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Maurice L'Hirondelle

Former President, FMSA



   Joseph Dion of Gurneyville, Alberta, referred to himself as the Secretary of the 'Halfbreed Association of Northern Alberta' in Nov. 1932. He developed a relationship with The Department of Lands and Mines early, particularly with the Minister, R. G. Reid, "to whom," Dion says, "I presented my first humble paper." (Alberta Archives, Accession #75.75 Box 5 - letter to F.J. Buck, September 10, 1940)

He must have solidified that relationship with J. Harvie, the Deputy Minister of the Department of Lands and Mines and on Nov. 14, 1932 forwarded a draft letter to Harvie that he, Dion, requested be sent to "the members of the council".

The final letter stated that Harvie and Dion had agreed there should be a meeting to arrive "at a final decision and put in a concrete form what we want from the Government." It indicated where (St. Albert) and when (Wed. Dec. 28, 1932) and gave three "topics" for discussion.

The Councillors to whom the letter was sent appeared as follows in Dion's letter to Harvie:
"Chas. Delorme, Frog Lake
A.H. Norwest, Winterburn
George White, Calling Lake
George Ward, Maloy
Joe. Louie, Maloy
Aug. Ladouceur, Lac La Biche
John E. Huppie, "
T.F. Laboucane, "
Julien Cardinal "
Maurice L'Hirondelle, Lac La Nonne
G. Belcourt, Lac Ste. Anne
Thos. E. Norris, Onoway
James Savard, Wabamun
James McFeeters, Le Goff
Deaudonne Collins, Beaver Crossing
J.B. Whitefish, Clandonald
J.P. Brady, St. Paul
Norbert Beauregard, St. Paul
Frank Moberly, Entrance
Myles Lee, Marlboro
Louis Calliou, Bezanson
Michel Cardinal, Bonnyville
Joseph Cardinal, Conklin
H.A. White, Rivierre Que Barre,
Joseph Hodgson, Villeneuve
Vital Majeaum Villeneuve
Adilard Laboucane, Maugham
William Calder, Hobbema
Henry Cunningham, St. Albert
F.D. Cunningham, Morinville
Sam Cunningham, Slave Lake"
(Alberta Archives Accession #75.75 Box 3c)