Tony Copple’s financial dream, 16 Aug 2015

A philanthropist with a heart for financial planning left the individual members of his company in his will several $$M worth of structured notes [principal protected notes].

He knew that this particular investment can do very well for people, or not so well, and requires guidance from a financial planner to ensure the former. His motivation was that his former employees should link up with financial planners (if they didn’t have one already) to manage these investments.

At the wake the employees were told of their good fortune. I was one of several financial planners invited. Some had been left the actual investments, and others received them in the form of stock options. Much discussion revolved over whether to exercise the options. There was a possibility that some of the financial planners also received options.

[I was currently reading Tony Robbin’s “Money – Master the Game.” ]


Ever since reading Your Sleeping Genius by Gayle Delaney I have documented particular dreams of interest, though forcing myself to get out of bed and write them down before I forget them takes an act of willpower. This was the 23rd dream I had committed to paper, but only the first published on the web because it was so clear and actually logical. I am not necessarily recommending principal protected notes here; that could only come from a detailed analysis of an individual's goals and situation.

Financial Planning