on Tuesday at Cape Gate Oncology Centre. I wasn't allowed in but I dropped her right outside and parked 15 meters away. It took about 20 minutes and she was brought out in a wheel chair. The nurse here and L-A clicked immediately; she goes to our church and knows all the sisters at Cape Gate. She does single handed what they do together. In the afternoon I went shopping and then to FNB where I transferred another R4000 from Simplii and deposited R4200 into FNB. Then I drove down to Avian Park in one last effort to find Britney and get her to confirm she would come to the dentist next Tuesday. Noone knew where she was, or if they did they weren't telling. It's a bit like the beginning of Les Miserables. Back home I sent the R8500 for the pump to Naz, who asked me for proof of payment, which I found on the FNB site. Later he confirmed that he would ship it out on Monday and sent me the waybill. Louis and Carica had invited is to a braii at their Worcester West home and we arrived about 5:30. Louis was stoking up the fire. We ate very nice nibblees and drank Fourie red wine, and chatted for a couple of hours before going inside to their candle-lit dining room for braii'd lamb and breakies. Their two children Lilian and Meghan joined us. Carica offered to to bring us 'flu shots on Monday morning and we gratefully accepted. This would (probably) be our last social event before leaving SA.

Thu Mar 19
I took L-A to Touching Hearts, and then took Chantelle and Anthonica to buy more window glass. Their windows had been broken by a family member (Chantelle's sister). I had taken them to get glass a week ago, but her sister had broken some of the new glass before it was installed. One front window had been put in. The sister makes demands on the family for money for her and her boyfriend to buy drugs, and if it is not given, breaks things. This is not totally unusual behaviour in the townships, or even in the country as a whole. Trains are set alight by frustrated passengers, leaving even fewer trains to serve the people. Let's hope this second batch of glass survives. Chantelle has been visited by the police in connection with the school closure myth. Chantelle accused Anthonica of thinking up that one. I said to Chantelle in Anthonica's presence that she should not do things that are wrong, or lie, just because one of her 'friends' says so. I think they both understood. I do believe the R200 I gave Chantelle was used for school fee arrears. Chantelle said she planned to break Britney's new tooth for what she did to us, and I begged Chantelle not to do that. Marc at Advance Transportation had quoted us for freight forwarding at a price double what we had paid on the outward trip, and it was by ship rather than air. I liked that because we don't want to pay storage fees in Montreal. He told us that surface freight was more expensive than air freight. He had recommended U-Bag, and today they quoted us R14,025. I spent some time completing their export forms and insurance forms and sent them in today with our acceptance. We said I would deliver personally to Lonrho Logistics at the airport on Friday 27 March. We heard from Raptim Travel that the Lufthansa flight from Cape Town to London via Frankfurt had been cancelled. Hundreds of international flights are being cancelled around the world, leaving passengers in chaos. if they are young and vigourous they will survive, but we are old and cancerous. I have been communcating with Naz from SMS Cars Sales & Purchase Co Address 29 A, 13 Road, Kew, Bramley, Sandton. Cnr Louis Botha Ave 2090. Tel: 011 430 5000/1 Cell: 065 850 9110. He has three Hydraulic Brake Pumps with similar part numbers to the broken on in our Mercedes. Brian at MMJ took a look at photos of the three pumps and said any of them might work. I know it's clutching at straws but getting this car working would significantly improve our situation, and save a perfectly good Mercedes from being canabalized, so I decided to take a risk and send him the asking price of R 8500. He 'sounds' a straight shooter; not someone who would take my money and do nothing. Today I transferred the max, R4000, from Simplii to FNB, and added R600 more that came from colouring book sales. Tomorrow I will repeat that. It was today, approximately, that I decided to join L-A watching 'Suits,' the corporate law drama. She has caught up with it from the beginning, but I was joining in the middle of season 8. It was confusing, but not baffling, and after a few days I was getting the hang of it, and watching Meghan Markle was interesting. The legal aspects I find hard to understand, and they are none of them described in simple terms in the script, but that doesn't mean I can't get the general gist.

Wed Mar 18
At Riverview, this was 'goodbye to the Copples' day. Laurie-Ann hadn't been with us for months, so the kids were very happy to see her, although there was no hugging; just elbowing, which we made into a fun thing, to encourage the children to do this in their own circles. After praise and worship, Kevin spoke, and at a point in his talk he brought in both of us to ask what were our hopes for these children. I said that I would love to come back in 10 years and see them in their mid 20s, possibly in university or working. Andy and Rachel Marshall were there, and Kevin had brought about 4 Changemakers, so it was quite a party. They were thrilled to see one of L-A's pieces featuring them, and then they got to colour it, which they all got engrossed in. I have done this ministry every week (other than holidays) for more than 2 years, so it will leave a gap in my life - but we do have lots of photos. Some weeks ago we had stopped broadcasting the Good News in the Morning archive, through lack of time, and tonight as we just kept on with all the things we have to do to be ready to move, it was hard to see how I had had time to post and listen to 82 editions - thats 164 programs. Sadly I was the only listener all that time, so no-one will have noticed its demise, and I do have all the produced podcasts should I have time and energy to post them in the future. I can't understand why GNCM board members hadn't taken the opportunity to listen to these firt class broadcasts. The majority of what I have played exist only on our red disk; not on the podcasts on the site. On that subject, Michael Schimpf e-mailed the board of GNCM saying he was concerned that we culd be liable for copyright infringements for all the music included in the podcasts. He suggested we get a legal opinion. I replied to Dave that I agreed that would be a good idea, but we do have permission for the only music that has been played more than once, the theme by Brian Doerksen.

Tue Mar 17
When I woke up, Britney was on the Mozambique phone. I don't know how much of the night she'd spent on it, but it seems to be an addiction. I offered Britney Special K for breakfast. She took one mouthful, and said she didn't want it, or any other breakfast. Either she is so used to never having breakfast, or during the night she had filled up on bread from the fridge. I dropped her at Jamelia's when I picked up the others for school. When I got home, Laurie-Ann discovered that R500 had been taken from her purse. It had to have been Britney, since R200 had come from Janey yesterday, and L-A knew there was another R300 there when she put the R200 in her purse. We left for Cape Gate Oncology at around 8:15 to pay for L-A's herceptin shot to be given at Mediclinic on Friday. We also had colouring books with us. Dr. Hannetjie Koetze had said she wanted one and she bought one. Then Sonja told us that by chance Dr Hanlie could see us now, instead of in Worcester tomorrow. We were to hear the very best news. The PET scan had shown no trace of the cancer! TKOG. The key line in the report she gave us was 'No convincing evidence of residual local disease.' Hanlie was a thrilled as Laure-Ann as she told her that this was very rare, though it had also happened yesterday with another of her patients. Hanlie asked to see thw colouring book she had heard about, which gave me a chance to snap a picture of her reading it. We went in to the chemo room and L-A paid for the herceptin shot. Then she went to say good bye to the sisters, and show then the colouring book, and Marianna bought one, paying the whole R300. I couldn't help thinking that we had now received back more than Britney had stolen. At 2 I picked up the kids from school and took them home. I found Britney in her mother's house with a number of friends. I called her out saying that I wanted to confirm her dental appointment and I gave her a written reminder for next Tuesday at 11 for pick up. Then, with her friends present I asked her to return the money she had taken from Laurie-Ann's purse. She of course denied it, but she was sweating. I told her Laurie-Ann had forgiven her, but never wanted to see or hear from her again, and that this had made her very sad. Raptim travel quoted us a new routing. Because American Airlines and British Airwars are in the same 'club,' they needed to switch us to Lufthansa for the flight to London, and then to Air Canada from London to Montreal to Ottawa. We agreed to this, and paid the price for the complete new schedule. We will be refunded the the cost of the previous routing, and as it turned out, the new routing was $20 less. L-A started to cook the chicken paprikash for Dr Therden van Heerden and Paula coming to dinner tonight. She asked me to get the two packages of chicken breasts out of the fridge - but there was only one! Soon we realised that in addition to her other transgressions, Britney must have taken half our chicken. I drove to Pick n Pay in the Mall and was able to buy one of the last three chicken breasts on the shelves. After all that the van Heerdens loved the meal and never knew how close we came to sharing much less. The conversation was excellent, and led to a recording of an interview for CWCP Radio that all four of us took part in. We discussed their 13 years in Canada - BC - and Legacy Relay that Paula is on the board for. I didn't bring up Therden's work as head of the energency unit at Worcester Mediclinic since it would have got us on to the subject of the Coronavirus. We became good friends that night, and the interview turned out to be excellent.

Mon Mar 16
Chantelle had a few children for a Mailbox Club, but she was the only one. The clubs have all but petered out. Marco hasn't been taking any interest either. Andy Marshall came round and bought our Canon printer for R250. Britney came to me and said that her aunt had gone to Cape Town for the night. This was the aunt who Child Welfare had asked to have her sleep there. So I agreed and brought her home, where L-A and Janey had been having time together. Britney spent all her time on the Mozambique phone setting up a new FaceBook using the name Ivanka Steenkamp. I still haven't been able to remove her FaceBook or Messenger account. I shared my ribs dinner with Britney. Trump announced no more foreign nationals would be able to land in the US. Our tickets would take us via Phildelphia on American Airlines to Ottawa. The flight from Philadelphia to Ottawa would no longer happen. (I am not convinced this is true). We contacted Raptim Travel and asked for a re-routing that avoided the US.

Sun Mar 15
I am behind with this journal mainly because of the slightly tumultuous happenings, not all due to the Coronavirus, that we have lived through this last week. So for the next 6 days it will be high points only. We took Bella to Hillsong, and after had hoped to take her to Tableview but we saw that Table Mountain was covered in cloud. Then we heard on the radio that much of what looked like cloud was smoke. Table Mountain was on fire. Instead we visited Spice Route on the way home for ice cream, coffee and De Villiers chocolate. I posted a list of items we have for sale on FaceBook.

Sat Mar 14
On Friday night I had analysed the attendance for the whole Alpha course so far, and found there were 11 who had come 7 times or more. I prepared certificates for all of them. They were Abe D, Macneil M, Lee-Wad D, Leroy W, Jason F - 10 times, the #1, Zintle M, Desmond L, Onele H, Treyton van W, Sbusiso H and Dyllan P. Kevin and I rendezvous'd at YWAM to pick up Soraya. Before Kevin joined us Soraya told me this was the last time she would come into Brandvlei with me for Alpha. She said she needed time to clarify and prepare a Bible study program that she would like to use in the prison. I said that today was not the end of the course after all; we would have one more week, but Kevin would not be there. She said she would join me for that. Soraya has been of tremendous value throughout this course, and she has also learned how to run Alpha. Many Bible studies are done in Brandvlei, but only one Alpa course is under way, regularly reaching more than 20 men, many of whom appear to have been baptised in the Holy Spirit on this course, starting a new life as Christians. So it's hard to understand Soraya's decision. However it is her decison and I accept it. On the way to Brandvlei we prayed, and ran over the format for today which Kevin and I had agreed during the week. After last week's session he had sensed a good opportunity for the men to share their backgrounds, if they related to a modern version of the prodigal son story as told in the song The Boxer by Paul Simon. Vivian wasn't on duty at reception, so I was at first concerned that we wouldn't have many attenders, and possibly not a TV, which we only needed as an audio amplifier. By 9:10 we had only 10 men. I gave out certificates for 5 of them, bringing them to the front for applause. I wanted to know if Kevin might be able to use Afrikaan's 'koortjies' on a memory stick, so instead of my guitar we played the first three of them, having given out words to most of the men present at that time. They knew all of them and sang louder than the volume on the TV! This is good news. After that I handed over to Kevin, who began by surveying which would be the best language for him to use. The answer was Afrikaans. He first talked about the all-too-common story of the prodigal, particularly among inmates. Then he handed out sheets with the words of The Boxer in both Afrikaans and English. He asked for volunteers to read the two versions. Lee-Wade and Zintle offered. At this point another 14 men arrived from other wings. Kevin repeated his main points and then the two men read the words of the Boxer. I then played Bob Dylan's version of the song on the TV. At this point I gave out a further 3 certificates. Kevin then organized the men into 6 small groups. On the sheets there were also four discussion questions for them. It wasn't long before all the groups were fully engaged in their discussions. Soraya and Kevin joined several groups to encourage and hear what was the substance of the discussions. In the final 15 minutes, Kevin brought two spokespersons from each group to the front to give the gist of what they had concluded. I closed in prayer. I didn't know then that this would be the last time I would see any of them. When I got home I re-analysed all the attendance, taking into account today's, and added certificates for Erskin D, Hlumelo M, Xolile J, Nico S, and Lucian vN. On Sunday (tomorrow), President Ramaphosa announced a cancellation of prison visits for a month, so I will get the certificates to her that have not been given out and I hope she will arrange for them to be delivered. This afternoon was our final ministry with the girls, and there were 8 of them, including Gadiza whom we hadn't met before. Somehow they all squeezed into the Toyota. They made their own sandwiches because many have developed their own favourites, eg toasted, with or without butter, ham or peanut butter. When they had eaten we worshipped - Bella and Marsha singing with me, while the rest coloured L-A's pieces, singing as they drew. Next, L-A spoke to then on the subject of jealousy, related to covetousness, which most of them suffer from. We ended with cake, fruit and YouTubes. They all had a good time, which continued as we drove back to Avian Park. I told them it was important that on Monday there would be several Mailbox Clubs running, since it would be the last time for me as their mentor.

Fri Mar 13
I had a list of 7 things I wanted prayer for at early morning prayer group, one of them being that the colouring book first printing would be a Wow! experience. This is the day that the Lord has made - to collect 200 copies of 'Colouring with Jesus' by Laurie-Ann Copple. We set off about 11:00 for Print on Demand, in Parow. I was impressed in the reception area to see many issues of Joy Magazine on display for customers to read. We had been dealing with Maxine and she proved to be friendly, bubbly and efficient. She told me we would love the way the book had turned out. Soon I was looking at a copy they had run for their own purposes, and it was indeed a Wow! experience. I was so relieved. Phil Aduwemi had done a very good job, and with regular consultation with L-A this had been the great result. But something very powerful was yet to come. Maxine clearly liked the book, and saw even more potential than we had. She introduced us to her colleague Aliza, who explained the Print on Demand concept. For a small monthly fee, they would place the book on Takealot, and when people ordered, would supply from relatively small batches that they would organize. Then, if we want to be more ambitious, for a further fee they would arrange with Ingram the British publisher for local publishing in multiple countries. Laurie-Ann would receive a royalty for every copy into our Paypal. Since we had already paid for a print run of 200, we were poised to get started, and Aliza will send us the small print in the next few days. We left Print on Demand setting the GPS for Sons Saul's house. We hadn't see her for 18 months, shortly after her husband of a few months had died, leaving her the house. She was alone, without a close friend, but was pastoring a church, and had been on missions in Dubai and othe Middle East countries, and India. She was definiitely sold out to Jesus - a microcosm of Heidi. At first I thought her mind was in trouble, but as our time with her continued, I felt she was for real, though hard to take. She fed us with coffee, crackers, goat's cheese and anchovie paste, all excellent. We left her around 4:30, bought burgers at a neighbouring MacDonald's, and drove home. On the news, Trump said that his recent 1-month travel ban from Europe, excluding UK, might have to include UK as a result of a spike in deaths there from Covid-19. This is getting perilously close to impacting us. I sent a message to Dr Hofmeyr confirming that Britney needed two back tooth roots removed. He replied yes, and said he would be happy to do it. I replied how much. Then he really surprized us by saying it would be free! I made an appointment for her at 11:30 on Tuesday 24 March, the same day as Bella's appointment.

Thur Mar 12
I woke feeling good; brain functioning well - not for any reason I could think of. I told the kids I wouldn't be able to take them home tomorrow. Britney wasn't there for a lift for a second day. At 8 am the power went off. I tried to view the PET scan disk on Pink Dell but couldn't get anything of interest to show. I took L-A to Touching Hearts. Then I drove to Dr Hofmeyr's. I paid the bill for Britney - R1,409. The accountant gave me the estimate for Bella: R 3,489 for the first treatment, and R 4,335 some week's later for the final treatment. Divide by 11 for $ equivalents: $ 711. Considering this includes a partial denture with 6 teeth, it's very good value. I made an appointment on 24 March at 3pm for the first treatment. Bella will be going to university a year from now, and we intend her to look beautiful long before that. When I had dropped off Bella at her home about 2:15, Britney got into the car and showed me a letter from Jamelia saying that the other day was the first and only time she had smoked a cigarette. This I don't believe. Then Britney asked if I would take her right now to the day clinic to see a dentist to deal with the roots of her back teeth. She also said Jamelia needed to go to hospital because of stomach pains. This explained Jamelia's letter. I told Britney that it was impossible to take her now because of organizing our freight shipment, and producing tonight's program while we still had power. I reminded her that when she needs help from me or anyone else she must give advanced notice. She went off in a huff, tossing jamelia's letter into the road. Her front teeth looked really good (but she hadn't said anything about that). I bought a chocolate cake in honour of Liam. At 4:15 the complete De Wet family arrived, bringing a milk tart: Pieter, Wilna, Jamie, Y***, and of course Liam, who apparently had been counting the days till he saw his favourite Legacy Relay teacher, L-A, again. Wilma was wearing police uniform. Load shedding had atarted at 4, but L-A had reminded me to fill our tea caraff with hot tea before then, so there was enough for one small cup for everyone except Jamie, who didn't want one. She is a Grade R teacher at Worcester Primary. I served milk tart and chocolate cake to all except L-A, who just got the cake. We had spirited conversation. When I mentioned our car situation, Pieter phoned a friend in the car parts industry who told him the E270 was sold only in limited numbers in South Africa, which may be the reason the hyraulic brake pump is hard to source. I asked Pieter what was his profession and he said he was also in the police. So we felt pretty safe in this company. When I mentioned that Chantelle had told us that Worcester Secondary School had told her and Anthonica they had to leave last Monday, Wilna said this sounded suspicious, made a couple of calls, and that she would check it out. She took the names and addresses of Chantelle and Anthonica. It turns out that one of her responsibilities is for the area secondary schools, yet she had heard nothing about the events the girls had described. For the first time I considered that the whole exercise might have been an elaborate scheme by the girls to get R 200 from me. We gave Liam various art materials including a set of watercolour pencils. Jamie confirmed the Grade 1 large canvas from last term was hanging in the staff room. After they left, I had just enough time when the power returned at 6:30 to complete the Worcester Report about the Hein Wagner Academy. I called Rose and got an update on the open day they had held yesterday, and included that in the program. There was a hiccough on the playback around 8:15, so we listened to the original file, and I do think the broadcast was transmitted. To me it sounded a lot better than I remembered the interview being; I had done a lot of edits.

Wed Mar 11
At 6:30 I arrived at Bella's and my passengers were all waiting. I gave Bella R20 so she could get home by taxi in the event we weren't back by 2pm. I was home by 7, taking a look at Google Maps because the Western Cape PET/CT Centre is not on a public road, but inside the huge Tygerberg Hospital perimeter. For this reason they supplied a GPS map reference, but there were 2 digits missing for both E and S coordinates, so we knew it would be innacurate. In fact they led us to half way along a side road around a Km from the PET centre. We did have the name of a major road near the hospital, so with L-A's inate sense of direction (which I lack), and the GPS we arrived at the Centre in good time, and read off the correct map reference which I presented to the receptionist. When it was time to pay the the R18,000 bill, their machine wouldn't take L-A'a TD Visa, so it was good that my MasterCard was healthy. Her Visa was also healthy, as I proved the next morning, so it was their machine that was on the blink, although it worked for my card. About 9:45 L-A felt confident enough to be left to continue to the scan room alone, so I drove in search of some breakfast. I ended up in a Spur and the breakfast was very nice. At 11.28 L-A texted that she was in the 'comfortable room' after having her injection, and would soon be having her scan. I was back in the foyer by noon typing out these words. I was still typing in the same seat at 2pm, with half an ear on the SABC 3 news, when there was an announcement of 3 Coronavirus patients in isolation right here in Tygerberg hospital. The TV immediatley went blank, and I wondered if someone had not wanted patients here to know - but if so they were too late. The picture came back a few minutes later. By now I trust Bella will have found herself a taxi ride home, having given up on my coming. Maxine from the publisher called about 3 to say that the colouring books would be ready after 12 on Friday, so I said we would be there to collect them. The PET unit gave us a disk of Laurie-Ann's scan. We arrived home at 5:30 to discover load shedding had been in process since 4, so we rested till 7 when the lights came on. I turned on the TV to hear that Coronavirus has been now labelled a pandemic by the WHO, and that there are now 13 cases in South Africa. L-A augmented our newsletter with a report on the girls' dental treatment, and will appeal to readers to help us fund Bella's costs. I need to get those costs tomorrow.

Tue Mar 10
I told the kids that tomorrow morning I needed to pick them up at 6:30 so that L-A could be at Tygerberg for her Pet scan. When we got to Legacy Relay, there was a barrier across the entrance that we use, because of construction. Jeanne-Marie was there and showed us we could drive to the next nearest door. Soon we were in front of the class for our penultimate time, and I took the opportunity to teach them the word penultimate. I set the Marantz to record the singing, but failed to do the set-up correctly so there was no recording. For science, in 15 minutes, I taught them that light can 'bend' in a column of water, or in a glass fibre, that numbers and all other information may be represented in binary as a series of on and off states, that telephone calls and TV can travel to Canada in 1/4 second by under-sea fible optic cables, or in 4 or 5 seconds via satellite. Jeanne-Marie was teary-eyed when she saw us off; she won't be there next week, and is in the process of seeking a teaching job in Clanwilliam. I felt glad that at least we have her on podcast. I called Cecil at SA Part Finder, since I hadn't heard anything. He said he was still looking for the hyraulic brake pump. I spoke to Benzo Parts, and he said he didn't have it, but I should call once a week since old Mercedes were coming in regularly. I am getting despondent about the car, which looks like being a $4,000 hit for us at a time when we can least afford it. People will support cancer costs, and fewer people will support missionary costs. But who would support car costs? I finished editing our latest newsletter and sent it back to L-A. I took a look at our Solutions Banking account and saw that my MasterCard now has only about $3,000 balance, so the call to them really had worked out. We are within $100 of our absolute AiO limit, so I transferred the SUS 1,000 that Tania had donated a few days ago to Simplii, and will then send it to Solutions. I'm not sure why I don't feel more nervous about living on the edge financially; it must be that God has kept us afloat so far so why would he stop now?

Mon Mar 9
I arrived at Bella's house at 3 ready for mailbox clubs. No sign of her, and Cathy hadn't seen her. I went back to sit in the car and wait - when the truth hit me - I had forgotten to pick up the kids from school, for the second time. I drove fast to Essellen Park, to find Bella, Manville, Britney and Joy patiently waitin; angry, but accepting my helting apology. Perhaps it was because it was the second time that they knew it was possible. By now they were very hungry, and mailbox clubs were only a lower priority. As we drove to OK Foods to get them burghers, I began wondering what is wrong with me that something I have done for weeks would slip my mind. Maybe I am too old and have become unreliable; perhaps too unreliable to be doing this important work. When I had dropped them off, I went round to Chantelle's in case by chance she had run a club. No. So for the second week there were no clubs, but this time it was entirely my fault. On Saturday I had tried to encourage them to get back on track, yet now I had now derailed them.

Sun Mar 8
L-A was going to be teaching prophetic art to the older Kinderkerk so we got down to Church in good time, but were held up for 15 minutes because the church leaders were in the large room in prayer. When we did get in I was at first worried that the church computer appeared to have only an HDMI connection, and L-A's HP has only VGA. Before I could stop her, Riana went in search of Kenneth, who would shortly be leading an annual Youth service. A couple of moments later I realized the HDMI outlet was an adapter from a VGA, so by the time Kenneth arrived everything was wired up. In the process Laurie-Ann had seen fit to push a large table to the front, which I could have done a lot more easily. I think she was nervous. We went to the church for the first part of the service, to find hip hop praise in progress and the whole congregation swaying/moving to the rhythm. It was fun. We stayed until the last worship song, then made our way back to the kinderkerk room, but found it locked, so waited beside Milk & Honey for 10 minutes when the children came out. L-A's teaching, which was translated, went very smoothly. There were about 20 between the ages of 9 and 16. I left for 10 minutes to photograph Kenneth speaking to the church congregation. After the powerpoint, they were invited to meditate to soaking music and wait for Holy Spirit to prompt them with images of His choosing. About three of the kids produced pleasing images with more than a touch of divine inspiration about them. All the kids took it seriously and produced images of one kind or another, including of course some robots. On our way out to the car the girl with (in my view) the best image came up to L-A with her mother and asked if we would take a photo of her with the drawing. She turned out to me the daughter of Dr. Arnold Smith, Laurie-Ann's surgeon, to whom L-A had given a piece of art some months before. The majority of our Iris Western Cape missionary colleagues arrived at our house for 1 pm to say gooodbye to us, including Anne-Laure Knockaert and her parents who have decided to move here from Holland. The Cape Town people weren't able to come. Everyone brought food, and L-A had made hot meat balls which went down well. The Fouries brought wine, some to drink and some for our cupboard. The Sidlauskas kids were very mature slotting in very well in the company. When we had done eating I took control and announced I would talk about our time in South Africa, and I recorded it for a future broadcast on The Worcester Reports. Having failed to get Power Director running on my Windows 10 computer (it loaded but ran very slowly and jerkily) I decided to load it onto Pink Dell, and successfully edited the video of Marius and the band leading praise for the final event of the bi-centennial. I still must activate Power Director within 30 days. Chantelle persuaded me to bring her to the house to do urgent homework for a couple of hours, and we fed her. However, we have told the girls that we really can't have them up any more except Saturday afternoons, because of being really stretched for time in the last 3 weeks of our time here.

Sat Mar 7
When I awoke I had the idea to play "There but for Fortune" to the men in Brandvlei, so I ripped it from Spotify and added it to the memory stick with the Alpha videos. Kevin Daly, Soraya and I drove to Brandvlei. I was hoping that today's Alpha would be a good introduction for Kevin, although 'Does God Heal Today' uses a different format from the other sessions. Officer Ben Kotze welcomed us with a big smile, a TV, and 19 men. This was a good start. The men sang as passionately as ever. After 3 songs, I played them the recording of 'There but for fortune' by Martyn Joseph. I had two reasons: 1, to see if Kevin would be able to use praise music on a USB stick to replace my live guitar playing, and 2, to help the men understsnd one of the reasons why volunteers come into prisons. I explained the meaning of the song before playing it - that but for fortune, I could well have been sitting as one of them (and they might have been leading Alpha). Then I pushed the button and the song began, so my first objective was achieved, and for the rest of the song they were silent, keen to hear every word. I introduced 'Does God Heal Today,' and then was having difficulty switching the source on the TV from audio to video, so Kevin talked on why healings may not always occur in the way we hope. I was still having a problem, so while Soraya added some thoughts, I asked if there was someone in the room who could get the video running. It is hard to do this without a remote, and remotes in prisons tend to be scarce. However, one of the men fixed the problem rapidly and we watched the program. At the end I asked both Kevin and Soraya if either of them had any words of knowledge for any of the men. Kevin said that he sensed that few in this group would be asking for help with physical aches and pains, but that most would be troubled by remorse for the pains they had caused in others. I asked the men in the front row to move and invited any who wanted healing prayer to occupy the front row. There were more men than space, but we got started. As each came up, I annointed him with spikenard oil, then asked what kind of healing he needed, and Kevin's expectation turned out to be accurate. Only 3 has physical pain, including Lee-Wade with long term back pain, but all the others had aching hearts for what had resulted from their actions. All were prayed for by one or more of us. We worked quite fast, but we didn't finish the front row till anout 9:20, but Ben Koetze had allowed us to continue. Kevin was comfortable with all that had occured. It had turned out to be a good introduction to prison Alpha for him.

After dropping off Soraya, Kevin came in for coffee and fruit cake. The subject of the use of recorded praise music came up, and he asked if we had the Afrikaans koortjies that Nik had introduced at Homeless Church. I mentioned that I got music from Spotify and removed the ads, as I had with Days of Decision. I said I wouldn't have been able to buy it in a local CD store, and he mentioned that it was probably on iTunes. Laurie-Ann had gone back to bed after breakfast feeling extra tired so missed seeing Kevin. I picked up 4 of our girls for Saturday ministry and in my mind the focus was to stem the apparent degradation in the mailbox clubs to the point the previous Monday when we had no groups. During our discussion time I asked their help to identify what was going wrong. The combination of all out thoughts suggested that the clubs must start promptly at 3pm every Monday. When this doesn't happen, the chilfren are confused, not knowing if things are running late, or if there is no leader. After a couple of weeks they will go and do something else on Saturdays. Later that evening I got to thinking about the brief discussion I had had with Kevin about ripping music from Spotify, and I sensed that he would not have considered that wholesome/honest. I still didn't have Days of Decision. I decided to buy it from iTunes. Maybe I should turn a corner in my life and start doing the right thing in regard to obtaining all my music. One advantage would be getting the individual .m4A tracks rather than an .mp3 of the complete disk all as one track.

Fri Mar 6
Godfrey thanked me for our friendship and hospitality. We drove down to Carlo's for our prayer meeting and he thanked me again publicly. I was happy to report the improvement in our car situation since a week ago when they had all prayed for it. Hilton drove him home afterwards. At about 8:30 I carefully drove the Mercedes to Mirkhon Motors. There was a big change in the owner this time when I showed him the car details on an MMJ invoice. He said if Brian hadn't fixed it, we wouldn't look at it. I interviewed Rose Niemand, Office Manager of the Hein Wagher Academy, which trains visually impaired people for the workplace. This had been set up on Tuesday when I was in the Pioneer School to interview Jadha Abrahams. I can't remember why I went into Avian Park in the afternoon, but Britney and Jamelia came to the car. Britney told me that Christopher Breeze had threatened her with his knife that morning, and she was scared. I said she should report this to the police, so she and Jamelia, whose family has been sheltering her for 10 days or so came with me to the police station. We were taken into a back room, where a sympathetic mad found her earlier case on computer file. He took her details. Without an actual crime he won't be able to take action, but if there is a crime, this meeting would provide evidence. He recommended we go to Child Welfare. Here they remembered Britney from the time they moved her and her siblings to a safe house in Roodeval, and they even remembered me. Britney was interviewed by the Avian Park case worker, with the result that she then took Britney and Jamelia to Britney's aunt's house, not far from Bella's. This made me feel I'd been helpful. On my way home however, my Mastercard was declined twice at different stores. Once, I would have put down to the machine in the store, but twice? I had enough cash to pay, having transferred from Simplii within the last couple of days. When I got home I looked at our Solutions banking transaction history. My MasterCard had been paid automatically on 28 February, but on 6 March this payment of about $6,500 had been reversed. I called Solutions Banking. I now think that a $1700 eTransfer on 28 Feb hadn't got there in time for there to be sufficient funds without exceeding my maximum headroom of $155,000. A very helpful consultant saw the predicament, realized I had tried hard to do things right but was not under the wire in time. After some discussion, he went beyond what I would have expected. Since there was now sufficient funds, he paid the Mastercard, backdated it to 28 March so that I would not pay interest, and cancelled a couple of penalty charges. On my 'do list' had been the item: 'check out 'Days of Decision - A Tribute to Phil Ochs' by Martyn Joseph. As soon as it was running on Spotify I realized it was special. His voice perfectly suited these iconic songs, ad every word is crystal clear. I thought I had recorded it on the AR WIzzard, but I must have forgotten to press record, because there was nothing there when I checked. There was a message on the WhatsApp prayer group from Godfrey to say that (Dr) Johan Truiter from church had found him a place to stay for free until the end of the month.

Thu Mar 5
Thursday has become a favourite day of the week for me, and today lived up to it. Britney was waiting for me at Jamelia's in her school uniform. Since Joy wasn't coming we took another of Bella's friends to school. Bella was eating porridge for breakfast as we drove - a big change from a week ago. After dropping the others, I took Britney to her school, and when we arrived she said she'd been throwing up after eating for a day or so. She wanted me to take her home again but I used tough love and left her at her school. She has skipped a few days recently. The Toyota was low on petrol so I drove to Expressmark. It took R750 worth. I was served very well by forecourt attendant Mike, and commented appropriately in the Total Expressmark web site and FaceBook. Godfrey called, reminded me I had said he could stay one night and asked if the offer was still open. I said yes, he could come tonight. I took L-A to Touching Hearts, returned home, and drove to Bidvest in the Suzuki. Of course I forgot to top up the petrol so had to go out again, finding that the first two stations I went to were out of petrol since to price went down yesterday. Before turning in the car I drove the Mercedes a few yards. She had kindly let me park it in her lot for the whole time we had rented the Suzuki. Jeannette gave me a cheery goodbye as I left her the keys. Then, gingerly and with my full force ready to put on the brake pedal, I drove the Mercedes out onto Russell Street, a prayer on my lips. There are four 4-way stops going west to Somerset St, and there was no cross traffic at any of them, very unusual. From Somerset it's all uphill to Hooggelegen, which is relatively safe to drive with minimum brakes. When I reached Hooggelegen village and need to go downhill quite steep, I turned the car and did it in reverse getting more breaking from the gearbox. One of the neighbours looked at me strangely, but soon the car was safely in our second driveway with the handbrake on. There was a senior's tea at 11. Senior's anythings I don't relate to but I thought the Copples needed to make a showing and Mrs was at Touching Hearts. There was indeed tea, fruit and deserts, and Afrikaans. I was sitting next to Peter, and in our conversation he said that Mirkhon Motors might have a solution for the Merc. So after the tea was drunk I went there, where I had first taken the car before discovering MMJ. The owner heard my story, suggested that the brake pump should not be able to immobilize the car, and invited me to bring it in tomorrow morning. On the way from school Bella told me she would not be going tomorrow since she (and Cathy) had an appointment at the hospital for a check-up of her back. Since they didn't want to go at a time convenient to me, I gave her R100 to cover taxis both ways for the two of them, with R20 extra. I told the other passengers they would have get themselves to school and back without my help. I called Godfrey and he said he could come between 6 and 7. Between 5 and 7 I was working on tonight's program. I had expected he would call me to come and get him, but about 6:15 he knocked on the door. By now I was preparing supper and mixing down. We ate about 7:15. We all listened to the program, but about 20 minutes in the playback stopped probably due to Breedenet overload, so I switched to playing the audio file locally; I didn't want them to miss Jadha's picture of albinism. Godfrey had a bath and settled down on the couch about 9:30. He had slept in his inoperative bakkie last night and had been scared by local troublemakers probably looking for foreigners to rob.

Wed Mar 4
We went to Pathcare for 7:45 and L-A had a batch of blood tests for Hanlie to see that she is progressing. We got back to Hooggelegen immediately after Lise, in the Toyota that would fulfil our transportation needs for the next few weeks. I cooked us poached eggs on toast and coffee. I called D Hofmeyr's office to hear that the appointments for Bella and Britney were next Tuesday, not today. Soon we got on our way back to Somerset West. Lise drove, even though she hadn't driven manual transmission in 20 years. We had some good discussion on the drive. I drove back, arriving in good time to collect the kids from school. I went to Bidvest's yard (in the Toyota) and photographed the Mercedes. Then to Riverview to take the kids to Mella's for 'store day,' when they receive clothes and products from Topsy Turvey ministry. Having dropped then off in 2 batches (7 and 8 in the car respectively), I bought bread and took it home because L-A hadn't eaten since breakfast. I returned to Mella's to take the kids home plus large cuddly toys and a miscelleny of other treasures. Next stop Tony's. After standing in line for a while as he served a Corrections officer who had arrived after me, I showed him my photos of the car, and my latest servicing receipt with the kilometeridge, and asked what he would give me as its scrap value. R10,000 - which is what I had expected. Then I drove to MMJ and asked Brian for some fatherly advice. He said don't scrap the car till closer to our leaving time and keep looking for the hydraulic brake pump in scrap yards, and then he gave me the names of three such places in Cape Town, SA Part Finder: 082 388 8137, Benzo Parts, 086 137 7728, and Orbit Coach Works. The contact at SA Part Finder is Cecil, and he aswered the phone, asking me to WhatsApp him with the part number. I sent similar info to Benzo from their web site. After searching for Orbit I decided they were probably no longer in business. In the evening I edited Jadha's interview, and Laurie-Ann put the finishing toutches on WTGIG.

Tue Mar 3
Legacy Relay warmly welcomed L-A back after she missed last week. The kids are getting more affectionate as they know us better. On arrival I asked if Jeane-Marie would not take her class out to their classroom when the colouring began. My science bit followed on from refraction last week, to the eyeball including the lens and other components. L-A's teaching on the inspiration behind prophetic art got their attention. With soaking music in the background, and all the kids within earshot they drew their favourite things on blank paper. While robots were popular, a handful of them clearly seemed to have received divine guidance. At 3 I arrived at Pioneer school. I aked a man at reception if I could see Jadha for a radio interview. He was very co-operative and made a call. I didn't know it at the time but he was the principal, Michael Bredenkamp. He also agreed we could use Elizma's office, the lady I had interviewed previously. Jadha proved to be a delightful character, and way above her years for articulation, passion, vision and a full appreciation for the challenges of albinism. She expounds these very well in the interview, which is both charming, and horrifying in places. After the interview, Michael introduced me to Rose Niemand, with the Heinwagner Academy, which trains sight-challenged students in various skills, in association with Boland College. One that caught my ear was the only course in the world in Cyber Security for the blind. Rose agreed to an interview on Friday morning. Her supervisor is Corne du Bois. We talked about bringing experts in for the interview, but I assured her she had a more appropriate skill set than 'experts.' She mentioned that she admires Janey as a teacher. Godfrey posted on the prayer group WhatsApp: Hie guys I'm looking for help me and my wife we have parted ways I have to move out tonight but I don't have anything to start with or a bad to sleep on even a small bad will do. I replied saying he could come to us for one night.

Mon Mar 2
Bella was 10 minutes late for the Bella Express, and Joy had already gone by the time we got to her pick-up point. I doubled back to take Chantelle to OVD from where she would walk to the hospital dentist. I dropped in at MMJ to ask if they still had the Mercedes trunk key, and Brian assured me he had put it in the ash tray. The afternoon's Mailbox Club was seriously depressing. None of the girls were ready at 3, and so their learners weren't there. Marsha got a bag of plums for old times sake. We have always had at least one club operating. Bella has ben totally reliable, but today something bad was happening at her house and I saw little chance of a club. (The next day she told me what had happened. Her sister, who lives across the street with her addicted boyfriend had come to Cathy asking for money to get drugs for her boyfriend. Saturday the grants had been paid so there is money around. In my hearing, Cathy responded loudly and forcefully to this request; I even thought I heard an Afrikaans-accented version of an F-bomb.) Anthonica asked me to take her to town to buy a new school skirt. She had R90 from her mother. I took her to 2 Pep stores but the skirts were more than R90. She had spent some of the money on a cool drink. She was worried her mother would be angry if she didn't come back with a skirt. She told me that both her parents had said the skirt I had bought her was too short. I think she wanted me to pay the difference but I had told her I wouldn't. I said, forcefully, we should go back to her home. In her frustration she got out of the car saying she would ask someone for the taxi fare home, and before I could stop her she disappeared into the crowd. This gave me a real problem. I ran up the street looking for her but couldn't find her. I was worried someting bad could happen to her in this rape-infested country (today a rape of a 101 year old woman was reported in the news, and in a separate story a 23 year old convicted rapist of children was only given a light sentence). In the end I drove home; there was nothing else I could do. Later in the evening, Chantelle messaged L-A, and I asked her to ask Chantelle if she had seen Anthonica at home this evening. She had, which was a great relief to me. I had had visions of being the last one in her circle to see her alive, and being forced to stay in South Africa as a witness. Lise Lourens had shared my 'Help' post and a friend of hers, Sandy Hammond, responded, and Lise put us in touch with her. She was in Botswana for a few weeks, and partly for that reason there was a Toyota RunX at her Cape Town home standing idle. I spoke with her on WhatsApp and she said she would lend it to us. Further, it is comprehensively insured. Here was a great answer to prayer and the 'Help' notice. Lise called and offered to drive the car to us, since Sandy had arranged for her to have access. After varios options were discussed she said she would drive here early on Wednesday morning. Janey called to say there was an albino student at Pioneer school who was an activist for albinism and might be interested in an interview on CWCP. Janey gave me her number and I called her, and arranged a time for 11 am tomorrow. Janey by the way is very depressed, though the bright star in her life is full time teaching at Pioneer school.

Sun Mar 1
This is still the
Worcester bi-centennial, but it is also the 25th anniversary of the founding of Worcester Christian Church. Church this morning was different! There were 3 worship songs, and then announcements and photography related to the anniversary. There was a video with interviews from long-term leaders in WCG, including Santjie Smit. Johann preached a sermon based on John 1:1 - the Word made flesh, and why he chose Peter: because Peter had a boat. Then there was a first class roast lamb lunch with wine, followed by Mulva pudding and ice cream. The logistics for all this must have been complex, with hoards of well-drilled volunteers, yet it all ran very smoothly. Our cell group sat together. When we got home afterwards I thought L-A would rest up several hours, but in fact she stayed up the whole day, a sign of her returning strength, if not an end to pain in her legs. But there's only a small remnant of pain in her breast. It apperas at this stage that the chemotherapy has done exactly what the doctors hoped for, reducing the tumour to halt a spread to stage 4, and to make the surgery more effective. It is clear that getting a replacement hydraulic brake pump will not be easy here in SA. This means we must find a car. I posted a 'Help' message on FaceBook, and prayed that it might bring a solution to us. At 10 to 6 she reminded me that Marius was heading up the final praise and worship event in Church Square which I had absolutely planned to attend, so I drove down. There was only a small audience. This didn't appear to be phasing Marius and his excellent band members, including Christine Ruerink on violin and Phil on keyboard. In fact they were very tight, remarkable after just one practice. I took video and photos, and more people arrived, until there were about 140. Because the band was good, we stopped being inhibited by the small numbers and got into the worship. Paula van Heerden arrived, and Sean Waite was there at the start, but I saw noone else I recognized. The music set ran about 45 minutes, and then a pastor preached in Afrikaans. I left after 15 minutes of the sermon judging that I would be better employed getting something for L-A to eat.

Sat Feb 29 - Leap Day
L-A had a Touching Hearts session this morning atarting about 8:30, so we had to get there before I picked up Soraya for the prison. I told her about Kevin's interest about taking over from me, and she shocked me by saying she was having doubts about whether she would be continuing with prison ministry. If she leaves, his task would be extremely difficult. It is not recommended that someone lead Alpha who hasn't been on Alpha, but Kevin's other qualifications are so strong and he's a quick learner. We were happy to be greeted by Vivian at Youth Centre reception, who told us the TV was already in the room! There were 24 men who came in all together, so today was going to be a lot better than last week. The subject was 'Telling others (about Jesus).' During the worship section I called up some volunteer singers to the front and had them sing with me on 'Father could you mend me.' the song by Ottawa inmate Howie A for which I had written the tune. It went down well here. The video was quite well received, and was done by 9:45, so we had 15 minutes for small group discussion. I split them into four, and suggested each group invite volunteers to tell their stories of how they became Christians. Soraya and I sat in on 2 groups and since my group was reticent, I told them ny story. As usual, after 15 minutes, it was hard to get the groups to stop telling their stories. Soraya had told the group that she was feeling down when she was coming in this morning, but the men had again lifted her spirits. I hope that means she feels better about staying on with Kevin. After dropping Soraya at YWAM I went down to Church Square and between 11 and 12:15 was able to witness and film the South African Air Force aerobatics team with three aircraft, and then the firing of the 150 years-old canon. See video. The ministry in the afternoon was a little like the earlier days, with Marsha (!), Chantelle, Jamelia, Britney and Bella. I brought them via Church Square where live pop music was in progress for the bi-centennial, but none of them wanted to stop there for a short while. I gave them ground rules of only one in the bathroom at once. We watched 'How to make the best of the rest of my life,' but only Bella was following it closely. I checked Whatsapp and there was a message from Kevin sent last night suggesting he come in with me this morning. This may mean he will only be able to attend one Alpha session with me.

Fri Feb 28
Jan had called a My Father's House board meeting at Mario's request so he could explain his sudden resignation, but in the even he didn't turn up at 9:30 this morning. Kevin and we were the only ones who joined Jan, yet it was a productive meeting. Mario ran the Avian Park soccer for My Father's House, which funded it for equipment, but Mario never gave any credit or recognition to My father's House, which didn't sit well with Jan. It seemed he just wanted the funding, not the association. Recently Jan turned him down for a funding request because he refused to add a reasonably sized MFH decal to soccer shirts, and a few days later he resigned. I reported that the recording of the Mailbox Club Training was now on line and available from the MFH Facebook and web site. I brought Chantelle and Bella to the house at about 2:45, and then drove Manville to a farm in Overhex where his sister stays, and she is ill. I returned to Worcester and stopped at Tony's. They have thousands of parts all catalogued in the owner's memory (and his name isn't Tony). He asked me to get a photograph of the unit. I drove to Bidvest, which thank goodness was still open, and took photos of the hydraulic brake pump. I showed them to Tony, and he recognized it immediately - he has one similar in his own car. But he doesn't have one for sale. I asked him if he would buy our car for scrap if it came to that and he said yes. Back home, I searched eBay and found similar brake pumps, but not the same part number, and none in South Africa. So I registered on Bidorbuy, the South African competitor for eBay, and found nothing in the category. L-A asked me a question about the Mercedes keys, and I realized Brian hadn't given me back the trunk key - my third trunk key. It was now too late to go there. I took the girls home about 5.

Thu Feb 27
I took the kids to school in the Suzuki. Bella was the one who asked for food, but none of them had had a bite of breakfast. I had thought that Manville and Joy came out of slightly less poverty, but they too got no food to go to school on. The last food Bella had eaten was the pie I gave her after school yesterday. I drove to OK foods. It was too early for pies and breakfast sandwiches, but they had cheeseburgers which can be heated up. These went down well with the kids. Back home L-A was ready for 'Touching Hearts.' Once I had moved her seat back, she was able to get in with less discomfort - but still very painful. When we were driving she was higher off the road than in the Mercedes so she had a better view. I received a phone call from Dis-Chem at Cape Gate to say we must pay for L-A's herceptin injection due tomorrow before they will deliver it to Worcester Mediclinic. So the only answer is for me to drive to Cape Gate this afternoon, sonce Dis-Chem wouldn't accept a credit card number by phone. Then I received a second call from Esté (?) suggesting that if I am driving to Cape Gate then why not we both come and have the injection there instead of Worcester tomorrow. This seemed very sensible. I then had a call from Brian at MMJ to say that he was now able to get the gear stick out of park, but that to take off the warning display and constant beep he would need to replace the SBC hydraulic brake pump at a cost of R38,000. I asked about the brakes and he said I would have to press twice as hard on the pedal for them to work. I said I would be down as soon as I have turned in the rental car. So I drove to Bidvest and left it with Jeanette, and then walked to MMJ. Brian showed me the car and pointed out the hydraulic brake pump. I asked him for the part number; it is A 0054317912. He said that if I could locate one second hand, he would fit it. He recommended Tony's autoparts as a place to start, and also a firm that would buy the car for scrap if it came to that. I paid the bill - just R575 - and drove the car from the garage, immediately discovering that the brakes were in exactly the same state as when I had driven it from Worcester Pimary on Tuesday. I could drive to pick up L-A, and attempt the trip to Cape Gate, or I could drive to Bidvest and see if I could have the Suzuki back. Just the process of driving to the High Street told me that I must not drive this car for any distance, so I drove to Bidvest. Jeanette was away, probably at lunch. I called L-A and told her I would wait for Jeanette. She returned in 15 minutes. Luckily she had not yet processed my returning the car so she just gave me the key back. I asked if I could leave the Mercedes in the lot with her other cars and she said I could. So I drove to Laurie-Ann and brought her home from Touching Hearts. She had been surprized about the phone calls from Cape Gate, because she had settled a bill yesterday by credit card and thought we were all set. So she had phoned them, discovering that this R9,000 for the herceptin was a different bill. We got on our way to Cape Gate and I told her the sorry story of my morning. One casualty was that I wouldn't be picking up Chantelle at 2:20. L-A had sent her a message, and I had phoned her, but reaching the girls is never easy. The old road over DuToits Kloof pass was closed, and as we approached the Huguenot tunnel we could see smoke from wild fires on the mountain. Looking back from the other side L-A could see flames. The Cape Gate sisters gave L-A a joyful welcome, and Jeannette gave her the injection. It didn't take long. Soon we were on the way home, but approaching the tunnel from this side were shocked to see flames on or very close to the upper road, and a general smoky haze everywhere. When we got home it took me 2 hours of work to insert the Mailbox training video into the structure of a Worcester report. There was a problen with the final mixdown. For some reason it wouldn't mix to an .mp3, so I mixed to .wma. It sounded fine, and that's how tonight's program went out, glitchless. I listened to the whole of it as it broadcast and was pleased with the quality. Someone else listened to the end of my first talk and then turned off. I believe this recording could be a key aspect of our legacy.

Wed Feb 26
I thought I might have a lie-in since Kathryn was picking up the kids, but Chantelle called at 7 am asking if she might come to our house to do homework. I said not today, but yes for tomorrow at 2:30. At 7:20 Kathryn called to confirm she had delivered the kids to Esselen Park and Gymnasium and everything had gone smoothly. I checked my phone and noticed she had texted me last night at 9 asking me to accompany her into Avian Park. I was glad I hadn't noticed it. After breakfast I stared editing the audio files from The Mailbox Club training on 6 February. I was quite impressed both by the quality of what was said and the quality of the recording. With everything that had been going on, I hadn't thought much about this week's broadcast, other than a possibility of interviewwing a local historian about the Worcester bi-centennial. But now I realized that we should broadcast the training - in full. I checked this would be OK with Jan. By the end of today I had the mixdown of the training, each speaker separated by CWCP interlude themes. I had a arranged a meeting at Teacup for Kevin and Glenda to meet, though Glenda hadn't confirmed till about 10:30. I had thought I would be walking to Bidvest, and then on to Teacup, but Kevin had a meeting in the Worcester prison, and offered to pick me up after it and drive me to Teacup. Kevin and Glenda got on just fine. Kevin instructed Portia in how to make coffee (ie an Americano should have hot milk). Glenda's mother was on the next table, but because she was looking in the other direction, and had a new hairstyle, Glenda didn't realize it was she till she walked past on the way out. Introductions all round. After leaving Glenda to eat her scone, Kevin drove me to Bidvest and I picked up a silver coloured Suzuki. I drove home for a quick lunch. I picked up Bella and Joy at Gymnasium where they had had the introduction to university planning that they'd expected yesterday. Apparently it was very helpful. I had a pie for Bella and Kyle. Bella had messaged that she was realy hungry. After delivering them home via Esselen Park I drove back into Riverview, ready to bring the Riverview kids to the OVD pool. Mella also had a car full, and Kevin came late and brought the last 3. The swim was fun for everyone. I went in the water for a while and had a couple of kids climb onto my shoulders. I got out in good time to fetch two bulk packs of ice cream. It was messy to serve because Mella's scoup was defective but they got though almost all of it. Kevin challenge the best swimmer to race down the pool, giving him 30 seconds start, and they ended in what would have been a dead heat had not I snapped a photo finish showing Kevin ahead at the end by a few inches. See photos. Again I judged there just wasn't the time to broadcast an GNiTM archive. This week has been intense. I recorded the two continuity spots for tomorrow's Worcester report, but didn't edit them.

Tue Feb 25
At 3:15 am I was woken by the sound of singing. Soon I realized it was Britney. I went into the living room to find her watching a movie on the computer, wearing our headphones and singing along. I turned off the power to the modem and hard-stopped the computer, and asked her to get into bed, explaining that if she didn't she would be extremely tired for the coming day. This story illustrates the power of the Internet over a dirt poor girl. I took the headphones into our room, which I should have done last night and I think she slept the rest of the night, though I took a while to fall asleep again after what had just happened. I had set the alarm for 5:45 so I could take Soraya and Nathan to the school. Around 6 I made Britney's breakfast: Wheetbix and melon, then toast. She didn't like the Wheatbix or the melon. I ate her melon. We picked up Soraya and Nathan at YWAM gate. Britney knew her from Mailbox training. This was Nathan's first day at his new school, and Soraya was meeting the principal. I was early to pick up my schoolkids and for some reason they were later than usual. This wasn't a problem because I wouldn't need to go home to collect L-A for Legacy Relay. We dropped Jermaine (Jamelia's bother) at Esselen Park and then went to Gymnasium High School where Bella and Joy would be attending a day's indoctrination on university, where they would both be eligible in a year assuming they pass matric. I then drove to Worcester Primary, which is not far from Gynnasium and stopped the car in a more convenient parking spot than normal since I was early. As I braked, the screen display in the car broke into the same emergency warning I had seen last Thursday, beeping at me with the same audio alarm for if a passenger doesn't put on her seatbelt (a daily event for Bella). I couldn't get the gear shift out of park. But I was where I needed to be to teach Legacy Relay. When I had taken my guitar and other items from the trunk and locked the car, the emergency display was still on with the audio beeping, and the sidelights were flashing. My class went very well. Carica was there today instead of Louis and she has never seen me teach. I gave the bodhran to a girl I picked at random and showed her how it should be done - for this sort of music just one beat in the bar. She played perfectly as we sang. I had split my next section into science followed by economics. For science I use the remote from our TV to introduce them to light you can't see, eg infro red. On a white board I reminded them of the colours of the rainbow and told them how these correspond to different electomagnetic frequencies. Then we learned about ultra-violet and its dangers, and where it is in the spectrum. Then I spent 10 minutes teaching what is never taught, the lifetime graph of typical earnings, expenses, and saving for retirement. In the process they learned about graphs, what money is for, not spending all of one's income, and the purpose of banks and other financial institutions. For art I had two recent drawings of L-A's and I explained about angels, since there was an angel on one of them, and about the widow's oil which was featured in the other as it was continually replenished. They then got busy colouring the drawings for the rest of the session. Carica told me she liked my teaching and that we would be missed.

I went back to the car and Carica accompanied me so that if it didn't start, I wouldn't be alone with no way of going anywhere. I was encouraged by the fact that the side lights were no longer flashing. The engine light was still on, saying the brakes had failed, but I was able to put the car in gear. I decided to drive very carefully indeed to MMJ Service Centre. It was less than 5 minutes away with normal driving, but my brakes were anything but normal, slowing the car only slightly with maximum pressure on the pedal. By going about 2 Km/h and protected by divine forces I made it and pulled into my normal spot at MMJ. When Brian saw the display he told me that a part had failed that was only available from Germany and the price was about R40,000. The only factor that might help is that Brian has given me worst-case estimates in the past which have materialized into lower actual costs. I got the guitar, the disability permit, and other items out and Willem drove me home in the Bakkie. When he came in and saw Laurie-Ann, he instantly pronounced on her personal beauty. He is an encourager par-excellence. I was back at home having dodged another bullet. Imagine our situation of the problem had occured anywhere else I had been in the last few or the next few days. We prayed. Now we had another problem - how to collect the kids from school, I posted a 'Help!' message on Facebook and two group Whatsapps. Janey was the first to respond within minutes, recommending her regular driver Kathryn Barton. I called Kathryn, arranging for her to pick me up at 1:45, and then deleted the "Help!" messages. She arrived as promised and we drove to Gymnasium High School. She parked the car and I waited by the gate. I waited, and I waited. At 2:25 I decided that Bella and Joy were not here. We drove to Esselen Park where Jermaine would be waiting, and he was - with the girls! Apparently Gymnasium had told them they weren't able to hold the special event today, and had postponed till tomorrow. The girls had no way to tell me. Kathryn drove to Pelikaan street. She normally wouldn't drive in a township on her own. The price to me for using her for a day was R100. I told her I might need her to pick them up tomorrow morning unless I could get a rental car. I called Jeannette at Bidvest. She had no cars available before 4 pm. Back home I checked our FNB account because if I were to call on Kathryn tomorrow I could pay her by EFT. The bank balance was only R28, so clearly I must pump it up. I called Kathryn, who I knew would be bringing back one of our neighbours from the dentist. She drove me to the FNB ATM at the mall, where I deposited R400, and then she drove me home again, at no charge, since I had already engaged her for the day. About 4:15 I called Jeannette and, though she now had cars, they needed to be filled up and wouldn't be ready before tomorrow morning. I asked her to keep one for me. Then I called Kathryn and asked her to pick up the kids tomorrow morning. She charged me R80 which I sent by EFT.

Mon Feb 24
After taking the kids to school I doubled back to Manikin Street to take Anthonica to the police station so that she and her father Henry could arrange to take Tersia's live-in boyfriend Henri to court physically abusing Tersia and Anthonica. But Anthonica had gone to school already. I called her father, and he was in Wellington. He had messaged Anthonica to say they could no longer make the police station that morning. Neither of them thought to let me know. For the first time I forgot to collect the kids from school at 2, suddenly remembering at 2:35. Bella was a little angry - I apologized. They said they were all hungry and thirsty so I spent R100 on the four of them in OK and that helped. By the time we were in Avian Park it was the start time for mailbox clubs. Chantelle had only 3 kids, but I decided to treat them in every way as special and we had some good singing, which brought in a few more. She was still holding her face from toothache. She had heard that I was taking girls to our dentist and asked if I would take her. I said it would depend on how expensive the others turned out to be. Anthonica wasn't present - she probably thought I would be annoyed with her for not being there this morning, but later when she did appear I assured her I wasn't upset with her. Back at Bella's house she was in full swing teaching her club. Cathy had one of the boys go fetch me a chair from another house. I filmed Bella teaching in her unique way. I didn't know what she was saying but her body language was powerful. I was with girls from 2:30 till 6:30, ending up buying bread and power for several. At 6:20 Jamelia appeared with Britney and said Britney was in trouble. She got in the car alone and told me Christopher Breeze was back making life hell for Veronica her mother, and had threatened Britney. Britney has been spending her days in Jamelia's house but had nowhere to go to sleep and wondered if she could sleep at our home. I said no (having just accommodated Anthonica on Saturday night). Then Britney started crying - something I had never seen her do before, because she is very tough, and has been in fear of her life from the monster who twice tried to kill her mother. I told her she could come for tonight - but just for the one night. I drove home with her via her house where she told her mother where she was going. She soon relaxed in our home, enjoying stir fry beef. But her real focus was on the Internet - I had to take the orange phone from her to stop her using it throughout the meal. At bed time I removed the phones from the living room, and told her she was here to rest, and not watch endless videos, and not get up in the night to use the computer. Soraya called and asked if I would take her and Nathan down to Somerset Hight School early in the morning. Laurie-Ann is suffering from swolen feet and it is extra painful for her to walk. She said that she didn't feel she could go to Legacy Relay tomorrow morning and asked me to deputize for her. It was 11 pm before I had time to plan what I would teach the children tomorrow, but God is kind and the ideas came fairly easily into my mind.

Sun Feb 23
Took Anthonica to church. Hanlie de Bruyns led worship! Johan spoke on worship, which of course is far broarder than praise music. Laurie-Ann taught prophetic art to the younger Kinderkerk class, and Anthonica went into the older one. Although she had enjoyed a cooked breakfast she wanted a burger on the way home. We got a cheese burger no-cheese for her and a R6 cone for me. Three streets later she was still hungry and I got her an OK toasted sandwich and a milk drink. I dropped her in the vicinity of Jamelia's hose and drove back to cell group. In the middle of that half of us went to Homeless Church. Paula and Therden van Heerden had invited us for an afternoon chat in their home, where we reminisced about Canada where they had lived for 15 years but came back because it seemed the right thing to do. He is the head of energency in Worcester Mediclinic, and she is on the board of Legacy Relay. We four clicked over beer/wine and crisps, and their three children joined us for some of the time. We invited them for dinner.

Sat Feb 22
I checked my text messages at about 7:15 to see that Soraya wouldn't be joining us today for prison ministry. There was actually a benefit to this; I would be able to drive directly to Slanghoek for the Workers among young vines conference and arrive there earlier than I had expected. On the drive to Brandvlei I picked up aa hitch hiker at Avian Park who was gangster age, and quite well dressed. He recognized the car and me and thanked me for what I am doing with the children in Avian Park. I told him that yesterday, someone like him in Avian Park had told Britney, one of our teen Bible study leaders, whom he had seen being driven by me, that he wanted to rob me - why? - 'because I have money and possessions.' At first I thought she said 'rub me' which sounded almost like rub me out. My passenger today told me that if that ever happened there were many in Avian Park who would come to my assistance. I didn't recognize the reception staff at the Youth Centre, or the supervising staff in 'B' section, and they weren't much interested in me. It's better when Soraya comes. I asked for the TV but no TV was brought. By 9 we had just 3 attenders. I interrrupted the conversation that 3 prison officers were having (one of them was smoking) to say that we normally have 20+ people but today there were 3. Please would they get the word out to the other sections. Also, we have no TV. I began worship with the 3 present. Around 9:15, seven more men arrived, so we had a couple more songs. I introduced today's lesson, "How can I resist evil?" I then taught the lesson verbally. One advantage was that they could all hear me clearly; if we had used a TV with such a small number in this echoing dining room, the sound would have been hard to hear. Talking to inmates about evil is always interesting, and I focussed on the fact that it is the devil at work that temps us into sin, but we ourselves have access to forgiveness. I talked briefly about real evil men and mentioned I had only ever met two in 20 years of prison ministry. I assured those present that I sensed no suggestion of evil in them! But I did refer to the current news item of a Cape Town man who has murdered an 8-year old girl and stuffed her body into a Worcester storm drain this week as an example of evil. We broke into two discussion groups and I set them the task of individually admitting to situations where they had faller into temptation. I didn't want details, just acceptance of their fall, and how they now felt about it. In one group at the beginning no-one was ready to admit to any such history, so I deliberately left them in the hope they might be more forthright without my presence. These discussion groups are proving valuable each week to increase participation, sharing and learning. Once the discussion is under way, they don't want to stop, which is good. I drove to Slanghoek, which is past Goudini in a beautiful valley where we hadn't been before. The Workers among young vines conference had neen organized by Kevin Daly to encourage and bring together those working for the welfare of children and young people. speakers were asked to share a scripture that motivated them in their work, and explain why. I was speaking at noon, but was able to enjoy several other speakers before that. My scripture was Isaiah 61:1, the last two phrases: ' proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners.' I started by telling them that 4 hours before I had been releasing prisoners from darkness, and went on from there, sharing key aspects of prison ministry in the Brandvlei Youth Centre. I ended with an appeal to anyone present (there were about 15) who might know someone who could take over my role in the Youth Centre to get in touch. Imagine my surprize when Kevin Daly announced that he had been considering for some time getting into prison ministry, and now felt that this was his chance! We agreed to examine the possibilities, with a view to his coming in with me for the last couple of sessions on the current Alpha. Kevin spoke on Malachi 4:6, the last and very significant verse in the Old Testament. Kevin believes that because the hearts of the fathers (in our townships) have not been restored to their children, He has indeed cursed the land, resulting in situations such as I describe below. I got home from the conference with just enough time to buy a pie for Laurie-Ann's lunch, plus ham, bread, cakes and fruit for the Mailbox Club ministry sessions starting at 3 pm. But when I arrived at Bella's she wasn't ready because of housework chores and asked me to return later. So I went to Anthonica's. She told me that the previous evening she had heard her mother screaming from the street, and had run in the house to find Henry, Tersia's live-in lover beating her so that she was lying in a pool of blood. Henry then started punching Anthonica in the face till her nose was bleeding. Chantelle told me the next day that from her house across the street she hears Tersia screaming every night at the hands of Henry. Anthonica then told me that tonight, Saturday, is Tersia's night to get drunk, and when she is drunk she starts beating Anthonica. Anthonica wanted me to let her sleep at our house tonight. I said it would be OK as long as Laurie-Ann was happy. Living in such awful surroundings, it is amazing how well Anthonica is turning out. She has many faults but her general demeanour and determination to survive the regular violence are very impressive in a 14-year old. I then drove with her to OVD to find Chantelle, which after some delay we did. Chantelle had been taking part in an athletics tournament. We returned to Bella's and picked up Jamelia, but Bella hadn't had time to wash herself and her grandmother Cathy wanted her to do the dishes instead of coming with us. I asked her to take me to Cathy who was lying on a bed while giving these various jobs to Bella. I said I wanted Bella at our ministry, and she reluctantly gave permission. So we had 4 girls for ministry. It was now 5 pm, an hour later than normal, and I had something special in mind for them. On the way I laid out two more ground rules. 1, no use of wifi on our phones until ministry is complete. 2, only one person in the bathroom at once. When we arrived I showed Bella to L-A's en-suite washroom so she could have a wash. L-A made the sandwiches and they ate, and then we had some good worship with Bella leading the singing loud and clear. Then came the our crucial ministry for today. Several of them had now watched the Alpha videos 'Who is the Holy Spirit,' and 'What does the Holy Spirit Do?' so it was time for 'How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit?' Bella watched in wrapt attention. Anthonica and Jamelia a little less wrapt. Chantelle watched half of it them put her head between pillows. She later told me she was suffering bad toothache. At the end, L-A and I prayed in turn for Bella, Anthonica and Jamelia and took them through the sinners' prayer. In Bella's case particularly we felt the Holy Spirit hovering near and believe she sensed this was a key moment in her life, for which she is ready. Anthonica stayed at the house, and I took the girls back via the fairground that has recently been set up beside the west end of Russell St., for the bi-centenial of Worcester. No money was spent but the atmosphere was fun. On my way back I got fish and chips from Europa Fisheries (since Ocean Fisheries was closed) and I think they have changed the oil they were using because the bad smell was gone, and L-A, Anthonica and I enjoyed the fish. It was only R70 for the three of us. L-A and I spent the next few hours working quite hard before turning in after the 11pm BBC World News, where the program was again dominated by the Corona virus.

Fri Feb 21
At noon I picked up Janey and brought her for egg sandwiches and time with L-A. Janey had been a little depressed, but her job at Pioneer School has been going well and she seemed in good spirits.

Thu Feb 20
Touching Hearts for L-A. I saw Jamelia at her house and asked her why she and Britney had gone back to our house a second time. She had perfectly reasonable explanation - they had made friends with Kayla (?) the teenager with the bicycle from across the street, and wanted to continue their conversation. Then I asked her what they would have done with keys to our house if Cosmos had had them. They would have got food and drinks. I said, "That would be stealing." She said, "No, it wouldn't be stealing because they were so hungry." During the day the emergency screen in the car suddenly burst ito life, saying the brakes had failed and I must get service immediately. My guardian angels were ready for this and it happend when the car was in a safe spot with no traffic near. I was able to stop the car by major pressure on the brake pedal, but the servo assistance had clearly failed. I turned off the ignition, and turned it on again, and the engine started, but I couldn't get the gear shift out of park. I turned it off again and waited 15 minutes, and the problem had gone away. This must have been caused by a physical failure, and then the computer trying to alert me. Was it just a spurious attack, or more serious? This was the 90th edition of The Worcester Reports, and for it we interviewed each other about the key aspects of our misssion. It's an excellent record of how we felt about things, and more spontaneous than most of the interviews, but there were no live listeners, and five days later there had been only one listener on podcast. This is the lowest listenership for any program. We actually discuss in the program our disappointment in the interest in CWCP Radio. Do our followers really think us that boring?

Wed Feb 19
Having given Bella and Amelia written appointments for the Enpilisweni Clinic this morning at 7:30 I was slightly angry with Amelia when she appeared in her dressing gown and smilingly said she had overslept. I reminded we had cancelled driving children to school to accommodate her, and I wasn't prepared to set up another appointment. Cathy and Bella were ready, and we did drop Kyle off on the way. We arrived on time and were told by different people to go to different places, but Bella did get to see the dentist. Bella wanted to have all her top teeth removed to stop the pain. The dentist rightly said she wouldn't do it, but didn't make any other suggestions. So I decided to have Dr Hofmeyr give his opinion, and later in the day made an appointment for both Bella and Britney to see him at 3pm on 10 March. I wrote out appointments for them both.

Tue Feb 18
We had decided that at this Legacy Relay, after I had told them about the conservation of energy, we would reveal to the children that Laurie-Ann's hair was very short - the result of cancer. She wore one of the hats, and at the appropriate moment I lifted it off her head. There were gasps of surprize followed by friendly laughter. She told them about her cancer journey. We both went for dental cleanings, taking advantage of the fact that here the price for two of us was just R828, around a third of the Canadian price, and at least as thorough. When I picked up the kids at school I remined them that tomorrow morning all except Bella and Kyle would not receive a lift because I would be taking Bella (& Cathy) and Amelia to the Enpilisweni Clinic in Zweletemba for dental examinations. I reported back to Cosmos that I didn’t believe the girls were responsible for taking the keys. He said that after having a drink they had then gone again to our house; why would they have done so unless they now had keys?

Mon Feb 17
I wasn't going to risk failing to get appointments in the Enpilisweni Clinic for Bella and Amelia, so after dropping the kids at school, I drove to the clinic to make the appointments. They would need to be there for 7:30 on Wednesday morning. I wrote out appointments sheets for both of them. Only Chantelle and Anthonica were running a club this afternoon. Jamelia and Britney asked if I would take them to the Avian park library, but it was under some form of construction, and they said there was a bus there that could take them to the town library. They asked for R40 taxi fare to bring them home, and I gave it them. Around 5 pm Cosmos phoned and asked to see me. He told me what had happened with Jamelia and Britney on Sunday. He had allowed them to go to our house to see if we were in. (This he should never have done.) They returned a little later and he called me. I asked him to send them home. They asked if he had a key for our house. He said 'No.' They then asked him for water. He let them into the office and gave them water. They were in there alone for a few minutes while he attended to cars coming in the gate. Then he saw them disappearing back to our house. They were still there hours later when we got home. Later that evening he noticed that a set of keys in the office had meen moved from one hook to another. Then, worse, he noticed another set of keys was missing from a hook fairly high up. In all, two keys were missing. He believed they had taken two keys with them when they went to our house the second time, in the hope of being able to get into our house. I said I would go and find one or both of them and challenge them. I drove to Jamelia's house first and her mother hadn't see her all day. She asked me when I had seen her last and I said when I had left them at the Avian Park Library. Then I drove to Britney's house. Her cousin (who had been at the birthday party) said they had been at her house shortly before, but had left to return to Jamelia's house. Despite driving around for the next 15 minutes, and been asked by a police driver why I was driving around, I failed to find them, so I went home. Around 6 pm we received a message from Jamelia to say she was going to a church service (!?) at Britney’s house at 8. We replied that I would like to see her there at 7. First I talked to Jamelia alone, in the car, asking her how she had got in the gate and what she had done after that. Cosmos had let them in to see if we were there. They were thirsty and he had given them water in the office. Had they asked if he had the keys of out house? Yes, they had. I No, they hadn’t seen or touched any keys in the office. I asked the same questions to Britney, alone, and she came up with the same answers. Based on the way they answered my questions, I believed them. There was no shiftiness; just genuine surprise that the keys had disappeared.

Sun Feb 16
We slept well - till L-A woke us up so we could have breakfast at 8 when the restaurant opened. She needs food to be able to take her meds and we hadn't brought an Annique shake with us. Mrs Stofberg was supervising the breakfast - delightful lady with good taste in art judging by the pieces hanging, including two photos of old masters they had bought in the Louvre. Breakfast was lovely and as healthy as I wanted it - ie we still got bacon and egg. L-A particularly enjoyed some black bread. I wandered over the property with the Fuji camera capturing the beauty of extensive gardens, arbours, rock pools. Theuns came by to see us off, and allowed me to photograph him beside the picture of him 30 years before as Springboks captain. The Guest Farm was at capacity judging by the cars parked, and I decided the best way to leave was to back all the way down the long driveway. Soon we were en route for Somerset West. We had enough time to visit Wellness Warehouse before church, and stocked up on 5 bottles of several products that L-A didn't think she'd be able to buy in Canada. We arrived at Hillsong about 11, and were able to get one of the disabled spots, and order coffees and a muffin. It was 'Vision Sunday' for Hillsong, and a special video was shown in every location worldwide. They are now in 28 countries. We rendezvous'd with Lise Lourens at Waterstone Village Woolworths and chatted as we ate, courtesy of her generosity. About 1:30 Cosmos rang to say that two of our girls were at the gate. It was Jamelia and Britney. I spoke to both of them, told them we were in Cape Town and and that they must go home. I said the same to Cosmos. After Lise left we had some coffee and a brownie before getting on the road about 4:00. Arriving home at 5:30 we were shocked to find Jamelia and Britney sitting on the steps of our stoep. The only explanation I could come up with was that Cosmos had decided it was safer for them to wait for us than to walk back. We gave them a sandwich and I drove them to their homes. I have been feeling significantly more energetic and less breathless since switching to Ferrimed iron supplement.

Sat Feb 15 - I am 79!
I remembered to bring all the marriage books we had received from 'Focus on the Family,' and give them to Soraya. She was very happy with the potential for her and Celio, and also as teaching materials for their ministry. We were delighted to greet Vivian McPherson at the reception in the Youth Center at Brandvlei (Correctional Centre). But even she was no longer able to get us into a classroom. No matter! Just like last week we had around 18 men in B Section, and they absorbed enough sound to improve the acoustic. First thing I asked them was, "Who was here from last week?" and the great majority was. So we started singing with "I have decided to follow Jesus." Then we sang "Happy birthday to me," with some mirth, after which Soraya asked for a volunteer to come and lay hands on me and give me a birthday blessing. This was all very warming. We continued the praise, teaching them "I raise a halleluja." I introduced the video "How to make the most of the rest of my life" emphasizing the importance of changes for the new man, after last week's commitment. The video contains some strong words about the sanctity of marriage and the joy of sex within marriage. So when it was over I took the opportunity to talk to them about the destructive sexual behaviour of men towards women, particularly in South Africa. This was the perfect demographic group to hear this. In an SAFM phone-in I had caught on Valentines Day, a typical young black or coloured South African said that he expected sex from any unmarried woman who gave him 'the look' and the idea of 'no means no' was no deterrent. These young men in Brandvlei probably all come from the same culture, but today some of them really did feel themselves to be new men in Christ and were ready to hear these words. Soraya added words from the woman's point of view. It was now still only 9:45 so I split them into two groups and asked them to discuss among themselves at least one behaviour that each felt he would be changing from now on. I sat in on one of the groups and Soraya in the other. It was cathartic for some of them as they admitted to the wrong attitudes of the past, usually due to peer pressure, as mentioned in the film. By the end I really felt God was making good progress with this particular group. So far my birthday had gone well - but there was much more good stuff to come. After dropping Soraya at YWAM (outside the gate because the guard was absent) I went to OK foods and bought ice cream and pineapple Fanta for the girls this afternoon. We had a tuna sandwich each, and at 1pm I was passing the school where Chantelle had been taking part in an athletics competition, but there was no sign of her. I went to Pelikaan St, not expecting Bella, because she had told me she was harvesting grapes on a farm for R250 today. It turned out that Jamelia had gone with her. I drove to Manikin Street, and found Britney with a boy cousin. I agreed he could come. By now an idea was on its way into my mind, that since most of the leaders were not around, why not take the children from Jamelia's Mailbox Club and let them have the cake and ice cream? Soon we were back there. Jamelia's grandmother suggested one of the older sisters come. Soon we had 10 in the car in addition to me! I think that is a record. When we passed the athletic ground where Chantelle had been competing we drove in - but couldn't find her - probably a good thing. The children were expectant and excited to be coming out. I told Britney she would need to help keep order, but in the event no order keeping was required. They took seats around the room as I prepared ham sandwiches. They each got half a sandwich, which they ate with juice. Britney just wanted to use the orange phone with wifi and really wasn't interested in taking part in the party, but I engaged her in serving the food. Then I led them in the songs they knew quite well from mailbox clubs. Britney's cousin turned out to be a good singer. I noticed that Jamelia's older sister had a glazed look in her eyes, probably from drugs. The children were happy and laughing. Few of them would have been inside a non-township house before, or in a Mercedes. After the songs I served the birthday cake. I forgot to put a candle on it at the beginning, but remembered when everone had a slice, so I put a load shedding candle into what was left of the cake and had a photo op as I blew out the candle. Next, ice cream. Everyone one enjoyed that. Laurie-Ann had suggested we let them do some colouring so I set up places round the big table, laid out drawings - one modelled by Bella and one by Jamelia. They had plenty of crayons and soon were busily enjoying themselves. Around 2:40 I called them to get ready to leave which they all did with no dissention - better behaved that their leaders in that situation. We bundled into the car and went to their home. Jamelia's parents had had a nice break. Back home it was time to go on a 1 day birthday break for me that Laurie-Ann had designed weeks ago. We headed towards Stellenbosch, but a few Km before the town arrived at the Rouana Guest Farm on the R304. We were warmly greeted by our host, Theuns. Our room was a few yards from our car. As we entered another man arrived with a bottle of sparkling white wine in an ice bucket. We got into that immediately, Laurie-Ann having noticed it came from a Worcester winery, De Wet. And it was excellent. You must understand we were in Stellebosch, world famous for wine. Anyway, that set us off on the right foot. I had a dip in the small swimming pool. Theuns had recommended Simonsig restaurant, quite close, but it was closed for dinners. We had just passed a sign to the Ruck & Maul restaurant, Nooitgedacht. In order to get into it, we had to walk through the 'Ultimate Rugby Museum,' the largest private rugby museum in the world. We ate a good meal surrounded by photos and jerseys of famous players. Our waitress earned herself our appreciation and tip. We drove back to the guest farm. Outside our room I noticed a photo of a Springboks captain from the 80s,, the owner of the guest farm! After trying to find something worth watching on DSTV, we turned in and slept soundly. We were just half way through my 79th birthday break.

Fri Feb 14
Jamelia had much earlier gone to her new school by taxi/bus when I arrived at 7, but her family didn't realize she was gone and told me she hadn't gone to school. This was her first day at a school in two weeks. Bella and Joy were dressed in frilly skirts for the Valentine event. On the way to school we picked up other girls also going to the event. At 12:30 I picked them up. They had enjoyed theselves at school. Joy also wanted to get her ID so we stopped at her house for her form. At Bella's house she picked up her form. I dropped them at Home Affairs for an hour, shopped for my birthday cake and other things, and was back about 2:20, and soon they were done. In the evening L-A cooked an excellent spaghetti bolognaise, which I mention because she hasn't wanted to cook anything for weeks. She is also walking around to a cerain extent without using the walker. I have had a couple of days when I was really tired by tea time. Dr Eric had told me I shuld step up on the iron, but I was now taking 4 Siderall each morning, and I wondered if I was overdosing on iron, since Sideall is not chelated, a fact that Carica told me. I went to Dischem and they recommended Ferrimed chewable.

Thu Feb 13
Jamelia and her whole family overslept so she wouldn't be going to her new school today. I asked how they normally wake up in the morning. Turned out she had forgotten to set the alarm clock that we had given her! I offered to drive Jamelia to the new school tomorrow, to save her a bus trip, and I just want to see her get there. When I had a car load I turned the ignition - and nothing happened. I tried a few times. Then we all prayed. I turned the key - and the engine fired! The kids were very impressed! TKOG. Trouble was, athough the engine was now running I couldn't move the gear into 'drive.' We prayed again - but His angels didn't respond. I told the kids I wouldn't be able to take them to school. Bella said they would go in a taxi, but would need the fare. I gave her R100, and they walked off up the street to where the taxis stopped. I called the AA and L-A. Then, I tried to start the car again and it worked! I drove up the street looking for my would-be passengers but they had found a taxi already. Jamelia's mother told me that her son still needed a lift. I went back to her house and called the AA, cancelling my previous call. The boy got in the car and I and drove towards the schools. But then he told me he was sick. I took him back to his home, where he asked me to tell his mother he was sick. I think she had been pressing him to go anyway. Then, as I got back in the car and started the engine, I was unable to get the gear lever into 'drive.' Because I had waited a while while while I was calling the AA, I waited for 15 minutes now. This was either a gearbox problem or a computer problem. After 15 minutes, I was able to get the car in gear. I drove home, had some breakfast, and called Brian at MMJ. He said come on down. Willem brought me home in a small truck, and asked what I wanted for the car. He also said he was looking for a fridge. I showed him ours, but when I later gave him a price he lost interest very rapidly. Carica had offered to take L-A to 'Touching Hearts,' and Ronell would bring her home. Around 3:30 Brian called to say all was well with the car. They had reprogrammed the gearstick computer. The gearstick is like a game controller. Bella had been told by the school that not turning up on Friday to avoid having to pay for the Valentine event was not an option. She must somehow raise the money. So I gave it to her. I had received a text saying her ID was ready, so we agreed to go to Home Affairs after school on Friday. I spent some time in the morning producing the Worcester Report, adding sound from the chemo bell film at the end of the interview. I included the final chapter of 'Legacy' and spoke again on why this book is so important. I also spoke about Joseph Shabalala and ended the program with the complete album 'Spirit of South Africa.' About 5:30 I drove to Avian Park to tell the girls I would be picking them up tomorrow. Bella told me she'd spent all the money on taxis. She also told me Britney hadn't actually gone to her school. She had asked Bella for R10 for a taxi home, and had then spent the money on a few cigarettes. This was very disappointing to hear. At 7 pm the State of the Nation speech by Ramaphosa was scheduled to begin, and we watched as the EFF skilfully filibustered, preventing his starting with endless points of order, till 8:30 when they walked out. This got partially in the way of the Worcester Report. Cyril refered to Joseph Shabalala in the SONA. I watched the whole speech, his third SONA, all of which I have watched.

Wed Feb 12
Bella told me that the school was having a Valentine day event on Friday with various activities including modelling clothes. She would need R100 to pay for this, but since she didn't have R100, she wasn't going to school on Friday. Marco went to Bella's house to discuss a dance group, and he told me later that four of the girls had turned up of the girls turned up. He wants to see them again nect Wednesday. Jamelia rang to say she had gone with her mother to her new school, but this time the principal was there and wanted an additional R50 in fees. She was asking me to provide this and wanted me to meet her at Britney's house tonight at 8 pm to give her the money. So I did this.

Tue Feb 11
In Legacy Relay science I explained refraction with the help of a magnifying glass. Jan was there to see what goes on since she is considering joining. Instead of art, L-A told them about Canada with some input from me, and we gave four Canadian flags to children who were able to answer some questions. They all got a maple candy, but several didn't like them. Half way through a bunch of the children were led off to another activty which phased us a bit. L-A is still wearing her wig for this class but will reveal her rather attractive but 1" long hair at a future class. I have now been doubling up on iron supplements (Sideral 15) since seeing Dr. Eric last week and am definitely feeling better, seldom breathless, and generally the way I was on Overdrive. We'll be going back on Overdrive and Life Essentials when we return to Canada. Jamelia and her mother visited her new school and were told (not by the principal) that the initial fee was R250. Joseph Shabalala died in a hospital in Pretoria. He founded and led Ladysmith Black Mambazo. He was 8 months younger than I.

Mon Feb 10
The final chemo! I wondered if social worker Caron might give me an interview. I took recording equipment - audio and video. Shortly after we arrived, I went to Caron's office and asked her - and to my surprize and delight she agreed. We set a time: 11:45. I took photos of Marianna finding the port, and video (with Flip) of general acivity in the room. Then I went for breakfast in the mall and bought lemon flavoured gummies and sandwiches for our return trip. Back in the lobby I worked on the point for the interview and then edited our latest newsletter. At 11:40 L-A said the chemo was almost complete. At 11:45 I was sitting next to Caron in her office. Everything went smoothly with the interview; I even remembered to take photos. We were done by 12:15. I went into the chemo room. Something was about to happen that L-A had looked forward for 5 months. I set up the Marantz to record the sound, and got ready for video with Flip. As I filmed, L-A stretched her left had up and grabbed the rope hanging down from the brass bell that patients get to ring on completion of their treatment. She waggled it and it donged a couple of times, to applause from the other patients and sisters. They wanted more, so she did it again, which added some humour to the shot, since it isn't an easy bell to make ring. After the bell ringing she had hugs from several of the nursing sisters while I photographed. As we got on the road I was reminded of a week ago when the car exhibited the same acceleration problem that had previously plagued it. But today it showed no such symptoms; TKOG? I can't explain how it cured itself. We got home in plenty of time for me to pick up the kids from school at 2. Jan provided bags of apples and I was down at Chantelle's home by 3:10 where she and Anthonica ran a Mailbox Club with about 6 kids; their most for some time. Anthonica asked if she could come to our house tomorrow for homework and I agreed. When I got to Bella's, Marco was already there. First I visited Jamelia's club and provided the music, and then Bella's boys. Marco invited the leaders to meet here at 3pm on Wednesday when he planned to initiate a dance club. This was greeted with enthusiasm. Jamelia announced that she is moving to a different school in Zweletemba. I suspect she may be scared of going back to Esselen Park after missing a week, and this is her escape plan.

Sun Feb 9
Load shedding was set to begin at 8. We (wrongly) assumed that the WCC service would be very quiet, no translation, and dark, because when we have been there when the lights went off, they stayed off. So we decided to skip church today. Five minutes later there was a soft knocking at the door. Who on earth could this be? It was Jamelia. Her grandmother had fallen sick in the night and Jamelia had gone with her to the hospital, and had no sleep all night. In the morning she had walked to our house, and must have slipped through the gate when the guard wasn't looking. I told her she could rest but not watch the iPad. I got her a cup of tea, and a little later some pilchards on toast, a popular meal here judging by the number of cans in the grocery stores. About 15 minutes later Chantelle called and asked if we were going to church. Then she said she had two batches of relatives who had asked if I could drive them to OVD from Avian Park. I thought quickly and said i would come down. I asked Jamelia if she wanted to come, but she was far too tired, so I told her she could sleep in our bedroom since L-A was now up and wondering what on earth was going on. At Chantelle's house the story had changed. The relatives had decided they wanted to go somewhere else other than home to OVD. I asked Chantelle if she still wanted to go to our church, and she said yes. Then Anthonica turned up and I took them both. The first thing I saw and heard on stopping at the church to let them off was a large capacity generator clearly pumping lots of KWatts into WCC. After parking the car I joined the girls inside a packed church! I called L-A to see if she would like me to fetch her but she declined. The worship was led by Johan and Erika Truter - how talented they both are. It was tight, clean and a great selection of songs (in all factors unlike last Friday). It just made us all want to praise Him! Johan (Schoonraad) preached, repeating some of his comments from last week about Australia no longer being a church-going nation. After church I took Anthonica back to Avian Park but brought Chantelle to Hooggelegen to pick up L-A and Jamelia, and then to cell group. Except it was now 5 to 12, so L-A stayed and I went to Homeless Church, adding Mella to my passengers. When we arrived, Chantelle and Jamelia went off to a shop to buy sweets, so when they arrived bank in church with ice lollies we were in full swing. It's hard to say why they feel the need to go to a shop (for anything) before going into a church service or performance. Probably it's because they are so hungry and instinctively need to raise their blood sugar to get through the next part of the day. I had no ministry role in the service. Nik organized the koortjies with Mella conducting/encouraging the congregation. Pastor Sangit was back from the Philipines, and gave the message, mentioning the death of his wife last year. I helped move chairs back as the homeless moved outside for their sandwiches. The girls weren't tempted to eat any sandwiches; they had tried them the last time and felt they should be left for the homeless. I took the girls home as they asked for juice but I wasn't hearing their pleas; there had been plenty of juice at Homeless church. Then I returned for the last 40 minutes of cell group.

Sat Feb 8
I confided in Soraya as we drove to Brandvlei that I was feeling somewhat tired and somewhat unreliable. I'd been pushing myself hard, and my iron situation wasn't helping. Soraya had good news - she had received the financial help needed for Nathan's school fees arrears, (though it wouldn't have come from my post). Our benefactor Vivian McPherson at the Youth Centre last week was not on this week, and we were told (again) we wouldn't be able to use a classroom, today or ever. Expecting that only a few would therefore turn up in B Section, it was a great surprize that 27 men came in from all over the Youth Centre, including most of those from last week. When I played one of the Koortjies, 'We bless your name,' they all sang their hearts out, and then the same with 'O Holy Spirit.' I was already feeling a lot better than an hour ealier. Soraya and I led a study in the Gifts of the Spirit, and the Fruits of the Spirit. It took me a while to get the TV working for 'How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit,' because there was no remote. Interestingly the TV sounded clearer and could be heard from the back. I now suspect it was the 27 bodies in the room that absorbed sound like a carpet. After the video I invoked the presence of the Holy Spirit and invited those men, who were ready, to repeat the sinners' prayer after me. From the volume of sound about 20 of them did so. I really felt humbled that the Holy Spirit Himself blessed us with His presence in this way.

When I dropped Soraya at YWAM I also saw Phil Aduwemi. He was booked to help L-A with graphic design for the colouring book, but load shedding had just started and wasn't due to end before 1 pm. So he said he would come over then. Back home L-A and I had cold lunches, and Phil arrived about 1:20 and got started with L-A, spending a couple of hours understanding what she needs. We offered to pay him on an hourly rate but he doesn't have one, so he suggested we pay him what feel is right. I prepared sandwiches etc for the girls and drove down with them about 3:15. Soon Anthonica and Jamelia showed up and Anthonica said she would take Chantelle's food to her. Jamelia asked if I would take her to our house because there were problems in her house particularly with her grandfather who has been ill in bed a year but now is showing signs of mental instability. So I did that and she rested for 5 minutes and then got into the iPad. She spent several hours with it and the orange phone on our stoep. I shared my supper with her, and she had a shower a little later. Around 8 pm she asked me to take her to her grandmother's house.

Fri Feb 7
With the Mailbox Clubs training session behind us I was feeling more relaxed, but also had nearly a week of this journal to catch up on, and a similar time since my last devotions. At around 9:15 the final pre-chemo blood test. I posted an appeal on Facebook on behalf of Soraya for the R 3,500 which had been outstanding a few days ago for Nathan's school fees. I brought Jamelia, Chantelle, Britney, Bella and Joy to a youth praise and worship night called 'Deeper' at WCC. 10 minutes before start time they wanted to go to a shop to buy. I foolishly agreed and it cost me R50, and they missed the start of the show. The audience was a majority of kids from Avian Park, which was wonderful. For some reason I couldn't get fully into the worship although everyone else seemed to like it fine. I now think the reason was the worship band, which were somewhat less talented that our regular praise teams in church, and made up of volunteers for this event. Reflecting on this now I'm not too impressed with myself. It suggests that I am allowing my appreciation of the musicians to affect my desire to worship the Lord. The girls were also not into the worship as they normally would be, though I'm sure they weren't as analytical as I. Anyway, when I took them home they seemed to have enjoyed themselves.

Thu Feb 6
I had planned a way to drop off some of the kids from school after 2 pm, but taking three of them to the Mailbox Club Training scheduled for 3 pm - 6 at Jan`s house. At exactly the right moment Britney had appeared, so I took her as well. Two days before I decided to video the whole training so that if no-one turned up we could still give value to others interested in following. Then yesterday I had realized that it would be far better to make a high quality audio recording than a poor quality talking head video. I actually arrived early with Bella, Jamelia, Joy and Britney. Bella and Jamelia were founder club leaders, and Joy and Britney wanted to be leaders. I felt it would be hedlpful to participants to gauge the calibre of our club leadership, and so it proved. After Jan's introduction, Gerhard Strydom gave an excellent and passionate defence of the Mailbox Club vision and success. Then I spoke on the history so far showing how we were evolving. At one point I brought Bella to the mic and interviewed her. After a break when I showed about 10 photos of clubs in action, Marco addressed the validity of Mailbox Club materials in this environment. He also happened to mention the need for discipleship of the leaders, which was a good lead in for Laurie-Ann's talk on our Saturday afternoon ministry with them. L-A normally prefers to speak from a script but today she spoke really well from the heart. I did the final session, appealing to those present to help get the word out so that our existing clubs would not end up being the only clubs. As we ended I felt very proud of the four girls for their attention over more than 2 1/2 hours, and treated them to big macs and other goodies at MacDonalds. The Worcester Report went out without a hitch, and it included 'Take a Pew' from Beyond the Fringe, illustrating the value of humour and laughter as we grow in God.

Wed Feb 5
Jamelia has missed school for one reason or another each day this week so far. Today I insisted on walking into the school with her. As she appeared to be going towards her classroom, I spoke to one of the office staff about the situation when school closes early (because of the heat for example). They agreed to take my number and call me if this is going to happen. At 10 am I was at the hospice to interview Alida Theron, the manager, who had first agreed to allow me to visit there more than 2 years ago. The interview went quite well and I discovered the Boland Hospice was a far larger organization than I had thought, with 200 employees, many acting as counsellors in other hospitals. After taking the kids home at 2, Bella stayed with me to help at Riverview. She told me that Jamelia had come out of school when I had gone and she had missed the whole day. This is a girl who was back-termed for missing too many school days. My gut feel is that she had failed to complete homework, and didn`t want to face her teacher. We were late picking up Mella, but she still wanted me to take her into Avian park to deliver an aid package to one of her girls. This took us right past Joy's house, so when we went on to Riverview she came too. Joy had been one of Mella's girls. Another of her girls at the time had fallen pregnant, and Mella told Joy she should have told her. For music we had more Koortjies, and then I gave the talk with Bella translating - expertly. It was the Prodical Son story. Some of the children had diffuculty in concentrating, and I didn't feel at my best. Mella scolded them (too much) after I had finished. Bella and Joy came back to Hooggelegen for a couple of hours afterwards. Partly because of the loadshedding we are suffering every day now, and my need to prepare tomorrow's Mailbox Club training, I decided not to broadcast the Good News in the Morning archive, the first one missed other than when we have been on vacations and the home visit. Since noone else ever listens, it won't be missed. I did complete production of tomorrow's show with Alida Theron.

Tue Feb 4
Legacy Relay was at 8:15 this morning reducing our rush. We'd only seen these kids once before but they greeted us with hugs. Today's science was about the colours in light and how we see things in different colours. Art was an opportunity for them to add additional images to the pieces they were colouring. The kids were released from school an hour early because of the heat, which hit 42 for a while today. They have no way to tell me they will be out early so they wait in the heat for that hour. I had an appointment with Dr Eric, partly to tell him what's going on with L-A and get some Stilpane for her, which he reluctantly agreed to, and partly to get more Celebrex for me. The batch I got in Canada has lasted this far. I have done several tests of not having it, or Tramacet for a day, and every test suggested I am best on the original dose, 1 Celebrex and 2 Tramacet daily. He also told me that my breathlessness was probably caused by iron deficiency, and that I could increase the iron I am taking. In the evening I took L-A to the first in a grief support program, but there weren't enough grievers to sustain it further. Load shedding continued ...

Mon Feb 3
Britney had walked to Jamelia's house hoping to get a lift to school, but I wouldn't take her - not enough room in the car - so Jamelia then decided she would walk with her friend rather than Britney walk alone. It so happened that Joy was not waiting for us at the usual spot - and Bella walked to her house to find out she was going with her mother. So we could have taken Jamelia and Britney. I totally forgot to call the Enpilisweni Clinic for appointments for Bella and Amelia. We got to Cape Gate Oncology in good time for an appointment with Dr. Hanlie Du Toit, the chief Oncologist. She couldn't offer a reason why L-A was experiencing pain in her breast; there shouldn't be any. However, when she examined her she was unable to detect a tumour, and said she was very pleased with the results of the chemo so far. I asked if that meant L-A may not need surgery in Canada, but she will, and probably radiation as well. While L-A settled in for her drugs, I went to the mall and had a full breakfast, and then got a breakfast sandwich for L-A and a strawberry milk shake for me, always my fav McDonald's product. It was delicious. While L-A completed her chemo, I worked on my talk for Thursday 's Mailbox Club training. Around noon I received a phone call from Vion at the Hooggelegen gate to say there were two girls asking to come to our house, Jamelia and Britney. I told him to tell them to go home. It was 1pm before the chemo was complete, which meant I would be late at the school. After 15 minutes the traffic was at snail's past and it was clear I would be very late for Bella and friends. We stopped at an Engen filling station for sandwiches and then rejoined the traffic. It turned out to be construction; not an accident. Around 2:30 outside Hooggelegen gate we saw Jamelia and Britney sitting on the curb! We continued on home. L-A got out; I put the guitar in the trunk and was on my way shortly afterwards, and picked up Jamelia and Britney. They had walked to school but by the time Jamelia arrived there the gates were closed. And Britney was now having her period and wasn't going to her school for that reason. She has no sanitary pads. So they walked to Hooggelegen hoping we would take them in. I reminded them that we are often not home, particularly on a Monday, and they should only come up if they had arranged it in advance. This is of course impossible for them in an emergency situation, and none of them have phones, and if they did they wouldn't have air time. When we arrived at school the kids were still waiting. Not happy, but waiting. It was hot. As we reached Pelikaan Street, I remembered Jan had fruit for us that I said I would pick up at 2:30. I told Bella I would be back for the Mailbox Clubs around 3:15. I drove Britney to Quenet's pharmacy and bought her sanitary pads, and she asked for body spray as well. Now she would be able to go to school tomorrow (except she didn't). I returned to Avian Park, dropped Britney at her house, and drove down the street to Chantelle's house, where I was delighted to find a Mailbox Club in full swing being led by Chantelle and Anthonica. This was the first time in a while they had more than a token attendance. In the middle of the praise and worship I told them all that I had forgiven someone in the room for squirting my shaving cream down the toilet. Chantelle asked if I would take her to our house for some computing and printing - as she had wanted to do a few days ago but was a no-show when I drove down for her. Bella had no kids (unusual) but next door Jamelia and Britney had teamed up with a class in full swing. More music, then I returned to Chantelle's and took her home. I was feeling more optimistic about the clubs than a week ago. Chantelle stayed an hour or so and went home with professional coloured note-book covers for school subjects. I began to have a feeling of frustration and desperation for time to relax without continual tasks coming my way including cooking. I'm afraid I took it out on Laurie-Ann, for a while trying to goad her, but she kept her cool. I don't know if this was caused by low iron or just plain tiredness, but not long after supper I went to bed in an effort to shake it off, whatever it was. Although some good things had happened, I was tired of the day.

Sun Feb 2
I had gone to bed early because of load shedding so had a nice long sleep. Around 5 am I decided to take just one Tramacet pill instead of two, and no Celebrex. I was feeling quite good when I got up. Around 8:15 I remembered I hadn't posted Good News in the Morning, so I got busy and had it loading by the time we left for church. Once a month the church prays for its missionaries in the field. At the end of the service Marius and Yolande gave a talk-back and about 100 stayed to listen, which was gratifying. They showed a short movie some of which had been shot by Mario Milhomem, who had led their mission to Brazil. Mario was in one of the shots filming with his phone and holding it horizontally, resulting in about a third of the film being tall and thin format. I would hate to think that because uninformed cell-phone video makers do this, it might even become fashionable. Chantelle called me during the service asking if we would take her and Anthonica to the swimming pool. I said 'no' about five times, but in the end we did. It didn't turn out well because I upraided Athonica for squirting my shaving cream. She of course lied that it was Bella and Jo-Marie, and then changed her tune to say all three of them were involved. We drove them to the pool at which point Anthonica asked when was I taking them home. The agreement with Chantelle was that I wouldn't be taking them home. Anthonica then asked us to take her back home immediately, where her drunken mother an uncle were arguing. I was annoyed with Anthonica, but as I write this I can see better why it happened. I need to make peace with her. We received a Paypal donation of $US500 from George and Ningning Dai in Shamghai. They had been our first boraders in Highmont 20 years ago, and had rmembered us. I am not sure how they found out about the cancer. This is a TKOG, and means our donations have kept pace with the cancer costs. Gerhard Strydom had said he would call me when I would be able to collect Best Friends 2. I called him but he didn't answer. We'll work around this tomorrow afternoon. We watched the last episode of Trackers before the lights went out at 8. I had lasted out the day on just one Tramacet. I had felt breathless and strange in church but felt better later.

Sat Feb 1
Picked up S***** at 8:05 and told her we were going to give her R1,000, but any more would seriously impede our capability for funding medications. Then I asked a few basic questions and found she and her husband have no credit cards and no clue how they work. They don't want any kind of debt - which is commendable but based on ignorance of all things financial. There are no family members with any money other than what they need for the next meal. Meantime Nathan is locked out of school. I said we would put out an appeal on line on her behalf. Apparently funds can be sent to YWAM on line and they will pay the school. I tell this story because S***** is a sister in Christ, recently married, and yet dragged down as an indirect result of her father's being a lifetime drug addict. As part of another conversation with her she told me that coloureds tend not to bother with seat belts, and the belts in the ancient cars some of them drive are often broken. At the Youth Centre reception, the nice officer who got us into the classroom two weeks ago was back, At first it sounded like we would be in Section C, but she worked hard for us and we ended up in another classroom. Glenda had told ne that the story about the other classroom being trashed was not our fault, but it seems that as a result of the trashing by persons unknown, noone will be using that classroom in future other than the official education staff. We had 17 men watch 'What does the HOly Spirit do?' followed by a 10 minute discussion group that they didn't want to end. Back at reception we warmly thanked Vivian McPherson (after she told us her name). I called Marco and invited him to join us this afternoon. At 2:30 I picked him up and Anthonica and Jo-Marie as well. I went back at 3 expecting several girls but only Bella was there. The ministry time was a model for Marco to adapt and follow. The girls sang sweetly, I taught on the consequences of disobeying several of the commandments. I had to take Marco back at 4:15 for his grandmother's 80th birthday party. When I returned Bella asked if she could watch last week's Holy Spirit video for the third time, but I suggested they watch this week's, 'What does the Holy Spirit Do?' The three of them did that. There were some trips to the bathroom, and Athonica seemed to be a little hyper. When I returned after taking them home, I found my shaving cream squirted on the bathroom wall, and a fair amount of it squirted down the toilet. Hmm. Load shedding started at 8, and I spent the next hour writing this journal by candlelight.

Fri Jan 31
The short day for schoolkids, but I was disappointed in Jamelia and Manville, neither of whom came with us to school. Load sheddding cut in at 8 am and I set up Pink Dell to use because it has a battery. Took L-A for her blood test about 10, and Pathcare was crowded, so I went home while she was in there. I spent most of the day finishing my report to Marie Fourie showing where, in a perfect world, missionaries might take over our four main ministries when we leave. I was cooking to the sound of 'Poles Apart' a great Pink Floyd tune on 'The Division Bell,' when the music cut out. I went into the office and saw that Pink Dell had run out of power. I hadn't plugged turned its power on after load shedding, and it had run on battery for 5 hrs 45 minutes! When power goes off we turn the computers off at the wall to avoid damage from power surges. I heard on SAFM that evertime Eskom turns the power back on they risk blowing up transformers with the surge, which adds to their financial woes. On SAFM I listened to the COO of Eskom give a status report, and for the first time for me it sounded as if they had a plan that could work and a man with a brain. I may have been influenced by the fact that he is educated and articulate, unlike men put in positions of power merely because they are black and possibly related to the person hiring them. He said South Africa would experience load shedding for 2 more years before ageing infrastructure was repaired. The load shedding started in Worcester at 10 am. We had a message from S***** asking for help with Nathan's school fees - to pay off the arrears so he would be allowed to return to school rather than sitting at home. I thought and prayed about this and was led to give her about 20% of the debt plus some financial advice.

Thu Jan 30
Took L-A to 'Touching Hearts,' then I went on to Marius's in Worcester West. He took much time and trouble to serve me Brazilian coffee. I told him it was excellent before I tasted it; it was actually not at all excellent! The interview is a good record of his mission to Brazil with Mario Milhomem and family. This was his first mission. His vision is to encourage missionaries in the field. Too many of them give up after a year. I went to Computer Mania with my second broken laptop battery. I wasn't really expecting much, because I may have caused the problem by using the battery before putting it on charge for several hours. However they called Cape Town, and agreed to send it back. I had never managed to get it to charge above 6%. This time I got the paperwork to show that they had it. I went shopping. L-A texted me she was ready for pick up about 12:30. We had cup-a-soup for lunch; haven't done that in a while. After dropping off the kids I went to the post office with the receipt for my parcel when I mailed my copy of Legacy to Jasper. Much to my surprize they were able to get a tracking number, and then identified its current location as Fourways North post office. When I got home I e-mailed Jasper accordingly. I visited Munnik's to see if they had got my watch working. They hadn't been able to rescusitate it. I persuaded them to take R50 for their trouble and then gave them the watch for spares. Charl always greets me very nicely. Time for an ice cream, and while I was eating it in McDonalds, a 6-year old girl came up to me for a conversation. She was in our new class on Tuesday at Worcester primary. She was very comfortable chatting, with remarkable social skills for her age. I told her Ouma she would go far. Eskom announced stage 2 load shedding between 9 pm and 6 am. We would have time for a Worcester Report without the soaking prayer at the end. I edited Marius' interview and added WTGIG with 'But Gods.' When the time came for the program there were serious Internet problems, and since no-one was listening I abandoned the show half way through.

Wed Jan 29
I called The Hospice to see if Alida Theron might allow me to interview her today, and heard back that Wed 5 February would be good. So I called Marius Rabie and he said tomorrow at 9 would be good. To the Hospice about 11 with some peaches for Moses. He is OK but I'm worried about Niklaas; he's panting all the time. Moses daughter has a job as a school admin clerk in Towes Rivier, so she can live at home and walk to work. Went from dropping the kids home to pick up Mella for Riverview kids club. I had been practising the kootjies from Homeless Church, and we had four of them as praise time, and they knew all the words and tunes. I played them from my phone into the Blackstar and also plugged my guitar in. The sound was fine. Mella took a photo of me playing with my sun hat on, and it's good. In the evening we watched the second episode of 'Trackers.'

Tue Jan 28
We'd hoped that our legacy Relay class for the Grade 1s might have been later in the morning, but heard yesterday that it would be the same as last term. Because I would still be taking the kids to school, it would be hard to arrive much before 7:45, but apparently that would be OK. That's what happend this morning. 35 fresh faces, including a couple who hadn't moved to Grade 2, were happy to see us. Our format was the same as before. They sang along with 5 simpe praise songs, most of which they knew. For science we had 'Let there be light,' and I switched on the headlamp, then taught them about reflection. L-A gave them an introduction to prophetic art, and then set them colouring. Jeanne-Marie has a new teacher partner, Jeanine. Things had gone well, and we celebrated with leisurely breakfast at the Barn. My computer may have a virus causing bouts of pop up ads usually when I'm using Chrome, and partly because of that I am moving some favourites to Microsoft Edge for a trial. My only virus software is Windows Defender; Microsoft Security Essentials doesn't work with Windows 10. Win 7 seems to be continuing on OK on the other three computers. As decided a week ago, we would be going up to Kevin's house on the mountain today for L-A to draw, and for me to look for the car key in the lake. The weather was perfect, and even better, the man with the underwater metal detector would also be there. By the time we arrived, he already was and his name was Christopher. We made a plan. I would go with Christopher to the lake, L-A would draw, and Kevin would make dinner. Christopher turned out to be a fascinating man with many skills. In addition to his metal detector, he had a powerful magnet on the end of a long piece of string. As he put on his wet suit (over all his clothes), I started tossing the magnet as far as I could and drawing it back with the string. It bring back some nails, but no key, even though we both used it for the next 90 minutes. Soon he was in the water with the metal detector. He tracked over the area that I had been on that fateful afternoon in December. I decided to swim out to the fish farm. I had my beach shoes. I noticed it seemed closer than it had been. The water level had also fallen. This would make it a little harder to find the key. As I swam back from the fish farm I became very out of breath. I have had this problem for a couple of months now when I exert myself. I was relieved to reach shore, and lay back on my towel to get my breath back. Christopher was still searching. At one point he let go of the string with the magnet on the end, but later found it again. We called it a day about 5. One thing we now knew - it wasn't just lying there in an obvious place waiting to easily found. Back at the house, L-A had completed her drawing - really good, and soon, spagetti bolognaise was in front of us all, and an excellent red wine. Then started a marvellous conversation. Christopher van Heerden is also a believer. He has a degree in physics, has made shoes, is an adventurer, is going through divorce, and for the last 7 years has been developing a liqueur made from protea nectar. We tried some, neat, and with fruit juice. We all agreed he could be on to a winner. He has taken out a patent. I recommended GIG to give him some business skills and sent him a link the next morning. He also said that he planned to return to the lake with additional equipment and would find the key. I got his coordnates before he left. Then Kevin told us of a new group he would be mentoring in Rawsonville tomorrow afternoon, and three Changemakers were accompanying him with testimonies. We prayed for God's grace to cover this initiative.

Mon Jan 27
The Bella express (school run), after which we even had enough time for a bite to eat before driving to chemo. Bella and Amelia need dental treatment, and I tried called the Enpilisweni Clinic 4 times from 8am. Finally they answered as we were driving the N1, saying they were now full, and I should call at 8am to get an appointment! Once L-A was settled, I went to Cape Gate Mall to buy mainly vegetables. Then I returned to the Oncology unit and worked on my report to Johan and Marie - 'After Copples.' I didn't get much done because a charming retirement-age couple engaged me in conversation, and it turned out they were emigrating to Canada. We raced back after the chemo, and my phone rang at 2pm. Jan told me Marco had a load of fruit which must be washed before being given to children. I was 10 minutes late at the school. When I reached Avian Park Marco was waiting. We transferred many plums to my car trunk and I drove home to wash enough for the children. Back in Palikaan Street, Bella gave a lesson in leadership of a Mailbox Club with Marco present. Sadly hers was the only club actually to run - but he had seen a good one. In the next 20 minutes, driving to other club locations, we met all the other teachers walking along. They should have been teaching, but at least they met with Marco (most of them knew him) and I was able to encourage them to come out a week from today - even Marsha and Britney took some lesson copies. I drove Marco back to his current place in Roodeval (near Changemakers) where he grew up. At home I started washing plums. Jan had said the Avian Park Clinic would distribute them. I found it on Google Maps and went down there. It was closed by now, but a man I met knew where the key lady lived, and he took me there. She was happy to receive the fruit, and it was washed and in better condition that if I had delayed bringing it later than tonight. We still haven't received our rent from Liam Murta because his pay has been delayed in the Phoenix government pay fiasco. I had calculated that we needed his $1,400 to pay my Mastercard at month end, but when I looked at the Simplii balance, we had just received our Iris pay, which would cover the Mastercard so we wouldn't have to pay interest. I made the e-Transfer to Solutions banking. This actually was a TKOG; without it I could not leave Mastercard monthly payments on automatic direct debit.

Sun Jan 26
Great to have L-A accompany me to church and to receive a good welcome from her fans. We popped back home to collect some eclairs for cell group before joining this first group of the new year. At 5 to 12 some of the group went to run the Homeless Church but I didn't join them this time. They returned an hour later and shortly after I shared 8 things we'd been blessed with in the last 2 months. I cooked L-A what I thought was a good dinner based on Chicken schnitzel but when I asked if she liked it and whether it was wise to be eating large meals when she took no exercise, she said what she needed was much more fresh vegetables. We have now watched all 3 seasons of 'The Good Fight,' so L-A suggested
Trackers, by Deon Meyer. The first episode is 90 minutes, and I was engrossed. It's a 'made for Shomax' series.

Sat Jan 25
Soraya and I arrived at the prison before 8:30 hoping and praying that we would again be able to use the outside classroom. The duty officer was someone I don't remember seeing before. She told us there had been complaints after last Saturday that we had left the classroom in a poor state - things out of place or missing, and something written on the blackboard. A decision had been made that we would not be able to use the classroom in the future. I said that we were always careful to leave the room in good order, and that I had written on the board "Welcome to Alpha." As I explained to her, when we do it in the classroom we get more than 20 inmates, but when we do it in B Section our numbers had dropped to 7. She said that all the same people would be invited. Today we had 7 men turn up - at least they were the loyal core members. One man, Abe Dewee, has been there for every class on this course. I asked for a volunteer to open in prayer, and one did - very well. We had our praise and worship and they all joined in with enthusiasm. I introduced the Holy Spirit weekend, and then we watched the video. "Who is the Holy Spirit?" This is my favourite of all the 15 videos in the Alpha Film Series - it is like a history of the universe showing how vital has been the work of the Holy Spirit since before time began. The production is awesome. With the terrible acoustics of the "B" Section dining room, much of the sound was hard to hear. I had the men really close to the TV to improve the signal/noise ratio. They did follow most of the video and they certainly stayed engaged. After it ended we regrouped in a circle and discussed what we had learned, as in a regular Alpha small group. Their questions were perceptive. Soraya joined in strongly with the discussion. Around 10 am I asked for another volunteer to close us in prayer, and after a short delay, another did so. Some of this is actually easier with the smaller number of attenders, but I felt that, after the 20 people who had come last week, there were 13 spiritually hungry young men out there in the Youth Centre who might have been able to experience this magnificent introduction to the Holy Spirit, but were denied the opportunity, partly because I dared leave "Welcome to Alpha" on the blackboard, and someone complained. I wonder if that person could have any idea of the implications of his/her attitude for the eternal lives of 13 men. I drove to OVD about 2:40 to find Chantelle and a friend of her's who she felt could be a Mailbox Club leader. I couldn't find Chantelle but on my way to Avian Park I heard a familiar honk - it was Marco. I invited him to come and witness our Clubs on Monday at 3. Jan and Kevin have been warming him up for his return to My Father's House and taking a mentor position like me for the teens. He said he'd be there. I drove to Pelikaan St to pick up our girls for Saturday ministry in our house, something thy haven't done since before the Christmas holiday. Only Bella, Janelia and Anthonica were there. I had devised something different for them. We started with the Afrikaans praise songs I had accompanied at Homeless Church last Sunday. Nik had given out the website on the cell Whatsapp group - Koortjies - so I had printed off the words, and played the songs right off the site. They knew all of them and sang along. OK, so maybe we can use them in the clubs, and give the leaders more repertoire for after we've gone. Then I told them we would be discovering a lot more about the Holy Spirit. They knew him as inspiration for Laurie-Ann/s prophetic art. I ran the Alpha video we had used in the prison that morning, starting after Charlie Mackesy's testimony. All three watched with rapt attention. At the end, Bella asked to watch it again, and this time took notes. It had clearly impacted her greatly. I feel the girls will build in stories of the Holy Spirit into their lessons. We had been invited to dinner by Carica and Louis at Jan's house to meet two missionary friends of theirs, Brian and Jessica. Over a braii (of course) we had a great conversation. They were on their way tomorrow to Somaliland to oversee the arrival of bulk food. He was scottish and had started in the hippie lifestyle in the 60s in California. I was intrigued when he said that one day he was at a friend's home, and Bob Dylan was there. It was during Dylan's Christian phase (which may never have ended according to one report) and he was intent on discovering as much as he could about Christianity. This made quite an impression on Brian nudging him towards the faith which today is his total focus. I started scanning the drawings for Laurie-Ann's colouring book. Scanning them in their ring binders takes patience.

Fri Jan 24
I set my alarm for 5:45 and was dressed by 6 when I looked again at the clock. I should have been at the early morning prayer group's first session of 2020 15 minutes ago, and I should have set the alarm for 5:15. Anyway, the four present when I got there forgave me and started talking in English. We finished by 6:45 so I was able to get to pick up the kids for school by 7. It was Friday so there were less than a third of the normal numbers walking to school. Nik later told me that the teachers disuade the children from coming on Fridays so they have more time for marking. Back home after my devotions I spent a while getting the podcasts up from last night's program, and was very happy with it. We went to Pathcare for 10 am for L-A's pre-chemo blood test. So far the blood tests have always shown that her blood is behaving. This is a comfort because in other aspect of her health she has been haing a tough time for a couple of weeks. I am doing all the cooking because it is just too hard for her to walk around the room any more than is essential. She isn't sleeping very well because lying in bed causes pain in various places. She is well enough to do things sitting at the table, such as drawing or web work. I put the Koos van der Merwe sing Bob Dylan CD in the car stereo and listened whenever I drove for the next few days. I e-mailed the link to the show to Maggie (re dog), James (Legacy and Dylan), Dave Leibold (Dylan). The teachers at Worcester Primary School whom we worked with had suggested we might be able to have classes this term for both Grade 1 and Grade 2 (last terms's Grade 1), but today we heard the news via Carica that the Grade 2 syllabus was too tight for us to have a part in it. We would just be teaching Grade 1. L-A was sad because she had bonded closely with several of the children, and even promised them she'd be seeing them this term. But it was not to be.

Thu Jan 23
I got up at 5:30 and was at Bella's house by 6 as agreed. I drove her and Cathy to Home Affairs on Adderley Street. This was when Bella said that she couldn't find her birth certificate, but would be able to buy a new one. I was skeptical. There was a framed notice near the entrance adorned with crossings out and corrections, but it was possible to see that they now opened at 8, but not on Saturdays. There were 4 people already in line, waiting at the right hand end of the building. I asked them if they were all waiting for Home Affairs to open at 8; they were. I suggested they start the line beside the entrance, so that newcomers would go to the end and existing queuers would remain where they were. Then I took one of our camping chairs from the trunk and installed Cathy in it at the end of the line up. It took her generous weight. She immediately struck up a conversation with the others. I gave her the cheese sandwich and a peach and some chocolate that I had brought with me. I gave another 'breakfast' to Bella. I knew neither of them would have had breakfast and probably no dinner last night. Bella stayed in the car with me while Cathy kept their place in the queue, but only one or two more had come by about 7:15. Bella seemed confident that she could buy a new birth certificate for R70, so I gave her R100. I installed Bella in the line next to Cathy on our other camping chair. I needed to be back at home to get L-A her breakfast and then take her to the first 'Touching Hearts' session. I told Bella I would be back between 8:15 and 8:30. At home I got L-A her daily Annique shake and toast. The course didn't actually start till 8:30, and when we got there she had to climb about 20 steps, but she was determined. When I got back to Home Affairs, Bella and Cathy had completed phase one of the ID application, but we then needed to go to Child Welfare, The police station, a copy shop, and back to Home Affairs. Around 10:15, outside Home Affairs, I got a strong urge to call Worcester Christian Church to see if Lizette Kloppers might even now give them some food to help them get to the next grant at the end of the month. I called Leonie. She said Lizette was usually out on her farm. but she had just walked into the church! I talked to her, reminding her of the Cupido family and telling her briefly of their recent financial disasters - the theft of their grocery stock, the cleaning out of their bank account at the ATM in Cape Town, and the fact that they were now starving. Lizette said she would have food by 11 am! TKOG. I told Cathy and Bella the good news before driving them home. L-A had texted me that she could be picked up after 10:30 - this first session was a short one. One of the kind men in the house helped her down the steps. She seemed well peased with Touching Hearts and its local leader Ronell. I drove her home, and around 11:30 went to the church to pick up two large bags of groceries from Lizette. I supplemented them with a large bag of maize meal and drove them down to the hungry folk in Bella's house. Bella never did make it to school. Home Affairs had told me school learners in uniform are given priority, but I think Bella just didn't want to walk in late. I still brought the others home at 2 pm, which included Jamelia. The medicines from the pharmacy seemed to be working. They had all walked to school. We still had no interview for tonight's Worcester Report. Janey had told us how André had taken the departure of his guide dog Nixon back to the guide dog society with a lot of sadness and had even suggested to L-A that I might go and spend some time with him. Around lunch time a win-win idea came to me. If André would be prepared to be interviewed, he could express his feelings, and maybe even help others in similar situations. This might be cathartic for them both. I called him and almost to my surprize he agreed. Early in the afternoon I went to their house and soon we were sitting in his study and I was asking him to tell how he was feeling. This was his third interview on CWCP, more than anyone else, so I had started off by congratulating him. Janey came in and listened but didn't speak; she was also mourning Nixon. Two days before he had been taken back to the Cape Town guide dog association, the main reason being that they could no longer afford his food since he went on a special diet, because he wasn't getting sufficient exercise working. André delivered an interview which as I listened I realised I wouldn't need to edit, it was so articulate. This fact was the key to my being able to produce the program in time for tonight's show. Towards the end I noticed a box of CDs including one called 'Koos van der Merwe sing Bob Dylan.' I asked André if I could borrow it. After getting the production in hand for the show, including chapter 11 of Legacy, I sampled the first track on the album, Tamboerynman, and after a few seconds of 'Hey Mr. Tambourine Man.' in Afrikaans decided to play the whole album in the soaking prayer section at the end. For some reason I couldn't rip it right then, so when the program went out and got to the end of Legacy, I broadcast the album playing on Pink Dell. For the podcast, which I didn't complete till tomorrow morning, I was able to rip the disk, and I just included the more well known Dylan songs.

Wed Jan 22
Jamelia was still sick, but wanted me to take her to the hospital. So after dropping the others at shool, I took her to emergency, but she wasn't sick enough for them, and not eligible in the main reception without an appointment. We went to the day hospital but she was told she must come back next week to make an appointment. So after all that I took her to Fairbairn Pharmacy, and Carica immendiately saw she was suffering from stomach cramps, and sold us some meds. Carica also apologised profusely for the mix up at legacy Relay. I took Jamelia home. Half an hour later she messaged L-A saying she was cold and alone and would I come and get her. We decided to ignore the message. We know that that girls all want to be in our house under any pretext. I collected the others from school at 2, told them that tomorrow morning they must walk to school since I would be with Bella getting her ID. I got them home, then returned to Riverview for Mella's kids club. I had bought 60 peaches for them which Mella said she would reimburse me for. Soon it appeared that girls from Avian Park should have arrived - but hadn't - so Mella asked me to get them from Folla's soup kitchen. I brought 9 of the smaller ones in the car, and the larger ones were already walking. This all made for quite a large and photogenic group. I led them in worship and then helped Mella feed them. There was no message today. She also gave out school supplies. I had an idea to post the audio from the funeral as last week's CWCP broadcast podcast, even though we hadn't actually broadcast. So I set to work editing the sound. It would be a shorter program than normal, dedicated to the funeral, and allow other relatives and friends to hear it. Since we had run our own funeral service I had a photo from that I could post, together with Myron Madey's photo showing the flowers, including the ones we had sent. I managed it all, and publicised it on FaceBook. I shared it on Brian McBride's Facebook since he had now accepted my friend request. It stayed on his FaceBook just 24 hours before he deleted it. Go figure! I can't figure him out. However I am very grateful for him taking the video and sending it since it allowed Laurie-Ann to have a degree of closure. She needed to know that her eulogy was indeed there, and now she does know.

Tue Jan 21
I had told the kids that I'd be picking them up a 7 am from now on, mainly because of Legacy Relay. Jamelia was crying from stomach pain as she got in the car. When we arrived at the school she wouldn't get out so I took her with me and when I got home she lay down on the couch. I told Bella that I had phoned Home Affairs and they no longer opened on Saturday mornings. Instead applicants for IDs now would probably take a day off school to apply. We agreed that I would take her on Thursday morning, also at 6 am. L-A and I went to Worcester primary School, a little late, but when we arrived we weren't expected - it was athletics day. It was nice to see Jean-Marie and she explained that we should have been told. Being home again was a good thing for Jamelia. We gave her some Eno's and it helped. At 10:30 I was at MasterPeace Academy, but not to discuss school. Mella told me of her plans for a speaking tour in Canada in July, and after catching her vision I agreed to cooperate by seeing if church people I knew might welcome her as a speaker in Toronto and/or Ottawa. I said I would introduce her. This might even turn into a chance for me to report back briefly and I could certainly build up the great work Mella has done and will do. Mella also had me record one of her poems, called 'Manners.' She has big plans for book publishing and already has one book recorded by Audioshelf on my recommendation. By 1:30 Jamelia was feeling a little better so I took her with me to the school, picked up the others and took them home. A week ago we had arranged to visit Kevin for two reasons: for L-A to draw the mountains, and to search again for the original Mercedes key. I had done a test in the sink that showed these keys sink, so it must be down there somewhere. But today the weather was overcast and the light no good for drawing, so we postponed it a week. By chance her had met a man with an underwater metal detector, and that should greatly facilitate the search. I continued working on the funeral video and was able to download 3 photos and the first (short) video once I had updated my Dropbox from 2GB to 2TB. I paid one month's fee for this, about $11, and will cancel the upgrade before the month is up. I was able to rotate the video format and produce an acceptable aspect ratio of about 1 :1. I haven't yet tried to get Powerdirector to run on Windows 10 so I edited the film on the Dell E6500 very slowly, and even added a still shot that Myron had sent to open the film and added some sound to it. I was able to watch the longer video in Brian's Dropbox but it was painful and boring because of the tall thin format. But what I was able to do was extract the sound from it, with reasonable stereo quality.

Mon Jan 20
There were 7 in the car when I drove them to school this morning, including Britney, and Jamelia wasn't there because she was sick. I gave Bella a peanut butter sandwich but she doesn't like peanut butter so she stayed hungry. When we arrived I sensed Bella was uncomfortable that more kids had latched onto the free ride. She asked if I would pick her up at 6 am on Saturday and take her and her grandmother Cathy to Home Affaird to apply for Bella's first ID. L-A not in good shape again today, but she had also forgotten to take Nurika for the last 2 days. We left for Cape Gate at 8, and I drove a little faster than usual to get her there for 5 to 9. When she was settled I went to the mall to collect the CBD oil ordered a week before, and to get egg MacMuffins and a chocolate muffin which she enjoyed back in the chemo room. Brian McBride e-mailed to say he had sent the video of the funeral, plus some photos, via Dropbox! This was great to hear. The chemo room was a bit crowded by then so I went into the lobby with Pink Dell and worked on a report requested by Marie Fourie of the ministries we do that need others to take over when we leave. L-A was done by noon and we drove straight home, eating ham sandwiches I had brought. This was a practice run for next week when chemo would start at 10 but we would need to be home for 2 to pick up Bella etc. from school. Today we had plenty of time. When I did get to the school Bella asked where her sandwich was. I don't think there is any food in their house at all. She also asked that we just take the original group in future: Joy, Jamelia, Manville and her brother. I agreed. On my way home I bought a large pack of cheddar from Innovation for the Blind and made her a sandwich which I took down at 3 for the Mailbox clubs. I'd forgotten to get fruit but it was too late now. Bella asked me to pick her up at 6 am on Saturday to take her to Home Affairs to apply for her first ID. Sounded odd to me that a government department would operate on a Saturday. Chanique and Bella brought their clubs together for music - really good. Then I played for Jamelia's group. Chantelle and Anthonica were leading a group of one. They wanted me to bring them home so they could laminate their school books. I declined. Anthonica reported all had gone well at her new school. Finally I got the chance to check out Brian McBride's message from this morning and that's when problems started. I couldn't log into his Dropbox folder. The files were 4GB and I only had 2GB spare on my Dropbox. So I paid one month's fee to upgrade my Dropbox to 2TB. I wasn't able to download the videos yet to my hard drive but I did catch a glimps of one of them and was very disapointed - he had filmed it with his phone horizontal so the result turned out thin and tall - exactly what I had asked him not to do but he hadn't seen any of my messages. Tomorrow I'll try again to download the files in the new Dropbox. I feel depressed about this, not least because Brian hasn't answered a single message I have sent him. Just doesn't want to communicate or take any notice of my suggestions.

Sun Jan 19
L-A not well enough to come to church. I think it is a combination of grief for her mother's death and not being at the funeral, and the chemotherapy. I went and the praise and worship was being led by someone who looked familiar, Hanlie Bruyns, Grade 1 teacher in Worcester Primary, but I didn't know she was with our church. After a while during worship I walked nearer the front, but I still wasn't sure with my cataracts. I drove to Homeless Church for noon. It was raining. During the praise and worship I accompanied on guitar some Afrikaans praise songs that Nik has been using for several weeks on his stereo. I thought it sounded quite good. Then I gave the message, on prayer, loosely based on the Alpha talk about prayer. We brough the food into the church because of the rain. I wondered if the Afrikaans praise songs would be known in the prison or known to our girls. Jamelia and Britney sent a message to L-A about 7:30 pm asking for food, having not had any since yesterday. After some hesitation I drove to OK Foods and spent R70 on two nourishing meal. I sat them in the car to eat so as to be sure no parent would demand some. We had a good chat. Jamelia told me that it was her grandmother who had assured me she didn't drink, not her mother, so that clears up a mystery. Britney told me that her mother's violent boyfriend Christopher Breeze, who had stabbed her, was back living in the house and bringing no income. Britney was scared, and her had probably theatened Veronica with physical harm if she didn't allow him. What should I do that wouldn't result in the children being moved again. Surely there should be a restraining order on him? Insurance payment of $5,403.84 from L-A's pre-cancer claim came in from Allianz, and I paid $7,850 on the TD Visa. Bella sent a messgage begging me to bring her a sandwich in the morning.

Sat Jan 18
Soraya was ready to return to Brandvlei so I picked her up at 8. I had her wedding pics on the stick and a couple of B & W printed copies. So good to have her with me again, though I worried that if the numbers were lower than last week she would lose interest. We prayed against that and for a powerful session. As soon as we arrived at 8:30, the officer at reception told us that we would be in the outside classroom. This was such good news. Glenda must have caused this to happen, since I hadn't yet asked for it. There were new instruction with the 'Alpha' file, now called the 'Pastor Tony Copple' file, to list the names of all attenders. We had 20, plus a prison officer, and the men put their names on the official list. I was so happy to see so many, but had no idea why it had jumped from 7 last week, unless the word had got around that Soraya was back! I started by making a big fuss of her, back from getting married, and showed them the two B & W printout pictures. I wasn't able to show the wedding pics on the TV screen, which wasn't a surprize; it depends on the TV, and this was the same cheap one we had used for the last few weeks. We had a spirited praise and worship session, and I had enough printouts of the songs for most people to read them. Soraya's marriage at age 42, after 20 years of praying for a believing husband, is an example of how God guides us, and she gave a detailed and excellent account of how low she had once been before being saved. When we started the video, "How does God Guide us?" the sound was fine because in the classroom there is no background noise. They watched with full attention. When that was done I put them in three small groups and said they should tell each other examples of when they felt God had guited them. Lee-Wade asked Soraya if he might give a testimony, so we put him on next. He did it in Afrikaans and everyone wanted to hear it. We were on a roll by now so we asked for a volunteer to close in prayer, and several hands went up and I chose one. I managed to leave the Pastor Tony Copple file in the classroom, though until I got home I thought I might have brought it home. I hadn't. I phoned the admin desk in the Youth Centre and told the lady who had arranged for us to use the outside classroom that I had left the file in there. I collected 5 girls at 2pm and brought them home. After food and music I tried to fire them u with the importance of what they were doing in their Clubs, and told them a little of the changes to expect that Jan had told us about at the board meeting. Then they gave me the best news of all in answer to a question - Bella, Jamelia and Chantelle said they had continues with their clubs over the Christmas holidays, completing the first 7 lessons in Best friends 1. I never had expected this. Bless them We went to see Doc Maclean, US/Canadian acoustic blues singer in At the Courtyard, a cosy and unusual restaurant and music venue in McGregor, near Robertson. Here are the pics. Even though he hadn't seen Laurie-Ann since she interviewed him for CKCU about 2004, he came traight over to say "Hello" when her arrived. We enjoyed the evening - food, wine and music very much, even though it was pouring with rain outside.

Fri Jan 17
Today began four days of rain in Worcester, something we have not seen before, and they followed several days of hot. Some of Laurie-Ann's first words this morning were that she felt numb and empty, without the ability for feel anything, the day after her mother's funeral. This was the first day of taking the kids to school that I knew when they would come out. On Wednesday and Thursday they had been let out early because of the heat - but I didn't know that would happen, so I'd kept them waiting. Many of the 44 schools in Worcester close early on Fridays - 12:30 - but one result of this is that many decide not to attend. As we drove to school there were many fewer kids walking. Today it was good they came out early because we had a My Father's House board meeting at 2pm. Things are looking good, from Jan's report. These is just one signature in the municipality holding up the approval for containers to be dropped on her land in Avian Park. There is money in the bank for the first stage, and she will set up a GIG loan for the toilet block. Marco wants to come back and Jan would like him on the board partly to include local ethnicity. From my and L-A's point of view this would be excellent because he could take over the mentorship of the mailbox clubs.

Thu Jan 16
Sad day for L-A when her mother would be cremated and she - Laurie-Ann - could not be present. I went to the Hospice taking some peaches for Moses who had called to say he was back, and we chatted for a while before I spoke with the others including Nicklaas, who seemed to be having trouble breathing. Then I went to Van Wyk and LeRoux to get my eyes tested. Rejeanne Dippenaar tested me carefully and then let me compare what she recommended with what my eyes are at present, and I could hardly tell a difference. I certainly wouldn't want to pay for R3000 glasses for such a minor improvement. So then she looked again at the lenses in my eyes and found cataracts in both. Not yet serious, but enough to cause the problems I am having reading a book or labels on foods and medicines. She gave me an introduction to an opthalmologist and eye surgeon, Dr. Marius van Dyk, 32 Russel St, 082 905 5547. So I called him. An initial meeting would cost R750, and each cateract surgery R2,100, a total of around $4,000. I decided to just keep on using magnifying glasses, at least till I return to Canada. This visit to Van Wyk and LeRoux would turn out to have serious benefit for me as the cateracts developed and I was able to read less and less. The fact that my prescription was OK had saved me the cost of glasses, and cateracts don't inhibit reading on a computer screen nearly so much, because the screen creates its own light, and cateracts inhibit light. And they didn't charge me for the testing, bless them. I made preparations for paying L-A's TD Visa. This involves seeing how much will be needed to pay my MasterCard at month, which I want to keep doing automatically, so that I can figure out how much we can afford to pay to TD, which was automatic but is not now since our medical expenditure exceeded income. Having done the calcs, showing I could pay about $7,000, I noticed that the payment date had gone back from 17 January to 21 January, so that gave me more breathing space. Carol's funeral started 8pm our time, and we had asked Brian McBride to put it on Facebook Live to we could 'be there in spirit' with a boost from technology. His wife Cathy let L-A know that he didn't want to do that but would make a video. One good reason for this would be that the plan wasn't dependent on Wifi in the funeral home. So at the time the funeral service would be starting we list a candle and placed beside it a fridge-magnet photo of Carol and Laurie-Ann. I had found the Angical book of alternative Services on line and it was now on the i-Pad. We conducted a service, with me as priest and Laurie-Ann as congregation. Then she read her eulogy, and I gave a eulogy. It was the best we could do from our end. We looked forward to seeing photos and the video in due course. That was optimistic. Because of the timing we did not broadcast The Worcester Report.

Wed Jan 15
Rang two alarms for 6:30 to ensure I woke to take Bella to school. I actually had some spare time so could make it 6:45 tomorrow, despite the traffic holdups outside Worcester Primary School. Bella and two friends were ready. I gave Bella R150 towards school registration as previously agreed by L-A with her. The first thing they did was ask for food, but I explained this was not possible for three people five days a week, and that the agreement was for transportation only. Nevertheless my heart ached for them going to school without breakfast. We went via Riverview to avoid queues on Durban and were there in good time. Bella agian asked for money so I agve her R5. I set the co-ordinates on the GPS favourites, though t was just round the corner from OVD. Going home I decided to get the slow puncture fixed in the rear LH tire so went to Tiger. As I watched rugby they took a nail out, and as a bonus checked all my pressures including the spare. I also had two cups of coffee. I was feeling fine, back on meds so this was a nice way to start my day. L-A was still asleep when I got home. On the computer I removed Avast, leaving Windows Defender to watch over security. Avast was forever sending me scary messages, and it's a bad idea to ahve more than one security system; not sure why PC Partz woild have done that. I clicked on an option on Windows Defender and found myself needing to log into my Microsoft account. This still has my e-mail set to, so I started the long tedious process to chanage this. As I write this they are checking what I put in and in; maybe I will have a working Microsoft account for the first time in years. Sadly I soon had a reply saying that I had provided inadequate information and must try again. Support for Microsoft Security Essentials, which we use on our Win 7 machines will end this month so I need to replace it on those machines; not sure what with.

Tue Jan 14
I decided to make this a no-painkiller day. By mid morning I was not in any leg pain but I felt a degree under - which was helped by a couple of cups of coffee. We received requested from both Jamelia and Bella for power and I sent them R20 with with Powertime. Then we had Chanique asking for food and we responded that we can't help everyone. Later I spoke to her on the phone. My impression now is that she saw us primarily as a source of emergency cash, from what she had observed with Jamelia's and Bella's families, her neighbours. She hasn't witnessed the ministry over 18 months, which has led to oue decision to help these two girls (and Anthonica) more generously, and she has only been one of our girls for a short time. After our brief conversation I had the impression she now accepts these facts. L-A posted our latest newsletter (which I had spent some time editing in the last two days). As usual she had done a great job, particularly with the graphics. I felt nauseus most of the day, but only marginally increased muscle pain. This is significant. Maybe my need for painkillers is reducing. I think the nausea was from other causes. It helps me keep in mind how L-A must feel most of the time, not to mention her knees. And yet somehow she keeps on keeping on. Her passion for missionary work and travel overrides her physical pain.

Mon Jan 13
Today was hot, and the next few days. Our house is well insulated and even without air conditioning stays relatively cool. We turn on the aircon for part of the day, and at night we sleep under just a sheet. This was the first of Laurie-Ann's weekly chemos. Oncologist Hannetjie looked at L-A's sty and prescribed Chldramex. I had brought my computer and soon after L-A was settled in I got working on the appeal to Allianz against disallowing several of my claims. I was using the new battery. By the time it had run out two hours later I had made a good start. By now L-A was asleep. I left for the Cape Gate Mall Vape Shop. He remembered me. He had gummies but no CBP oil. It turned out they only had one bottle of blueberry flavour in all 6 Vape Shops in the region. He tried ordering it for delivery here by next Monday but in the end something went wrong with the order to do with verification. By the time I was back in the Oncology Centre, L-A was ready to go and we returned home. Shortly after I went to Fairbairn Pharmacy for new meds including Chldramex. Then I went to Dis-Chem for other meds including Texa. We watched The Good Fight. Later in the evening I noticed with some consternation that the new battery in my computer wasn't charging. This was the same symptom as the old battery. So either this new battery is defective or the fault is with the charging circuitry on the laptop. Rui Vasco from Pemba sent me a message saying he needed 5,000 Mets for a new 'bou' roof for his house.

Sun Jan 12
We picked up Janey at 9:30 and were on our way to Hillsong. I wanted to drop in on the men at the vehicle checking station but was overrulled on the basis we might be late - but in fact we arrived at 11, and the parking lot was full with the people still in church from the previous service. It was good to be back. The preacher was a member of the congregation talking about the step from acknowledging Jesus as saviour to accepting him as Lord. We saw Stephanie for the first time in a while. After the service we shopped at Wellness Warehouse, then a huge Woolworths Food on the way our of Somerset West which Janey had heard about, and then had lunch at the Punjab in Stellenbosch, a very good restaurant. we came home via Avian Park where Chanique was waiting for R100 towards her enrollment at Boland College. I also gave Bella R100 for leggings for school.

Sat Jan 11
For the second time I opened the car trunk with the key round my neck, this time for the guard on the Brandvlei gate. 15 minutes later I was in the 'B' section dining room. Ben Kotze was as friendly as ever, but we weren't going to the outside classroom. 7 men drifted in.  I suggested to one of them that they might like to invite others and his response was that he would prefer not to, so that this small group alone would come. (There is logic here; we normally don't take new people on an Alpha after the first 2 weeks, but in prison we don't enforce this).  We had some worship and then the video, 'Why and how should I read the Bible?'  Although the ambient noise was generally less, at one point the adjacent 'D' wing were singing a loud rhythmic song that sounded Christian, so I closed all the windows on that side. This TV has poor sound, and had I been watching the program for the first time I would have found it hard to follow. At the end of the video I had the men sit in a rectangular group facing one another and I conducted a Bible study based on the parable of the prodigal son. This actually went well, allowing me to help them understand the dual meanings in a story they could all relate to.  After Brandvlei, my assignment was to get Anthonica to a clothing store to buy some badly needed items of school uniform. Anthonica asked if I would take her to our home so we could read a letter she had written to us both. I read the letter. It turned out to be considerably more ambitious than she had mentioned before, but as I read it I felt we needed to help her. Getting into high school is already an achievement, but to do it from a dead-beat family is specially commendable. According to Anthonica, her mother had given her R300 to enroll in High School, but the next day demanded most of it back, threatening to beat her, so she could buy wine - she was aleady drunk. Anthonica foolishly gave it to her. The High School demands that all learners have all the school uniform including a tie and pullover! Without the uniform, they cannot attend. We went shopping. The details would take a full page. By 11:30, I should have been taking L-A to André and Janey's but instead I was in the mall with Anthonica. I called L-A and we made a plan. Before starting it I was able to get L-A a strawberry Annique shake. This cost R445, twice as much as I had so far spent on Anthonica's clothes, and it put things into perspective in my mind. I got a call from Computer Mania to say they had the replacement for my laptop battery which had failed when under warranty. Before collecting it we went to MacDonald's and bought burgers for the three of us and a R6 cone for Anthonica, which stopped her starving while I collected the laptop battery; nothing to pay. This will make a big difference to my efficiency in this time of load shedding. The three of us ate our burgers at our home. L-A needed to have a burger without cheese, but the only way to order it had been as a 'cheese burger - no cheese.' I drove L-A down to André and Janey's and then continued shopping with/for Anthonica. Eventually she had everything needed including school supplies, and she was asking me again for the money for enrollment in high school. We talked. She convinced me there was noone else she could turn to, so she got R200. I reminded her not to discuss this with her drunken mother, and to make certain no-one in the family could steal the money. She assured me she had a secret place for it. I have no doubt of her mother's capability of stealing her daughter's education for a few bottles of wine. I went home and collapsed into bed for 90 minutes. Then the phone rang; it was L-A to say they were almost done, but would I be able to take André shopping for a steak for tomorrow. I picked him up and we started by going to Spar, but at 5:30 on a Saturday it was closed. So we went to Checkers in the mall, and I trundled around with André in tow till he had what he wanted. That was hard work; I don't envy Janey. A couple of times I just told him to wait, while I found what he wanted. Soon he was home, and then we were home. I forgot to upload Good News in the Morning for tomorrow's podcast.

Fri Jan 10
As we were preparing to go to Pathcare, L-A read the message, 'She's gone,' from Tara. I didn't know how this expected news would affect L-A. At this stage she seemed to take it just as one more piece of bad news, but I think it will hit her later. The most comforting thing for her was that on Wednesday Tara and John had gone to see her, feeling they shouldn't wait till the weekend. Tara had read a special message of comfort from Laurie-Ann, and Carol had understood it and responded in thanks. It was 8am before we reached Pathcare, so I took the opportunity to get petrol and have the tires checked. They were all low, but one was only half the needed pressure, so it may have a leak. I bought potato bread at Daly's because the ciabatta wasn't in yet, and when we got home I found it was equally nice. After carrying in the bread, I couldn't find my new car trunk key. Evenually I discovered it had dropped into the bread bag! That was when Laurie-Ann came up with a brilliant idea - wear it round my neck with my giving key - two immediate benefits. After a coffee I drove L-A to the deVenter's where she would spend the rest of the day working with them translating scriptures relating to each of the drawings for the colouring book into Afrikaans. She would read it, André would translate, Janey would write the translation, then move on to the next. Meantime at home I posted the news of Carol's death on my Facebook usng the same pictures that L-A had on hers, but I added a link to the home movie from 2009 filmed by L-A when she went with Carol to Mew Yourk City to visit MOMA and see The Lion King. At 2pm I picked up Jamelea, Amelia and baby Isaiah and drove them to the hospital. To get in the gate guards ask to see inside the car trunk. This wss the first time I attempted to open the trunk while keeping the key on its chain around my neck. It was quite easy to do. Jamelia went in with them and I parked the car. Half an hour later they came out with a supply of bags for the baby that would act like a rectum. He has been on this system since his birth 5 months ago. Going home, they didn't ask, but I bought them good protein-rich ready to eat meals at OK foods. I vacuumed the office and the bedroom with the Electrolux, an excellent vacuum cleaner in good order. It was quite hard work. As I did it I listened to Tape A0 S2 Ch 2, early rock'n'roll pioneering hits at faily high volume. The Leak Mini-Sandwich has really been a blessing and I have learned to listen in mono with almost as much pleasure as stereo would have been, though this particular tape is mono of course. I texted L-A suggesting that when she was done I take her and them to Star Park Chinese restaurant. I cleaned out the bag of a year's dust and returned the machine to Yanni. A year ago I had rented an industrial vacuum cleaner for R200 for the same purpose. At about 5:30 L-A called to say they had made good progress and were ready for dinner. She will need to go back tomorrow to complete the job. The four of us enjoyed our Chinese meal and the company very much (André and had the pork sizzler), and I much enjoyed two Windhoek lagers. After taking them home we came home and L-A spent quite a while reading more than 150 responses on Facebook to our posts about Carol promotion to Heaven. She also heared from her cousin Cathy that she, Tara, and Nancy, Carol's younger sister, had been present with Carol when she actually passed away. This news was also a great comfort to Laurie-Ann.

Thu Jan 9
Had our last lie in for a while. Up by 9 to find we were in load shedding, so we had a cold breakfast. Worked on tonight's program. At 2 I drove down to Avian Park, and was waylaid in Worcester by Anthonica. So she got her Christmas present at last. Wants me to take her clothes shopping on Saturday. I picked up Jamelia and Bella, and Amelia and baby Isaiah, and Bella's young sister. Took J, B and B's sister to the Riebeck Street swimming pool, which was almost deserted. Then I took Amelia and the baby to Worcester Hospital so she could arrange her next visit to Groote Schuur hospital. There was a notice on the wall directing patients to various departments. One of them was for wounds. I got out my phone to take a picture but an orderly warned me off. Amelia wasn't able to arrange things, so I must take her again tomorrow. On our way home the girls were desperate for 5 minutes wifi so they all came to the house for about 15 minutes before I took them home. When I got home, load shedding was back, so I would have between 6pm and 8 to complete the production for the show. I returned the spanner and wrench which I had used to open the car trunk without a key to Yanni across the road, and borrowed his Electrolux. Everything was ready in time for the broadcast and the excellent interview with Mella Davis went out perfectly, talking about her vision for a reimagined MasterPeace Academy. After that interview I played excerpts from our first ever program when I also interviewed Mella, plus Khanyo and Mpho. This bout or load shedding cost Eskom president Mabuza his job, since he had assured Ramaphosa there would be no load shedding over the Christmas break. Tomorrow morning we heard the news that Carol had died about 5 pm Ontario time, that's midnight here. Tara send a message, 'She's gone.'

Wed Jan 8
The big task today is to replace the trunk key in the car, without which there is a serious possibility of being locked out of the car, since the electronic key is unreliable. Also it would be nice to be able to open the trunk without a wrench. However there were some things to do before leaving the house, including my devotions, and promoting tomorrow's Worcester report with Mella. These done, I went down about 10 am, but his wife said I should return at 3. So instead I went into Avian Park to give Christmas gifts to Anthonica and Marsha. Neither was around, but both Bella and Jamelia were home, so I gave Bella the photos from our Christmas dinner. The girls asked if I would take them swimming tomorrow. At 3 I was back at Lock and Key. Eugene was somewhere at the back, but his son went to the car, unscrewed the driver's seat door lock, and took out a mechanism that held the reference number of the key that was lost. He then went and worked on manufacturing a duplicate key. While he was doing that Eugene came out to work on a safe and we had a humourous exchange about losing keys. He also told me he had been in a car crash when someone ran into the back of his car and totalled it. Thank God he is all right. Soon his son came out with a new key, tested it - it worked first time without further adjustment - and returned the door lock mechanism. The bill was R500, and I gave Mrs Meier an extra R100 for her husband and son to show my gratitude. Back home I spent a couple of hours laying out a chart of which medical insurance claims had been paid, and which hadn't. Then I called Allianz to hear bad news; they have a clause that says, "Benefits are not payable for costs incurred due to any treatment, investigation or hospitalization which is a continuation of, or subsequent to emergency treatment of a sickness or injury." So where I had send in claim x part 1, Part 2 and Part 3, Parts 2 and 3 were excluded. Since claims must be made within 3 months of notifying them of an emergency, this means that all emergencies must be cured within 3 months. I find this very unfair, and in our case particularly so since we had been advised by their customer service staff to make the multi-part claims. At least today's consultant Ngole had told me the truth. I asked him for the e-mail of the appeals department: Load shedding was expected any time after 9, but we went ahead with the GNiTM archive anyway, and the load shedding didn't happen.

Tue Jan 7
The Traffic Department was my first call. After waiting in line 45 minutes, my new licence was issued in about 2 minutes. I'm not sure why thy don't have a line just for people renewing licenses. Then to Fairbairn Pharmacy to pay for iron pills Carica had delivered personally to Hooggelegen. Next, Lock and Key, but Eugene wasn't in today. I explained our lost key again problem to his wife and must return tomorrow. Then to the post office to send back the towel I had taken by mistake from the Quiver Inn in Keepmanshoop, thinking it was one of ours. Postage was R79. They said I shouldn't bother to return it but I didn't feel that was the right thing not to do. Then I walked round the corner to the police station and a very friendly policeman wrote me an affidavit that should allow me to buy a TV licence for just 6 months. Then I bought fish and chips which we'll eat tonight. Then I went to the mall to pick up the photos for Bella's family. I watched South Africa valiantly trying not to be bowled out on this last day of ther test match. I slept for a while after lunch, and at 4 felt an urge to go to the hospice, where I last went before Namibia. I fed a lady her dinner, and said goodbye to Niklaas, who is going home on Friday, as we watched the moment on TV when England won the test. Niklaas doesn't want to go home where his family smokes and apparently has no interest in butting out to help Niklaas, with chronic asthsma. I prayed for the family and him. I went to Van Wyk & Leroux to book an eye test and then to Dis-chem to see if any of their off-the-shelf glasses would help me to read. The +2 and +2.5 were closest but not as good as my present lenses.

Mon Jan 6
At last, 6 January has arrived and maybe we can solve some car problems. At 7:30 I called AA. Yes they would send a flatbed truck. Before 8, Martin of MJ's Roadside Assistance & Towing was here. He said he brought lots of Mercedes to MMJ Service Centre. Soon I was talking to Brian. I told him the good news that the acceleration and smoke problem was gone, but I seemed to have blown a gasket, or the inlet manifold. He said that was expensive. I said I'll pay. Willem brought me home; always a pleasure. Back home I turned on the test match. The Proteas have to make 480 runs in their second innings to win. They were batting well and I tuned in several times during the day. This is the life! At about 2:30, Willem rolled up in the car, all fixed! I went back with him to pay the bill. It was only R747.50. Apparently a glow plug had blown out of its socket. That was the pop I heard. He re-threaded the hole and put it back. Thank you God! And thank you Brian. TKOG. Shortly after I got home and told L-A the good news, Mella arrived for her interview. We got straight into it. The plans she has for MasterPeace are extensive. Instead of regular schooling for kids, she will offer short courses for both home school teachers and children, no less than 5 at a time. She will be reading to the children across the street at Bollieland Creche. She is determined to get children reading several years earlier. This is key to their being able to learn anything. She will bring together home schooling groups with specialist teachers so that parents will not have to teach every subject. Sounds like an excellent future for the school and Mella has fire in belly. In the evening we again watched Chernobyl.

Sun Jan 5
The GNiTM uploads had all worked, so I set about programming the Podcasts 2020 page without copying/pasting. By the time we went to church all was updated for the new year. Willhelm and wife Jolene arrived at 8:30. L-A managed quite easily to get into the rear seat, a new experience. Johan's sermon pointed out that as we become more effective at the Lord's work, the devil, who hates to see this, increases his efforts to frustrate us by all end every method. Maybe we can understand our present situation in the light of this: no transport until after 6 January when MMJ Motors opens their gates again, and not even access to a rental car. However, that saved us $100 a day since Christmas Eve, and we have managed, with a little help from our friends. Mella called in the afternoon to say she was planning a visit to Canada in July, and that MasterPeace would be giving sessions to groups of 5 or more home-schoolers on better ways of working than expecting a parent to have enough skills to teach everything. The parents of Sinegugu, Paula and Seth are aware that school is not continuing this January in its previous form. After we rang off I called her back and asked if I could interview her so she could tell the world about the new MasterPeace.

Sat Jan 4
Slept in till 10, and it was all good relaxation. Usually after 8 I am restless to get up, but without prison Alpha this morning it made sense to recharge my batteries. We had the wors for breakfast that Maggie had brought. I turned on the TV at 11:03 to watch the news but it is so short on Saturdays and I had missed the headlines, so I did something unusual for me: clicked round the other Openview channels. I noticed that Da Vinci Kids is no longer there - sad. Then on SABC 1, South Africa were playing England in the second test and I enjoyed it for an hour. Unfortunately the screen dissolved for time to time. This is usually after rain seeps into parts of the dish antenna, but we haven't had rain in a while. After Hamza was caught for 5 runs I felt bad for him and turned it off to come and mend my pyjamas with an iron-on patch, and then to write this. I watched more of the test in the afternoon, as the Proteas made quite a good show. I called Willhelm Theaart at the bottom of Deon Britz Street and asked if he would take us to church tomorrow. After watching 'The Good Fight' we watched the second episode of Chernobyl. Scary. Around 11 pm, Lynn called with some very good news. She has received cheques totalling about $5,000 from Allianz in payouts for L-A's claim going up to the start of chemo. I asked her to send me photos of the covering letter so we can see exactly what has been settled. When I was working on GNiTM I realized that I also needed to do some new year adjustments to the podcast page. I couldn't remember how to duplicate a page on Weebly. In the end I set things up for tomorrow's program and then set the uploads going while I went to bed.

Fri Jan 3
I woke up intending to start the day with my devotions, after Johan's challenge on New Year's Day, but also planning to contact Audioshelf and find out the status on the 'Legacy' audiobook. Then an idea came that I first should check Amazon. I did and found to my delight that the 'Legacy' audible had already been posted to Amazon, and therefore also to other on-line retailers. This is great news! I had worried that there were more hurdles, but there weren't! I am a published audiobook narrator! So - on to my daily devotions, which I enjoy. Compared with yesterday I am feeling good, having taken meds this morning. I'm less breathless, though it's hard to see how that would be affected by pain meds and anti-inflamatories. Jan came to visit L-A to arrange the switch to herself of the annual costs of the My Father's House website. I knew that the first payment towards the new windows in our Ottawa condo was due soon, but now my main computer is back on line and everything seems to be working, I was able to find the details. The due date is 15 January and the amount is ~$15,000. I already had felt we should withdraw $20,000 from our All-in-One, mainly for the windows but the residue to pay off L-A's medical debt. So I e-mailed Janet at Investors Group and authorized the redemption. Then I e-mailed the condo office and asked how I should send the money, and they said thay could draw it from our same bank account that our condo fees are taken from. Since this is the same account where Investors Group will deposit the funds, eveything will work just fine. I thought it would be nice for Bella's family to have prints of the photos from their dinner here, so I called Kodak Superfoto and e-mailed them.

Thu Jan 2
I decided not to take my pain meds today, so struggled a bit all day, not so much with pain in the leg, but because I felt an overall 2 degrees under par. I get breathless when I exert myself these days, and decided that it's time I go and see Dr. Eric when the car is driveable. Maggie drove over from Worcester to see us, and brought some groceries L-A had said we needed. I asked Maggie how much the groceries were, but she wouldn't let me pay, however much I insisted. I said that we couldn't ask her again to buy things for us, to help her understand we really did want to reimburse her. I let it go. She has a very kind heart. I spent some hours preparing today's Worcester Report. I decided that when it was ready I would have another look for the interview I had done with them before they started out on their language training in Portugal. I spot checked every OMH recording between 2006 and 2012. Then almost as an afterthought I checked other programs I had hosted on CKCU. One of those was the Christmas Day edition of Special Blend, and there in the comments field I saw 'Hendersons.' That was it! The time was now 6 pm and we would be eating soon. I adjusted two of the continuity talks and added the 30 minute interview from 12 years ago at the end. The re-mixdown finished at 7:45 - we were ready. It's a good program.

Wed Jan 1, New Year's Day
I was woken by my phone ringing. I looked at the time: 1 pm. Who rings me at 1 pm in South Africa? I thought about Carol, Laurie-Ann's mother, dangerously ill in a Toronto hospital. But the caller was local, from Avian Park. Anthonica wanted to wish us a happy new year. My heart melted in relief. I had been so soundly asleep I had totally forgotten it was New Year. Looking back, she was our only new year caller. Carica and daughter picked us up at 8:50 for church. Johan and others came over to translation row to greet Laurie-Ann. He preached on one New Year's resolution: 15 - 30 minutes with the Word as the first thing done each day, making a plan for how much you read from which parts of the Bible and sticking to it. I already have
the plan, but have failed in recent months to do it daily, but I resoved this will change. On the way home we stopped at OK for more basics. I got the scanner working and scanned our collection of kid's colouring and other art. I continued with the Windows 10 transition, and by about 5:30 it was essentially done, and I produced tonight's program using Windows 10. To my great relief, apps like Adobe Audition, WavePad editor, and the scanner software ran fine under Windows 10. There were one or two challenges, such as the machine trying to boot from the USB, but I fixed that by bringing up the boot diagnostics using F12. I broadcast and listened to the GNiTM archive, and ended the day watching YouTubes of live concerts by the Grateful Dead (1989), The Killers, and The National. I think my favourite was the Dead, who just played their music, and I prefer the music on CD of both the National and The Killers. In The Killers live show from Glastonbury 2019 there was so much overproduction of lights and live show gyrations that songs I love to listen to didn't come across so well. I think my era of seeing bands live has run its course.

Copples in Western Cape