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Ottawa Streetcar 696 Restoration Group.

1912 Magazine article about street car construction:

From: Fred Angus (

Attached is the article from the Railway and Marine World for March, 1912. It details the new lighter weight construction of the type that was later used on car 696. While the article refers to a Montreal car, the same construction was used for other cities including the Ottawa 600s.

Montreal had 525 cars of this construction; of these, 185 were built by Ottawa Car Co. Montreal car 1317, at the Canadian Railway Museum, is an excellent example of this type. The most significant feature is the heavy 1/4 inch steel plate for the first 18 inches above the bottom, with much lighter (1/16 inch) replacable panels above. The files are in TIFF compressed format, named t-1912-1, t-1912-2, t-1912-3, t-1912-4. You will have to save them to your disk or open them from its current location. You should be able to print them out. The photos will not reproduce well, but it is the text and drawings that are important.

Regards, Fred Angus.

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