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Descendants of Henry Hollingsworth

Eighth Generation

517. Caleb Way (James Way , Rebecca Mendenhall , Phoebe Taylor , Ann Conaway , Mary Hollingsworth , Vallentine , Henry ).

Caleb married Susanna Holby.

They had the following children:

+ 794 F i Malvina Amanda Way.

521. Silas Hollingsworth [scrapbook] (Charity Hollingsworth , James , George Henry , Abraham "Abram" , Thomas Valentine , Vallentine , Henry ) was born on 28 Jul 1808 in Union County, Indiana. He died in 1895.

Silas married Sarah Elizabeth French on 6 May 1830 in Vermillion County, Indiania. Sarah was born in 1812. She died in 1870.

They had the following children:

  795 F i Margaret Hollingsworth.
  796 F ii Martha Hollingsworth.
  797 F iii Mary Hollingsworth.
  798 M iv George Hollingsworth.
+ 799 M v Shelby Hollingsworth was born on 7 Mar 1842. He died in 1910.
  800 F vi Sarah Hollingsworth.
  801 F vii Latitia Hollingsworth.
  802 M viii Oliver Hollingsworth.
  803 F ix Hulda Hollingsworth.
  804 F x Laura Hollingsworth.

529. Gulielma Hollingsworth (Isaac , Joseph , George Henry , Abraham "Abram" , Thomas Valentine , Vallentine , Henry ) was born in 1804. She died about 1880 in Tuscola, Illinois.

Gulielma was disowned from Marlborough Meeting of Quakers (Randolph County) in North Carolina for marrying Horace Cannon, which inplies that Horace was not a Friend in good standing at the time of the marriage.

Gulielma married Horace Cannon son of Samuel Cannon.

When his son was four years old in 1840 the family moved to Parke County, Indiana. Horace was drowned in Sugar Creek when tryhing to cross it in the dark during a high flood.Though his body was never recovered, a clavicle (collar bone) was found in the spring and Gulie took it to be her husbands and dept it until her own passing, about 1880 in Tuscola, Illinoise, when it was placed in the coffin with her.

Horace Cannon had studied medicine at a Quaker School, in view of the information we find in the Quaker Meetings, we wonder if he ever did actuall become in good standing.

Horace and Gulielma had the following children:

  805 M i Joseph Gurney Cannon was born on 7 May 1836 in New Garden, North Carolina. He died on 12 Nov 1926 in Davnille, Illinois.

532. Absalom Hollingsworth (Joel , Isaac Miller , George Henry , Abraham "Abram" , Thomas Valentine , Vallentine , Henry ).

Absalom married Annie Pemberton in 1834.

They had the following children:

+ 806 M i Lemuel Hollingsworth was born in 1854.
  807 M ii Barclay Hollingsworth.
  808 F iii Mary Hollingsworth.
  809 M iv Joel Hollingsworth.
  810 F v Eunice Hollingsworth.
  811 M vi Robert Hollingsworth.
  812 F vii Annie B. Hollingsworth.
  813 F viii Susanna Hollingsworth.
  814 M ix John Hollingsworth.
  815 F x Martha Hollingsworth.
  816 F xi Leodica Hollingsworth.

533. Yates Hollingsworth [scrapbook] (Joel , Isaac Miller , George Henry , Abraham "Abram" , Thomas Valentine , Vallentine , Henry ).

Yates married Nancy Vernon Mote.

They had the following children:

+ 817 F i Ella Keziah Hollingsworth was born on 3 Aug 1862. She died on 21 Jan 1937.

546. Michael Hollingsworth (Richard , Abraham , George Henry , Abraham "Abram" , Thomas Valentine , Vallentine , Henry ) was born in 1812 in North Carolina.

Michael married Nancy Ann Thomas. Nancy was born in North Carolina.

They had the following children:

  818 F i Harriet Hollingsworth was born in 1806 in MIami County, Ohio.
  819 M ii Isaiah Hollingsworth was born in 1826 in MIami County, Ohio.

548. Parker Hollingsworth (Richard , Abraham , George Henry , Abraham "Abram" , Thomas Valentine , Vallentine , Henry ) was born on 21 May 1821. He died on 29 Oct 1899 in Cherokee County, Kansas.

Parker married (1) Mary (Polly) Pearson on 20 Oct 1849 in Miami County, Indiania. Mary was born in 1816.

They had the following children:

  820 F i Sarah Ellen Hollingsworth was born on 9 Aug 1852.
  821 F ii Anna Jane Hollingsworth was born on 30 Jan 1854.
  822 M iii Ira Hollingsworth was born on 9 Apr 1856.
  823 M iv Nathan Hollingsworth was born on 14 Apr 1858.
+ 824 M v Richard Hollingsworth was born on 30 Oct 1859. He died on 8 Aug 1909.

Parker married (2) Mary Jay.

Parker married (3) Ruth Ann Brown in 1861.

Parker married (4) Rebecca Moorman in 1866.

550. Levi Hollingsworth (David , Levi , Thomas , Thomas Valentine , Thomas Valentine , Vallentine , Henry ) was born on 3 Feb 1831 in Ohio. He died about 1900.

Levi married Nancy Marie Ramsey about 1851 in Ohio. Nancy was born on 27 Jan 1835 in Deersville, Ohio.

They had the following children:

  825 F i Lydia J. Hollingsworth was born on 21 Oct 1852 in Ohio or Indiana. She died in 1926 in Scotts Bluff, Scotts Bluff Cty, Nebraska.
  826 M ii Doc Hollingsworth was born about 1854.
  827 M iii Albert Hollingsworth was born about 1856.
  828 M iv Samuel A. Hollingsworth was born about 1857.
  829 F v Lavica A. Hollingsworth was born on 28 Dec 1859 in Harrison County, Ohio. She died on 10 Jul 1940 in Villisca, Mongomery County, Iowa.
        Lavica married James Query Jr about 1877.
  830 M vi James W. Hollingsworth was born about 1861.

553. Mary Ann Hollingsworth (Levi , Levi , Thomas , Thomas Valentine , Thomas Valentine , Vallentine , Henry ) was born in 1833 in Tenn..

Mary married ? Sullivan.

They had the following children:

  831 M i William Sullivan was born about 1859.

555. Jason William Hollingsworth (Levi , Levi , Thomas , Thomas Valentine , Thomas Valentine , Vallentine , Henry ) was born in 1838 in Tenn.. He died before 1880.

Jason William Hollingsworth left Tennesse and headed to Kentucky, where he met Hannah Honor Sturgeon, the daughter of a minister. They were married in Platte Co., MO on May 9, 1861. They had 6 children, James, Elizabeth, John, Joseph, Amanda Lee and Alexander (nicknamed Babe). According to her birth certificate, Amanda Lee was born in Iatan, Platte Co., MO, however, family history handed down in her sister, Elizabeth's family, indicates that all 5 children were born in Atchison, KS. In 1875, down the road from the Reuben Ratliff family, lived the Hollingsworth's. Reuben's son, James, would eventually marry Elizabeth Hollingsworth. Jason and Hannah were quite well off for that period in history. Jason listed real estate property worth $800 and personal property amounting to $225. They were farmers. They had migrated from the south to Atchison, Kansas soon after their marriage. Two of Hannah's brothers accompanied them to Kansas to help on the farm. Therefore, the Hollingsworth children weren't needed to supply labor as most poor farmers children were and they all attended school. Not long after the birth of their last child, Jason died (sometime between 1877 & 1880). He was 40 years old. This, along with a severe drought and the illness of both of Hannah's brothers (they had Tuberculosis), financially destroyed the family. After Jason's death, Hannah tried to keep the farm running by herself, but James, her oldest son, was only 14 years old. The odds were against her and she lost. Her faith, however, caused them to survive, even if only to a meager existence. Hannah died within several years and her two youngest children, Amanda and Alexander, were raised by their older sister, Elizabeth and her husband, James Ratliff.

Jason married Hannah Honor Sturgeon on 9 May 1861 in Platte Co., MO..

They had the following children:

  832 M i James Hollingsworth.
  833 F ii Elizabeth Hollingsworth.
  834 M iii John Hollingsworth.
  835 M iv Alexander Hollingsworth.
  836 F v Amada Lee Hollingsworth was born on 7 Mar 1874 in Platte Co., MO.. She died on 29 Dec 1966 in Weatherford, Custer, OK.. She was buried in 1966 in Masonic Cemetery, Hydro, Caddo, OK..

Amanda Lee Hollingsworth could not remember her parents. Stories she told insisted that she was raised by "some" family. I took this to heart, because I could not imagine going through life and not know who your parents were. It was a known fact that the Ratliff family had raised her. After some intense research, I managed to locate a descendant of the Ratliff's that was able to fill in the blanks. I'm certain that she knew Elizabeth Ratliff was her sister, but perhaps the strife that their family went through was too much for them to bear, therefore she buried it deeply and chose not to remember.
        Amada married Edward Prior Pennington. Edward was born on 10 Dec 1872 in Bethany, Harrison, MO.. He died on 7 Nov 1949 in Hydro, Caddo, OK..

560. Jordan Parker Hollingsworth [scrapbook] (Levi , Levi , Thomas , Thomas Valentine , Thomas Valentine , Vallentine , Henry ) was born on 28 Oct 1846 in Hardin Co, TN.. He died on 29 Aug 1930 in Chester Co., TN.. He was buried in 1930 in Henderson Cemetery, Chester Co, TN.

Jordan married Sarah Amanda May on 29 Feb 1876 in Hardin Co, TN.. Sarah was born on 4 Feb 1852. She died on 4 Jul 1935 in Chester Co., TN.. She was buried in 1935 in Henderson Cemetery, Chester Co, TN.

They had the following children:

  837 M i Andy Hollingsworth was born in 1876 in Tenn..
  838 M ii Henry Hollingsworth was born in 1878 in Tenn.. He died in 1964 in Chester Co., TN.. He was buried in 1964 in Henderson Cemetery, Chester Co, TN.
  839 M iii Lallie V. Hollingsworth was born in Jun 1881 in Tenn..
  840 F iv Mary E. Hollingsworth was born in Oct 1883 in Tenn..
  841 M v Jordan Parker Hollingsworth Jr. [scrapbook] was born on 26 Jan 1892 in Henderson, Tn.. He died on 17 Oct 1972 in Iron, MO..
        Jordan married R. Eula ? [scrapbook]. R. Eula ? was born in 1893. She died on 5 Aug 1971 in Iron, MO..

564. Henry M. Hollingsworth [scrapbook] (Levi , Levi , Thomas , Thomas Valentine , Thomas Valentine , Vallentine , Henry ) was born in Jul 1855 in Hardin Co, TN.. He died on 8 Nov 1933 in Mannsville, OK.. He was buried on 16 Nov 1933 in Mannsville Cemetery, Johnston, OK..

The Mannsville Times Thursday, June 20, 1901
H. M. HOLLINGSWORTH returned this week from Tishomingo where he has been looking after his gin interests.
Our sucess has been brought about by keeping faith with the public in everything and by selling the best goods to be had for the least money. We use no false methods to attract attention. We sell standard goods and every article as low as can be sold unless some one has an ax to grind and hangs out bait to catch suckers.
Absolutely one price to all with our respect to person. The poor can buy as cheap as the rich. We carry a complete line of general merchandise.
We thank our many freinds and customers for their splendid trade they have given us and invite the purchasing public to call and examine our goods and prices learn our just and equitable methods of doing business and you will be pleased. ----Yours respectfully, H. M. HOLLINGSWORTH, Earl, IT.

MADILL RECORD, Thursday, November 16, 1933
Services Are Held for Hollingsworth
Was Father of Former Teacher at Oakland.
Funeral services for H. M. Hollingsworth, 75, of Mannsville were conducted Sunday afternoon by Watt's Funeral home of Madill. The services were held at the Church of Christ at Mannsville at 2 o'clock with Rev. Basil Shilling of Ardmore in charge. He was assisted by Rev. John Stobaugh of the Church of Christ, Tishomingo. Song services were in the charge of J. M. Collins of Ardmore. Burial was in the Mannsville cemetery.
Active pall bearers were: John P. Lawrence, Ardmore; Julian M. Smith, Philip Williams, Tom Barns, L. D. Petty, Alfred Johnson, Mannsville.
Honorary pall bearers were: W. I. Ratliff, Tishomingo; John Vandervort, Madill; Homer Riddle, Ardmore; Andy Armstrong, Tishomingo; J. Y. Lynn, Oakland; Frank Johnson, Oakland; Dr. Guy Clark, Milburn; John Mitchell, Ravia; Dr. Cummings, Ravia, LeRoy Elkins, Hugo; A. N. Julian, Wynnewood; J. B. Carmichael, Davis; Will Looney, Tishomingo; Sol Lawrence, Shawnee; W. F. Stilley, D. P. Rich, W. C. Beams, W. T. Edelen, W. A. McLaughlin, A. C. Stilley, W. N. Burgess, C. F. Eastman, Arris Antle, Doc Short, D. E. E. Chivers, J. M. Byrd, C. C. Hitchcock, George Aldridge, W. A. Ellis, T. J. Parnell, Cline Hitchcock, F. W. Norton, J. B. Chaffin, Fred Hill, J. K. Peterman, all of Mannsville.
Mr. Hollingsworth had been a resident in and near Mannsville the past 40 years. One of his sons, Roy Hollingsworth, a former teacher in the Oakland school, formerly resided at Oakland and his children attended the Madill high school.
Survivors of Mr. Hollingsworth are two children, one daughter, Mr. Mamie Deaton, Mannsville, and one son, Roy Hollingsworth. Six grandchildren, Margaret and Roy Hollingsworth of Oklahoma University, Norman, and Maurine, Madaline, Prin, and Mary Kate.

Henry married Larissa Enloe Sullivan [scrapbook] on 14 Mar 1880 in Tippah Co MS. Larissa was born on 1 May 1850 in Walnut, Tippah Co., MS. She died on 5 Mar 1926 in Mannsville, OK..

I believe the Sullivans first married into Levi's family when Henry's oldest sister Mary married a Sullivan (don't know which one) that died in the Civil War. Henry and Larissa Hollingsworth and Thomas Sullivan lived in the same household in the 1880 census. Thomas (Larissa's brother) seems to have gone to TX with them about 1885 and then to OK with them about 1892. One of Larissa's sisters also wound up in OK.
Patty Brown

Henry and Larissa had the following children:

  842 F i Ann Hollingsworth was born in Tippah Co MS. She died in Tippah Co MS.
  843 M ii Edward Hollingsworth was born in Tippah Co MS. He died in Tippah Co MS.
+ 844 M iii Roy Hollingsworth Sr. was born on 4 Jan 1886. He died on 26 Jul 1956.
  845 F iv Mamie Enloe Hollingsworth [scrapbook] was born on 28 Mar 1889. She died in Feb 1981 in Madill, OK..
        Mamie married Andrew H. Deaton [scrapbook]. Andrew was born in 1886. He died in 1959 in Tishomingo, OK..

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