It consists of:

  • aluminum frame from an aluminum scrap bin

  • a bus sign motor with gearbox

  • front wheels are for a R/C plane, controled with a servo

  • 2 6V sealed lead acid batteries, 5 A-hr

  • 5A circuit breaker

  • LM2825N-5.0 switching power supply on a chip, 1A

  • main controller board - based on the Dallas 89C420 microcontroller

  • Devantech SRF04 ultrasonic sensor mounted on a servo

  • Devantech digital compass

  • 2 Sharp GP2D02 infrared sensors.

  • motor controller - an Atmel 89c2051 is programmed to receive commands from the main controller and generate the apropriate signals (PWM and direction) for the H-bridge module (National Semiconductor LMD18200)

  • 24X2 Vacuumm Fluorecent Display & controller board with 9600 baud serial input

  • front bumper - a piece of wood attached to 2 spring-loaded pins from a bi-fold closet door. Pressing on the bumper releases pressure on microswitches behind it.

  • Sound module - plays a variety of recorded comments and sound effects. This module can be connected to the serial port of a microcontroller or a computer running a terminal program. The output can connect to any amplifier. To record, a cable connects output out a computers sound card to a connector on the module.

    • ISD5116 sound recorder chip. Stores up to 8 minutes of sound. Each sound is directly adressable.
    • a PIC 16F88 programmed with a easy to use command set.
    • pre-amplifier on the input

  • amplifier from a set of computer speakers

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