My LCD Controller

last updated: Sept. 9, 2001

I made this device to make it easier to control LCDs. A few people wanted to make one for themselves so here's how to do it.

This works with most LCDs that have 2 rows of 7 pins. With a different connector it works with the ones with 1 row of 14 pins. It connects to the transmit pin on any microcontroller that has a UART. Text sent to it from that pin (at 9600 baud) appears on the LCD. If you're using a C compiler, you can use putchar and printf functions. There's an assortment of codes that can be sent to manipulate the display. When sending, there must be at least 2 ms between characters.

Top view

Bottom view

The schematic

The source code. Version 1.5

The hex file to load into the 89C8051