Clan McGilvray / McGillivray

Information Site

The main purpose of this web site is to inform fellow clan members
of the genealogical assistance available to them, almost all of which
is free.  Much of the basic research into our clan has been done and
it would be a shame for others to duplicate any of that hard work.
I don’t care what you copy from this as long as you have the decency
to give credit where credit is due.

   Roy McGilvray  (Clan Shenachie) 
   Contact me at 

Check out the following for more details:
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- Individual McG Lineages (New 2019)
- McGilvray/McGillivray/McIlvra Index
- McG’s on the Scottish Parish Registers
- McG’s on the Scottish Civil Registration
- McG's on the Scottish 1851 Census...Partial
- McG’s on the Scottish 1881 Census
- McG’s on the English 1881 Census
- McG’s on the Ontario, Canada Civil Registration
- McGilvray of Pennyghael History
- Gazetteer of Mull
- Mull Stats
- Misc data
- Gazetteer of Scotland
- Meanings of Given Names
- On-line Resources
- Beginner's Research Tips
- Scottish Archives Index
- Bibliography of W'n Isles History
- Famous and Infamous McG's
- My Family