Og Mandino

This Page is devoted to one of my heroes: Og Mandino. He died earlier this year (1997), and I felt a personal sense of loss.

Annmarie and I attended the Nu Skin Convention of 1993 in Salt Lake City. It was our second Convention, and we came expecting excellence. We got Og - and he has affected my life. He was one of the guest speakers, and, towards the conclusion of his inspiring oration to 7,000 Nu Skin distributors (the cream of the population), he told us that he would be undergoing heart surgery the next week, and asked us all to pray for him.

For about two minutes you would have heard a pin drop.

Og recounts this event in his book "Secrets of Success and Happiness."

In Scroll V11 in The Greatest Salesman... and also The Greatest Secret..., the scroll writer wrote "this too shall pass" and reminds us that the good and bad things in life will all pass in time. The book appeared about the same time as George Harrison's triple album entitled "All things must pass". (An earlier version of this song is also on the Beatles Anthology 3.) I often wonder if George was a fan of Og.

Here are the books of Og Mandino that I have read. Every one is a jewel, and short. They are published in paperback by Bantam Books, and more than 35 million copies of his books have been bought all over the world. I intend to read every word he has written. It will greatly improve the quality of my life to do so.

   The Greatest Salesman in the World	Og Mandino		*****
   The greatest Secret in the World     Og Mandino (Audiobook)	*****
      Tip: read this before "The greatest Salesman..."
   Secrets of success and happiness	Og Mandino 	        *****
   The Christ Commission        	Og Mandino	        *****  
   Mission - Success			Og Mandino		*****

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