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Here on this web page graciously provided by The National Capital FreeNet you will find information about computers and philosophy.


  • Essay and logical mussings about computers.
  • Investigation of the ethics of hacking.  For a Carleton University course in the ethics of computers, taught by Diane Dubrule professor of philosophy and department web master,  fall 2000.
  • On-Line Privacy.(Under construction) A study of privacy protection and invasion on-line.
  • Make Believe and Computer Crime: the players and the script. A paper given at Sociological Reflexions March 2002, a graduate students of sociology conference at York University.
  • What do you mean I am a dummy? I read about computers. A preliminary look at the semiotics of the computer ‘How to’ press. A school project for a sociology of science and technology course SOCI2400 at Carleton University, winter 2003. It was taught by Philip Thurtle professor of sociology.
  • Volunteerism, public information, and the open regulation of the information society.A paper for LAWS3501 Law in the Information Society at Carleton University winter 2003. It was taught by Steve Tasson.
  • Volunteer related experiences on FreeNet.
  • Slide Show Presentation on Reform of Computer Hacker Laws, for the course LAWS4305 Criminal Law Reform taught  by Tanya Rugge fall 2003. [Download PowerPoint file (50 KB)]
  • Computer Crime Laws... What you need to know now! Mini-Paper on hacking laws for LAWS4305 Criminal Law Reform taught  by Tanya Rugge fall 2003.
  • Computer crime: is hacking really that bad? An exploration of the cases and laws concerning unauthorised access to computers. Honours Research paper for the completion of LAWS4908 supervised by Neil Sargent at the Department of Law at Carleton University.
  • Exposed edges and tighter nodes: a suggested social networking hypothesis for web 2.0 as seen through a user of facebook a web 2.0 social networking site. Presented in-world as Peter Krogstad in Second Life August 12, 2007 at the Communications, Information and Technology section of the American Sociology Asssociation Mini Conference 3.0. see www.citasa.org

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