A Kind of Journal

by Tony Copple

The year in review.

2011 has been packed with activity. It started with my client appreciation event, 11 Feb, for which I brought Laila Baila to the National Gallery of Canada - see write-up. L-A continued with her arduous but rewarding studies in Algonquin College's school of radio broadcasting. While on vacation in Mont Tremblant in May, I wrote a theme song for her CKDJ show Stoke the Folk, which we later recorded. She is currently in a 2-week internship with CBC Radio, working on Bandwidth and Tempo.

In January my main computer's hard drive failed. I had a recent back up, and with help from head office reloaded all software, twice, taking considerable time from my working week. Then a couple of months later our 300 GB removable hard drive failed. Tony Tong, our favourite computer repair man was able to recover the majority of the data. We replaced the drive with two his and hers 1 TB My Passport drives, in pink and blue respectively.

I managed to fix our humidifier by taking it to pieces and re-assembling. Our garage door opener motor had failed last fall and I had bought a replacement, but had not installed it in the cold months. In spring I did so. It was also around this tiume that our washing machine failed. I have always thought that from a vibration standpoint a front-loader made more sense, so we splashed out on a Samsung. I don't regret it. Later in the year I was able to repair our drying machine by lubricating it. My engineering background continues to pay off!

We had a glorious holiday in UK in July, spending some time with Mum in Bickley before she moved to More Hall Covent retirement residence. We luxuriated in the Lake District, based in Hall Dunnerdale Farm, Dianne & Mike's collage, with both Dianne and Neesa around. Even visited Dorothy and Richard in Silverdale. Then back east to Durham where we saw St. Cuthbert's and St. Bede's tombs in the cathedral. L-A also visited Edinburgh and Holy island. An HD film of the trip is in existence.

Immediately on our return I had hip surgery, documented here. This gave me some spare time since I couldn't drive for six weeks so I painted the outside woodwork, and decorated a bathroom and a bedroom. Throughout the year we both tweeted, facebooked, and broadcast a fair amount.

In early December Last L-A's removable pink back up drive failed, and the next day her "pink" Dell hard drive failed - all back up data being on the removable. All our photos, videos and audios were also on my blue back-up, thank goodness. As I write our computer man is trying to recover the data. When we get through this massive problem of lost data, particularly L-A's coursework, we will always keep two back-ups loaded with identical data.

Every Sunday this year I have been the guitarist & worship leader in our small Church. It is five minutes drive from the Ottawa prison where we go Sunday afternoons throughout the year to run Alpha in the maximum security wing. Once a month our Sunday begins in CKCU hosting Over my Head from 8 - 9 am. Sundays are busy!

To you all: faith, joy, and prosperity (in that order!)
God Bless
- Laurie-Ann and Tony
NB: The above report is taken from my on-line Christmas card which in semi-concealed on the Christmas page, and very few people find it.