Optimum Wellness

Everyone knows that good health is desirable....but here we're not talking about just the absense of disease, but optimum wellness, and how that feels.

Wellness is of importance for people who are well, and want to stay that way, living energetic and fulfilling lives.

Far too few enjoy optimum wellness. Many people much of the time are listless, lacking physical and mental energy, sleeping poorly, living safe unadventurous lives and dependent on caffeine or nicotine for a lift up. This is particularly prevalent in some of the world's most affluent societies, proving once again that money can't buy happiness.

You have two sensors for experiencing optimum wellness:

Give yourself a check-up to see what you may be missing.

There is a correlation between optimum wellness and happiness. Some of the world's poorest people have both, and some of the world's richest have neither. And you can learn the secrets...

The content of this Site is the tip of the health iceberg, intended to point you in the right directions. If you want to look at the whole berg, a good place to start is with the Lifestyle Medicine Institute, and its founder Dr. Mark Walter's comprehensive book: "Personal Resilience". Dr. Walter is a "wellness doctor," specializing in helping people who want to stay well, and experience higher levels of health.