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From: James McLaren
To: yheggie@ombudsman.on.ca
Cc: george.mccaw@ontario.ca
Sent: Monday, November 01, 2010 11:36 AM
Subject: Additional information re OFPMC investigation

Dear Ms. Heggie,

Further to your investigation of the Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission regarding their statutory duty to conduct research into dairy production procedures which would produce raw milk of sufficiently high quality that it can be safely consumed raw without pasteurization, I would like to direct your attention to just six pages of testimony of Dr. Theodore Beals, MD, who was an expert witness at the trial of Michael Schmidt. Details of his credentials and experience are attached.

Please read pages 82 to 84 of the attached court transcript, which confirms the existence of two different dairy production systems yielding two types of raw milk, one of which is destined for pasteurization while the other will never be pasteurized prior to safe consumption by consumers. Dr. Beals also explains the confusion that arises because both types of raw milk are called by the same label, "raw milk."

Then on pages 111 to 113, Dr. Beals explains why no research has been undertaken on the dairy production system which produces raw milk that is safe enough to consume raw without pasteurization - because of funding constraints on academic research institutions and the exclusivity of the peer review process. And because there is no such research, it gives government the opportunity to say that all of the existing research tells us that raw milk is a health hazard which is why we require the mandatory pasteurization of all raw milk. Please watch a short CTV News video of Premier Dalton McGuinty using this same deceptive reasoning to justify launching the government's appeal against Michael Schmidt. The video is the one on the right at:
Uninformed consumers may believe the government is right but only because OFPMC refuses to undertake any research on the dairy production system which produces raw milk that is safe enough to consume raw without pasteurization, which is available in every other G8 country except Canada.

With this email, I hope to have shown you more of the short sighted thinking we have had to face, and given you the necessary information to enhance your ability to remedy this situation.

I thank you in advance for your kind attention to this matter. Should you wish to have the other trial transcripts, I would be pleased to forward them to you.

Best regards,

James McLaren, C.A.