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Descendants of Henry Hollingsworth

Seventh Generation


469. Frederick James Hollingsworth (Thomas , Nicholas Henry , John , Thomas , Thomas , Henry ) was born on 1 Oct 1843 in Ballycanew Parish, County Wexford. He was christened on 24 Dec 1843 in Ballycanew Parish, County Wexford. He died in 1910 in Died in a railroad car fire. 1910.

Frederick's obit says he lived in Carleton Place and lost his life in a fire on the train. The train caught fire on the inside and when the trainmen saw smoke issuing from the car, they stopped the train immediately, and opened the door, to be met by smoke and flames. Mr. Hollingsworth's body was later recovered. He was born in County Wexford, Ireland Dec. 3, 1846 and came to Canada with his parents when an infant. They settle near Athens, where two brothers still reside. He was a Forester and members of that lodge conducted the funeral with Rev. Canon Elliott preaching. (from The Athens Reporter, April 29, 1910.)

Frederick was mentioned in his father's will in 1858 as one of his living sons.

Witnesses to his marriage to Margaret Hyde were, his cousin David John Hollingsworth and Letitia Vanduzen.

Frederick married Margaret Hyde on 20 May 1872 in Christ Curch, Gananoque, Leeds County, Ontario. Margaret was born Escott, Leeds County, Ontario. She died in Had two others sons besides Thomas..

Margaret was the step-daughter to Daniel Hollingsworth, half sister of Mary, wife of brother Nicholas.

Frederick and Margaret had the following children:

  761 M i Thomas H. Hollingsworth was born in 1886 in Leeds, Ontario, Canada. He died on 21 Dec 1969 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  762 F ii Annie Hollingsworth died before 1969.
  763 F iii Marguerite Hollingsworth died before 1869.

479. Thomas Hollingsworth [scrapbook] (John , Samuel , John , Thomas , Thomas , Henry ) was born on 21 Jan 1816 in Ballycanew, County Wexford. He was christened on 28 Jan 1816 in Old Ballycanew Church. He died on 18 Jan 1879 in Elizabethtown, Leeds County, Ontario.

Arthur Colley was a witness to Thomas's christening and also to the christening of Samuel and Ann Hollingsworth's daughter Mary on 17 Nov 1816, almost a year later. He emigrated to Elizabethtown, Ontario and married Deborah Ann Crafts. Harry Hollingsworth thought John Hollingsworth of Cranacrower who had two other children out of wedlock was Thomas's father. This editor thinks it was John Hollingsworth of Ballinakill, who later married his cousin Susanna Hollingsworth.

Thomas married Deborah Ann Crafts daughter of John Crafts and Margaret (unk maiden) Crafts on 19 Jan 1842 in Lambspond, by Missionary Rev. William H. Gunning. Deborah was born about 1819. She died on 5 Mar 1885 in Elizabethtown, Ontario, Canada.

She was married by William H. Gunning, Missionary at Lambspond.

Thomas and Deborah had the following children:

  764 F i Margaret Eliza Hollingsworth.
  765 M ii Wallace Bruce Hollingsworth died after 1920 in San Diego, California.

488. Edward Earl Hollingsworth [scrapbook] (Frederick , Samuel , John , Thomas , Thomas , Henry ) was born in 1838 in Illinois. He died in 1902 in Los Angeles City, Calif..

Edward Earl Hollingsworth was great grandfather of Harry Hollingsworth author of the Hollingsworth Register.

When Edward Earl Hollingsworth registered to vote in Los Angeles City, 1896 he was 58 years old, occupation, bandsawyer, height 5 feet 9 inches, complexion light, eyes blue, hair dark, birthplace Illinois.

Edward married Rachel McFadden Hollingsworth [scrapbook] daughter of William McFadden and Anna Peterson. Rachel was born on 29 Jul 1841 in Greenwood Twp, Crawford County, Pa.. She died on 27 Jul 1924 in Inglewood, Calif.. She was buried in Rosedale Cemetery, Washington Blvd..

They had the following children:

+ 766 M i John (Jack) Benjamin Hollingsworth was born on 10 Feb 1861. He died on 13 Jun 1933.
  767 M ii Levi (Lee) Hollingsworth was born on 22 Sep 1863 in Byron, Olmstead County, Minn.. He died on 29 Nov 1940 in Los Angeles, California . He was buried in Rosedale Cemetery.
        Levi married (1) Ida June Southwick daughter of Joseph Karr Southwick and Susan Elizabeth Williams on 22 Sep 1885 in Morristown, Minn. Ida was born on 17 Jul 1868 in Morristown, Minn. She died on 4 May 1889 in Los Angeles, California . She was buried in Rosedale Cemetery.
        Levi married (2) Rosa S. Sparks.
        Levi married (3) Martha Elmyre Maybee Jones.
        Levi married (4) Mary Alice Southwick Sister of first wife..
  768 M iii Frederick Hollingsworth.
  769 M iv Charles Hollingsworth.
  770 F v Nettie May Hollingsworth.
  771 F vi Lucy Lucinda Hollingsworth.
  772 F vii Idabelle Hollingsworth was born in 1868. She died on 4 May 1889.
  773 F viii Annie Hollingsworth.
  774 F ix Myrtle Hollingsworth.

492. William Wallace Hollingsworth [scrapbook] (Frederick , Samuel , John , Thomas , Thomas , Henry ) was born on 19 Feb 1858 in New Milford township, Winnebago Co Illinois. He died on 25 Mar 1912 in San Diego, California. He was buried in With mother and father , Jasper Co, Iowa.

William Wallace Hollingsworth was a druggist, music and piano store proprietor, musician and a piano-tuner. WW was a member of the Kellogg, Iowa brass band and a member of the Good Templars local chapter.

In 1904 he bought a Cadillac, it was a startling sight to behold, that red and black conveyance. He took his wife Lizzie and daughter Gladys to visit relatives in Iowa and Wisconsin.

William was the youngest son and was left with the task of caring for his mother. She was a well known resident of Kellogg, Iowa, until her death, and as her son attained prominence in the social life of the community, Elizabeth became known as "Mr. W. W. Hollingsworth's mother."

In Wallace's private younger days he was said to have courted a Miss Adair, daughter of the founder of Kellogg, Dr. Absalom W. Adair, but Wallace's heart was secured by Miss Lizzie Stolte of Newton.

William married Elizabeth M. Stolte daughter of Louis Stolte and Sarah Raisback on 20 Oct 1886 in Newton, Jasper Co., Iowa. Elizabeth was born on 23 Sep 1863 in Pottsville, Schuylkill Co, Pa. She died on 11 Sep 1932 in San Diego, California. She was buried in Greenwood Cemetery, San Diego.

Elizabeth resided in Newton almost from infancy and is known by most of our people, as one of our brightest and most lovable young ladies. In her bridal robe she was beautiful, fully reflecting the lovely character and pure heart of Lizzie as we have known her so long.

William and Elizabeth had the following children:

  775 F i Gladys Ruth Hollingsworth was born on 4 Nov 1898 in Kellogg, Jasper County, Iowa. She died in She had no children..
        Gladys married Evert Owen Smith Lt Commander.

498. Doctor Samuel Hollingsworth Agar (Mary Hollingsworth , Samuel , John , Thomas , Thomas , Henry ) was born on 1 Nov 1829 in Bagenalstown, County Carlow, Ireland. He died on 14 Feb 1905 in Hurst House, Henly-in-Arden, Warwickshire, England. He was buried in Beaudesert Parish Church.

Samuel was a physician and surgeon, and a very responsible member of the community he served for about fifty years. Dr. Agar studied at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, St. Stephen's Green, Dublin. After he married Mary the newlyweds went to Warwickshire, England.

During the cricket season 1858-1859, he played on the team and was the star player. In 1868 he acquired a mental asylum called Burman House; bought Hurst House in 1874, which he made his residence and built another called Glendossill, completed in 1882.

He was described by the widow Mrs. Wlloughby Agar, of a grandson as:" a very charming and good looking man and was very much loved in the village.

Samuel held positons as Justices of the Peace and County Magistrate for Henley Patty Sessional Division.

Samuel was married to Elizabeth in the Church of England by his brother Rev William Agar. The witnesses were James Drumcree and James J. Joyce.

Doctor married Elizabeth Anne Joyce on 29 Jun 1853 in Drumeree Parish Church, County Armagh. Elizabeth was born about 1828 in Ireland. She died on 23 Nov 1893 in Henley-in-Arden. She was buried in Beaudesert Parish Church.

Elizabeth was the daughter of William Joyce, a Merchant, and her marriage took place at Portadown near Valentine's home.

Doctor and Elizabeth had the following children:

  776 M i Doctor Samuel Hollingsworth Agar Jr. was born on 22 Jul 1857. He died on 4 Mar 1941 in Never Married.

Samuel Jr. studied at Cambridge University and the London Royal College of Surgeons, and worked at Guy's Hospital. He became partner with his father in 1898, he succeeded his father and retired in 1920.
+ 777 M ii William Frederick Agar Rev was born on 17 Aug 1854. He died in 1904.
+ 778 M iii John James Agar was born on 15 Jul 1855. He died in 1905.
  779 F iv Mary Hollingsworth Agar was born in 26 Jul 1869. She died in 1904.
  780 M v Francis Willoughby Agar was born on 16 Apr 1869. He was christened in 9 Sept 1887. He was buried in Beaudesert Parish Church.

499. William Agar (Mary Hollingsworth , Samuel , John , Thomas , Thomas , Henry ) was born about 1830.

William Agar went on to become a New Orleans sugar broker who was the father of John G Agar of "Who's Who in America". William Agar was the father of John Agar, founder of Agar Pork Packing Company, Chicago, who was the great-grandfather of John Agar the Hollywood actor who married Shirley Temple, the child star.

He had the following children:

+ 781 M i John Giraud Agar.

500. Frederick Agar Doctor (Mary Hollingsworth , Samuel , John , Thomas , Thomas , Henry ) was born on 6 Dec 1833 in Bagenalstown, County Carlow, Ireland. He died on 27 Jan 1908 in Ponders End, Enfield Hwy Parish, Middlesex, Eng.

On January 2, 1868, Frederick Agar, age 34, Bachelor, M.D. abode: Poners End, County Middlesex, England son of John Agar, Gentleman, married Sophia Elizabeth Dennis 28, spinster, gentlewoman, abode: Enniscoffy Glebe, Daughter of George M. Dennis, clergyman. Married by Rev George Morley Dennis, Rector, with William A Hobles and Joseph Morley Dennis witnesses, by License.

When Frederick died he was aged 75 years, 1 month and 21 days. Licentiate, Royal College of Physicians, Matriculant, Royal College of Surgeons.

In his Will, Dr Frederick Agar only names his two nephews, Samuel Hollingsworth Agar and John James Agar, as executors and his wife Sophia Elizabeth Agar as Executrix, not mentioning any of his children by name.

Frederick married Sophia Elizabeth Dennis on 2 Jan 1868 in Enniscoffy, County Westmeath, Mullingar District. Sophia was born in 1840 in Enniscoffy Glebe.

They had the following children:

  782 M i Frederick Alfred Agar was born on 30 Nov 1872 in Ponders End, Enfield Hwy Parish, Middlesex, Eng.

In November of 1969 at the time of Harry Hollingsworth's research he found Frederick living at Roger Williams Hotel, 28 East 31st Street, New York City at aged 97 years. (He was unable to be of any help with the family history.)

Frederick was a Baptist Missionary, an Ordained Minister, D.D. Franklin College 1893, he also was the author of several religious books.
        Frederick married Harriet Louise Caldwell in 1893. Harriet was born in Nov.
  783 M ii Morley Agar Dr. - Surgeon.

Morley was alive in 1927 and had offices at 68 Wimpole Street, London, England.

502. Anne Dalton (Susanna Hollingsworth , Samuel , John , Thomas , Thomas , Henry ) was born in Abode Foulks Mills.

Anne married John Lett Sealy. John was born in Ballykelly, County Wexford. He died about 16 Aug 1876 in Waterford District Registry.

They had the following children:

  784 F i Mary Sealy.

514. Thomas Nicholas Hollingsworth Sr. [scrapbook] (James Nicholas , Samuel , John , Thomas , Thomas , Henry ) was born on 21 Nov 1847 in Manchester, England. He died on 15 Apr 1911 in Millville, New Jersey. He was buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Millville, NJ.

His 29 year old brother John Hollingsworth was a boarder in their household during the 1880 U.S. Census in Brooklyn (Kings), New York

Thomas N. Hollingsworth, of Cambridge, Massachusetts, a glassblower, born Manchester, England, was naturalized as a U.S. Citizen on 1 September 1874, at Circuit Court, Mass. District. He stated to the court that he entered the United States at the port of New York on July 13, 1868

Thomas and his brothers probably worked at the following glassworks which was near their home.
Burtles Tate & Company operated a glassworks near Oldham Road, Manchester from 1858 to 1924, when they were absorbed into another Manchester glass company, Butterworth's. Burtles Tate are well known for their novelties, like the opalescent glass swan shown above left. Their other claim to fame is that they produced, from 1891 onwards, an opalescent colored glass shading to white at the rims, very similar to Davidson's pear line. They called this glass "Topas Opalescent" and produced it in a wider variety of colors than Davidson's pear line.

Letter written to daughter Lucille two years almost to the day before his death.

Post Marked Apr 23, 1909 7:30AM, Millville, N.J. thru Philadelphia, PA. Apr 23, 10PM 1909

Addressed to: Miss Lucille Hollingsworth, No 132 N. 18th St., Philadelphia, Pa.

New Jersey
April 22 09

My Dear Lucille
Your letter recived and I am glad to hear of you being well and you are busy at your business. Well Lucille I have been very sick for the past fourteen weeks and I have worked but very little. The Doctor here thought that I had gall stones and he did me no good so I went to Brooklyn and I am now under a specialist and has done me some good and I am feeling a great deal better. This doctor was getting me ready to go under a operation in Philadelphia but instead I went to Brooklyn and he said I did not have gall stones.

I need not tell you any further as I have no doubt that your sister Maggie has told you everything. I have been very sick. But I think I am getting better. I was two weeks at your sister Mary's and they did all they could for me. My Dear Lucille I have thought of you so much during my sickness and I hope and pray that you are doing the very best for yourself. I am still in the old home, the rooms have been papered and the house all cleaned and every thing looks fine, your brother Sam and his family are doing nicely he dont drink any more and his is happy.

Maggie and Henry is all right and your sister Elizabeth and Samuel is doing very nicely so you see all is well with your sisters and brothers and I hope that you and Martha will do well also. My dear Lucille give yourself good care and get plenty of sleep and sunshine. I hope and pray for your success and happiness. God makes you strong for the battle of life. We had at mother's grave a very nice Easter lillies and muns and it did look very pretty on easter sunday. God bless you my dear child as I love you more and more all the time. from your loving father.
Thos N Hollingsworth

Thomas married Ann Maria Laving [scrapbook] daughter of Dennis Laving and Ann Laving on 21 Oct 1865 in Manchester, England. Ann was born on 10 Aug 1845 in Warrington, England. She died on 6 Jan 1904 in Millville, New Jersey. She was buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Millville, NJ.

Passenger lists of Vessels arriving in the Port of Boston, Massachusetts, Lists of the ship "Malta", arrived 7 Nov 1869 listing Ann Hollingsworth, age 25 Matron, born England, and son Samuel W. Infant. This was the wife of Thomas Nicholas Hollingsworth that came to the port of New York the year previously.

Infant Samuel William Hollingsworth was born in Warrington, England on 21 Sept 1868 and was almost 1 year old when he and his mother and sister Mary Ellen Hollingsworth arrived in the Port of Boston the 7th November 1869.

Thomas and Ann had the following children:

+ 785 F i Mary Ellen Hollingsworth was born on 11 Sep 1866. She died in 1943.
+ 786 M ii Samuel William Hollingsworth was born on 21 Sep 1868. He died on 6 Apr 1943.
+ 787 F iii Elizabeth Ann Hollingsworth was born on 7 Feb 1871. She died on 25 Feb 1915.
+ 788 M iv Thomas Nicholas Hollingsworth Jr. was born on 25 Oct 1872. He died on 25 Apr 1938.
  789 F v Margaret (Maggie) Ann Hollingsworth [scrapbook] was born on 13 Dec 1874 in East Cambridge, Mass.. She died in 1955.

On March 18, 1955 Margaret Hollingsworth Waltman purchased two different grave plots at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery. One plot was Lot #298 South End, Section O, which is oddly enough the same plat that her brother James Frederick Hollingsworth purchased in 1937. She also purchase Lots 74, 75 & 76 in Section E. I was told by the super of Mt Pleasant on Sept 22, 2004 that the big Waltman stone is in Section N. Not sure if he was correct with that or if the big stone is where Margaret purchased the three graves in Section N. I have the deeds to these lots and also to the lots purchase by James Frederick in 1937. Tom Hollingsworth
        Margaret married Henry Waltman on 14 Jul 1896. Henry was born in 1859. He died on 27 Feb 1920.
  790 M vi James Frederick Hollingsworth [scrapbook] was born on 1 Nov 1876 in Brooklyn, New York. He died in 1942.

On April 6, 1937 James purchased a grave plot at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Lot #298, South End, Section O, Eight by nine feet wide. (8X9) On Sept 22, 2004 I was told by the superintendent Mr. James Reeves that there is still room in the plot for a stone and cremated remains if the family wanted to use it. Quite possible there are other spots available too.
        James married Sophia Wilson [scrapbook] daughter of Stewart Wilson and Margaret Emma Henninger on 26 Jul 1899 in Millville, New Jersey. Sophia was born on 19 Oct 1873 in Mcalveys Fort Huntingdon, Pa.. She died in Sep 1936.
+ 791 F vii Martha Jane Hollingsworth was born on 3 Jan 1878. She died on 16 May 1955.
+ 792 F viii Lucille (Lucy) Frances Hollingsworth was born on 10 Aug 1880. She died on 28 May 1969.

515. John Hollingsworth [scrapbook] (James Nicholas , Samuel , John , Thomas , Thomas , Henry ) was born in 1851 in Manchester, England. He died on 2 May 1923 in Corona, Queens, New York. He was buried in May 1923 in St Johns Cemetery.

Quote from a letter to Harry Hollingsworth author of the Hollingsworth Register. "I had another letter on Aug 12, 1966 from Mrs . Mary Hollingsworth of 3536 - 103 street, Corona, New York, wife of Frederick Hollingsworth. Her husband's father John came to Penna or got there eventually and later worked for Tiffany's in New York, as "no one else could colour that glass like he could".

From HR March 1969;Volume Five, Number One P41
Death Certificate of JOHN HOLLINGSWORTH, male, white, married, who died on May 2, 1923 at 193 46th Street, Corona, Borough of Queens, New York, age 72. Buried in St. Johns Cemetery May 5, 1923. He died of pulmonary tuberculosis. His occupation a Glassblower, his father's full name: (James by Ed.) Nicholas Hollingsworth (born England**** We now know that James was not born in England, but in Ballycanew, Ireland, this fact was given when he enlisted in the Army.); his mother was Mary Murphy, born Ireland. His own birthplace was England and he resided in U.S.A. and in New York 45 years.

Why was James's name given as "Nicholas" on his son's John's death certificate. Was James's first name really Nicholas???? Still a mystery as to who James's parents were and where, if at all, he was baptized.

John married Agnes McConnan. Agnes was born in County Monaghan Ireland. She died in 1883.

They had the following children:

  793 M i Frederick Hollingsworth [scrapbook] was born in 1894 in New York. He died in 1966.

Frederick's wife Mary said that his nephew Samuel use to visit with his sister Mary Wynn and would bring their nephew Lamont Marvin who Mary was raising because his mother Elizabeth passed away. Lamont later fathered Lee Marvin the actor.
        Frederick married Mary Hollingsworth maiden unk. Mary died in 1966.

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