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Descendants of Henry Hollingsworth

Fourth Generation


55. James Hollingsworth (Valentine , Vallentine , Henry ) was born in 1714 in Kennett Meeting, New Castle, Delaware. He died on 5 Mar 1763 in Kennett Meeting, New Castle, Delaware.

James married Mary Harvey on 12 Feb 1747 in Kennett Meeting, New Castle, Delaware. Mary was born in 1729.

They had the following children:

  137 M i Valentine Hollingsworth was born in 1748.
+ 138 M ii Abner Hollingsworth was born in 1750.
  139 F iii Betty Hollingsworth was born about 1752.
  140 F iv Ann Hollingsworth was born about 1754.
  141 F v Sarah Hollingsworth was born about 1756.
  142 F vi Susanna Hollingsworth was born about 1758.
  143 F vii Mary Hollingsworth was born about 1760.
  144 F viii Hannah Hollingsworth was born about 1762.
  145 F ix Rebecca Hollingsworth was born about 1763.

69. Samuel Hollingsworth (Thomas , Thomas , Henry ) was born about 1710 in Coolookbeg, Killena Parish. He died on 6 Jan 1799 in Ballycanew, County Wexford, Ireland. He was buried on 11 Jan 1799 in St. Mogue's Ballycanew, County Wexford.

"Parish Church of Ballycanew January 1, 1760" That the seat (pew) next to Roger Woodroofe, John Hollingsworth and Richard Robinson shall belong to James Redmond, Samuel Hollingsworth, Benjamin Thackaberry, Fossey Thackaberry and their successors..." Signed by John Hollingsworth, Church Warden and others.

Samuel was believed to have been born abt 1710 , location not known. Samuel was probably formally from Cronelusk, Arklow Parish, County Wicklow and settled in Coolookbeg right next to Ballinakill.

He married prior to 1730, no record of the marriage has been found mainly due to the loss of all parish records. This Samuel is the first of a long series of Samuels in this line.

In Hollingsworth Register articles in Vol 4, pp.87-89 and 5 pp 156-161, this writer (Harry Hollingsworth) asserted that Nicholas Hollingsworth (1762) of Ballycanew townland, farmer, was possibly the son of John Hollingsworth of Ballinakill (1713-1791). John's will did not name a son Nicholas, but did mention a "nephew Hollingsworth". Further investigation - still without proof - could indicate Nicholas was the son of Samuel Hollingsworth of Coolookbeg, brother of John in the Arklow Family.

Samuel was a gentleman farmer and the father of Daniel Hollingsworth (1736-1811) who inherited Coolookbeg, believed to be the ancestor of the Hollingsworths of Scotch Plains, New Jersey who were noted hat and fur manufacturers from 1870 to about 1920.

In May 1769 Samuel signed a lease with his brother John for the Coolookbeg land, one of the witnesses was John Hollingsworth, his nephew who would have been 21 years old at the time. Samuel's oldest son Daniel was named in the lease as was John's oldest son John.

Samuel was buried on Jan 11, 1799 in Ballycanew Protestant churchyard, County Wexford, at the age of about 89, no stone marks the burial place. Samuel's unknown wife was deceased before his death.

Samuel may have died as a result of the 1798 Rebellion, which had raged from 23 May until October, only eight months before his death. As did thousands of suffering loyalists, as they were named, Samuel Hollingsworth entered a claim for his losses, which were in the amount of 9 pounds plus, with the loss of meadow and household goods, sustained at the home residence in the townland of Coolookbeg. His claim was filed Nov 20, 1798.

Samuel married unk about 1729 in Arklow or Ballycanew.

They had the following children:

+ 146 M i Daniel Hollingsworth was born in 1730. He died on 1 Sep 1811.
  147 M ii Samuel Hollingsworth was born in 1740 in Coolookbeg, Killena (attached to Ballinakill).

Samuel's wife Diana died most likely in childbirth, there is no record at this time of Samuel remarrying or any record of children.
        Samuel married Diana Jenkinson. Diana was born in abt 1755 Believed to have died in childbirth.. She died on 3 Oct 1775 in Toome Parish, County Wexford.
  148 M iii William Hollingsworth was born in 1740/1750 in Mariner (seaman) believed not married. He died in 1775 in Liverpool, Lancashire, England.

William was believed to be a seaman and is thought to have died a bachelor.
+ 149 F iv Anne Hollingsworth was born in 1740/1750. She died in 1775.

70. John Hollingsworth link [scrapbook] (Thomas , Thomas , Henry ) was born about 1713 in Ballinakill, County Wexford. He died on 12 May 1791 in Ballinakill, County Wexford, Ireland. He was buried in Old Ballycanew Protestant churchyard.

John Hollingsworth and Elizabeth lived at Ballinakill at least from 1746, and probably earlier. In 1746 when John Hollingsworth obtained his first sublease on the lands from John Colley ( John Colley had gotten the lands from Nicholas Tackaberry)of Ballywater, he was given the whole farm "except Mogue and Daniel Murray's holdings."

The Hollingsworth name is an early Saxon name originating around 1022 when this family moved into northeast Cheshire, England and purchased an estate named Hollingsworth Manor. The name means a "Farm of Holly Trees". The Doomsday survey made during the Norman Conquests lists this manor as lying on the edge of a great woods at Macclesfiel. A visitation by an official herald in 1580 included the gentry, John Hollingsworth, Gentleman and Robert Hollingsworth of Hollinsworth. A further record of the time period states that Robert of Hollingsworth Hall is of whom the family descends. He was listed as the Magistrate for the counties of Cheshire and Lancaster. The church and hall belonging to this family that contain the Hollingsworth Coat of Arms is still standing. The last family member to own the hall, Capt. Robert Hollingsworth died in 1865. The motto included was "Learn to suffer what must be borne." NO PROOF THAT THE COUNTY WEXFORD FAMILIES HAVE ANY RELATIONSHIP TO THE CHESHIRE, ENGLAND EVEN THOUGH DESCENDENTS CONSTANTLY MADE THE CLAIM THERE SURNAME CAME FROM ENGLAND. NO MENTION OF COUNTY ARMAGH, WE NOW KNOW THE WEXFORD HOLLINGSWORTHS AND VALENTINE HOLLINGSWORTHS ARE A DNA MATCH.

There are at least three generations of sons missing between the birth of the Hollingsworth abt 1625 and John of Ballinakill Ireland. (I believe those lost generations to be two Thomas and one John.) TJH

The Wexford-Wicklow family tell us that their first settlement was made at Ballinakill, Parish of Ballycanew, Co. Wexford, in 1665. But others of the same family say that the first man came with Cromwell. So, take your pick. Time and much research may establish the veracity of one or another of these traditions. It is obvious now in 2005 because of DNA match to the Henry-Valentine Sr., that this family migrated from County Armagh most likely in the mid to late 1600s.

Harry Hollingsworth in Vol 4, Sept 1968 on page 92, says "I have a sneaking supicion that THOMAS HOLLINGSWORTH was the father! the fact that he appears no more after 1765, and that John's eldest son was named Thomas, are my two reasons, both of them good ones." This lays before us the implication that John and his brother Samuel came down from Arklow around 1740.

Harry Hollingsworth (HR) has been unable to find any reference to John Hollingsworth before 1746 in County Wexford. Where was he and his father Thomas before 1746? When we find this out then we will know how and when our family migrated from Armagh to Wexford.

Ballycanew Church: John Hollingsworth signed his name and was present at a vestry meeting on 8 April 1765.

John Hollingsworth was at the vestry meeting on 20 April 1778. Ditto, 6 April 1779

7 Oct 1761 A Vestry held in the parish Church of Ballycanew appointing Mr. John Millar and John Hollingsworth overseers for the high roads in the Parish of Ballycanew.

A letter dated 30 October 1963 from the Land Registry Central Office in Dublin addressed to Harry Hollingsworth (HR) states that John Hollingsworth was part owner of lands connecting Ballinakill, Monroe and Tomagaddy. (Interesting these three areas were connected.) It goes on to say the as of 30 April 1930 the land was transferred to Elizabeth Warren and that the present owner is John O'Brien of Ballinakill.

John married Elizabeth Tackaberry daughter of John Tackaberry and Unk first - Fossey was her last name before 1740 in Ireland. Elizabeth was born about 1715. She died on 6 Nov 1781 in Ballinakill, Ballycanew, County Wexford. She was buried in Ballycanew Churchyard.

The marker over their grave is a slab of rock estimated to weigh half a ton, being some 6 feet in length, 3 or 4 feet wide, and about 5 inches thick. It was place on the grave flat. The first inscriptions read this way:

Here lies the body of Elizabeth Hollingsworth
who departed this life in November, 1781, at aged (7+ ) years.
Also the body of John ( ) Hollingsworth of Ballinakill
who departed this life May the 12th, 1791 aged 78 years.

Also Buried with his parents is: Samuel Hollingsworth died March 25, 1815, age 48 yrs
Ann Hollingsworth relict of Samuel Hollingsworth
died April 1st 1849 aged 85 yrs

Elizabeth's grandfather was Nicholas Tackaberry, and for the first time in our family history the name Nicholas appears.

The two small townlands of Munro and Ballinakill are the southern most in Ballycanew Parish and butt up against Tomagaddy in Monamolin Parish and also are on the edge of Gorey Barony.

John and Elizabeth had the following children:

+ 150 M i Thomas Hollingsworth was born in 1740. He died on 7 Jan 1822.
+ 151 F ii Ellenor Hollingsworth was born about 1742.
+ 152 M iii John Hollingsworth Jr. was born in 1748. He died on 9 Apr 1804.
+ 153 F iv Martha Hollingsworth was born about 1750.
+ 154 M v William Hollingsworth was born in 1752. He died on 19 Mar 1827.
  155 M vi Abraham Hollingsworth was born in 1755 in Ballinakill, County Wexford, Ireland. He died on 1 May 1825 in Ballycanew, Ireland.

Abraham is believed to have never married. He lived in Ballycanew Parish, this son is conjectured because he existed as a person, and there seems not another better likely place for him.
  156 M vii Nicholas Hollingsworth Ballycanew was born in 1759. He died on 23 Jan 1820 in Ballycanew, County Wexford. He was buried in Old Ballycanew Church.
+ 157 F viii Elizabeth Hollingsworth was born about 1760.
+ 158 M ix Nicholas Henry Hollingsworth Link Donald Page was born in 1762. He died on 20 Jan 1826.
+ 159 M x Samuel Hollingsworth Link toTom was born about 1767. He died on 25 Mar 1815.

73. Thomas Hollingsworth link only [scrapbook] (Thomas , Thomas , Henry ) was born on 12 Jul 1795 in County Wexford. He died on 21 Nov 1842 in Mount Holly Farm, Near Cincinnati, Ohio. He was buried in Wesleyan Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Thomas's stone in The Wesleyan Cemetery reads: "Sacred to the memory of Thomas Hollingsworth Born in Wexford, Ireland July 12, 1795. Died at Mount Holly Farm, Nov. 21, 1842. "I would not live always (was his motto) and now the conflicts of his life are past and an eternity in Heaven gained through faith in Jesus blood."

Thomas was a "soap boiler & tallow chandler", and had as a young apprentice James Gamble who went on to become the maker of "Ivory Soap", and the owner of Proctor and Gamble Company. It was said that James Gamble paid for Thomas's grave as a thank you for their long and rich association together.

This Thomas is most likely a cousin to Nicholas and Samuel of Ballycanew, ancestors of Thomas James Hollingsworth and Donald Page Hollingsworth.

Thomas married Lucy Turpin daughter of Henry Turpin on 4 Dec 1819 in Warren County, Ohio.

They had the following children:

  160 F i Elizabeth Jane Hollingsworth was born in 1823. She died on 9 Oct 1826 in Mount Holly Farm, Near Cincinnati, Ohio. She was buried in Wesleyan Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio.

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