Goals and dreams

There is nothing more inspiring than a dream turned into a goal turned into an achievement. The ability to turn dreams into achievements is a distinguishing feature of the human story throughout history. Some are born with it, such as Mykal Johncox, a 10 year old (1997), or Captain Scott Shrubsole of the Red Arrows. I collect stories that illustrate the human spirit.

Can you teach people to be able to set and achieve lofty goals? Today a whole industry exists to teach the guidelines of success in business and in life, lead by inspiring speakers like the late Og Mandino, Jim Rohn and Anthony Robbins.

Nowhere are the results of this movement demonstrated more clearly than in the world of network marketing. There are in excess of 500 "Blue Diamonds" in Nu Skin, now earning fairy-tale incomes. They had nowhere to go but up, and they found the right escalator. A handful of multi-level companies have been able to do this for their distributors, and it has been estimated that a fifth of North American millionaires have come from the network marketing industry.

Traditional industry tends to ignore the self-help business movement. At the same time some of their brightest individuals are transitioning into home businesses including MLM and applying their talents where they will be better rewarded without the overhead of employees and hierarchies.

If you want to learn how to dream great dreams, and turn them into reality, join a good network marketing company. How do you know a good one? Well, limit your search to companies which have been in business more than 5 years and have sales exceeding $500 million per year. That will narrow your choice, and greatly reduce the risk of disappointment down the line.