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Created: March 2001
Updated: October 2014 (swept away dead links)

image - Little girl with Ladybug pet

"Theresa," you're thinking, "It's a bug. What is so special about this little, insignificant bug?" Well, yes, she is a bug, but a lovely and helpful one at that.

How on earth did I embrace my affinity for this creature?

Well, access your long-term memory. Open your imagination to the innocent days of your childhood. It all started on a hot, dry day last century, in the summer of '69.

You are a child of six years old, oblivious to the craziness of those times. You are sitting on a slope surrounded by the aroma of pine needles and fresh-cut grass, occasionally hearing the song of the heat bugs from the pine trees in the forest behind you. You are lazing about, talking with your siblings and friends.

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