The Silver Screen
Would you like to gaze on Harrison Ford?

Laurie-Ann and I like the movies. We like going to cinemas, and we also like watching movies in the comfort of home. We are fans. Listed here are the movies we have seen in the last few years.

In the Ottawa region there is a good choice of cinemas. Most stick to new releases, but the Bytowne (789-3456) and the the Mayfair Theatre (730-3403) offer excellent second run and international movies. The advantage of becoming a member of either is that you see movies more cheaply, and they don't show movies that didn't really make it the first time round. There are a few Other cinemas offering very low prices if you are happy to forego hi-tech sound with overloud whooshes at every opportunity. Best of all, this region is home to one of the most advanced cinemas in the world, with both IMAX and OMNIMAX formats, the IMAX Cineplus in the Museum of Civilization, Hull. We have often patronised Landmark Cinemas Kanata where in the early 2000's Laurie-Ann worked a couple of shifts per week, usually in the box office, when it was AMC 24 Kanata, and this gave us free tickets. In January 2001 we invested in a DVD player (rather than repair our CD player) and the first DVD we watched was "The Mask of Zorro."

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Here are the films and videos we've seen in recent years, with my own ratings. I include an extra 6 star rating for unbelievably fantastic films. Most recent are added at the top. Lest you infer that Laurie-Ann sees fewer movies than Tony, she actually sees more, mainly on TV (on demand) but is less anal about reporting them on this page.

						  Seen by only
				      Rating	     one of us

  Yellowstone, up to S4 E10		******			Amazon Prime Video
  The boy, the mole, the fox & the horse*****			Apple TV 
  The Crown, season 5			*****			Netflix 
  Kleo					****			Netflix
  Opration Minceemeat  			****			Netflix
  New Amsterdam S1,2			*****			Netflix
  Catherdral of the Sea			***			Netflix
  Bodyguard				*****			Netflix
  Servant of the people			******			Netflix
  The power of the dog			****			Netflix
  Munich - the Edge of War		****			Netflix		28 Alanmeade Cr
  Alias Grace				****			Netflix         Quarantine 
  Countdown (SpaseX civilian mission)   ****			Netflix 	Quarantine. Canadian Netflix
  Chesapeake Shores			***			Netflix - until we left South Africa
  Enola Holmes				***			Netflix		Quarantine
  The Healer				***			Netflix		Quarantine
  The boy in the striped pyjamas	*****			Netflix		Quarantine
  The bucket list			****			Netflix
  Father of lights			***			Showathon
  Furious love				***			Showathon
  Finger of God				****			Showathon
  Resistance (Marcel Marceau in the war)***			Showmax
  I still believe			***			Showmax
  Soul Surfer				****			Showmax - watched with Bella
  The Undoing				*****			Netflix
  Secrets of the universe		***			Showmax
  Carol					***			Netflix
  Away					****			Netflix
  The Music Lovers			****			YouTube    Ken Russell's film, 1970
  Years and Years			*****			Showmax
  First Man				***			Netflix
  Mary Magdalene			****			Netflix
  Holday in the wild			**			Netflix
  The Bank Job				***			TV
  The Crown, Seasons 1-4		*****			Netflix
  I know this much is true		*****		Tony	Showmax		Review
  Tubular Bells-The Mike Oldfield story ****		Tony	YouTube
  Red Joan				*****			Showmax
  Mars					*****			Showmax
  The Burden of Truth, Series 1 & 2	****			Showmax (CBC producton)
  The Chldren Act			****			Showmax
  Victoria, Series 3			****			iTunes
  Hiding in plain sight			***			Showmax
  Beyond the river			++++			Showmax
  The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Club ****		Showmax
  Sanditon				****			Showmax
  Hiding in plain sight			***			Showmax
  How to steal a country - documentary	****            Tony    ShoWmaX
  Liz and Dick				***			Showmax
  An act of defiance			****			Showmax
  Suits, Seasons 7 & 8			****		Tony	Showmax
  Suits, All 8 seasons			****		L-A	Showmax
  A beautiful day in the neighbourhood  ****			Showmax
  Rocketman				***			Showmax
  January 2020
  The Good Fight, seasons 1-3, TV	*****			Showmax
  Chernobyl				****			Showmax, total 4 eposides
  The Good Wife, seasons 4-7 TV		*****		Tony	Showmax, an episode a night.
  Heavenquest: a pilgrims progress	****			Pre-release on-line showing ($5)
  The Lion King (2019) 3D		*****		Tony	Nu Metro cinema, Worcester
  Adele live from the Artist's Den 2012 ***		Tony	Flight to Cape Town
  Vice					****		Tony	Flight to Cape Town
  At eternity's gate (van Gogh)		***		Tony	Flight to Amsterdam
  Yesterday				*****			Landmark Cinemas, Kanata
  A star is born (1958? J Garland)      ****		Tony	Flight to Toronto
  Mary Poppins				***		Tony	Flight to Toronto
  A star is born (1976 Streisand)	***		Tony	Flight to Amsterdam
  Johnny English			***		Tony	Flight to Amsterdam 
  A star is born (2018 Cooper/Gaga)     ****		Tony	Flight to Amsterdam 
  Downton Abbey complete		******		Tony	Showmax, an episode a night. 
  January 2019
  Black Panther				***			iTunes download
  Bohemian Rhapsody			*****			Nu Metro cinema, Worcester
  My Father's war			***			Video store
  I can only imagine			****			iTunes download
  The Little Kings			**			Video store
  T2 Trainspotting			***		Tony	Video store
  Victoria Season 2  			****			Showmax, an episode a night.
  Heidi (2015 remake)			****			Video store, shown to 40 Afrikaans children
  Darkest Hour				****			I-Tunes download
  Hillsong - Let hope rise		***			DVD
  January 2018
  The Real King's Speech		***			DVD
  Selena				***			Red disk (ie digitized in Ottawa; watched in South Africa)
  Deconstructing The White Album	****		Tony
  Deconstructing Revolver		***		Tony
  The Good Wife	Season 1 - 4		*****		Tony 	TV series on DVD
  A United Kingdom			*****			TV Movies Channel
  January 2017
  The Reckoning				***			DVD
  Malala				****			TV Movies Channel
  Miracles from Heaven			****			PVR
  Yentl					****			PVR
  Snowden				*****			PVR
  Dream Girls				***			PVR
  Victoria, Season 1			****			TV
  The Impossible			*****			PVR
  The unbearable lightness of being     ****			PVR
  Nefarious				****			Pemba
  The Cross				***			Pemba
  Holy Ghost reborn			****			Pemba
  Living hope				***			DVD
  Martha and Mary			****			TV_HBO
  Pulp Fiction				****		Tony	TV-on-demand
January 2016 
  Reservoir Dogs 			****		Tony	TV-on-demand 
  Sex, lies and videotape		*****		Tony	TV-on-demand
  Amy					***			Video-on-demand (Cloudcroft)
  The Hangover				****			Video-on-demand (Cloudcroft)
  Steve Jobs				****		Tony
  Good Kill				*****			TV-on-demand
  AD - The Bible Continues		*****			TV - pvr 
  Compelled by love (Heidi Baker)	******			DVD
  Love and Mercy			****		Tony  
  8 Mile				****			PVR
  Dear Mr. President 			**			On-line documentary
  The Book of Negroes			*****			TV miniseries - PVR
  Get on up (Story of James Brown)	***		Tony	Airflight
  Jersey Boys				***		Tony	Airflight
  The Bodyguard				*****			TV-on-demand
January 2015 
  Interstellar 				*****			IMAX
  American Jesus			**			TV-on-demand    Documentary	
  The Hundred-Foot Journey 		*****		Tony
  God is not dead			****			TV-on-demand    June 2014: $62 million, against the $2 million budget.
  The Railway man			*****			TV-on-demand    Like 'Bridge on the River Kwai 2'
  Good morning Vietnam, 1987		*****			TV-on-demand    Robin Williams died yesterday 11 Aug 2014
  Holy Ghost				*****			Online premier 9 Aug
  Noah					*			TV-on-demand
  Heaven is for real			*****			TV-on-demand
  Her					**			TV-on-demand
  Inside Llewyn Davis			****			TV-on-demand		
  Now, Voyager (Bette Davis, 1942)	****			Netflix/RG
  Philomena				****			TV-on-demand
  The Secret Life of Walter Mitty	*****			TV-on-demand
  Saving Mr. Banks			*****			TV-on-demand	
  The Book of Daniel			*****		Tony	Netflix
  Son of God				*****		Tony
  12 Years a slave			*****			TV-on-demand      Best Picture at 2014 Oscars   
  Neil Young Heart of Gold		****		Tony	DVD
January 2014 
  80 Feet from Stardom			***		Tony    In-flight 
  All is lost				****		Tony	In-flight
  Compelled by love (Heidi Baker)	****			DVD
  How I won the war (1967)              ***		Tony	YouTube
  American Hustle			****		Tony
  42					****			DVD
  Passiondale				***			TV in Nelson BC.
  Gravity 3D				***		Tony
  The Great Gatsby			****		Tony	TV-on-demand (Lynn's)
  The girl with the dragon tattoo	****			Netflix
  Children of Paradise (1945)		****		Tony	DVD     Remarkable for its time
  Kon-Tiki				***		Tony
  360					***			DVD	This and the next two watched on holiday in Bellaire Michigan
  Cloud Atlas				***			DVD
  The Flowers of War			****		Tony	DVD
  The Bible - TV Mini series		*****			DVD
  Courageous				****			DVD
  Rockshow (with Paul McCartney)	***			Multi-cinema showing worldwide 15 May
  Nowhere Boy				***		Tony	DVD
  The Master				*****			TV-on-demand
  Anna Karenina				****			TV-on-demand
  Argo					******			TV-on-demand
  October Baby				*****			TV-on-demand
  Titanic, Blood and Steel		****			TV
January 2013
  A Christmas Carol			***		Tony	DVD, Technicolor
  Les Miserables			*****
  Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away      	***		Tony	3D
  Baroudeur				****			East Gate Alliance Church. Pre-release.
  There be dragons			***			TV-on-demand 
  Skyfall				***			IMAX
  The Artist				****			DVD
  The Case for Christ			****		Tony	DVD
  The Hunger Games			*****			TV-on-demand
  The Way				****			Netflix
  Religulous				**		Tony	Top Documentary Films    My review
  Living in the Material World		****			DVD - Martin Scorcese film about George Harrison
  Hugo					*****			TV-on-demand
  The Adjustment Bureau			***			Movie channel
  The Bible's buried secrets		**		Tony	DVD
  Barney's version			****			TV-on-demand
  All about Eve				***		Tony    TV
  Black Swan				**			TV-on-demand
  Phil Ochs: There but for fortune	***		
  Volver				***		Tony	DVD
  White Mane				***		Tony	DVD
  Swing Kids				****			DVD
  Candy					****			DVD
  Grace of my heart			****			DVD
  Slumdog millionaire			*****			TV
  The King's speech			******			Video
  Last orders				***		Tony	TV
  All you need is Klaus (Voormann)	***		Tony	TV 
  Frost/Nixon				****			DVD
  Inception				*****			TV-on-demand, watched twice by Tony
January 2011  
  The Social Network			*****
  Agora					***			TV-on-demand
  Nowhere Boy				****		Tony
  Radio Revolution: the Big 8  		***			DVD
  Wall Street				****		Tony    TV-on-demand
  Hubble 3D (IMAX)			****
  Collision             		***		Tony
  Salt					**			
  Ashes of American Flags - Wilco movie ****	      	Tony
  Extraordinary Measures  		***			DVD
  Faith like Potatoes			*****		        Eastgate Alliance Church
  Amalfi (Japanese)			**		Tony	Emirates
  Armoured				**		Tony	Emirates
  Crazy Heart				***		Tony	Emirates
  Sherlock Holmes			***		Tony	Kenya Airways
  U2 3D					****			IMAX
  The Hurt Locker			***			DVD
  Avatar (3D)				***			  
January 2010
  Georgy Girl				***			DVD
  Invictus				*****
  Pirate Radio				***			
  2012					***             L-A  
  How the Beatles Rocked the Kremlin    ****			PBS TV 9 Nov 09 
  Michael Jackson's "This is it"        ****            Tony
  John Lennon & the Plastc Ono Band     **			DVD
     Live in Toronto '79
  The Beatles Rare and Unseen		**			DVD
  Take the lead				***			TV 
  The International			***			TV-on-demand
  Up (3D)				**
  The Changeling			****			TV-on-demand
  Watchmen     				****                    IMAX
  Fireproof				***			DVD
  Global Day of Prayer 09 video		***			DVD
  Australia				*****	
January 2009
  The Wall - live in Berlin 		****			DVD 
  Journey to the Center of the Earth(3D)****	 
  Loving you				***			DVD
  The Audrey Hepburn Story		***			DVD 
  Millennium Actress (Japanese)		****			DVD
  Dark Knight				***
  Two of us		(2000 - TV)	***			VHS
  Wall E				****		
  Jesus Christ Superstar (2000)		****			DVD
  August Rush				*****			DVD
  The Passion                           ****            Tony    BBC TV    
  Bee Movie				****		Tony    BA
  No country for old men		***		Tony    BA
  The Matrix				***		Tony    DVD
  Michael Clayton			***		Tony    Air Canada
  An Act of Love (Patricia Neal Story)  ***                     DVD-R  
  Atonement				*****		Tony
January 2008
  I'm not there				****		
  The Kite Runner			***		L-A
  Across the Universe			****
  Be Cool				**			DVD
  The Bourne Ultimatum			****
  Choose this day			****			DVD
  Just cause				**			DVD
  Breach				*****			DVD
  Blood Diamond				*****			DVD
  The Last King of Scotland		****		Tony
  Babel					****			DVD
  Fighter Pilot				***		        IMAX
  Amazing Grace            		******            Film preview. Opens 23 March 07
  The Lion King 2 - Simba's Pride	***			DVD
  The Queen				****
  The Good Shepherd			****
  Proof					***			DVD
January 2007
  Mrs Henderson Presents		*****			DVD   
  Neil Young: Heart of Gold		***			DVD
  An Inconvenient Truth			***			DVD
  Beyond the Gates of Splendor		***			DVD
  Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars **			DVD
  The Nativity Story			*****
  The US vs John Lennon			****
  Luther  				****			DVD
  World Trade Center			****
  The Forever Changes Concert		******		Tony    DVD
    - Love with Arthur Lee
  Shawn Phillips: Texas days, African  	****		Tony    DVD
  United 93				*****
  Crash					****			DVD
  The Concert for Bangladesh		*****		Tony    DVD
  Left Behind: World at War		***			DVD
  CSI Miami: series 1 & 2		***			DVD
  Venice 2004 (James & Kathy Copple)	***			DVD
January 2006
  No Direction Home (Bob Dylan)		****		Tony	DVD
  Walk the line	(Johnnny Cash)		****
  Best of the Beatles (Pete best)	****			DVD
  Left Behind 2				***		Tony	DVD
  Shampoo				**			TV
  Ned Kelly				***		Tony	DVD
  The Constant Gardener			****			
  Hillsong + Delirious? -Unified Praise ******			DVD
  Babylon 5 complete			***		L-A	DVD
  Deathtrap				**			TV
  Mysteries of the Nile 		***			IMAX
  The Sea Inside			****			DVD
  Phantom of the Opera			**			In flight movie
  Cellular				****			In flight movie
  Ray					****			In flight movie
  Summer of 42				****			Video
  Hell's Angels				****			DVD
  Wait until dark			**			TV
  The Collector				***			TV
  The Upside of Anger			****			
  Funny Face (1956)			****			DVD
  The Prodigal Planet (1988)		**			video
  Image of the Beast (1987)		**			video
  A Distant Thunder (1986)		**			video
  A Thief in the Night (1986)		**			video
  Hotel Rwanda				****
  Beyond the Sea			****
  Startrek IV: The Voyage Home (1991)	***			video
  The Story of Ruth (1960)		***			video
  Polar Express				****
January 2005
  The Bourne Supremacy			****
  School of Rock			***			DVD
  The Butterfly Effect 			***			DVD
  Fahrenheit 9/11			****
  The Cider House Rules			***			TV
  Terminal				*****
  Troy					****		L-A
  Shrek 2				***
  True Crime				****			video
  Being John Malkovitch			***			video
  Love actually				***			DVD
  Once upon a time in the Midands	***		       	DVD	
  Minority Report			****		       	DVD
  Nowhere in Africa			***		L-A    	DVD
  Under the Tuscan sun			***		L-A    	DVD 
  The Passion of The Christ		***** 
  Endless Harmony (Beach Boys story)    ****		Tony
  Wonderwall				**		Tony
  The Concert for George (Harrison)	*****		Tony    DVD
  Braveheart				******		        TV
  The Gospel of John			****
  Peter and Paul			******		Tony    Video
  Calendar Girls			***		L-A
  Master and Commander			****
  Winged migration			***		       	DVD 
  Pink Floyd live at Pompeii		****		       	DVD
January 2004
  Who's that Girl? (Madonna) 		***		
  Bonnhoffer				****		Tony    Video
  Titanic				****
  Maid in Manhattan			***
  Evelyn				*****
  Die another day			****		L-A
  Startrek: Nemesis			****		L-A
  The Two Towers (Lord of the Rings)	*****		L-A
  Bend it with Beckham			****
  A beautiful mind			****
  I am Sam				***
  Monsoon wedding			****
  Shrek					****			DVD
  Megiddo				***			DVD
  Tommy					***			DVD
  The Sweet Hereafter			****			DVD
  Hillary and Jackie			****
  Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure	****
  Lord of the Rings			****
  Hearts of Atlantis			****		Tony
  Duets					****			DVD
  Sixth Sense  (HJO)			****			DVD
  Pay it Forward  (HJO)			*****			DVD
  AI  (HJO)				*****
  Shadowlands				*****			DVD
  The Omega Code                	***			Video
  Left behind				***			DVD
  Romeo must die			****			DVD
  Yellow Submarine			****			DVD
  A Hard Day's Night			****
  Center Stage				****			DVD
  Save the last dance			**		L-A
  U-571					****			DVD
  Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon	***
  The Mask of Zorro			*****			DVD
  Unbreakable				****
  Cast Away				****
January 2001
  High Fidelity				**			Video
  Proof of Life				****
  What women want			**
  Men of Honour				****		Tony
  One day in September			***
  The Contender				**		Tony
  Almost Famous				****
  Billy Elliott				***
  The Patriot				****
  X-Men					***		L-A
  New Waterford Girl			****
  Gladiator				*****	
  I dreamed of Africa			***		L-A
  Mission Impossible 2			**		L-A
  Where the heart is			***		L-A
  Return to me				***		L-A
  Erin Brokovitch			****	
  Romeo must die			***		L-A
  Wonder Boys				***		L-A
  American Beauty			*****		
  Mission to Mars			***		L-A
  The Beach				***		L-A
  Magnolia				****		L-A
  The Hurricane				*****		
  Angela's Ashes			***		L-A
  End of the Affair			***		L-A
  Snow Falling on Cedars		***		L-A
  Girl, Interupted			****		L-A
  The Talented Mr Ripley		***
  The Green Mile			*****
  Galaxy Quest				***		L-A
  Mansfield Park			***		L-A
January 2000
   Mark IV Pictures:			***                	4 Videos on
     A Thief in the Night				   	the End Times
     A Distant Thunder
     Image of the Beast
     The Prodigal Planet
  Toy Story 2				***		L-A
  Anywhere but here			****
  Anna and the King			****
  Sleepy Hollow				***		L-A
  The World is not Enough		**		
  The Messenger				***		L-A  
  Thomas Crown Affair			****		L-A
  Mumford				***		L-A
  Grey Owl				****		L-A
  Love Stinks				*		L-A 
  Teaching Mrs Tingle			**		L-A
  Music of the Heart			****
  Sleepy Hollow				***		L-A
  The Messenger				***		L-A
  Random Hearts				**** 
  Three Kings				** 
  Jakob the Liar			***
  Grey Owl				**		L-A
  Mumford				***		L-A
  Teaching Mrs Tingle			**		L-A
  Blue Streak				**
  Love stinks				*		L-A
  General's Daughter			***
  Sixth Sense				***		L-A
  Thomas Crowne Affair			***		L-A
  Runaway Bride				*
  The General's Daughter		***
August 1999
  October sky				******
  Malcolm X				***			video
  Eyes wide shut			****
  Notting Hill				****
  Baby boom				**			video
  Meet Joe Black			***		Tony
  Shakespeare in love			*****		L-A
  As good as it gets			****			Video
  The Mask of Zorro			***		L-A	Video
  Waking Ned Devine			****		
  Medicine Man				**		L-A	video
  The Prince of Egypt			*** 
  LA Story				***			Video
  A Man called Peter			***			Video
  Home Alone				***			Video
  Saving Private Ryan			*****
  You've got mail			***
  Beloved				***		
  Startrek Insurrection			****		L-A
  Somewhere in Time			***			Video
  Only the Lonely			***			Video
  City Of Angels			***		L-A     Video
  Peter and Paul			******			Video
  Contact				****
  The full Monty			***
  Washington Square			***		Tony
  Mission to Mir (IMAX)			***		Tony
  The Living Sea (IMAX)			***		Tony
  Bean					***
  Blade Runner				***		Tony
  The man who fell to Earth		***		Tony
  To Have and Have Not			***
  Bed of Roses				****
  Tin Cup				****
  The Associate				*****
  Evita					***		Tony
  When we were kings (Mahummad Ali)     ****
  Fly Away Home				*****
  The Birdcage                          ****
  The Compleat Beatles                  ****            Tony    Video
  Riverdance - The Show                 ****                    Video
  Independence Day			***		
  When Harry met Sally			****
  Toy Story				**
  One Fine Day				***
  Shine					*****
  The American President		****
  The Man Upstairs			****		Tony
  The Beatles Anthology			*****                   Video


Movies I would like to see.
Beyond the sea (about Bobby Darin)
The Commune (Director of this and next two: Thomas Vinterberg)
The Hunt
The Celebration
Do you believe?
The affair
The pianist
Three Kings
Far from heaven
Gangs of New York
In the bedroom
Out of sight
Shakespeare in love
My left foot
The Hairy Bird aka Strike!
Good Will Hunting
The Apostle
Welcome to the Doll House
Jackie Brown
The Grand Budapest Hotel
The theory of everything
American sniper
Mr Turner
The Imitation Game
Still Alice
Dallas Buyers Club
The Lego Movie
The Natural
Mandela: Long walk to freedom
Blue Jasmine
The hunt
The wolf of Wall Street
The Carbon Rush
Bringing up baby
My man Godfrey