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Where Sale of Natural Milk Is Allowed Methods of Production

A good example of how raw milk can be produced safely for consumers is provided by the AAMMC (American Association of Medical Milk Commissions). This is an independent certification body ensuring safe raw milk for U.S. consumers since the 1890ís - long before the enactment of any pasteurization laws. Click here for the procedures. As an example of how safe and effective these raw milk production procedures are, Stueve's Dairy of California has been using them since 1945 without any problem, except for persistent regulatory harassment. Click here for their letter to us.

Several jurisdictions also have there own regulations. The first three are for full-scale regulations (like the AAMMC) while the rest are for simple farm-gate exemptions:

Here are the Maine regs which permit direct farm sales of raw milk and also retail sales:

Here are the Massachusetts regs which permit the retail sale of unpasteurized milk on store shelves. When you click on the link, scroll down for sections 27.06 to 27.08:

Here are the British regs permitting the sale of unpasteurized dairy. See sections 9(2)(a) and 12 in the first URL. The second URL distinguishes between "Raw Milk For Drinking" and "Raw Milk For Heat Treatment" and provides bacteria counts for each. 

Here are the Missouri regs, which provides a one sentence exemption: "An individual may purchase and have delivered to him for his own use raw milk or cream from a farm."

Here are the Wisconsin regs, which provides an exemption for on-farm retail sales. See 97.24(2)(d)2 which states: "This section does not prohibit incidental sales of milk directly to consumers at the dairy farm where the milk is produced.":

Here are the Oregon regs, which permit the sale of unpasteurized milk if a farmer has no more than 3 cows or 9 goats. See section 621.012:

Here are the Kansas regs, which allow "on-farm retail sales of milk or milk products" in statutes no. 65-737(g) and 65-737a(a):

Here are the Minnesota regs, which allow gate sales of unpasteurized milk:

Here are the Nebraska regs, and then click on 2-3903, which states: "Milk and milk products produced by farmers exclusively for sale at the farm directly to customers for consumption and not for resale shall be exempt from the Nebraska Pasteurized Milk Law."