Home movies
Filmed by Tony Copple
Scottish ski-ing 1962, 1963
HMS Ark Royal    This section also listed here with more detail. 1968 - 1970
Lara's Film    Lara was our dog. 2007 2008

From this date, I have generally used Flip Video for filming


From this date, some items are filmed with HD Flip Video, which has stereo sound. These are posted to Facebook, which accommodates HD stereo better than YouTube.






8 mm film - the background story of the production of the above YouTube movies up till 1970.

Home DVD production
Since 2009 I have had the technology to edit digital home movie footage and transfer to DVD. This has been a learning process! Films shot with my JVC Mini DV video camera and Flip video have been edited with Windows Movie Maker, and I use Polderbits to design and burn the DVDs. In 2010 I first made labels for DVDs, and stuck them on with the help of a CD Stomper. The CD Stomper is no longer marketed although you can buy CD Stomper labels in Staples/Business Depot. You can still get the CD Stomper kit including labelling software via e-Bay. I did, and have been using the labelling software, even though it leaves a 4 cm. circle in the middle unprinted. Most DVDs only have a 2 cm. unprinted circle. In fact I now own two stompers and would be happy to sell one locally. I do not recommend making lables for CDs, because they can unstick in a car CD system which can get very hot, and ruin the CD system. (Better to use a CD/DVD Sharpie felt pen.) I do use them for DVD lavels.
Movie Maker and Windows 7 help and advice.

Flip Video
Periscope -live web broadcasting from your android or Apple phone
How to change the aspect ratio on YouTubes
How to fix aspect ratio on existing YouTube videos
YouTube formatting tags
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