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Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada


Our Archery season including CrossBow is open October 01 to December 31
WMU 64A Doe draw closes June 30th each year

Rifle or Shotgun season are on the 1st and 2nd weeks of November (04 to 10 & 11 to 17 / 2019)
and Muzzle load season is the 1st week of December ( Dec 02 to Dec 08 / 2019).
We do not restrict the class (size) of deer you take, choice is yours.

Have a Free Fall WildTurkey Hunt on the same day/s you book a Deer hunt
between Oct 1 to Oct 31 license & tag not included.

Waiting for Deer season? try your luck at Coyote Hunting.
Hone your confidence and patience making you a better game hunter.
Free during the day/s you have a Deer hunt booked with us.
In WMU 64A to hunt Coyote you only need a Small Game license.

Hunters are taken out to set up and usually pick their own site / stand with guidance.
Provide your own decoys and you do the calling, it is all part of your hunting experience.

There is little hunter pressure on these free range deer.
It is hunting though, so no promises.

Weekly rate per hunter.
Archery, Rifle, Shot Gun and Muzzle load are all 7 days Monday to Sunday

Basic price is just the access to hunt on the property only,
unless weekly booking

First week Oct. $300
Second week Oct. $300
Third week Oct. $300
Fourth week Oct. $400
Fifth week Oct. $400

First week Nov. $500(Gun)
Second week Nov. $500(Gun)
Third week Nov. $400
Fourth week Nov. $500

First week Dec. $500(Muzzle load)
Second week Dec. $500
Third week Dec. $500
Fourth week Dec. $400

Weekly rate or Sat, Sun & Mon, per hunter = as shown above
Fri, Sat & Sun ~ 85% of weekly
3 consecutive weekdays or Sat & Sun ~ 60% of weekly
Holidays, Sat or Sun ~ 40% of weekly.
Daily - Weekdays ~ 30% of weekly.

Are you interested in booking the land as an individual (max 6 hunters)
or for the week as a party for private use ($3,000 max 8 hunters)

A 50 % deposit is required to book any hunt.
Balance due prior to the start of the hunt in cash, money order, certified cheque,
or online banking E-transfer (E-mail) provided through your Canadian bank.
Deposits are non-refundable although with more than 8 weeks notice
we will transferred to a replacement hunter or it may be used for the following year.
Cost of the hunt is fixed, we do not count points - no trophy fee.
No refunds if the hunter fills tags or leaves early.

Not hunting see rates at

Accommodations Check Lists

   M.N.R. Hunting Regulations Summary | M.R.N. Résumé des règlements de la chasse
Information Updates for Hunters | Informations pour les chasseurs     

There are several ways to apply to big game draws:
Antlerless Deer Validation Tag Draw | Tirage pour le chevreuil sans bois     
Antlerless (< 3 inches) Deer Draw deadline June 30
Nornally, only Ontario residents may apply to a big game draw.

Since 2009 a Non-Canadian resident Hunting Outdoors card is required.
License and tags are the responsibility of the hunter's and must be paid for prior to the hunt.

Click on the border to open the website.

In WMA 64A to hunt Coyote you only require a Small Game licence tag,
you do not need a wolf / coyote licence / seal

To transport a fur bearing animal (or any part) out of Ontario, you will need an export permit.
These can be purchased the local M.N.R.Kemptville office, ServiceOntario.ca
or other designated retailers like Canadian Tire (Search for: K7A4S6)

Ministry of Natural Resources (M.N.R.) Hunting  |  Ministère des Richesses Naturelles (M.R.N.) La chasse
WMU 64A  Kemptville office -  1613-258-8204
M.N.R. Head office English - 1800-667-1940 | Français - 1800-667-1840

Which week will you be hunting?
Please contact us with your questions.

Thank you for visiting our website and looking forward to meeting you!
Please join us. Until then, good luck and good hunting!

Remember the COYOTE you bag today,
won't be the varment that bags your deer tomorrow.
In WMA 64A to hunt Coyote you only need a Small Game licence.

Thanks to our clients from
Michigan, Pennsylvania, Vermont, New York, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Florida, Quebec and locals.

Hunting Disclaimer

As you are participating in a dangerous and lethal sport, the participants waive all rights to
remuneration for any injuries, losses or damage to themselves or their property while participating
in this dangerous activity, on our lands.

We will not be held liable for personal injuries
or damage to belongings and/or vehicles under any circumstances.

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