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The North Saskatchewan River Museum

Society Information

(Founders, Board Members, Minutes of Meetings, and other documentation)

The North Saskatchewan River Museum Society (2008) has just begun to collect virtual or hard copy items relevant to the North Saskatchewan River from the Saskatchewan Glacier to the forks where North and South Saskatchewan rivers meet.

Statement of Intent (.pdf ~500k)

The Founding Members

The following, in alphabetical order, met November 8, 2007

and agreed to pursue Alberta registration as the


North Saskatchewan River Museum Society


Cheryl Mahaffy (Edmonton)

Naomi McIlwraith (Edmonton)

Billie Milholland (Edmonton)

Sharon Skage (Edmonton)

Denis Wall (Ottawa, Edmonton)

Society Documents - Society Goals and Society By-laws (.pdf 200KB)


First Organizational Meeting May 21 2008


(check with Secretary for accuracy)

Minutes of the May Meeting  - .pdf (140KB)

Minutes (Draft) of the June Meeting .pdf (150KB) html version 

(check with Secretary for accuracy)


The Board (see the Minutes and Society Documents)


Denis Wall - President

Sharon Skage - Vice-President

Tim Marriott - Treasurer

Cheryl Mahaffy - Secretary

Naomi McIlwraith - Director (Research)

Billie Milholland - Director (Membership)


Membership fee $20. Contact er075@ncf.ca for information.

If you have anything to add or ask, let us know. See contact page

*photos D. Wall, toe of the Saskatchewan  Glacier September 8, 2004