Home movies
Filmed by Tony Copple
Scottish ski-ing 1962, 1963
HMS Ark Royal    This section also listed here with more detail. 1968 - 1970
Lara's Film    Lara was our dog.

1974 - 1980




2007 2008

From this date, I have generally used Flip Video for filming


From this date, some items are filmed with HD Flip Video, which has stereo sound.






New Mexico

8 mm film - the background story of the production of the above YouTube movies up till 1970.

Home DVD production
Since 2009 I have had the technology to edit digital home movie footage and transfer to DVD. This has been a learning process! Films shot with my JVC Mini DV video camera and Flip video were edited with Windows XP Movie Maker, and I used Polderbits to design and burn the DVDs. In 2010 I first made labels for DVDs, and stuck them on with the help of a CD Stomper. I do not recommend making lables for CDs, because they can unstick in a car CD system which can get very hot, and ruin the CD system. (Better to use a CD/DVD Sharpie felt pen.) I do use them for DVD labels.

In 2009 I bought a Flip Video, and in 2013 the HD/stereo version. Both of these are in regular use. If I don't have one of the Flips handy I use Blackberry Q10 phone. I have a plastic holder that allows the phone to go on a tripod, which is essential for good-looking movies. The Flips are marvellous, and I was dismayed when Cisco discontinued manufacture in 2011. Mine continue operating as new. All my editing is done on Cyberlink's PowerDirestor, version 9. I recently tried version 14, but my computer speed is insufficent for it. (Too many new features I don't need). I seldom burn to DVD any more, but upload to Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook and Flickr.

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