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If you fill your lower engine sump with cheap oil, your vehicle will carry increased risk of breakdown and give poor performance. Same with your body.

Here is how a well-tuned body feels:

  • Less flab, more muscle, more strength, more endurance, less tiredness
  • Getting up earlier and going to bed later, without fatigue (I have about 2 hours extra productive time per day)
  • Colds and coughs and flu last a few hours rather than a few days
  • Simple but nutritious foods like bread, rice, potatoes, taste terrific; in fact eating becomes a hightened pleasure. The thought of burgers and donuts is unpleasant
  • Arthritic and rheumatic pain and backache reduced in many instances
  • It's great to know that one's risk of heart disease and cancer, today's major killers, is significantly reduced. While we're talking heart, recent research suggests that giving blood reduces your chance of   heart attack.
  • Athletic performance and endurance extended...Visit SMSCC
  • No sunburn, no acne, no dandruff, no dry skin; and look 10 years younger

You can reach this level of body wellness by a combination of the following:
  • Exercise, even small daily amounts
  • Stop smoking, including second hand smoke
  • Better Nutrition
  • Attention to your largest organ - your skin
         (Non-sugical removal of moles, warts and skin tags: here)
  • Better rest

If the skin care you use is based on aloe vera, and not mineral oil, you should see good results long term.

Obesity is increasing in developed countries. There is a host of theories about why people become obese. (What causes obesity is easier to deduce: over-eating.) Dr. Vincent Felitti has studied the subject for decades, and has uncovered some remarkable evidence for why people become obese. He has found that childhood abuse has been shown through a large epedimiological health study, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study, to have been a major factor. Suicide, alcoholism, Respiratory disease, and cancer have also been shown to have been exaccerbated by child abuse. Listen to the CBC Radio "Ideas" program on this controversial subject: All in the Family, broadcast 7 Aug 2012.

Practical examples of how I use these principles...

When driving a fair distance, eg. Ottawa - Toronto, I used to have to stop several times to ward off fatigue. These days I avoid all fatty foods for half a day before the journey, take a poweful antioxidant and chelated mineral supplement as I start out, pack a water bottle of mineral and vitamin-fortified fruit nutrition drink such as "Splash" (from IDN) in the car, and a couple of low fat high fibre meal-replacement nutrition bars, such as Appeal bars, in case I get hungry. This is cheaper than highway fast food, and I can drive the whole 5 hours without a stop if I need to, with full concentration on the road, and no tendency to doze. A similar approach works well with everyday living. I always take my IDN LifePak and other vitamin and mineral supplements with my food at breakfast, washing them down with Splash, and avoiding coffee for the first two hours of the morning, since caffeine destroys nutrients.

In other words, good quality nutritional supplements are a lifesaver! Cheap at the price.

After regular lower back trouble in my thirties, a daily routine of exercises for five minutes on waking has been beneficial to me for more than 20 years, prevented any reccurrence of the lower back pain, and given me energy throughout the coming day. I use a combination of yoga and stretching. The key one for the back is to roll back and forth in a ball several times over the lower back area. However, with a daily routine going on for years it is vital not to include exercises that could be harmful. Do not roll on the back to the neck area, perhaps raising the legs vertically. This commonly used exercise, if done regularly, will reverse the convex curvature of the neck, leading to shoulder and back pain. Do not combine neck stretching and twisting. Either stretch up / down or twist left right. At age 60 I went under the regular care of a chiropractor to correct the painful effects of wrong exercises carried out daily. Before starting any long-term exercise program. I strongly recommend you read Exercise Danger, which may save you significant chiropractic treatment.

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