Our Events 2019


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Rebuilding B & C Docks

This year the Nepean Sailing Club continued with its work rebuilding the dock system, with B & C docks. We were two of the volunteers who worked on the two docks, in cool temperatures and high windchills, just like last year!

Adam & Kathryn Kathryn with drill loading lumber onto carts Kathryn drilling C Dock with lumber ready

The Last Skate on the Rideau Canal for this Year

Today was our last skate on the canal for this year, on the last day that it was open for skating. The surface conditions were good when we started out, but were getting soft by the time we finished our end-to-end run today, with the temperature at -1°C under bright sunshine. We had lunch on the canal including BeaverTails.

Kathryn Adam & Kathryn Kathryn Adam


We have seen a lot of wildlife while out snowshoeing this winter, including many birds, river otters and quite a number of coyotes. We spotted this eastern coyote (canis latrans) on one snowshoe expedition.

Eastern coyote

Skating for Transportation

This evening I had a meeting downtown, so I decided to take the train to Carleton University and skate the 7 km to downtown on the Rideau Canal. I have done lots of skating for recreation in the past, but this was the first time I had skated as a means of transportation. It took 33 minutes to get downtown, which at that tme of day may have been quicker than driving a car.

Adam on the Rideau Canal

Skiing to Shilly Shally Cabin in Gatineau Park

For Valentine's Day we decided to ski Gatineau Park again, this time to Shilly Shally cabin for lunch. After skiing we went to Les Saisons in Old Chelsea for hot chocolate and then the sailing club for some dinner, before going to an NCC Urbanism Lab downtown in the evening, entitled Reuse and Renewal: Designing Futures for Historic Places. It was a pretty good Valentine's Day!

Kathryn at the Champlain Lookout Adam & Kathryn The Champlain Lookout Groomed trail and tree shadows Bullrushes Kathryn skis a hill Steep Hill sign Adam at Shilly Shally cabin

Skiing to Keogan Cabin in Gatineau Park

Today we had quite good skiing conditions and so we skied to Keogan cabin for lunch, including some distance south in the hills on trail 1, the Ridge Road Trail. The total distance we skied was about 13 km.

Ski tracks Kathryn American Red Squirrel Adam Adam & Kathryn

Snowshoeing Andrew Haydon Park

We did another snowshoe trek today, in deep snow and high windchills in Andrew Haydon Park.

Kathryn Adam Snow and clouds over Lac Deschenes Kathryn

Snowshoeing in the Greenbelt

We did our first snowshoe trip today, working with deep snow under a layer of ice. It was a good workout.

Kathryn & Adam

Skiing to Renaud Cabin in Gatineau Park

Today we had excellent ski conditions and so we travelled to the north end of the park, to ski to the new Renaud cabin, built in about 2017. This replaced a much older cabin on the same site. Total distance was 19.0 km skied.

 Kathryn skiing Hill and ski tracks at Renaud Renaud Adam Kathryn Adam Adam & Kathryn Kathryn

Skiing in Gatineau Park

We did our first ski in Gatineau park this winter today. The conditions were really quite good, with a temperature of about -5°C and no wind at all. The snow was deep enough and nicely groomed by the NCC crews. We skied from parking lot P16 up the Eardley Escarpment to the Champlain Lookout and then back to Huron cabin, where we found a fire blazing away in the woodstove, the place nice and warm for a lunch break. From there we skied back to P16, before heading home.

We also made a video:

Adam & Kathryn

Skating the Rideau Canal

The conditions were good today, with the whole canal finally open and the temperature at -9°C and a -13 windchill, so we skated the whole canal end-to-end and even stopped to share a BeaverTail.

We also shot a video:

Adam & Kathryn on the Rideau Canal Adam with a BeaverTail Kathryn with a BeaverTail

Skiing Restarts

We haven't been XC skiing in the last two months due to poor conditions. We had a repetative pattern of snow, rain, thaw, freeze for much of the December and into January, but winter seems to have at last returned and with it the chance to ski.

Adam skiing Adam & Kathryn skiing

Skating in the New Year

2019 started off with a freezing rain storm and poor conditions for outdoor activities, so we started our year with lingonberry sundaes and then indoor ice skating. We have done lots of skating so far this winter, this was our 14th skate!

Adam at Ikea Kathryn at Ikea Adam & Kathryn skating Kathryn skating Adam skating