Ecology, Global warming, and the Environment

By Tony Copple

This page was started when I heard about Ontario Government plans to wash their hands of control of huge tracts of forrest. Then it was called "Partnership for Public Lands," but has since been recycled into "Wild Ontario."

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  • Christmas poses a problem
    Christmas excess from unrecylable wrapping paper to unnecessary gifts is a serious environmantal issue. Gifts that provides a solution, and may neatly solve your gift problem for that loved one who really doesn't need or want another irrelevant trinket.

    Climate Change
    I don't know why it has taken me so long to appreciate the extreme seriousness of this issue. I read The Weather Makers by Tim Flannery, and had an epiphany. Here is a crisis that needs full international cooperation to solve, without interference from the vested interests that have so successfully blocked any progress away from fossil fuels. But it is also an issue to which every one of us, particularly house owners can make a difference.

    Make Forests is a group focussing on the preservation of forests. Forest clear cutting and wetlands destruction are responsible for about one-third of all the extra greenhouse gases humans have put into the atmosphere since the start of the Industrial Revolution. New forests are more efficient as absorbers of carbon dioxide than existing forests; hence the drive for replanting after clearcutting.

    In May 2009 Enbridge (Consumers Gas reseller) TAPS Program reached us in Ottawa, distributing to customers water conserving taps and showerheads reducing water consumption by up to 65%, and four compact fluorescent light bulbs, using 75% less electricity. Bravo!

    Go Garbs Go!  In the summer of 2004 after the City of Ottawa had reduced the street clean-up budget, they invited local groups to organize parties to do the work. In a letter to the Kourier-Standard I invited people across Kanata to do this, encouraged by a letter from 9-year old Sonia Rose Dancey complaining about the mess. Quite a few got out and cleaned up for an hour or so. I think we made a difference - and we received a certificate (left).