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If you fill a straw with grease, it's a lot more difficult to suck. Same with your brain.

Here is how a well-tuned fat-free brain feels:

  • Every minute of every day is fun.
  • You don't feel listless; not wanting to do anything.
  • There's far less stress: only things you can't wait to deal with.
  • You think faster and are never lost for words; more articulate.
  • That feeling of going round in imaginary circles when overburdened by too many problems goes away. In extreme cases these feelings resemble panic attacks. Your brain needs nourishment.
  • Memory becomes more reliable, long term and short term
  • You enjoy other people more because your self image improves
  • You have more bedtime energy (and I wouldn't be surprized if the sperm count is up...)
  • The acid test: stop your wellness regime, and you'll revert to how you used to feel

You can reach this level of brain wellness by a combination of the following:
  • Exercise, even small amounts regularly
  • Don't smoke; keep alcohol to a minimum (you won't need stimulation)
  • Nutrition, including phytonutients such as those contained in ginkgo biloba and ginseng that cross the blood/brain barrier
  • Meditation. See also Silva Intuition System
  • Spirituality. It has been said that depression is a rational response to life without Jesus.

Here's a practical example of how I make use of these principles...
If I need to be thinking clearly, for an important presentation or negotiation, I'll prepare my brain in the following way:

Make sure of deep rest the night before. Take more exercise for 2 days before the event.
Avoid fatty foods for 2 days before. Studies have showed how high-fat diets clog the brain; however certain fats are necessary to help brain function.

On rising on the day of the event do not skip time with The Lord.
Within a couple of hours of the event, have a fish or pasta meal (not breaded or battered fish, and not fettucine Alfredo! No fatty sauces.) In addition to my regular nutrition regime without any ommissions, I take a gingko biloba and ginseng supplement an hour before the event, washed down with a mineral and vitamin-fortified fruit drink. If I'm hungry and there's no time for a low fat meal, I really enjoy a low fat high fibre meal replacement bar.

After this routine I will be anticipating the event with pleasure rather than fear, and I know it will go well.

As we age, memory can become less sharp, but there are things you can do to slow down this trend. Visit and learn from Ottawa specialist Ann Dobbins.

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