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All Photos & Captions Provided by Kind Permission of Laurie Overton

These clubs and stadiums were all in Toronto, Ontario Canada


Ben Mink

Cam Hawkins

Ben Mink Sept. 1979  Varsity Stadium

Cam Hawkins Dec. 1979 Ryerson Theatre

Cam & Laurie


Cam & Laurie Overton (Photographer) December 1980/ Nickelodeon

Marty Deller (obliging for the camera!) Dec. 1980/Nickelodeon


Band at El Mocombo

Ben Mink  March 1981 / Maple Leaf Gardens

FM March 1983 El Mocambo

Nash & Skull Mandolin

Nash Again

Nash & Skull Mandolin  March 1983 El Mocombo

Nash Again  March 1983 El Mocambo


Cam & Nash

Cam Hawkins/ March 1983 El Mocambo

Cam & Nash  Sept. 1983 BJ Cuddles

Nash Nag's Head North

Cam & Nash Nag's Head North

Nash  April 1984  Nag's Head North

Cam & Nash  April 1984  Nag's Head North

Marty Raven's

Marty Nag's Head North

Marty / June 1985 Raven's,

Marty  April 1984  Nag's Head North

Cam Diamond Club

Nash Raven's

Cam / Con-Test release Party  October 1985  Diamond
Nash / June 1985 Raven's

Cam Tonight Party

Cam , Ben & Nash

Cam/ Tonight Release Party  November 1987  Diamond Cam, Ben & Nash  Con-Test release party  October 1985,  Diamond

Cam Copa Club

Marty Copa

Cam,   April 1986  Copa

Marty  April 1986, Copa


Cam & Simon Brierley

Nash Tonight Party

Cam & Simon Brierley/ Tonite Release Party Nov. 1987
The last time Laurie photographed FM live.

Nash / Tonight Release Party  November 1987


Photos Page 2