Education, including on-line and distance education

Continuing education - after school or university

Extracurricular activities

Avoiding problems you can well do without as a student

Point-and-click Universities

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)

Creating on-line courses

Finding the best scholarship for you

Going back to school as an adult

Financial services industry education

Data Science, Website design and programming

Cyber security for students

Student research projects

Language learning

Looking to pursue a career in nursing?

- For Canadians
I am not aware of a website listing nursing schools in Canada (unlike USA; see below)

- For Americans, or those seeking US nursing education

'RN to BSN' on-line programs

On-line Math education for youth

Financial education for youth

Other education for youth

Self improvement

Self curing

Adult high school

e-Learning companies

Christian educational establishments

Private schools in the Ottawa region



Promoting excellence in education; special educational programs

  • Oxford Learning Centre - Learning programs for students aged from 3 to 20. Sue Chapman, Centre Director, (613) 591-2400

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Now here's an interesting statistic. Immigrants are not only hard working and ambitious, they are also highly educated. Compared to all Canadians, immigrants are three times as likely to have a batchelor degree, four times as likely to have a master's degree, and twice as likely to have a doctorate.
Source: 1996 Census, Statistics Canada; Immigration Overview 1999, Citizenship and Immigration Canada.