Living, learning and trying to write it down.

I have this devious plan to infiltrate the web, one natural blonde strand at a time.

I like to observe, capture how things change over time.

1 park bench, 2 trees, 4 seasons
1 park bench, 2 trees, 4 seasons.
See more bench photos.

Experimental Farm tractor 2016
To everything there is a season.

Cats and the recent grass grow-op
The cat grass grow-op.

Buddha board art idea on impermanence











You still here?



You can visit a WordPress blog
where I write about things that make me feel happy and well,
where I can revive childlike views

Geneva Tabby cat disses Yoga cute kitten pen and ink drawing 1982

and where the Opinionated Tabby Cat rules.

I like to doodle

Drawing of Rooster in March
I feel like a kid again, practicing drawings and doodles on the iPad Pro.
The cats are frequent inspirations.

I like learning other artsy techniques

Sumi-e painting of a chrysanthemum

I post short book reviews

at Goodreads, under my pen name.

black cat book review critic

Have I mentioned that I write a bit too? Read about that bittersweet novel I published. Visit the blog.

True blonde first communion little sister True blonde sister
How this deep blonde thoughts thing started.

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