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Other Game


Coyote, Bush Wolf & Red Fox season - all year.
Note: In WMA 64A you ONLY need a Small Game licence to hunt Coyote.

Rabbit & Hare season - September 20 to March 31 next year.


Wild Turkeys & Fowl

Partridge season - September 20 to November 10.

Grouse season - September 20 to December 31.

Hunting Migratory Game Birds  |  La chasse aux oiseaux migrateurs considérés comme gibier

Migratory Birds Hunt Regs   |   Règlement de chasse aux oiseaux migrateurs

Download Hunting Regulations PDF 357kb

Duck season - Sept. 26/15 to Jan. 9 next year.
For a period of 106 days beginning on the fourth Saturday of September

Canada Geese season - Sept. 10 to 20 & Sept. 26 to Dec. 30/15.
For a period of 11 days beginning on the first Thursday after Labour Day
For a period of 96 days beginning on the fourth Saturday of September


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