Network Marketing

Reference: The Scroll Marked VIII, in "The Greatest Salesman in the World," by Og Mandino,
"Today I will multiply my value a hundredfold."

First came Direct Sales, and then Network Marketing

They differ in the amount of leverage they provide. In recent years Network Marketing has attracted senior business entrepreneurs as traditional industry downsizes. Incomes exceeding $500,000 per year are not uncommon, and these incomes attract very talented people to the top companies. One of the best books on the industry is "Wave Three" by Richard Poe, with foreword by Scott DeGarmo, Editor and Publisher of Success Magazine.

These industries now account for $billion sales in North America. Japan accounts for $30 billion. Check out the stats direct from the DSA, Direct Selling Accociation. Network Marketing is growing faster than traditional retailing. It thrives in developing as well as developed economies. The only infrastructure needed is a courier service and the telephone. It offers individuals the chance to own their own international businesses without needing capital, working part time or full time.

The downside is that 90% of network marketing start-ups fail within 18 months. Pick your company carefully! A track record of at least 5 years is a good criterion to start with. Pick your industry carefully! Choose one where to or more trends converge.

I have been with a major network marketing company since 1991: click.

As a family we now prefer to buy many consumer products from independent distributors with network marketing companies, and enjoy better value for money, since more of it goes to product manufacture and less to distribution. Watch as the network marketing industry leads the way to a new distribution world in the next decade when almost every family will distribute some products or services, and buying from your neighbour will be the channel of choice.

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